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Lost RIng Recovered in Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Wiping snow off a vehicle results in lost rings. It happens all the time. Call me asap and I’ll get it back on your finger.  She asked not to be shown. You can still watch the video though.

Lost Gold Chain and Pendant Mullica Hill NJ Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Lost ring in snowJersey shore ring finder Lost Chain in the snow

Lost a ring?

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The day prior, Carl had been clearing snow in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, when his treasured diamond and gold chain, with a pendant, vanished into the snowy expanse. The following morning, Carl reached out to me with a phone call. Upon my arrival, I asked for additional details and set out with my metal detector to start the search. Buried under the thick blanket of snow, I detected a signal—it was the missing chain! Shortly after, the pendant was also uncovered.


It was a happy ending on a snow-covered day in Mullica Hill, NJ.


Read more stories of lost rings in the snow on my website.


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Lost Wedding Ring Found with Metal Detector in Haitaitai, Wellington, New Zealand

  • from Wellington (New Zealand)

Nathan and Joanna have only been married for 3 weeks and Nathan’s ring was a little bit big for his finger. Although meaning to get it resized it was one of those things he hadn’t got around to doing.

Last night he was at a small park in Hataitai shooting some hoops with a basketball. He felt the ring come off his finger but in the failing light he was unable to find it in the grass.
Returning the next morning he could still not find it and a short time later I met him at the park.
The basketball hoop was mounted on very short grass but backed on to a bank covered in longer grass and weeds. There was a lot of metal trash in the ground and I wasn’t having any success. I got Nathan to show me, again, where he had been and to demonstrate the shot. I could see that there was a possibility that the ring could have flung off behind him.
It was only a few minutes later that I got a good signal in the longer grass. I used my handheld pinpointer and finally found the ring right down on the roots of the grass. Very satisfying as it would have been impossible to find this without a metal detector.


Lost wedding ring in Crandon Beach, Florida

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

If you’ve recently lost something and need a metal detecting professional to come out and find it, give me a call (Louis 305-608-1870).  This ring was lost while playing volleyball in Miami Beach.  After searching for a while they found the TheRingfinders.com website and gave me a call.  I’m only a few minutes from the beach so I was able to get their pretty quick and find her lost platinum wedding band.   If you want your lost item found, whether its in the water at the beach, sand, or backyard, give me a call.  Please check out my other successful posts.

Lost Rings in the grass, Orlando, Florida….Found with Metal Detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Mike’s Emergency Metal Detecting Service just for you if you lost a ring or something precious to you. Don’t wait until tomorrow because time will work against you! Please call ASAP…Call Now…321-363-6029

Gabi called me to ask if I was available to help her find some lost rings. She and her fiancee had spent an evening enjoying some of the Orlando Florida attractions and as they were walking back to their car they had a disagreement and Gabi’s engagement ring and her fiancee’s ring ended up lost in the thick saint Augustine grass! They spent the rest of the evening and into the dark searching for their rings..and even went back the next day! Gabi decided to check into renting a metal detector and that is when she came across theringfinders.com website and after reading a couple of my stories she gave me a call and we were able to meet up that afternoon. I was hoping Gabi could bring her fiancee as well because it is most always best to get two people’s opinions on the situation instead of just one. After meeting up and driving to the location I began my search along a long stretch of grass just to the side of a busy road and soon realized that there were allot of targets that sounded similar to a lady’s gold ring. I asked Gabi what her ring was made of and she said she thought it was either white gold or silver, she wasn’t real sure. So I decided to investigate every shallow signal reading in the mid to high range and I used my pin pointer allot day! It took a good hour and a half to thoroughly cover the whole area and I could see that Gabi was beginning to lose hope of me ever finding their lost rings and then…BOOM! I got a sweet, shallow, small silver reading and at first glance I could only see some sort of tape or paper and after a closer look I saw a flash of a diamond. I reached down and picked up Gabi’s lost engagement ring and held it up for her to see and I asked, « Is this your ring? » Gabi was overcome with emotion and knelt beside me and gave me a long hug and all I could say was, « Thank you God for helping me find this young lady’s ring!! » Ten minutes later I got another solid, shallow high tone and there was Gabi’s fiancee’s ring down in the thick grass. This time I let Gabi use my pin pointer to do a final location and what a thrill to see the sheer joy and relief and happiness in her face!

Have you lost a ring or phone or keys in the grass, in your car or in the sand and need help?

Call or text ASAP at 321-363-6029 and lets talk about how I can help you!

Mike McInroe….blessed to be a member of theringfinders.com

Lost Ring? Things To Think Of To Get Your Ring Back (Kingston Ontario)

  • from Kingston (Ontario, Canada)

If You Lost Your Ring? What can you do?

  1. Retrace your steps.
  2. lost your ring at home? Tidy up each room you were in before you noticed it was missing.
  3. Check unusual places. (Like the shower, Or sink drains all over the house) check coat pockets, gloves, hand bags, sweaters and laundry machines, inbetween couch cushions, ect…
  4. For a diamond ring or jewelry item, try turning off the lights and Use a flashlight. Diamond’s will reflect like a mirror when light hits it.
  5. Take a break from looking, re-group, and think about something else (if at all possible) often the place you put your item will come to you when you take your mind off of worrying about it for a while, maybe Ask a friend to lend a fresh pair of eyes to your search.
  6. If your ring is insured, and before you decide to file a claim, call your local Ring Finder specialist. https://theringfinders.com/

If you have not heard about The RingFinders, now’s the time to find one closest to you.The RingFinders.com is a directory of metal detecting specialists with a passion and knowledge for metal detecting. Chances are there is one in your area that you were not completely unaware of.

Ryan and I can be found on the directory, we are detecting specialists with a passion for finding lost items such as cell phones, car keys, and yes, even engagement and wedding rings, or any jewelry for that matter.

Regardless wether you lost your ring at home, or in public, there are some steps to take in order to try and recover your lost item.

  1. Don’t wait to act & remember, the longer you wait the more lost your item becomes.
  2. Retrace your steps. It is important to try and remember as much detail as you can about the time you think you lost your item. (The success rate to find lost items are much higher within the first 24 to 48 hours in our experience, although finding lost items can be found even after several years has passed, however take note that the success rate is much lower in these cases.)
  3. You may wish to contact your local police station, jewellers and pawn shops. Someone may have already turned it in.
  4. If you know about The Ring Finders? Do not hesitate to call us. We love to help & this is what we do.
  5. Lastly if you have exhausted all of the above and still no luck? Replacing a lost ring is a lot easier when you don’t need to pay for it out-of-pocket if all else fails? & If your item is insured, then you can file a claim. I know this doesn’t help to replace the sentimentality of a specific item such as an engagement, or wedding ring, but at the very least the piece itself may be able to get replaced.
  6. https://theringfinders.com/

So, How much does it cost to hire our services through TheRingFinders.com ?

“Based on our services”.

Whether at home, the park, the beach, swimming, hiking, or almost any other outdoor activity you can think of. If you loose a significant or sentimental piece of jewelry? Then consider contacting us, your RingFinders metal detecting specialists


Our detecting service usually work on a reward type basis. Yes we do have a small, non negotiable $40 call out fee. On top of that call out fee, we will work on either a percentage, hourly, or even a reward basis if your item is found and returned.

So what happens if an item cannot be recovered.?

In this scenario, all you would pay for, would be the call out fee of $40, again this is based on our service.

What does the $40 get you.

1st & foremost, the call out fee gets a professional metal detecting specialist to the location where you believe you lost your item.

2nd – we will be brining equipment with us to help assist with the recovery. In many cases we will have somewhere in the range of $1K to $3K in equipment and can be significantly more for water recoveries.

3rd – and even more importantly than brining all the actual gear needed to help find your lost item, we will be bringing years of experience to know how to use the equipment to help recover an item that you are unable to find yourself.

Also remember that we may very well have some distance to travel in order to get to you even before any searching begins. We cover a large area with Kingston being our central location.

I know for Ryan Pugh & I, we will often travel in excess of an hour or more in 1 direction just to get to a clients location. With many successful recoveries. Both Ryan and I will often attend a search together. We do not double the “call out fee” to have both of us on site, even though the customer is getting double the value of the service. So the $40 is to cover expenses and our time that we incur just to get to you so we can help recover an item that we did not loose to begin with. Hence the non negotiable “call out fee”.


If the item is recovered and returned, then a reward should be discussed prior to either of us even leaving our home so that there are no surprises to either party involved once the item is found. We will do our best to work within your budget. We will be asking you several questions to get as much information as possible including what the lost item is worth to you if we should be successful & happen to find it for you?

We are apart of this great organization called The RingFinders, & are here to help. So if you’re in need of a detecting specialist, then don’t hesitate, give us a call today, you’ll be glad you did.

Video of a ring recovery https://youtu.be/1e0Zc462Gi4?si=Mnks2F12zXPKDVDo

Lost ring in the snow (Found) Kingston Ontario. (2024)

  • from Kingston (Ontario, Canada)

At approximately 8:15PM on January 8th 2024 James had received a call from another RingFinder member by the name of Stephane Coutu in regards to a man by the name of Mohammad, residing in Kingston Ontario, who had just lost his tungsten ring in the snow and was wondering if I would be able to go and help recover the lost ring. Stephane gave me the gentleman’s contact information to reach out to him.

I immediately reached out to Mohammad and told him I would be available the following day in the afternoon to go and help.

After looking at the weather I realized that there was another heavy snowfall expected to arrive sometime overnight and was expected to continue for several days. This would pose a problem for the recovery as I knew that city plow trucks and sidewalk machines would be out in full force and may cause the ring to be more difficult to find by the time I was able to make it over to help Mohammad recover his ring.

I reached out to my ring recovery partner, and now fellow RingFinder Ryan Pugh to see if he was available to go over immediately to help Mohammad out? Thankfully Ryan had his equipment charged up and ready to take on the task.

Ryan called Mohammad and was heading out his door to go meet with Mohammad at exactly 9:27PM that night. at 9:57PM, I received a text from Ryan saying the customer had his ring back.

A quick message to Mohammad revealed he was very happy to have someone get to him so quickly, & thanked me for getting someone out so quickly to him.

Mohammad’s Ring in the snow

Sorry about the pic but the lighting was poor and apparently Ryan’s hands were frozen after this recovery. Here is a link to a a video (short) of Ryan’s recovery.


Welcoming A New Ring Finder

  • from Kingston (Ontario, Canada)

Hi folks, I wanted to take a quick minute to let people know that I have partnered up with a good friend, wicked ring finder, and all round good dude, Ryan Pugh.

Ryan Pugh

Ryan started detecting around the same time I did, (just a few short years ago) As we all know the learning curve to knowing one’s machine can be a daunting task. Many hours spent digging trash, & trying to understand what your machine is trying to tell you. We know it takes time to understand how to detect properly, efficiently, and professionally.

Now after a few years have gone by, both Ryan & I have the confidence in our abilities to help people find their lost items, and have done so successfully on several occasions.

Both Ryan & I have been detecting every chance we get when we are not working, or have family obligations (speaking from my personal experience of course), life can get very busy at times.

Over the past year (2023) I have taken Ryan on several of my ring finder expeditions. Considering we hunt fairly often together, which in turn has resulted in Ryan coming, and helping on several of my ring finder hunts.

Ryan expressed a real interest in helping people recover items they themselves had lost, & yet, could not find. He has expressed interest in joining The RingFinders all season.

Recently with working shift work, going back to school “for work”, running a local metal detecting club, taking care of my 2 year old son, & making time for my wife & family, I have found that although I have been able to attend most of the requests that have come my way, I find I have been calling on Ryan fairly often to help out with some of my recoveries.

Ryan has been outstanding, not only has he been willing and able to take on each request, he is always at the ready to drop what he’s doing to go help someone in need. And that’s not all, Ryan’s success rate is very high to date. I have called on Ryan to make sure our clients get the quick, reliable, & professional service they deserve.

Working as a team this past year has worked out not only to our benefit, but to our customers benefit as well. Therefore it only seemed logical to make it official and team up with Ryan here on The Ring Finders to ensure our areas get the best service possible for any potential future clients.

“Thanks Ryan Pugh, and I look forward to seeing how collaborating as a team will work out for us in our RingFinding adventures”, also, Welcome to the largest team of RingFinders on the planet.

Lost Wedding Ring, Ormond Beach, Florida….Found by Happy Owner!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Mike’s Emergency Metal Detecting Service just for you! If you have lost a ring or something precious to you…don’t wait until tomorrow because time will work against you! Please call ASAP…Call now 321-363-6029!

Elaine called me to ask for help finding her husbands wedding ring that was lost « somewhere » either in their home or outside of their house! (That sort of information usually indicates that a thorough search could take hours!) So we met Elaine and her husband Bill and asked lots of questions about the day his ring went missing. Bill had done a bunch of work in one of their rooms…like tearing up old carpeting and hauling it outside along with a big mattress and other items. One thing he did remember was when he was showering he recalled scrubbing his hands with a small scrub brush and while drying off he noticed that his ring was not on his finger. This is his wedding ring that he has worn for 46 years and he rarely takes it off. So we took up the drain cover in the shower thinking that just maybe it fell down the drain while scrubbing his hands and showering. But after running my endoscope down as far as possible and not seeing it we determined it must be somewhere else. We looked outside everywhere that Bill remembered going on that day and then we searched inside as much as possible. It is a large home…10,000 square feet to be exact so there was allot of area and after a few hours we called it quits.

I tried to encourage Bill and Elaine that there is always hope of finding it and not to give up hope. Reminding them to be sure to call me if and when they do find it! And….8 days later I get a call from Elaine saying they found it under a pile of old sheets and curtains that came out of the room that they are remodeling! It is always a pleasure to help folks find and locate their lost item whether I am able to find it myself or help them find it on their own.

Maybe you have lost something and need help….do not delay, call ASAP! 321-363-6029

Mike McInroe….thrilled to be a member of theringfinders.com

Signet Ring Lost in Sea at Tutukaka, Found after Two Weeks

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

It was New Years Eve when Starlia was enjoying a swim at Whangaumu, near Tutukaka in New Zealand. As she stood in the sea, she was idly playing with the small engraved gold signet ring given to her on her 21st – when it slipped off and dropped.

Starlia and friends searched for some hours with masks and snorkels, but had to concede that her gold ring was lost to the sea.

Nearly two weeks later, she came across one of my recovery stories and got in touch. Was a recovery possible, and would I be able to help?

The next day found me walking the narrow track over the headland to the little bay. I wanted to catch the slack tide as the current flowing out from the Ngunguru estuary can be fierce in places. This makes life difficult when you’re trying to stay in place while retrieving a target from deep in the sand. Starlia had mentioned that there were two ‘dog sized’ rocks as a reference point.

As I walked the track that overlooks the bay, I looked down and saw two largish rocks that had been placed under the water about 10m off the beach. « Excellent, they’ve marked where they think they lost it ».

I was soon in the water and started the search around the rocks. A couple of fishing sinkers and a $1 coin that had been in the tide for many years told me that that no metal detectors had been through here since the loss, so the ring was still here – somewhere…

I rolled the rocks over – just in case they had inadvertently placed them ON the ring… Nothing.

Priding myself on an exceptional recovery rate, I could say with certainty the ring was not near the two rocks. Could the sand have built up during the bad weather we had over New Year or through natural sediment shift? I fell back onto my mantra of « Trust no-one. Assume Nothing. Check everything ».

Discounting the cairn, I started to search on the basis of no defined start point and took the grid right out to the edge of the channel dropoff.

In the clear water, I could see the usual sea life swim past. A school of yellow eye mullet momentarily investigated the cloud of sediment I was raising, the steady parade of small Eagle Rays leaving the estuary. Several schools of juvenile Kahawai and even a small Bronze Whaler slid past between me and the beach. The clarity was a pleasant change to the scuba recovery I had completed the previous day in zero visibility! That story will be up in coming days.

I had covered maybe 60% of the bay when Starlia arrived and I waded ashore to meet and greet.
The cairn of rocks wasn’t theirs!

Starlia pointed out two other rocks that I hadn’t yet reached, I felt better knowing the ring hadn’t been missed. Although the tide had now turned and the incoming current was starting to build rapidly. I quickly covered the deeper sections at the drop off before they became unworkable.

More fishing sinkers and rusting bottle caps then deep down, a faint smooth tone, very quiet but consistent. It didn’t have the harshness of a cap, nor the rude raspiness of a fishing sinker, but was it another aluminium can tab?

One scoop…two, the mobile sand and the current was backfilling the hole as fast as I could dig. This is when you can lose a ring beyond range of the machine if not careful as it sinks in the disturbed sands. I refixed the location and went deep, heaving several kilos of sand out of the hole. The hole was now quiet, but was it the ring?

I spread the scoop contents out across the bottom, waved the coil over it and a beautiful pure tone sang out. Only one thing sounds like that!

Rescooped the patch of sand where ‘a’ ring lay and rinsed the scoop – in the corner was a delicate gold signet ring. Job done.

I held it up to Starlia who was watching from the beach. Whoops and yells from Starlia (and another couple who I hadn’t realised were watching).

After the photos and hugs, I started the climb back up the hill.