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Beach Metal detector found lost gold ring in Oceanside,Ca

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


The Ring Finders in Oceanside San Diego helped find a lost gold wedding band by using a metal detector. Call Curtis Cox @ 760 889 2751 for a speedy recovery.


Life is a beach for me at least,,And even more so when I get a call from a stranger who needs help finding a lost precious ring on the beach. This couple was visiting my hometown Oceanside when her gold band disappeared into the fluffy sand. They sifted throughout the entire area then googled online some key words that led to my contact info.

Fortunately for them I live block up the street and was there on the beach with a metal detector quickly.  Not too long after turning on my metal detector a good signal screamed,,I reached down with just my hand,,,Opened it,,Blew the sand off And their precious ring magically reappeared…!   They were thrilled especially being the last day on vacation before heading back home.



Testimonial;; In their words,

My husband and I are visiting Oceanside on vacation, enjoying
the beach when we accidentally lost my wedding band in the
sand. After about 30 stressful minutes of looking through the
sand, I looked up near by metal detectors and Curtis’s business
popped up. I called him and he was able to arrive to our location
in less than 20 mins and found my wedding band in less than 2
minutes!!! I am in complete and total aw and appreciate of you
Curtis! You truly saved the day! Thank you!

LOST WEDDING RING in Durham, NC…….. FOUND!!!!!!

  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)
Got a call today from a man who lost his 14k white gold wedding ring about 2 weeks ago while cutting wood with his boys.
He had his cell phone in his front left pocket when he took his ring off so it wouldn’t interfere with wood cutting and put it in the same pocket as his phone. Then at some point he took his phone out of his pocket and it must have pulled his ring out with it.
I get to his house, get the scoop, grabbed my machine and got to searching! I started where he was when he took it off and put it in his pocket.
Less than 5 mins – Boom! We got gold!!!
Another successful ring recovery and another marriage saved!
Thank you for reading my blog, please tell your friends about TheRingFinders.com

Lost ring in Garden, Found after Two and a Half Years…

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

Two and a half years ago, Mary was doing some gardening at the retirement accommodation where she lives in Whangarei. Some time after weeding, gardening, and repotting a fern, she noticed her gold wedding ring of some forty years was missing.

Staff members at the time searched through the garden and fern, with no success.
As is often the case, the ring was given up as lost.

Recently on hearing about my recovery service, one of the staff members contacted me to see if there was any chance of finding it.
Mary was apparently sceptical about a recovery given the time that had elapsed though.
Her confidence was boosted when shortly after the enquiry, I successfully recovered a ring lost in a farm paddock that had been missing for an equivalent period of time.

I duly arrived at the accommodation and was met by Mary, who talked me through the loss.
Constantly assessing the different locations I was shown, I shifted them up and down my mental list in order of probability as we went.
After a few further questions, I had a good idea of the likely scenarios that might have led to this lost ring and got kitted up.

A quick reconnaissance sweep of the garden yielded only the usual decomposing nails, bits of brass and plumbing that are the usual background in urban searches.
Molesting the poor fern with the pinpointer was only met with silence from the probe. Cross that one off the list, which meant it wasn’t where it was supposed to be – they rarely are.

I returned to the car to get the ‘big guns’ out, time to get serious.
10 minutes later, in the lawn, a beautiful gold signal sounded in the headphones. I parted the grass and moss and after wiping the surface mud off, there was the shining edge of a ring.

It must have been lost while Mary was gardening then knelt or stepped on, into the soil surface. This would have prevented it from being found by the many searchers and almost certainly saved it from death-by-mower.

I left it there and tapped on the door of the unit.
When Mary came to the door, I simply said, « I’ve got something of yours ».

I let Mary pick it out of the soil where it had fallen two and a half years ago.

Had it not been for a caring staff member who took the initiative to contact me, it would still be lost.

Many rings lay in gardens, lost but not forgotten.  Waiting for an experienced Ringfinder…



Lost 14K Gold Bracelet FOUND!

  • from Columbia (South Carolina, United States)

After my wife lost her bracelet in the lake behind our house, I frantically searched the internet for ideas on how to find it. Luckily I found Mical, as he came over with his metal detector and waders, and found it in no time! I hope we never lose anything again, but if we do, Ring Finders is where I’m looking first!

Lost and found wedding ring in Carrying Place Ontario

  • from Cobourg (Ontario, Canada)

Received a text from Morgan yesterday about her husband Matt having lost his wedding ring the previous day in their yard. Matt was putting things away for the winter when, afterwards, he noticed his ring was gone. To makes matters worst, their yard was full of metal items in the ground and had about 4 inches of fresh snow from the previous day. Headed out and met with Morgan. After the usual questions and orientation, I got metal detecting the yard and within fifteen minutes or so, found the ring. Both Morgan and Matt were very happy and relieved that he was reunited with his ring again. Another happy ending.

Lost and found diamond engagement ring Inverary Ontario

My ring recovery today took me to a horse farm in Inverary, just north of Kingston Ontario.  Received a text from Nick and Meaghan, about her having just lost her beautiful diamond engagement ring while feeding the horses. She just had taken out a couple of bails of hay to their feeders when she realized that her ring was missing. The good news is that she knew for sure she had her ring on before feeding the horse. The bad news is she wasn’t exactly sure where and when she had lost the ring. Even worse, did one of the horses eat the ring while feeding on the freshly spread hay in the feeder. She moved the horses into another field for the night, while they tried to find the ring through the hay.
I met with them first thing this morning and started to spread and search through the hay, with no luck so far. While picking her brains, in the chain of events during last evening, she did mentioned that she had thrown old wet feed from the feeder onto the ground prior to putting in fresh Hay, Since we’ve had 3 days of solid rain this week, the ground near the feeders was a soup like wet mud. After a few minutes, I heard that distinct sweet sound of gold and while using my pin pointer, was able to fish out her ring from the mud. Very happy and appreciative young couple plus, I got to visit and pet some horses. Another happy ending!

Lost and found antique diamond engagement ring Kingston Ontario

Received a phone call from Dave about how is wife Johanne had lost her diamond engagement ring in the backyard while fall cleaning a couple days ago. This ring was gifted to Johanne from Dave’s mom many years ago. So off to Kingston I went on this beautiful sunny thanksgiving day to find her ring. This had to be the fastest recovery ever. Turn my detector on, did a couple swings of the coil and voila, her ring was found. Another very happy ending.

Fifth Generation Ring Recovered in Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

He lost his fifth generation ring while walking/playing with his dog. After giving me the boundaries I went to work. It wasn’t until we expanded the boundaries that the ring was found. Watch the video below for the full story.

Here is a testimonial regarding this search.


My husband Mykal received a very special ring from his father, on our wedding day last year.  It was in the family for 5 generations.  Sometime in May of this year, we were playing in the backyard with our German Shepherd.  He was throwing the ball to Max as he normally did.  At the end of the night, he took Max out in front of the house for a quick walk, as it was dark.  That night before bed, he realized the ring was no longer on his finger.  The next day we spent the entire day looking for it, both in the back and front yard, with no success.  Every so often, thereafter, we would walk with our eyes directed towards the grass, hoping to catch a shimmer of the ring against the green background.  Mykal almost gave up searching.  He kept saying that somebody probably found it.  Since we don’t live on a busy street, I thought that possibility was less likely.  I was convinced we would find it at some point, we just had to keep searching.  At the end of September, Mykals’ parents came over and asked about the ring.  Mykal replied that it was not with him (it technically wasn’t a lie).  Mykal knew that it was only a matter of time before his father would ask to see it, or encourage him further, to see him wearing it, at least on special occasions.  I decided to take it upon myself to do about of searching.  Not in the backyards, but on the internet.  If the ring was out there, I knew a metal detector would pick it up.  We were going to buy one from the store.  Since most people that buy metal detectors to find a ring, end up reselling it once they have found their lost item or after they have given up the search, I figured we should look into purchasing a used one before we go to the store.  I have never been on the Kijiji site before but knew of it and thought that it would be a good place to start.  I typed in ‘used metal detectors’ in the search bar’.  The first two posts were actual metal detectors (I was praying they included instructional manuals!).  The third post was titled, “TheCalgaryRingFinder.”  I was intrigued and curious so I clicked on the link and the brief description mentioned Evan and the service he was offering.  He would come to the place where you thought you lost the item, and he would search for it.  His reward for finding it, if he found it, was whatever you thought the value was for finding said lost item.  I thought this was an awesome deal! I spoke to Mykal and we called him right away.  Like a detective, Evan asked a series of questions relating to the ring;  where we last saw it, how long ago, the approximate area where we thought this ring could be located in.  He explained the process and told us he would come over around 5pm that same evening.  We were so excited!  Both at the possibility of finding the ring, but also at putting our minds to ease if we didn’t find it, knowing we did everything possible.  Evan arrived and went straight to work, after Mykal gave him an outline of the area where the ring could be.  Anxiously, I cleaned our home, waiting.  The sun started setting and the hope of the ring being found was slimmer and slimmer.  As it became completely dark, I was surprised Evan was still searching for the ring.  Mykal and I sat down in the living room and we said a prayer to St. Anthony (the patron saint of lost things).  We thanked God for everything we had our lives, especially each other and said that whatever God’s will is whether the ring should be found or not, we will accept it.  We are thankful and happy for our health and everything God has already given us.  Two minutes later the phone rang and Evan asked to see Mykal out back.  I started washing dishes and was hoping that Evan would say he would come back to continue his search when it would be light out again. Mykal walked back into the house and said to me, “It’s too dark now and Evan is going home.” At this point he waves his hand and shows off the ring and the biggest smile.  I nearly fainted and started jumping up and down in excitement.  I could not believe my eyes! I was so happy for Mykal and for Evan and for all of us!   I went outside to thank Evan.  No words can express the kind deed that Evan did for us; the time he took out of his day to search so diligently for something that meant so much to us.  The next weekend, we went to Mykal’s parents home for a Barbq and Mykal proudly wore his ring.  His dad put his arms around him and said, “The ring looks great on you.  I almost started to think that you lost it.” Mykal just smiled and gave him a big hug.

These are such special moments in life.  We shared this story with many neighbors, family and friends.  We hope to share this story with Mykals parents…sometime next year.

Thank you again Evan for all of your help and for helping other people.  You are an angel and we will always pray for you that God will guide you to lost items if it is His will that they ought to be reunited with the owners.

Thank you.

lost Gold Chain + Rings found in Fairhaven, Mass

A friend on Facebook sent me a listing of a Gold chain with a diamond butterfly lost that had 3 rings on it at the beach. After reaching out to Alyssa, she finally got back to me after a few days. We chatted about what I do and how it was lost. She had mentioned that for me not to bother to travel so far because she said a couple of other guys had searched high and low for them to no avail. We agreed that maybe someone had seen them on the sand and possibly picked them up.

I again reached out about four days later and told Alyssa that when I got over that way I would check the area in question and went over that day again. I asked if she had gone into the water, she replied no just to the waters edge. She did mention that she walked up to the bathing houses on her way out that day.

Two month’s had gone by. It was honestly haunting me, to know that such a precious set of rings and a gold butterfly chain was just possibly sitting in the sand without no one looking for them any longer. I keep a list of NON found things on my desk. I looked at that note everyday. I decided to make the trip yesterday. I searched the area in question for an hour, I was almost up to the parking lot, but still in the path sand area, when I got that familiar low tone. I dug down, and out popped a Gold ring, still didn’t look familiar. I checked the hole and another low tone, and again out popped two more gold rings and they were attached to a beautiful gold diamond butterfly chain. Now I was smiling. I knew I had Alyssa’s precious rings. The best part is that she had not even known that I went to look for them.

I contacted her again through Facebook and I am happy to say she is reunited with them once again. Never give up, in this case keeping notes and persistence paid off. On a side note to the story, Shawn was off the hook, he apparently was the one who had them in his shirt, and dropped them. Congratulations Alyssa on your return. Sincerely Leighton




Bayville NJ Lost wedding band in the grass Recovered by Edward Trapper NJ Ring Finder September 29 2022

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)
Mary sent me a message about a lost wedding band. She explained that her husband Kyle was washing the cars and his wedding ring had disappeared. He searched the cars, flower beds by the hose, and all around in the grass. They even tried with a metal detector and had no luck. I arranged to meet at the house after work the next day. After talking with Kyle about where the ring could possibly be, he went inside and told me to just ring the bell. He barley had closed the door when my machine gave a tone that was without a doubt his ring. I rang the bell and the look on his face was priceless. Later on after the recovery I found out Kyle and I share the same birthday, Happy Birthday Kyle, this was a great day for sure.