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Lost family heirloom diamond ring in Atlantic Ocean, Ormond Beach, Florida….found with metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Jade and her family’s Labor Day get away to the beach started out great! They arrived at the beach early and got their things all set out and could not wait to get into the warm ocean surf. Everyone was enjoying the water even though the waves were a bit rough…still it was the perfect dat to enjoy the water, sand and sun! As they made their way deeper into the water Jade’s husband noticed that Jade was wearing the precious diamond heirloom ring that his grand mother had passed down to his own mother and then she had passed it on to Jade when they got married! With the hope of one day passing it on to their son, Everetts, when he gets married. Jade was sure the ring fit snug enough to not have to worry about loosing it and as she pulled on the ring to show that it was tight…off it came and dropped straight into the churning wave tossed waters!

Shocked beyond belief she let out a scream and immediately everyone came to help her locate the ring! Even when knowing exactly where it fell into the water it turned out to be so much more difficult to locate then they had ever imagined! Hours passed and they drove to a nearby store to purchase a metal detector and tried it but ended up shorting out the headphones as it was not a water proof metal detector!

Meanwhile, Jade’s son Everett found « website » on his phone and decided to call me for help. As I listened to what had happened and the fact that they were very sure of the exact location where the ring had dropped, I offered to come out right away and do whatever I could to help them. Even though the surf was rough and the waves were fairly big I felt that her ring would be where it fell even through to the next low tide cycle. I asked Jade what the sand felt like under her feet while they were looking for her lost ring…soft or hard packed? She said soft in some places and hard in other places. And with that info I knew I had to search ASAP and I could not afford to wait till the next days low tide. It was around 5:30 pm Monday evening and low tide was coming up at around 11:30pm and I determined to search under an overcast moon and trust that by God’s grace I would be able to find Jade’s lost ring before it sunk too deep!

Under normal daylight hours I am able to use small wire survey flags to mark the sand and then by lining the two rows of flags up I am able to back my way into the surf and use the flags to help me go out and come back in a straight line. Once I get out as far as I can safely go I then take two steps over and walk out keeping myself lined up just about four feet off of where I went into the water. But in the middle of the night on a dark beach there is no way to visually see my flags! So as I was passing the time waiting for the next low tide I walked across the Ocean Shore Blvd. to the Dollar Store and began walking the isles to see what I could use to mark my path and progress. Thankfully they had some Halloween decorations out and I came across some 8 inch long glow sticks! I was able to use the two glow sticks to keep me lined up and began my night time search about 10:00 pm and little by little I backed my way out into the dark waters as far as I could safely go and the two glow sticks worked like a charm!

Earlier in the day as I was waiting for it to get dark I detected on the dry sand just to see if anyone had dropped anything and I used up a couple of hours of battery life!!! Not smart!! Reason being as I only have one battery and it lasts maybe 5 hours total! I water hunt using the Whites TDI Beachhunter and hip mount the box and it works great! Normally that is about all I can handle when working in and out of the surf in the hot sun and fighting against the current and waves!

After an hour and a half of covering the main target area I noticed my low battery light had come on and my detector started making the usual odd sound. I felt I was really close to the actual spot where she said the ring was dropped and now my battery was dying! I prayed and asked my heavenly Father to help my detector last just long enough to be able to find Jade’s lost heirloom ring! God then gave me the idea to go sideways out as far as I could where it was just over my waist and the sandy bottom had areas where it dropped away a foot or so. Fifteen minutes later I got a funny signal that sounded much like sunglasses sound only distorted like. I dug three scoops trying to retrieve the curious item. Actually it was the only signal I had gotten all the while and as I shook out the sand my head lamp lit up the scoop and there to my utter amazement was Jade’s precious lost ring! Words cannot express my joy and the emotion I felt and I let out a loud prayer of thanksgiving to my Father God!

I could not wait to get to the car and dry off and send Jade the good news! We talked and I assured them that we could meet anytime in the next day or two to pick up their precious ring! Early the next morning Jade arrived at our home and I was able to personally hand her the ring she thought was lost forever in the churning waters of the Atlantic Ocean! Google gave them a very, very slim chance of ever seeing their ring again but thankfully God came through and used little ol me to help them out of a desperate situation! And I am so thankful they gave me a call and trusted me to do what I could in their time of need!

Have you lost something and need help trying to find it? Call or text me ASAP…I am only a call away!

Mike McInroe….blessed and honored to be a member of

Lost wedding ring in grass, Longwood, Florida….found with a metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Marybeth was playing with her children in the back yard throwing water balloons and as she raised her hand to catch one that was thrown in her direction it hit her in the left palm just right and knocked her precious wedding ring right off of her finger. She actually felt her ring come off and immediately she began to look in the grass around her. Unfortunately the type of grass was our famous St. Augustine grass that is super thick and is known to swallow up rings and the like!
She spent a few hours on her hands and knees looking and feeling through the grass desperately hoping to find her lost ring. Realizing the futility of trying to spot it with her eyes she began thinking that maybe a metal detector would be the proper tool for the job. Her first thought was to see if there was somewhere that would rent her a metal detector for the day and after typing « Metal Detector Rental » on her phone….up popped « » website and one of my stories!
Later that day I met Marybeth and she showed me the exact spot where she was standing and it only took a few swings of my Garrett AT Max metal detector and Bingo!!! What a privilege it was to help Marybeth find her lost ring!

Have you lost something and need my help? Call or text me ASAP….I am only a call away!

Mike McInroe….so thankful to be a member of

Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring – Found in Ruckersville, Virginia

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

Call Ray at MyGoldFinder for lost items 571.258.7217

I received a call from Vinny Thursday morning around 9:00 AM. He was frantically trying to locate someone to help him find his wife’s platinum engagement ring. Vinny and his wife were out on the front lawn the afternoon the day before and she had lost her gorgeous engagement ring. They both looked exhaustively for the ring on their hands and knees for hours but could not locate the ring. The day Vinny called me was also his wife’s birthday so he was frantic and hopeful he could return his wife’s ring back to her on yet another special day, her birthday.

I immediately  prepared to travel the 2 hours to Vinny’s location as I knew I had to reunite this lady with her ring. I arrived at the site and Vinny gave me the layout of the location and the events leading up to losing the ring. I immediately went to work and within 5 minutes had the ring back in Vinny’s hands. This was one of the fastest recoveries I’ve been on!! 4 hour round trip drive, 5 minute recovery…Awesome!!

God Bless and Keep on Hunting…

Ring Lost In Owasso, Oklahoma Found ?

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

Reciced a call about a Lost wedding ring at work mid week… I talked with Nathan bout what had happened…… He said he was working on his daughters swing set group making it even….  He said at some point he looked on his hand  and his ring was gone…. He said it must have slipped off while doing the dirt work on the swing set…. I immediately started searching ( thinking it was gonna be a very short search nope it wasn’t)…. I asked Nathan what  is the probability it was in the small area he was working in he said 99.9 percent… I asked him what he was wearing while working he said a pair of shorts… Nathan went and looked in the shorts he didn’t find it. »….  I said ok let’s go….. unfortunately while I searching Nathan had to return to work…. Nathan’s wife came outside and I started to chat with her…. About about an hour and a half  said to Nathan’s wife I’m pretty sure it wasn’t here in the back yard as the back yard was small…. I was covering the dirt pile and asked his wife what he was wearing she said a pair of shorts….. I told her I asked him the same question… I asked her to go search his shorts again she said ok…. Im looking around again and I hear from the side of the house…. Nathan’s wife came around on the side and said I found it… I said no way…. She looked again in his shorts and there it was…. I texted Nathan and showed him my ring he said no that’s not it but that it was a good find …. So five minutes later I texted him his ring and he said yup that’s my ring…. He had lost it the previous day….. thank you Nathan for getting ahold of me so soon…….

Lost wedding ring in Fairview Lake, Orlando, Florida….Found with a metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Peyton and his wife were enjoying a beautiful sunny day on Fairview Lake and as he jumped off of his boat and into the shallow water he felt his gold wedding ring slip off of his finger. After 27 years of marriage and having already lost one of his wedding rings years ago he was stunned that here it was happening again. After feeling around in the sand and mud he gave up and decided to come back and look for it again with a mask and hookah dive system and a small hand held waterproof metal detector. He also was able to mark the area where he was anchored on his boats GPS system making it much easier to pinpoint the exact area, which is so, so important!

Peyton returned the next day and searched for a couple of hours but was unsuccessful in finding his lost gold ring. Later that evening as he was searching on line to buy a full size waterproof metal detector he came across web site and found my name. We made arrangements to meet later on that day and I figured if he marked the area it would make the ring much easier to locate. Peyton was waiting in his boat when I arrived and as soon as I loaded all my gear we were off to the other side of the lake. There was a fairly stiff breeze and after getting the anchors set I jumped into the water and with Peyton guiding me I placed four PVC poles around the area where he figured he lost his ring. Usually a large gold ring will give me certain numbers on my waterproof Garrett AT Max metal detector so I concentrated on any signal that read even close to those numbers. I dug a number of nickels, pull tabs and other assorted targets and as I was coming close to finishing up the 2500 square foot area I asked Peyton to think about what direction to expand my search area….and he felt confident it was in the general area that I was finishing up. And sure enough as I was on my last grid line I got a clean, solid, mid-tone signal and as I dumped out my scoop onto my floating sifter…there shining bright and beautiful in the evening sun was Peyton’s lost gold wedding ring! How I thank God for allowing me to find and return Peyton’s lost ring and to be a part of seeing such joy and relief on his face. And thank you Peyton for calling me and for giving me that opportunity!

Maybe you have lost something precious and valuable and need my help?!! Call or text me ASAP!

Mike McInroe….grateful to be a member of

Lost Promise Ring at Potomac Falls High School…Found 2 Years Later Near Sterling, Virginia

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Trinity’s Special Gold Plated Promise Ring Given to Her by High School Sweetheart Francisco Who Eventually Married the Blessed Young Lady! The Sentimental Keepsake was Eventually Found by THE RING FINDER’S Member Brian Rudolph 2 Years After it Went Missing!

Smiles Say Everything! Trinity Poses With Her Precious Promise Ring After Several Weeks of Relentless Searching by Ring Finder Brian Rudolph!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

This is a special ring story to share because it has to do with young love, drama, mystery, hope, adversity, perseverance and lastly…redemption! I received a text message at 12:55 am from a young lady named Trinity who was desirous of recovering her lost promise ring. This is what she texted: « Hello this is Trinity. I lost a ring about 2 years ago that I got from my husband (then boyfriend) when we had first started. My husband doesn’t want me to keep trying to find the ring. But every time I think of it I feel guilty I lost it and I grow to love it more and more. I’m aching to get it back. I know it’s been awhile. So it’s not high chances but I wanted to discuss details with you to see how bad you think it will be to find it. » When I woke up that morning I immediately responded: « Hello Trinity, Thank you for contacting me. I would love to help. When can we discuss the details of its disappearance?” We talked later that morning on the phone and here is the backstory regarding how the ring got lost and what Trinity did to try to find her special keepsake:

A couple of years earlier while Trinity was attending Potomac Falls High School in Cascades, Virginia (near Sterling), she fell in love with Francisco who gave her a gold plated promise ring. It meant everything to her. Four months after Trinity received the special jewel, tension befell the couple. Something majorly challenging happened between them. The young lady was so hurt that once the final school bell sounded throughout the halls, Trinity stormed out of the school building, made her way over to her car, took her promise ring off of her finger and while standing in the middle of the student parking lot, she threw the keepsake towards a wooded area. The heated girl believed she heard the ring hit the parking lot pavement or curb before it disappeared. She was hoping that the promise ring ended up in the woods rather than it ricocheting back onto the concrete where it eventually would be found by someone else. Trinity thought she may have heard the ring hit some leaves which gave her some hope that her “symbol of love” was still quite accessible. Though the young lady was quite angry, she still hoped that the ring had cleared the woods and that it didn’t end up where someone could pocket it.

A week or so later, when things cooled down between the couple, Trinity had feelings of regret for throwing the ring. She rented a metal detector and searched for six hours in the woods hoping to find her precious symbol of promise. Unfortunately, Trinity wasn’t able to find her ever so important “symbol of promise”. There were several obstacles that the young girl faced which made it nearly impossible for her to find what she was looking for. One, it was possible that the ring never made it into the woods and that someone had already picked it up off of the parking lot asphalt. Two, Trinity lacked experience with metal detecting. Three, there was tons of trash scattered on and beneath the leaves which made it extremely difficult for her to make any sense out of all of the beeps and bleeps she was hearing and seeing on her machine. Lastly, there was a large area of dense thorn bushes and bramble covering a significant portion of territory where the ring could have ended up, and so Trinity stayed away from that particular danger zone for obvious reasons.

On the brighter side of things, time marched on and the couple eventually got married after finishing high school. As the years progressed, Trinity felt guilty for throwing the promise ring and she thought about it quite often. Now that she was wearing her wedding band, she so desired to possess the entire love story represented partially by the promise ring that her once high school sweetheart Francisco had given her. It kept bothering her that she didn’t even have that special piece of jewelry for more than a third of that year. In addition to that, the guilt and regret kept eating her up inside.

Trinity eventually searched online for new ideas as to how she might be able to find her ring (if it was still somewhere out there). That’s when THE RING FINDERS website popped up. Trinity couldn’t wait until later that morning to contact me! That’s when she sent me that after midnight text message! As I indicated above, the two of us talked later that morning on the phone. Trinity shared with me that her husband was in doubt that the ring could ever be recovered and encouraged Trinity to move on. Yet, after reading many of my successful ring stories and testimonials from my happy clients, she felt very confident that if the ring was still out there, I was her guy to find it!

After talking with Trinity and asking her every question imaginable, I expressed to her that I was confident that there was a good chance we could recover this ring. During that conversation, there was no mention of the jewel hitting the pavement before she believed it made it to the woods. I would discover that vital part of the account upon meeting her at the search location. That would have concerned me from the start but it still would not have deterred me from trying to recover the item. The facts that made me feel good about my chances of success had to do with what Trinity shared with me:

One, she threw it towards the grass and the woods (I did not know about the trees and thorns until I arrived at the search site). Two, the ring was a small petite size of 4.5 or 4.75. I didn’t know that the ring was a very thick wedding band style type which therefore could have easily been eyeballed if it was out in public on the grassy area completely exposed. Three, when the ring was thrown, it was in the season of Fall which was positive because the ring could have ended up under some leaves and became camouflaged from being seen by anyone walking by. Also with the gold being the color yellow, it would blend nicely into the aged leaves settling onto the ground. Four, no one else specifically took notice of what had transpired when Trinity had thrown the ring, but others just knew that something bad had taken place between she and her boyfriend when the angry girl stormed across the parking lot. There were a few positive pieces of information to lean upon with this search and I looked forward to checking the site out as soon as Trinity would be back in touch with me.

Another day went by and I had not heard from my potential client so I texted Trinity once again: « Good morning Trinity, it was a pleasure talking with you the other day. Let me know if I can be of assistance to you in the recovery of your beloved promise ring. All the best and have a wonderful day! Brian Rudolph / The Ring Finders ». Trinity responded: « Oh yes please! I spoke to my husband… and he too is interested if you can find it! »

Another week went by and I didn’t hear anything else from Trinity and so I thought that maybe she decided to let the search idea go by the wayside. Then, out of the blue, a few days later I heard back from her! We then set up the search date and time to meet over at her old high school parking lot.

During my first trip out to Potomac Falls High School, it was pretty cold outside. I wore some heavy winter gear and met my client out by the parking lot near the place where she threw the ring nearly two years earlier. Trinity showed me where she was standing in the middle of the parking lot, approximately 30 feet or so away from the edge of the curb. Then, above the concrete the lawn began and it gradually dipped down to where the woods began. The young lady wasn’t sure exactly where the ring hit the asphalt but she believed it bounced off of the pavement somewhere and hoped that it landed in the woods. As I shared earlier, Trinity believed that she may have heard it settle onto some leaves or something. In the next couple of weeks following that first search attempt, I asked my client why she thought she heard the ring hit the leaves in the woods knowing how angry she was at the time. Most people would not have had such self control and sensitivity to be so attuned to her surroundings at such an emotional state. The young lady was pretty confident that at that time she wanted to make sure that the ring was not in public site.

When I got all of the details that I needed to start the search, I said a prayer with Trinity, asking the Lord to bless our time in seeking to recover the lost ring. Then, I gathered my gear and began the hunt. Trinity remained in her car where it was warm. She read her book as well as took interest with what I was doing from time to time. When I dug up a target I would hold it up and show her what I had found. There was so much trash that after awhile my client’s interest faded and she focused more on the pages in front of her than the many pull tabs, bottle caps, coins and much scrap pieces of various types of metal that I constantly unearthed and waved in her direction.

Every 20 to 30 seconds I was back down on the ground detecting another shallow signal that was just below the surface. As I moved leaves out of the way there would be various pieces of trash made primarily out of aluminum. I found aluminum foil, beer cans, soda cans, condom wrappers, marijuana joint wraps, aluminum wrappers, ketchup packets, other products made from aluminum foil that wrapped up food items at one time, a shotgun shell, and much more.

I would search for nearly three and a half hours that morning into early afternoon. At some point I needed to wrap up the search to get to my next client. I encouraged her that this was just all part of the process of elimination. Even though I didn’t find the ring, I could at least know where the ring was not. The question was whether or not the band had been seen by anyone else if it never reached the woods. I would not know that answer unless I continued forward the next time I returned.

I encouraged Trinity that we covered a lot of square footage and removed a tremendous amount of trash for one search visit. Before we parted, I showed her all of the sections that I searched and what areas I would scan on the next trip out. I told my client that I would leave all of the thorn bushes and bramble untouched until we concluded that the ring was nowhere else in the woods. At least I was able to conclude one thing – the ring was not on the grassy areas which covered approximately 7 feet in depth from the curb, down the small hill and out towards the woods. The grid I conducted was stretched 70 feet from left to right. When I would start back up again on my next search attempt, I would be tackling only sections of the ground that contained leaves, dirt and lots more trash. A few minutes after we both said our goodbyes and drove away from the high school parking lot, I texted Trinity: « Hang in there Trinity! We got this! We will definitely find it for you soon enough! As I said to you, I will text you later with my availability this week. All of the best to you on this Sunday!” She texted back: « Thank you! Have a good Sunday. »

The next day, I texted Trinity my schedule and let her know that I could make it out that Thursday. I shared with her that she could fully trust me if she was not able to be present for Part Two of the search. I said, « Even if you are not able to be there, I assure you that you can feel comfortable knowing that your beloved ring will be returned to you should I find it out there in the woods! » She texted back, « Yeah it’s all good, I trust you. Thursday I will be preoccupied but you can keep searching without me. » I responded, « Oh wonderful! Thank you Trinity! You can trust me 100%. I mean this when I say that I am the only one capable of finding your beloved promise ring due to the fact that I’m the only one with so much « OCD » (LOL) to go through the trash piece by piece in that amount of area. The ring could have bounced much farther if it ricocheted off of the curb. So I’m your best bet and I hope I can make a story out of this for us! » Trinity responded, « Yes that would be wonderful! Thank you. »

Thursday arrived and it was pouring rain outside as I drove to the search site. I decided to keep moving and not cancel just in case the rain would slow down. Thank goodness it did. From 9:30 am to 12:30 pm I continued the search, pulling out more trash and covering the wooded area that was most reasonable to search. I may have detected about 35 to 40 feet into the woods and stretching 70 feet from left to right. I used specialized grid tapes to organize the entire operation so not to miss a single square inch. I covered so much territory that when I was done, there was no other real estate left for me to search except for the wooded areas that were confined by a huge amount of bramble and thorn vines that stretched to nearly 8 to 10 feet in the air (Yes, you read it correctly! From the ground towards the sky it was approximately between 8 to 10 feet high) and stretched across for nearly 50 feet from left to right. There was literally an entire mini forest filled with long and windy thorn branches as sharp and dangerous as knives!

When I was done with the second search attempt, I sent a picture of all of the trash that I had found out in the woods and I let Trinity know that I still had not found her beloved promise ring. Later that day I again sent another text message letting her know that I would be planning to come out the following Monday: « Hi Trinity, I wanted to let you know I am planning to come out Monday to continue the search and I’m going to need to cut all of the thorn branches down in order for me to get into that area where that huge forest of thorns exists! I have an electric trimmer that should cut everything down. I will let you know what time I plan to be out there. I’m pretty sure Monday will work. » I did not hear back from her at all and I wondered if she had already started giving up hope that she would ever see her priceless promise ring ever again.

Unfortunately, when the next Monday came, the weather was not kind to me at all. I had to cancel the search and schedule my trip back to Virginia a couple of days later (which would be Wednesday). Again, sadly to say, it happened once more. The skies opened up and once again I was forced to postpone the continuation of the project. Just like with all of the other times, I texted Trinity and informed her that I would schedule my next trip to the site on the upcoming Monday for Part Three of the search.

It had been 11 days since I had last heard back from Trinity during our back and forth correspondence via text messaging. I still had not received any responses from Trinity which again made me more convinced that my client had given up all hope that her ring would ever be recovered. I concluded this when I didn’t hear from her anymore. Yet, as far as I was concerned, I was still determined to complete what I had started and continue to give it my all.

When the day finally came for me to resume the search and begin Part Three of the extremely tedious project, as always, I let my client know that I had arrived and was preparing for the search. I texted her: « Call me if you want to chat as I get my gear out. My first mission is to chop down all of that thick thorn activity. » Even after that correspondence I still did not hear back from Trinity.

I began my search with prayer as I did with the young lady on my first visit out. Then, it was time to use my lithium battery operated hedge trimmer to cut the first of many large sections of thorn bushes and coverings to gain further access into the woods and closer to the ground to be able to continue metal detecting for the little “symbol of promise”. The thorn bramble stalks were so thick that I had to literally push the already trimmed bundles out of the way with my cutting “war machine” arsenal because the thorns were so high off the ground and I needed to get the detector coil farther below the mess in order to obtain accurate signals. As I shared earlier in the story, the growth was something I had never seen before! The thorn branches extended from the ground straight up in the air and entangled its web around tree limbs that had to be at least 10 feet up from the earth! The overgrowth was so dense that there was even a bird’s nest built to perfection with a security system that made it nearly impossible for the rest of that natural environment to penetrate!

Once I finished cutting down a considerable section of enemy territory, I pushed, wacked, and carefully carried much of the bulk of bramble piles out of the detection zone so as to further my investigation. Next, I continued to metal detect until I would run out of real estate once again. During that long and laborious process, I scanned lots more trash under the leaves that rested below their protective bramble-made shield. Every 30 seconds or so I would pick up a new target signal, stop to investigate, unearth the target with my hand digger, deposit the trash into my bag, pick up my machine again and resume detecting some more. It was a start, stop, and then start-up all over again process!

After I cut down that first large section of thorns and eventually finished scanning every square inch of that portion of ground (all to come up with nothing of importance), I again found myself wielding the heavy green and black Ryobi hedge trimmer, attacking the enemy before me like a Rambo type mercenary in the deep dense forest! While I was doing all of that work, I heard some opposing thoughts that constantly whispered into my ear: ‘What if all of this tedious and tough labor is all for nothing?” What if the ring never even made it into the woods and I am cutting, digging and detecting for absolutely zero to be recovered?’ Regardless of those inner reality remarks of doubt, I pushed on and continued the search with great perseverance.

Once again, I picked up my metal detector and began to search all over the second cleared area where the ‘throne of thorns’ held much of that real estate hostage for years upon years. I sadly concluded that the ring was still nowhere to be found in that zone. With much resilience, I picked up the trimmer after taking a break and did yet another large section of cutting so that I could get even farther into the woods and search more area below. As soon as I cleared that third large section of territory, I knew that this would have to be my final area to investigate. There was just way too much overgrowth to continue any further. It was getting to that point where I could not see an end to all of the madness! The bramble was everywhere and weaved itself around everything! The thorn ‘hives’ and coverings stretched another 30 feet into the woods and even farther over to the left. I felt that what I had cleared up to that point was suffice in relationship to where the ring could have bounced and how far it would have potentially traveled after hitting the curb. This would be my final attempt to recover Trinity’s lost ring before having to call it quits. The thorn area that I cut in total was 30 feet wide, 15 feet deep into the woods and 7 feet in the air in every direction.

For the last time, I picked up my metal detector, placed my headphones on and continued playing the role of trash collector as I discovered more and more old cans, wrappers, bottles with metal tops and then some. Finally, after about two hours of searching and cutting, I got a signal which registered as an 8 and 9 indicator numbers on the detector screen. I had been getting those great signals the entire time out there because most of the targets ended up being little pieces of aluminum foil which mirrored that very range of numbers that I had been looking for. In all honesty, I didn’t think much of this particular target that was clearly buried beneath the ground. I was getting pretty tired at that point and every target that I was digging up would end up being the same disappointment – another similar piece of trash that I had already found in so many other places. Yet, I was forced to dig every single one of them up because I knew that the jewel would have to be slightly below the surface after nearly two years missing. My guess was that the ring buried itself to a depth of an inch or two at most. I dug up the target thinking it was just going to be yet another piece of trash. I took out my pinpointer and placed it down into the hole to isolate the exact spot where there object was positioned in the dirt. Once I zeroed in on the target, I continued to dig and then repeated the process by testing the hole with the handheld detector one more time. To my surprise, the metal object was no longer in the 4 to 5 inch pit that I had created. I then scanned the ground around the hole to see where the target ended up. Eventually, my pinpointer honed in on a particular clump of mud that contained whatever this mystery object happened to be. Almost immediately I saw just a tiny glimpse of something that looked gold in color, packed in dirt, and was completely surrounded by mud and portions of broken up leaves. My heart raced as I saw what appeared to be a gold ring with little stones going completely around the halo shaped object’s equator! I had found Trinity’s ring! I couldn’t believe it! I truly could not face the reality of what I was looking at!

The whole moment was completely surreal as I was not prepared for what had just transpired! Every trip I made, every task I took, every tool I used to bring me to this very spot was all worth the relentless efforts that I made! I continuously thanked the Lord for being there with me and guiding me through this entire journey until reaching this pinnacle of excitement and success! I was beyond moved by the moment and quite humbled by the fact that God allowed me to be the one to find the treasure and ultimately help this very kind young lady with recovering her precious “circle of love”! I was so happy that the sought after keepsake did in fact make it into the woods! All of my time talking and texting Trinity about the search, all of my commuting to the search site, all of my detecting, digging and demolition was not in vain! Everything I did was propelled based on a hope that the ring had in fact made it over the curb after hitting the asphalt! What a deep feeling of satisfaction I experienced out there in the woods with my knees to the ground!

As soon as I cleaned off the very pretty ring, I held it up in front of my eyes and I thought to myself, ‘To think that I am the first person to touch this ring since it was thrown by Trinity’s hand 2 years earlier. This was the very piece of jewelry that was bought by Francisco to represent his promise unto marriage one day, the same gift presented somewhere special as a surprise for the young man’s sweetheart and ultimately worn for several months before the unfortunate crisis took place with the couple.

The entire search that day was conducted from 2 pm until 4:30 pm. Before packing my things up, I measured the “crime scene” to see how many feet this little guy traveled, starting from the very spot where Trinity threw the keepsake and ending at its eventual resting place where I discovered the jewel. In total, it traveled 52 feet. Of that distance, it traveled approximately 17 feet into the woods surrounded by a forest of thorns and thistles!

Once I finished taking photos and video, I called Trinity to see if she could come out to the site so that I could share the big surprise with her in person. Unfortunately, she was not able to make it out to the high school due to her schedule. However, we eventually did a video conference call together and that’s when Trinity was absolutely blown away by the news of my discovery! She did not know that I had found the promise ring prior to setting up the phone call! When I finally did the ring reveal it was a moment that I will never forget! Trinity began to cry and the emotions of excitement and gratitude began to pour from within her heart and flow from her eyes! I could not have been happier for the newlywed bride! She couldn’t stop thanking me and asking me questions about where I ultimately found the irreplaceable gem! What a fantastic time that it was for me to share such an unexpected happy report! I never gave up and I kept on believing until the very end!

The story finally came to an encouraging conclusion when Trinity and I reunited back at her former high school for one last time so I could personally hand her the ring that she so desperately wanted back in her possession! I had the pleasure and joy to orient my client over to the hole where I found the ring buried, as well as showed the young lady all of the bramble that I had cut down to gain access into that last piece of real estate where I eventually found the keepsake! My client was amazed! That very sad chapter that took place two years earlier had finally come to an end. The memories of adversity experienced on that particular day in the parking lot were now replaced with smiles and celebration of redemption!

I was so excited to find this ring for Trinity! It definitely turned out to be a « legendary story » because nobody really knew for sure whether or not the ring ever made it into the woods, even though in the end Trinity was correct that she did in fact hear the jewel hit the leaves. Many of my clients believe they experienced one thing or another during the disappearance of their special item. However, sometimes in the end, we come to find out that the true reality of the situation paints a completely different picture once the search is completed. In this particular case, my client was not only correct about what had happened, but also Trinity did the courageous thing and hired a professional ring finder to attempt to solve this mystery. In the end, I was extremely proud to profess these two final words…“Case Closed”!


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  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

Call Ray at MyGoldFinder for lost items 571.258.7217

I received a text from Trevor this past week about a ring he lost on the outskirts of the Shenandoah National Forest park at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Shenandoah National Park extends along the Blue Ridge Mountains in the U.S. state of Virginia. The Skyline Drive runs its length, and a vast network of trails includes a section of the long-distance Appalachian Trail. Mostly forested, the park features wetlands, waterfalls and rocky peaks like Hawks bill and Old Rag mountains. Shenandoah is home to many bird species, plus deer, squirrels and the elusive black bear.

Trevor explained he was at the park with friends hiking in the area and at the end of the hike they had been playing around near a stream close to the parking area. He was skipping rocks across a small pool of water when his Texas A&M ring went flying off his hand. This is a very remote area with little to no human traffic. I explained I could absolutely work with him on coming out to search fore the ring, however since it may or may not actually be on National Forrest property so I’d have to ensure permissions was received to metal detect.

I made several calls to the National Parks organization, including the Main Parks office, the Lost & Found division and then finally to the Deputy Superintendent, who was very professional, listened to what I had to say, asked a bunch of questions. Actually they were all great to talk to and were hopeful the ring could be found. At first I though this was going to go in the wrong direction after the Deputy Superintendent said he’d have to go to his boss, check on the water impact, environmental and wildlife impacts, etc etc and I thought this is going to either be a long process or a complete denial to search in this area. As we all know, state parks are all typically off limits to metal detecting. Fortunately, Trevor had provided me with the exact GPS coordinates, which once provided it was determined the parking area and about a 1/4 mile in each direction is not part of the State park, but is in fact leased from a lodge company by the State Parks to allow parking for the hikers. I contacted the folks at Grave Lodge and receive permission to conduct the search, WooHoo!!!

Trevor and I coordinated to be at the park location during the week. It was about a 2 hours drive thorugh very scenic and remote roads to the area. I arrived shortly before Trevor and immediately got to work, as the water was ice cold, not deep, but very cold so I donned by wetsuit and put on my gloves, grabbed the Equinox 800 and started to scan various areas of the creek and embankments. Once Trevor arrived shortly afterwards we talked about how he lost the ring and their (girlfriend and other friends) thoughts on which direction it may have gone. I got back to going through the creek, gridding in some fashion and also checked several areas of the embankments, no luck yet. After about 2 hours I asked Trevor to skip some rocks for me again and as he did I watched his right hand very closely to determine the possible path the ring would have gone…. and this was the key clue that lead to the find…I immediately went to the far side of the creek to our left, went into a shallow pool area next to the large bolder, then worked my way back, up and down along the embankment for about 20 feet… and there I got the hit! At the base of the embankment, scattered across the edge, a line of some 5-10 pound rocks with heavy moss and in between one rock and the sediment the ring was already about 1/4 to 1/2 deep in the sediment (similar to fish tank gravel). I’ll have to say I was little surprised that in only 2-3 days the ring had already settled down this far, though it is a heavy ring. I’m so glad Trevor contacted me and I was able to recover his Texas A&M ring, otherwise I truly believe that due to the remoteness of the area, the sediment type and soon to be high levels of current within the stream, this ring would have been lost to time, if not forever!

Congratulations Trevor and God Bless.

Keep on Hunting!!


Gold Wedding Band Recovered and Returned in West Chester, PA!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Boyd reached out to me after losing his beautiful, large gold wedding band while landscaping his backyard in West Chester, PA. He had been looking for it for a week with no luck and was about to give up when a friend of his referred him to to me and the Ringfinder directory. I had helped his friend find a lost phone with my metal detector the year before. Anyway, I agreed to meet Boyd at his house and he walked me through the facts surrounding the lost ring. He was 100% sure he had it on while he was raking leaves and cleaning up brush around his backyard. After losing it he spent hours looking with his eyes and raking around in case it was hiding underneath remaining leaves. As I always do I started by demonstrating my machine to Boyd…I throw my wedding band on the ground and let him hear how clearly my detector picks it up. Basically I want him to feel confident that if I swing the detector over it…I’m not going to miss it!!! and miss it I did not! About 10 minutes into the search I heard that satisfying surface gold signal with my metal detector! It was underneath some leaves and brush in an area where Boyd said he had searched several times. Boyd was very happy to have his ring back in his possession! I told him being a ringfinder is always a lot more fun when you’re able to return the missing item!


  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

Mid morning I receive a phone call about a loss wedding band in Waikiki from Anjelica. I let Anjelica know that I will come out and help find the ring when I get a break from work. She expressed her gratitude and I gathered as much information as I could to narrow the search site. I then get a phone call from her husband Patrick who was the one who actually lost his wedding ring. We spoke and I gathered a lot more information and that was enough for me so I  decided to stop what I was doing at work and head out to meet up wit Patrick and Angelica. I gathered all my gear and headed to waikiki beach. I meet the couple on the beach and they both express their gratitude and let me know the area of where they believe the ring was lost. I started my grid outside of their area because there was surf and there was also a lot of current. During the search I dug a bunch of different targets that got everyone’s hopes up… including the local family on the beach who’s younger daughter decided to take it upon her shoulders and put on her goggles and help look for this precious ring. After 30 minutes and countless targets I get a familiar sound and I start to dig it with my XTREME scoop. I put on my mask and snorkel and deep in the back of the scoop there is a gold ring. I remember Anjelica telling me the ring is inscribed inside with her name and his. And low and behold … inside the wedding band is both their names! I picked my head up out of the water and noticed Anjelica is 10 feet away from me. I walk over to her and lean over and whisper “it’s a Cartier? And her eyes lit up like the beautiful sunset and with a loud shout she said “YES!”and gave me the biggest hug. I looked over at Patrick and gave him a thumbs up and the beach clapped and celebrated while we all knew what was loss is now found. Another great ending and beautiful day here in the islands. Anjelica and Patrick enjoy your time here in the islands… Aloha is Alive!


  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find started with an email from Tom and required a fair share of logistical work. While Located on Oahu Tom and I found a way to get me to Kaua’i. Tom shared with me that this ring has been with him for over 29 years and had its fair share of close calls but never like this. This one seemed like it might be a goner for good and need help. I was hopeful and determined to return such a precious ring. I flew over to Kaua’i with my dad as it was his day off and there’s no better of a partner than family. We got our rental and headed to the beach where tom explained to me where he lost it. It’s always important to get as much details as possible on a search like this and tom did as I asked and made me a detailed map to put me in the best location. As I entered the water and got chest deep I started my grid and not long after I hear that equinox TONE. I dig a big scoop and there in the bottom on my Xtreme sand scoop is Tom’s ring. I shouted to my dad… We did It! And a couple who was on vacation came down the beach to find out what the commotion was about and I held up Tom’s ring and said… Once lost…Now found! They were excited as well as my dad and I. it was a nice flight back to Oahu. I was able to call Tom and ask for his address and send him his ring back with some goodies from Hawaii. Another great return and it Always comes from a place of Aloha.