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Lost Sentimental Gold Wedding Band Found in the Snow, Portland, Maine.

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Monday January 23, 2023, I received a text from someone who lost a very sentimental wedding band, in the snow. Fred, had been cleaning the snow off of his car, during a storm that would eventually drop 10-12 inches of fresh snow on the area, along with sleet and freezing rain.  When Fred got back into his house, he noticed his custom made wedding ring was missing. He went out looking for it around his car but had no luck locating the ring. Fred states that he started to panic, as the plow would be coming back through and was afraid of the plow would take it down the road and be forever lost. Fred rust back inside and frantically searched online on how to find a lost ring in the snow. At that point, Fred found The Ring Finders website. Fred then contacted me with the text message. I immediately called Fred back and let him know that because of the snow day I would not be able to make it to Portland because I was home alone with my 5 year old granddaughter whose Kindergarten school had been canceled. The police were also asking everyone not to travel because of the weather. I then told Fred that if he could shovel the snow from around the car and throw it up onto the lawn, it would be safe from the plow and I could get out to his place the next day or so, if he so desires. Fred said he would let me know and went back outside and shoveled all the snow around his car, up onto the lawn.

I did not hear back from Fred until 3 days later , when he texted me and let me know that he and his wife had been sifting through the snow that he had thrown up onto the lawn and had found the priceless ring.
InFred’s own words.   “Just wanted to let you know that we searched the snow I put on the grass again tonight and found my ring! Thank you so so so much for that idea! I was totally losing my head and you helped keep me sane and I got my ring back thanks to your quick thinking! ”

Fred then went on to tell me how the custom ring was made.Again, in Fred’s own words.                        “It’s gold and white gold with a ruby. It was made along side my wife’s by melting down some old family rings that were given to us for that purpose.” “My wife’s is two rings. The engagement ring sits inside the wedding band. It’s rubies and sapphires.”

So even though I did not find his ring with my detector, I feel absolutely elated that this very sentimental ring is back where it belongs, on Fred’s finger. Fred sent me a photo of his ring and his wife’s custom made ring. Beautiful and now back together  


Lost Gold Earring Found in Birmingham Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

The Tale of Tulip and Dogwood……

…Began about 3 months ago and even tho you can combine tulip and dogwood and get a beautiful outcome, this particular arrangement was not so pretty. When Chris’ wife was working in the yard, their dog Tulip jumped up into the arms of his wife. As the dog was wiggling around his wife’s earring became dislodged and fell to the ground. For hours they searched with no luck. Now these earrings were an anniversary gift to his wife, who’s favorite flower happens to be dogwood. Being that this was her favorite pair she was devastated that one was lost. Chris even bought a toy type metal detector which added to the frustration, so when he came across me on the ringfinders they decided to give this one more try. I took a metal detector reading from the existing earring and began to grid search the area marked by a flag. A few small iron targets signaled thru and after a few minutes a solid signal number matching the earring was on the metal detector’s meter. I reached down and while spreading the grass open revealed his wife’s dogwood shaped earring!  A quick text had Chris and wife running to the scene. Seeing me standing there he said, « this can’t be good ». I said why? did you get the text? He said yea but he didn’t read it. I said this is a text you should have read! There’s gold on you land in the shape of a flower! Quickly his wife reached down and lifted the earring from the grass smiling and thrilled that it was found! Back into the house for some coffee, I met Tulip who was quickly forgiven and reunited with the dogwood. Now hopefully all can continue to blossom into a beautiful arrangement.



Lost keys in the snow, lost in Ottawa!

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)
We received a Ring Finder call from a gentleman that lost his only key fob in the snow. He had to leave his vehicle behind and Uber back home. He explained how the fob must have fallen out of his pocket while grabbing his phone to take pictures of the snow covered trees, all before leaving to the restaurant. We immediately went to his rescue knowing that the plow would be passing « again » overnight. The family also had a vacation reserved for the holidays and getting a replacement key fob would have never been ready in time.
Laurie and I split up and started swinging along the sidewalk and snowbank. It took a good 15min. before I got a solid signal and voila!! His key fob surfaced. You should of seen his reaction when I handed it over to him. He was sooo happy!

Lost wedding ring in a parking lot’s snow pile!

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)

We were contacted by Patrick after loosing his Tungsten white gold wedding band yesterday. He has only been married for about 3 months. Yesterday morning, he shoveled a path to his vehicle and went to the mall. When he stepped out of his vehicle, he slipped and fell. He removed his gloves to wipe off the snow and finished his shopping. When he arrived home, he noticed he didn’t have his ring. They searched their laneway and couldn’t find it. First thing this morning we noticed his text and we arranged to meet him. We started where he fell and we expanded our search area but no luck. We noticed a 10 foot high snow pile over 150 feet away.. There was a chance it could have been pushed but since he didn’t live far, we decided to try his driveway. We scanned up and down, in the snow bank and again, no ring… Laurie mentions that on our way back home, we will stop at the mall to see if we can follow the plow. At this point we felt our chances ever finding it were slim. It’s a good thing we are persistent people because sure enough we found it in the plow pile 150 feet away. We sent Patrick the pictures and headed back to his house. He had stepped out but called us with excitement and relief! We dropped off the ring in his wife’s hands. I think luck was definitely on their side. Take care my friends!

A Little Tiff Sends Her White Gold Engagement Ring Over the Fence, Found and Returned Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a call from Jed on Dec 20th asking if I could help find a lost engagement ring in a field. I asked him for details on how the ring was lost, when it was lost, and if the field had bushes and trees on it. He explained that him and his girlfriend, Benjetta had gotten in a little spat about 3 ½ weeks ago and the ring was tossed. Jed said the field had heavy undergrowth and that he had been in the field cutting down a lot of the growth. He also stated that he had looked for the ring himself with a Garrett 250 Metal Detector with no luck. Since this was in Myrtle Beach, I needed to call Matt Fye, TRF for Myrtle Beach. When I called Matt, he said he was extremely busy and to go ahead and take the call. I was up for an adventure since I hadn’t had a ring call for a while. I called Jed back and we agreed on meeting at 10 am the next morning.

We met the next morning and had to drive around the block to get to the field. Jed had done a good job clearing the undergrowth out in about a 10 x 10-foot square directly behind the projected ring flight. I asked Jed what metal the ring was, white gold, silver or something else. He wasn’t sure but ended up saying silver. I turned on my Equinox 800 and started searching. Not sure what metal I was really looking for, I cleared all the targets that I found. There was a lot of trash, pull tabs, bottle caps, cans, etc. I also had to contend with a metal fence that was about 10 inches behind their wooden fence. I tried to squeeze both the Equinox and my Gold Bug with a 5-inch coil between the fences, but the metal fence played havoc on both machines. There was a chance the ring could have ended up between the fences and settled in all the leaves that had accumulated in that space. While I was searching the area, I got to meet Benjetta when she stuck her head above the fence.  She filled in a few more details about the ring toss. During the spat Benjetta couldn’t toss the ring herself, so she asked a girlfriend to do it. Her girlfriend accepted the challenge, stepped out the back door and hurled it over their wooden fence. That added a little more to the story. I assured both Benjetta and Jed this kind of loss happens more than you’d think. They weren’t the first nor would they be the last to get angry and throw a ring or two. After a little over 2 hours of searching with no luck, I called it a day. I had intentions of returning but didn’t commit myself with Jed, as he was going on vacation the next evening.

That evening, I was trying to think of something to help me clear the area between the fences. I came up with the idea of using my shop-vac and sucking up the leaves and hopefully the ring, if it was there. I text Jed and told him my plan and that I’d be back out there at about 1 pm the next day. He said he wasn’t going to be able to be there and I told him it’d be fine, and I’d keep him posted.

I showed up and stopped by Benjetta’s house to plug in an extension cord and throw the other end over the fence. Pulled into park in the field and went to work. The shop-vac was working as planned, took a little longer because the leaves were soaked after a heavy rain. Cleared out and checked the piles of leaves for the ring and nothing! The day before, I had ventured out in both directions, from the suspected area with no results. So, today I planned on getting in the thick of things, literally. It took about 15 minutes, and I was under some heavy low hanging branches and got an iffy signal. I ended up moving a 4-inch diameter 8-foot tree branch lying on the ground. Swung my detector over the area and got a solid white gold signal of 8 on the VDI (visual display indicator). I carefully cleared the wet leaves and there was the size 6 ½ engagement ring staring up at me.  I took a couple of pictures and sent it to Jed. He had told me earlier not to tell Benjetta if I found it so he could surprise her. He was really surprised the ring was found. I packed up and drove back to Benjetta’s house to get the extension cord. She saw me and came out to see if I had found it. I felt horrible standing there lying to her and telling her I’d be back to look again. Jed had text me his address and I dropped the ring off to him on my way home.  He had a big smile on his face when I handed him the ring.

Jed – Thanks for giving me a call and I’m thrilled I could help find your lost treasure.

Benjetta – I’m so happy you’re getting your ring back and I’m so sorry I lied to you, but I didn’t want to steal Jed’s moment (again)!



Lost my ring in the snow! Ottawa Ontario

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)
The other day I received a text message about a lost ring in the snow. Around supper time, she had gone outside and shook off her hands near the side door, this is when she felt both her engagement ring and her wedding ring fly off… They had spotted a hole in the snow and managed to find her wedding ring, They spent a few hours searching but couldn’t find her engagement ring. I stopped in and spent a good 5 min. searching the area where the first ring was found but it wasn’t there. I looked around and noticed an evergreen tree near the deck and thought to myself, maybe it didn’t fly as far and might be in there. Sure enough I pass the coil over the tree and then under, that’s when I heard a sweat solid gold tone. Sure enough, it had landed on the tree and made its way to the bottom. Another successful ring recovery!

Lost White Gold Ring Found in Bloomfield Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Don’t Sweat the FALL Stuff….

…As the last of the leaves have fallen and autumn’s still callin’, there was a few more tasks Jay was eager to complete before the holidays approached. After splitting a few logs, he was left with untangling the Christmas lights and installing them throughout the yard. With darkness closing in he quickly threaded the wires through the bushes. Stepping back to take in a wider view, he turned them on and admired his work. Back inside the house he noticed his ring was missing. Terribly concerned, he spent a restless night wondering where it was. I arrived the next day, chatted with his wife and got the details of where to look for the ring while he was at work. Using my MXT metal detector I did a quick grid search around the perimeter in the grass with no luck. Scanning in closer to the bushes I got some random pieces of aluminum. Continuing along the sidewalk leading to the house I got a solid signal in the middle of two bushes. Using my pin-pointer I got a signal and reaching down the wire I pulled it from under some leaves and saw his ring over one of the Christmas lights! I was thrilled and ran to the door. When his wife opened the door, I held up the ring and as she saw it in my hand, she smiled saying how excited and relieved she was that it was found and the overwhelming thoughts of where it was had been solved. I said let’s « fall » it a day and assured her that there’s always someone and a way to solve a problem……then she said…. and today it was theringfinders!


Did I loose my ring in the garbage?

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)

David, came to the realization that his beautiful vintage 18k gold diamond and gem encrusted ring was no longer on his finger. He searched everywhere for it and it just simply disappeared. He thought he may of had it in his pocket and threw it away in the trash with a tissue.

Thursday morning we received a call from David asking if our metal detectors could find a ring in the garbage. I tell him if there is not a lot of metal, yes our detectors can locate it. We meet David an hour later, there was about 10 small garbage bags. we first scan each one separating them into piles. Ones with no signals, one with only lower tones and a third pile with tones closer to what I was expecting the ring to sound like. We start with the bags that had better possibilities, unfortunately it was one disappointment after another. Once we finished the last bag, I felt terrible we didn’t find it. He says oh wait the vacuum bag! We scan that but nothing.. He then says wait I’ll get the compost bin, I picked up a pumpkin that the squirrels were getting into, I put it in a box but the city compost guys wouldn’t pick it up. They lifted the lid of my compost saw the box and left it there so I brought it back to the house. We remove the box with the pumpkin and heard a great signal, I ask him if there was another tee lite candle in the pumpkin, we had found a few of them already. He says yes, there could be one. We open the box and I use my hand held pin pointer, the pumpkin was pretty badly decomposed. I see what look to be a foil and say what is that! David quickly looks and grabs his beautiful vintage ring! I jumped around like we just won the game finals! Then of course I teared up a little as I could see just how happy David was! He may have to thank the guys for refusing to pick up his compost too! I think he was very lucky and we were happy to help. A lucky return I must say!

Ring fell into the water Calabogie Ontario 

  • from Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)

After 17 years of wearing his wedding ring Robert had sent it back to the jewelers to be fixed and polished. When he got it back from them it seemed to fit looser. All summer he would remove his ring before swimming at the lake knowing it could slip off. One fall day Robert was full of sawdust, he went down to the lake to clean up. When he dropped his hands down he heard a splash but couldn’t see where because the water was choppy that day. He searched the cold water on a surfboard but with no success. This ring meant so much to him and it simply disappeared under silt. Almost giving up hope he thought there had to be people out there that do this kind of recovery. His online search lead him to The Ring Finders web page and this is where he connected with us. It’s fall and the water is cold so we start the search off the dock but nothing. Eric suits up in waders as Robert heads back to his cottage to start a fire. He locates his first signal, a bottle cap. Next signal really close to where he thought he heard the splash from, there was another signal. After a few attempts with the scoop he picked it up. I could see what he had described as a hammered finish wedding ring in the scoop. He had told us to call him if we find it, instead of calling him, we made our way back up the hill to his cottage. As we get close he saw us, wide eyed! Eric looks at him and says you’re right, this is a loose fit! He immediately grabbed a hold of it. You could see his relief and happiness in his face to be reunited with his long time sentimental wedding band. A great recovery!

Lost Platinum Wedding Band – FOUND! Mt. Lebanon near Pittsburgh

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lost your ring, other valuable jewelry, cellphone, keys, or other metal object…call or text Brian Carpenter at (814)244-2300 as soon as possible. I am a ring recovery specialist serving Pittsburgh, Indiana (PA), and most of Western PA.

I received a phone call from a young lady who said her husband lost his wedding band in a park near the Mr. Lebanon high school on Thanksgiving Eve. It was late afternoon and it was about an hour and a half to the park and it would be dark before I could get there, but I set out to see if I could find it. As it turns out the couple was visiting family in the area and took the dog to the park to play ball. First throw and there went the ball and the wedding band!

I got to the park and started my search in the area they thought the ring might be. I came up empty…but I was just getting started. I encouraged the couple to go and visit with their family as I thought I might be in for a long search and reluctantly they went to do so, kindly not wanting to leave me there alone in the park which I really appreciated. I decided it was time to expand my search area and picked a new marker to start from and as luck would have it I found the ring, about 10 feet from where I had started. I called and reported that I had found the ring, I do not think they even had time to get around the corner. It was awesome to be able to return the lost ring and they were ecstatic to have it back. As always, it was great to recover the ring and meet such nice and generous folks, just another reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving holiday!