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Lost Sentimental Gold Wedding Band Found in the Snow, Portland, Maine.

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Monday January 23, 2023, I received a text from someone who lost a very sentimental wedding band, in the snow. Fred, had been cleaning the snow off of his car, during a storm that would eventually drop 10-12 inches of fresh snow on the area, along with sleet and freezing rain.  When Fred got back into his house, he noticed his custom made wedding ring was missing. He went out looking for it around his car but had no luck locating the ring. Fred states that he started to panic, as the plow would be coming back through and was afraid of the plow would take it down the road and be forever lost. Fred rust back inside and frantically searched online on how to find a lost ring in the snow. At that point, Fred found The Ring Finders website. Fred then contacted me with the text message. I immediately called Fred back and let him know that because of the snow day I would not be able to make it to Portland because I was home alone with my 5 year old granddaughter whose Kindergarten school had been canceled. The police were also asking everyone not to travel because of the weather. I then told Fred that if he could shovel the snow from around the car and throw it up onto the lawn, it would be safe from the plow and I could get out to his place the next day or so, if he so desires. Fred said he would let me know and went back outside and shoveled all the snow around his car, up onto the lawn.

I did not hear back from Fred until 3 days later , when he texted me and let me know that he and his wife had been sifting through the snow that he had thrown up onto the lawn and had found the priceless ring.
InFred’s own words.   “Just wanted to let you know that we searched the snow I put on the grass again tonight and found my ring! Thank you so so so much for that idea! I was totally losing my head and you helped keep me sane and I got my ring back thanks to your quick thinking! ”

Fred then went on to tell me how the custom ring was made.Again, in Fred’s own words.                        “It’s gold and white gold with a ruby. It was made along side my wife’s by melting down some old family rings that were given to us for that purpose.” “My wife’s is two rings. The engagement ring sits inside the wedding band. It’s rubies and sapphires.”

So even though I did not find his ring with my detector, I feel absolutely elated that this very sentimental ring is back where it belongs, on Fred’s finger. Fred sent me a photo of his ring and his wife’s custom made ring. Beautiful and now back together  



  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Recovery #173 Matt St.Germain
Over labor day weekend I was contacted by John. While he was at the beach with his wife and friends enjoying the day, He removed his ring to put on some sun block and placed his ring on the arm of his chair. He forgot to put it back on and it wound up falling into the sand and disappeared. I promptly headed out there to help. In about 5 mins he had his ring back! Another great ending!

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Lost Gold Earring Found in Birmingham Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

The Tale of Tulip and Dogwood……

…Began about 3 months ago and even tho you can combine tulip and dogwood and get a beautiful outcome, this particular arrangement was not so pretty. When Chris’ wife was working in the yard, their dog Tulip jumped up into the arms of his wife. As the dog was wiggling around his wife’s earring became dislodged and fell to the ground. For hours they searched with no luck. Now these earrings were an anniversary gift to his wife, who’s favorite flower happens to be dogwood. Being that this was her favorite pair she was devastated that one was lost. Chris even bought a toy type metal detector which added to the frustration, so when he came across me on the ringfinders they decided to give this one more try. I took a metal detector reading from the existing earring and began to grid search the area marked by a flag. A few small iron targets signaled thru and after a few minutes a solid signal number matching the earring was on the metal detector’s meter. I reached down and while spreading the grass open revealed his wife’s dogwood shaped earring!  A quick text had Chris and wife running to the scene. Seeing me standing there he said, « this can’t be good ». I said why? did you get the text? He said yea but he didn’t read it. I said this is a text you should have read! There’s gold on you land in the shape of a flower! Quickly his wife reached down and lifted the earring from the grass smiling and thrilled that it was found! Back into the house for some coffee, I met Tulip who was quickly forgiven and reunited with the dogwood. Now hopefully all can continue to blossom into a beautiful arrangement.



Lost Heirloom Gold & Diamond Ring at Ulua Lagoon Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began this afternoon when I got a call from Anthony who is from San Francisco California and was on vacation.  While Anthony and his girlfriend Abi were enjoying the cool waters of Ulua Lagoon Abi’s heirloom Gold and Diamond Ring she got from her Grandmother fell off in shallow water and disappeared.  An immediate search with googles was hopeless as the ring was covered in the fine sand of the lagoon.  Anthony found me on a Google search and I had just returned from a Chinese New Year lunch with my wife Wendy.  I told Anthony to just relax on the beach and I would grab my detecting gear and head right down.  Traffic was a breeze so I made it there in around 30 minutes.  Anthony was waiting on the beach for me and Abi was in the water near where she had lost the ring.  I started a grid search to the South of Abi and when I was in about thigh deep water I got a nice 12-13 tone on the Nox and in one scoop there was Abi’s heirloom ring in the scoop.  They hadn’t told me about the diamond so I told Abi, « This can’t be your ring. »  She immediately exclaimed when it came into view, That’s certainly it! »  I could see a few tears of relief as we hugged.  Elapsed time 45 seconds.  They aren’t always this quick.  Aloha to Abi & Anthony!

Lost engagement ring found in Hillsborough NC

  • from Hillsborough (North Carolina, United States)

Got a call today in Hillsborough NC for a lost white gold engagement ring.

What a great way to start out the new year helping someone recover a lost ring.

  1. I received the call today and spoke with the gentleman about his wife’s ring she had lost at a local park today. He explained that she had taken the rings off and put them on a carabiner which she then attached to the strap on her back pack. When they were done they picked up their stuff and back pack and went to the car. When she got home she noticed the wedding band was still there but not her engagement ring. They went back to the park and looked then called me for help. I agreed to meet within the hour and started my search. After about an hour the ring was found and he was very happy to have the ring back. It always great to help people out and was a great way to start out the new year.

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Lost – Lady’s Gold Wedding Band, Outer Banks (OBX), NC – FOUND!!

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

I was working on my truck and my wife was making pumpkin pies from scratch.  The last thing I expected was a lost ring call…but that’s exactly what happened.

I got the call shortly before noon.   A lady on the other end let me know that she had lost her gold wedding ring on a vacant lot about a one-hour drive away.  The lady lives near me in the Outer Banks so we decided to drive down to the site together.

As we drove, the conversation centered around the importance of the ring and how she lost it.  Her husband had passed away only a few days earlier.   They had been married 51 years.  She had been looking at a boat motor that he had owned.

While walking on the lot she got burrs on her sleeves.  She never felt the ring fall off but later that day she found it missing.  A friend offered to help her find it with a metal detector.  They searched for over an hour with no luck.

On the way to the ring site, we stopped  for a quick lunch.  She asked me if I could bless the food.  I asked God to bless our food and help us find the ring.  I had no idea how easy He would make it.

When we arrived, I did not pull in the one space drive but rather parked on the precariously sloped side of the road. I wanted to concentrate where they were parked previously.

As I got my Deus II out, the lady went over to the area she thought she may have lost it.  The sun came out shining brightly on the ring lying at her feet.  She screamed, “I found it!”  She was thrilled.

The ride back was filled with tears of gratitude and memories of her husband.  Mission accomplished!

Holiday Light Hang-Up! Lost Platinum Diamond Ring – Found, Pittsburgh

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lost your ring, other valuable jewelry, cellphone, keys, or other metal object…call or text Brian Carpenter at (814)244-2300 as soon as possible. I am a ring recovery specialist serving Pittsburgh, Indiana (PA), and most of Western PA.

I was contacted by a young lady who said she had lost her diamond ring while hanging up Christmas lights the day before. Her and her husband had searched for it but were unable to locate it. I hopped in car and went down to have a look. It was a rather small yard with a bit of a hill and some landscaping, while she was not 100% sure she lost it outside I was feeling rather good about finding it if she did. I had been out on two searches the day before and came up empty so I was hoping for a quick search and recovery. They did not have a lot of lights out so that made me feel even a bit more confident that I only had to check a small area. I quickly got to work and in no time at all I was through the search area and had found nothing. I stopped for a minute to make sure I had checked everywhere there was lights and to survey the area before starting my second sweep. Suddenly when I looked up at some of the lights with some greenery I noticed something small and shiny. There – right in front of me – caught up in the lights and greenery was the ring!! I rang the doorbell and told her that I had found the ring – no metal detector needed! She came out and could not believe where I had found it. It was great to be able to return her ring to her and she was very happy and grateful to have it back. As always, it is great to meet warm and generous people and even better was to have helped make the holidays a little brighter!

Lost White Gold Ring Found in Bloomfield Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Don’t Sweat the FALL Stuff….

…As the last of the leaves have fallen and autumn’s still callin’, there was a few more tasks Jay was eager to complete before the holidays approached. After splitting a few logs, he was left with untangling the Christmas lights and installing them throughout the yard. With darkness closing in he quickly threaded the wires through the bushes. Stepping back to take in a wider view, he turned them on and admired his work. Back inside the house he noticed his ring was missing. Terribly concerned, he spent a restless night wondering where it was. I arrived the next day, chatted with his wife and got the details of where to look for the ring while he was at work. Using my MXT metal detector I did a quick grid search around the perimeter in the grass with no luck. Scanning in closer to the bushes I got some random pieces of aluminum. Continuing along the sidewalk leading to the house I got a solid signal in the middle of two bushes. Using my pin-pointer I got a signal and reaching down the wire I pulled it from under some leaves and saw his ring over one of the Christmas lights! I was thrilled and ran to the door. When his wife opened the door, I held up the ring and as she saw it in my hand, she smiled saying how excited and relieved she was that it was found and the overwhelming thoughts of where it was had been solved. I said let’s « fall » it a day and assured her that there’s always someone and a way to solve a problem……then she said…. and today it was theringfinders!



  • from Pinson (Alabama, United States)


I received a voicemail from Heba about a lost wedding ring on December 5th, that her husband had lost in the front yard or flower bed on December 3rd. I called her back to see if they had been able to find it and she stated that they were still looking for it. She stated that they had tried to find the ring and went as far as buying a metal detector. She said that all they were able to find were nails and other bits of metal. We were expierencing rainy conditions and we agreeded that December 6th would be the earliest that would work for both of us to meet up. December 6th came and I was on my way over to the residence, it was later in the day due to a doctors appointment so I called a coworker of mine from the fire station that I  helped get in to detecting and asked to see if he could help me. With it getting darker earlier in the afternoon and time approaching 3 PM, I though some help would be warranted. I arrived at the residence and met with Heba, she went on the explain that her husband went as far to rake the flower bed closest to the porch. He told her that he thought he saw it bounce off the column and felt like it was the right area. After raking the area he retrieved a blower to assist in looking for the ring. After several hours and a few days they gave up, went to the internet and that’s when they stumbled on The Ring Finders web site. They searched for a local ring finder and made the call.

I started my search off in the flower bed working my way down the front porch. Back and forth, side to side hitting a lot of signals but not the right ones. The flower bed gave up some more nails and other bits of metal. After about 20 minutes my co worker Alan arrived and explained the information and area that Heba told me where they thought it might be. Alan was swinging the Equinox 800 and I was swinging  the Deus 2, we made several passes along the flower bed and expanded the search out into the front yard due to the blower being used and the raking of the mulch from the flower beds in the days before. After about an hour, we spoke to Heba to see if there was anything else that she could add to aid our search. She called her husband to asked a few questions. She stated that he doesn’t really know and he stated that he was throwing it up in the air. I asked if it could have got high enough to make it to the rain gutters, Heba said she didn’t know. Alan stepped back and said what is that, we retrieved a roof ladder and laddered the residence. There was the ring sitting on the roof shingles about 4 feet from the edge of the gutters. As the evening light was starting to fade we retrieve the ring from the roof and gave it to Heba to return to her husband. She was very relieved that the ring was able to be found. Like always it is a great feeling to be able to return a lost ring to someone and see the big smiles and learn what it means to the people who lost it.



Lost 14K Gold Bracelet FOUND!

  • from Columbia (South Carolina, United States)

After my wife lost her bracelet in the lake behind our house, I frantically searched the internet for ideas on how to find it. Luckily I found Mical, as he came over with his metal detector and waders, and found it in no time! I hope we never lose anything again, but if we do, Ring Finders is where I’m looking first!