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“Cost for my services to be negotiated. Extra fee applies for Statutory Holidays, driving long distance as well as scuba or special equipment required to get the job done quickly & safely.”

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Beaches (favourite), Lakes and Streams, Parks, Wooded areas, Yards, Century Homes, Farms and regular Properties. I have a Minelab E-trac for land and shallow water as well as a Minelab Excalibur II that will go 200’. (which I will not presently go past 40’ of water until further experience and certification is obtained). I presently have my first level scuba certification certification via PADI and will be continuing to further enhance my scuba skills and certification levels. I insist on a competent dive partner pending depth. SAFETY COMES FIRST.

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GTA/Halton/Peel/York/Southwest/Niagara/Hamilton/Halton/Brant/Huron/Perth/Waterloo/Wellington/Durham/Headwaters/Georgian Bay/Lake Simcoe/Haliburton/Muskoka/Parry Sound Regions - Mainly Brampton/Wellington/Wasaga Beach.

Alison Walker's Bio

I am entering into my 7th year of metal detecting experience on land and with last 5 of those 7 years in the water scuba dive detecting. I love history and research and was a very athletic individual growing up. I was a Journeyman Power Lineman by trade and now a Street Light Inspector at a very large GTA Municipality. I take great pride in the etiquette of metal detecting. My greatest task and love is finding ones beloved lost wedding/engagement rings or lost item. The symbolism of the ever last love between two people…the TEARS of JOY when recovered is “PRICELESS”. The ring(s) represent a “LIFE EVENT” with the most important and special meaning. Also, you won't find a more honest hardworking individual! I was raised with solid honest and hardworking values. For other rings/items I have found in the past I post on social media in hopes to find owners!

I charge to come out. When I find the item, I ask the client to "Pay-It-Forward" with an on-line donation to my charity!

Alison Walker - Recent Blog Post

  • iPhone 13 lost after massive snowstorm in Mississauga, ON (2022)

    Zaib was out with her Brother after a massive snow storm moved through the Ontario region recently. Mississauga was hit hard dropping 30-45cms in the region. There was a little after shoveling horseplay going on and Zaib had her phone in the open sweatpants pocket. After return inside, she realized her iPhone 13 was missing! […]

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  • Keys, car fob and work fob lost shoveling snow in Mississauga, ON (2022)

    Preeti was out with Family and neighbours shoveling the driveway and sidewalks. She had her car key fob, work fob and house keys on a lanyard in her side coat pocket! After moving her vehicle a couple of times then finishing snow shoveling she realized the keys and lanyard were no longer in her pocket! […]

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  • Young newlywed lost his wedding band cleaning snow off car Brampton, ON (2022)

    I received a text from a manager of a recreation complex that he was cleaning the snow off his car knocked his hand on something. Next thing he noticed his 2 month old cobalt wedding ring was missing! I new right away that it was a colleague at my work place! I messaged him back […]

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  • Lost platinum wedding band in snow in Toronto, ON (2022)

    I received a phone call from David in downtown Toronto. His Wife Sonya was removing their 2 year old toddler from a stroller. She brushed off the stroller and thought she felt her platinum wedding band fly off into the snow. After David and Sonya searched for an hour or so then David reached out […]

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  • Christmas Morning Special Custom ‘Mokume Gane’ Wedding Band Recovery in Owen Sound, ON (2021)

      I received a text from a fellow Ring Finder Stephane (Brighten, ON) on Christmas Eve for a lost wedding band in the snow up in Owen Sound which was a close Friends Nephew’s wedding band. I received the particulars and was on the phone in minutes with Brandon. He and his Wife Lara where […]

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Alison Walker - Témoignages

  • Thank you thank! (2021)

    Can’t thank you enough for this Alison!! I was so busy trying to video you that I didn’t jump up and down!! Thank you thank! Just knowing that you take so much care and donate the proceeds back to Kelly Shires means so much too.

  • It’s always best to call a professional like Alison... (2020)


    We are so grateful to Alison, who was able to assist us in finding the lost wedding ring. We had bought a metal detector ourselves but had no clue how to determine the difference between a nail in the ground and a ring. It’s always best to call a professional like Alison who has the experience

  • You are truly a honest, professional sweet lady... (2019)


    Thank you so much allison for finding the most important thing ive ever owned, my grandmothers engagment ring. You are truly a honest, professional sweet lady. Found it amazingly fast and even let my boys try out the metal detector! Could not be happier with your services!