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Mattapoisett Harbor Beach Golden Band Rescue

As I was getting out of the water yesterday when I received  a text message from Chet. It said that he had lost his wedding band the day before while swimming his boat back to shore.  He also new the general area, and mentioned, at low tide it should be fairly low water. He wanted to know if I could help with locating it for him. I told him that I certainly will try.

We made plans to go around an hour before low tide. I met Chet, and asked a few more questions like, is it White, Yellow, Gold or Platinum? Any makings inside, the usual. Was the water mucky in that area? Hopefully no one had stepped on it, and sent it to deep to locate.

We walked down to the area, I had him go out and stand in the spot he had it last and stop. I made my way out to him, first signal was an old Penny, next signal was blasting , I knew I had it rite away. I looked in the scoop and said does that look familiar ? He couldn’t believe it. Less than five minutes, and with perfect timing, it was back on his finger. Congratulations Chet and Thanks for calling The Ring Finders… Leighton

Ladies Ring Lost in the Sand Cedar Beach Brookhaven

  • from Jones Beach (New York, United States)

Received a text message that a young lady lost her ring on the beach at Cedar beach in Brookhaven.  I got the address on Harbor Beach Road and off I when.

When I got there the young ladies father showed me the area that he things the ring might be lost.  Move some of the chairs and started my search.  It was within 3 feet of the spot where the chair was sitting.  The young lady and her father were very happy. Another successful search

Men’s Wedding Band Lost Flying Point Beach Southamton

  • from Jones Beach (New York, United States)

I received a call late Sunday afternoon from Henry,  He told me he lost his wedding ring in the sand at Flying Point Beach.  I said I would meet him at 5 o’clock at the beach.  When I got there he took me to the spot that the ring when missing.

i started a grid search, with no results. increase the grid size and after a while I hear the sound of a ring in the sand.  using my beach scoop, there it was.  Henry was so glad that I found it as he was only married for about 6 months


  • from Waverly (Iowa, United States)

A fun day on a pontoon ends up with a wedding ring at the bottom of Clear Lake in Iowa. After reading other finds Margi gave me a call and asked if I was willing to come look for her ring.  I was more than willing except for one problem. I had a broken toe and was currently in a boot cast. After a visit to the doctor that week, I was told that I could start the transition away from the boot and into an ankle brace.

The ring was some where by the beach and swim area of the State Park and Campground. We made plans and made a reservation at the campground for the following weekend and meetup with Margi and her husband Dan at 8am on Saturday.  When Saturday came we met and walked to the beach area. There was a large swim area marked by buoys and boats would anchor just outside the swim area and have fun. In the summer afternoon this would attract dozens of boats and hundreds of people.  They had anchored the pontoon and proceeded to jump in the water and play.  They actually had a photo of her jumping in the water. Studying the photo, you could clearly see the ring on her finger and you could see the left 2 buoys as you were facing the shore. To give a little perspective, we were 400 feet from shore and only 4 foot of water.  Using the buoys as our reference point we started searching. After 3 hours of searching we found many bottle caps, a 2020 penny, a 1966 dime, an old ring type pull tab from the 1970’s, and a top of a beverage can that was opened with a churchkey so dating prior to mid 60’s. Boats and people were starting to come so we had to suspend the search but I assured them that I would be back the next morning.  During our time together I found out that the ring had not left her finger for 30 years. Dan saved up for 3 years and had it custom made so it had a lot of meaning.

That afternoon, my wife Jeni and I regrouped. I went and bought a waterproof case for my phone so I could take it out in the water with me. The next morning at 7am, Jeni and I went to the beach and we went back out using the GPS coordinates of the photo. We searched what I thought was the correct place for another couple hours and found more junk. At this point, I was needing more sun screen so we went back into the beach. I ended up downloading a GPS app to my phone and put the coordinates of the photo into the app and when we went back out I was able to stand at the exact location of the photo.  The thing was at this new location which was left of the buoys which did not make sense as we have focused all our time right of the buoys that the photo clearly showed.  Jeni stood at that new location and I used her as a reference. I started to scan the area and within 5 minutes I got a hit at a location that was consistent with where she would have jumped in. I scooped and there it was less than 10 feet from where my gps said the photo was taken. I turned to Jeni and I could not even speak and she saw the look on my face and asked what was wrong. I was able to get the words out that I found it. After finding so many bottle caps it was just unbelievable.

We made our way back to shore at which point I gave Jeni the ring as I was shaking. We went back to our camper decided to shower to wash off all the sand and change before we called Margi.  We gave Margi a call on speaker and I explained that we had been searching since 7am and we were going to pack up but then asked if she wanted to come get this rock before we left. There were tears over the phone which made Jeni and I start to cry. Margi and her daughter came and we reunited her with her beautiful ring. It was a fun weekend that ended with so much joy.

Howes Beach sandbar swallows up Gold/Platinum Band

Got a phone call from Gail last evening. She said they were at the beach and her son in law had lost his wedding band in the water.  She asked for help in trying to find it.  Rick & I both agreed that today would be better because low tide exposed the area in question.
I met Rick at his place then off to the beach where we were to meet Gail and her daughter Leah. They were already out in the sand area eagerly waiting for us.
we introduced ourselves and I asked both of them to stand where each of them thought it may be buried.  Well after about an hour of walking the grid pattern I noticed Rick talking with two woman.  I continued to search closer to the beach and about 175 away from them when I finally got a nice loud tone on my MineLab xcal II only six inches down and out onto the sand a Beautiful wedding band staring back at me.
I called Leah and her mom over to witness it in the scoop.  Both of them were so happy and tears of joy flowing.  They both Hugged me and thanked me so much for what we do.  We shared some pictures and a few stories.  Corey is Leah’s husband who was FaceTimed by Gail was extremely surprised when we showed him the ring.  Another happy story to share.

West Dennis Beach Holds Lost Platinum Ring

Got a call from Rick Browne another Ring Finder Saturday evening. He asked me to join in a hunt for a lost Platinum Wedding band from the day before. I said of course I’ll join in. We met the next morning at his place, then met up with the owner (Alex) at the West Dennis beach. As usual, Rick & I took our approach and went at it. I had asked Alex to go into the water, and stand in the spot he believed it to have come off of his finger while playing football. He was trying to remember, but seemed as though things looked different to him today. Rick & I had grid an area about about 100 x 100 square foot = 10,000 square feet.

We were running out of area to search. I turned to see Rick looking at his machine, I said whats up? He replied with great sorrow, he replied my battery is dead. I said no worry I’ll keep looking for it. I broadened the search area,  Alex called in a lifeline to his brother. He helped in this recovery as best as he could. I kept searching, and in the process, I found two sterling rings that had been lost many moons ago. We were running out of more area now, It had been almost 3 hours of searching, and yet no Platinum Wedding band.

As I got closer to Alex I told him I think that’s about it buddy. He said he had waved the white flag and chocked it up as gone forever. All three of us were walking out of the water, I got a signal that I was sure it was it…. NO…. it was a Quarter this time. Something told me to turn right just a little and yes another signal… could it be? sounds good…I dug down one scoop and finally the Platinum wedding band was in my scoop. I looked up and said you are a very lucky man today.  Alex was running over to me, he couldn’t believe I got it after so long. He teared up, and said Thank You so much. Rick & I congratulated him, out of the water we went, mission completed. Lot’s of joyous comments on the way back to the truck. Alex was was so happy we didn’t give up easily… Persistence did pay off. Congratulations Alex… Glad we found it.

Metal detector in Miami Beach

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

If you’re looking for a metal detector in the Miami Beach area because you lost something like a ring, earring, necklace, give me a call, LOUIS, 305-608-1870.  I run a metal detecting service and can come out and find it for you.  In the pictures below, Ray lost his Platinum wedding band on the beach and after looking for it for a while, he found my information on the internet and I was able to go out and find it for him in a few minutes.

Lost Sapphire Ring, Virginia Beach…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I’m in Virginia Beach with the Gigmaster, Mr. Steven Andrews. Steven gets a call from frantic lady who lost her beautiful emerald ring at the beach, we race out to look at the location and unfortunately they had fenced off the area, getting ready for the BeachIt country music festival. Unfortunately, we had to call and tell her that the search area was out of bounds for the next 7-10 days.

There was another factor in this story… they had pushed up the sand from the area she’d lost the ring and made one long 4 feet mound about 100 yards long to separate the ocean from the concert area and the ring would’ve been buried most likely. Flash back seven days later at night around 12:30 AM. I went there just to search the concert grounds and was asked to leave due to liability reasons, as I was walking off the beach I noticed this with the area the lady had mentioned she lost her ring and within minutes, I found it.

This was truly a miracle, so much going against us and so lucky to be in that area and sweep my coil over it. I reached out to the local news station wavy 10 and they came out and did a story on the return… I of course set it up for the surprise factor!

It was such a fun time in Virginia Beach, I’m sad to go. I met a great member and friend Steven Andrews, who has helped me a lot on how to work my YouTube channels and get more content out there for people to watch. This whole trip has been amazing meeting great members and I appreciate everyone for what they do and also for being so kind to me along my journey.

Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463

Found & Returned 24 karat Gold Ring/Virginia Beach

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I’ve been driving across America for the last two months shooting my doc-u series on my members and people they have helped. I’m in Virginia Beach now with the gig master Steven Andrews. We get up early one morning to go search the beach after the  »BeachIt » Country music festival but we were asked to leave the area for safety reasons. So we started down the beach a little bit and I found a beautiful 24 karat gold ring with a heart on it. Someone came up and told me the guy over there who was detecting was looking for a ring. I caught up to him and he told me an East Indian lady had lost a gold ring, and he was looking for it.

I asked, did you know where she lived? He said no I think she was staying in a hotel here and she may be coming back to the beach later. I asked if he saw her to please tell her to call TheRingFinders, I may have found her ring.

My friend Steven Andrews and I headed up the beach and two hours later Steven got the call we were hoping for… It was the lady who had lost the ring, she described it perfectly, we met up with her and we’re happy to give her ring back.

This is my first recovery for someone on my trip and it felt so good to hand back that beautiful ring and see her smile… A big THANK YOU!! to the Detectorist who saw her and told her to call TheRingFinders.



Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463



Ring of Keys Found Wellfleet, Cape Cod, MA.

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

June 22, 2023

A bit of help in finding a set of lost keys came from a grandmother. Her granddaughter had taken ill while hiking the trails in the National Seashore area of Massachusetts. I was told the rings were “lost” somewhere along one of the trails between a parking lot and one of three ponds and perhaps by a rock where a rest stop had been made. This was going to be a long shot at best. But a challenge I was up to.

Six family members had been staying at my home and were leaving the next day. Rain was in the forecast and the daylight was waning. It just was not a good time for me to go on a search so I put off the search to the next day. I arrived at the parking lot and the ticket agent told me a set of keys had been found and were taken to the police station. Well, that was easy and off to pick up the keys.

Unfortunately the single key was not the large set of keys I was in search of. I returned to the parking lot and got ready for a hike, and off I went. I had never been on the path before and other than the assumption that the path lead to the pond I had little to go on. About a half mile later and best guesses on which fork in the path to take I was at the water’s edge. There was no sign of a rock or the keys I was sent to find.

I started hiking, going back up the trail, and searching the other side I saw what might have been a rock, but it was only a soaking wet towel. I decided to move the towel and to my surprise there were the keys. What unbelievable luck as I do not normally move personal items. This time as it was evident they had been there at least overnight and no other person was in sight. I picked up the keys, towel and a sweat shirt and headed back to the parking lot.

Two hours later I was sitting with grandmother Janet. We swapped stories about the loss and finding of the set of keys, store ID cards, good luck charm and a few other trinkets, all very meaningful to Janet’s granddaughter who was still in a hospital. The car had been towed from the parking lot to a family’s horse farm. But it was still locked. Had I not found the keys the family would have incur further charges to tow the car to the dealer, the cutting of two car keys, two house keys, and a couple of other keys. As with most returns, the monetary value of the items returned are not as much appreciated as the special meaning of something that could never be replaced. As always I was thrilled to be able to help.