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Abby’s Moon Phase Necklace.Lost,Found,Cape Cod,Freshwater Beach Pond.

While out searching for coins and jewelry in the water Rick Browne (Ring Finder) & I were approached by a gentleman named Matt. He asked if we were The Ring Finders from Cape Cod. We both responded YES with enthusiasm. We asked why? He said that his daughter, had lost her precious necklace the day before, and had we found it? We asked if it was in the water, or sand, and he said sand. We hadn’t done the sand area as of yet so let’s give it a try.

We met Matt’s wife Ronni, Abby his daughter, they were all on vacation from New Jersey. I asked Abby to stand where she last saw it the day before. They had been searching with flashlights the night before for over an hour with no luck. Just about then, Rick was already digging a target, and I had a target too. I dug down, and out popped Abby’s chain, with it had a Birth date, Moon phase Medallion attached to it. Abby and Ronni were emotional as one can expect. Congratulations all around for everyone. People clapped as I handed it back to Abby, Rick and I were so happy to be in the rite spot, at the time when needed. Congratulations, to Abby, her Mom Ronni, and Dad Matt, for not giving up and believing. Sincerely Leighton

Moon Phase Pendant and Chain

Abby with Necklace

Lost IPhone 13 Max Pro found in Stoney Lake Ontario

Well, today’s journey took me to Stoney Lake in The Kawarthas Ontario. Stefan (ironic) contacted me last evening about how he had lost his brand new IPhone 13 Pro Max earlier in the day. He was out in the water, helping his spouse while she was in a kayak, when suddenly, his IPhone slipped out of his pocket. All this while in shoulder deep water with a sudden drop off to the bottom. Like most Lake in the Kawathas, once you venture out of well used areas, there was a very thick layer of vegetation (weeds), followed by a couple feet of silt. Having come well prepared, grabbed my scuba gear and under water metal detector and started gridding the weed bed. Found his phone laying deep in the weeds in about 10 feet of water. The moment I lifted the phone out of the water, the phone started beeping/vibrating as it was receiving messages from the past 24 hours. I should mention that he had his phone in a water proof container which worked perfectly. Another happy customer especially since his phone was brand new and definitely not cheap.!!!!!



Lost Engagement ring, Holgate NJ (LBI) August 2022

  • from Surf City (New Jersey, United States)

Got a call today from Justin. He was at the beach in Holgate NJ (LBI) with his fiancé, Samantha. After setting up their chairs and umbrella, Sam took off her shorts, placed them with her stuff, and took a walk down by the water. It was then she realized her beautiful platinum engagement ring was gone. She quickly went back and looked in her pocket where she had placed it when applying sun block, back by at the car, before heading to the beach. It was not there and she was devastated. They contacted me, and after a short conversation we decided to do the recovery. I cleared the area of a few bottle caps, then pow!!! the low platinum signal I was looking for. They were amazed I had found it. This one was SUPER special, they are getting married next month, and now have the ring back for the ceremony

Lost Apple Watches found in Lake Geneva

  • from Lake Geneva (Wisconsin, United States)

Treasure Hunters

Anyone can be a treasure hunter.  Treasure hunting does not require owning a metal detector.  It starts with simply getting outside and looking around.  Surface finds, items literally laying on the surface that anyone could see, are everywhere.  I found $30 walking into a Cracker Barrel restaurant, a $100 bill in a Walmart aisle, coins in parking lots, sunglasses, toys, and jewelry left on the beach.  And if you have some moderate swimming ability, and some goggles and snorkel, you too can find treasure patiently waiting on the bottom of every beach in your county. 

In June 2022 while snorkeling/detecting around Lake Geneva’s swim piers, I found two Apple watches sunk to the bottom.  I could see them from the surface as the water is calm and clear most mornings.  Both worked, although I did have to charge one up at my neighbor’s house before I could retrieve contact information.  I don’t own an Apple watch.  Claudia’s text read, “No way!! Thank you SO much for texting me!  Best text I have ever gotten. Ha ha.  You are the best for actually letting me know!  I am so thankful!! Thank you!”

Claudia’s watch was underwater for a week.  Kyelar’s was a more recent drop.  It’s exciting to find a lost and valuable item, but the real high is seeing the smiles and appreciation when it is returned.

Wedding Ring Found in Twin Lakes, WI

  • from Lake Geneva (Wisconsin, United States)

Miracle Recovery

Although I’ve found 60+ rings over the course of my metal detecting “career,” I would call none of them miracles… until last night.  

Shane called me around 4:30 pm Saturday, July 30, 2022.  I had just finished a 7 mile hike along Geneva Lake’s beautiful lake path with my family.  Shane was paddle boarding on Twin Lakes (specifically Lake Mary), took a spill, and when he rose up out of the water his wedding ring was gone.  Thankfully, his wife found The Ringfinder’s website through an internet search.  I made it out to Twin Lakes just before sunset.  Shane, a newlywed of two years, was in good spirits despite losing his wedding ring.  We talked and surveyed the search area.  Providentially, a video of Shane spilling into the water was captured from the dock and after reviewing the footage, a search area was selected. 

After gearing up with my Minelab 800 metal detector and my Nemo breathing device from Blu3, I slipped into the water.  My hope of finding the ring sank much like Shane’s 14K gold wedding band.  I was in about three feet of murky, seaweed infested water on top of about three feet of mud.  This search went from bad to hopeless.  The proverbial needle in a haystack didn’t even come close.  The water blackened with each minute as the sun officially set around 8:15 pm.  My flippers and detector were constantly sinking into the mud with each movement.  I struggled to sweep my detecting across the skim of mud tangled with seaweed and submerged sticks.  

My first target sounded promising.  It turned out to be a fishing lure.  My next two targets sounded like beer can pull tabs.  They both were.  About 50 minutes after arriving, my fourth target was strong and registered similar to my own wedding band.  As I brought the target out of a foot of thick mud, I gently squeezed, cupping both hands together so as not to let anything sizable slip out.  When I felt a firm, round shape, I gasped.  This is impossible, I thought.  How could I have landed on a 1” piece of round metal in a 327 acre lake?  

I called to the shore. “I found a ring.  Let’s not celebrate yet.  I’ll swim to the dock.”  I placed the ring on my index finger, clenched my fist and swam in.  It was dark and Shane was called out to verify the find.  The celebrations began before I had my flippers off.

This was a miracle recovery.  I was pleased to see it back on Shane’s finger and a genuine smile back on his face.

3 Rings Lost in Apt Yard in Dallas, Texas

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

We got a call today from a gentleman who was inquiring about our services, said he lost 3 rings in his apartment complex common area.  Something did not sound right about his story so I inquired further, letting him know that 50% of our business is from people who throw their rings, primarily women.  Letting him know I was not here to judge anyone, but that we just needed the facts so we could find the rings.

I arrived within the hour and met the young man, he ask me not to discuss the thrown rings with his wife as she was embarressed. I assured him that I would be very discrete.  I began my search by scanning the open areas between the bushes where an extreme amount of sticker vines intertwined in the bushes.  Having cleared the open areas I scanned the bushes themselves going all around the bushes.  But still no luck.  I have to then begin pushing my ATPro Detector into the bushes as far down as possible.  I then began removing all the major surface trash(tons of it).  Finally, I spotted a glint of gold between the hard stalks of the bushes… so the first of 3 rings were found.

Continuing on, I was on my knees (thank God for good Knee Pads), using my Garrett Pinpointer, and began searching by hand,  pushing my pinpointer into the bushes.  My arms were severely scratched up and bleeding (looked a lot worst than it really was), Then I found the Diamond Ring… only one more to go.  I searched and searched, it was 102 degrees and the customers were watching my every move.

I was nearly ready to quit but the client had rented an ACE250 and he began searching as well, so I continued.  There was a 4-5 ft drop-off down to a grassy area next to a sidewalk, then more grass and a pond.  The customer drop down to the lower grassy area to check there, based on the small stature of the lady who threw the rings,  I did not really think she could throw a thin band gold ring that far.  When all of a sudden her husband hollers “I found it”,  it was actually his ring which was much heavier and had flown down to the grassy area.

We never care who finds the rings, we just want them to get them found.

So the lesson here is to ask for pictures of the missing rings before your search…

But another Successful Find for the Dallas Ring Finders”

Don & Ellen Wilson


  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Lost a ring?

Don’t wait to call


Mike gave me a call yesterday about his wife’s lost wedding band. The couple was on the beach in Avalon, NJ when Carly’s engagement ring and wedding band flew off her finger into the sand while applying sunscreen. They found the engagement ring but could not find the band. Mike called me and I met them shortly after to start the search. After a few swing of the metal detector, the ring was back on her finger.

metal detector

Lost ring – Dauphin Island, Alabama

Have I mentioned lately that jewelry recoveries are my favorite part of my metal detecting obsession ??

I saw a Facebook post yesterday evening by someone saying his buddy had lost a wedding band “somewhere between the pool and down by the beach”. It sounded like a long shot but I’m always up for a challenge ! I went down this morning and spoke with Ryan, who had lost the ring, and he wasn’t exactly sure where it had slipped off his finger. He walked me down to the water at one of my favorite detecting spots where, coincidentally,  I had just spent about 2 hours detecting yesterday. Ryan explained that he had waded out about waste deep and the sat in the water to watch the sunset Friday night. He was VERY sure about where he had put his bag down and waded out, but that was about it.

I waded in with not a whole lot of confidence…… more like a wing and a prayer. Ok, LOTS of prayer. I then quickly realized I had not brought my waterproof headphones, I didn’t have my long pants on and there was jellyfish and mucky water, and I had even forgotten to ask if the ring was silver, gold, tungsten or stainless. 😳 Ryan was busy at work at a nearby breakfast buffet so I didn’t want to go bother him again.

Much to my suprise, and probably even more to Ryan’s, it wasn’t 30 min later when I came walking back in to the restaurant holding his beautiful ring.  I had to scoop 4 fishing weights, 14 pull tabs, 2 bottle caps and a penny first, but there was no mistaking the sweet sound of that shallow gold signal when I hit it about 10 or so yards to the right of where he thought he had been, and just at the edge of how deep I could go in without my waterproof headphones.

As always, the generous reward offered was declined. Doing what I love and seeing the look on Ryan’s face was reward enough !


Lost wedding ring in LBI Beach Haven NJ Found By Matt St.Germain The Ring Finders New Jersey

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

Recovery #165
Last night I was contacted by Sandra. She was referred to me by fellow ring finder Ed Cropski. While at the beach with her family she removed her Platinum diamond wedding band and placed it on the arm rest of her chair to put lotion on. She became distracted and forgot to put her ring back on. When they left the ring fell off the chair and disappeared into the sand. She did not realize it was missing until after getting back to the house. I made arrangements with her to meet at the location for a search later at night. She showed me the area they were sitting and in about 20mins I found it! Sandra and her friend Lisa were overjoyed! Another Happy ending!

Cell Phone and Wallet Found in the Street…Happily Returned to Owner in Harvest, Alabama!

On Wednesday afternoon (August 3rd, 2022), my husband, Lindell, and I were on our way to my doctor’s appointment.  Right after we turned out of our subdivision, we spotted a cell phone and wallet lying in the middle of the street.  I was able to safely pick up both items.  The iPhone was in good working condition.  The wallet was intact and contained everything you would imagine…driver’s license, debit card, credit cards, and numerous other important items.  There were a few cars driving by, so thankfully the items weren’t run over or picked up by the wrong person.

I didn’t see any contact or emergency contact info on the lock screen.  We had the gentleman’s, (Robert) address since the wallet contained his driver’s license.  Robert lived in the neighborhood right across the street from us.  We stopped by Robert’s house immediately after my appointment, but nobody was home.  We planned to go back later in the evening.

Right after we got home, we saw a few text messages coming through on Robert’s cell phone from the Verizon store in Madison, Alabama.  We Googled the phone number and were soon on the line with one of the store reps.  We told them that we found the cell phone and asked if the gentleman was there.  Robert was and they put him on the phone.  We introduced ourselves and let Robert know the good news that not only did we find his cell phone, but we also had his wallet.  Robert was so happy and relieved!!!  He was in the process of getting a new cell phone and putting a hold on his bank and credit cards.  Getting his wallet back would also save him the headache of a trip to the DMV for a new license, plus replacing all the other items in his wallet.  We gave Robert our address and he was on his way over.

Lindell and I handed Robert’s cell phone and wallet over to him after he arrived.  He was one happy guy!  Robert told us that he had set them on the back of his truck and went to get the mail.  When he got back to his truck, he had forgotten he put them there and drove off.

While this isn’t one of my typical stories, it was a successful return, nonetheless.  I’m always happy to help and thank God for putting Lindell and I in the right place at the right time!