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Men’s Platinum Wedding Band Lost in Whitestone Lake, Municipality of Whitestone, Parry Sound, ON

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Received a call from Dan and Debbie of Toronto, as they were attending a Family gathering on Whitestone Lake, Municipality of Whitestone in the District of Parry Sound, Ontario.

Met up with Dan and Debbie and we headed up early on a beautiful Saturday morning!

Dan had jumped into the lake and realized his platinum wedding band was not on his finger! Brother-in-law Tony, had lost pliers off his dock four years ago!

I mentioned to Debbie and Dan that this will not take long and probably will be under five minutes!

I used my top underwater metal detector the Minelab ‘Excalibur2’ alongside my floating battery operated hooka system called the Dive BLU3 ‘Nemo’.

With-in 4 minutes I had an old ‘Lucky Strike’ fishing lure and Dan’s chunky platinum wedding band! I also explored a bit and pulled up a fishing rod, more lures, a titanium sinker and trash! Always like to leave the environment cleaner than when I arrived!

We also drove down the road to help the Deputy mayor Joe Lamb find a property marker in 5 minutes after he had been looking for it for six hours! Thank you for the boat ride Mr. Lamb.  We all thoroughly enjoyed it.

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A very happy couple to receive back an  extremely sentimental wedding band! Tony was also happy to receive his pliers back!

Engagement and wedding rings recovered at Pensacola Beach

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

I was called late in the afternoon to find a lost wedding and engagement ring in the sand at Pensacola Beach. The beach this day was packed with folks enjoying the weekend and fine weather. Sarah and Ron had their umbrella and beach chairs set with an extra shade tent for the infant baby. Sarah took her rings off and set them on the cooler while applying sunscreen on the baby. The baby squirmed about and somehow kicked the ring that when flying through the air, landing in the sand and burrowed in out of sight. At this point Sarah didn’t know the ring was missing but after taking care of the baby and getting him settled she soon discovered the rings were missing. Sarah and Ron frantically looked around for the rings, sifting the sand as best they could with no success. People were weaving their way through the crowded beach and impacting the area where the rings could have been buried. When I arrive I first surveyed the area they thought was the most likely spot. There were beach chairs, umbrellas, coolers and towels laid out every where. I politely asked everyone it I could move there property so I could check for the lost rings. Luckily everyone was cooperative. It didn’t take long to locate a couple of targets, the first was a aluminum can pull top that sounded surprisingly similar to a gold ring that had been soldered together. The second was the ring! Their beach neighbor had a tent set up with fabric sides. Apparently the baby sent the ring flying which hit the side of the tent with a little bounce and settled in the sand that may have been stepped on sending it a little deeper in the dry sand. In any event Sarah and Ron were overjoyed the ring was back on her finger. They were all smiles and grateful.

Ring Found at Pensacola Beach

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

A local surf shop in Pensacola, Waterboyz, celebrated its 30 year anniversary since opening its doors. They celebrated by having a special ring make for the founders. Since the founders surfed, one of them lost his ring in the water at a break west of the Pensacola Pier. The ring was solid silver and my detector literally screamed when I passed the coil over it. The ring was found and returned to its happy owner who was amazed it was recovered from the surf. I was more than satisfied to have been of service, and had a long shot recovery success.

Gold Cross lost on the beach, Beach Haven NJ (LBI), recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

Christina called and asked about recovering a sentimental cross that was lost on the beach while playing football. I asked her the details, Jack lost it while doing a spin move catching the football. I was heading to LBI for another recovery and told her I would swing by after that, it was in a safe area and they would be the for a bit anyhow. When I arrived her husband Brady met me at the dune crossover, we talked for a bit, and I started the search. After some junk targets were cleared out I got a solid but faint signal I originally thought might be tin foil. Well, it wasn’t, the cross was in my scoop. We waited a bit for Jack to come out of the water to confirm this cross was his, snapped some pics, and off I went. Another save in the books.

Metal detector in Miami Beach

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

If you’re looking for a metal detector in the Miami Beach area because you lost something like a ring, earring, necklace, give me a call, LOUIS, 305-608-1870.  I run a metal detecting service and can come out and find it for you.  In the pictures below, Ray lost his Platinum wedding band on the beach and after looking for it for a while, he found my information on the internet and I was able to go out and find it for him in a few minutes.

Lost Caduceus Ring in the Ocean, Harvey Cedars NJ, recovered by Edward Trapper NJ Ring Finders

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

Trish called and said she was at the beach with her son Shawn, his ring slipped off his finger in shoulder deep water. It was a large med school ring that I figured wouldn’t travel to far due to its size. She gave me all the details and that she also spoke to the lifeguards, and they were going to keep an eye open for it.  Luckily we have had very light breezes, and a pretty calm surf for New Jersey.  We arranged to meet at the next low tide, and that’s where I started, right at the waters edge.  After one pass I went right into the trough, it wasn’t easy working there with the waves breaking, and the strong moon current pulling. I only worked a small area because the life guards had pointed to the spot they were standing when the ring slipped off. I got a nice strong signal and prayed it wasn’t a penny, knowing the ring was quite large, and would signal the same. With a few small shakes to clear the sand I felt klunk, klunk, and was almost certain it was the ring, YES!!!!!!! it was. This ring is extremely special, Shawn’s dad had given it to him for his Med School graduation, and unfortunately he passed  last year.


Lost wedding ring in the bay, Ocean Gate NJ, Recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

Andrew called asking about locating his wedding ring he lost in the bay the night before. We talked for a while and he was positive of the location the ring popped of while catching a football.  He said it was in chest deep water, and he had pictures of exactly when it came off. I met him at the house a few hours  later, got my gear together, and we walked out to the spot.  Well, the water was quite rougher and deeper than it was the prior evening, but we continued the search with no luck, as he stood in the exact spot he said it flew off. After 2 hours we threw in the towel, and decided to resume searching in the morning at low tide. I brought my weight belt to hold me down, and a buoy to mark the spot. After about an hour I got a strong signal that turned out to be his ring. Turns out it was closer to chin/shoulder deep where it was lost, and low tide with no boat traffic allowed me to get his ring in my scoop in roughly 5′ of water.  Definitely one of the more challenging recoveries, due to the water depth, and not being able to see my equipment on the bottom.  Andrew and his wife were totally amazed.

Lost wedding ring in the sand, Ocean Grove NJ, recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

Ally called and said her husband lost his wedding ring about an hour prior, throwing a football down by the waters edge with his son.  She knew the general area and had it marked well, but was concerned because the tide was rising, and there was a rough surf from the south east winds that were blowing. I told her I could  be there in about 30 minutes, and rather than waiting for the next low tide, we needed to get moving  ASAP, or it would most likely get pulled down past the drop off where it would get buried and out of reach of my machine.  When I arrived Ally and Tom discussed how the ring flew off, and that she had briefly seen it while looking, but the waves made it quickly disappear.  There was quite a huge audience of sunbathers watching, as I started my search in waste deep water, figuring that was the most likely spot the ring would have settled.  The waves were making this a very challenging recovery, but in just a short while the ring was in my scoop.   All eyes were on me and I knew I had to get it on the first scoop, or it would possibly slide down below the drop-off. I walked up out of the waves, held up the scoop, and Ally, Tom, and their family were shocked, along with the audience patiently waiting to see the ring.  Another fantastic recovery.

Lost Ring in the sand, Harvey Cedars NJ, LBI, « Aggies » Recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

I had just gotten off work when Henry called. He had lost his  Texas A+M  ring in the sand while at the beach enjoying the day with the family. Henry explained that he had taken it off while he was fishing, and put it in the chair cup holder.  The chair had tipped over and when he looked for the ring it had disappeared into the sand. They had dug around for a bit with no luck, so he decided to call a professional. He had gotten my name from one of the locals, who mentioned the many successful recoveries I have.  I told him it would be about 30/45 min depending on the holiday traffic. When I arrived he pointed to the chair the ring was in, and the area he had been looking. Just like Henry said, the ring was right there, but it had sunk about 8″ inches or more in the soft sand.  We snapped a few pictures, and he gave me the thumbs up « Gig’em » Aggies sign.

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Lost cell phone on the beach, Seaside Park NJ, recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

I got a call from Steve about a cell phone his wife had lost at the beach. He sounded pretty nervous, and explained that the tide was washing over the spot it was lost. I told him I would be there in about 20 min, and to stop digging with the shovel in fear that it would get broken, and the salt water would ruin it.  When I arrived there was a small moon creator where he had been digging. Steve explained his wife was doing a sand heart video when the hole caved in, which was about 2′ deep.  Then a few large waves washed over it and made it next to impossible for her to continue looking, that’s when she called him for help and the shovel. After a quick search of the area I came up empty handed. Unfortunately after slowly digging and searching it was still no where to be found, and he decided to give up. He messaged me the next day with a picture he didn’t know existed and it showed his wife about 3′ east of the area we had previously looked. To top that off it was right where he had put a large pile of sand to block the rising tide. He picked me up the next evening and the phone was found in about 5 minutes. Steve couldn’t believe how quick it went once we were searching the right area.