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Lost wedding ring in the bay, Ocean Gate NJ, Recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

Andrew called asking about locating his wedding ring he lost in the bay the night before. We talked for a while and he was positive of the location the ring popped of while catching a football.  He said it was in chest deep water, and he had pictures of exactly when it came off. I met him at the house a few hours  later, got my gear together, and we walked out to the spot.  Well, the water was quite rougher and deeper than it was the prior evening, but we continued the search with no luck, as he stood in the exact spot he said it flew off. After 2 hours we threw in the towel, and decided to resume searching in the morning at low tide. I brought my weight belt to hold me down, and a buoy to mark the spot. After about an hour I got a strong signal that turned out to be his ring. Turns out it was closer to chin/shoulder deep where it was lost, and low tide with no boat traffic allowed me to get his ring in my scoop in roughly 5′ of water.  Definitely one of the more challenging recoveries, due to the water depth, and not being able to see my equipment on the bottom.  Andrew and his wife were totally amazed.

Lost wedding ring in the sand, Ocean Grove NJ, recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

Ally called and said her husband lost his wedding ring about an hour prior, throwing a football down by the waters edge with his son.  She knew the general area and had it marked well, but was concerned because the tide was rising, and there was a rough surf from the south east winds that were blowing. I told her I could  be there in about 30 minutes, and rather than waiting for the next low tide, we needed to get moving  ASAP, or it would most likely get pulled down past the drop off where it would get buried and out of reach of my machine.  When I arrived Ally and Tom discussed how the ring flew off, and that she had briefly seen it while looking, but the waves made it quickly disappear.  There was quite a huge audience of sunbathers watching, as I started my search in waste deep water, figuring that was the most likely spot the ring would have settled.  The waves were making this a very challenging recovery, but in just a short while the ring was in my scoop.   All eyes were on me and I knew I had to get it on the first scoop, or it would possibly slide down below the drop-off. I walked up out of the waves, held up the scoop, and Ally, Tom, and their family were shocked, along with the audience patiently waiting to see the ring.  Another fantastic recovery.

Lost Ring in the sand, Harvey Cedars NJ, LBI, « Aggies » Recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

I had just gotten off work when Henry called. He had lost his  Texas A+M  ring in the sand while at the beach enjoying the day with the family. Henry explained that he had taken it off while he was fishing, and put it in the chair cup holder.  The chair had tipped over and when he looked for the ring it had disappeared into the sand. They had dug around for a bit with no luck, so he decided to call a professional. He had gotten my name from one of the locals, who mentioned the many successful recoveries I have.  I told him it would be about 30/45 min depending on the holiday traffic. When I arrived he pointed to the chair the ring was in, and the area he had been looking. Just like Henry said, the ring was right there, but it had sunk about 8″ inches or more in the soft sand.  We snapped a few pictures, and he gave me the thumbs up « Gig’em » Aggies sign.

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Lost cell phone on the beach, Seaside Park NJ, recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

I got a call from Steve about a cell phone his wife had lost at the beach. He sounded pretty nervous, and explained that the tide was washing over the spot it was lost. I told him I would be there in about 20 min, and to stop digging with the shovel in fear that it would get broken, and the salt water would ruin it.  When I arrived there was a small moon creator where he had been digging. Steve explained his wife was doing a sand heart video when the hole caved in, which was about 2′ deep.  Then a few large waves washed over it and made it next to impossible for her to continue looking, that’s when she called him for help and the shovel. After a quick search of the area I came up empty handed. Unfortunately after slowly digging and searching it was still no where to be found, and he decided to give up. He messaged me the next day with a picture he didn’t know existed and it showed his wife about 3′ east of the area we had previously looked. To top that off it was right where he had put a large pile of sand to block the rising tide. He picked me up the next evening and the phone was found in about 5 minutes. Steve couldn’t believe how quick it went once we were searching the right area.

Lost Ring OB III Lavallette NJ found by Edward Trapper NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)
I was tagged in a post about a lost ring at OB III Lavallette NJ over Memorial Day weekend. A few people had searched for the ring with no luck. I knew the general area it was lost, from the information I was given. Trevor had placed the ring in the chair pocket, applied some sun block, and shortly later fell asleep to the sounds of the surf hitting the beach. When he woke up he folded up the chair and forgot the ring was in the chair pocket. With that said I knew the location would be different than where he set up for the day at the beach. About a week later I went to do the recovery, and 20 min. later the ring was in the scoop. Trevor and I finally were able to make arrangements for him to pick up the ring, and now its back on back on his finger as I am writing this.

Lost Texas A&M Class Ring in Tellico Lake

  • from Knoxville (Tennessee, United States)

I was contacted by Natalie who lost her ring in Tellico Lake. Natalie is leaving in two weeks and was celebrating with some friends, having a going away party when she lost her ring. Time being of the essence I responded quickly as I could to make sure she didn’t leave without it. I arrived at the private property before Natalie could get there and talked to the homeowner who was expecting me. I went to the area that she described in a photo, after finding several rusty nails I finally found her ring in about 5ft of water.

I got out of the water to dry off and retrieve my phone from the car when Natalie arrived. Trying to surprise her we walked back to the area where she lost it and demonstrated hitting the volleyball, I was able to surprise her with the ring and give her a sigh of relief.
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Lost Gold Wedding Band in Sandy, Utah- Found

Gabriel reached out me after a two day search for his lost white gold wedding band. He was in the backyard enjoying the snow with his family when someone threw a snowball in his direction. He caught the snowball and threw it back and then went to flick the snow from his hands. He realized in that moment that his ring was missing. He spent the next two days looking for it and even used a metal detector to search. Gabriel was schedule to fly back to Florida the next day when he reached out to me. I quickly jumped in my car and headed over to his location.

After understanding where he was located and what movement he made, I started to search for the ring. After several minutes with very few signals in the yard, I got a hit on my metal detector that I was confident was his ring. After pinpointing it, I could see the side of the ring in the snow and decided to play it off in hopes of surprising him. I asked Gabriel to replay what had happened and then surprised him with his ring! He was so excited to see it! Thanks Gabriel for reaching out and so happy the ring is back where it belongs!

Check out my YouTube Channel to see Gabriel’s reaction when I showed him his ring- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4SNYrACpMg

Lost Wedding Ring Found in Lancaster PA

  • from Lancaster (Pennsylvania, United States)

Over the weekend, I was contacted to help a gentleman find his lost wedding ring. When I arrived at the home I was told the story how how the ring came to be missing.

« I was raking and bagging leaves, it wasn’t until hours later I realized it was GONE »

the gentleman explained. I asked him to recreate the event having him kneel down where he was bagging the leaves even having him take me to the bagged leaves themselves to really narrow down the search area.

He pointed out a 20×20 foot area that he thought it was as he stated that he thought he saw something fall into the pile when he was bagging but did not think twice about it. I began a formal grid search of the area after about an hour of searching I expanded it to about 40x40foot. Another hour went by, no ring to be found.

Starting to get frustrated, I decided that I was going to find that ring so I started to search out the entire front yard. As I made my way down the yard I reached the end of the drive. DING DING DING a solid signal! I bent down and in the grass a beautiful 14k white gold ring. This was at least 50′ from where the suspected search area was.

I played it cool and continued to « search » for the ring until I got to the house. I had the homeowner come out asking him if there was any area around the garden that it could have been lost. As he was looking away I pulled it out.

There it was, that amazing startled/disbelief/happy/excited look that we love to see.

I was so happy to be able to be a part of this rings story and return to its owner.

Be sure to check out the video of this find coming soon to my YouTube channel.



Heirloom 25th wedding anniversary band lost off Restaurant dock in Huntsville, ON

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

This adventure is my 100th recovery for The Ring Finders directory! I am honoured to be entrusted to have help Laura to recover her beautiful heirloom ring from her late Nona.

Here’s Laura’s words;

I was up in Huntsville for the weekend and we had decided to head into town to grab some lunch near the water before we headed home for the day. We chose to sit on the outdoor patio that is over the water. When waiting for our food I began pulling at my rings and putting them back on my fingers (I always do out of nervous habit). Of course my inherited ring slipped off my finger and right through the gaps in the wood patio we were sitting on. When shining my flashlight through to gage if I was able to see the ring at all, all I saw was water underneath. I was told mistakes happen and things like this happen – and was also told there was no way at getting under the patio whatsoever. I was absolutely devastated and was convinced I’d lost it in this water forever.

The next day a friend of mine (my saviour literally) had the brilliant idea to post on Facebook just to see if anyone had suggestions – and this is when we met the amazing Alison. I got in touch with her and learned about the ring finders and the incredible things she had done for people in situations similar to mine. A few days later she made her way down to Hunstville with her hookah dive gear and metal detector and she found my ring!!!!! I am still in disbelief. I am forever grateful and so appreciative. Alison is really and truly an angel on earth!

What lovely worlds!

Here is the wonderful video of this sentimental ring recovery;

Thank you Laura for your very kind words and your generous donation! Also to your employer who will be matching the donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation! I LOVE MY HOBBY!

Lost Cell Phone, Lake Geneva, WI

  • from Lake Geneva (Wisconsin, United States)

I’m an elementary school teacher.  It’s a great profession, but comes with stresses that I’d rather not bring home to my family.  It was a Tuesday afternoon in April.  School dismissed, and I decided some detecting time at my local beach might help me clear my head before heading into the evening with my wife and kids.  

      Three were a handful of people on the beach, enjoying a bit of sun that was trying to peek through the clouds.  I was crouched down working on a signal when a man approached me and asked if my detector could find a missing cell phone.  Mohammed explained that his wife had lost her new cell phone in the sand.

I eagerly told him yes, and finished digging my target.  It turned out to be a penny.

The city had recently dumped large piles of sand on the beach in preparation of spreading a fresh layer prior to the summer season.  Mohammed and his wife were sitting on one of these piles and discovered the phone was missing.  

They tried calling the phone, to no avail.  

A few minutes of sweeping the mound revealed the phone.  When I pulled it out of the sand, it was ringing.  They were down the beach looking in other areas.  I answered the phone and said,  “I found it!”

They were elated.  They ran to meet up with me with fist bumps and thank yous.  It was a right place-right time situation.  

When I got home that night, I was destressed from my day in the classroom, and I was pleased to help out this kind and grateful couple.