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Lost and found Samsung cell phone at Sandbanks Provincial park

Received a text from Alyssa yesterday about her having lost her new Samsung cell phone while swimming at Sandbanks Provincial park the day before. She had the phone within a protective water proof case and lanyard but it tore off when she got pounded by a big wave. The first issue is that both days have been very windy, with high waves, and sand bars at this location do travel quite quickly, possibly burying her phone deep in the sand. The other issue is that Alyssa could not be there to show me where she had lost it, being in the GTA area, which makes the task more difficult. However, with the magic of GPS and a quick video conference with her while at the beach, we were able to narrow down the search area considerably. Fast forward two hours of searching, I was able to recover her phone. Even better, the phone was still on and in perfect working order. I will be shipping the phone back to her first thing Monday morning. Another successful story. Life is good.

Lost and found wedding band at Roblin Lake Ontario

While conducting a successful ring recovery at Roblin lake earlier this week, I happened to find a wedding band. I decided the next day to post pictures of it on our local Facebook page just in case it was lost by local folks. Well, within 5 minutes of post being active, I had found the rightful owner of the ring. How did I know? There was a special inscription inside the band and they knew what it was. Met them shortly after and returned the ring. Life is good.


Lost Ring Recovered in North Dakota.

  • from Chisago City (Minnesota, United States)

On Wednesday, July 17, I received a text wanting to know if I traveled to a very distant location. I told them that I didn’t know for sure, I would have to look on a map. This was a request from a fellow coworker of a family member. So, I told them that I would do it. I took off and made it to the location by 7:00 PM. my concern was to have enough daylight to make things a little easier.

They had told me that the caller’s husband had been concerned about losing his ring, so he took it off and put it in a compartment on his jet ski.  As you know that non-moving jet skis have a little stability issue and was pushing off from a dock and the jet ski rolled over. The compartment that held the ring popped open and the ring fell out. While it was a terrible incident, it was a blessing that it happened in a location that was only in 3 1/2 feet of water.

I went into the water at the location described and as you can imagine a boat launch that has been in operation for many, many years had debris from those years. A bottle cap or pull-tabs here and there, fishing weights, boat trailer parts and the many other items that you would think would be associated with well used boat launch. It was a much more difficult hunt then what I was thinking. The things that were going right were that the location was a small area, and the water was shallow in that location. There was small and medium size cobble or round rocks on the bottom that was making scooping a signal very difficult. What I was thinking was going to be a 30-40 minute turned into a 2-hour recovery.

I had brought 2 detectors with me, a Minelab Equinox 900 with a 10-inch coil, and a Garrett AT Pro with a small D coil. After hunting for an hour and a half, I decided to switch over to the AT Pro to help discriminate the different targets.  This move was my saving grace. It allowed me much more control over the targets and pinpointing those targets was key.   After about another 30 minutes I found the ring. What a beautiful sight it was to see it in my scoop.  A white gold men’s wedding band, just like described.

Another Happy ending.

Turns out – I guess I do go out that far after all, who knew….

Happy reunion

I had to sneak into one photo.

OK it was a 5  1/2 hour drive one way.

I also have a God daughter that lived along the route, and I could make nervous that I was checking on her.

Life is so good.





Prayers answered!

  • from Fernandina Beach (Florida, United States)


Got a call and off I went!   Lost the ring on the beach and was so upset!   She said a prayer and after a 3 hour search, I was able to dig up her ring!    So glad I could help!    God Bless!!

Lost and found silver ring at Roblin Lake Ontario

Received a text from Hope late this afternoon about having lost her silver ring while swimming with her three young kids yesterday. This ring has immense sentimental value as it was given to her, from her fiancé, whom suddenly passed away last year. We met at the lake within the hour and both went in the water where she estimated having dropped the ring while playing with her kids. Although there were many signals, we were able to reunite her with her precious ring within 40 minutes or so. She was extremely happy and surprised to have her ring back on her finger. One of my most favorite recoveries thus far. Life is good.

Missing Ring Recovered – Reposted from Facebook page.

  • from Chisago City (Minnesota, United States)
Prayers have been answered!
It’s been a very long and emotional week. A kind samaritan loaned me her metal detector and after hours of searching with no luck, I hit the internet for help. I was able to find a website called The Ring Finders. Feeling apprehensive, but desperate about it, I sent a text to a couple specialists in Minnesota. Within moments, Paul texted me back saying he was loading up and would be to Mille Lacs within 2 hours.
I got him familiarized with the area and on day one he spent 4 hours looking. No luck. He was such an incredible, positive human that he reassured me, « Don’t worry! It hasn’t gone anywhere! It’s here. »
Day 2 he came up again, we both searched for hours, coming up empty handed. He was still positive – « don’t worry, we will find it! ».
Day 3 my husband and I took our pontoon out to the exact spot we were at during Flotilla – about 45 feet from what the GPS coordinates said on my Navionics App and where we were looking (sorry fisherman, GPS lies!). Paul was kind enough to loan us a metal detector until he came back out, so we searched for another few hours. No luck, except for a couple cigar stickers from our group – we knew we were close! I text Paul that night to tell him our findings, explaining we were off by about 45 feet, but I could help get him out to our spot when he came up again.
Day 4, Paul texts me, « are you going to be around today? », of course, I was ready to head out and look again for the ring. Being the positive person he is, he said « are you ready to hear what a ring sounds like ». Of course! Let’s find some gold! Moments later he texts a photo of my ring in his hand!!!!
The cheering squad on the beach is going wild (you know who you are❤️). I’m going crazy, sprinting through the shallows to hug this amazing person who has found my missing ring!
I cannot thank Paul from Ring Finders enough, he is a true angel on Earth!!! If you have anything missing in this lake PLEASE CALL HIM!!!!! His tenacity, dedication and positivity is commendable. TOP NOTCH!!!
To everyone that helped during Flotilla that afternoon THANK YOU. What a call to action and I am so grateful you took time to help. To everyone else that offered advise and suggestions on my previous post, thank you also.
God is good!

San Diego Ring Finder Metal detector professional here to help find your lost rings & Jewelry

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


The Ring Finders service rescued another Precious wedding ring from the mouth of the sea using a waterproof metal detector in San diego, California. CALL 760 889 2751 Curtis Cox

This search & recovery I put high priority not only knowing that it was lost in the hungry Surfline~Ocean but especially with the wave of newbie Pirates learning how to metal detect these days…This could of been forever gone so timing was urgent!

  After communicating with Diana via Email who was on her way back home to Austria. I gave it my all that same night for an hour yet could not find it due to the rising high tide,Angry surf and me between the cliff that was already dangerously bashing against upon arrival so I called it quits.

Early next morning I searched from 5-7:00am scanning every inch of the beach during low tide to no avail. Later in the afternoon through emails I had to update Diana with the unfortunate outcomes. Then I realized she was further North of where I’ve been searching…Which is GREAT news for me ;).  Immediately I bolted back there that evening and swiftly located her precious wedding ring buried nearly 10” deep along the shoreline using my trusty 13 year old metal detector!  I was thrilled afterwards with excitement to get home and let her know her ring is now safe.

  (Below is a testimonial Diana wrote;)

I am deeply impressed with the work you’re doing for silly people who take their most valuable jewelry to the beach. I was in Carlsbad for a work conference and in a break decided to go for a swim at the beach. Luckily I didn’t go too deep in the water as the waves were quite strong but it was enough for loosing my wedding ring. I didn’t notice it until it was time to go back. Searched the sand area like crazy and eventually gave up. 

Next day I went back to the beach to look for it again and a group of people told me about Curtis and his successful ring finding experience. After a couple of emails exchanging details and 2 days later I got the best news that Curtis found it. I got the news a few hours before meeting my husband so luckily I had better news for him. 

We are both very happy that we got the ring back as in our culture this is quite important. 


Sewer Clean Out, Surf City, LBI, recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

Ring Finder LBI What a wonderful weekend it was going to be, fantastic weather, great company, car is all unloaded, and just sitting on the outside on the deck, having a cold drink, enjoying the ocean breeze, when a voice from inside hollers, “we have a problem” !!!! Linda went inside to see what I might be, and it was most peoples nightmare, a clogged toilet. One would think this is an easy fix, but unfortunately it was not. After 2 days of trying to plunge the clog, it was now backing up in the downstairs laundry slop sink. A local plumber on LBI come out to assess the situation, unfortunately without locating the outside cleanout he was not able to finish the job. She called the guy he recommended who handles much lager jobs, and would be equipped with a 200′ snake. Once again, without the location of the outside cleanout he was not able to do anything either. That’s where I come into play. After 2 days, Linda called me wondering if I was able to locate a sewer cleanout. My concern was, if it was all plastic my equipment would not be helpful. After a short conversation, I headed out to try and help. After looking the entire plumbing situation over, I received many possible signals, in the area the cleanout should be. After quite a bit of digging, the cleanout was located, and now Linda could have the plumber return to snake out the entire line. This was a “stinky” situation to start of the weekend, but ended up on a positive note.

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I-Phone Lost in Weeds, Manalapan NJ, recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

lost ring lbi nj ring finder jersey shore ring finder   Eileen called just as I had gotten out of the dentists office, wondering if it would be possible to come and search for her I-Phone that slid off the roof of a car, and landed somewhere alongside the roadway. She explained that she had put the phone on the roof of the car, and said goodbye to her company. Forgetting the phone was on the roof she went inside, and her company drove off. The following day she realized the phone was missing, and realized what had happened. She contacted her friend hoping he had picked it up prior to leaving the night before, which wasn’t the case. They had finally decided it must have slid off the car roof and landed somewhere on the side of the road. Using the find my phone app. they found the last known location of the phone before it died, where they searched for 4 days without any luck. That was when she decided to call in a professional recovery expert. We made arrangements to meet on the side of the roadway that afternoon. It was there Eileen went into more detail about HOW important this phone was, as nothing was backed up to the cloud, including over 6000 pictures, that were absolutely unreplaceable. This area was right in front of a big housing complex, that had manicured grounds with fences and pristine walking paths. I was praying it didn’t fall off there as the grass cutters had recently cut the lawn, and it would have shredded it to bits, had they ran it over. I instructed Eileen to go into the management office, explain what happened, and ask if possibly the phone was turned in. While she was in doing that I covered the entire area on both sides of the road, and all the landscape, with no luck, just as I had figured. Standing back, looking in the opposite direction, the curve in the road looked ever so inviting of an area, for a phone to slide off the roof. I walked back covering everything from the road in about 10′ with no luck. Then I turned around and continued back along the tall weeds, and wood line. Right along the weeds, just inside of where the mowers cut, I received the loudest broken signal from my metal detector, that I know ever to familiar, would be her cell phone. Sure enough BINGO!!!! I had her phone. I decided to record the moment when I returned her it, and needless to say, what a heart filled experience it was, reuniting Eileen with over 6000 photos, which covered many years of her life prior, to this almost tragic mishap.

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Family Heirloom Ring, Lost at Dock ( 2nd trip back) Point Pleasant NJ, recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

The ring finders south Jersey ring finder lbiHow to find lost ring The ring finders south jersey Ring Finder LBIIf you didn’t have a chance to read the original story, Jennifer had lost 2 ring in the water where they dock their boat. I recovered the one ring (wedding band) on the first trip, but the beautiful family heirloom diamond ring was hiding on the muddy bottom, in a location that my metal detector had not yet covered. It was getting late so I packed it in for the day and promised I would return after vacation in a few weeks. It was a safe location, otherwise I would have never postponed looking for the second ring. We made arrangements as I usually do prior to showing up, and quickly got to work upon my arrival. I decided to use my other machine with the 6′ coil, as the target location is a much more concentrated location. The reason for that was because marina locations tend to be very trashy, due to the fact that once an item is dropped into the water, its usually forgotten about. The larger coil I had used on the first recovery attempt was picking up to many signals at one time, therefore the beautiful filigree diamond ring was getting overpowered by other metallic items on the bottom. WELL, that was obviously a good idea because I had Jennifer’s ring in my scoop in under 5 minutes.