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Lost Ring from the boat – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Ryan is a patient man!  He called me this morning and explained that he was out on the boat yesterday at a popular place for people to hang out and he was throwing a football back and forth. All of a sudden he caught one that slightly jammed his finger making him flick his hand back and forth. When he did he felt his brand new wedding ring of a few months go flying in the saltwater. He explained that they had looked for hours to no avail and he really needed some help. I told him that I wanted to help but I had to work today but with the storm coming this week he definitely needed to find it sooner rather than later. I told him I would have one of a few people I routinely hunt with call him soon and hopefully they could help him. At lunch Ryan reached out and said he hadn’t heard from anyone so I told him to standby while I made a call. My Father in law had accidentally left his phone and my other buddy was working so I called Ryan back. He asked about renting a detector and I explained why that just wouldn’t work. I finally felt so bad that I told him if he could wait until after work and if I could get a pass from my wife then I would do it myself. Being the patient person he is, he waited for me to finish up the workday and I’m very glad he did. Ryan has a great boat and we headed out to the area. When we got there, he had done a great job marking where it came off and I made my first pass. There was a huge drop off and as I turned back I thought to myself that I hoped it wasn’t any further or I would need a scuba tank. I didn’t need to worry though because as Ryan looked on expectantly from the beach I heard a very clean gold tone. He was already smiling as I very carefully used my scoop to pull out his ring. He said that was exactly where he thought it was and he was amazed I was able to find it. Ryan was all smiles on the way back to the dock and I’m glad I was able to help.

Lost Ring in Gulf Shores, AL – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

To show you what a nice guy Matt is, all I need to do is point out that he drove his whole family 18 hrs one way from Wisconsin for his daughter’s 13th birthday and to enjoy our beautiful beaches here in Gulf Shores. He was getting ready to make the return trip soon but still had a few days to snorkel out in the Gulf. That’s when fate struck and he felt his ring come off while swimming. When he called me he explained that he had looked for hours but even though he thought he knew where it was, he just couldn’t find it. He told me that it wasn’t an expensive ring but it was very sentimental to him and I knew that I had to help him. I knew it wasn’t what he wanted to hear when I explained that it would be a day and a half before I could come but he trusted me and said he would text me Sunday morning if he still hadn’t found it. He did just that even though he had looked all day Saturday and even bought a fishing magnet that didn’t work. My wife and I finally got there Sunday afternoon and Matt quickly showed us where he thought the ring had come off. Matt told us that he had been to 21 countries with this ring and really wanted it back. I started my grid search and there were older coins everywhere and they were slowing me down. I finally asked Matt to make sure I was where he wanted me and he came out and pointed “just a little bit left”. As I turned back to the left I took one swing and got another target. When I pulled it up I smiled and told Matt that he had great directions. He was shocked when I handed him his ring. I am so glad I could cap off your vacation with a win and you and your family will have an awesome story to take back to Wisconsin.

Lost and found diamond engagement ring Cobourg beach Ontario

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

Received a text from Kaitlin and Zach yesterday about having lost her diamond engagement ring at Cobourg beach this past Friday. After they were walking and enjoying the beach with their young child, she noticed that her ring was missing when they went back to their vehicle.  Zach even went and purchased a metal detector and detected the whole beach with no success. As it got dark, they finally had to stop looking and head back home, which is quite far from Cobourg. Luckily, she found me online. After getting as much information as possible, including a couple of Google earth pictures, I headed out to the beach. The major issue was that she could not pin point exactly where or when she lost the ring. Long story short, three hours into my gridding search, I found her beautiful ring. Ironically, it was found where Zach had already been over with his detector. In his defence, the quality of the detector he was using plus expertise in knowing what to listen for, and how to search an area, is not something that can be learned over night. It was a great pleasure to meet them and reunite them with her ring today. A very happy ending!

Lost cell phone in Bon Echo Provincial Park Ontario

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

While on a recovery for an IPhone, I was fortunate to find a Redmi cellphone. Took the phone home and inserted the SIM card into a working cellphone and was able to get owner’s information. It turns out that she had lost her phone at a dock, in the water, over two months ago. I Mailed her the cellphone and she will be taking it to a repair shop to hopefully recover the data. She was extremely thankful and figured she’d never see the phone again.

Lost-Lady’s Gold Heirloom Daimond Ring, Manteo, NC, OBX – FOUND!!

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

It seemed like a good idea…Tyler and Jesse – due to be married next June, were having an engagement photo shoot with their photographer Naomi.  They were at the scenic and picturesque waterfront in Ft. Raleigh.  What could go wrong?  Then, they decided to go into the water to capture some beautiful images.  When they got to shore, Tyler’s gold diamond ring was missing.

Later that night I got a call from Naomi.  She told me about the photo shoot and the lost ring.  She also informed me that the ring had been given to Tyler by her mom, who had passed away two years ago.  I realized I had to do my best to recover this one.  When she described where the ring was, I knew I had to get approval from the National Park Service (NPS) before searching.

The next day the couple met me at the site.  They were sure it was lost in the water but not sure exactly where.  They showed me an area in the water about 20 by 20 yards that the ring should be.  I contacted the on-duty NPS Ranger, and he left a note on the desk of his boss.

Later that week I got the go ahead!  The ring had been in the water for 7 days, so I headed out immediately.  I contacted Naomi and Tyler (who had returned to Richmond) while I was on-route to the site.  When I arrived, it was nearly 5:30 and I was greeted by unexpected wind and waves.  I stopped and prayed on the beach.

I started the search just in the water parallel with the beach.  I went out sweep by sweep about 4 ft at a time.  The area was loaded metallic trash and iron targets.  I continued going all the way out to the end of the wooden wave breaks. Nothing!

I was running out of time and daylight, so I called Tyler to ask about how far out by the wooden wave breaks they went.  She told me they went about halfway out.  I told her that I went completely to the end and that I had covered the entire area twice.

Deciding to call it a day and heading back in from the deep area, I went further west to an area I had not covered.  I got hit.  It was a 62, which is typical for a nickel.  I changed the program and got a stronger sounding 62.  I knew it could be the ring.  When I brought up the scoop the diamonds and gold glistened mixed in with sand and rocks!

I sent a text to Tyler with the song “Miracles” by Colton Dixon and a picture of the ring.

Water image courtesy of Naomi Culley Photography

Lost and found IPhone 10 in Trenton Ontario

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

Received a text from Tim about two weeks ago, about how he had lost his cell phone at a local dock in Trenton Ontario. The phone was sitting on an empty baby carriage, with a water bottle, and the wind blew the carriage into the water. Now, the issue was that he since had left this location, on their boat, to Kingston and could not meet up at the dock. After exchanging information and pictures of the dock, I went for a scuba dive trying to locate his phone. Unfortunately, the bottom was extremely silty, with lots of weeds, and working again in zero visibility. Using my underwater metal detector, I was able to find (feel) a cell phone but not the right one. I went back a couple days later, this time using a strong fishing magnet but no luck. Finally, after talking with Tim again and fine tuning exactly where the phone had fell in, I went for a third time, scuba diving, and manage to find his phone. Another happy ending!



  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Recovery #172
The other day I was tagged in a post that Gretchen started about her Husband John’s wedding ring. He took it off and placed it in his beach chair before going swimming. He forgot it was in there when they packed up to head home and did not realize it until later that day after the hour ride home. Gretchen reached out to me and once I got the details of where they had their chairs set up, I went out there that night to search for it. In less than an hour I had John’s ring in my hands! I sent them a picture and the couldn’t believe it! They were very happy and relieved! I met John the next day to return it.

Lost and found IPhone at Bon Echo Provincial park

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

My adventure today was to meet up with Fatih at Bon Echo Provincial park. His IPhone fell out of his pocket while at a dock across Mazinaw lake. Fortunately for him, it was only about 10’ deep, laying flat on the bottom just before a huge drop off. While looking for his phone, also found another cell phone and four old pair of sunglasses. Absolutely beautiful day for a Scuba dive although a bit chilly with air temps of 12C and water temp of 65C. Another happy ending!

Long Branch NJ Lost Wedding Ring in the sand recovered by Edward Trapper NJ Ring Finder September 2022

  • from Surf City (New Jersey, United States)
Anthony was at the beach in Long Branch NJ with his family. His wedding ring slipped off into the surf when his daughter was pulling on his fingers, while they were playing in the waves. He marked the location on his phone, and took some pictures of the exact spot their blanket was in. I went there and began the hunt, in little time I had the ring in my scoop. The waves had moved it about 10 yards from the location he gave me. I am mailing it back and he will forward some smiling pics when he is reunited with the ring. Another happy ending. .#njringfinder, #lostring,#lostcross,#lavallettenj,#ortleybeachnj,#lostringLBI,#lostringholgatenj,#lostringsurfcitynj,#lostringlongbranchnj,#lostringbradleybeachnj,

Beautiful Wedding Ring Recovered from Lake at Andalusia Ala

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

I got a call from Kelli about noon on Wednesday asking if I could find her wedding ring. She and her husband had been married for nine months and the ring was designed by her husband and custom made. She first called my son in law, David Cartee, who wasn’t able to help because of other obligations that day but he recommended She give me a call. Kelli’s ring was lost in a lake off a dock in Andalusia Alabama. It had been a couple day since she lost it. She got in the water up to about neck deep and tried doing a visual search but the bottom was muddy and she had no luck. Listening to her story I felt sure the ring had sunk out of sight in the mud. I told her I would help. I was in the Pensacola area at the time and Andalusia was about 2 hours away. I felt time was of the essence because I didn’t know that lake and fearing the ring might settle deeper in the muddy bottom over time. The lake turned out to be a reservoir used by the power company to generate electricity and the bank was very steep. When I saw how quickly the grade dropped off I began to worry about it having vanished in the deep water or my recovery activity dislodging it to deeper water. It was most important to plan carefully so that would not happen. I took my time making sure the search coil didn’t touch the bottom and to carefully completely search the area before moving my feet to deeper water. Fortunately I got a good signal, the ring had settled on a slope in about 5 foot of water. I set my recovery scoop and both husband and wife stood by in anticipation. I peered into the scoop then looked up at them and smiled, her beautiful precious ring was recovered and returned to her finger. Smiling faces and no more worries all around!