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Lost Sentimental Gold Wedding Band Found in the Snow, Portland, Maine.

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Monday January 23, 2023, I received a text from someone who lost a very sentimental wedding band, in the snow. Fred, had been cleaning the snow off of his car, during a storm that would eventually drop 10-12 inches of fresh snow on the area, along with sleet and freezing rain.  When Fred got back into his house, he noticed his custom made wedding ring was missing. He went out looking for it around his car but had no luck locating the ring. Fred states that he started to panic, as the plow would be coming back through and was afraid of the plow would take it down the road and be forever lost. Fred rust back inside and frantically searched online on how to find a lost ring in the snow. At that point, Fred found The Ring Finders website. Fred then contacted me with the text message. I immediately called Fred back and let him know that because of the snow day I would not be able to make it to Portland because I was home alone with my 5 year old granddaughter whose Kindergarten school had been canceled. The police were also asking everyone not to travel because of the weather. I then told Fred that if he could shovel the snow from around the car and throw it up onto the lawn, it would be safe from the plow and I could get out to his place the next day or so, if he so desires. Fred said he would let me know and went back outside and shoveled all the snow around his car, up onto the lawn.

I did not hear back from Fred until 3 days later , when he texted me and let me know that he and his wife had been sifting through the snow that he had thrown up onto the lawn and had found the priceless ring.
InFred’s own words.   “Just wanted to let you know that we searched the snow I put on the grass again tonight and found my ring! Thank you so so so much for that idea! I was totally losing my head and you helped keep me sane and I got my ring back thanks to your quick thinking! ”

Fred then went on to tell me how the custom ring was made.Again, in Fred’s own words.                        “It’s gold and white gold with a ruby. It was made along side my wife’s by melting down some old family rings that were given to us for that purpose.” “My wife’s is two rings. The engagement ring sits inside the wedding band. It’s rubies and sapphires.”

So even though I did not find his ring with my detector, I feel absolutely elated that this very sentimental ring is back where it belongs, on Fred’s finger. Fred sent me a photo of his ring and his wife’s custom made ring. Beautiful and now back together  



  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Recovery #173 Matt St.Germain
Over labor day weekend I was contacted by John. While he was at the beach with his wife and friends enjoying the day, He removed his ring to put on some sun block and placed his ring on the arm of his chair. He forgot to put it back on and it wound up falling into the sand and disappeared. I promptly headed out there to help. In about 5 mins he had his ring back! Another great ending!

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Lost Gold Earring Found in Birmingham Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

The Tale of Tulip and Dogwood……

…Began about 3 months ago and even tho you can combine tulip and dogwood and get a beautiful outcome, this particular arrangement was not so pretty. When Chris’ wife was working in the yard, their dog Tulip jumped up into the arms of his wife. As the dog was wiggling around his wife’s earring became dislodged and fell to the ground. For hours they searched with no luck. Now these earrings were an anniversary gift to his wife, who’s favorite flower happens to be dogwood. Being that this was her favorite pair she was devastated that one was lost. Chris even bought a toy type metal detector which added to the frustration, so when he came across me on the ringfinders they decided to give this one more try. I took a metal detector reading from the existing earring and began to grid search the area marked by a flag. A few small iron targets signaled thru and after a few minutes a solid signal number matching the earring was on the metal detector’s meter. I reached down and while spreading the grass open revealed his wife’s dogwood shaped earring!  A quick text had Chris and wife running to the scene. Seeing me standing there he said, « this can’t be good ». I said why? did you get the text? He said yea but he didn’t read it. I said this is a text you should have read! There’s gold on you land in the shape of a flower! Quickly his wife reached down and lifted the earring from the grass smiling and thrilled that it was found! Back into the house for some coffee, I met Tulip who was quickly forgiven and reunited with the dogwood. Now hopefully all can continue to blossom into a beautiful arrangement.



Lost Heirloom Gold & Diamond Ring at Ulua Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began this afternoon when I got a call from Anthony who is from San Francisco California and was on vacation.  While Anthony and his girlfriend Abi were enjoying the cool waters of Ulua Lagoon Abi’s heirloom Gold and Diamond Ring she got from her Grandmother fell off in shallow water and disappeared.  An immediate search with googles was hopeless as the ring was covered in the fine sand of the lagoon.  Anthony found me on a Google search and I had just returned from a Chinese New Year lunch with my wife Wendy.  I told Anthony to just relax on the beach and I would grab my detecting gear and head right down.  Traffic was a breeze so I made it there in around 30 minutes.  Anthony was waiting on the beach for me and Abi was in the water near where she had lost the ring.  I started a grid search to the South of Abi and when I was in about thigh deep water I got a nice 12-13 tone on the Nox and in one scoop there was Abi’s heirloom ring in the scoop.  They hadn’t told me about the diamond so I told Abi, « This can’t be your ring. »  She immediately exclaimed when it came into view, That’s certainly it! »  I could see a few tears of relief as we hugged.  Elapsed time 45 seconds.  They aren’t always this quick.  Aloha to Abi & Anthony!

Lost Keys off Highway 830 Strathcona County, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Derek called asking if I was able to help him locate his lost keys in the ditch.  Derek, unfortunately, ended up in the ditch after hitting a patch of ice on the highway, his truck rolled and all the contents were thrown out into the snow,

I met up with Derek on the side of the highway and he told me he had searched the spot a few times with no luck! Within ten minute I found his keys not far from where he had being searching.

Luckily Derek got out unscathed but his truck did not.

25th anniversary band recovered after lost for 6 months

  • from Lincoln (Nebraska, United States)

We were challenged to find a 25th wedding anniversary enhancement band that was lost last summer. Its been dry here and the ground has had big cracks. That concerned me the most, possible depth. My son and I worked for an hour then I switched to a smaller coil because the ground was trashy. 30 minutes later we were able to return the ring. My client, now my friend who wishes to remain anonymous, fed us in depth details of how it was lost including a walk through. The open communication was the winning combination.  402-580-6933



14K Engagement Ring Found – Marshall Virginia

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

Call Ray for lost items 571.258.7217

Received a call from Kenny about a lost 14k Rose Gold engagement ring in Marshall Virginia. The ring had been lost for about a week. His wife lost the ring in a grassy knoll in front of his property. Kenny and his wife both searched frantically for several days. Kenny even rented a metal detector from a local shop but with no luck, so he did a little more research and came across theRingFinders network. Kenny provided me a few more details and we made arrangements for me to be at his location early the next morning.

Upon arriving I was hopeful as the area was not very large, however I did get a little nervous after seeing the amount of trash in the gully, but that’s why I’m here. After greeting Kenny I got to work quickly, gridding out a few short paths, eliminating hits I knew to be trash. After about 40 minutes I got a solid hit on the Equinox 800, vdi 10-11. There buried under the leaves was this beautiful rose gold ring!

I sent Kenny a text with a photo of the found ring. He was so overjoyed and surprised I found it so quickly, and stated he wouldn’t tell his wife until she came back from church. Great surprise on a Sunday morning!!

God Bless and happy hunting.



Wedding Band Lost, Recovered and Returned in Wayne, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Received a call from Jeremy from Wayne, PA today. It turns out I successfully recovered his friends lost wedding band several years ago…and he was told to look me up in The Ring Finders directory. Once he tracked down my contact info he shared with me that he lost his titanium wedding band in his front or backyard while walking the dog the evening before. He spent some time looking for it himself but no luck. I met him at his home later that same day and he walked me through where he believed the ring most likely fell off while he was walking the dog. I’ve learned to prioritize search areas to maximize my success and it was clear to me it was most likely lost in front yard among tall grass and leaves. Rings on the surface have a unique signal on my metal detector so while I was registering quite a few signals they were all deep and and most likely trash. On my 3rd or 4th pass I finally got the signal I was hoping for…looked down…and I could immediately see his huge silver colored wedding band! I was very happy to be able to return Jeremy’s ring to him!

Lost – Men’s Gold Wedding Ring, Southern Shores, Outer Banks, OBX, NC – FOUND!!!

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

On Sunday, I got a FB message from Linda.  She explained that her husband, Steve, had lost his wedding ring while doing some work on their property in Southern Shores.  I gave her a call and we arranged for me to come over the following day.  It seemed like it would be an easy hunt.

The next day when I arrived, I met Linda and Steve.  They took me a spot near the garage where Steve had been cutting and stacking firewood.  The area was covered with leaves and a few pallets of wood.  When I fired up the XP Deus II, all I heard was noise.  I quickly found out the area I was searching had underground power lines and electromagnetic interference (EMI) which made it nearly impossible to search.

I tried the standard noise canceling and frequency changes, but nothing worked.  I spent about an hour searching and found the usual cans, trash, and yard debris.  I left disappointed and not knowing if I could ever find the lost ring.

A few days later, I hijacked my wife’s gold wedding ring, I found an area in my yard with similar EMI and made some changes to my program to be able to filter out the interference.  VOILA, it worked!

On Thursday, I called Linda and told her that I’d like to come out tomorrow and try again…she agreed.  When I arrived, I activated the changes and began the search.  Shortly thereafter, I got a great hit…it was a piece of foil.  A short time later, another hit.  I removed some leaves and found the ring buried in less than an inch of dirt!

I took the ring to the house and presented it to Steve.  The ring that had been so dear to the couple for 44 years was home!

Lost White Gold Engagement & Wedding Rings at Aulani Resort…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This Ring Find began when I got a call from the Aulani concierge desk.  The hostess told me one of their guests lost her Engagement and Wedding Rings in the sand on the beach and if I was available for recovery.  She handed me off to Danielle who was on vacation from San Diego and told me she put her rings in the waistband of her shorts to attend to her baby and after walking down to the water’s edge she realized they had fallen out.  After an intense search the beach team told her we have a guy.  I was just finishing up work for the day and I told Danielle that I’d go home, grab my gear and head out to the resort to search.  I told her to stop searching and just relax until I got there.  When I arrived Daniele’s Mom Debbie met me at the beach equipment rental stand and then walked me down to the search area.   I decided to hunt the open area before we had to move any beach chairs.  After covering that area with no ring found, Debbie had already started moving the chairs for me.  On the first sweep and at the extreme end of the grid I got a loud #6 on the Nox and in one scoop there were Danielle’s beautiful rings.  The tourists around us started clapping and Danielle came down and said,  » That’s certainly my ring and you are the best! »  Then we hugged and rejoiced at the successful recovery.  Aloha to Danielle!