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Engagement ring found in Lowell, Michigan

  • de Holland (Michigan, United States)

Gregg Larabel, my fellow ringfinder, got a call from Tina telling him that her daughter, Brianna, had lost her engagement ring a few weeks ago.  Brianna and her fiance live on a secluded 10 acre parcel in the beautiful west Michigan countryside.  Because varmints had been going after their chickens, Brianna carried a shotgun as she walked around the yard and driveway checking on them and their beef cattle.  But her ring was interfering with her hold on the shotgun, so she took it off and put it in the pocket of her hoodie sweatshirt.  As she put the shotgun away later she discovered the ring was missing from her pocket.  After a lot of fruitless searching they decided the ring must be out in the yard or driveway somewhere.  It was obviously a big area to search, but Tina gave us a map showing where Brianna walked after putting the ring in her pocket.  We started with the driveway, and after finishing that I started searching the steps up the hill to the front door.  At the top of the steps, just before the front door I got a good hit in the leaves next to the steps, and when I parted the leaves, there was her ring.  I had just called Gregg over to look at it when Tina came out the front door expecting we were about ready to give up.  We held the ring out for her and her eyes lit up.  Brianna, at work, answered the “found it!” text with “are you kidding me?”   Picture is of Brianna back with her ring.