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18k White and Yellow Gold Wedding Band Lost After Blizzard Snowstorm Swept Through Bracebridge, Ontario

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Elaine & Adam arrived home to Bracebridge, Ontario after celebrating Christmas with Family outside the Toronto GTA area.

During the Christmas holiday break there was a massive blizzard hitting Canada from the west coast, right across the prairies, into many parts of Ontario as well as the United States.

After Elaine & Adam parked their car in the neighbours driveway, Adam set up a tripod and camera to capture the snowfall with themselves showing the height of the snow accumulation. I was a beautiful photo! They then broke through the 6’ high snowbank at the bottom of their driveway and proceeded to the front door falling numerous times due to the depth of the snow.

When Adam noticed his wedding band was missing they spent the whole day clearing snow outside but gave up when it was dark and then called you.

I received and text from Elaine and called her immediately to set up a date and time.

After my half day of work I proceeded directly up to Bracebridge, set up my gear at the back of my car, walked over to the starting point where Adam set up the tripod / camera and wouldn’t you know it, I spotted the ring 7’ away in ice on the roadway!!

I started the video interview with Elaine and moved right into the surprise recovery and reveal! Shear disbelief!

Check out the video and the reaction here;

What an incredible feeling and how lucky we were to find it before the next snow clearing event!

I am so honoured to help Elaine & Adam recover this sentiment wedding band but I too was blown away at the extremely generous donation they made to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation! They made me cry because I really felt my work was valued! They not only received their precious wedding ring back but also received a tax receipt for the donation!

Thank you so very much Elaine and Adam! It was such a pleasure to help on the misadventure of your wedding band!


Lost 14k White Gold Wedding Ring with Dinosaur Bone Inlay in Salt Lake City- Found

Tom is an outdoor photographer by trade and he was working up on the side of a mountain that over looks Salt Lake City. He had taken his ring off and put it in his pocket when he first stepped outside and then proceeded to hike up to the trail where he was taking photos. At some point, he reached into his pocket to pull out some items and that’s when he realized his 14k white gold wedding band with dinosaur bone inlay was missing!

I met Tom and his wife Lexi the next night to help relocate the ring. It was very cold up there on the side of the mountain and it was pitch dark. We made our way up to the furthest point on the trail where Tom had realized his ring was missing. I started to detect a long both sides of the trail as we headed down the mountain. It didn’t take long to get a signal in the snow and sure enough it was his ring! So glad we decided to work our way back from the furthest point cause it was basically at the end of his path. Tom and Lexi were so excited to see the ring! They are making plans to move cross country in the next few months so getting this ring back was a big relief! On a personal note, I think Tom’s ring is the most unique ring I have ever found with a metal detector! Overall great experience and wish Tom and Lexi the best on their next adventure!

Check out the full length recovery video on my YouTube Channel- Lost Jewelry Recovery Utah

Lost 14k Gold Wedding Band in Sandy, Utah- Found

Last week it snowed for a good 36 hours straight. I received a text message about a lost 14k gold wedding band lost in Sandy, Utah and made plans to go out looking for it that night. I met Logan at his house where he lost his ring. Earlier that day he was leaving for work and in the process decided to scrape off the snow from his wife’s car. In a hurry, he used his left hand to wipe the back window of the car and immediately realized his ring had come off. he spent 20-30 minutes looking in the snow but was unsuccessful locating the ring. I arrived later that night and after several targets, was able to locate the ring which had traveled through a chain link fence and ended up in the road. Fortunately, the snow plows had not come down the street yet which could have sent the ring flying! Check out the full length recovery video on YouTube- Lost Jewelry Recovery Utah

14k Gold Wedding Band Lost in a Snowy Toronto Backyard

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Craig and his Husband Alex were preparing for the upcoming festive Christmas season.

Craig was busy in the backyard trimming some evergreens and trimming this years Christmas tree. An hour went by and after sitting at his computer he realized his 4 month old wedding band was missing.

Craig figured his wedding band must have come off his finger in the backyard prepping the Christmas tree. He googled metal detectors and The Ring Finders directory popped up.

Ring Finder member Paul wasn’t available so I sprung into action.

I started grid searching the backyard and figured that with the weight of Alex’s matching wedding band I had to search the entire back yard due to trajectory.

Thank goodness I expanded the search because the ring was in the very back of the yard hiding in behind a small Buddha statue!

Check out the video and Craig’s reaction!

Craig and Alex are extremely happy and I thank them for the wonderful dinner and the generous donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation. Craig also receives a tax receipt!

Lost gold ring at a Christmas tree farm in Langley

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463


I received a text message yesterday evening in regards to lost gold and diamond ring. This was a young ladies wedding band, she went on to tell me the story of the ring and how important it was to her and how sad she was that she had lost it. The good news was she was most certain it was lost at a Christmas tree farm in Langley. The story of the ring as it was a gift from her late father to give to her daughter one day, these stories always pulls at the heart strings.

We set up a time to meet in the morning, the owners were so kind to let us go in and do the search, after meeting the young couple, and hearing their story about where they believe the ring was lost and for the fact that husband pinned the location where they cut the tree down and where they believed the ring may have come off her finger ,that was such a blessing he marked the location!

Most times people forget the most important things and that’s a landmark or in this situation, pinning the location so that he could get back to it. Let’s face it there’s a lot of trees there and it would be so difficult to find the exact location which is so important when you’re looking for something that small. After a short time searching the ring was found under a Christmas tree, it was a good thing that nobody had cut that one down because they would’ve easily seen the ring laying underneath it.

So many factors play in these searches, and one is asking the right questions in order to get into the area and after listening carefully to her story there was two locations I was very interested in and I started in the one I felt I had the best chance… It only took minutes to find her ring & smile.







Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463 I have the best job in the world, I love helping people more than anything I’ve ever done in my lifetime. I get to make people smile, I get to hear their stories of what their ring/lost items mean to them and how happy it makes them feel when I find it.




Hand Lotion In The Car Loses Same Engagement Ring Twice

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


SeattleRingHunter Lost Item Recovery Specialist LAND & SCUBA Call 206-618-8194 ASAP

Watch the SeattleRingHunter searching the neighborhood for this lost gold diamond engagement ring.

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March 2022 Joe contacted me asking if I could do a search for his wife, Jenn’s, lost wedding ring. He stated they had a neighborhood location they thought the ring might have been lost at while getting out of the car. 

Right now we’re with Joe and Jennifer. Can you share a little bit about how we arrived at this point?

I lost my ring in my car visiting some friends just up the road from our home. I was the passenger and Joe was driving. We stopped and as he went in to pickup the pizza I think that is when I took my ring off, placed it in my lap and put some hand lotion on. When he came back he handed me the pizza boxes and I put them in my lap. Looking back that was likely enough distraction to have caused me to forget about my ring. When we reached our friends home I got out of  the car and I’m pretty certain this is where I lost the ring.  The next day, Saturday when I realized my ring was gone it made since to me that this is what happened because it’s happened to me in the past with the same ring using lotion in the car.

Watch this episode of Lost Item Recovery and see how we track Jenn’s lost diamond wedding ring down. 

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Searching For $160K In Three Diamond Wedding Rings Part 1 of 2

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

Part 1 of 2

SeattleRingHunter Lost Item Recovery Specialist LAND & SCUBA Call 206-618-8194 ASAP

Watch the SeattleRingHunter in action recovering over $160,000 in tossed diamond rings.

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January 2022 Ed reached out to me asking for assistance in searching for tossed wedding rings during a stressful situation. This is the story of the extensive efforts taken to recover three lost rings.

Hey guys, this is the Seattle Ring Hunter we’re actually out here in North Bend this morning and we’re here with Edward.  Ed will you tell us a little bit about what’s going on today and why we’re out here.

Yeah its just a desperate situation to try to look for three rings the wedding ring, the engagement ring and another nice piece of high-end jewelry ring. Just to be honest with you it was after an epic big fight disagreement you know with my wife and I should not have done this but my mind was not in the right place and then in a fit of rage I never done this before but I grabbed four rings. My personal wedding ring, and then her three rings, and then one by one I came out to the balcony and late at night in the dark I threw them out over my balcony in the deep backyard in the woods. It was snowing three feet of snow at the time and I just assumed I never would see him again you know.

Then, obviously just an hour later, and the next day, you regret what you did. I couldn’t look for it because it was all three feet of snow, so I had to wait another week for everything to melt. The first day it melted where I could have visibly I went out there about five or six or seven hours and I was able to find mine. I’m still missing three. I was out there seven hours I just had a chintzy metal detector and I not an expert. I was  kind of encouraged when I found mine but really discouraged I couldn’t find the others  that are more important. There is no way to remedy the situation with my wife and move on unless I find those. Especially the one is more important than the other two being the engagement ring as far as sentimental value. Until then I’m really really really in the doghouse. So I couldn’t find it real discouraged the next day I have off from work I was gonna come out her again and just keep doing it. We were able to find you on the internet yourself on the The Ring Finders and have so many amazing reviews in different scenarios in situation that we called you.  Now you’re here to help us out. 

I am very thankful you guys were able to find our support today. Guys as I said before these are stressful situations and we get maybe one to three calls throughout the month for people in this situation. If you find yourself in a situation, I just want to say don’t feel like we’re gonna give you a hard time or call you out on it or anything this happens we’re used to this. Everyone is human and so we we think Ed for sharing his story to maybe help encourage others out there that might find themselves in situation. You don’t necessarily have to come on camera but just to let you know we do have opportunities and capabilities to help people in the situation. With that being said the three rings, we are going to focus on that just for a second.  They are pretty substantial rings, they mean a lot to the family for the sentimental value and the whole end result of this is getting them back for the family that’s an an absolutely our priority and our focus on this. They are very nice pieces of jewelry so with that being said they’re not dainty in size we got a platinum and we got some white gold rings out there. They got the diamonds and all that you guys will hopefully be able to see that later on as we make the recovery out here. He did find his wedding band and we’re gonna do a test throw here in just a moment so we can get a trajectory on how he’s throwing. He mentioned earlier that he’s got a little bit of a issue with his arm so he shared a little bit about that so maybe they are not way back in the back fourth but it’ll be over here. This is on a private property so we know that they’re absolutely here on the property so with that very confident that we should be able to get them recovered. With that, let me go ahead and get geared up and see if we can bring all three of those rings back and turn the situation around to a better resolve.

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Cartier 18k Gold and Diamond Wedding band lost in backyard in downtown Toronto, Ontario

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Received a text from Marc to say his Wife Mona lost her wedding band in their backyard in downtown Toronto.

Mona was throwing out her coffee press grinds in the backyard and put her left hand in to clear the remaining grinds.

Unfortunately, Mona’s gold replacement wedding band flew off her finger. She heard a ping and concluded the ring landed somewhere in the leaves.

The registered Toronto ring finder was not available and I was happy to fill in.

Mona and Marc had recently viewed the Toronto CityTV news segment by Audra Brown on TheRingFinders and felt they had hope!

When I arrived, I took my gear into the backyard and while entering the backyard, low and behold I spotted the gold wedding ring immediately laying flat between the black stones!

I proceeded to do the interview then immediately surprise Mona with her beautiful Cartier 18k gold Love Ring! It was priceless! My record to recover a ring was 14 seconds! Not sure how I’ll beat this record!

Check out the video of the ring recovery;

Thank you so very much Mona and Marc for your very generous donation the the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation!

Sentimental massive silver and gold ring lost in cedar bushes Bolton, Caledon, Ontario

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Three to four months ago Liz was throwing out a rotten jalapeño pepper over a fence into 15’ high thick cedar bushes. She watched her silver and gold ring fly off her hand in the same general direction. Liz searched for days and a few months and wasn’t successful in finding her ring.

Liz purchased her ring while visiting Portugal ti attend her Grandmother’s 100 Birthday 7 years ago! So the ring had special meaning to her.

Two weeks ago Liz and her Husband were watching Toronto CityTV news reporter Audra Brown’s segment on the global organization called “The Ting Finders”. The showed a couple of my ring recoveries and the charity aspect! Liz’s Husband said, this is for you!

After initial contact, I made arrangements to visit Liz in the small town of Bolton early Saturday morning!

Liz had shown me the area she threw the rotten jalapeño pepper and had cut back a number of lower cedar branches to get better access. Liz also mentioned that the silver ring was quite large, heavy and very loose on her finger!

My first thought was the trajectory of the rings path because of the weight. My second thought was the ring could be stuck up in the crooks of the upper branches.

First pass on her side of the cedars was unsuccessful which took approximately 20 minutes. I then proceeded down the back side of the cedars which was on her neighbours property and BINGO!! I heard the high tone of sweet silver! Looked down and saw the rim!

I walked back to the other side and surprised Liz  immediately compared to my usual slightly drawn out way!

Check out the video of the surprise!

Thank you Liz for calling upon me to help and for your donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation! Thanks to Audra Brown’s CityTV news segment on “The Ring Finders” we were able to save Liz’s sentimental silver and gold ring!

Lost Wedding Ring Found in Lancaster PA

  • from Lancaster (Pennsylvania, United States)

Over the weekend, I was contacted to help a gentleman find his lost wedding ring. When I arrived at the home I was told the story how how the ring came to be missing.

« I was raking and bagging leaves, it wasn’t until hours later I realized it was GONE »

the gentleman explained. I asked him to recreate the event having him kneel down where he was bagging the leaves even having him take me to the bagged leaves themselves to really narrow down the search area.

He pointed out a 20×20 foot area that he thought it was as he stated that he thought he saw something fall into the pile when he was bagging but did not think twice about it. I began a formal grid search of the area after about an hour of searching I expanded it to about 40x40foot. Another hour went by, no ring to be found.

Starting to get frustrated, I decided that I was going to find that ring so I started to search out the entire front yard. As I made my way down the yard I reached the end of the drive. DING DING DING a solid signal! I bent down and in the grass a beautiful 14k white gold ring. This was at least 50′ from where the suspected search area was.

I played it cool and continued to « search » for the ring until I got to the house. I had the homeowner come out asking him if there was any area around the garden that it could have been lost. As he was looking away I pulled it out.

There it was, that amazing startled/disbelief/happy/excited look that we love to see.

I was so happy to be able to be a part of this rings story and return to its owner.

Be sure to check out the video of this find coming soon to my YouTube channel.