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Men’s wedding band found!

  • from Fernandina Beach (Florida, United States)

Got a call about a lost ring, so I headed back to the beach!   He was brushing sand off his hand and the ring went flying off.   Within a few minutes of getting to the location they sent me, I was able to dig it up!    They had already left to go back home so the next day I put it in the mail!   So glad I could help!   God Bless!!!

Prayers answered!

  • from Fernandina Beach (Florida, United States)


Got a call and off I went!   Lost the ring on the beach and was so upset!   She said a prayer and after a 3 hour search, I was able to dig up her ring!    So glad I could help!    God Bless!!

Metal Detector Service in Mission beach,Torrey pines,Del Mar, Solana Beach,Encinitas,Carlsbad,Oceanside

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)



Metal detecting service in San Diego here to help you find your lost Jewelry,, Call Curtis Cox @ 760 889 2751 The Ring Finders


Dale recently lost his precious wedding band when it fell into the sand as him & his wife were trying to enjoy the day at Del Mar Beach.  They were smart & stayed put until finding my contact info online. I didn’t waist anytime knowing this popular Ca beach is cleaned daily by droves of newbie metal detector enthusiasts. Being a local in North County San Diego I was able to get there promptly. It was a small search area & I recovered Dales ring quickly. He was relieved as you can see in the photo I saved the day!


Don’t wait too long,,Thar’s Pirates routinely raiding the beaches for treasures & Youtube Content. Items lost in the sand do not stay there long these days!

San Diego Metal detector for rent to help find lost ring in beach sand

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


Metal detector service located in San Diego here to help you find your lost precious jewelry. Call Curtis Cox @ 760 889 2751 The Ring finders


Saturday July 6th, I was referred a call to help find a wedding ring lost at a popular Volleyball court on a Ca beach. Timing was urgent on this being a well known beach where multiple Novelists metal detectorist’s are every night & morning searching to score Gold or even Content for their YouTube channels!

I sailed there on the freeway just after we spoke, The only trouble was parking on this busy day,,That was the only tough search I had after 3 laps around…

Finding his wedding ring buried in the sand was easy,,Even with a quick adjustment to combat EMI noise that makes detectors chatter rendering them useless,,I also knew the signal to focus on that matched Tungsten rings from experience. Right off the bat starting my first grid search Lap I heard it  buried in the sand!  He was thrilled to have his ring back knowing it could of been gone forever.


A Lost Tungsten Wedding Ring Was Found ….In Sand Point Idaho

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Join me on my latest water search for Nicholas lost tungsten wedding ring.  Nicholas is quiet in the beginning of the video. He’s telling me how he thinks he lost his ring by making large strokes in the water.


Engagement Ring Lost in Pond at Disc Golf Tournament in Guelph, Wellington County, Ontario Canada

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Patrick & his Fiancé Kiana are seeded ‘disc golf’ players in Southern Ontario. Who knew that was even a sport! I sure didn’t!

They attended Eastview Community Park in Guelph, Ontario to participate in a Disc Golf Tournament on the weekend prior to meeting them in mid July 2023.

One of Kiana’s disc shots ended up in the pond so she decided to try and retrieve it. Instead, she ended up losing her beautiful engagement ring into the pond water. She was absolutely devastated!

After the weekend, Patrick reached out to me and set up a time after work to meet up at the location.

I proceeded into the water with both Patrick and Kiana to start the grid search in touch conditions. Leeches bring the main concern!

Thankfully, I brought along my hip waders because of all the pond and possible underwater creatures. Both Kiana and I were protected but poor Patrick did not have hip waders!

Approximately 35 minutes later, my Minelab Equinox 800 detector found that magic tone of gold!

Once the ring was out of the water and presented back to Kiana the heartfelt tears of joy overcame Patrick and Kiana. The I teared up seeing their tears of joy!

To see such emotion from what this engagement ring meant to both of them means everything to me!

I am so honoured to have been called upon to help this lovely young couple and I am also grateful for their extremely generous donation to my charity, The Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation!! My gay is my PayPal-It-Forward REWARD!

Thank you very much Kiana and Patrick! I look forward to hearing all about your nuptials in October 2024! God bless you both for a very long, happy and healthy marriage!

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July 2023


62 Year Old Wedding Band lost in Backyard Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Didi was playing with cutie dog in the backyard. She felt her 62 year old white gold wedding band fly off her finger.

She and some of her neighbours searched the backyard for hours with no luck.

I arrived, headed to the backyard with my Minelab manticore and within a few minutes located Didi’s precious 62 year old wedding band!!

She was thrilled with excitement and such a blessed couple! It was a real pleasure to meet and help them out! I loved the hugs!!

Check out the video below;

Platinum Wedding Band Lost Jumping off Cottage Boathouse Roof, Lake of Bays, Baysville, Muskoka, Ontario Lakes

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Lost platinum wedding band jumping off boathouse roof.

Adam and his family were enjoying a lovely weekend at the Family cottage on Lake of Bays in the beautiful Muskoka’s cottage country. It also happened to be his wedding anniversary.

Adam decided to jump off the top of the boathouse into the water below. When he surfaced, his platinum wedding band was missing.

One of Adam’s Friends across the lake had mentioned me, as I recovered another lost wedding band for one of their mutual Friends in Otty Lake, Ottawa.

The water depth where the ring ended up was unknown but Adam felt it was definitely over 10’ deep.

I proceeded to use my Dive BLU3 Nomad air supply system with a hose length 30’ depth. Unfortunately, the Nomad unit was not operating properly as I was taking in water. I then switched to my smaller unit the NEMO for a hose reach 10’ depth. I managed to hear the tone of the platinum ring with a reach of 3’. Do I completed some temporary repairs to the Nomad unit and went back in the water.

After a few minutes back in the water I re-located the tone of platinum and recovered his wedding band.

I’d like to thank Adam and his family for their generous donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation! Not only did he receive his wedding band, but he also received a tax receipt for his donation!

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Lost Sentimental Wedding Band in Lake Baptiste, Bancroft, Hastings Highlands, Haliburton, Ontario Canada

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation ‘Pink Sista’ Beth had contacted me because her husband lost his wedding band in the waters or around their cottage on Lake Baptiste in Bancroft, Hastings Highlands, Haliburton, Ontario.

I thought it would be a good idea to put a flyer out on the lake as it was almost 4 hour drive up from my home and maybe others had last something!

I had a few people reach out about their lost items and one was from Carol Anne & Larry.

Their Son-in-law Jeff has been visiting the cottage with the kids.  Jeff was playing in the water with his kids and lost his wedding band! The area was extremely silty with very poor visibility.

I proceeded into the general area and with the help of my Minelab Manticore underwater detector and a pin pointer, I recovered Jeff’s precious wedding band in roughly 5 minutes.

I headed back to the dock and handed the wedding band to Larry with tears in my eyes. Carol Anne & Larry’s Daughter Terry Anne had passed away in 2020 after a very short illness with cancer.

Jeff was extremely grateful to receive his wedding ring back as he stated ‘how a chunk of shiny metal held so many memories and a replacement band just wasn’t the same’!

I am truly honoured to meet and help Carol Anne & Larry find their Son-in-Law Jeff’s precious and cherished wedding band! I look forward to visiting them when I return to Lake Baptiste this summer 2024!

August 2023


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Inherited Gold Ring Lost in Park Playing Frisbee in Toronto, Ontario

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Russell was hanging out with Friends throwing around a frisbee in a Toronto park close to the Beaches!

Russell went and purchased a metal detector but could not find his ring so he searched out and found TheRingFinders directory.

I proceeded down very early morning to miss the crazy Toronto downtown “Gardiner Expressway” traffic!

I found out the inherited gold ring from his Mother was quite large and heavy so it was necessary to start a grid search to cover a large area.

Well over an hour in, I decided to bring out my 2nd metal detector and put Russell to work! Within 25 minutes Russell had a loud tone in the machine, looked down and there was his beautiful ring!

He was extremely happy!

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August 2023