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Lost jewelry at NJ beach? These experts can almost always find it! Featured on 101.5 FM in New Jersey!

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Lost Caduceus Ring in the Ocean, Harvey Cedars NJ, recovered by Edward Trapper NJ Ring Finders

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

Trish called and said she was at the beach with her son Shawn, his ring slipped off his finger in shoulder deep water. It was a large med school ring that I figured wouldn’t travel to far due to its size. She gave me all the details and that she also spoke to the lifeguards, and they were going to keep an eye open for it.  Luckily we have had very light breezes, and a pretty calm surf for New Jersey.  We arranged to meet at the next low tide, and that’s where I started, right at the waters edge.  After one pass I went right into the trough, it wasn’t easy working there with the waves breaking, and the strong moon current pulling. I only worked a small area because the life guards had pointed to the spot they were standing when the ring slipped off. I got a nice strong signal and prayed it wasn’t a penny, knowing the ring was quite large, and would signal the same. With a few small shakes to clear the sand I felt klunk, klunk, and was almost certain it was the ring, YES!!!!!!! it was. This ring is extremely special, Shawn’s dad had given it to him for his Med School graduation, and unfortunately he passed  last year.


Lost Wedding Ring on the beach, Point Pleasant Beach NJ, Recovered by Edward Trapper NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

Marta called and said her husband Travis had just lost his wedding ring in the sand. They were at the volley ball courts in Point Pleasant Beach when it flew off. We made arrangements to meet on court 18, I also had her request to shut down that one court so the ring wouldn’t go any deeper. When I arrived Travis showed me where he thought it had came off, and in just a few swings the ring was in the scoop. It took longer to find the court they were on than the recovery itself. I love the expressions when an item is returned.

Lost Wedding Ring in the Sand, Holgate NJ, LBI, recovered by Edward Trapper NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

Sarah called about her wedding ring she lost in the sand. She was down on Holgate beach in LBI NJ when they dropped out of her pocket after removing her phone. She found 2, but one was no where to be found. It worked out good as I was on my way over to LBI doing another recovery. I called when I was done and we met on the beach.  We talked a bit going over the details of where it was lost, and the makeup of the ring, so I would know what signal to listen for. In just a few short swings I got a signal, exactly where she showed me. I didn’t think it would be her ring because she said hers was gold, and this was a much lower tone. I was expecting foil, but after the sand emptied out, much to my surprise there was a ring in the bottom of my scoop. We confirmed the shape and diamond pattern, and bingo, this was her ring.

Wedding Band recovered in Long Beach Island by Dennis Burlingame

This one started with Heather posting a lost and found ad on a local FB page for husband’s Erwin’s lost wedding band. People on there referred her to RingFinders where she contacted Ed Cropski but he was on vacation so he got hold of Matty St Germain but he was working which lead them to me. I took on the recovery and drove the hour to meet up with her on the beach. Heather said her husband was in the ocean playing with his daughter Krystina when he felt his ring slip off his finger. The water was clear that day but looking for it they just couldn’t see it. I went out to the area where she thought he was but with no luck. Going back talking to her Krystina said they weren’t out as far, so I moved in closer to shore and sure enough about 10 minutes later I found Erwin’s ring. Heather couldn’t believe it. Another happy ending for all.

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