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Man Loses Wedding Band After Canoe Capsized in Lake Nipissing, North Bay, Ontario

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Eric headed north from Hamilton to see his Family in North Bay, Ontario.

He decided to go for a canoe paddle but unfortunately the canoe capsized and Eric’s ring slipped off his finger into 5′ of water near the Sunset Beach boat launch.

Eric contacted me and I went up on a beautiful sunny day as I was off on holidays. I managed to ask two complete strangers Don & Barb local North Bay residents to be my safety spotters while I search for the lost ring.

A few items were found such as a fishing lure, a Medic Alert bracelet (which I tried to return) a number of trash items and after an hour and a half I finally had a beautiful solid tone on my underwater metal detector!

Thankfully, this was Eric’s 14k gold wedding band with the identifying marks of a MAPLE LEAF.

Don, Barb and I then proceeded to FaceTime Eric to surprise him with the good news!

Thank you to the completed wonderful strangers North Bay residents Don & Barb for agreeing to be my safety spotters. Also, thank you to the ring owner Eric and his Wife Megan for your generous donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation! My reward goes to this amazing charity which I have been involved in for 15 years.

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1940’s Family Heirloom Ring Recovered from the shores of Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Laura had received a beautiful 18th Birthday gift of her Great Grandmother’s ring which dated back to the 1940’s ear a couple of years ago.

Laura and her dog was visited the dog beach portion at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park the day prior. Her dog was running off into the water with leash attached and she felt that the ring must have slipped off as her finger as it was catching the leash.

After starting the search, our first find was a small ring. Unfortunately, this was not Lauren’s ring. Hopefully we can get that ring back to the owner through social media posts.

The next target was a pull tab and finally the next target was the beautiful 1940’s amethyst gold heirloom ring!

Lauren and her Mother both saw the glimpse of gold and we all shouted with excitement and relief.

The key to this successful ring recovery was getting the the location as soon as possible after it was lost and the strict tight grid search!

Thank you so very much Lee & Lauren for your generous donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation.

Check out the video of this beautiful 1940’s Family Heirloom ring recovery;

This ring recovery took place July 2023


  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Joel took his kids for an afternoon outing at Emerald Lake Trailer Resort & Water Park in Puslinch, Ontario.

He went down the water slide and felt his wedding band slip off his finger into the water below.

We are grateful to obtain permission from the owners to look for his wedding band near the end of the day not to disturb the patrons! Emerald Lake is a private trailer resort as well as a water park open to the public! Check out their website at emeraldlake.ca

I proceeded into the water with my floating battery operated air system called the DIVE BLU3 NOMAD. The nomad has a 30 foot hose and pumps air on demand down through the hose to my regulator! With a weight belt at slightly negative buoyancy, I am able navigate with ease to operate my underwater metal detector to find Joel’s wedding band!

Unfortunately, the visibility was extremely poor due to the silty bottom! There were numerous targets such as trash, small pieces of jewelry, pop cans, and pull tabs.
My metal detector and pin pointer helped me zone in on a solid loud target after approximately 40 minutes in the water!

HURRAY!! This target was Joel’s beautiful gold wedding band! Joel and his Wife were absolutely thrilled to have his wedding band back on his finger!

Happy to help recover Joel’s precious wedding band and grateful for permission from the owners at Emerald Lake Trailer & Water Park!

Check out the video on this return;

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  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Received a call from Gayle that her Daughter Jenna was kayaking on Lake Manitouwaba, Sequin the previous summer and lost her heirloom engagement.

The Dive BLU3 Nemo floating battery operated air system, underwater circular gridding technique alongside my underwater metal detector made this a quick 15 minute ring recovery!

Jenna and Family were all thrilled!

Thank you Jenna for your generous donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation!

Check out the underwater video view!

Men’s Platinum Wedding Band Lost in Whitestone Lake, Municipality of Whitestone, Parry Sound, ON

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Received a call from Dan and Debbie of Toronto, as they were attending a Family gathering on Whitestone Lake, Municipality of Whitestone in the District of Parry Sound, Ontario.

Met up with Dan and Debbie and we headed up early on a beautiful Saturday morning!

Dan had jumped into the lake and realized his platinum wedding band was not on his finger! Brother-in-law Tony, had lost pliers off his dock four years ago!

I mentioned to Debbie and Dan that this will not take long and probably will be under five minutes!

I used my top underwater metal detector the Minelab ‘Excalibur2’ alongside my floating battery operated hooka system called the Dive BLU3 ‘Nemo’.

With-in 4 minutes I had an old ‘Lucky Strike’ fishing lure and Dan’s chunky platinum wedding band! I also explored a bit and pulled up a fishing rod, more lures, a titanium sinker and trash! Always like to leave the environment cleaner than when I arrived!

We also drove down the road to help the Deputy mayor Joe Lamb find a property marker in 5 minutes after he had been looking for it for six hours! Thank you for the boat ride Mr. Lamb.  We all thoroughly enjoyed it.

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A very happy couple to receive back an  extremely sentimental wedding band! Tony was also happy to receive his pliers back!

From Mombo Beach, Curacao to Denmark, an unexpected return!

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

November 15, 2022
My vacation in Curacao ended with an unexpected ring return. While detecting at Mombo Beach I found an initial ring, my second ring found on the first day in Vacation Land. No one around had lost or knew of anyone losing a ring. Five days later Leighton, my RingFinders traveling companion, was asked to help find a ring that was just lost. Two minutes later he had found and returned the ring. As it usually happens a happy commotion of joy was spread along the beach when a return is made. One of the onlookers, Jordan, was among the onlookers and when he had a chance, he asked Leighton if he had also found an initial ring, he had a picture of. Leighton said no but he took a look at the picture and would ask the other detectorist who was some distance down the beach.

Leighton’s description from the photo he viewed sounded like I had the ring I had found. A walk back to talk with Jordan took a few minutes. When together we were told the story of the ring’s loss and history which verified the ring’s ownership.

Jordan’s girlfriend, Anne, had been swimming when the ring slipped from her finger. The ring was her great-grandfather’s ring with two dates engraved on the inside of the ring and initials for DH on the face of the ring. It was her ring. But she would have to wait until January to wear it again. Anne had returned to The Netherlands and Jordan would not follow until his return in January.

Now back on Cape Cod, I have great memories of a wonderful vacation and an unusual and unexpected return.

Sentimental ring lost in 15’ of cottage lake water Severn, Georgian Bay, Huntsville, ON

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Had an emergency call from a girlfriend I hadn’t seen in a couple of years as she lost a very sentimental ring into a Georgian Bay lake in beautiful cottage country of Muskoka, Ontario. (respecting her privacy / area not to be named)

She tossed a line into the water to tow her SeaDoo back to the dock. Unfortunately her ring flew off her hand into 15’ of cold water. She had the smarts to immediately note two landmarks and called me immediately!

I was excited to head up to her location with brand new gear to test out along with finding her precious ring.

I made arrangements for the following weekend even though waters were roughly 12C. I met her at the marina and headed to her beautiful home!

All my gear was set up, checked and off I went with her as my spotter. My new DIve BLU3 Nomad Hookah system worked great alongside the new underwater metal detector the Nokta Makro “Legend”, and my underwater circular gridding tool.

On the 3rd outing after I moved my circular gridding tool closer to shore, I had a solid double tone! I was hoping this was it because I was starting to get cold! Second grasp of silty debris and I had the beautiful ring!! Now the surprise…

Check out the video;

I came up and handed over my gridding tool and detecting, went into her dock area and then the surprise!! Priceless! She was absolutely thrilled!!!

I am extremely grateful for the incredible donation she made to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation as well as her wonderful hospitality!

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College Ring Lost 2 years ago, was Found and Returned – Dennis, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

October 15, 2021
This return was one that I had not been called to help find. It was what detectorists call a “Natural Find”. I found the Bentley College ring in the shallow waters of a Cape Cod beach.

The ring had what I and others thought to be two dates 85 and 99, and owner’s entire name inscribed on it. Searching the internet I located a Facebook page listing several possible relatives and friends name and one address for Rhonda. These were starting points which none of the messages I sent to listed Facebook names prompted a reply. In desperation I went to the address that had no sign of life. However a neighbor, Jeff, was home and said he would put a picture of the ring I found and owner’s name in the area newsletter.

At home I E-mail the information to Jeff and with in two hours I had Rhonda’s E-mail address. In another hour or so an E-mail from Rhonda with her phone number was in my In Box. I called Rhonda and we arranged for the return to take place the next day. I was also told the story of how the ring was lost and the meaning of the two dates. The first year, 85, is not a year but the letters BS which stands for Bachelor of Science. Unfortunately Rhonda’s work trumped the ring’s return as she had to “go off Cape” before we could meet. Fortunately, Fran her husband, would stand-in and the return was made.

Some Natural Finds are impossible to return. Some returns are easier to complete and some have a learning lesson to be had. In this return I learned several tips and tricks in locating a person on social media. In this return a personal contact, Jeff, was the main factor in reuniting Rhonda with her ring.

Lost Platinum Ring Found in Goose Creek, Middleburg Virginia

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

Call Ray at MyGoldFinder for lost items 571.258.7217


I recently received a call from a customer, Chris from Arlington Virginia. He provided a brief description of his situation and asked if it was something I could assist him with, I said « absolutely I can help ».  Chris had taken a short Saturday trip to Northern Virginia to do some fly fishing with a friend. They had picked a beautiful area in Loudoun County, specially Middleburg, Virginia. As Chris was fishing and moving through the creek he had stumbled hands first into the water. He had hit with such force that his left hand was in a lot of pain which caused him to start shaking his hand vigorously to alleviate some of the pain. After returning to his vehicle a short while later is when he realized the ring was gone. As with most of us these days with teleworking we arranged to meet on the following Saturday. With no rain in the forecast we both agreed the water levels should more than likely stay low and calm, that was the hope.

Chris was fishing in a small section of Goose Creek, which is a 53.9-mile-long tributary of the Potomac River, somewhat adjacent to the Goodstone Inn. After a very scenic drive through large sections of horse ranch country, even had to stop once for a few horses and several dozen hounds on the road,  we met on along the roadside of the creek. As we had to trek the path to the spot where he had been fishing Chris donned his waders and I slipped on my wetsuit, a little overkill on my part for a creek, but you never know when you’ll hit a drop off.

Once we reached the area Chris identified where he had fallen I did a quick scan in the running water portion first, then more specifically where he indicated. Within less than 5 minutes the ring came up easily out of the mud and leaves. Chris was astonished it was found so quickly and extremely excited to see his ring again. Jokingly, Chris’ friend had believed the ring was gone forever and that we wouldn’t find it. Always keep hope!!


Chris, glad I could help return your wedding ring!

God Bless



Grandmother Was Not Affraid to Ask for Help in Yarmouth, MA to Find a Ring.

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

August 14, 2021, Yarmouth, MA

After leaving the beach were I had found and returned one ring that had been lost the day before by Mark while he was applying sunblock on this two children – See the Cape Cod, Massachusetts Lost Ring Returned blog. Leighton and I traveled to the beach we had originally planed to detect that day. Usually when heading to and while detecting in the water we get the usually questions, too many to list. But this day was a bit different and the question was “Could you help us find a ring that was lost yesterday? My son lost it while playing catch with his son?”

Leighton had moved down the shore line while I was getting the information on the lost ring. Of course I said we would listen for it. About 15 minutes later Leighton came back as I had not moved very far and he thought I might need help. Of course I did and welcomed it.

Another 15 minutes passed and I got a signal, yes, it was a ring. John had just walked past me to talk with Leighton. I turned around and went to them and sure enough the ring was as described and fit perfectly onto John’s finger.

Thanks and picture taking followed. An exchange of a few returned ring stories and a bit about metal detecting. John’s son, John, told us he was interested more in the detectors than the stories we were reminiscing about. We answered all his question. It was wonderful to have someone more interested in the hobby than the just best things we have found. I think Leighton and I may have seeded a budding metal detectorist. What a great hobby.