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How to find my lost ring…

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463 

I received a phone call yesterday in regards to a lost diamond ring, we talked for a little bit on the phone and I asked a few questions and the young lady was honest enough to tell me she got mad and threw the rings out the front door. These are never moments you’re proud of, but they happen more than you know and the most important thing is finding that ring and getting it back to them. We met up this morning and she showed me the areas where the rings were thrown. She told me husband found the other rings and earrings, but could not find the engagement ring, there was snow on the driveway at the time that was shovelled off to the side, that was a possibility, also a hedge in front of their front door that she threw them in the first time, but he found all of them so he thought.

I searched all along the side of the driveway in case it got shovelled off to the side, but no luck. I then took it to the hot spot, the hedge in front of the door, and within 45 minutes of detecting and moving all the dirt from underneath the hedge onto a piece of plastic I was able to locate the Beautiful diamond engagement ring. I could tell how much it meant to her to get it back and how happy she was, I absolutely love my job.




Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463 I have the best job in the world, I love helping people more than anything I’ve ever done in my lifetime. I get to make people smile, I get to hear their stories of what their ring/lost items mean to them and how happy it makes them feel when I find it.


Two Gold Rings Found In Trash, Williamstown, Massachusetts

  • from Saratoga Springs (New York, United States)

The call came in shortly after New Years day. A woman had lost her gold wedding band and an heirloom triple diamond ring in a hotel room. She and her husband had searched everywhere in that room before leaving extremely sad. After listening to their story and asking a dozen questions to make sure it was not lost anywhere else I told them I would meet them at the hotel asap. I told them I could not detect inside the room but I could offer a fresh pair of eyes and a fresh approach. After obtaining permission from the hotel management I met them there and we entered the room.  Fortunately the room had not yet  been cleaned.  I asked them to go through the trash again, even though they had already done that. Within 10 minutes, both rings were found in the trash. We were three very happy people!

Wedding Band Lost, Recovered and Returned in Wayne, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Received a call from Jeremy from Wayne, PA today. It turns out I successfully recovered his friends lost wedding band several years ago…and he was told to look me up in The Ring Finders directory. Once he tracked down my contact info he shared with me that he lost his titanium wedding band in his front or backyard while walking the dog the evening before. He spent some time looking for it himself but no luck. I met him at his home later that same day and he walked me through where he believed the ring most likely fell off while he was walking the dog. I’ve learned to prioritize search areas to maximize my success and it was clear to me it was most likely lost in front yard among tall grass and leaves. Rings on the surface have a unique signal on my metal detector so while I was registering quite a few signals they were all deep and and most likely trash. On my 3rd or 4th pass I finally got the signal I was hoping for…looked down…and I could immediately see his huge silver colored wedding band! I was very happy to be able to return Jeremy’s ring to him!

Newlywed’s White Gold Band Lost, Recovered and Returned in Norwood, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Received a call from Debra from Norwood, PA regarding her husband’s lost white gold wedding band. She found me in The Ring Finders directory and shared with me that her husband, Lenny, lost his beautiful white gold wedding band during a New Years celebration the previous week. The details were a little fuzzy because the loss occurred deep into New Years eve and as expected both Debra and Lenny were celebrating quite vigorously. Basically at some point during the evening Lenny found himself out in their small grassy side yard…and soon thereafter noticed his ring missing off his finger. They spent quite a bit of time searching on their hands and knees the following day with no luck. When I arrived to assist in the search a few days later Lenny told me he was convinced it came off in the small grassy side yard. It was a very small search area…maybe 10×20 feet of grass. I booted up my machine and started scanning the area….was getting constant signals from deeper trash metal…but kept scanning looking for that very unique surface gold ring signal. 3 minutes into the search in an area of deep grass I got the signal I was hoping for….with Debra and Lenny looking on….I bent over and picked up a beautiful white gold wedding band! Was very happy to be able to return the ring to them…they were only 3 months into their marriage!


  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

Hannah lost her rose gold diamond ring in the back yard of her boyfriend, Bradley’s house. I received a call from Bradley, but a 3 week trip delayed the hunt. While he was waiting, he borrowed and rented detectors and attempted to find the ring. No luck. When I returned from my trip, I headed out to find the still-lost ring. Carrie was busy but I still brought her equipment. The search area was not large but contained a lot of coins and buried metal. That along with no published data on rose gold discrimination numbers created a lot of “false finds”. After Bradley and I covering the area without locating the ring, (Carrie’s equipment was put to good use) we started a sectioned, crawling, pin pointer search (I made this term up). On the last section I looked in an area we had not included in the original search. There, in the shade of a neighbor’s building, was the ring sitting on bare dirt, fully visible. Sometimes being lucky is better than being good. We reunited Hannah with her ring and got a load of pictures. Carrie regrets not being there for the successful hunt.

Thank you, Bradley and Hannah for the generous reward.

lost wedding ring Easley SC

  • from Clemson (South Carolina, United States)

Easley SC metal detectorist Allen Carter, cell# (864)535-4347 call or text anytime.

Well when I joined the ring finders I didn’t imagine being called for this type of recovery. A ring that has been lost for over 5 years! With a great idea of the location it should be I set out in the clients backyard to help locate the ring. Unfortunately with it being lost for 5 years I knew I would have to be digging. So every time I came across a good signal that’s what I did. Although it wasn’t the most signals I’ve heard in such a close area, I still did a lot of digging. Finding pieces of tin from the homes construction, pull tab, a quarter, a sprinkler head, and a dog tag. I was getting a little skeptical as most of my signals were similar vdi’s and tones. But when my pinpointer flipped that dirt clump over the gold shone through better then I could believe it would have after 5 years. I’m glad I was able to locate it and it was obvious what it meant for my client to have it returned.

Lost ring found Clemson SC

  • from Clemson (South Carolina, United States)

Clemson SC metal detectorist Allen Carter, cell #(864)535-4347 call or text anytime. Great news after a week of bad. After the big SC rivalry game between Clemson and SC lead to the loss 30-31, another big loss came to. Walking home from the game my client crossed a field where he stumbled and felt his prized ring fly from his finger. He spent several hours searching and even recruited the help of his friends with no luck. With the help of a family member they located our services at Ring Finders and found me. I met him at the field where I searched for several hours myself. I made arrangements to come back soon with a great plan. I laid out a grid using surveying flags. 3 feet apart and 150 feet across from one another, I laid out the rest of my day with high visibility. Row by row and swung my coil stopping for every  beep I came across, heart pumping and jumping every time! After several hours I made my way to the very last row. I was staring at the last flag as I made my way swingin towards it. I could feel the disappointment starting creep across me when finally with only 20 feet left to go, the loudest signal rang out and screamed from my detector. There it was! Big gold and very shiny! My first recovery as a Ring Finder! It was a great feeling and even better when I made that call to let him know I had it in my hands. Some losses may be forever but with my help I was able to make this one just a temporary setback.                     

Ring Lost in Tulsa found in bushes

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)


I received a call from Kara around noon today…….  Didn’t answer the call at first because of scammers all the time….. The phone rang again so answered it and asked what do you need? Kara said she needed help finding her engagement ring from (1952) that was handed down thru her boyfriends family….. So the pressure was on everybody was watching….. I asked her what had happened, she said it was New Year’s Eve and there were some things that had happened, off came the ring and thrown…… I searched half the yard and went back over it twice…… I said to myself it has to be in the bushes……..  I came back around the bushes and it had dropped out of the bushes…….  I then asked her if she thought it would be anywhere else she turned away and (I pulled a Chris Turner) I held up her ring and when she turned around she instantly froze and said really!!!!!! A big hug followed and she said thank you so much…..thanks for calling so soon KARA……..  KARA DIDNT want her picture taken so I asked to take a picture of me holding her ring……

Lost Wedding Ring in Iowa Snow

  • from Waverly (Iowa, United States)

I received a message from a young man who said his wife had lost her wedding ring. As the story goes, she was outside at night with their dog standing on the deck and the ring came up missing. They were not sure if she lost it playing with the dog or when exactly she lost it. By chance, her friend was there and was videoing their interaction and at one point, the wife was standing at the top of the steps, facing the yard, swinging her arms. When her arm was back, the ring was on her finger and the next time it was not. I must say this is the first for me that they actually had the losing of the ring on video. There was snow in the yard and they frantically searched but the temperatures were below freezing and the husband had to force the wife to give up for the night and come inside. For the next week they would go in the yard and search but to compound to the problem was 4″ of  new snow and then the temperatures warmed just enough to melt some and refreeze.

We made an appointment for the next Saturday and I went to their home. He took me through the story and showed me where it had happened. I got my equipment   and set the sensitivity way down and the discrimination to the max. I took 3 steps off the deck and got a signal and told the husband who was helping that this would be a good place to look. He got down and started digging in the snow and ice but did not come up with anything. I got my pin pointer and pointed to where it should be and he took another brush of snow and there was silver shining through. It never gets old seeing the sheer joy on their face and feeling the burden being lifted off their shoulders. It is something that is hard to describe. The next task was to get a little torch because it was frozen in ice and snow. We heated it oh so gently and pulled it from its frozen grave. They were both very appreciative and reward me nicely for coming to their rescue.

Ring Found At Naples Beach

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Went to a beach South of Naples Pier.  A fellow detectorist told me about this young lady who had lost her ring the day before.  His attempt to locate it was unsuccessful.  I got lucky.   He had her contact info, so the next day I met her at Naples Pier and reunited her with her ring.