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Experience Counts

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

I got a call from Lake Country BC, a one hour drive away, the gentleman told me he had lost his 18k yellow gold and ruby ring that his wife presented to him years ago. He hosted his sons wedding in his back yard around the pool, and lower patio area last Fall, he lost the ring removing lighting from around the pool. He had photographs from the patio showing that he had the ring before the lights removal, he suspected it was in the Basalt rocks around the patio, below where the lighting was, he thought it probably came off during the removal. His search had no results, I told him would respond the first good weather day. Yesterday was that day, I spent almost 2 hours gridding the area, and advised him the I was convinced that it was not there,  he responded that I was probably his last resort. I told him stories of past recoveries where the lost item often turned up the trash bags where leaves etc had been placed, and suggested he take down his packing boxes where he stored the lights and search them, he agreed and said that was also his plan. That evening he called to say he had found the ring, and thanked me for my time and travel, and that I was his inspiration to take down the boxes and search them,  his last hope was the boxes.


Sea Isle City NJ Lost Wedding Band Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Dev was visiting friends in Sea Isle City, NJ for a few days when he realized his wedding band had gone missing in the sand. He suspected that it might have fallen out of his beach bag. Despite searching extensively, he was unable to locate the ring. Dev decided to reach out to me for help. Promptly responding to his call, I arrived at the scene within 20 minutes. Equipped with my metal detector, I meticulously conducted a grid search pattern. After a short while, the wedding band was in the scoop! Dev was happy to have his custom-made wedding band back on his finger in Sea Isle City,NJ.

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Lost White Gold Men’s Wedding Band in the Snow Found in Garden City Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

A Ruff Day…..

..Actually began for Travis Tuesday night when he took his dogs into the back yard and started to play in the snow. Toys were thrown and fetched and then snowballs tossed for the hounds to catch. After the wonder-fur time and frosty paws, with tails wagging the dogs went back into the house for the night as Travis shoveled snow off the deck. Early Wednesday, I got a text explaining that his ring was lost. I started to grid search with my MXT metal detector and got some junk signals but near the garage the detector signaled precious metal. Brushing the snow aside revealed Travis’ ring! He came over, we pawsed for a moment looking at it then he lifted the ring from the snow. Also very happy with the pawsitive outcome of the search, the dogs gave 4 paws up on the ulti-mutt recovery…….if you’re happy and you know it, clap your paws!



Lost Ring? Things To Think Of To Get Your Ring Back (Kingston Ontario)

  • from Kingston (Ontario, Canada)

If You Lost Your Ring? What can you do?

  1. Retrace your steps.
  2. lost your ring at home? Tidy up each room you were in before you noticed it was missing.
  3. Check unusual places. (Like the shower, Or sink drains all over the house) check coat pockets, gloves, hand bags, sweaters and laundry machines, inbetween couch cushions, ect…
  4. For a diamond ring or jewelry item, try turning off the lights and Use a flashlight. Diamond’s will reflect like a mirror when light hits it.
  5. Take a break from looking, re-group, and think about something else (if at all possible) often the place you put your item will come to you when you take your mind off of worrying about it for a while, maybe Ask a friend to lend a fresh pair of eyes to your search.
  6. If your ring is insured, and before you decide to file a claim, call your local Ring Finder specialist.

If you have not heard about The RingFinders, now’s the time to find one closest to you.The is a directory of metal detecting specialists with a passion and knowledge for metal detecting. Chances are there is one in your area that you were not completely unaware of.

Ryan and I can be found on the directory, we are detecting specialists with a passion for finding lost items such as cell phones, car keys, and yes, even engagement and wedding rings, or any jewelry for that matter.

Regardless wether you lost your ring at home, or in public, there are some steps to take in order to try and recover your lost item.

  1. Don’t wait to act & remember, the longer you wait the more lost your item becomes.
  2. Retrace your steps. It is important to try and remember as much detail as you can about the time you think you lost your item. (The success rate to find lost items are much higher within the first 24 to 48 hours in our experience, although finding lost items can be found even after several years has passed, however take note that the success rate is much lower in these cases.)
  3. You may wish to contact your local police station, jewellers and pawn shops. Someone may have already turned it in.
  4. If you know about The Ring Finders? Do not hesitate to call us. We love to help & this is what we do.
  5. Lastly if you have exhausted all of the above and still no luck? Replacing a lost ring is a lot easier when you don’t need to pay for it out-of-pocket if all else fails? & If your item is insured, then you can file a claim. I know this doesn’t help to replace the sentimentality of a specific item such as an engagement, or wedding ring, but at the very least the piece itself may be able to get replaced.

So, How much does it cost to hire our services through ?

“Based on our services”.

Whether at home, the park, the beach, swimming, hiking, or almost any other outdoor activity you can think of. If you loose a significant or sentimental piece of jewelry? Then consider contacting us, your RingFinders metal detecting specialists


Our detecting service usually work on a reward type basis. Yes we do have a small, non negotiable $40 call out fee. On top of that call out fee, we will work on either a percentage, hourly, or even a reward basis if your item is found and returned.

So what happens if an item cannot be recovered.?

In this scenario, all you would pay for, would be the call out fee of $40, again this is based on our service.

What does the $40 get you.

1st & foremost, the call out fee gets a professional metal detecting specialist to the location where you believe you lost your item.

2nd – we will be brining equipment with us to help assist with the recovery. In many cases we will have somewhere in the range of $1K to $3K in equipment and can be significantly more for water recoveries.

3rd – and even more importantly than brining all the actual gear needed to help find your lost item, we will be bringing years of experience to know how to use the equipment to help recover an item that you are unable to find yourself.

Also remember that we may very well have some distance to travel in order to get to you even before any searching begins. We cover a large area with Kingston being our central location.

I know for Ryan Pugh & I, we will often travel in excess of an hour or more in 1 direction just to get to a clients location. With many successful recoveries. Both Ryan and I will often attend a search together. We do not double the “call out fee” to have both of us on site, even though the customer is getting double the value of the service. So the $40 is to cover expenses and our time that we incur just to get to you so we can help recover an item that we did not loose to begin with. Hence the non negotiable “call out fee”.


If the item is recovered and returned, then a reward should be discussed prior to either of us even leaving our home so that there are no surprises to either party involved once the item is found. We will do our best to work within your budget. We will be asking you several questions to get as much information as possible including what the lost item is worth to you if we should be successful & happen to find it for you?

We are apart of this great organization called The RingFinders, & are here to help. So if you’re in need of a detecting specialist, then don’t hesitate, give us a call today, you’ll be glad you did.

Video of a ring recovery

Lost Platinum Ring in the Snow Found in Grand Blanc Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Platinum Deposit…..

…..When Adam called me asking if I wanted to go prospecting for platinum, I said sure but was not aware of any platinum deposits in Michigan. Further clarification determined that he lost his ring in the snow somewhere while cleaning the ice and snow off his car. Upon arrival I noticed chunks of brown colored ice that was in piles from being plowed/shoveled. Using my MXT metal detector I started a grid search where the vehicle was parked. I kept getting bad junk metal signals from somewhere in the asphalt, so I just ignored them as I knew the platinum would sound better. Slowly circling a particular area, I got a nice solid signal near some ice chunks. Reaching down thru some revealed his platinum deposit stuck in one. When I said I hit the motherlode Adam couldn’t believe that the ring was in that area. Thrilled that his ring was found I said that if he ever does come across another platinum deposit, I know a guy who can help recover it!



Lost Gold Ring Found in the Snow in Ferndale Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)


…He pushed it real good and after the car was rockin’ a bit, it finally was unstuck from the snowbank. After Peter climbed back in and shook off the snow he and the wife continued with their errands. Upon arriving home with a sore shoulder, he settled in for the evening and enjoyed a warm meal. Shortly into that meal he noticed his wedding ring missing. Learning that they went to their storage unit during the snowstorm in Detroit area, I told him to chill out, if you catch my drift and I’d be out shortly. After checking their storage unit and where he carried in the groceries with no luck, the only spot left was where the car got stuck. Noticing that a plow had beat me to the location I used my MXT metal detector to search a few hundred feet along the gutter then I searched the curb strip area between the sidewalk and curb.  A few feet in I got a great signal and a meter reading that made sense with his ring type and size. Pinpointing down a few inches and brushing the show and ice chunks aside revealed his thick gold wedding band! I pointed down to the ring and he said, what!? I said this is snow joke man it’s your ring! After picking it from the snow we both agreed that it was a thaw-some recovery as he started to sing fr-eeze a jolly good fellow!




Lost Pendant Found in Lincoln RI

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

On November 15, 2023, I received a call from Allison, who lost a beautiful onyx pendant while visiting Chase Farm in Lincoln.  She decided to search the internet for help and found my information.  She asked for my help to find her lost pendant.  The next day, I met her at the farm where she had lost the pendant.  It was a large area.  Allison told me that her chain broke and showed me two different areas of the farm where the pendant could be. I search the first area and didn’t find the pendant.  After searching the second area with no success, I started thinking that someone may have found it already.  That’s when I decided to expand the search beyond these two areas, and I found the pendant.  Frequently, lost items are not in the area where you think they are lost, and you have to search outside the box.  It’s a good thing I did.  As you can see, Allison was delighted to have the pendant back.

Lost Gold Wedding Ring Found in Rehoboth MA

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

I received a call from Dick, who told me he had lost his gold wedding band while doing some work in his yard.  The ring was lost while he was putting up a temporary fence around an area of the lawn that had just been seeded in order to keep their sweet dog out of the area.  After the fence was installed, Dick realized that he had lost his wedding ring in the process.  He decided to search the internet for help, and that’s when he found me.  When I arrived at Dick’s house, he showed me the area where he had installed the fence.  I searched the area for about an hour and found Dick’s ring.  He couldn’t believe that it had been recovered.  Dick, and his wife of over 40 years, were very happy that the ring was back on his hand where it belonged.


Friday the 13th Horror turns to Saturday the 14th Happiness – Ring found with metal detector – Pittsburgh, PA

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lost your ring, other valuable jewelry, cellphone, keys, or other metal object…call or text Brian Carpenter at (814)244-2300 as soon as possible. I am a ring recovery and metal detecting specialist serving Pittsburgh, Indiana (PA), and most of Western PA. Why rent a metal detector when you can get a trained operator with top of the line equipment at the same time…I am also pleased to announce I am beginning to search for lost rings in vehicles!!

This one starts out with the proverbial « needle in the haystack »…. I received a text from a client who was at a pumpkin patch and her husband had just lost his wedding band playing in a hay area. While looking for the ring a nearby patron said hey – my mom lost her ring a while back and a guy came out and found it…let me get you his number (thank you for the referal – small world!!). So unfortunately I was unable to head out that night, luckily the farm was closing soon and the clients had secured permission for me to come out first thing in the morning.

I went out the next morning and met Jennifer and Brian who showed me where the ring was lost. There was a large shed with hay bales stacked up and hay all over the floor. I began to search right way…I was told I could search but only until they opened. It was a very rainy day and I was informed I could take my time because of the weather. Fortunately it was not long when I hit that sweet sound of a gold wedding band.

Brian and Jennifer were surprised as to where it was located when I found it. It was on the opposite side from where they had been looking. I was happy to return his wedding band and as always it is great to meet kind and generous people. Also – a big shout out to Hozak Farms for allowing me to come out and search for the ring – Thank you!


Lost Wedding Band Ventnor NJ Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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How to find a lost ring in the sand

Brian was at the back of a home in Ventnor, NJ, which was nearing completion. Suddenly, a wasp attempted to sting him, but he managed to swat it away. However, in the process, his wedding band slipped off and landed in the sandy mixture on the ground. Brian attempted to locate the lost ring using a metal detector but was unsuccessful. As a result, he reached out to me for assistance. I arrived at the scene, and after conducting a thorough search, I successfully located the missing ring.

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