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Gold Diamond Wedding Band Lost On Emerald Isle Beach, Near Pier, Quickly Found

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Haley & Wesley decided to play along the Bogue Inlet Pier shoreline with their babies.  Before heading for the water, Haley gave her wedding set to her Mimi to hold until they returned.  Mimi placed them on her finger.  When Haley returned, Mimi stood up to return the rings.  It was then she realized Haley’s wedding band was missing.

A plea was made on a popular social media group asking for someone with a metal detector to help.  I was quickly alerted to the lost ring and made contact as soon as possible.  I loaded up and made my way to the pier parking lot.  After a rough walk through soft sand and the heat, I met Wesley who didn’t leave the spot of the lost ring.  I started my search from the inside then picked started to grid back when I received a 43 VDI (Video Discrimination Indicator) number on my Deus II metal detector.  I told them this looks promising just before bending down and pulling Haley’s missing ring from it’s hiding spot under the sand.

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Ring lost at Pacific Beach found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Rowan walked out into the surf to meet her fiance and take his surfboard to try her luck with the waves. She didn’t want to do that with her engagement ring on, so, she took it off to hand to him so he could bring it up to where they were camped on the beach. Ooops, fumble, and into the drink it went in knee/thigh deep water. It instantly disappeared under the sand and no amount of frantic searching was going to make a gold ring pop back up again. After a recommendation to try, Rowan contacted me and we set up a time a couple of hours later (at a lower tide) to conduct the search. We met up at 7:30pm that night with no problem and decided on the boundaries of the search area. I had asked earlier for them to take a few photos of the search area, and count how many paces from the dry sand to the approximate « drop » point it was so it would help zero in on the spot. We picked a line running from sand to surf to start my grid. After several passes on both side of that center line, it was recommended that it was more likely to be toward the south rather than north. I ran another dozen passes to the south with only one cent being found in that entire area. I went up and asked how far south I should go and we decided to resume my grid north a couple more passes before I decided to start my cross grid parallel to the water’s edge. On the 2nd and last planned pass to the north, I hit a most promising 31 on my Equinox 900. One shallow scoop and I had a beautiful engagement ring matching the description in my scoop. It was now dark and Rowan and her friend had taken a walk, but, her fiance and his friend were waiting up on a blanket in the dry sand. I walked up to them and asked if I should go any further to the north. They didn’t think so. I asked if they had a light so I could look at something as I had left my phone and keys there with them while I was in the water. I said good, as I was getting cold and glad I didn’t have to go back into the water to find this…..and produced the ring in the light! They were bowled over and hatched a plan to surprise Rowan. We took a few photos of the ring, called Rowan to say I was calling it a night, and asked her to return to discuss a future search. When she and her friend returned, I handed her my card and said she could have it, as it was my prop for this….and handed her the ring. An overwhelmed Rowan shed a few tears and gave me a big hug before we took a few more photos and bid each other farewell. A pleasure to meet you all, my best wishes on your upcoming wedding, and thank you for the reward.

Platinum Engagement and Wedding Ring, Lost In Gorham, Maine Backyard, Found With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

Return and Recovery #47

On Saturday, July 13th, I had just returned from Bridgton, Maine, after recovering a ring, in the water. As I was writing the story about that recovery and return, I saw a text message, come in, at 2:26pm. It read

“Hi Dennis, my name is Kelly. I’m located in Gorham, ME. I lost my wedding ring in my backyard last night. Been searching for hours with no luck. What would your schedule look like for a search”?

I immediately called Kelly and told her I was available right now. Kelly went on to tell me that she and her family were out on the back patio and at one point, she was tossing a ball back and forth, with one of her children. Later, she realized her ring was missing. They searched the grass area, where they were tossing the ball, on their hands and knees. No luck. Then, this morning, they rented a metal detector and searched the area. Again, no luck. Kelly also told me that her ring is actually her Engagement Ring and her Wedding Ring and she had them joined together, by a jeweler, to make this just one ring.

Cheryl and I got my equipment loaded back up and headed to Kelly’s home. We arrived at 3:30pm and Kelly was there waiting for us. She took us out back and showed us the backyard and where she was standing, while throwing the ball. We all agreed that this was the most likely scenario, to losing the ring, but not the only scenario. I decided to start searching , appropriately mid yard and perform a grid search, down to the tall overgrown area, near the woods. I would then turn around, and head back towards the house. I would repeat this grid search, until I found the ring or eliminated that half of the yard. I would then try the other half of the yard. If I didn’t find it there, I would then move further from the house, into the overgrown area and then the wooded area.

I started my first sweep of the area and the only target I received was something in the ground, most likely a sprinkler head, for their irritation system. Once I got to the overgrown area, I turned around and headed back towards the house. Still nothing. I took a 1/2 step to my right and headed back towards the overgrown area and woods. I took about 2 steps towards those areas and I received a nice loud low tone and a reading of 12-07 on my VDI screen. I looked into the fairly tall grass but couldn’t see anything. I turned to Kelly and told her, “I am pretty sure this will be your ring”. I bent over, started moving the grass around and saw a bright shiny ring. I had Kelly come over and told her the ring is right there. She still couldn’t see it, because the ring had gotten, all the way down, to the dirt and was totally covered by the tall grass. I reached down, picked it up and you could just see and feel the relief, come over Kelly’s face. She was extremely thankful and continued to thank us, up until we left. Kelly did tell us that the ring, is loose on her finger and she will be addressing that issue, very soon.

Total search time was approximately 5 minutes and it was now close to 4:00pm. My second recovery and return of the day and I was ready to get home, cool off and relax. It’s been a long day, but very fruitful one and I am so fortunate, to be able to help all these people.

Gold and Diamond Ring Lost in Bridgton, Maine Lake, Found With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

Recovery and Return #46

As I raced, from the kitchen, to my living room, to answer my phone, it stopped ringing. I then saw a voicemail had just been left. The transcription read, as follows

“Yes, hi Dennis, my name is Judith H***. I live on Highland Lake in Bridgton, Maine and a friend of mine was visiting and she lost her ring. She was in the water at my property and its waist deep. It’s about a 12 x 12 area and we are calling you to see if you might be able to come and rescue her wedding ring. It’s a very sentimental ring. It was her mothers. My number is 9 0 4- ***-****, again Dennis this is Judith H*** and I’m hoping to hear back from you with a return call thank you bye…”

I immediately called back and Judith answered. She explained that her lifelong friends Anna and Maureen, have been visiting her, at her lakeside home. Anna had lost her very sentimental ring, when she jumped, into the lake, from the wharf. Anna could see the ring, in the very clear water and reached down to grab it, but it disappeared, into the sand and rocks. Judith and Maureen then joined Anna, searching for the ring, that was no longer visible. Then neighbors from surrounding homes, joined in. Still no one could find the ring. It is my experience that once many people start searching for a ring, in the water or sand, there is a good chance of moving, said ring, outside the search area or deeper into the sandy bottom. When I mentioned this, to Judith, she told the searchers, to stop searching, so they wouldn’t move the ring any further. Even though Anna had gone into panic mode, over her mother’s wedding ring, it was the right thing to do. No need to possibly make the ring, much more difficult to find, by moving it around or sending it deeper, into the sand.

Since it was now going on 8:00pm, I told Judith, I would leave my home, in Saco, around 7:00am and make the nearly 1 1/2 hour drive, to her home on Highland Lake, hoping to arrive at approximately 8:30am. This would allow me to get my Minelab Excalibur ll onto the charger and get a full charge, for this water search. I also would get the rest of my equipment, towel,change of clothing, etc., and load the vehicle up tonight and leave, 1st thing, in the morning, right after loading the Excalibur ll, into the vehicle.

Cheryl and I left the house as planned and arrived right at 8:30am. It was explained to us, by the three friends, that yesterday they were very hot and decided to jump into the lake. They had put lotion on and jumped. When in the water, Anna actually saw her ring, come off and down, down, down to the bottom it went. Once it landed, on the bottom, of the lake, she could still see it. When attempting to retrieve the ring, it moved deeper into the sand and rocks, out of sight. The resulting search was fruitless. They were certain, the ring was in a 12’ X 12’ foot area.

I entered the water, approximately where they thought the outside limit would be of about 12’. I decided to start there and grid my way, towards the wharf. After about 7-8 minutes, still no ring. I had found and scooped up a brass shell casing, a small lead fishing sinker and a penny.
As I got closer to the wharf, while facing the shore, I got the unmistakable low tone, that I thought could be gold and the ring. My waterproof Excalibur ll does not have a VDI screen, to give me any type of a reading. It is all by tone and sound. This tone got me excited and I told the three friends that if this is the ring, it is not silver, but gold. Silver is a much, much higher sounding tone.
I pressed the scoop, into the sand and rocks, checked the scoop and saw nothing. I checked the target again, lined up my foot with the target, scooped more sand and rocks and started shaking the sand out of the scoop. It was then I saw Anna’s ring, in the scoop. Once Anna realized I had found her ring, she became extremely emotional, to the point, she was visibly shaking. She was so emotional because her ring, is actually 3 rings, put together, to make one ring. The rings consisted of her own engagement and wedding ring, along with her mother’s wedding ring, which was passed down to Anna, after her mother’s death. Anna was just so distraught, that she no longer had possession of her mother’s wedding ring that she was visibly shaking, during and after the search. WOW, I am just so fortunate to be able to help people, like Anna, not only get their rings back, but the memories that come with those rings. Every ring has a story and Anna now has her story back. ❤️🙏

Gold and Platinum Wedding Ring Lost In The Old Orchard Beach, Maine Sand, Found With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

Recovery and Return #45

As I was driving, my phone rang. I then saw a voicemail, had been left. The transcription of the voicemail was as follows

“Hello Mr. Boothby my name is William B****** . I am in vacation luxury beach . I just lost my ring, my wedding ring . I did it, in front of the Seawatch Condominiums, at high tide. Right around the junction where the water was just highest, near the dry sand so not in the water. It was right in front of the Pink building. I am leaving tomorrow back to Quebec City and I am leaving at 9 AM. So, if you ever have an opportunity, to come check it out and I don’t know how The Ring Finders of Maine thing works. Call me back 5**-***-****. It would be really really appreciated so please call me back thank you . My name is William B****** thank you bye…”

The voicemail had been left at 4:48pm and I immediately called him back. He and his wife were at the beach, but couldn’t find the Wedding Ring. I told William that I could be there, at approximately 6:30pm. I needed to get home, get my metal detecting gear and drive to Old Orchard Beach. I also told William that I do not charge, for my time or my Emergency Metal Detecting Service. I do require a $10.00 Transportation Fee, to cover my gas, tolls and wear and tear, etc.. William readily agreed to that.

Once I arrived home, I called William and told him I would be there within a 1/2 hour. William and his wife, would meet me, at the end of Cleaves St., Between The Seawatch Condominium and the Sandpiper Beachfront Motel.

If you know anything about Old Orchard Beach, Maine, you know that parking, is very difficult, to say the least. My wife often drives me down, drops me off and will return, to pick me up later. I can’t tell you how much this helps me and she is an absolute angel, to support me, in this Ring Finder endeavor. So, a BIG shout out to my beautiful wife, Cheryl ❤️. She’s a real trooper, for putting up with me.

Once I arrived, I was met by William and he immediately took me down to the area, where he “Thinks” he lost his ring. When asked, he told me the Wedding Ring was Gold and Platinum and he just got married, a month ago. Wow, another newlywed. Plus, they were leaving, in the morning, going home to Quebec City. I just had to find it for them.

His wife Gabrielle was standing in the location , of where they hoped the ring would be. William and Gabrielle explained that they had been, at the beach, most of the day. They had taken a few walks, along the beach, swam in the ocean and when the tide came in, they were throwing a football around, at the high tide line and the dry sand. It was at this point, late in the day, that William noticed his ring was missing. Could he have lost it, in the water, on one of their walks or when he throwing the football? Both William and Gabrielle thought and were hoping it would be in the dry sand, where they were throwing the football.

William then showed me where he and Gabrielle were standing, while throwing the football. Approximately 50 feet separated the two of them. I then asked William if he was left or right handed. He is left handed, meaning the ring could have come off, and flown towards the water, at high tide. I decided to perform a grid, starting where William was standing, to approximately 5-10 feet past where Gabrielle was standing. I would also start approximately 5-10 feet to the left, of where William was standing, in case the ring flew off, towards the water, at high tide. I also want to search this area of the dry sand, because the beach cleaning machine, rakes the beach up and removes all the trash, from the beach. If I didn’t find the ring, before the beach was cleaned, the ring could be lost forever, in a landfill somewhere.
On my first pass, towards Gabrielle’s area, absolutely nothing. I then pivoted 1/2 step to my right, turned around and started back towards William. Approximately 5 feet, from where William had been standing, while throwing the football, I heard a very nice low tone, through my headphones, of my metal detector. I then looked at my VDI screen and saw a reading of 12-23. A very good sign, and exactly the reading , I would expect, for a Gold and Platinum Wedding Ring. I then turned around at looked at both William and Gabrielle and told them, “I think this is your ring”. I was that confident. William and Gabrielle walked towards me, as I plunged my pinpointer, into the sand. I immediately found the target, pulled a handful of sand up and there was a Gold and Platinum wedding ring. I had found his ring, right where they thought it might be and found in approximately 2 minutes.

They were both smiling , from ear to ear and were just stunned, with joy and disbelief I had found his ring. William put the ring, back on his finger, as quickly as he could. Here’s wishing many, many years of marital bliss to this young couple. I am just so happy to have been a part of getting this ring back to him.

Surf School Ring Recovery at Santa Claus Beach Carpinteria

  • from Santa Barbara (California, United States)

If you find yourself suddenly without your ring call or text Ventura County Ringfinders at 805-290-5009 so we can make a plan to get it back to you ASAP!

I got a call yesterday morning from Taylor who had a mishap with her ring while assisting at A-Frame Surf Shop’s summer surf camp at Santa Claus Beach in Carpinteria. She had placed her ring inside a clipboard for safe keeping only to have it disappear while someone got into the clipboard! The ring had huge sentimental value as she had gotten the ring while on a trip to Morocco so it was imperative we recover the ring and get it back.

A half-hour into the search and her good luck ring was right back where it belonged, on Taylor’s finger.

If you lose your ring don’t hesitate but call or text immediately day or night so I can formulate a plan to get your ring back. Time is of the essence and you don’t want to waste it so call or text me at 805-290-5009.

Lost Wedding Ring, Spring Hill, Fl. …Found!!!

  • from Dunedin (Florida, United States)

Steve Thomas
Dunedin Ring Finder

“It’s only lost until I find it!”

Lost a ring or other metal valuable at the beach or in a grassy or sandy area? Jewelry slip off of you while working outside, playing with the dog or swimming? Please contact me ASAP at (843) 995-4719 or @dunedinringfinder. I offer a FREE metal detecting service, reward optional but appreciated upon recovery!

While I was in Texas with my wife Jan for the birth of our second grandson Anson and visiting with his brother Tillman and parents Joe and Madison (our daughter), I was contacted by Michelle from the Weeki Wachee/Spring Hill Florida area in early May who told me that she lost her wedding ring while doing yard work. Even though the ring had been lost in a location that could not be searched by anyone without Michelle’s permission, I asked Michelle if she would like to wait until I returned to Florida to search for her or if she prefer that I try to contact another trusted detectorist to search as soon as possible. Michelle told me that she could wait until my return and because we would be driving back from Texas in three weeks and passing within five minutes of her home, I could search for her then.

At the end of May, we headed back to Florida, stopping several places along the way. The day before we were to pass by Michelle’s home, I contacted her and set up a time to meet her. As we got close to the loss location the next day, Michelle texted to say that something had come up and that she would not be able to meet me for the search. I told her that we would set up another time after I returned home.

Michelle and I were able to set up another search time several weeks later and that day I made the hour long drive with my detecting buddy Jim Facinelli who was going to assist in this search as well as another search for a ring in the cool spring water at Crystal River.

We arrived at Michelle’s home and shortly after, we received some more details about the loss and we began our search. Michelle and her husband had been working on their irrigation system in the left side front yard which involved a lot of digging when she realized that her ring was missing from her finger. She had thoroughly searched the area which was more dirt than grass but had been unable to find it. Michelle’s daughter Christalynn had earlier searched with her own beginners metal detector but had been unable to find her mother’s ring. Jim and I scanned the area for about 45 minutes and dug several coins along with various pieces of scrap metal. There was very little grass for a ring to hide in but that area had seen some vehicle traffic in addition to the irrigation work so the ring could have been pushed further under the ground surface. The loss area was not large and Michelle was certain that she had lost her ring in this area so we gridded it several times and dug every target. I dug a possible gold target near a utility pole and out popped Michelle’s wedding ring from about a two inch depth! I held up the ring to show Jim and we both celebrated. As Michelle and her daughter had gone inside the house to take a quick break from the heat, Jim suggested that we have Christalynn come outside with her metal detector and “find” the ring. We reburied the ring and had Michelle and Christalynn come outside to the spot and Christalynn got a signal on her detector and began digging. She dug up a penny near the ring before she found the ring and proudly handed it to her mother! Thanks to Jim for that great idea and his assistance with the search.

Michelle, thank you for trusting the Dunedin Ring Finder to find and return your ring almost two months after you lost it!

Lost wedding ring, Beach Haven NJ, LBI, recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)


It was a beautiful afternoon when I took a glance at my phone. I noticed I was tagged many times on a local Facebook page, where Jim had posted about his lost wedding ring on a local beach on LBI. His post was worded as a last chance effort to locate his wedding ring he lost the prior day in the sand in Beach Haven. Not long after Jim called me, and he basically wrote this off as a LONG shot of ever seeing his cherished wedding ring again. After getting all the details I explained I was at a family party and would be able to go later on around dinner time, and requested for him to leave some chairs set up to secure the location he believed the ring to be hiding. He agreed, but really didn’t seem to have much hope, as he had stated “its a long shot”. I got to the beach and with the beautiful warm temperatures inland, and the cold ocean water, the beach was socked in with heavy fog. When I got to the dune walkover I didn’t see any signs of the location he marked, but once I walked about half way to the ocean, I could vaguely see a lonely folded chair, on a damp and dreary beach. I turned on my machine, and walked in the direction of the chair. about 20 feet from the chair, in a direct path to the dune walkover opening, my metal detector let off a tone which I call BINGO !!!! And sure enough, Jims ring was in my sand scoop. I snapped a few pictures as usual, and sent them to Jim in a text. He responded in total amazement, as I just performed what he had considered impossible. Jim was just down the road having dinner at one of best locations in Beach Haven NJ, and agreed to meet next door in the Wawa parking lot. Another fantastic recovery in the books, doing what many write off as an impossible task. Its the heart felt expressions, and the challenge of the hunt that drive me.

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Newlyweds Wedding Ring Lost In Maine Ocean , While Surfing. Found With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

Return and Recovery #44

On Sunday July 7th, I was in Dover, New Hampshire, searching for a lost Engagement Ring. I checked my phone and saw, I had a text message, from 3:09pm. It was now 4:01pm. The message read as follows,

“Hello ring finders,

Hello, my husband just lost his wedding band at Scarborough, Maine beach this afternoon. I know what area of the beach we were swimming in, it was high tide and I’m thinking at low tide there will be a chance of finding it. Is this something you can help with?”

I replied

“So sorry to hear this. I am actually searching for a ring in Dover l, NH, at the moment. May I call you when I finish here and on my way home?”

The message came back as yes and I continued searching, in Dover, NH for another 1+ hours. During that time we messaged each other back and forth, as I had a few questions. I found out that the ring belonged to Riley and his wife Marybeth, had found out about my Emergency Metal Detecting Service and contacted me.

Marybeth and Riley had gone to Scarborough Beach State Park, for the day, to enjoy the beautiful weather and were surfing from approximately 11:30am to 1:15pm, when Riley noticed he was no longer wearing his wedding ring. They then got out of the water and searched the area, as best the could, but the tide was now, at high tide.
Once I got home from Dover, we started communicating again. Marybeth told me that she and Riley, were returning back to Scarborough Beach State Park and were performing a visual search, in the hopes they would find the ring. They were not able to find the ring and it was now, that Marybeth took a video of the area, they were surfing in and sent it to me. It was an extremely large area, perhaps 500-600 feet long and the width was approximately 150 feet. I sent her some aerial shots of the area asking her which area were they in, so I could better understand where they were. Marybeth also told me the following

“We were Past section 4 on your map, the surf section .
It’s a gold men’s wedding band that has a unique ridge/twist on it
We just got married a few weeks ago. We did a private ceremony and our reception party is coming up in August so we are really hoping we’ll have the ring back for that 🤞🏼
Thank you so much for your help!
1) the deepest we went out was 6 feet deep. I know that for sure because that’s how tall my husband is and the deepest we went was him just barely being able to touch the bottom

2) we know for sure it came off in the water. We went out surfing at 11:30 am and he was wearing it. We noticed at 1:15 it was missing and so we stopped surfing then

3) yes section 5

WHAT? NEWLYWEDS!!! Only married a few weeks and they have their upcoming reception party. I really need to find this ring, for them.

With the video to watch and the map now confirmed as Section 5, The surfing section, I told Marybeth I would arrive at SBSP, around 5:45am, to take advantage of the low tide.
I did arrive at the location, parked my car and walked down to the surfing section, a walk of almost 1/2 mile. Once I arrived at the Surfing section, I saw just how large of an area it was and came to the realization, I was going to be here, for a while. I decided the area was too big, to do all at once. I would cut the area, in 1/2 and start searching, mid beach, where the tide was now lapping over. I would perform a horizontal grid search, to the shore and search as much area as possible, just knowing, I could come back the next day and finish, if necessary.

Once I started my search, I dug a small hole and threw the sand up, into a pile. This would be my starting point and a marker for me. I always dig a small hole and make a small pile of sand, at the end of each grid line, turn around there, take a 1/2 over and go back towards the previous pile of dug sand, dig hole, turn around again and continue repeating this method, so as not to miss any area. It has worked well for me, in the past.

I had now searched approximately 50-75 feet, of my 1st grid line, when I received my 1st signal. It was a little scratchy , in sound, but the VDI was a decent 12-24, on the VDI Screen. Definitely in the gold range. I dug into the sand, with my scoop and threw it up, into a pile of sand. I couldn’t see any target, so I pushed some of the sand, out of the way, with my foot. I then saw a very small piece of something gold, in color. I reached down and it was a 14k Gold Ring and it looked just like the one, in the photos, that Marybeth had sent me. I absolutely couldn’t believe it. Not even two minutes and I had found the wedding ring. I just need to have Marybeth, to verify this was Riley’s Ring. So I made a video and even though it only 5:56am, I didn’t think anyone would mind, if I sent them a text, of the video. I then sent the video and 5 minutes later received a reply, from Marybeth

“No way! That is amazing!!! 😭♥️
Can you send another picture to confirm that’s it? It appears to be!”

After sending 4 photos and asking her if there was an inscription (There Wasn’t), I received another reply

“Yes that’s it! The only engraving would just be the 14k stamp. I am so grateful! ♥️ I will coordinate with my husband on when works best for him to pick it up from you in Saco.”

Thank God! Riley would be getting his wedding ring back, in time for his August reception. I can’t tell you how good this makes me feel, to be able to help people out, in their time of need.

Plans were made to return the ring to Riley, on Tuesday, July 9th, once he got out of work. When Riley arrived, he was just so happy, that he was getting his ring back. A ring, he put on his finger, for the first time, on May 8th, his wedding day. He told me that he thought he would never see that ring again.

Marybeth, texted me and told me

“Again, we are so grateful for you and all of your help! When we give a speech at our reception party in August, I am going to share this story and how grateful we are for you 🥰”

Lost Wedding Ring Loon Point Beach Carpinteria Found by Expert Metal Detector

  • from Santa Barbara (California, United States)

I got a text early Friday morning sharing with me how a wedding ring had gotten lost in the sand at Loon Point Beach north of Carpinteria CA. It’s a familiar story, in an effort to take care of their rings prior to swimming, they are taken off and then stored in a pocket or the edge of a towel. For Michael, he had done just that, he had placed his wedding ring in the cup holder of his beach chair so he wouldn’t lose it in the ocean when he went swimming.

As the day went on he had completely forgotten about his ring and he and his wife packed things up and went back home oblivious to the fact that his ring had somehow bounced out of the cup holder somewhere on the beach or path leading back to the parking lot. This is where Ventura County Ringfinders stepped in.

I got to the beach and after talking with the couple I went to the area they were sitting at yesterday and begin to grid. I immediately found a quarter and a dime which was good news as I am always worried another detectorist might find it before I do and given that I found the coins I knew no one had been through here.

On my 3rd pass of the area I got a solid mid tone and I was pretty sure I had the ring in the scoop and a couple of shakes of the scoop proved me correct.

Michael was getting his ring back.

If you ever find yourself in this predicament don’t panic, call or text Dave, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties ringfinder at 805-290-5009 and I will come out and see you get reunited with your ring, necklace or pendant. Time is not on your side so reach out as soon as possible. Take pictures of the area as our minds sometimes forget the details when we are upset or anxious.

If you need the services of a Ringfinder in Fillmore, Moorpark, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Port Hueneme, Oxnard, Ventura, Camarillo, Carpinteria, Ojai, Santa Paula, Santa Clarita, Santa Barbara, Montecito or Summerland call or text at 805-290-5009.