Chris Turner

Cost For My Service

Call- ASAP-24/7 For Time-Sensitive Searches/Beaches/Parks

For Lost Jewellery... I work on a ''Reward Basis'' that means you pay what it's worth to you and what you can afford to have me find your lost item.

With the rising gas price I have a call-out fee of $65.00 whether or not your item is found. This covers my fuel expenses. Maybe more or less depending on where you are located. We can discuss this when you call.

Cost to Find Your Water Shut-Off Valve-$125.00/No Find-No Fee

This is for Vancouver/Burnaby area, other areas may have an additional gas fee...(Starting April 2023)

Please note-If you are looking for your buried gold or silver or cash I work on a Percentage or a flat fee that will be negotiated prior to the search. Call to discuss.

Search Types

Beaches, Parks, Lakes & Yards... I also have an underwater metal detector and can search up to 5 feet of water. If you lost your ring in the snow call me ASAP.

If you need a house and property search for hidden cash, gold, silver... please visit my website...Forgotten Fortunes listed below.

Search Locations

Vancouver/Lower Mainland ... Contact me if you are outside my area to discuss travel. I will go anywhere to help you find your lost ring!

Chris Turner's Bio

I created The Ring Finders Directory with the thoughts of helping people around the world find their most sentimental and irreplaceable lost items by offering an independent list of metal detecting specialists...

I have 50 years of metal detecting experience and I've been helping people find their lost jewelry for 30 + years.

I've been blessed to have the opportunity to find & return over 500 lost rings to their very happy owners!

I love my job and I look forward to helping you find what you thought was lost forever!

Chris Turner - Recent Blog Post

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Chris Turner - Testimonials

  • It was absolutely pivotal to have you come by. You are truly an expert at what you do. (2023)


    Thank you for your kindness and for giving me hope.

    Both my family and myself really can’t thank you enough. So many hours we spent looking for my ring, part of myself was already resigned that I would never find it again. It was absolutely pivotal to have you come by. You are truly an expert at what you do.

    I will be recommending your services to anyone in need of an expert ring finder!

    All the best,


  • Absolutely fantastic service from Chris! (2023)


    Absolutely fantastic service from Chris!

    I'll start by saying I had lost hope of finding my wedding ring. It had flown off my finger while we were swimming on a fine Saturday at Alouette Lake, and I figured there was no way I could find it. I returned home, distraught, and broke the news to my wife of just 5 months. Needless to say, I was in the dog house! Until my friend called me up saying he had reached out to TheRingFinders. My initial thought was ok, just send me the details I'll think about it. But, after seeing all the YouTube videos and stories of success, I suddenly felt the flicker of hope. I called Chris up, and he was more eager than me to get out there and find my ring! So we met him at the lake on Monday. After an hour of great conversation and Chris wading through cold water with a smile on his face, the ring appeared! Thankfully, I'm out of the dog house now and it just means so much as this ring is unique in its origin and story having traveled thousands of miles for our wedding. I could not recommend

    TheRingFinders more and if they provided any other services I would recommend them for that too. Simply amazing.

  • Thanks Chris for the great service and coming out asap to help me find my ring. Awesome work and greatly appreciated. Highly recommend!! (2023)


    Thanks to Chris, I have my wedding ring back.

    I was at hockey last night and lost my ring in the parking lot. I thought I had lost in and an ivy covered garden area, which was also under snow. A friend and I searched for a half hour in the dark and snow, but couldn’t find it. I went home discouraged, but then looked online and found Chris. I sent him a text and he responded right away. He said he would be out in the morning to find my ring for me. His confidence put my mind at ease.

    It’s not a super expensive ring, but it was the ring that was part of our wedding ceremony, so for that reason it’s irreplaceable. After searching the area for a while, and digging out many beer cans and other trash, Chris found my ring in a different location than where I thought it was. I could have looked forever and I don’t think I would have found it. It had made its way to the road, and if left, could have been driven over or scraped up with a snow plow. Thanks Chris for the great service and coming out asap to help me find my ring. Awesome work and greatly appreciated. Highly recommend!!

    Thanks again,


  • He's awesome! He turned my gloomy snowy emotion to bright and sunny in an hour. (2022)



    I just got married 3months ago and during a snowy weather, I lost my wedding ring after I shook my hand while walking on the sidewalk outside near my place. Tried to look for it but it was snowing, people are walking outside taking pictures and my neighbour was plowing too. I then called my husband, who's currently in India, and he instantly send me a link of 'TheRingFinders.' Chris answered right away and arrived in less than 30mins despite of the bad weather. He just asked me couple of queations so he'll know where to look for it and was able to find it quickly. He's awesome! He turned my gloomy snowy emotion to bright and sunny in an hour. I was so happy and relieved that I cried when he showed me my wedding ring. My husband and I was talking that we both didn't know there are people like them and we are both glad to meet one, CHRIS TURNER. Again, it was wonderful to meet you and thank you so much!

    Via & Josh (Dec2022)

  • The work you do is truly the work of creating hope and happiness. I will be forever greatful to you. (2022)


    It has taken me a little while to truely find the words to write this. I lost one of the most treasured items I own while doing my most treasured family traditions. I lost the ring my past Father gave me, that was also my wedding ring, while cutting down our family Christmas tree.

    I noticed it was gone while we were walking back to our truck with our tree. It turned one of the best most magical days I'd had all year, into one of the saddest. I was absolutely devastated, as was my whole family for me. My husband borrowed a metal detector, and we went back and searched to no avail. I had lost a ring in an acre of trees in 5 inches of snow. I was hopeless. Chris from The Ring Finders was recommended to me by a stranger on a Facebook Lost and Found Page. On a whim I reached out. An hour after I send my text message, Chris contacted me. He was so friendly, sincere, and full of so much confidence that I had hope for the first time. He met my husband and myself at the Tree Farm the very next morning. He used his skills of interviewing to recreate and help me retrace my day. Then he got to work, and before I knew what was happening, he was handing me the ring I never thought I would see again! I am still absolutely amazed and forever greatful as I was sure it would have been impossible to find, without him. So one million times over Chris, Thank you. The work you do is truly the work of creating hope and happiness. I will be forever greatful to you.

    Kam and Shawn

  • I was beyond happy that he had found it. It meant so much to me and I am so very thankful!! (2022)


    My friends and I decided to take advantage of a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon and decided to go play a round of golf at Central Park Pitch and Putt in Burnaby.

    I had a back pack with me and after teeing off at the 14th hole, I grabbed my back pack and put it over my right shoulder and noticed that the strap had caught on to my necklace. I asked my friend to untangle it and he did, and we went on our way.

    We got to the 16th hole and teed off. I hit the ball to the right of the green. We all walked ahead and then I chipped my ball on to the green. I was about to putt when I felt my necklace fall from my neck. I gave my shirt a shake and my necklace fell to the ground. However, I noticed the 2 pendants I had on it were not there. Panic started to set in as these were two very valuable and sentimental things. One of the pendants was my name in gold. The other pendant was a gold cross with diamonds on the cross. The cross was a gift from my late grandmother, Tara, or Nana as we would call her. The pendant with my name on it was given to me by my mom, however after telling her I had lost it, she mentioned that it too was a gift from late grandmother.

    My friends and I walked back and forth from the green at the 16th hole to the tee off box at the 14th hole 3 times. It was on the 2nd walk back that I found the cross pendant at the tee off box of hole #15. It was getting dark and reality started to set in. My other pendant was lost forever but at least I found 1 of the 2.

    We all went and grabbed a bite to eat at a local restaurant. While waiting for a table, I remembered seeing a video on Facebook regarding actor Jon Cryor and him losing his wedding ring but finding it with the help of someone. I did a quick Google search and found The Ring Finders. I gave Chris a text and he called me back shortly after. We talked on the phone for about 10 mins and he got as much information from me as he could.

    The following day, Chris called me and told me he went in the morning to the course before it got busy to check it out and see if he could find it, but didn't have any luck. He texted me back and we decided to meet up on Tuesday afternoon.

    Chris and I walked to the 16th hole first and checked out places I could remember going. Then we walked to the 15th hole and then to the tee box for the 15th hole. Chris asked me where I found my cross and I pointed to the area. We looked around and around. Finally Chris told me that he forgot to do an opening interview. He pulled out his phone and asked me what exactly it was that I lost and was looking for. I told him, and then he kicked the dirt underneath him, reached down, and pulled out the pendant that I was missing! I was beyond happy that he had found it. It meant so much to me and I am so very thankful!!

    Thank you Chris once again for finding this special piece of jewelry for not only me, but my grandmother as well!

  • Thank you, Chris, for bringing the rings back into my life, but further for showing me that good people willing to help a stranger do exist. (2022)


    I had gone to the beach to practice yoga, and set my rings on my bunny hug, assuring myself they would be safe while I practiced. Yet, when the time came – I threw my bunny hug on carelessly having a moment of amnesia that my rings were delicately resting on top. I realized my error about 5 minutes into my walk home and turned around immediately. I searched for an hour with no luck and walked home in a haze.

    I couldn’t sleep, I just kept thinking about how there must be something I haven’t thought of yet to fix my mistake. After googling techniques on how to sift through sand, I came across one of Chris’s videos of him finding a ring for a couple at Kitsilano beach.

    I figured I may as well try texting him – he called back immediately. I told him my situation, and he said he was on his way, and it would take him 45 minutes to get there. I was shocked by his professionalism and questioned if I had dreamt the phone call. When I met Chris, he was full of hope and positivity – he assured me that he would find the rings; truly I felt that in this moment he was an angel.

    He searched on the beach for nearly two hours, and I sat nearby trying to visualize the ring. While we were on the beach, I took note of how kind and friendly he was to each passerby inquiring onto the situation and what he was searching for. I never once sensed a lack of hope from him, and I thought to myself that even if he can’t find my ring – I will be assured in knowing that both Chris and I have tried our hardest.

    Then to my surprise, he found the rings and I cried with joy. I told Chris that the ring was a symbol of my commitment to myself to persevere through the hard times, like my previous battle with depression.

    I almost can’t fathom how empathetic, thoughtful, and respectful he was while I told my story. I think that Chris might be an earth angel. I hope one day to be able to share love and hope the way he does with the world.

    Thank you, Chris, for bringing the rings back into my life, but further for showing me that good people willing to help a stranger do exist. I wish you and your wife many blessings in your future.


  • We are incredibly grateful for Chris in finding our ring and his strong passion in helping people! Chris is a true gem and I highly recommend him! (2022)


    My wife and I were incredibly happy meeting you yesterday and receiving our ring back.

    To catch the tail-end of summer, my wife and I decided to go on a day trip at a local lake to swim.

    Prior to going into the water, I contemplated whether I should wear my ring or not. I had gone ahead and wore my ring since I didn’t want to leave my ring unattended at the beach tent we had set up.

    I ended up losing my ring well within 20 minutes of our swim then spent the next hour trying to search for it underwater. The water was murky due to other swimmers kicking up dust nearby so it made the search task very difficult.

    What was supposed to have been a day of fun and relaxation turned out to be disappointing and uneasy.

    Several days later, I discovered TheRingFinders (Chris) and he immediately sprung into action by deploying to the lake.

    The lake’s parking lot was closed due to over capacity of beach goers so Chris ended up having to park much further away and hike 2km! With his dedication and professional skills, Chris was able to find our ring and we were absolutely stunned!

    We are incredibly grateful for Chris in finding our ring and his strong passion in helping people! Chris is a true gem and I highly recommend him!

    I have now followed you on YouTube and Facebook and will be watching lots of your videos and content. Your website has been bookmarked as well.

    Thanks again!


  • We are forever thankful to Chris. If it can be found, he will find it! (2022)


    A blissful dip in Alouette Lake was saddened when my husband's ring slipped off his finger. We figured it was gone for good, until a curious google search led me to TheRingFinders website. Chris got back to me and made plans to search for it the very next day. With doubts of finding it, and plans for a multi week search, Chris' expertise and experience persevered and he found the ring! We won't be swimming with our rings on anymore, but if we do we know who we're going to call.

    We are forever thankful to Chris. If it can be found, he will find it!


  • It was an unprecedented pleasure to meet someone like Chris who has sincere desire to spread kindness. (2022)


    Literally the first time I've ever used the word "Kismet" was for this situation.

    I don't think a more perfect person could have shown up randomly to solve such a specific problem.

    My partner and I had shown up on the beach that morning with a borrowed metal detector to try and find my engagement ring I had lost while swimming the day before. We had been aimlessly waving the thing around for about an hour before spotting Chris off in the distance (with a monster truck version of a metal detector and additional equipment). I approached him to let him know what we were looking for and to our amazement, finding rings is a specialty.

    He had a process, marked areas, scanned, asked questions, then scanned again. He was genuinely kind, unshakably optimistic, and clearly loved everything about this. Hours later about 20 minutes before the tide would've eaten up that exact area he found it!! The unbelievable odds that Chris showed up added a sense of perfect magic to what could've been a devastating situation.

    It was an unprecedented pleasure to meet someone like Chris who has sincere desire to spread kindness.

    If you've lost something it is an absolute treat to contact The Ring Finders

    - Nemo

  • We had already looked so hard. But I guess it just takes a professional! (2022)


    Thanks so much Chris. Loosing this ring on my wedding night! Wow I was very disappointed to say the least and so was my wife…. Other than that the wedding was perfect but having lost the ring we made our vows too made a bit of a shadow on everything. We had family and friends and my self searching for hours. Even one buddy of mine came over with a metal detector and spent a couple hours of his time helping me to no avail. Hearing about “the ring finders” was my last hope. But honestly I thought it was gone. We had already looked so hard. But I guess it just takes a professional! I was so excited when I got your FaceTime! I only wish I could of been there, but at the end of the day I got my ring back and my new wife Taylor and I can feel fully relaxed starting our new marriage. Thanks so much Chris for your kind personality and professional service!

  • you also restored my faith that good people still exist in this world... (2022)


    Where to even begin. I am still in shock and amazement that my rings were found! It felt like such a hopeless search, not even knowing for sure where I lost them, so to have them back on my hand is just unreal. Six days of ups and downs, searches and sadness, and it all ended with a smile so big my face hurts. I am SO GLAD I CALLED YOU. It felt like a long shot at the time, but I had nothing else to lose, and knew I needed to try everything before giving up. When I talked to you on the phone, previous to meeting for the search, I knew I had picked the right guy to help me out. Truly, you are a special soul. I just keep telling everyone what a kind human you are. Not only did you bring my rings back to me, (in a matter of minutes!), but you also restored my faith that good people still exist in this world. Your kindness and integrity shine through in your personality, and in your business. I am forever grateful to you. Not only for the recovery of my wedding rings, but also just for reminding me of the good people out there; the helpers. I am so happy to have them back! A midsummer miracle. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    ~ Lindsay

  • My Fiancé got Chris‘s number from a lifeguar who says he's a professional, turned out he is... (2022)


    I take the ring off while I was applying sunscreen and then I leave it behind.

    We checked everywhere on the beach but failed. My Fiancé got Chris‘s number from a lifeguard who says he's a professional turned out he is...It takes only 10 minutes for him to find my ring! It’s such a miracle! In Chinese culture?lost engagement ring is a bad sign for marriage, so we would like to express our deepest gratitude?thank you Chris What an amazing day!

  • Strongly recommend Chris for any jewelry you may have lost... (2022)


    Found Chris online when I lost my wedding ring on a beach. Chris picked up immediately and showed instant investment in getting my ring back.

    Sure enough, Chris did find my ring the next day which was surprising. Strongly recommend Chris for any jewelry you may have lost in the lower mainland. The man knew his stuff and was very kind and professional. Thank you.

  • I really appreciate the massive effort that Chris put into finding the cross... (2022)


    The cross that I lost was my grandfather’s, who was my namesake, therefore it was of extreme sentimental value. I really appreciate the massive effort that Chris put into finding the cross, he was determined to find it and was digging under the confined structure for hours until he finally found it. Thanks Chris for retrieving the cross, now I can continue to pass down this family heirloom to my future children and grandchildren.

    Many Thanks!


  • Chris is a super nice guy. I am so glad that I had called him... (2022)


    I already accepted the fact that I have lost my wedding band, but then I learned about Chris and decided to give him a call. I explained to him all the places I could have lost my ring, and despite the chances, he still offered to help me do a closure search of the beach. He only asked me to cover his travel expenses and immediately met up with me at the beach. I sat hopelessly as he searched. Next, he stopped to asks me more questions regarding the ring and as I was talking, he slowly revealed my ring! Even after finding my ring, he would not take more than what I could afford. Chris is a super nice guy. I am so glad that I had called him. He loves his job very much. Do not be afraid to give him a call. Thank you again for your help!

    Thank you again!

    Kind regards,


  • Chris is an amazing man and I am tearing up a little thinking about the kindness he showed while searching for my ring... (2021)


    Chris was amazing. He contacted us very soon after we reached out to him. He came out to meet us as soon as he could. His level of care and attention to finding something so small was one of the kindest things I have ever witnessed.

    He works on a completely donation basis and only asked that we cover his gas if he was unable to recover the ring.

    He worked diligently for over an hour, carefully searching the area in a grid pattern until he eventually found what we were looking for.

    Chris is an amazing man and I am tearing up a little thinking about the kindness he showed while searching for my ring. It wasn't fancy or expensive but he knew that the meaning behind this ring is what meant the world to me.

    I feel as if I could never repay him for the kindness he showed in helping me recover this important part of my life. I will be forever in his debt.


    Thank you again Chris and if there's ever anything I can do to help you out, please don't hesitate to ask!

    . : CAM : .

  • We can’t believe you found it . And we are greatful and thankful... (2021)


    Where do i start from . Chris I am so grateful and I believe you are truly God sent . After loosing my ring I really felt it was the end and I cried my whole heart out . Fast forward my husband and I decided to look for someone who could find it and we found you on the Internet and you out of your kind heart came out that late .. we didn’t find it at first because where I thought it was, it wasn’t . I went home crying but for some reasons I had hope since my husband said you where going there again I just believed and he comforted me and decided to get another one but one text later from you , you found it . I honestly still believe it’s surreal We can’t believe you found it . And we are greatful and thankful . You brought our smile back .??

  • TheRing Finders team really does find lost rings! (2021)


    Thank you Chris for partnering with John to help find this ring. It was not an easy task but throughout this process your belief that this ring could be found meant a lot to me as it has a lot of sentimental value. I was ELATED when it was found and without your support we could not have had this amazing result! Thank u to Bev as well for cheering on u and John thru the search. God bless you for using your special talent and skills to help others ???? TheRing Finders team really does find lost ????!

  • We were shocked and a massive wave of relief hit us both... (2021)


    It was the end of our week-long trip to British Columbia and everything had gone just perfectly - and then the universe decided to throw us a curveball.

    We were spending our last night on the Sunshine Coast. With the blistering heatwave, we couldn't resist a quick dip in the ocean at Davis Bay. In less than a minute of jumping in, the brand new custom designed engagement ring came sliding off my partner's finger into the crashing waves of the ocean. Instant panic, horror and regret set in. We tried our best to recover it. But the crashing waves, rocky shore and rising tide made it impossible. With no goggles on hand and after 20 minutes of searching we gave up, feeling crushed and defeated. We pretty much accepted that the ring was gone and there was only a slim chance of recovering it. It was a horrible feeling and a terrible way to end our vacation.

    We tried to keep our spirits high for the rest of the evening. Realizing that the tide would go out the next day revealing part of the shore where we lost the ring, we considered purchasing a metal detector. We started doing a bit of research online and came across TheRingFinders. In a desperate, shot in the dark effort, I texted Chris Turner and within 5 minutes we received a phone call. We were in a tricky situation - we only had the next day to find the ring before catching our return flight back in Vancouver in the evening. And we only had about a 3 hour window of low tide. To our surprise, Chris was enthusiastically up for the challenge - despite having to wait in line to catch a ferry the next morning and travel from Vancouver to Davis Bay.

    Sure enough, Chris showed up at Davis Bay the next day with his metal detection gear. We were super impressed and hopeful - especially after reading all the reviews on TheRingFinder. Within 40 minutes of canvassing the area, he found it - and his reveal took us by surprise. We were shocked and a massive wave of relief hit us both. We were ecstatic to have the ring back. But not only that we were ecstatic to have met Chris - such an amazing, super friendly and wholesome guy. The whole experience was a rollercoaster and we can't put into words just how grateful we are to have the ring back. Thanks so much Chris! In a weird way, the ring means so much more to us now.

  • Thanks so much, Chris, and God bless! (2021)


    Chris was willing to drive all the way out to Jericho beach late in the night to help my find my piece. It took about two hours to find it because the beach is totally loaded with scrap metal. He was very enthusiastic and welcoming, and I really enjoyed watching him work. Thanks so much, Chris, and God bless!

  • I would not hesitate to call on him again or recommend him to all my friends or family... (2021)


    I owe Chris a great debt!

    He was able to find my lost wedding ring in a speedy and professional way when I had all but given up.

    He was very passionate about his craft, and you can tell by talking to him that he absolutely loves what he does.

    I would not hesitate to call on him again or recommend him to all my friends or family who

    find themselves in a similar situation.

    Thanks again for all your help!

    Aaron Au

  • Unbelievable! Thank you Chris! (2021)


    Chris Turner is a gem! I lost my wedding band by a putting green. I bought a metal detector and searched with lots of help for hours to no avail and then a friend suggested I try The Ring Finders. I was a bit skeptical as we had looked long and hard but after a 45 minute search Chirs found it. Unbelievable! Thank you Chris!

  • He was very quick and efficient in finding my 24k gold wedding band... (2021)


    On a hunch that their may be people more skilled with a metal detector than myself, I googled "Find my rings". I am so glad that ringfinders came up, and Chris texted me right away and asked when was a good time to call. Once he heard my story, he came what I think was the very next day. He was professional, wore his mask, and was polite and friendly. He captured the experience on camera, which I thought was also cool. He was very quick and efficient in finding my 24k gold wedding band, and recorded my reaction to seeing it again for the first time in weeks. In conclusion, Chris was excellent in every way. Response time was extremely fast, and he is paid on a per find basis. When it came to paying there was absolutely 0 pressure, and he even told me half goes to his grandson. If I had more to give I would have! I would call Chris again, 10/10 times.

  • I never would have had a chance at finding my ring without Chris! (2021)


    I never would have had a chance at finding my ring without Chris! I am so grateful that he provides this service, otherwise I would have lost an irreplaceable heirloom. He was so quick to meet me at the location, and very professional and methodical in his search. I hope I never lose a ring again, but if I do at least I'll know who to call!



  • "Wow man, thank you so much, you are a legend!!!"... (2021)


    Hello Chris,

    I wanted to let you know that my experience with you a couple of days ago was one of those stories that I will never get tired of telling my friends.

    It started with a normal Tuesday afternoon, spring just started to kick in and we decided to have paella at third beach with some friends to enjoy the sunset.

    The sunset went smoothly, I had a good time, and once it got dark we decided to pack our stuff and go home. That's when the drama started.

    As I was leaving, I felt my wedding band slipping through my finger and falling in the sand. Since it was pitch dark, I just said: "guys don't move, don't get close to me, I just dropped my ring and I need to find it, please don't walk around this area".

    I was confident that I was gonna find it, we were 6, and all of us got our phone flashlight out and started carefully searching the area. I thought for sure one of us was going to find it.

    40 minutes later I was hopeless, I call off the search, thanked everyone for the effort and head home thinking how the hell I was gonna tell my wife that my wedding ring was lost.

    As I walked home, I remembered a news article about a ring finder and a famous person, but I did not remember anything else about it.

    After coming home, I said hi to my wife and quickly jumped to the laptop to search more about the "ring finder", thankfully it didn't take long to locate a website full of happy clients a name, and a local phone number. I thought it was worth the shot, so I texted the number with a simple "I just lost my wedding ring at third beach".

    After that, I approach my wife, and I told her the bad news. I'll be honest, I was expecting a serious case of "how can you be so irresponsible" or "this is a nightmare" but she actually took it way better and just said, "I'm disappointed but you won't find it there, let's just get a new one".

    The conversation was interrupted by my phone ringing:


    -Hi, this is Chris, I read that you lost your ring?

    -Yes, I did, I'm so happy you called, I lost it an hour ago at third beach

    -Well, I am at work right now, I will finish in about 15 minutes, I'm willing to go there tonight...

    -Really? Ok, let's do it!

    -Ok, I will go home right after I finish, grab my gear and meet you on third beach in 40 minutes.

    -Great, meet you there, thank you!

    After I hang up, I started debating in my head about how crazy it was to go back to third beach (it was 10.30 pm already) with a man that I never met before, in the search for a ring that I already spent 40-minute searching for. Plus my wife didn't seem so mad about it either.

    But I had a good feeling about it, so I put on a jacket and head to back to the beach.

    At 11.15 the phone rings again, and Chris says: "I'm here, meet me at the parking lot"

    I had a plastic pasta strainer in my hand, and a flashlight, I quickly greet him with a smile and he looks at me and said:

    "you won't need that Pablo, I have something way more sophisticated".

    He opened the door of his car and grabbed what seems like a carbon fibre tool with a seriously cool sand scoop and a metal detector that also seemed very advanced and then said to me "I will find your ring, I don't care how long it takes"

    After this display of confidence and good vibes my hopes went up the roof, I thought: wow, this guy has a very peculiar line of work, I am in good hands.

    We walked to the area where I was when I lost it and he asked me to describe what happened. Then, beeeeep, I played cool, but my heart was pounding, he scoops the area where it beep and said: bah, just a can tab". A minute later another beep, this time, I kept my hopes a bit lower, he scoops and nothing, just more garbage.

    10 minutes later another beep, he scoops and comes back with something in his hand, "is this your ring?" Now I was really about to have a heart attack, I grabbed it but something felt wrong, it was lighter, and less shinny than mine. I replied "nop sorry, this is not my ring, what are the odds..."

    And then, he said, "How about this one?!"

    -OMG!!!! My ring!!!!

    I was off the roof, my happiness was soo real, I couldn't stop thinking about how grateful I was to find this character, to recover my ring, and to be able to bring awesome news back home.

    I wanted to give Chris a hug, but Covid-19 rules dictated a more chilled attitude and I just said: "Wow man, thank you so much, you are a legend!!!"

    We walked back to our cars, I thought to myself, wow, that job must be the most rewarding job ever, this guy is not only very professional at what he does, but he must also get a nice warm feeling every time he does it.

    I will always remember this man, he was generous, courageous (meeting a stranger on a dark beach on a Tuesday night to help him find his ring?) and very professional.

    This may sound too good to be true, but it was exactly as I described it,, one of those stories that rarely happen (to me at least).

    Thank you Chris! You are a legend

    Best Regards,

    Pablo Evans

  • I can not express my happiness in words!!! (2021)


    It was really an amazing experience altogether. Thanks a lot, Chris for this help. I can not express my happiness in words!!! This ring really means a lot to us!

  • We are so grateful that Chris gave this story a happy ending! (2021)


    Well it's a Happy Valentines Day after all! On the afternoon of February 13, we had been

    building a snow sculpture in our yard. When I came in, to my horror, I

    realized that my precious wedding ring must have gotten lost in the snow when I

    took my gloves off to take a picture. We searched but couldn't find it. I

    was devastated! Then my husband had the brilliant idea to call Chris

    Turner, founder of TheRingFinders, who had been written up in the paper last year.

    Chris kindly came out from Vancouver first thing in the morning of Valentine’s

    Day with all his metal detecting equipment and sure enough, he found it after

    about 40 minutes of searching. Not only had I dropped it, but then later a

    snow plough had come by and buried it in a mound at the side of the driveway. He

    was almost as delighted as we were. We are so grateful that Chris gave

    this story a happy ending!

  • The Ring Finders service is one of a kind! (2020)


    The Ring Finders service is one of a kind! Chris's dedication and care when looking for something so sentimental is unparalleled. It meant the world to my wife and I that we got my wedding band back after being a bonehead myself for losing it.

    I cannot recommend The Ring Finder's enough. From the moment I called Chris, he was sure he was going to be able to find my lost ring and it kept me at ease. Chris even took the time to explain what he was doing when he was searching for my ring with his metal detector, which established my confidence in his ability to do his job very professionally.



  • thank you Chris Turner so grateful and thankful... (2020)


    I was devastated after accidentally throwing my husbands custom wedding ring into the blackberries, we just celebrated our 30th anniversary and he added some diamonds to my custom ring. I was sick to my stomach thinking it was gone forever. After searching with no luck we called “Chris Turner” (Theringfinder) and gave us renewed hope. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy as we thought he too didn’t find it on his first trip out...but with his determination and skill on the fourth trip, he found it!!! Couldn’t have done it without him , and a joy to work with as well , thank you Chris Turner so grateful and thankful

    Patti Lawlor ( mission possible)

  • I can’t thank Chris and his wife enough... (2020)


    I was spending a cozy romantic weekend with my beautiful significant other at a charming bistro hotel in Whistler mountain B.C. While there we did a few day trips including one to a lake side beach park.

    While at the park I initiated what I thought would be a harmless snowball fight with my lovely “Vicky” by gingerly lobbing a snowball in her direction. Unfortunately, a very special ring came off my throwing hand and along with the snowball went in the direction of my partner and landed somewhere in the snow-covered ground. I can’t fully describe the incredible value I had for that ring. As an artist not only had I invested many hours in the process of carving a custom mold out of wax but the gold that I used to cast the piece came from many personal sources. 2 family members who had both died of cancer had contributed some of their gold jewelry to make up the almost three ounces that I required to complete the piece.

    Vicky and I returned twice to the area spending a few hours each time to look for the ring but to no avail. Upon returning to Vancouver I shared my disappointment with my sister who had heard of and contacted Chris Turner from TheRingFinders. I subsequently spoke with Chris over the phone. His confidence in finding my ring even in a snow-covered park was incredible. I truly could sense his energy over the phone. He was so positive that it gave me a lot of hope that I could possibly hope to be reunited with my personal treasure.

    The following day when Chris and his wife drove a few hours on the highway and went directly to the park in the township of Whistler. Amazingly within a few hours, I got a phone call from them saying that after doing a technical grid search of the area while utilizing a metal detector they had found my gem! I was gobsmacked with the happy news that they had found my ring!

    I can’t thank Chris and his wife enough. They truly love the hunt and did not charge me anything specific for their services but suggested a donation of what I thought appropriate.

    I still can’t believe my good fortune because of their overwhelming tenacity.

    Francis Buys

    Thanks guys!

    North Vancouver

  • We highly recommend Chris to help you find lost jewelry. He is very personable, professional and does not give up! (2020)


    Chris Turner, from The Ring Finders, was so very helpful and thorough when it came to finding my husband Fergus' wedding ring.

    In October of 2019, Fergus and I were staying at an Air BnB in Agassiz, BC. While sitting out on the back porch one evening, my husband was talking and gesturing with his hand when his ring accidentally flew off his finger, in the dark, and more than likely under the deck we were near. We did do a preliminary search that evening and the next morning but could not find his ring. There was not much we could do at the time, but we did keep in touch with the lovely owners of the BnB, who also pulled up some planks to search for us, but they had no luck either.

    Now, we jump forward about a year later, and I happened to be watching Global News where they showed the story of how Chris Turner found John Cryer's wedding ring on a Vancouver seawall. Well, I wondered if he could perhaps help Fergus and I find his wedding ring too???

    I called Chris and he was so prompt at returning my call. Within a short period of our initial chat, and within a time frame that suited both the owners of the Air BnB, me and Chris, we went back to Agassiz to search for Fergus' ring.

    Chris worked very hard and after a thorough search including prying up each and every plank of the deck, under the last possible place it could be, Chris found Fergus' ring!!! Please note, I had just about given up hope thinking an animal had taken it, when Chris asked me if the ring he held up was indeed Fergus' ring. Please watch his clever and fun video which captures this awesome amazing day ????????????

    We highly recommend Chris to help you find lost jewelry. He is very personable, professional and does not give up!

    Sincerely, thank you again Chris, from both Fergus and I. We are over the moon to have his special ring back where it belongs!!!

    Kind regards,

    Alison and Fergus

  • Thank you Chris, You will always be part of our History on our beloved ring, excellent job... (2020)


    For us, Our ring is the bond of our marriage. The witness of our love and affection. Making us one. Unfortunately, it slipped into the park with our son trying to run around. All the energy was drained. Looking and searching was exhausting. Asking people around. Still Could not find it. Thinking where and when was the last time we had it.

    Then a guy came and suggested to call TheRingFinders. We remembered the Global News about it and call Chris Turner. He returned our call and gave us reassurance and comforted us that he will find it 1st thing in the morning. We gave up our search that day as it was night time. On the next day at

    7am we met this wonderful guy Chris, full of energy ready for the search with his detecting gear.

    We searched as well feeling hopeful. But time passes by and still no sign of it. It's very depressing thinking it's already gone and we have to accept it. After 45 mins. Chris called us and asked if we remembered his words. Is this your ring ????? Wow. The feeling is beyond. Tears of joy came Very Speechless. Thank you Chris, You will always be part of our History on our beloved ring, excellent job hoping you will continue to make people smile and happy by finding their rings.

    Best regards,


  • Lost something? Call TheRingFinders.” (2020)


    “Chris is a legend. I called pretty late at night, and was expecting to meet up early morning. When Chris learned I had lost a gold chain, he knew we had to act fast to find it, and met me within the hour. He’s got the right gear and the right attitude. You can tell he loves finding things once thought lost, but even more, loves helping people. He was determined to find my chain, and with that determination and our teamwork, we left the beach with our mission accomplished. I hope I don’t lose anything else, but I’m happy to know I have a reliable contact in case that happens. Chris is the go-to! I’m telling everyone I know! THANK YOU so much! Lost something? Call TheRingFinders.”

  • the world is a better place because of Chris and his network of ring finder agents... (2020)


    Nobody wants to lose a ring, especially their wedding ring. That's what happened to me the other day when my wife and I sat on the beach and the ring came loose from my finger as I was throwing a piece of rock late, while we sat at the beach to enjoy some time to ourselves. I tried searching with my bare hands and a headlamp for 4 hours in the dark, until I decided to try googling how to find a ring in the sand.

    Lo and behold, I came across Chris' website and after browsing the website for a few minutes, I decided to give him a call (at 4:15am) as the website notes losing a ring in a public area is high risk and I should call ASAP. Chris showed up as fast as he could and he began using his metal detector to scan for signals. After about an hour and a half of north-sound, east-west and expanding the grid scanning, Chris found my wedding ring! I was so happy to be able to find it.

    I'm so grateful that Chris created this "ring finder" network and for him to answer my call and show up within such a short amount of time is just incredible. The fact that he doesn't have a fixed fee and is on a reward basis is what makes him a genuine good-hearted person. I can say for sure that the world is a better place because of Chris and his network of ring finder agents. Thank you Chris!

  • do not give up and instead reach out to Chris and The Ring Finders. They will find it for you... (2020)


    After four long days of turning my house upside down, frequent trips back to the park where I knew I last had it on – not to mention taking apart my bathroom sink - I had just about given up hope I would ever see my wedding ring again. Having raked the grass at the park for an hour with my dad two days prior, I figured it was unlikely it would turn up. That said, I had come across Chris and The Ring Finders multiple times online while looking for options, and reluctantly reached out despite the little faith I had left. I’ll look back on this decision with joy for many years to come.

    The minute I met Chris, I could immediately tell he was only doing this to make other people happy. He was a clear professional, mindful of COVID protocols, and cleaned up every small piece of garbage he found during the search. When he found the ring after only 10 minutes, he surprised me with it in the best way. I’ll go back to watch that video all the time.

    If you’ve lost something and think you’ve been prudent with your searching but to no avail, please do not give up and instead reach out to Chris and The Ring Finders. They will find it for you. Chris – you are a true legend!


  • If you have lost a special ring, I urge you to call The Ring Finders... (2020)


    If you have lost a special ring, I urge you to call The Ring Finders to look for it. Chris was so kind and came the same day determined to find my lost wedding ring. I loved hearing stories about some of the other people he has helped. He truly loves what he does and to help people find their most cherished items. I simply can't thank him enough!

    Thanks Again!


  • Call him as soon as possible... (2020)


    I lost my ring on the beach and I lost my hope to get those Back. However, I found Chris and he found it even after it was 2 days later.

    I regret that I didn’t call him right away...You can find him on Google if you put ring finder in Vancouver. Call him as soon as possible even late!

    He said to call him 24/7!


  • Your kindness and your efforts will forever be remembered... (2020)


    Thank you from the depths of my heart for rescuing my ring from the ocean floor.

    Regardless of whether it was divine guidance or my Piscean intuition that led me to you, I am eternally grateful for our introduction.

    Your kindness and your efforts will forever be remembered and reflected in the iridescence of the small treasure I wear on my hand.

    Sincerely yours,


  • I'm forever grateful and cannot say enough how amazed I was by Chris. (2020)


    Sometimes the weirdest things happen, I've been having a pretty hard time, just lost my job and I'm seeing my country in a really hard shape with all this covid-19 thing and a poor government.

    When I lost my ring at the park I was so shaky and sad and just thinking about the year and just questioning everything, yes, just because of a ring.

    When my friend had the brilliant idea of search the internet for a metal detector for us to rent and found The Ring Finders, what can I say, Chris is just an amazing person, extremely generous and really love what he does, you can tell.

    He put his detective hat on and started asking me a bunch of questions to try and find my ring, before that he was really patient on the phone and gave me a lot of tips so I could try and find the ring by myself.

    He didn't gave up, even when I lost hope he kept searching. I was opening my car door when he called and asked me if I could just finish the video he started when he got to the park, and when I was ready to talk he showed me the ring. It was such an amazing feeling, it might be so stupid for some people but finding the ring it's my connection home and especially with my dad.

    I'm forever grateful and cannot say enough how amazed I was by Chris.

    Thank you Chris, you are the best !

  • Calling Chris was such a great decision and his service is sooooo valuable! (2020)


    Chris took me from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs!

    I had my engagement ring in my pocket and totally forgot it was there when I went to the Park for a little workout. It wasn’t until late in the night until I realized it was no longer in my pocket. My Fiance and I brought flashlights to the park and searched for 45 minutes. I woke up at 5 am and searched for an hour, went to rent a metal detector, looked for another hour, and was beginning to lose hope. My Fiancé had found Chris’ name online and we looked at his website so we gave him a call as a last-ditch effort. What a great call that was.

    Chris Showed up in 45 minutes of me calling and even though I was initially uneasy and embarrassed, he brought such a feeling of relief. He was genuine, caring, and incredibly personable and enjoyable to talk to. He asked lots of good questions and came up with a very logical plan right away. He continued searching when I had to leave for work. After 2 and a half hours Chris found my ring and the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders.

    I am confident that I would not have found my ring on my own. Calling Chris was such a great decision and his service is sooooo valuable! Can’t say enough how grateful I am I made the call!

  • We are very fortunate that Chris was there to help us and we highly recommend his services! (2020)


    Chris Turner provided excellent service and found my wedding band. We have been married now for 19 years, and I have always felt my band was a part of me and it was inconceivable that it could be lost. However, what I thought could never happen did, and my wife and I searched a large area without success. After speaking with Chris, and reviewing his website, we felt he was our best option, to at least feel that we did all that we can. At this point, we were not very hopeful that it would ever be returned to us. His friendly and professional manner over the phone helped to re-think all the possible spots where it could have been lost. He took the time to truly understand the events and help narrow down the search. Shortly after discussing, he was able to visit the site with his equipment and in little time found our ring. We are very fortunate that Chris was there to help us and we highly recommend his services!


    Jason & Lisa Biggin

  • We are so happy you found my husbands ring! (2020)


    We are so happy you found my husbands ring! We can’t thank you enough Chris ! The world needs more people like you, and we will be forever grateful!

    Janelle Alexander

  • Thanks Chris! You are the best. (2020)


    I lost my engagement diamond ring at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody, BC. I was devastated. I’ve never even come close to losing it once, not even misplaced. I was sitting on a blanket with my ten month old twins, who are VERY busy, and I took my ring off to put sunscreen on them. I went about the rest of my day when all of a sudden at 9pm at night I realized it was not on my finger. I panicked. I tore apart my house, car, stroller, diaper bag and couldn’t find it. In that moment I realized I must not have put it back on after taking it off at the park. There I was, at midnight, out in the park with my headlamp on my hands and knees searching the area where we had sat. Nothing. I was heartbroken. The next morning I posted my lost ring to Facebook and someone was quick to recommend Chris from the Ring Finders. I thought what do I have to lose. Chris was at the park in less than an hour and was determined to find my ring. I was trying not to get my hopes up but was encouraged by his positive attitude and demeanour. Just when I was about to give up hope, Chris bent down and pulled out my ring from the grass. I was shocked. He had found it!!!! He found it within 40 min of searching and that was even with my poor memory and being a little off with the exact area AND with the lawn freshly mowed. He does a great job of asking questions and really truly cares about you getting your ring back. He works on a very fair pay what you can reward system plus a gas fee. But let me tell you - finding my ring was priceless. I wish I had called him sooner. What a lovely man offering a wonderful service. Thanks Chris! You are the best.


  • If you need help finding your jewelry I would highly recommend them... (2020)


    I'm so grateful for TheRingFinders and the service they provide. If you need help finding your jewelry I would highly recommend them. Both Chris and his wife are very friendly and are great at what they do.


  • Chris and Beverly are honest people, true to their word... (2020)


    While spending the day in the park flying kites and playing soccer with my son, I lost my one of a kind Inukshuk wedding band. While putting sun screen on my boy I placed my ring in my pocket, this happened to be the same pocket as my phone. Throughout the course of the day, I removed the phone and took pictures to send to grandma. Each time unaware of the risk...

    At the end of the day we returned home and I realized my ring was missing. Upset, I returned to the green space and spent hours walking a pattern hoping to find my ring. The search was non resultant and my heart was filled with disappointment.

    Understanding that I had reached the limits of my ability to search, I turned to the internet for help. Who had the expertise and equipment to help me with my lost ring?

    Out of desperation, a google search revealed “The Ring Finders” and Mr. Chris Turner.

    In a world where you’re bombarded with advertising, forced to separate truth from fiction. The Ring Finders offered exactly what I needed during this time. They seemed too good to be true.

    I called Chris on the phone and he stated he’d come out the next day to search for my ring. He only asked I pay his fuel costs. I was surprised he could make it out so quickly and the cost. $30…. Really? In a world where people exploit grief, surely this couldn’t be right however I felt I had no choice.

    I met Chris & Beverley the next day where they explained to me the search process and if they found the ring, I would only be required to pay what it was worth to me. Again this seemed too good to be true, pay on a faith based system?

    Prior to their search a city lawn mower showed up and immediately elevated everybody’s heart rate, thankfully some smooth talking lead to the mowing being postponed until another day. Chris and Beverly searched for 8 grueling hours, methodically searching the green space.

    As I drove by from time to time, I could see the two searching and I could see Chris suffering from back pain. Unfortunately the search turned up nothing. Horrible thoughts ran through my mind that they may find the ring and never tell me, I did my best to quiet those thoughts.

    Chris called me and said he would be coming back to search again later in the week, he wished to run an alternative search pattern in order to make sure he’d covered every inch. I told him he didn’t have too as he & Beverly were giving up a great deal of personal time to find my ring. Chris insisted!

    True to their word, Chris and Beverley showed up later in the week. I was surprised & impressed with the effort. Within 2 hours of running the second search, they located my ring!! Unbelievable! I showed up at the green space feeling happy.

    When I arrived Chris asked me to put on my ring right away, this completely removed any anxiety I had. They found my ring and gave it back to me without any hesitation!

    Chris and Beverly are honest people, true to their word. Step by step they mitigated any fears I had and proved my cynical views to be unfounded. Not once did they seem worried about money and I truly felt their priority was to find my ring!

    I will not forget Chris and Beverly. They found something very dear to me and the manner in which they acted helped me find a little more faith that good people exist!

    A very sincere and heartfelt thank you to Chris and Beverley.

    Marco K.

  • Thank you again, Chris! You have no idea what it means to have my ring back. (2020)


    I emailed Chris in a panic late Saturday night to help me find my engagement ring that fell off while playing in the snow with my son. He emailed me back right away telling me to call him ASAP. He made the drive (3 hour round trip) Sunday morning and after searching for just a few minutes he found it! But he had to fake me out first, asking more questions and telling me more about the equipment, then he just casually asked me how it felt to see my ring again and held it up. It took a second for me to register what I was looking at, I was so shocked! I definitely didn’t expect to see my ring again.

    Thank you again, Chris! You have no idea what it means to have my ring back.

  • Me and my wife are so happy and grateful for you... (2020)


    Hi Chris, thank you so much for reunited our wedding ring. Me and my wife are so happy and grateful for you being so kind. You saved our blessed ring and even didn't accept any reward for returning it to us. Wish you a wonderful year full of blessings. Thank you, Davidson and Sueli.

  • He’s so passionate about helping people... (2019)


    Chris (The Ring Finders) was so kind since the beginning! He made us feel confident about finding our wedding ring! He came as soon as he could, and kept us updated while we were waiting for him. Sure enough as promised he found our ring within 2 minutes after his arrival! We were so happy and relieved... Can’t thank him enough for it! He’s so passionate about helping people finding their valuable/sentimental lost jewelry... We strongly recommend his services! Thank you so much, Chris!! Fernanda & Miguel

  • Chris Turner saved the day,... (2019)


    We happened upon “The Ring Finder” out of desperation when our 5 yr old lost her new ring at the playground. To our surprise Chris Turner came immediately to our rescue at that very moment. In the darkness he not only found our daughter’s invaluable, sentimental ring, but he also stayed afterward to rid our local playground of hidden dangers. He found various nails hidden in the sand where children play! Chris Turner saved the day, and we are so grateful for his generous service, and kind spirit!

  • Chris’s dedication and perseverance absolutely made my decade! (2019)


    What can I say... this guy has a heart of gold!

    One day, my toddler was holding my hand and fiddling with my wedding band while we walked across a huge grass field. Much to my dismay, when I looked down, my wedding band was missing. I could not believe that the wedding band that I had kept safe for the past ten years was gone in an instant. I looked with a large group of people for about 45 minutes with absolutely zero luck. We even bribed the kids at the birthday party to look for it. They were crawling around in the grass looking everywhere. I thought it was lost forever for sure. Particularly because it is a dainty, thin, little band that could easily hide in grass. Someone suggested that I call Chris Turner, the Ring Finder, so I thought I would give it a shot.

    Chris took my call right away and offered to help me look for my lost wedding band the very next day. Chris came right on time and spent quite a long time searching meticulously, narrowing down the possible location of the missing ring. Unfortunately, it did not turn up that afternoon, and I was further convinced that it was gone for good.

    Chris kindly offered to come back and search again with a more sensitive metal detector. I didn’t get my hopes up, since I didn’t want to be disappointed if it didn’t turn up on a subsequent scan. Well, it must have been my lucky day because Chris found my tiny little ring hiding in the grass. I was truly not expecting that it would turn up, so I was absolutely amazed and so incredibly grateful!! Chris’s dedication and perseverance absolutely made my decade! It was a truly irreplaceable item and Chris found it for me. I cannot thank Chris enough for time and energy that he put into reuniting me with my lost wedding band.

    Thank you so much for your time and your efforts Chris! You are a true gem!!

    -Natalie Morrison

  • All I can say is Chris really pulled through for me and I would highly recommend him to anyone . (2019)


    I recently got engaged at Christmas and my finance had picked out the perfect ring. We discussed getting ring insurance but I was in no rush and was enjoying my engagement. Recently we had a huge snow storm in the lower mainland and a weather warning with 25 CM of snow coming!

    I had the option to work from home that day but I decided to drive into work. I went out to my car which was parked in front of my home and put my stuff in passenger seat. As I was about to get in the driver seat , I took my left hand and wiped off some of the snow off the roof my car.

    As the snow was falling off the roof I could feel wetness on my hand and my ring slip off with it. I froze and stared at the snow for 5 minutes but could not find it . I rushed into the house to ask my dad for help; we searched on our hands and knees for over an hour but there was no ring in site.

    We would go out there periodically during the day to try again, but each time seem more and more pointless. In the evening I researched how to find my ring in the snow and decided to go and buy a metal detector from Canadian tire.,I assembled it and searched for about an hour and I still couldn’t find it.

    I had come across Chris' website earlier when I was doing my research, but I wasn’t sure if it would work. I decided to make one last effort to find the ring and called Chris.

    I explained the situation to him and he came right away. By the time Chris arrived I was pretty defeated and wasn’t expecting any results. I was getting very anxious when Chris could not find it in the first 5 minutes in the spot I thought I lost it. To my surprise Chris found the ring by the trunk of my car 10 minutes later. I was jumping up and down with excitement and gave him a huge hug!

    I couldn’t have been happier and my dad was delighted as well. All I can say is Chris really pulled through for me and I would highly recommend him to anyone .

  • Best Christmas Present I Ever Gave (2018)


    Best Christmas Present I Ever Gave

    After some quick research on the internet for metal detectors I decided to hire Chris Turner to help me find my father’s 56 year old wedding ring which had been lost for about 3 months. I knew he lost it on his property in North Vancouver that is currently under construction but it is also in a forest. I thought it would make an unreal Christmas gift and hearing that there are experts in this field gave me hope that we might actually find it.

    Three days before Christmas I called Chris and asked for his help. He was so responsive and keen to help and to hear the story. We met on the Saturday morning and we walked around the property and talked about how my Dad lost the ring. He showed me on his metal detector how it was picking up a constant stream of nails and he explained how frustrating that would have been for me if I had rented a metal detector and tried to find it myself.

    The weather was awful and cold that day so he told me that I could take off and come back in an hour as that is how long it will take him to cover the property. So I did. When I returned, an hour later, he was on the phone with a magazine from New York talking about ring finding. He hung up and then started explaining to me about all the nails and how he would have to go back to his place and grab a giant magnet to pull up some of the nails so it wouldn’t be so hard to find the ring. This was his way of fooling me and then he presented me with the ring. I naturally started yelling in excitement and then hugged him. I was so excited. Chris said he found it about half an hour ago then we walked to the part of the property where he found it.

    I wrapped up the ring for my Dad for his Christmas present and he was so surprised and shocked that it had been found and that I even had the idea to look for it. Chris made a YouTube video of the experience, including my reaction and I showed that to my parents to explain how it all happened. This will be a Christmas to remember for a very long time thanks to Chris!

    I had a good feeling about Chris finding the ring the second I met him but I was still shocked and amazed he found it so quickly. As my brother put it “this guy is a legend!”. More than being a legend he is an unbelievably kind man that gets as much out of doing his job as the people he helps. I hope I never lose another ring but if I do he will be the first person I call.

    Thank you again and again and again Chris!

    Nicole Milkovich

  • Chris, I am so glad that there are people out there like you, who just wanted to help people... (2018)


    Chris, I am so glad that there are people out there like you, who just wanted to help people in such a unique way. I lost my ring on my birthday, it was a gift from my husband which he about to give me at white rock pier but ended up dropping it into the ocean. I was totally freaked out.. there is nothing we can do as it was dark and high tide on ocean. We came back home upset my husband lost the hope but i couldn't give up i went back there again next day and saw something looks like a ring but couldn't get it. Then that night i Google lost ring at white rock and found this amazing service with this good hearted person. I contacted him... he came from Vancouver to see the exact spot where i thought it could be. He told me to do his hunt at 5 in the morning when its low tide. I was totally restless waiting for his text in the morning and Yess!! He texted me picture with the ring in his hand. I just can't tell how overwhelmed i was at that time. I am so grateful..can't thank him enough what he done for me. He even denied to take money i offered him. I wish you very good luck with your life and hunts.

    Asra Saad

  • The ring has been in my family for generations... (2018)


    Thank you again Chris for finding my grandmother’s ring! The ring has been in my family for generations and so I was left completely devastated when it fell off my finger while I was sitting on a park bench.

    A bug had landed on my leg and when I tried to brush it off, the ring flew off my hand, bounced on the pavement and flew up in the air. I thought I saw it fly off into the bushes next to me so I searched the bushes for over an hour but couldn’t find it.

    My father called Chris who met with us later that evening in the park to search for the ring. After an hour and a half of searching the bushes and surrounding area, Chris told me that he had to go back to his car to get a another metal detector that he referred to as the ‘Beast’ of metal detectors.

    By that point I had started to lose hope but once we got to his car he pulled out my grandmother’s ring from his pocket. It turns out that it had been under the park bench I was sitting on the entire time.

    It must have landed on the pavement and flown back towards me and landed under the bench I was sitting on. I couldn’t believe I was holding the ring in my hands again! Thank you so much Chris for finding my ring!"


  • I highly recommend this service to anyone... (2018)


    Using the ring finders was an awesome experience! My ring finder Chris Turner was very punctual, professional, thoughtful, and hard-working. He found what I was looking for within a half hour of being on site. It would’ve taken me days to try and find my gold pendant and I might not have been successful. Totally worth it in my opinion! I highly recommend this service to anyone else in a similar situation!

    -Carson Carter

  • Both of us are extremely grateful to you! (2018)


    Hello, Last night you were on the beach in Vancouver with my very distraught Granddaughter who had lost the ring I had given her a month or so ago.

    The ring (wedding band with small diamonds) is just over fifty-one years old. I had given her a choice of my ring collection which included assorted rings

    that my dear husband had given me and others from my parents as well as ones I have purchased over the years. While she was telling me about last

    nights' excitement I was thinking not so much about the loss of the ring but just how upset she would have been! Thanks to you for making a great outcome.

    Both of us are extremely grateful to you! Warm regards, Sharon Coltman

  • I am so grateful there are people out there like Chris who are honest and wanting to help. (2018)


    I can not thank Chris enough for finding my one of a kind engagement ring. I was on a family vacation in Vancouver and spent our last day on Kitsilano Beach. Just a few hours before having to board the plane home to Saskatchewan I took my ring off to apply some sunscreen and in that short moment, it was lost in the sand. I thought it was lost forever. I was crushed and panicked at the same time. The life guards provided me with Chris's contact information. Immediately I was on the phone and he responded "do not panic, do not worry, I will find your ring". Chris was so calming and reassuring he gave me hope of finding my ring! We had to leave the beach to the airport and all I could do was wait. Once we landed back home, I received a text message and a picture of my found ring! I was so excited and so relieved. Christ stayed in contact with me for the following week to arrange secure shipping home and in no time at all it was delivered to my door step. It means the world to have that piece of jewellery on my left hand again. My ring has such deep meaning and it would not have been the same to replace it. I am so grateful there are people out there like Chris who are honest and wanting to help. What a unique service! But I hope to never have to call him again : ) - only to recommend to others!


    SK, Canada

  • I can not thank Chris enough for our happy ending. (2018)


    After an argument with my fiance I threw what i thought to be 2 rings out of a moving car into a feild. We immediately contacted Chris and he was eager to help. We met him at the location and he assured us he would find them. After over an hour of searching Chris surprised us with my engagement ring. The seach continued for the 2nd ring that evening and Chris returned the following day to look again and again no luck. That evening while doing laundry i stepped on a button, looked down and ring was there ! I can not thank Chris enough for our happy ending.

  • DON’T GIVE UP and give CHRIS a call “ (2018)


    To be honest I never expect that I would lose my wedding ring . It flipped my emotion upside down , not that because how much the ring is worth . It’s because it’s a wedding ring , it’s a symbolic item and it means a lot to us. I spent countless hours searching for the ring and even bought a metal detector to try finding it. Obviously I am not a professional and I decided to give up. The next day when I woke up , I was annoyed by my finger without a ring on there. It’s just like a missing puzzle.

    Guess what everyone do when they need help ?? Answer is google , that’s where miracle start to happen. I still remember I was talking with my co-worker about my lost ring and the website I said how in the world that there’s person who dedicate themselves to find the memorable pieces for others ? Since I have nothing to lose already and Chris is my last hope. I gave him a call right away and the response is quick and firm “ I will be right there for you” . Words can’t really describe the feeling that someone who doesn’t even know you are willing to offer you hand.

    “The moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before a miracle happens. DON’T GIVE UP and give CHRIS a call “

    Best Regards


  • What a great experience! Thanks again Chris! (2017)

    Item started out as a last resort before I went shopping for a replacement ring, it came up on google when I tried to get ahold of a metal detector.

    I figured why not, especially since I had partially accepted that it was gone and that I'd never see my ring again.

    Chris offered to drive out from Vancouver to Chilliwack to try to find it on nothing more than my word that it was buried somewhere in the yard- I really had no idea! I felt bad but he was oddly eager for the challenge lol!

    He showed up right away and proceeded to search for approximately 10 seconds or so before finding it! Unbelievable!!

    I went from feeling bad for what would likely be a complete waste of his time to having my ring held in my face within seconds! You can't write this stuff!! My wife and I still can't believe it.

    I felt as if Chris really doesn't do this for the money, and that his satisfaction is gained by his ability to bring people from being distraught to making their day as he made mine. Please take my word for it and at least give him a shot, the outcome was mind blowing.

    What a great experience! Thanks again Chris!


  • I am truly grateful for this incredible service!" (2017)


    "TheRingFinders was able to recover my necklace buried in the sand in less than 5 minutes! I am truly grateful for this incredible service!"



  • You took up the challenge with a passion that surpasses description and exceeded expectations. (2017)


    Dear Chris,

    Thanks kindly for your efforts in locating my wedding band. Christine and I had all but wrote it off, thinking that nobody would care much about a extremely worn ring. You took up the challenge with a passion that surpasses description and exceeded expectations. You were as genuinely happy as I was and I can’t thank you enough.



  • May your heart always be full from the joy that you bring to others (2017)


    I will not forget last night for a long time to come... I am so grateful for you and all you do. May your heart always be full from the joy that you bring to others..

  • The graciousness and caring Chris showed towards two complete strangers will never be forgotten (2017)


    On April 14th, a friend of mine lost a coin holding much sentimental value in a grass field. With the help of many of our classmates, we searched the field for hours with no luck.

    In our search for a company that could rent us a metal detector on a holiday Friday, we came across Chris Turner and I left him a message and to our absolute delight he agreed to come help us with our search.

    In short. Chris came out to the University of British Columbia at 7pm on a holiday Friday (after a full day of work, I might add) and found the missing coin in 15 minutes!

    The graciousness and caring Chris showed towards two complete strangers will never be forgotten, thank you so much Chris!

    Jackson Robinson

    Mechanical Engineering Student

    The University of British Columbia

  • Chris Turner not only did the impossible. He did it with uncommon grace and style (2017)


    We have been searching a mossy bluff on Bowen Island. It's wet, cold with snowflakes hanging in the air. Above all its a steep slippery moss covered bluff and we have already been out there 10 hours.

    The one of a kind white gold ring has to ship to a wedding ceremony in Japan, its lost and we are out of time. With overwhelming possibilities the ring could have bounced one foot or one hundred and fifty then slipped itself into a crack or detritus to rest peacefully for eternity. Our hope is fading.

    Almost more surprising than our circumstances is the bright optimism of, Chris Turner who is coming all the way to, Bowen Island on a snowy winter day to help us. Armed with some of the best equipment we have ever seen and a smile he calmly says, “its a game measured in inches, don’t worry we will find the ring!". And then he asked when the last ferry leaves for the mainland.

    He doesn’t claim to be a seasoned climber but on rope for 4 hours, Chris confidently and methodically scans the bluffs. I know at this point we have experience on our side and that's how you succeed against such intimidating odds. It's all Chris. How he persuaded that mossy bluff to surrender the ring still seems like an impossible task. Because in the end the ring had decided to bounce away the full one hundred and fifty feet.

    Chris Turner not only did the impossible. He did it with uncommon grace and style. From the moment he arrived, he brought us bright energy with his genuinely caring heart and confidence. We can’t thank you enough.

    -Miki Tanaka and Bob Schultz

  • Thank you so much for coming out in the snow and cold to find my husbands wedding band! (2016)


    Hi Chris,

    Thank you so much for coming out in the snow and cold to find my husbands wedding band! He is beyond happy to have it back on his finger. Hopefully we won't lose anymore rings but if we do or know anyone who does we will highly recommend they contact Ringfinders! Chris is very personable and quick to respond, he saved the day and spread some Christmas cheer as well while he was here! Thank you again!

    Warmest wishes,

    Kirsten and Rob Kirk

  • A thousand thanks to Chris Turner, Ring Finder Supreme (2016)


    A thousand thanks to Chris Turner, Ring Finder Supreme

    After covering many miles on a day out in Vancouver, I was crushed to discover my wedding ring missing. I retraced my steps but no luck. After returning to Ottawa, and watching 4 days slide by, I had the idea to search online for “lost and found rings Vancouver” and was surprised to discover that The Ring Finders exist! Still without much hope, I reached out to Chris who responded right away and explained that, while it was a long shot, my ring might be at English Bay where I had washed my hands in the ocean. Chris didn’t waste a minute and graciously headed to the beach, knowing it was low tide. It is an enormous understatement to say that I was stunned when he found my ring within 10 minutes! Cheers from my entire family in Ottawa rang out - I am sure Chris heard us from 4000 km away:) Deep thanks to Chris from my husband of 21 years and me. Along with us, you have made so many people happy. What a gift. Now I want to be a ring finder too!

    All the best, Chris.

    You are an angel,


  • Chris was enthusiastic and well prepaid, (2016)


    "While trying out paddle-boarding for the first time at Kits beach, my wedding ring somehow came off my finger without my knowledge. I only noticed that my ring was missing as I left the water.

    Considering that I had fallen off repeatedly in a very wide area, I just assumed the worst and give up on finding the ring. I informed the lost and found at the beach, and they recommended I look for a metal detector service to find it.

    I went home and searched the net for a bit and found and found Chris's profile. Thinking my ring was on the ocean floor I didn't have much hope but gave Chris an email. Minuets later my phone was ringing,

    Chris was ready to start the search! We met that very night and Chris was enthusiastic and well prepaid, bringing his underwater metal detector. He searched a wide area over multiple days, while always sending photos, videos and follow-up questions during the search. By reviewing the videos

    Chris was able to narrow down the possible location, and low and behold, he found it the next day, waist high in water! I was speechless and thankful. If you ever lose your ring, I would highly recommend that you give Chris and site a visit. Chris truly wants you to find your ring and he shows it in his professionalism, commitment and friendliness."

  • What an incredible experience this was for me, I thank you with all my heart!! (2016)


    Chris, I cannot thank you enough and express how grateful I am that you found my ring! I was with my son at Spanish Banks beach for the Youth Beach Provincial volleyball tournament and I took off my ring to put sunscreen on him and placed it in the cup holder of my chair. Much to my dismay, I forgot to put immediately back on and proceeded to pick up my chair to go cheer him on in his final match of the day, on the other side of the beach. When I sat down, panic set in as I realized what I had done, and of course my ring was no longer in the cup holder. I desperately retraced my steps, but to no avail, my diamond wedding band I received for my 20th anniversary was lost. Needless to say, I cried for the next two days straight whenever I looked at my finger. While watching the news on Tuesday morning, they played a story about a ring finder who found a ring in the ocean which triggered the idea to look for a ring finder in Vancouver. I admit I was skeptical in the beginning, but I was also desperate to find my ring and would have done almost anything, so I contacted Chris at the Ring Finders. He went to the beach at 11:00 pm to start looking for my ring, after already working a 14 hour day, which already shows what a great person he is. I woke up the next morning to a text with a picture of my ring and the caption “No more crying”, but of course I cried again – but this time they were tears of joy.

    Chris is such an amazing person, he doesn’t charge a fee, only works on a rewards basis and after meeting him in person I can tell that he is really passionate about giving people a happy ending! What an incredible experience this was for me, I thank you with all my heart!!


  • What you have achieved is nothing short of a miracle (2016)


    Hi Chris, I am Bradley's mom. What you have achieved is nothing short of a miracle. I know Brad was devastated and has spent hours in the park, as did I on the Friday, looking for the ring. I think Brad & Darrell had a search party and metal detector out on the Thursday as well. We are all so thrilled at what you were able to do for them yesterday. A million thank you's to you!!!!! Also so interesting that you were talking to Arthur (Pops) while you were there. I have no doubt that he was there and that he is also very pleased that his ring is back with Bradley where it belongs!

  • It is such a relief to have the ring back. Thank you so much!! (2015)


    We had almost given up hope after fairly extensive searches and were convinced that it wasn't at the field anymore. As a last resort, I posted a few notices to in the off chance that someone honest would find the ring and see the posting. Great for us that you replied to the craigslist post and agreed to come help look. I was resigned to having lost it and timing was bad with 20th anniversary coming up in September. It is such a relief to have the ring back. Thank you so much!!



  • We appreciate your professionalism and your genuine caring approach. (2014)


    Hi Chris,

    We are so thankful to you for your prompt attention to finding my ring. The ring’s dollar value is significant to us, but the sentimental value is not measurable.

    We appreciate your professionalism and your genuine caring approach.

    It was our pleasure to have connected with you and to have had such a positive outcome.

    Best regards,

    Wayne and Gail

  • I thank Chris Turner and The Ring Finders from the bottom of my heart (2014)


    I want to extend to Chris and the rest of the Ring Finders my very deepest thanks for finding and returning my golden Peso.

    This tiny piece of gold was given to me by my father when I turned 16 and he thought I was responsible enough to wear it. He got it on his honeymoon and had worn it on his own neck for about 15 years before giving it to me.

    Since then, it has rarely left my neck. I was foolish enough to wear it while playing some touch football one sunny day and looked down to see it had fallen from its bezel and was somewhere in the very deep grass on a full sized football field.

    My friends and I looked for a while but my heart really sunk when i realized we could be easily walking over it and never even realize. I was nonetheless still determined to find it. I ran home to try and see how i could get my hands on a metal detector, and was so excited when I found The Ring Finders on the internet.

    I called and was immediately put at ease. Chris is truly an amazing person. Right away I could tell that being able to re-unite people with their lost items was Chris's passion and that he would do anything he could to help.

    Just knowing that he was sympathetic to how I was feeling and excited to help made me feel so much less helpless. Having just drove back from Alberta on another heroic mission, he agreed to meet me at 8 the next morning to begin the search.

    His genuine excitement at the prospect of hunting for a gold coin was just fantastic to see and I knew if anyone was going to be able to help me. It was this man.

    I told him I knew it was on the field, and he told me it was just a matter of how long it would take him to find it. His complete confidence and optimism made me feel better than i had since losing my peso. I wished him luck, drove off to work and by the time I got there he had texted me that he had recovered my peso.

    The feeling I got to see that picture of my peso wasn't just of relief and gratitude, but a real sense of hope that there are people like Chris in the world who are truly dedicated to helping others.

    For both this and my newly bezeled peso, I thank Chris Turner and The Ring Finders from the bottom of my heart, and will recommend him to anyone who needs a hero to help them find their lost metal!

    Max Harvey

  • Sometimes it is worth losing something just so you can find it again (2014)


    Thank you Chris!

    My husband and I picked these rings before our wedding in Israel five years ago. We both wear them constantly. Losing the ring and finding it again reminded me of what I cherish in life and how lucky I am to have a loving relationship with my husband. Sometimes it is worth losing something just so you can find it again *;) winking

    All the best


  • He found my ring and made me smile.... (2014)


    The story of how Christian and I met is just as out of this world as the ring he gave me. The meteorite it was made from touched down in Sweden in 1906, ( I have a certificate with the exact coordinates and a raw piece of it as well)

    Due to the fact that he is not yet a Canadian citizen and he is a Geologist that works in the field we have spent many months apart from each other.

    I always admired the ring on his finger (made from a different meteorite) and the fact that he had one made for me and sent to Canada ....well...we all know the very real emotional attachment we have to these physical symbols of friendship, love, respect. That being said, when that ring flew off my finger I was devastated. I was lucky enough to have complete strangers join in my search with the best of intentions,..So amazing!

    The next day I went to work and came home to look for it myself. Something in me told me I wasn't going to find it because I was looking with emotional and frantic eyes.

    I came upstairs and googled "metal detector rentals vancouver" and that's how I found Chris.

    He actually answered my call while in the middle of dinner with his family. I felt like a jerk with first world problems at that point..But after meeting Chris, I can't tell you how he validated my situation.

    He took me through the what's and why's of what he was going to do, and involved me in the process, which I think is so key in doing what he does. I mean, I felt all the emotions, name it...

    But he arrived on the scene and I felt OK.

    He took the time out of his life to make someone feel OK.

    He found my ring and made me smile....I joke with myself that I would buy a ring and lose it just to have that experience again...

    Thank you Chris...

    Stephanie Walker

  • Once Chris arrived and started the search I was holding my breath. (2013)


    The moment I found out my dads ring was lost... And somewhere in the snow my heart sunk. I lost my Dad to suicide in April of 1996 and this was the ring he wore.

    I prayed and asked my Dad to help me find the ring all night. The next morning I laid in bed trying to figure how I could find it. I started researching about metal detectors but felt overwhelmed.

    Then I came across the ring finder website and found Chris Turner. I called him and he was so reassuring that he could help me. My mind was eased a bit but knew I wouldn't feel good until it was found.

    Once Chris arrived and started the search I was holding my breath. I was amazed and so relieved when he found it. Thank you Chris!!

  • I am so so grateful to Chris and The Ring Finders! (2013)


    I am so so grateful to Chris and The Ring Finders! It was so nice to have a happy ending to a really bad week.

    I lost my rings in the snow and then shortly after that had a pretty bad car accident. When I found The Ring Finders I was a little sceptical but thought, "this is probably my best shot at getting my rings back".

    After talking to Chris on the phone and then meeting him I was totally put at ease and felt confident that he could find my rings and sure enough he did.

    This man is such a kind hearted, easy going, truly good person. He has no fee and works purely on a rewards basis, which to me showed me that what he really loves is helping people.

    The world needs more kind people like Chris who are passionate about bringing joy to people's lives!

    If you ever lose something close to your heart, call The Ring Finders - they will do everything they can to help you find it, and in my experience they're pretty good at what they do! Thank you Chris!

  • Little did we know that there is an angel named Chris Turner who is able to help us and that he is only a phone call away! (2013)


    Chris Turner compassionately turns gloom into exhilaration by illuminating dismal moments with arrays of hope which bloom into sensational memorable moments of ecstasy.

    Nobody likes loosing things, especially precious meaningful jewellery with high sentimental value. When you do lose it, you’d do almost anything in your power to get it back.

    Less than two months past our wedding day, my husband lost his wedding ring at Whonnock Lake. Even though he realized it right away when the ring slipped off his finger and 6 of us searched and scavenged the vicinity of the area where the ring came off for over 45 minutes, we were unable to find it! The water was murky and the sand was pebbly so we gave up and spent a very depressed Saturday evening and Sunday sighing over the lost ring.

    Little did we know that there is an angel named Chris Turner who’s able to help us and that he’s only a phone call away!

    Chris Turner generously offered his helping hands to find my husband’s wedding ring. Thanks to him, in less than twenty four hours, the ring was back on my husband’s finger and the smile was back on our face!

    Chris Turner, we love you and we wish the best for you and your family.

    You truly deserve all the best in life. May Karma bring you an abundance of wealth, health, passion and success.

    Sincere Regards,

    Tara and Shahrooz

  • Thank you so much, Chris. Words cannot describe how happy we are. You are providing a great service and you are truly helping people!!!!~ (2013)


    ~Every once in awhile you meet someone who is a true gem. You know those people who bling from the inside? Chris is one of those people. When Justin told me that he lost his ring my heart sank. I tried to stay optimistic, but I figured the chances of finding it were slim to none. Justin woke up early in the morning and drove 90 minutes to Golden Ears to comb through the sand with his fingers, no luck. I began to search the internet for metal detector rentals, and postings for people who may have found the ring and posted it online. Miraculously I found Chris's blog!! When I called him he just so happened to be in Maple Ridge, talk about serendipitous! He rearranged his schedule for us so that we could meet at the lake and at least have closure if we didn't find it. We made the trek down to the lake and he found it within 5 minutes!!!! I cried. That ring belonged to my late Opa, and is engraved 1944. It is a family heirloom, and it is such an honour to even get to wear them. Thank you so much, Chris. Words cannot describe how happy we are. You are providing a great service and you are truly helping people!!!!~


  • You truly are an angel and others like you that reunite sentimental and valuable jewellery with their distraught owners. (2013)


    I believe in angels and one knocked on my door on Saturday, August 3, 2013. For the 5 previous days, my family and I had frantically searched inside my house and in the garden for my cherished engagement ring.

    I received this beautiful ring from my husband on December 23, 1967 and have worn it for 45 and a half years.My beloved husband passed away 13 months ago and my wedding rings and 25th anniversary band became an enormous comfort to me. I started wearing the rings 24/7 and even had the diamonds checked for loose stones.

    My worst fear was that I would lose the solitaire diamond from the engagement ring. Imagine my horror when on Sunday evening, July 28th 2013, I discovered the engagement ring missing from my finger after watering my front and back garden. After searching and searching for my ring to no avail, I found Chris Turner and TheRingFinders on my computer. He came to my rescue on Saturday August 3, 2013 and located my precious ring in my back yard in less than 5 minutes.

    I was completely astounded as my son-in-law and I had searched the area where Chris found it. Apparently, I had stepped on the ring and it was embedded in the dirt under the grass. I would never have found it on my own. I was overwhelmed by Chris' professionalism, experience, kindness and caring. To me that ring was irreplaceable.

    Thank you so much, Chris. You truly are an angel and others like you that reunite sentimental and valuable jewellery with their distraught owners. I highly recommend Chris as I thought my beautiful ring was gone forever. It meant the world to me and am so thankful for Chris' help. I will never forget the sight of my ring in his hand as he presented it to me.

    With my grateful thanks and highest regards,

    Wendy Porter

  • Chris Turner, the man who saved a beautiful story behind my wedding ring. (2013)


    Taking a few minutes is the least I can do to say thank you to Chris Turner, the man who saved a beautiful story behind my wedding ring.

    Well, everything started last Thursday June 13. I was playing soccer with my friends at Jericho park in Vancouver, as usual on Thursdays. We started around 7:15 pm, however it was not until 9:15 pm when it was my turn to be goalie and I realized that my ring has fallen off. Ohhhh, my god!!! The word stopped for me in that moment, I was so upset, that I didn't even pay attention to the game anymore, and my friends asked me what was going on. I told them, "I LOST MY RING!!!!" and immediately we started the search. First, it was just me a the other two guys that were playing defense for my team, but then the other guys came to help as well. It was getting dark around 9:45 pm and there were around ten guys helping me to search for my ring close to the goal area where I was sure my ring fell off from my finger.

    It was already 10 pm and most of the guys had to go home, but I didn't want to move from the place, since I felt like a part of me was missing in the field, I kept looking for a few more minutes until when I decided to call my wife and tell her about the accident. She was very supportive and reacted promptly to look for some metal detector to rent on the internet. Thus, by the time I came home, she already found in Google the Ring Finders website, and even She already had contacted Chris.

    I have to confess that I was reluctant about the idea of a ring finder, because I was afraid a losing my ring forever. However, after I talked to Chris, he sounded so professional and willing to help, despite the fact the I told him we didn't have enough money to pay him. He wasn't interested in the money, he was focused in the ring, and rather than asking for the location of the place as I thought he would do, he asked me several questions regarding the moment when I lost my ring. After talking about 5 minutes, we set up a meeting to search for the ring the next day early in the morning, since he had to work and I had a meeting.I met Chris yesterday at 7:30 (June 14, 2013) at Alma and 4th ave, and we went right to the place where I lost the ring. He asked me some questions about the exact place and the moment when i lost my ring, and then he marked the area and started to search. I was trying to help, but he asked me to give him a chance, hehehehe, so I just had to look and wait. After about ten minutes of search he gave the good news: "Is this your ring?", ohhhhh, I was so happy, and as he said that was his pay, making people happy.

    My wife and I are so grateful for the help of this awesome man, and we can testify that we really loves what he is doing.

    Thanks a lot for saving our story, and for making people like us so happy.

    Estefania and Jose

  • Hi Chris I would like to take this oppertunity to thank you and The Ring Finders (2013)

    Hi Chris

    I would like to take this oppertunity to thank you and The Ring Finders and especially James for for an experience I will never forget. James was wonderful and a super cool guy. Even when conditions was worst than what it appeared to be, he motored through and got the job done. I took some photos and a video which I will be sending to james. And hopefully I won't have to call you guys for another search, haha. Thanks once again, you guys are amazing.


  • Its nice to see there are still good people in this world today. (2013)


    We just want to thank Chris for the service he provides. He told me, “if her ring is in your backyard, I will find it”. Well, he found it!! In like 15 mins!! I couldn’t believe it!! Krista lost her ring Wednesday evening playing ball in the backyard with her daughter. She was devastated. We have been going through a rough spell lately… seems the only thing that wasn’t screwing up was our love for one another. I was franticly looking in the backyard, in the car all over the house….she was even looking in places it would never be, she just couldn’t sit still knowing it wasn’t on her finger. So here I am Googeling metal detectors and came across Chris’ website and called him. I told him our story and could tell right away this guy really cares for people and he felt bad for Krista. He insisted on coming out after working all day. I was trying to get him to come out on the weekend, but he said he wanted to come find her ring for her. He was here in an hour and 15 mins later, Krista had her ring on her finger, and tears of joy in her eyes.

    Its nice to see there are still good people in this world today. It was an honor having Chris at our home and in our lives. He is a hero. Seeing the smile on his face when he could return something so important to a total stranger was so cool to witness. Thank you Chris

    Shane and Krista

  • To anyone who has lost a valuable piece of jewelry - call The Ring Finders! (2012)


    To anyone who has lost a valuable piece of jewelry - call The Ring Finders! Chris was optimistic, professional, and empathetic. Moreover, he found my wedding band a full month after I had lost it, after we had already spent hours searching (by 6 adults on hands and knees, by my husband with a metal detector, and by another professional ring finder). When Chris started his search I was convinced that my ring was lost forever, but he proved me wrong!

    Chris asked me detailed questions and from this he carefully planned his search. I believe that my ring would never have been found without his experience, careful attention to detail, and thoughtful, methodical approach.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Chris to anyone that has lost a piece of jewelry. Don't give up hope - I truly believe that if it is there, Chris will find it!

  • The feeling of getting the ring back is indescribable as we never thought it was possible in all that snow (2012)


    Hello Chris

    Thank you very much for helping us finding the ring.

    The first night we were going to sleep we were very sad I had lost my ring, so we started praying that we find some solution to find it.

    So the next day when I called grouse mountain services and Esther from guest services suggested about the metal detector , I started to google it and found you, when we saw your website , we knew that you will find it for sure.

    Thank you very much for your good, professional job and quick availability to do it when it was necessary.

    The feeling of getting the ring back is indescribable as we never thought it was possible in all that snow and since it was so dark we didn't really know exactly where it supposed to be, but to God there is nothing impossible in this world to find any solution to any problem, so thanks to God we found you :).

    Thanks again Chris

    Best Regards

    Ezequiel and Diana

    Bogota, Colombia

  • Losing my wedding ring was one of the saddest days of my life. Finding my wedding ring was one of the happiest :) (2012)


    Thursday August 16, 2012 was the day that I lost my wedding band. I've always feared this could happen to me as I've heard many stories when this has happened to others and have always been thankful it wasn't me. I lost my ring while taking my dog out for a swim a little before noon at Alouette Lake. I was only in the water for about 15 minutes when I noticed that something didn't feel right. I looked at my finger and that's when my heart sank. I was destroyed! I knew the that the chances of finding this irreplaceable band was slim to none. I had about 10 people in the area help me look for it for over an hour without any luck. My wife Heather did not get mad about what had happened. In fact, she explained to me that it was only an object that could be replaced. Imagine if something would have happened to me? But that did not mean we didn't want to find it if we could... Heather got the ball rolling by searching on-line for anyone that specializes in finding lost jewellry. She sent me a message about a guy named Chris Turner from an organization named The Ring Finders. I was doubtful that calling this guy would yield any positive outcome so I waited a while and thought about it. Right before work I decided to call. What the heck! I talked with Chris later that night and we made arrangements to meet up at 7 am on August 19. The timing worked out perfectly with both my schedule and his. What a miracle. I was positive about the search but a bit leary about the chances of finding my ring after the time that had passed. I went in with the attitude that it wouldn't be found. The area that I originally thought was about 1000 square feet, turned out to be closer to 2000 square feet. The shore line was littered with rocks that went out at least 15 - 20 feet. The first couple of hours were exciting but when it wasn't found I became discouraged. I felt bad that Chris was putting in all of this time. However, Chris stayed extremely positive and continued to let me know that if it was in this area he would find it! It took a couple more hours when Chris walked over and I thought we were out of time and I was willing to give up. It was after I conceeded defeat that he showed me my ring! I was overjoyed, I couldn't believe it!! Chris did not give up and because of that I am very thankful! Losing my wedding ring was one of the saddest days of my life. Finding my wedding ring was one of the happiest :) Thanks Chris and thanks to The Ring Finders. I would highly recommend Chris as he never gave up searching.


  • It means everything in the world to me that you found my ring. (2012)


    Hi Chris,

    Thank you The Ring Finders! It means everything in the world to me that you found my ring. It means more to me then anything else I have, other then my family's love.

    My day was already so sad and losing my ring was not what I needed. The fact that you found it for me made everything go from wrong to right.

    Thank you,


  • Thank you, Chris Turner, for returning back to me the chance to carry the symbol of his and my love (2012)


    On the evening of Thursday, August 9 2012, I realized I had lost my white gold diamond eternity pendent from my necklace after a night of volleyball at Trout Lake Park.

    I was overwhelmed with regret for my carelessness and disappointment for losing the most treasured item that represented mine and my boyfriend's commitment to one another.

    Five years ago from this September, my boyfriend gave me that pendent for our first year anniversary and until I lost it for the first time a few days ago, I wouldn't have been able to remember what my chest felt like without the weight of the pendent.

    For the 12 hours between the time I realized I had lost the pendent to Chris Turner sifting through uncut grass to find it, my chest had never felt so empty.

    Despite my boyfriend's attempt to relieve my feelings of guilt, I couldn't bare to think of neglecting any possible effort or resource to search for the pendent that I had wished to remain a symbol of love in our future together.

    Fortunately, a friend of mine had suggested contacting Chris Turner, and within an hour, as promised, he met me at the park with my make-shift search grid that had failed me since 7:30am Friday morning. At 11:00am, Chris had started his work by going over my grid for the first time, and within half an hour of overlooking deceiving bottle caps and reflective dewy grass, he found the pendent under layers of flattened grass. Needless to say, I was ecstatic, speechless, grateful and relieved all at the sight of the pendent shining back at me.

    Thank you, Chris Turner, for returning back to me the chance to carry the symbol of his and my love, commitment and future together.

    Margaret Liu

  • To get some closure I hired Chris to make sure it wasn't there. (2012)


    Almost three weeks ago I lost a prized family wedding ring that I planned on wearing when I get married in December to my beautiful fiancé. I was heart broken. I knew I lost it in the park while exercising but after posting lost and found adds everywhere I thought either the lawn mower got it or someone else had picked it up. To get some closure I hired Chris to make sure it wasn't there.

    With in 30mins of his arrival he was digging it up out of the corner of the field. It was not only such a pleasure to get my ring back but to also work with someone who truly loves what they do.

    Thanks Chris!

    David gatringer.

  • It was Chris Turner's complete knowledge that we WOULD find it. (2012)


    The most amazing thing about my wedding ring recovery was not the find itself--it was Chris Turner's complete knowledge that we WOULD find it. Within three minutes of meeting him, I knew everything was going to turn out fine.

    Thanks again for getting my ring back to me, Chris!

  • The Ring Finders gave me back a priceless possession that I thought I'd never see again (2012)


    After searching through the sand for hours on end, I had pretty much resigned to the thought that I'd never see my wedding ring again. I was trying to tell myself, "It's only a ring, no big deal." Yet deep down, I was wrecked over the thought that I wouldn't be able to look down at my hand years from now and know that this same symbol of love and commitment had been there since day one. I called The Ring Finders, and right after hanging up the phone I started to feel a bit of optimism creep its way back into my thinking. Chris showed up, and not only did he find my ring in no time, but I could tell he was genuinely happy to help. The Ring Finders gave me back a priceless possession that I thought I'd never see again - it's impossible to thank them enough! Thanks!!!


  • A great service for those who need it! (2011)


    Thanks to Chris for the great effort!

    I lost my wedding ring while walking just below the high tide mark at Locarno Beach on Monday night. The wife and I went back on Tues morning but had no luck finding it.

    I went back Wed afternoon and again had no luck.

    When I got home I decided to check Craigslist, just in case.

    I saw an ad for theringfinders and decided to give them a call.

    Chris answered the call but was in Tsawwassen. He had a look on his cell phone and saw that the tide would be low again at 3am Thurs morning.

    I drew up a small map of where I thought it would be and sent it to Chris.

    He answered that he would be out looking at 3am and hopefully he would have good news for me when I woke up.

    When I got up this morning there it was ... an email from Chris saying that he had found it, with an accompanying photo!

    Great work Chris.

    A great service for those who need it!

  • The ring has sentimental value to my wife since it was the first ring I gave her (2011)


    I received a call from wife in Coquitlam while I was on a project in Phoenix that she had lost her ring while throwing a ball with our dog on a field near a school. The ring has sentimental value to my wife since it was the first ring I gave her. I was in a panic to figure out how to find the ring, knowing that I can’t rush home to help find it. And – the ring needed to be found that night since the kids would be back the next morning for school.

    I started a google search for “metal detectors in Coquitlam” and saw in the first couple of hits the link to “TheRingFinders.” I called Chris and to my pleasant surprise someone answered the phone – it was Chris. I spoke with him for short while but gained an immediate sense of commitment, trust, and help from Chris. I somehow knew after the first couple calls that my wife’s ring was going to be found – I just knew it and could feel it from Chris. I had made the right call and had spoken with the right guy.

    As the night progressed Chris kept me and my wife updated with period emails and texts on his progress. The most satisfying moment was the picture of the ring Chris sent at @ 1:40 AM when he found the ring.

    Great joy having Chris’ help!!! I can’t tell you how happy we both were at getting the ring back from Chris. An amazing guy who loves his job.

    Patrick Simpers

  • There are no words to express how excited I am to have these two rings back on my finger! (2011)



    There are no words to express how excited I am to have these two rings back on my finger! I really thought they would be gone for good! Justin and I went back to the beach on our own to searched around (finding nothing but sand!) and on the way home the song that we danced our first dance at our wedding came on the radio, I'm sure it was some kind of sign! Right after that we stumbled upon your website, thank you thank you thank you for dropping everything and driving out to Kits at midnight to find my rings!

    Jenn Beagan

  • I got the most amazing call: "Cail, we found it. We actually found your ring!" I got teary eyed... (2011)


    I wanted to thank Chris again for all his help finding my gold and sapphire ring. I know my boyfriend had told him that the ring was from my mother, but the story is much more than just that. In the mid 90s, my mom's father, my Grampy, had passed away suddenly. A short time later, she went down the Bermuda and bought this ring to remind her that her father was always nearby. I was only 8 or 9 at the time, and for years I voiced how much I loved the ring and couldn't wait until I got it. Of course I was just a kid at the time with a reputation of losing things quite frequently. My mom had promised that when she passed away, I would inherit the ring. But I never stopped bugging her for it. Just over a year ago, she surprised me by saying that I could have it. She believed that I was grown up enough to take care of it.

    Of course when I lost it somewhere between the driving range and our home on Saturday night, I was completely devastated. Not only because I had lost this gorgeous ring, but because I felt that I had let her and Grampy down. We searched for over an hour scouring bushes and grass, but it was getting late and without a flashlight, we were out of luck. I kept saying to myself "If I don't find it now, I'm never going to find it".

    I decided to try my luck and see if someone on Craigslist would lend me a metal detector for the day. When I came across the Ring Finders ad, I fired off an email describing my problem. I didn't expect to hear anything until the next morning, and I had a feeling that at that time it really was too late and the ring was going to be lost forever. Within minutes, I had a reply from Chris. We spoke for about 5 minutes about where it may be and where it may have fallen out. Even just speaking to Chris put my mind at ease- I could tell right away that even though he didn't know me, he understood how important this was to me and I knew he would try his hardest to help me out, even though we both felt it would just be a "closure search".

    With me off at work in the morning, Chris and my boyfriend, Brady, retraced our steps from the night before. I anxiously awaited the "We didn't find it" at work from Brady. Within about half an hour of going out searching, I got the most amazing call: "Cail, we found it. We actually found your ring!" I got teary eyed, it was such a relief.

    So again, thank you Chris for working so hard, on a Sunday, in the muggy heat, and for dealing with those noisy power lines that wreaked havoc on your detectors. I know that if I ever have a problem again, you are the first person I will call. I also promise to never wear jewellery to the driving range again.



  • I was rather dumbfounded and ecstatic when you managed to locate it (2011)


    Hi Chris,

    Thanks again for locating my earring. I know it might seem strange that something so inexpensive and small as an earring can hold such significance for someone. But I am grateful to you for having located my earring for me and would certainly call on you should such a misfortune befall me again. I had spent hours looking out in the garden and through the refuse I later bagged and sent for waste disposal. I had gone out in the dark with a flashlight hoping to catch a glint that would expose its whereabouts. No luck. I doubted I would see the two earrings together again. So I was rather dumbfounded and ecstatic when you managed to locate it and within such a short period of time. Thank you so much.

    Happy hunting!



  • I couldn't be happier with Chris and his services and would recommend him to anyone... (2011)


    When I lost my wedding band while enjoying some swimming at White Pine Beach, I felt totally helpless. After phoning my wife to give her the bad news, she did a google search and found the link to The Ring Finders website, and wow am I glad she found that site. Chris got back to me quickly and we arranged to meet the next day back at the beach. The next day we met up and Chris began searching the bottom in the area where I felt the ring had entered the water. Chris found the ring in less than 15 minutes and proceeded to have a little fun by faking a metal detector malfunction when coming out of the lake! I couldn't be happier with Chris and his services and would recommend him to anyone who needs to find thier lost valuables.

  • I could see that his best reward was to see my face when he found the ring. (2011)


    Last Thursday, June 23, I lost my gold wedding ring at the beach. I was convinced I dropped it in one of 4 the four different places I sat down, but there was no way of knowing for sure exactly where it was. I thought it was gone forever. I searched for the ring with no success, and by the time I got home I was devastated. I've had this ring for roughly 4 years now, and it meant a lot to me and my wife.

    We've been together for almost 11 years, since we started dating in high school, and we always had rings to symbolize our commitment, but none was special as this one. This one was bought back in Brazil, before we immigrated to Canada, and it is a special blend of white gold and yellow gold that is not easily reproduced.

    The next day, I started browsing the web, convinced that I could find someone to help me find my ring. That was when I came across Chris and Chris was very helpful from the beginning, asking clarifying questions and making sure there was a way to track down where it could be. He explained to me that he works on a reward basis and that a part of the reward goes to charity, which is a very honorable attitude. We made plans to go look for it that same that in the evening.

    Arriving at the beach, we started looking for the ring in one of the spots which I thought was more likely for it to have fallen. No luck there. Chris was using his metal detector and we found a lot of bottle caps, pennies and some old nails. After half an hour looking for it in that position we decided to go and try the second spot. I was frustrated, since I could not know for sure where I dropped it, and I was thinking I might never see it again. Chris was always very supporting, and kept telling me that if it was there, he would definitely find it. That made me feel better, specially coming from someone with so much experience in metal detecting and treasure hunting.

    We stopped and the second spot and Chris turned his metal detector on. The first thing he found was a melted piece of metal, about the size of a fingernail. After that, he flitted his detector to the right, sensing something unusual on that spot. He reached with his scoop in the sand, and after less than 2 minutes in that spot, he found my ring! I was ecstatic. I could not believe he had found it so fast. After 24 hours of anguish, I had my ring back! I cannot describe how good it felt.

    I thanked Chris and gave him the best reward I could afford. It is clear to me that he has a passion for this and does not do it for the money. I could see that his best reward was to see my face when he found the ring. I am very glad I have found Chris, otherwise I would have lost forever an artifact that has a very special meaning to me and my wife.


  • Chris, I can't even begin to thank you for returning my ring to me! (2011)


    On a January Monday I was happily feeding birds from my 4th floor balcony when suddenly, on one throw, the ring I have been wearing for over a decade, and that is very dear to my heart, flew off my finger and ricocheted off the neighboring building into the unknown. Panicked, I ran down to search for it but five hours and half a dozen helping friends later I still had not found it.

    The search area was fairly small but littered with leaves and mud and divided by tall hedges and trees. The following morning, before dawn, I rented a metal detector and set back to searching but another 4 hours passed without sight of it. I literally crawled around my hands and knees through mud and under hedges looking for it and even searched the top of the neighboring building in the dark and snow on the off chance it had ended up there.

    Desperate and running low on hope I stumbled on to Chris' webpage and called him up. By this time it was nearly 8pm and I asked if Chris would come out the following day to help me look. Chris told me that there was no sense in waiting and offered to come out to my apartment immediately, in the dark and the snow.

    Within 30 minutes he was set up and searching, beaming smiles and confidence. His optimism was infectious but I was too guarded to allow myself to think he would be able to find it. He told me that if it didn't turn up in the yard it meant it wasn't there, in which case he would return the following day to help me search the roof and surrounding property. I was hopeful but admittedly skeptical after having spent 2 days combing for it.

    Less than 20 minutes later however, Chris called me down under the ruse of bringing him some supplies and surprised me with my ring. I could not believe my eyes! I have never been so surprised, relieved and excited all in one moment in my life. Chris will find your ring for you but more than that, he will answer your call with warmth and optimism in an unbelievable hurry. He is truly a hero.

    Chris, I can't even begin to thank you for returning my ring to me! You went above and beyond in answering my call and I will never forget it. My neighbours are indebted to you too since I no longer have to harass them about looking for my ring in the bushes and the mud. If there's a next time, I won't even bother looking first; I'll just call you up immediately and I'll counsel all of my friends to do the same.

    With endless thanks,


  • I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating The Ring Finders... (2011)

    Dear Chris,

    I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating The Ring Finders.

    I was visiting friends at their cottage on the August 1st long weekend when I was horrified to discover that both my wedding band and diamond engagement ring slipped off of my finger while washing my hair in the lake.

    My husband of 10 years passed away last December, so I think you can imagine how distraught I was at the prospect of loosing my rings. When I looked down and realized they were gone, it was truly the worst moment since his death.

    After a whole lot of effort, a friend and I were able to locate the wedding band the next day, but had no luck with the diamond engagement ring.

    The thought of something that valuable - monetarily, and more importantly, emotionally - being lost forever at the bottom of the lake was breaking my heart - I was practically inconsolable.

    I spent the following week on the internet and phone trying to find anyone who could help me when I came across a forum called Treasure Finds. I put up a post and someone there suggested I check out your website.

    I have to say, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. It was like the site was written for me. I had no idea that there was such a movement of people who had such a passion for metal detecting, and especially a group such as yours, dedicated to helping people like myself.

    I am thrilled to tell you that I contacted Dave Pommer and last Sunday we returned to Bobcaygeon and he was able locate my engagement ring - in less than ideal weather conditions, I might add. I was so relieved I couldn't stop crying for almost an hour.

    Dave was a wonderful person, and I will forever be in his debt for helping me get back something so truly precious to me.

    I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a wonderful site and providing such a special service. Finding those rings actually reminded me what it was like to be happy again. I haven't stopped smiling all week and several of my friends and family have noticed that for the first time in a very long time, I am more like myself.

    Please keep up the good work and thank you again for everything.

    Kind Regards,

    Marcie Cunning

  • Chris Turner is a truly rare and exceptional person! (2011)


    Chris Turner is a truly rare and exceptional person! I am a natural pessimist and couldn't believe people like him exist still; he really does love making others happy. This guy has a job yet spends his spare time not sleeping, playing or relaxing but searching for jewellery for indeterminate rewards.

    I never had a doubt as to how and where I lost my ring while on a short weekend getaway to Vancouver Island. I had my dog's leash wrapped around my left hand to keep her short and close to me as we walked along the edge of a golf course. In order to pick up after my dog, I handed the leash to my guy and in so doing, the leash unfurled in my hand, taking the ring off. A few minutes later, as we walked along, I realized the ring was gone and in the same moment knew exactly what had happened. It had come off in rough brush and weeds and after searching for a while we just gave up and I berated myself for being so silly to bring expensive jewellery on vacation. It should have, but never occurred to me that a metal detector could find my ring.

    Only after returning home did I hear about Chris online. He contacted me and immediately gave me a feeling of calm and hopeful yet not unrealistic hope. Anyone can buy a metal detector but it was in how Chris spoke to me and his actual words that are what make him special. He was sympathetic, professional, and cautiously optimistic. He was very clear that he has 100% confidence in his abilities given the correct info, but also that I should feel happy that I truly did all I could have done; should he not find the ring. He said several times that either way I would have "closure" and I knew that if he didn't find it I would truly be able to mentally let it go. That alone is a rare and special ability to impart; he hadn't even looked yet and already I was feeling more at peace.

    Five days after losing the ring he was on the first ferry to the Island. I wished I'd been able to accompany him but since I couldn't he sent me a pic when he arrived on site to show that he was really there, and again I felt a sense of calm. I was never in doubt as to where the ring was, but I was still unsure that he would find it. Well he did and sent me a pic right away. I'm not normally overly emotional but, I screamed and shook and cried and laughed all at once when I saw my ring!

    Chris did more than return my ring; he made me believe that there are really nice people in the world still. This pessimist is now realizing kindness that asks little in return is out there!

    I would highly recommend Chris to anyone.

  • Chris's professionalism, kindness, sincerity, and giving restored my wavering faith in human beings... (2011)

    Item Item

    I have lingered over just what to say on this blog as no words can express the gratitude I have for Chris and what he did for me.

    What I can say is that from the very moment I called Chris he was/is:

    - as optimistic as I was (saying “if it’s there, I WILL find it”). Wonderful words when one has lost something so dear and KNOWS it’s there let me tell you!

    - totally professional in every way: from his language and manner on the phone to his knowing what was what on the beach, the timing of such things etc. I felt SAFE meeting him at 11pm (my son was a bit worried, but from our telephone conversations and the recommendation of the life guards I just KNEW, in my gut, that he was a very professional, “good guy”)

    - dedicated to the project of helping me, a total stranger: after a long day of work he met me the same night I lost my precious items, at 11pm, saying that if we didn’t get there before the “beach sweepers” which begin the work of cleaning and destroying everything in the sand at about 3 or 4 am.

    - went above and beyond what any “good guy” might do: I locked myself out of my car and after we found my items he helped me get back into my locked car!

    - truly, a living knight in these modern times.

    Quite honestly, Chris’s professionalism, kindness, sincerity, and giving restored my wavering faith in human beings helping each other out BECAUSE WE CAN and because we care, because, basically, it’s always the right and wonderful thing to do. He took time out of his very busy life to help me, a total stranger with nothing to offer him, find the most precious possessions I have.He didn’t ask for any money, he didn’t ask for anything at all, in return for helping me. He helped to help and THIS is something I know, as a volunteer, is the foundation of compassionate living, volunteering, and being of service in our world: to be of service simply to be of service.

    I mean, how often do we see this in our modern, capitalist society? It’s SO rare that when I experienced it and was the recipient of it, with Chris, my heart was utterly warmed and enlivened. As I’m not working, I offered to bake him and his partner some delish baked goods. How’s that for a sweet ending?

    And then he’s kind enough to call me “young”! : ) Thanks for that Chris and SO much more! Thank you for being YOU: an amazingly generous, giving, and loving human being walking and sharing this planet with us. Blessings and abundance and FUN treasure hunting to you!!

  • It was incredible that you put in so much effort. You were both like angels arriving on planet earth! (2011)


    Dear Chris and Beverley

    Well I have just about got over jet lag... But maybe not quite as it is 5am here!

    I just wanted to say such a massive thank you for your amazing kindness, professionalism and talent in finding my three rings. I am still in shock that you managed to find them and really can't begin to thank you both enough. You are amazing!!!!!!

    To get to Tofino so quickly with all your equipment from Vancouver, taking ferries and mountain passes, to search in the freezing snow and darkness, find the rings in four inches under the sand in different locations on a huge beach that had been pounded for three days by the Pacific tides, get stuck in snowdrifts on the way home and keep us so well informed about the search and produce a wonderful film of the search... It was incredible that you put in so much effort. You were both like angels arriving on planet earth! So thank you thank you.

    The film of the finding of the rings is fabulous..... Thanks so much for sending it to us. It is great to see you and Beverley searching for the rings and then finding them. They are looking beautiful.... Perhaps the sea and sand gave them a good cleaning!! Anyway, that will be the last time they are tossed into the sea! Lessons have been learnt....

    Thanks to you both. You are incredible!


  • Takes his job seriously and does it from the heart... (2011)

    I found Chris to be a professional person who takes his job seriously and does it from the heart. He found my ring in less than an hour without expecting a lot in return. From the reward that I gave him he donated 15% to Children's hospital and that is what I liked the most about his work. He made me realize that there are still good people around us who do things for the pleasure and smiles it provides to other people and not for any selfish reasons. All in all my short experience with Chris was positive and if you lost a ring, Call Chris :]

  • Thank you sooo much for helping us find his wedding ring. (2011)


    You probably won't remember this case, but we wanted to say Thank You none the less! Last April (approximately) we had you come out to a townhouse complex in Port Moody. My husband had been throwing a Giant bouncy ball in the air for our kids when his ring went flying upward off his cold hand.

    Needless to say we were unable to find the ring and it was quite a mystery as to where it landed. You threw a test ring and were certain it was on the rooftop of the townhouses close by. Unfortunately we were unable to get up on the roof tops and that's where the search ended.....for a while...

    Until.....recently when my husband got hired on with the Fire Department. He was able to bring out one of the ladder trucks to our complex and ....the ring was exactly where you predicted it would be!! Covered in many leaves, and very dirty...but there!!

    Thank you sooo much for helping us find his wedding ring.


    Chris & Karen Watt

  • I'd like to express my gratitude to Chris and The Ring Finders Directory... (2011)


    During the last week's snow storm, I lost both of my engagement and wedding rings while shoveling snow. After searching for a couple of days without any success, I started researching online and found The Ring Finders Directory.

    Unfortunately, there is no ring finders listed from Massachusetts where I live. I contact The Ring Finders, and within minutes I got a response from Chris of The Ring Finders.

    Very quickly Chris located a couple of experts in treasure hunting in Massachusetts. They drove from Cape Cod to where I live near Boston. They found my rings in less that 1 hour!!!

    I'd like to express my gratitude to Chris and The Ring Finders Directory. Chris, thank you for your time, advice and support during the search. Without your help, the rings would still be buried in the snow.

    Best regards,


  • That ring means everything to Tyler and he was devastated when he lost it... (2011)


    Hello Chris,

    I just wanted to thank you for finding my son's ring on November 4th in Chilliwack. Tyler's Dad, Jim died when Tyler was only 12. That ring means everything to Tyler and he was devastated when he lost it. I am so very very glad you found it. It certainly was a memorable moment for Tyler as anyone can see on the video!

    Please keep doing what you are doing and restoring dreams and memories for others.!


  • I am so grateful to Chris Turner and I have been able to enjoy my ring everyday... (2011)


    I was the person who lost my silver native ring at the beach while throwing a stick for my dog. I was devastated, as the ring was very sentimental to me. I looked for hours and couldn’t find it. I thought it was lost forever. Well, Chris Turner came out and an hour later, he found the ring buried in the sand. I was so elated to have my ring back (as you can see from the video). I just couldn’t believe he was able to find it. I am so grateful to Chris Turner and I have been able to enjoy my ring everyday since he returned it to me. Thank you so much Ring Finders!

  • On Friday afternoon I spent the afternoon laying on the grass... (2011)


    On Friday afternoon I spent the afternoon laying on the grass at Sunset Beach near English Bay in Vancouver. I had looped my watch band through my ring and attached it to my belt loop. When I got ready to leave I removed the watch from my belt loop and put it on, forgetting about the attached ring. It must have dropped to the ground somewhere nearby. About a half hour after I returned home I realized that a ring that I have worn for over 35 years was missing!!! I immediately returned to the site where I'd been and searched extensively with no luck. I went home again and tore my home apart, but was certain it was still down at the beach. So I returned for a second round of searching, to no avail. I returned home saddened and discouraged, having felt like I'd lost a something important and of great sentimental value. As a last ditch effort I posted a "Lost" notice on a local community website that same evening.

    The very next morning I received two e-mails from Chris Turner - one offering his services (actually sent the same night I posted the lost notice) and a second e-mail telling me he'd found the ring!!!!!!!!!!! He had gone to the location I'd described in my lost ad, and found the ring in the first 10 minutes of searching! I cannot tell you how elated I was to read that Chris had found my treasured ring (and to see the picture of it that he e-mailed to me). We made phone contact and I arranged to meet him to pick up the ring. So in less than 24 hours I'd gone from very upset to being on cloud nine, and having had my faith restored that there are still great people in the world like Chris. Thanks again for your great service!!!

    Best Regards, Carl.

  • Thank you Chris for finding my wedding band! (2011)


    Thank you Chris for finding my wedding band! I appreciate your quick response and reply to both my email and text. I was so thankful when I received the call from you at 5:30 in the morning to say that you would meet me at the park where I was looking for my ring and help me find it. This was completely unexpected and truly appreciated. When I lost my ring the night before during a late evening work out I was very upset as I truly did not think I would ever see it again and on the walk home had already resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to break this bad news to my wife and get a replacement wedding band. Thankfully my wife was asleep and I did a quick Google search and I found your website and service. Right away I sent an email and a text asking for your help in finding my lost ring. I knew I had to get back to the park in the early hours of the morning before the park got busy with people and my ring being either ground farther into the dirt and grass or someone else finding it. I told you in my email that I was going back at 5am in the morning to start my search and the next morning as I was leaving my house you called and said you would be right over - wow what great service! We started to look in the areas that I had done my work out the night before and you provided your guidance and expertise as to how we should go about searching for the ring. We pin pointed certain areas to begin the search and then expanded from there. As I had said to you I had done a few laps around the park during my work out so we headed out on the running track with your gear. Well as we continued farther and farther down the path I did not think that we would have any luck in finding my lost ring - then all of sudden you reached down and picked up my ring! The complete excitement and relief I felt at that moment was fantastic.

    In all the total search time we spent was no more than 30 minutes! Had I done this myself would have taken hours and more than likely would have not found my ring.

    Thank you for coming out and finding my wedding band as I did not want to have to break the news to my wife that I lost it, then have to replace it, and then go through all the challenges when dealing with the insurance company. Your services are worth their weight in gold and I know the reward money that I paid to you was money well spent!

    Thanks again!


  • Hi Chris, Well, you won't believe it (or actually, probably you of all people will!)... (2011)

    Hi Chris,

    Well, you won't believe it (or actually, probably you of all people will!) but we found my husbands wedding ring off the dock on Galiano Island!!! The man with the underwater metal detector bought a brand new one and was itching to give it a try so he called us on the weekend to ask where we'd lost it and said he was doing a dive in the area anyway and thought he'd take a look. And he actually found it!!!! We paid him a finders fee but were just so thrilled to have it back, we could hardly believe our ears when he called with the good news.

    I wanted to thank you for all your advice and mostly for your words of encouragement. It was nice to know that someone out there (and you were one of the only ones) believed that it could actually be found and wasn't a lost cause!

    I am a freelance writer and have a bi-weekly column entitled Live and Learn in the Driftwood's weekend edition (the local newspaper for the Gulf Islands) so I will be writing my next column on the story of the found ring. I would like to include your name and contact information, if that's alright with you, in case anyone ever loses a ring in Vancouver. It's the least I can do for all the help you gave us.

    Let me know if that would be alright and I will definitely send you a copy of the column when it's's usually up on the Driftwood's website so I'll send you the link for it.


    Meghan Howcroft

  • Thank you very very much... (2011)


    You are the best warm hearted person that I have ever known. I am really very moved. Next time if I go to Vancouver, I will bring Chinese presents for you.


  • Those last three rings were there for 14 months... (2011)

    Item Item Item

    Chris Turners ability, compassion, passion and joy for helping people find lost jewellery is amazing. Chris, Tia and I cannot thank you enough. May God bless you and Bev abundantly. You have become part of our lives and helped create a wonderful, never to be forgotten time.

    To anyone reading this, never give up hope. Those last three rings were there for 14 months. If they are there, Chris can find them.

    With love and enormous thanks from Tia and Wayne.

  • I just wanted to thank you again for finding Kate's ring... (2011)


    I am still in shock and so is she that she has it back and all thanks to you.

    We both think that you are an amazing person and what you do for others is very touching, you have a huge heart and wish there were more people like you.

    I can't wait to see the video and show everyone :)

    My friend that I told you about that lost her bracelet maybe calling you.

    I told her about you and she had asked for your number, her name is Monica.

    Thank you so very much!

    Susan & Kate

  • Well, I was at my kick-boxing class tonight, and forgot to remove my rings before I left home... (2011)


    I just wanted to share with you a service that may get you outta trouble... it totally helped me out tonight!

    Well, I was at my kick-boxing class tonight, and forgot to remove my rings before I left home. When I got to class, I put the rings into my friend's zippered pocket for safe keeping. Of course, they didn't stay in her pocket....After class, when we were walking out, she reached into her pocket to give me my rings back, and "ping" I hear a faint wedding band fell out and rolled off...onto the concrete, into the grass, covered with leaves, in the dark.

    The entire kick-boxing class helped me look for it in the dark for about 20 min, until someone said, "you should rent a metal-detector." That's when I googled metal detector rentals, Vancouver on my phone. I clicked on the first link that came up and found Chris from At 8:30 in the evening, in the middle of a Canucks game, he drove from Metrotown to Granville Island to help me find my ring. With a metal-detector and flashlight in hand, he searched for about 1 hour, and found my ring!!!!! Jerome and I had basically given up 20 min. into his search, but he didn't.

    I just wanted to share this story with all of you just in case you need his services in the future. In terms of his fee, Chris only accepts Rewards/Donations from the owners if he finds their jewelry, and also donates 15% to Children's Hospital. Thanks again Chris. I've been telling all my friends.



  • I lost my wedding band over a month ago... (2011)


    I lost my wedding band over a month ago now and I was quite disappointed to say the least. I've never taken my ring off except for a few hours to do odd chores around the house for the last 10 years. After losing the ring, it felt like I lost a part of me. So I started scouring "lost and found" ads in the paper and craigslist hoping to find my ring. And this is how I found Chris Turner, on Craigslist, offering his service to find lost jewelry for people. So I contacted Chris, told him where, when and how I lost it. He said he'll try to look for it but there won't be any guarantee. I resigned to the fact that he won't find it since it's been lost in the lake for at least 3 weeks after calling him. But lo and behold, one beautiful Saturday morning he gives me a call to let me know he found it!!!! They say miracles don't happen but it did, Chris happened. I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to you again buddy. Big Thanks!!!



  • I would just like to thank you for finding my ring... (2011)


    I would just like to thank you for finding my ring. Me and my wife were sooooooo happy and without you I wouldn't have this smile on my face right now!! After 30 mins looking I was really starting to think were never gonna find it............ but you did and I cant thank you enough. Such a great guy and I have the utmost respect for you.

    Enjoy the rest of your treasure hunts and if you ever need a sidekick.......... Just give me a shout. ha-ha


  • It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife. I had the opportunity... (2011)


    It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife. I had the opportunity to view the you tube on your Book of Smiles website page. Got a chuckle and a good feeling from the success story of finding my wedding band in the big old ocean. Your professionalism and passion are the keys to your success and the joy of reuniting valuable and sentimental objects with their owners. Thank you for being there when I needed you!

    Best regards


  • Again... I would like to tell you how thankful I am for your help. Words can not express my gratitude for finding my ring. (2011)


    I have just finished posting on craigslist and about to send you the testimonial.

    Again... I would like to tell you how thankful I am for your help. Words can not express my gratitude for finding my ring.

    I hope you know that what you're doing is honestly amazing. I wish there were more people like you in the world.

    Good luck on your future searches, and may all the best be with you!


    After losing a very sentimental diamond ring my boyfriend gave me, in the snow on new years, I almost gave up hope on ever finding it.

    My boyfriend and I were on our hands and knees in the snow for about 3 hours attempting to find it.

    Finally I decided to post an ad on criagslist, and only one person replied: Chris Turner. He told me about the company he has that helps people find lost jewellery in the snow, water, beaches, etc, and told me he would be interested in helping me out.

    I gave him a call the next morning, and an hour after I talked to him, he drove right out to where I lost the ring and immediately started looking for it. After searching through the snow banks for about an hour, we had no luck.

    It didn't help the situation that snow plows had been through the area quite recently. I did not expect him to come back a few days later to keep searching, or a few days after that. He e-mailed me every time he went back, and kept telling me to have hope.

    I was just about to accept that I'd never find it, when one day he came right to my work and to my great surprise, he was holding my ring! It was in the snow for 21 days, just off the road in a pretty busy area, and he found it. It was amazing. He looked just as happy as I did when he saw my face light up.

    My boyfriend and I are so grateful that Chris took the time, effort and patience to find something so precious to us. The object that is a symbol of our love with so many great memories and meaning behind it, is now safely on my finger.

    It's great to see someone with such a huge heart doing this for people, and getting great satisfaction from it.

    So for anyone that has lost jewellery, I would highly recommend giving Chris a call. If you point him in the right direction, he will surely try his hardest to find what your looking for. You can find his services at

    I would really like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  • Somewhere in 20cm snow, over a 50 meter area, I knew my ring lay... (2011)


    Thank you so much, Anglea was so happy I wish you had caught her reaction on tape :)

    Here is a testimonial for your website, and as I still feel indebted to you I'm going to make sure everyone I know hears the story and knows about your website. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you or your business in the future, I would be only happy to help.

    All the best, you're a good man.



    The cold weather had brought new snow and without gloves or mittens the loss was almost inevitable. I felt lucky; the neighborhood had rallied around to help me with the search but after a few hours in the blowing snow, with brooms and a child's metal detector, we had to give up. There was just too much snow and this search seemed impossible.

    The snow was likely to stay for weeks and soon snow plows and 'shovelers' would surely make the task more difficult. Without a solution, I thought for a whim I would surf the internet to find out what other people do in similar circumstances.

    One of the first links brought me to the story of a lost ring on the side of a mountain, found by an altruistic gentleman within 5 minutes. A nice ending, but surely this wasn't in the cards for me.

    How likely would it be that a random search would turn up this miracle worker in the same city that I lived in? The man was Chris Turner and as I would later find, very likely.

    It was a quick phone call, the rate would be whatever I could afford and although taken back a bit by this, it was clear he was on his way and that his priority was finding my ring, regardless of the financial outcome.

    We spent a few hours in the cold and snow and at the end of the first day, had done a cursory search of the entire area and more detailed search of over half of it. The second day had brought more of the same; more cold, more snow and combing the second half of the area I knew my ring must have been lost.

    I had resigned myself to call it a loss, Christmas was a few days away, the roads were treacherous and I knew Chris must have priorities other than my ring. We ended the second day empty handed, the snow wasn't stopping and the snow plows had already shifted everything from where it lay the day before.

    Christmas came and went and on Boxing Day I receive a phone call from Chris! He would like to come out and do a follow up call, the snow had been melting and he felt we had a chance to focus on areas that we might have missed such as the nearby foliage.

    I was beside myself; this guy was truly remarkable, he really wanted to help me find the ring and wasn't going to give up until it was found.

    Twenty minutes into the search Chris bends down with an exclamation I hadn't heard yet, he seemed confident something was there and after probing the snow a bit with his bare hands, Chris pulled out my ring from the garden adjacent to the path I had traveled a week earlier!

    If you have found yourself in a similar circumstance, if you believe you might know where something valuable you lost is, then rest assured that these words "If it's there, I'll find it" are spoken with sincerity and conviction from a man I personally know to make them come true.

  • It was the worst Christmas morning when I woke up and realized my engagement ring was gone... (2011)


    I can't tell you how much I appreciate you finding my ring! IT MEANS THE WORLD TO ME! :)

    I can officially get married in my originally wedding band....thank you so much! You are an angel sent from heaven! You and Beverly!

    You are one of the few great people in this world! I will be writing you a wonderful testimonial and also when I get married you will be getting a picture in June 2009!!!!!!!!! :)

    What is your home address so I can make sure you get a picture? Also could i ask to have some of the pictures that you took? We are going to be having a slid show and that would be some story to tell!

    Thank you so much Chris and Beverly! You guys are great people! I can't even tell you how much I appreciate everything you did for me! :) Thank you! And hopefully 2009 will be a better year for our family and a happy new year to you! THANKS!


    It was the worst Christmas morning when I woke up and realized my engagement ring was gone!

    On Christmas Eve we had a family dinner and of course it had been snowing.

    I decided to go outside with my twin nephews and sled and throw snowballs (without gloves on). I knew for a fact when I lost my ring that it had to of happened throwing snowballs.

    On Christmas Day my whole family (including my Father which just had extensive surgery) was outside with a metal detector in about 6 inches of snowing trying to find my luck.

    We searched and searched up until dark. I am getting married in June 2009 so I absolutely needed to find my wedding ring! I was sick! It was the worst feeling ever, especially when I had to call my fianc

  • I decided to go out with my sister to help shovel the snow... (2011)


    On December 27th, I went over to my parents place to pay my mom a visit while my dad is out of town. My mom was telling me how difficult it was to try to pull in to the drive way and that it took them an hour to get in.

    I decided to go out with my sister to help shovel the snow. I put my gloves on and started shovelling but my gloves just got too wet and kept slipping off so I decided to take them off and put them in my pocket.

    I noticed my rings were still on during this time but yet the thought had crossed my mind that I should take the rings off because they were loose, but I didn't. After shovelling for another 20 - 30mins I looked down at my hands and realized that my rings had fallen off.

    I was in a state of panic, my heart just sank in my chest, I didn't know where to begin. I started digging into the snow with my bare hands trying desperately to find them; I had lost both my Wedding Band and my Engagement Ring!

    These rings meant the world to me, my husband had custom designed my engagement ring so it was definitely one of a kind. It started to get dark and really cold and my mom was starting to get upset with me telling me that its not the end of the world, but for me it was.

    There is so much sentimental value attached to those rings that it would be hard to part ways. My mom and I got into a little argument, she kept telling me to give up and I refused to stop looking.

    After a while it was impossible for me to look in the dark, I tried using the car headlights to guide me threw the pile of snow but after a while I had to give up.

    Soon after I came inside the house, my sister had decided to go on the internet and type in, "I lost my rings in the snow" and suddenly there was this testimonial about some guy loosing his ring up in Cypress and my sister knew if Chris Turner can find this guys ring up in Cypress then he definitely could find my rings.

    I got home later that night and I had finally built up enough courage to break the news to my husband. He didn't believe me at first, he knew that I guarded those rings and that I would have called him the second something happened to them.

    He ran up to our room to check my night stands and shortly came back down and questioned if this was a joke. He saw the look on my face and the tears shortly after and he told me that he will help to find them in the morning.

    Before heading to bed I decided to call Chris Turner but sadly I had received his voicemail, so I left him a message. Chris had contacted me when he came back in from finding someone else's rings in Seattle.

    I didn't get the chance to check my messages so I didn't know that Chris had called me back.

    The next morning, I got up and got ready to head out on the quest to find my rings, my husband was with me, shortly after trying to search for the rings realized it was nearly impossible to go through all of that snow one by one and that it was like finding a needle in a hay stack, so he told me to call Chris again and see if he could come out

    It was comforting to talk to someone like Chris knowing that he wouldn't give up until he found my rings. He came within the hour and started the search. Within 10mins Chris found my engagement ring and my heart just starting beating so fast, I was so excited that I didn't even bother thinking about my wedding band.

    Chris never gave up, the search was on for him to find my wedding band, it took Chris an hour to find both my rings in the snow.

    I was so amazed, this search would have taken me days not to mention the chance that I probably would never see my rings again. After the search, Chris was so concerned for my mom about the snow being thrown onto the driveway that he started to shovel the snow back onto the yard that was so thoughtful of him.

    Chris and his wife were amazing, they made my day, the comforting part was that they were both so genuine and sincere. Chris told me that it was up to us as to how much we could give as a reward considering that Christmas had just passed.

    It was especially comforting to us knowing that Chris donates 15% of all his rewards to Children's Hospital. This really shows his personality and his sincerity towards others.

    Thank you for all that you have done for me Chris, we wish you all the best and trust me when I say that I will recommend you with flying colors to anyone that loses their precious jewellery.

    Avreen Bassi

  • I was beside myself with shock and embarrassment when I lost my white gold wedding band in the snow at Cypress... (2011)


    On a cold December night my car was stuck in the snow by the roadside and I tried to dig the tire out with my bare hands. I realized after a few minutes I had lost my ring. I had a pit in my stomach. I searched without success for two hours that night with a flashlight.

    I called my wife to report the bad news. It was very difficult because the ring is a symbol of our love and there are personal memories associated with it. I returned to search in daylight with a metal detector I rented.

    To my shock, a snow plow had been over the area I lost the ring the night before and had shifted the snow. Finding the ring would be very tough. I searched again for 3 hours but found nothing.

    I posted an ad on Craigslist and got an email from Chris Turner from Finders at offering to help. I gave him a call and he assured me that if I could show him the rough area I lost it, he would find my ring.

    We drove up together to Cypress Mountain and he told me stories of reuniting people with lost treasure. It occurred to me that he has a big heart and is motivated to help people.

    I showed Chris the area and I kept warm in the truck while he got out his metal detector and starting searching. It could not have been more than five minutes before he got a signal and started digging in the snow.

    He held my wedding ring up in the air and looked at me with a smile. Amazing! The ring was 7 or 8 inches deep and had been moved by the snow plow about 10 feet from where I thought I lost it.

    I feel so lucky, but I realize my luck was in finding Chris Turner. Chris is the real deal in treasure hunting.

    If anyone can give Chris the rough area of a lost ring and it is still there, he can find it with his high end metal detector.

    I proudly gave Chris a reward and he is donating a portion to charity. Chris is a very gracious and generous person and I realized that Chris is treasure hunting not only for the thrill of the find, but for the enjoyment and the satisfaction of helping others.

    All the best,

    John Pyper

    Vancouver, BC

  • It had been about 6 weeks... (2011)


    ...since my wedding ring fell between the boards, into the water, about three-quarters of the way down White Rock Pier. We had tried to look for the ring ourselves the same day I lost it and in subsequent days when we thought the tide would be low enough, to no avail.

    We heard Chris being interviewed on CBC Radio and checked out his website and called him. Chris was so enthusiastic to take on the challenge that he came out to White Rock the next afternoon. It was a very chilly and windy March day.

    We were skeptical that he would be able to find my ring, not knowing how currents/tides affect the movement of such things. Chris was skeptical too due to the passing of so much time, but his excitement couldn't help but give us some hope.

    It just happened that we were leaving for a trip that afternoon and couldn't meet him down at the Pier. It was only a few days later when I checked our messages that we found out that he had some good news for us.

    I couldn't believe it! He found my ring in about 15 minutes. It was buried about 3 inches below the sandy surface, directly under where I had been standing on the pier!

    Getting my ring back meant a lot to me... the bonus was meeting a wonderful guy who uses his talent and passion to help people out by finding their lost jewellery. The fact that he works on a reward basis is extraordinary.

    The fact that he gives 50% to Children's Hospital is even more special. I had no hesitation in paying Chris what would have been the equivalent of my insurance deductible, had I made a claim.

    The whole experience gave me a larger sense of hope in these crazy times. There should be more people like Chris Turner in this world.

    And he's not too bad to look at either. ;)

    Thanks so much Chris!

    Samantha Hayes

  • When I lost my wedding and engagement rings at Kits beach I was certain they were gone forever... (2011)


    I had taken them off to put cream on my son's legs and quickly chased after him forgetting that my rings were on my lap.

    Within 15 minutes of having lost the rings (which are attached) I realized my mistake and my friend, who had been with me at the beach, and I looked everywhere on the sand to see if we could find them, all to no avail.

    Later that week I called the police (lost property department) and the insurance company to report the lost rings certain that there was no chance that I would ever see them again. Needless to say, I was rather heart broken, since no other two rings could replace my own.

    My friend offered to put notices at Kits beach in case someone had found them, and went to speak to the Life Guards to see if anyone had turned them in but was told no one had done so. One of the Life Guards gave my friend the name, telephone and website of Chris Turner's ...Finders... out of a sense of needing to try every avenue available in the slight chance that the rings could be found, I called Chris.

    When I first spoke to Chris he expressed true-felt regret for my loss, but he was also professional and friendly in our telephone communications. Everything Chris told me about the basis of his contract was perfect: he works on a reward basis (if he didn't find the rings I wouldn't have to pay him anything), I determine how much the reward should be, and one-half of my reward goes to the Children's Hospital foundation.

    Chris checked the tides and concluded the best date and time to go back to the beach in search of my rings. On the day we met, again, Chris was friendly and a pleasure to talk to. As Chris was searching for my rings, I was chasing after my sons, at one point I looked at Chris, saw him stop, bend down, dig into the sand, walk to the water, and raise his hand holding my rings.

    I was simply beside myself with joy. I ran to hug and kiss Chris with as much joy as I did my friends and family on my wedding day! I simply could not believe that he had found my rings. Later Chris told me that the rings were buried about 4 to 6 inches below the surface of the sand.

    The rings had somehow become more and more buried as the days had passed: it had been six to seven days from the day that I lost them until the day that Chris finally found my rings. Chris explained that, contrary to my original belief that the rings would have likely been washed away by the tides, they became more and more buried into the sand as is bound to happen with gold jewellery.

    Not only was Chris true to his word about my setting my own amount for his reward, he even sent me proof of having donated one-half of it to the Children's Hospital. I cannot thank Chris enough for the magnificent job he did at finding my wedding and engagement rings and I hope that others who have lost sentimentally valuable treasures will find Chris to help them recover them.


    Iris Turaglio,

    Vancouver, BC

  • Found Ring---returned right to my door (2011)


    When my husband lost his ring in the sand at Locarno Beach on Monday, we were devastated. We searched for about an hour, gently sifting the sand. Nothing was found. With heavy hearts, we left the beach. There was nothing we could do.

    That night I resolved to go back and look for it. In the morning, I packed up my two daughters, threw together a packed lunch, called around for a metal detector and went on my way.

    I searched for two and half hours. Nothing... With half the beach in my kid's clothes, boots and mouths, we left the beach with our heads hanging low.

    I decided to post an ad the next morning on Craigslist to see if anything turned up. If not, maybe someone would see my ad and go out to find the ring for themselves. I never ended up posting that ad. I instead found

    Mr. Turner is the man that runs the business. I reviewed his website and was impressed with the testimonials so I decided to send him an e-mail. He called me back soon after and we discussed where the ring had been lost.

    He called me again when he reached the beach to figure out where the ring was....after 20 minutes Mr. Turner called me back. He had found the ring within 1 minute of setting up his equipment. I was so happy!!! Amazed really.

    Then he actually drove to my house in Port Moody (1 hour away from the beach) to bring me my husband's ring!

    I would recommend Mr. Turner to anyone searching for a lost treasure! He has a heart of gold and you can tell by his voice on the phone that he loves what he does!

    Thanks Chris, I wish you all the best in the future!

    Leanne Philbrook

  • I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone who has lost jewellery. (2011)


    I play volleyball at Spanish Banks on Wednesday evenings. A week ago my wife and son decided to meet me at the beach to watch the volleyball games. My wife left the beach before me, and when she got home she realized she had lost her diamond engagement ring.

    We decided that the most likely place she would have lost it was in front of a log on the beach where she had applied sunscreen to my son. I thoroughly searched the sand in this area, but no ring. I thought the ring was probably lost for good. I went to the lifeguard station to report the lost ring and luckily they gave me a Finders pamphlet and said that Chris was the guy to call.

    I called Chris and he agreed to drive for an hour to the beach to try to find the ring, even though he had to be at work at 4:30 am. When he arrived it was after dark and I was still searching with a flashlight. After fifteen minutes of searching with his metal detector, to my amazement he found the ring.

    When I came home with the ring, my wife was astonished and relieved that her ring was back.

    Thanks Chris, you saved the day and earned me many a brownie point.

    I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone who has lost jewellery.

    Like his pamphlet says "It can be found".


    Greg Adamson

  • Good Day Christopher. A very special thanks to you in recovering my Gold Celtic Ring... (2011)


    Having spent countless hours trying to locate the Ring in a Strawberry Patch and Ivy Field, and without success, my spirit was beginning to wane if I would ever find my Ring.

    When I met you and discussed your previous successes and finds, I felt there will now be a chance to locate the Ring. Your passion was overwhelming. Even more spectacular was that you found the Ring within 10 - 15 Seconds of beginning your Search Grid.

    I know at the end of the day a ring is just a piece of metal, but one's personal memories and symbolism attributed to pieces of jewellery is 'age old'. They represent far more than fashion.

    Thank-you again for bringing a major smile to my face and adding another good memory for my Ring.

    I will without question recommend you 100%.

    With Much Respect

    Daniel A Lavery

  • Chris Turner of Finders is a real treasure. Believe it or not, it was a cold, snowy day in Vancouver (2011)


    After opening my car door without mittens I shook my freezing cold hands and looked just in time to see my diamond wedding ring flying thru the air into a snow drift. After searching through the snow without success I called my husband in tears.

    He suggested I call a treasure hunter, well, at the very least a guy with a metal detector. After a couple of calls I was given Chris's number and gave him a call. He said he could come out after finishing work that evening, if need be.

    I then embarked on my own search and asked friends and neighbours to join in and after hours of searching with a salad fork and then renting a metal detector, gave up. Chris called at the end of the day and said he could come when his film wrapped but would need to drive across town to fetch his equipment and then drive back to our home.

    He finally arrived well after midnight and within about 3 minutes, managed to find my ring in the same area that all of us had looked a million times. His graciousness was an unexpected pleasure.

    Thank you so much for recovering my precious property!

    Stephanie Goltman

  • Dear Chris, I just wish to say a massive big thank you... (2011) any case. Even though the ring wasn't found, I feel I can now rule out the beach. I was definitely wearing the ring on the walk, and now the most likely explanation is that it fell down the toilet (!) I really appreciate all your hard work, and am more at peace now that I know you've searched on my behalf.

    Thanks again, and take care,


  • Mr. Chris Turner is a very extraordinary person. I lost my diamond ring on a beach in Vancouver one night before I flew out of Vancouver back to Austria (2011)


    I read a flyer of a treasure hunter/finder; called this phone number and a couple of hours later Mr. Chris Turner met me on the beach to check the situation. He is very patient, professional & extremely trustworthy.

    I offered €100,-to find the ring. He simply said, well first we find the ring & if we find it & I insist giving some money (out of gratitude) he could give it to charity (fighting cancer - kids hospital). I gave him my address & my phone number & flew off.

    In the next weeks I got a couple of emails from Mr. Turner, He was busy checking with other treasure hunters regarding the ring. Finally after actually 3 month he wrote to me that my ring was found which I had lost in the water!

    So long story short... Mr. Turner put hours & hours of HIS TIME into finding my ring. His reward was not money no... It was the joy he found in making someone happy, because someone got something precious she lost back.

    I feel very honored to get to know Mr. Chris Turner. Wish him & his family all of gods blessing.


    Andrea Grabner


  • It was a sad day when I lost my Gold Nugget necklace... (2011)


    It was a sad day when I lost my Gold Nugget necklace that was made from all my old Gold and was refined to 99.99%.

    I was playing baseball in Burnaby, when I left to go home I noticed that I had lost my nugget. I returned to the field and searched on my own for hours and finally gave up.

    Three years later I was casually talking to Chris Turner about his company and what he does for a living. When he told me he treasure hunts I mention that I had lost my Gold nugget.

    He asked me where I lost it and I explained to him which baseball diamond. He knew the place and said he would take a look for me.

    Chris phoned me the next morning 8 a.m. and said he looked all around the bleachers where I told him it could of fell out of my bag. He asked me if there was anywhere else it could have been lost.

    I mentioned I was in the dugout just before I left, he said he would call me back and minutes later he called back to tell me he had found my nugget that was lost for 3 years!

    Chris told me it was less than an inch under the dirt, I was ecstatic the loop was missing but the nugget was intact.

    Hundreds of people had walked on and had been within inches of my nugget for years, and nobody found it.

    It took Chris just 15 minutes to find my nugget, and the strangest part was when I retrieved the nugget from him it had an impression of what looked like a gold miner, panning gold at a stream on the front of the nugget.

    That was never there before? Funny thing is I have heard Chris Turner believes he was a gold miner in another life and that he was killed by a bear while panning for gold at a stream!!!!

    My nugget that had a rough natural finish came out of the ground with a little gold miner panning for gold at the stream.

    Unbelievable really that he found my nugget and that the little man appeared...

    You figure it out!!!! I think he's got somebody helping him on the inside?

    My name is Dale and that's my story, oh and if you've lost something make sure to call Chris...He'll find it!