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Lost Ring in Norman, Oklahoma

  • from Norman (Oklahoma, United States)

From lost rings & jewelry, keys, phones, family heirlooms, and even hidden caches left by grandparents or other family members.  I can help you locate your lost items in Oklahoma or anywhere in the nation.

My name is Derik Keith and hunting for lost items is one of my favorite activities.  As a Real estate investor by trade, treasure hunting is in my blood.  I’ll employ my detective skills, years of experience, and modern high-end metal detecting and treasure-hunting equipment and tools to help you locate your lost jewelry or other family heirlooms.

Find yourself searching for a metal detector rental in Oklahoma.  Do you have experience in operating and understanding how to efficiently use a metal detector to find your lost items?  I wish it were as easy as just waiving the metal detector over the area, waiting for a beep, and “Presto” your item is found.  Unfortunately, metal detecting isn’t quite so simple.  For example, how was your very first experience attempting to play a musical instrument?  I think you get the point.  Like any specialized instrument, it takes thousands of hours to develop the skills to become proficient in the use of a metal detector.

Save yourself time, energy, headache, and frustration.  Contact me for your metal detecting service and I’ll use my years of experience to assist you in the recovery of your lost ring or other items.  405-255-2274.

Another Successful Ring Recovery in Overland Park, KS

  • from Olathe (Kansas, United States)

High Plains Prospectors was contacted by Zach M. from Overland Park, KS on Friday October 7th, 2022. He reported that a couple weeks ago he was shooting hoops in hid driveway at his home.  When he put up a sweet shot to the basket he felt his wedding band fly off his finger. He heard it bounce on cement a couple times and it flew into the adjacent grass.  He was unsure exactly where it ended up. Zach and his wife looked for the tungsten ring for a number of days, but they did not have any luck in finding it.

We received the call from Zach to assist in the ring recovery effort on Friday afternoon.  Knowing the importance of getting on top of a recovery as quickly as possible, our very own expert metal detectorist, Mike Eiser went out that afternoon to help find the ring.

Mike arrived at Zach’s home a short time after we took the call. The two discussed how and where the ring flew off of his finger.  Mike immediately got to work using his Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector  and Garrett Pro Pointer AT to search the general area of the yard where Zach thought the ring would most likely be.. After about an hour of searching, and no luck, Mike expanded the expected search area and….. »swish »……the ring was found and reunited with Zach!

Congrats on getting the ring back Zach and to Mike for yet another successful ring recovery!

If you have lost your ring and you are in the general vicinity of the Kansas City area, look us up.  If you are not near this area, give us a call anyway.  We have tens of thousands of metal detecting customers located all across the United States that would jump at the opportunity to help someone find something dear to their heart (or their pocket book).

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Lost Gold Engagement Ring Found and Returned, in Old Orchard Beach, Maine with a Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

Hello, my name is Dennis Boothby and this is my 1st blog a a member of The Ring Finders. I have been an avid Metal Detectorist since 2001, almost 22 years. I retired in July 2021 and now have more time to devote to the hobby that I love, Metal Detecting. I find extreme pleasure, joy and personal satisfaction from returning lost rings, jewelry, phones, key fobs or any other metallic objects, to their rightful owners.   I am now a member of the The Ring Finders, a World Wide metal detecting organization whose sole purpose is to return lost items to the owner. How wonderful is that?.  Over the years I have found many rings, phones, jewelry keys, key fobs, etc and have been so fortunate to have returned many of those items to the rightful owners. Most days I can be found metal detecting on the beaches, parks, woods and fields,  in Old Orchard Beach, Saco, Pine Point and Kennebunkport , Maine.  I would consider it an honor to look for lost jewelry or other items that you may have lost. I will hunt beaches, parks, farms, RV parks, yards and other places, as long as permission is granted and it is safe to detect. I can also metal detect in Saltwater and Fresh water, waist to chest deep, as long as I can safely detect the body of water.  If you lost your item where the use of metal detectors is restricted, you would have to gain permission for someone to look for your item with a metal detector and transfer that permission to me.  While I usually metal detect in the Southern Maine counties of York and Cumberland,  I occasionally will travel further.  You may call me to discuss your location.   I charge a $25.00 call out, trip fee to cover travel expenses (fuel, parking, tolls, etc.). Requesting I travel outside my local area would likely increase the trip fee, usually .50 cents per mile over 30 miles from my home,  but that will be discussed at our initial contact.  I work on a ”Reward Basis Only”… that means you pay what it’s worth to you and what you can afford to have me find your lost item.  I am a member of The Ring Finders and you may find out more about this organization on their website.  You can also search  on YouTube for “The Ring Finders” to see many videos of successful recoveries of lost items.  If you have lost a treasured keepsake or other types of valuable items, please call or text me today, to see if I might be able to help recover it. Why rent a metal detector when a professional from The Ring Finders can help you ?

Thank you and I am looking forward to helping reunite you with  lost item.

Dennis L. Boothby

Cell Phone – 207-423-3027

Massive gold signet ring lost, recovered and returned in Wallingford, PA

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

John reached out to me after finding me in the Ring Finder directory. He was looking for help in finding his 60 year old gold signet ring that came up  missing at his Wallingford, PA home after a day raking leaves. After considering buying or renting a detector himself he decided to hire a pro instead. I met John at his home the next day and he shared the details of where he was working in his yard. After a quick demonstration of my machine to prove to him I would not miss his ring if I scan over it…I went to work. He thought the ring most likely fell off in the front yard…so I started my search there…no luck. Off to the back yard we went…still no luck. Ok…time to step up my game! Back to the front yard with an expanded search…BOOM! I got that glorious gold surface tone in my headphones…I look down and there was his beautiful, massive gold ring! I called out to John who was sitting nearby…I was so happy to see the big smile on his face when he saw his ring in my hand!


Keys Lost in the Snow on the Way to the Post Box

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

A morning call to recover car keys lost in the snow while collecting the mail.

Heirloom Platinum and Diamond Band lost, recovered and returned in Philadelphia, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Gavin reached out to me after a google search led him to the Ring Finder Directory. After a brief conversation I learned of his wife, Brianne’s, lost platinum diamond wedding band. It was handed down to her from multiple generations and carried extreme sentimental value. Apparently she was throwing a ball to her dog at a local park near their home when she felt the ring slip off her finger. They searched for hours on their own before recruiting a youngster with a metal detector next door to aid in the search. After much frantic searching without success they got in touch with me. I arrived at their home later that same day…while they were somewhat skeptical that I would find the ring based on the search area and leaves on the ground…I confidently(arrogantly?) told them I would find the ring in less than 10 minutes! I felt like Babe Ruth calling for the homer! Anyway…we got to the area where the incident occurred and sure enough it was a pretty big area and lots of leaves! But Brianne did a great job marking the area and describing exactly how and where she was throwing when the ring came off. I would have liked for her to have seen rather than just felt the ring come off…but was still pretty confident that it was there.

I wasn’t aware till later that Gavin had been timing me after my claim to find in 10 minutes! Anyway, I gridded the area where i figured the ring must be and on my 3rd pass I got that sweet surface gold/platinum tone in my headphones. I swept some leaves away with my foot…Brianne standing by my side… and pointed to the ground! I think she was initially surprised and somewhat skeptical…then she saw the ring! The first thing she did after picking up the ring was give a big hug to her husband…which was awesome! We laughed and were all so happy. I asked how long the search took…9 minutes!!!

Such a nice couple…I was so happy to be able to come through for them!

Lost White Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring in Ashville, OH. “FOUND”

  • from Newark (Ohio, United States)

I received a call about a lost ring on her property that was lost while completed the daily chores with the bees. She had place the ring in her back pocket which happened to be the same pocket that she used to hold her phone. While completed the chores, she receiving a phone call, the ring must of have flipped the ring out of her pocket. The walking distance is in the area of about an acre of grass. Performing the search in all the areas that was walked to and from each location. Then while searching around the bees, there was the ring hiding in the tall grass. She was very happy with Joy to have the ring return to her.

Lost White Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring in Ashville, OH. “FOUND”

Lost White Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring in Ashville, OH. “FOUND”

Lost White Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring in Ashville, OH. “FOUND”

Lost White Gold Diamond Woman’s Ring in Ashville, OH. “FOUND”




5 things to do if you lost your wedding ring raking leaves…

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463  

Fall is among us and it’s that time of year people are losing their jewelry while raking leaves.

5 things to do If you lost your wedding ring while you were raking leaves…

1- Keep your bags of leaves.

2- Do not put the bags out on the street for city pick up.

3- If you were wearing gloves check them.

4- Save your money and don’t buy or rent a metal detector, hire a professional!

5- Call a Member of TheRingFinders ASAP…


I’m the CEO of the greatest Directory/Service in the world!  I love helping people more than anything I’ve ever done in my lifetime. I get to make people smile, I get to hear their stories of what their ring mean to them, and I get to see how happy they are when I find it…

If you have lost your ring/cell phone/keys, don’t wait. Call TheRingFinders ASAP.

Over 600 members in 22 countries waiting to help you find what you thought was lost forever.




Barnegat NJ Lost Wedding Ring in the Yard recovered by Edward Trapper NJ Ring Finder 2022

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)
Samantha messaged me last night about her ring that flew off her daughter, Johanna’s finger while she was playing in the front yard. It was her grandmothers ring and had great sentimental value to her. I had already went to bed, but my auto message prompted her to call. After getting the details it was pretty apparent the ring had slid off her daughters finger when she threw her hands in the air. We didn’t know how far it flew, but knew positively, it was in the grass, someplace in the front yard. I met her right after she got off work to start the search. When I pulled up I didn’t like what I saw. It was an underground electric transformer box right on the corner of the property. If you know metal detectors the EMI interference from them can sometimes make the search impossible. I didn’t let her know this, and adjusted my machine to the conditions. Not 10 minutes later the machine gave the sweet sound of a platinum ring under the coil. I felt around with my pin pointer, as the grass was deep, and it was pushed into the dirt a bit from the family searching the day before. When I spotted the ring, I held the pointer on it to let it keep screaming, and looked over to her with a big smile on my face. She ran over in total amazement, with a priceless look on her face. The next 15 minutes are what makes this hobby so special, it was very sentimental moment.#njringfinder, #lostring,#lostcross,#lavallettenj,#ortleybeachnj,#lostringLBI,#lostringholgatenj,#lostringsurfcitynj,#lostringlongbranchnj,#lostringbradleybeachnj,

Lost ring at Huntington Beach Park found

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)


Livi contacted me and asked if I could help find her wedding ring she lost yesterday at a local park while throwing a ball to her dog. She got my info from a friend of hers that had heard about my service.
Livi showed me where she threw the ball and I started my search in the direction of her throw. After a good hour of grid searching with no ring to be found I decided to search the spot where she was standing while throwing the ball. Right away I received a nice tone that was showing very shallow on my depth meter.
Her gold diamond ring was nestled in the grass and the search was over.

Mike Trollmann – Surf City Ring Finder