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Lost Wedding Ring Recovered Ohop Lake Eatonville WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch this video of how the SeattleRingHunter recovers a lost gold wedding band of twenty-four years under a residential dock.

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September 2021 DJ and his wife Kim were enjoying a day on Ohop Lake doing some kayaking. Kim suggested to her husband to take all of his valuables off for safe keeping so he did and casually placed his wedding ring in his t-shirt pocket not thinking twice about it. It was a hot day so when he returned to the dock he took off his shirt off and in doing so he immediately head a few “tink” “think” sounds looked down and watched his gold wedding band of twenty-four hears fall though the slats of the dock into the lake below. In his disappointment as they went to the patio for a bite to eat he started Googling for “Under water ring recovery near you”. The search landed him on directory listing. Within a minute he was able to locate my listing allowing him to reach out for an experienced underwater lost ring recovery specialist.

When he reached out to me I was on holiday in Hawaii but I gladly took his call and listened to his situation. After hearing the details of a lost wedding band under residential dock I reassured him that his ring wasn’t going anywhere and that as soon as I got back into town and cleared up a few previous searches he’d be scheduled as soon as possible.

That schedule did come and we were still in our warm season making for a wonderful day on the lake. Even though this was a shallow water recovery it had some additional points to work around. The lake was still very silty with a lot of particulate in the water and his ring was under a dock. Even with these additional safety concerns a proper dive plan was made taking care for all safety precautions for a successful outcome. 

Watch the video for the exciting conclusion of a lost gold wedding band of twenty-four years under a dock.

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Lost wedding ring Kailua found

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find started with a phone call while I was at work. Jenny called me and asked if I was free and available to come over to Kailua  and help her find her lost wedding ring which is in the water around chest to waist deep. I asked Jenny some important questions to narrow down the search site all the while getting the equipment ready and loaded into the truck. I lock up the business and head out to help find this lost precious rings. Having to travel halfway across the island in the middle of the evening and knowing the sun is setting soon brings upon anticipation and a streak of determination. I Arrive at Kailua Beach and gather the CTX 3030 and the xtreme scoop. I meet the family on the beach and gathered more information concerning the place they believe the ring dropped in the water and the time so I could adjust concerning the tides. I Powered up the machine and had enough information to start looking and  let the family know that the rings are exactly where we will find them. I know this hunt has a time urgency and down the beach I go… I can see the sun setting over the mountains as I enter the water. As I enter I get my first target and dig it. It’s a bottle cap. I hold it up to show the family that it’s not what we’re  looking for. It was excitement in their eyes until they realized it was not the rings. I yelled out I’ll continue to move on and with excitement in their eyes and hope on the edge of the seat the family gazed while I grid the ocean floor. I receive a few other tones that makes me dig and i come up with pulltabs and coins. There in the Pacific Ocean in waist deep water I get a beautiful tone knowing this is the ring. I scoop with caution because it is a diamond ring. I look in the bottom of my scoop and there is one of the two lost rings. I search a little farther and lo and behold I hear the sound of the other ring. I dig and look in the bottom of the scoop and there it is the other beautiful diamond ring shining as the sunsets behind the koolau Mountain Range. I walked out of the water looking at my detector and as the family walks to me I placed one of the rings in the bottle cap and tell the family… well seems like I found a bottle cap and hold out the bottle cap with one of the rings sitting inside of it. And I can hear the joy as they all realize the ring is found. And as they look at the ring that was lost and now found I can see the questions in their head of where is the other one and that’s when I was able to pull out the second ring and say we done it! here is your loss rings that is now found. And as I returned the rings and got the most warmest hugs from the family I got to take a step back and see Such a beautiful family with The heart and care for one another. Truly the Hawaiian way of living… close as always.

I’m thankful I was able to help and I’m happy to know the rings are in the rightful owners hands. Another successful recovery and beautiful sunset to go along with it.


FOUND Platinum Band Hiding in the Grass in Riverside, CA

  • from Corona (California, United States)

Did you just lose a piece of jewelry and you know approximately where it was lost? Get a hold of me right away: Ron 951-415-6007! I received a text message from Chris who said he lost his platinum band somewhere in his back yard last night. After an argument, he threw his and his partner’s rings across the back yard. They found his partner’s, but not his. They went out and bought an inexpensive metal detector, but realized it was more complicated than they expected. So he found me on and asked if I could help. I was there within the hour.

When I arrived I had him show me where he was standing when he threw the rings. I then got my « test » ring, a man’s band that is attached to a long length of string, and had Chris throw it like he did last night. After about fifteen minutes of searching the area where the « test » ring landed, which was also the area the other ring was found, I was coming up empty. So I backtracked to where Chris had been standing when he threw them and started my search again. Maybe ten seconds in and BAM, there it was, laying in the grass, maybe a foot away from where he had been. Chris was much relieved and very thankful.

It is such a good feeling to see that expression of relief on their faces when you’re able to find that item…that’s what it’s all about. Don’t wait! Call me!

Lost ring found in backyard Chestermere

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call one day from a lady in a panic.  She had lost her Wedding ring in the backyard while playing with her child. She had looked all over for hours but couldn’t find it.  I took a trip to the next town and met her and she gave me an idea of where she thought she lost it.  I searched for about an hour and found a bit of junk, nails, etc then boom found her ring. I went inside to show her what I had found and she was extremely happy that I was able to locate it.  

Lost and Found Platinum Ring in Mclean, Virginia

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

John’s Tiffany & Company Platinum Wedding Band

John’s Tiffany & Company Platinum Wedding Band Finally Above Ground!

A Happy Smile Returned to John’s Face as He Holds His Handsome Wedding Band!


I received an email from John who shared these words:

“I lost my wedding ring doing yard work Sunday afternoon and would greatly appreciate some help finding it. I’ve been trying to find it myself and last night I realized that I need more help. Losing the ring came after a particularly depressing weekend for I had to travel for a funeral and the weekend was topped off with me losing the ring. So I feel particularly distraught. Would you be able to help me with the search? Your help would be greatly appreciated.”


As you can see, John finally gave up searching for his missing Tiffany and Company platinum wedding band that he lost somewhere in his backyard. He had been working on some outdoor projects such as: raking leaves, weeding, and putting miscellaneous throwaway items including old leaves inside a tumbler composter. All of this was taking place on approximately 2 1/2 acres of land and the missing ring could have come off just about anywhere on his McLean, Virginia estate. When I called John to go over the details of the disappearance of his beloved keepsake, he said that he acquired a metal detector and searched for hours on end, but he could not recover his ring. He went all over his property detecting various target signals, but nothing turned up in regards to what he was looking for. That’s when he looked online and discovered, THE RING FINDERS. He asked when I could come out to help recover his missing ring and I told him that I had a couple of hours open later in the day to help with the search.


Later that afternoon I arrived at John’s lovely McLean, Virginia estate. He took me to the backyard and it was as large as I pictured it when we spoke on the phone. The surroundings were absolutely breathtaking. He had a large open area of grassy lawn and then there was additional acreage that extended into the woods. He took me around to all of the places that he had been working on the yard, which was pretty much everywhere because he was raking and hauling leaves and weeds over to the woods throughout his weekend of outdoor projects He showed me his compost tumbler and we knew that it was a possibility that he could have lost the ring inside of it. John recalled throwing some of the walnuts that had come down from one of the trees out into the woods. We both agreed that the loose wedding band could have slipped off his ringer at that moment.


John showed me some of the locations where he predominantly metal detected, but where he came up empty-handed. I have to admit that it was a very large stretch of territory, and there could have been all kinds of possibilities as to where that loose ring could have fallen off. Yet, I was not moved by the amount of work that was ahead of me. I have experienced too many stories where such large properties give up the jewelry sooner or later. John was not an experienced metal detectorist and he was not using a machine that was the kind of quality necessary to get this job done. Nor did he have the kind of hours working with his machine that would have helped him interpret and assist him effectively in guiding him to the correct target. We must have gone from one side of the property all the way to the other side, and he even took me back into the woods maybe 15 or 20 yards to point out places where he dragged all kinds of brush and leaves.

After finishing the tour of all of the locations where John had been doing lawn work, I returned to my car to retrieve my metal detecting equipment. John left me and went back inside the house. I started my search closer to the woods. There were several hotspots where we thought he may have lost his platinum ring, so I covered those areas first. For sections where the brush was highly dense, I used my 6 inch equinox coil on my Minelab Equinox 800 detector. In the more open areas, I used my 15 inch coil which conquers a lot of territory in a very small amount of time. When I couldn’t find the ring in one section of the woods, I moved my way over to the next, and so on. No ring turned up.


I began detecting a pathway that led from one side of the lawn to the other side through some wooded areas. I detected both sides of the pathway, but there still was no ring to be found. Because I was limited on time that particular day, I focused more on ruling out the possibility that the ring was lost in the woods. Unless he actually flicked the ring farther into areas that were just too full of brush and tree limbs, I was starting to conclude that the ring was probably lost on the main grassy lawn rather than where all of the trees were located. There would be no way that I could search all of that territory in the two or so hours that I had on that particular day. However, if I couldn’t find the ring in a matter of minutes before having to pack up my gear, I would return in the morning to continue the search. It turned out that I did not pull the ring that afternoon. By the time I had to leave to go to my next appointment, I would postpone checking the compost container until the next morning, as well as a couple of other small sections that were full of leaf piles. I did start a grid search on the main lawn in the backyard and did as much area as I could make time for, yet I was not able to find the ring. I saw plenty of places where John had dug up the ground hoping to find his lost wedding band, but there were no fresh surface finds anywhere. I would have to pack up my gear and return early the next morning. I let John know that I was heading off after I searched for a few hours. I would have to wait until the next morning to resume my search. I couldn’t wait.

I got up around 5 AM and left my house sometime around 5:30 that morning. I wanted to get back to the search site as early as I could before having to leave for my regular job. I gave myself three hours to search. It was still dark out by the time I started traveling from Maryland into Virginia. I couldn’t wait to get to John’s estate to resume the search and recovery project. He gave me permission to start detecting as soon as I arrived, so the moment that I pulled up to the property, I gathered my gear and walked back to the rear of the house and set up my detecting equipment.

My main focus at this point was to start a grid search from one section of the lawn over to the other side. I used my Equinox 800 detector with a 15 inch coil. I was able to conquer quite a bit of real estate using this “snowshoe” of a coil! Before starting the grid, I emptied out the compost unit where John had been piling leaves and miscellaneous items inside to use as fertilizer for the property. There was a possibility that the ring slipped off his finger and ended up inside the rotator, so I pulled out the contents and detected over the pile that I had made. The ring was not found in the device. Next, I started the grid search going from the farthest point of the grass line straight up towards the house and then back towards the woods again, and so on. Also, to help keep straight and consistent moves with the detector, I brought cones to mark my grid lines, so I was very methodical about how to attack the search site that morning. As I was detecting, I started seeing more and more places where John had metal detected but found nothing. I knew that he had been searching in certain places because I would get a tone indicating that there was metal in the ground and that spot would be cleared away, so I knew that it was searched very recently. John said he covered quite a bit of the property and was frustrated by the time he put the detector down and contacted me. I didn’t blame him at all for his frustration because it was a very large property. Unless he was familiar with his detector and he used a machine that was set up for this type of recovery operation, he most likely would have gone right over the ring and completely miss it.


As it turned out, after I reached my sixth or seventh grid line, I checked a particular signal that resembled a target that could very likely be a ring. The target appeared to be close to the surface, if not on top of the dirt hidden in the grass. In addition to those signs, the tone was exactly what I was looking for! There’s a certain “skipping” sound that you’re looking for when searching for recently lost items. That “bounce” in the sound gives you a good idea that that particular metal is settled above ground, or at least near to. I immediately knelt down and took out my pinpointer to examine the target site. Once I zeroed in on the piece of metal, my eyes beheld the very object that I had been searching for since yesterday! I found John’s beloved platinum wedding band! What a delight it was to be able to find it within 45 minutes of my second visit to this beautiful McLean property! I could not have been more thrilled at that very moment!


John’s platinum ring was discovered close to the center point between the house and where the wooded area began. If you are looking at the back of the house from the lawn, the ring was lined up with the left side of the rear of the house, half way down towards the forest. I couldn’t wait to share the happy news with the owner of this very handsome wedding band! I marked the spot where I found the ring and then I planned out how I was going to reveal the ring discovery to John. That was a fantastic morning for all of us! John was extremely happy with my performance in being able to find the missing wedding band and return it to him. When I showed him the location of where I found the ring, he was perplexed because he knew that he had searched that entire section. I knew he had because I saw all of his dig marks. But, I explained to him that without the proper training and utilizing a quality detector, it’s like trying to find a one inch sized object with your eyes blindfolded and your ears muted! It’s nearly impossible! I was so happy to help him! What a wonderful way to start off my day! I left McLean, Virginia so very satisfied and thrilled that I could help John with getting his ring back!


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Lost Gold Wedding Band in Springfield, Virginia…Found

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

John’s 14 Karat Gold Wedding Band

John’s Missing Wedding Band Shining its Handsome Gold Once Again!

Rachel and John Smiling with Great Relief that the Irreplaceable Gold Wedding Band was Safely Returned to the Hand of its Owner!


I received an email from a woman named Rachel who was contacting me on behalf of her husband, John, who lost his gold wedding band in the backyard of their home in Springfield, Virginia. He, his father and brother were all working on a construction project on the day of the disappearance of the ring. At the end of one of their project days, John was putting away some of his tools and upon taking off his gloves, he noticed that his ring was no longer on his finger. He was pretty certain that the wedding band was somewhere in the yard or near the rear entrance to his house. There was a small chance that the band fell off of his finger inside the home, but less likely. With much confidence he recalled seeing the ring on his finger at the beginning of the day when his family members assisted him in building a garage towards the back of his property. By the end of their hard labor, towards evening time, John noticed that the wedding band was gone. He searched and searched but John could not find his beloved keepsake anywhere. He and his wife Rachel raked up plenty of leaves and threw them into a fire pit, hoping to capture the little guy. Yet, their clever attempt eventually failed, as well. I believe the family even tried to locate the ring using a metal detector, but that too lead to no avail.


When all other options were exhausted, and hours upon hours of searching ended up in wasted time, Rachel looked online for further help. This is when THE RING FINDERS would come to the rescue! Rachel found me on the directory and immediately sent me an email sharing what had happened with the loss of her husband’s wedding band. I immediately responded back and eventually we had a conversation on the phone, reviewing all of the details. It was soon after that that we scheduled a time for me to come out later that evening to attempt to recover the missing wedding band for John.


By the time I arrived at John and Rachel’s property, night had fallen. I would not be hindered at all by the late hour that I was starting the search because I always carry all of the necessary night gear to work at any hour of night. I met Rachel at her front door and eventually she introduced me to John, his father and also his brother who were all working diligently on the construction project in the backyard. They had special floodlights fastened to the 2 x 4 support beams, along with all kinds of table saws and power tools that were spread out over their large work environment.


John showed me all of the places that he had been doing construction work and yard clean-up. He would take pieces of wood that were no longer needed for the project and toss the scraps to one side of the lawn. He also bundled up bags of weeds and leaves and tossed them to one of the corners of the property. He showed me the various places where he was walking to and from the house, along with the areas where he was working with power tools near the construction site. When he realized that he had lost the ring, he started raking leaves and then tossing them into the fire pit which had a metal grid base at the bottom so that the ring, if found, would be discovered somewhere on the grid. However, as shared earlier, the ring was never found. He took me to the pit and showed me where all of the leaves were thrown into the center of his clever invention.


I would say the backyard was about 35 yards by 25 yards. Pretty much every corner and side of the yard could be a possibility as to where the ring ended up. The one positive bit of information that I acquired was that the family never had the weeds or leaves picked up by the recycling truck! I asked them to make sure that no throwaway items ended up in front of the house (which included trash, as well) until the recovery efforts were completed.


Once we finished the backyard tour, John returned to working on his construction project with his family members while I geared up and started my search. First, I started a grid line on the far right side of the backyard and continued moving in straight lines in a 10 by 25 foot area. I was picking up all kinds of signals, but nothing came up on the surface as being a men’s classic wedding band. I looked through various places that John had taken me to but the ring still did not turn up.


During the three hour search, I checked out all of the possible spots where John’s ring could have fallen off of his finger and it still could not be found. At that point, I knew that I needed to start searching in sections that John had not introduced me to when we took the stroll around the property. I chose new areas close by to where he had discarded various items that he had no longer needed for his project. I then searched a debris pile of leaves and weeds that were taken from one area to another. As I covered those leftover possibilities around the backyard, I could hear and view the three gentlemen working very hard in hammering nails into the partially finished garage. We all had a purpose back there in the yard that evening, and my mission was to get that ring back onto John’s finger which I was determined to do so!


In those few hours that I had been detecting, I had meticulously covered almost every section of the real estate, checking and rechecking every possible target signal that was made available to me. At that point, I had only one more spot to check out before I had to make a decision as to whether I should start new grids and re-cover all of the territory that I had previously searched earlier or call it a night and return to the property in the next day or two to resume the search.

I can’t tell you how many times I find the client’s ring in the very last possible area that is left for me to check. I hear this from other detectorists all the time. At the very last movement on the clock, before time runs out, all of a sudden, the item turns up! That’s exactly what happened in this case! My last spot to go over was located adjacent to the construction project but farthest away from the main house. I started a very small grid search between the neighbor’s fence and where the concrete edge of the newly constructed garage was located. It probably was a section no more than 10 feet by 20 feet. By the time I resolved to search that final uncharted spot, the men had already turned in for the night. So, I was now all alone out there, hoping to pull this ring in my final search spot.

Just as I was completing my final pass of the grid, I got an excellent signal that was extremely shallow and it had a bit of a bounce to the tone that I was hearing in my headphones. The Minelab Equinox 800 that I was using gave me a solid number on the screen (I will post the VDI number after reviewing the video), which was in the range of numbers that I was looking for for this yellow 14 karat gold wedding band. I got down on my knees and lowered the detector and placed it to one side. Then, I pulled out my pinpointer and examined the target area.

Immediately, as my fingers moved through the blades of grass and leaves, I saw the yellow gold wedding band peeping out from below! I found it at last! It was a few feet away from the edge of the newly constructed concrete foundation that the men had laid in the last month or so. John must have taken off his gloves nearby and the ring bounced on to the concrete floor, and then rolled off into the grass. I was so excited! This was the very last section that I could check before I needed to start all over again and re-cover my steps. I couldn’t be happier for John and for Rachel, as well!

After metal detecting for several hours and then finally the hidden treasure is discovered, it’s all worth the diligent efforts and countless potential targets that were investigated over all of that time! I was wearing a very happy smile on my face as I took some pictures and packed up my gear before revealing the good news to John and Rachel! Believe me, the couple was beyond excited to learn that John would be

wearing his wedding band soon enough… as soon as it was resized to fit his ring finger again!


If you would like to watch the SEARCH VIDEO and RING REVEAL pertaining to this story, the YOUTUBE link will be provided shortly. To receive the notification letting you know when the video is uploaded to YOUTUBE, feel free to SUBSCRIBE to BRIAN’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL by typing: THE RING RETURNER.










Metal Detector Finds Buried Gold Coins Worth Over $100,000…35 Years Later!

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Hoard of Sixty 1 Ounce, 22 Karat Gold South African Krugerrand Coins

60 Gold Krugerrand Coins Unearthed from the Ground After 35 Years!


Brian Rudolph Recovers a Hoard of Gold Treasure! Call Brian Today at (301) 466-8644 to Help Recover Your Lost Keepsake or Buried Treasure!



When I was a young boy I found buried treasure deep beneath the sand in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Inside an old suitcase I discovered many items made of silver, such as trays and other serving pieces. It was that magical experience that always kept me dreaming of perhaps another day when I might discover a hoard of gold buried in the ground just waiting for me to unearth it and display its beauty once more. Most of us have this childlike wish to experience something so amazing as that, but few ever walk away from a field or yard with such contents. So many of us wish to have such an exciting fairytale moment, but few ever end up seeing that story come true. The story that you are about to read is that very fairytale adventure story that I dreamed of experiencing and one that in fact did come true in my life! I will forever be grateful to God for THE RING FINDERS directory and its CEO/Founder, Chris Turner, for creating and providing a directory that connects people in need with metal detecting experts that can help recover lost treasure that would have otherwise been missing forever.


I believe that the Bible Scripture, Psalm 37:4, rings true in my life when it says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” As I take pleasure in my relationship with my Heavenly Father, I know God hands me these “once in a lifetime” moments, such as the one that I am about to share!


I will never forget that evening when I was getting out of my car to do an errand at the local REI store in Rockville, Maryland. I received a phone call from an older gentleman named Bob who explained that he received my contact information from an owner of a metal detector supply store who was aware of my affiliation with THE RING FINDERS directory. This led the man to review some of my recovery articles on THE RING FINDERS website. From there, he clicked on some of my search videos found on YouTube. The elderly man was looking for a metal detectorist who was full of integrity and honesty and one who lives with the fear of God in him. After reviewing only a few samples of my searches on THE RING FINDERS directory and the video links that were attached to the articles, Bob felt that I was the one to help him search and recover his father’s lost buried treasure.



If you could have only seen me stop in my tracks out there in the parking lot when this gentleman started to share the background of this unusual story and what measures he and his son had already taken in their attempts to unearth the treasure that they were looking for in the past several months leading up to this conversation. The entire time that Bob was sharing, I continued to pace back and forth alongside my car in the dark, holding on to every detail that was being shared with me. This is what I was told:


35 years ago, back in 1984, Bob and his wife Brenda were hosting a family get-together at their home (the city and state where they reside will remain undisclosed out of respect for the family’s request for privacy). While Bob was still commuting home from his workplace, Brenda was entertaining their two teenage boys, her two in-laws and both of Bob’s sisters who were also present that afternoon. At some point during Brenda’s meal preparation in the kitchen, Bob’s father mysteriously left the house without mentioning where he was going or what he was planning to do. All of the other family members remained in the house at that time. After a long time had passed, with much curiosity, the two sisters walked out of Bob and Brenda’s house in search of their father. According to their account, the two of them saw their dad on the right side of the house, digging a  hole in the ground with a shovel in hand. Their father explained that he was burying something that he would later reveal to the family once his son Bob returned home from work. At some point the ladies returned inside the house to let their father finish his mission and then Bob arrived back at his 155 acre estate just in time for the evening supper.


There was nothing unusual about that particular family gathering that night other than the fact that the patriarch of the family requested his wife, children and grandchildren to gather together in Bob and Brenda’s living room after finishing the meal that Brenda had provided that evening. Bob’s dad shared with his children that for many years he had been saving up his money and purchasing 1 ounce South African Gold Krugerrand coins dating back to over a decade. He had been accumulating this collection of coins for the sole purpose of providing for his children’s needs. The exact amount of krugerrand coins was not remembered, but Bob thought that his father mentioned that he had buried around 20 to 40 gold coins. In case any of the kids experienced difficult financial times in the future, he wanted his children to be taken care of by leaving this gold for them to cash the coins in and have immediate access to quick money. This man loved his children with all of his heart. So much so that he was afraid that if something should happen to him and if their mother did not have the means by which to help one of their kids in need, he wanted there to be provisions available at any time to assist any of their children. Because Bob was not present when his father buried the gold in Bob’s own yard, his dad told him that he buried the gold about a shovel’s distance from the house and that the coins were sealed in a two liter glass sparkling grape juice container. Bob had asked more questions but over the years the story became fuzzier and fuzzier until he forgot many of the specific details that were laid out for him on that very special evening in his living room. His two sisters were the only witnesses that saw their father digging that hole in Bob’s yard. However, they never actually saw their father placing anything in the ground because he was still digging the hole at the time that they were outside that day. There in that living room back in the year 1984, the children huddled around their father and thanked him and their mother for such love and thoughtfulness. Bob and his sisters were probably in their late 40’s at that time.


Many years drifted by, one after another, and then one decade after another. When Bob’s father grabbed his son’s shovel from the shed and started to dig in Bob’s yard, Ronald Reagan was president of the United States. Several wars would be fought and several more presidents would take office. The Cold War would end and new governments would be formed throughout the world. Bob and Brenda’s two boys would end up getting married and have children of their own. Sadly, Bob’s father and mother would pass away, leaving their love behind along with the lone rumor of the buried treasure in the minds of those who missed them so very much. Over the next 35 years little was ever spoken of or even thought about regarding Bob’s father’s words about the buried treasure in his yard. It almost became more like myth than actual reality. The calendar pages kept turning over and over again ever since the time that Bob’s dad spoke of what he had buried on Bob’s property back in 1984. Time marched on and the details of what was told about the gold coins had faded along with the changes of hairstyles, music and clothing. Blockbuster Video was the biggest thing in the mid 80’s, and now VHS tapes are gone and online internet movie channels rule the flat screen television viewing world! It was only until recently that Bob and Brenda thought that it was time to search for dad’s buried treasure because they were getting up there in years and they thought it was best to recover the gold (if the hoard was truly buried in the yard) just in case their health began to fail them. Thankfully, none of the family members ever had any financial needs great enough to consider searching for the gold. In addition to the couple’s concern about their health, they also weren’t sure how long they would be living on the property in the coming years.


So, this is where my role comes into the story. Over a month before I received Bob’s phone call, he and his son started their search for the hidden treasure. He told me on the phone that they tried everything to recover the gold but they couldn’t find it anywhere. They rented a metal detector from a local hardware store, however, they were not able to use it effectively because they had no idea what all of the tones meant and they couldn’t determine whether or not they were hitting signals that pertained to the hidden gold. When they thought they had a legitimate target, they would use their elaborate digging equipment (including a backhoe) to excavate those potential sites but no treasure was found during any of the attempts that were made. Over and over again the signals turned out to be nothing more than scrap metal or electrical interference. Eventually they returned the rented detector and started blindly using their digging equipment to lift significant amounts of dirt from the yard, hoping that they would hit the motherlode just by chance. Because so many years had passed since Bob’s father told the family what he had done in the yard, Bob’s sisters’ recollections contradicted one another. They had two different stories as to where they remembered their father digging a hole in the ground near the house. One sister recalled the hole being dug on the right side of the house, in the center position approximately 15 feet or so away from its siding. The other one recalled the hole being made on the right side of the house, but closer towards the bushes, which were only feet from the siding. Bob figured that the women were probably accurate regarding the basic positioning of where the hole was made even though there was a discrepancy with the number of feet from the house. Also, he kept reminding himself of his father’s words that he buried the gold a shovel’s distance from the house. Even with all of that information, none of his digs were successful. He traveled along the side of the house towards the right back corner and dug a fairly large trench that was approximately 15 feet in length, and still no gold treasure was recovered. Bob and Brenda’s son diligently helped his father search for the treasure, traveling long distances from his home to be there for the digs. As time went on, Bob was doing more of the searching by himself and each time that he tried to uncover the gold, he kept coming up empty handed over and over again. When the father and son team had exhausted all of their efforts, Bob decided it was time to take a different direction from the way they had been handling things. He started searching for a competent metal detectorist who would come to the site and use his expertise to search for the missing gold. His greatest concern was that if they hired someone who didn’t walk with the highest of integrity in mind and heart, the person might locate the treasure, not report the discovery to the family and then return some other time when the couple would be away from the estate and steal their father’s gold coins. Bob did his research to find someone that he could trust and someone who had similar spiritual values as he did. That someone turned out to be me. On the phone, he shared that he was still going to make a few more attempts to locate the treasure and if those searches failed, he would call me back and set up a time for me to come out to his home and allow me the opportunity to search and recover the buried treasure. His initial call was intended to find out whether or not I would be up for the challenge if their last attempts completely failed once again. I excitedly told Bob that I would be thrilled to participate in this possibly once-in-a-lifetime treasure hunt to recover his father’s treasure. I told him that this was the kind of search that I dreamed of participating in! I also assured the gentleman that he could trust me and that just as he read articles and viewed some of my search videos about my personal ethics and spiritual walk with the Lord, he would have nothing to worry about with regards to this search.


Bob and his son were quite happy to hear that I would accept the challenge to search for their treasure if they needed to call me back. In all honesty, I really did not think that I was going to hear back from Bob because I figured that the two of them would either recover the gold or that they would come to the conclusion that there was nothing ever buried, or that it was uprooted and stolen sometime in the past without Bob knowing it. This might involve another family member that knew about the buried hoard or that construction or landscaping was done in the territory where the treasure was buried and somebody pulled it from the earth without the family knowing about it. Again, I really didn’t think that I would end up being called in for an actual search for lost treasure; it just sounded way too good to be true. In the past, I had heard from several other metal detectorists that they had similar searches where people were told that family members had hidden gold in the yard, out in the field or even in the house and nothing was ever recovered. I did not think that this scenario was going to play out any differently.


Three weeks went by and though I thought about Bob’s initial phone call to me, I really didn’t give it much thought that I would be invited to be a part of his search efforts. But to my pleasant surprise, I received a second call from him one evening and he asked once more if I was still willing to come out and give it my best to find the treasure. I was beyond excited by his follow-up phone call! I thought, ‘I may have just gotten a chance of a lifetime by being a part of such a search for lost treasure!’ All my life I waited for something as fun as this, and it was now brought to my doorstep! We immediately set up a search date and time and I took down all of the information that I needed to prepare for this magnificent hunt! Just before I got off the phone with Bob, I once again reassured him that he could trust me and that I was delighted to be a part of this recovery effort. He reemphasized the fact that he would not have called me a second time if he wasn’t confident that I could find the treasure and that I could be fully trusted. When we got off the phone, I smiled and did some more daydreaming in my car before I continued heading down the road. I kept thinking about what it would be like to be a part of such a treasure hunt. I couldn’t wait to pack up the car with my search gear and head off to Bob and Brenda’s home, located an hour and a half away from where I live. I knew that this treasure hunt was something that was so unique and special, and for some reason, I had a confident feeling that this recovery effort was not going to be a waste of time. Bob gave no indication that he doubted his father’s word and he had no thoughts that one of his family members or hired contractors had already beaten him to the treasure. This information gave me much hope that I had a decent chance at finding the gold.


It was a week after our second phone conversation and I was ready to go to Bob’s property and search for the buried gold. I loaded up the car with all of my metal detecting equipment and I went through my checklist just to make sure that I was not missing anything for this mission. As I shared above, I had a 90 minute drive to Bob and Brenda’s residence and I didn’t want to forget anything. It was truly a memorable commute, traveling way up into the mountains, passing old cornfields and dairy farms on my left and on my right. I couldn’t stop daydreaming about pulling gold from the earth! It was like being a kid in the candy store, savoring the moment to behold such incomparable sweetness in the jar! May the reader not misunderstand my heart. I first and foremost wanted this cache of coins to be safely returned to the owner to bring Bob and his family much happiness and relief. I wanted to see the smiles on their faces the moment that the gold would come out of the ground after being in the earth for three and a half decades! Next to that priority, I so wanted to fulfill my childhood dream of chasing after treasure and finding it from beneath the ground! As I drove to their house, I admit that there were countering thoughts that crept into my mind which kept whispering in my brain, ‘Perhaps the treasure never was laid in the hole’ or ‘perhaps it was discovered by someone else or taken by other family members, and therefore I will never get a shot at bringing the hoard of gold coins out of the ground’. Regardless, I stayed positive and was just extremely giddy about getting to the top of this particular mountain and begin this very unique kind of search.


The time was around eleven-thirty in the morning by the time I drove up the winding gravel path that led up to the couple’s 155 acre estate. The house was built sometime back in the 1960s and it was quite modest in size in comparison to the old barns and other large storage buildings that the family built over the past many decades. Some of the structures dated back to the 1800’s. The countryside was absolutely breathtaking. Just as I took the key out of the ignition of the car, Bob walked out to greet me. The elderly gentleman had a warm and kind countenance upon his face. He extended his hand over to mine for a kind shake and I immediately noticed how weathered it was from all of the farm work that such a property had required of him over the many years. Moments later, his wife Brenda came out of the house wearing a country apron and the three of us spent a little time getting better acquainted. At some point, Bob’s wife returned into the house to start cooking a meal for him. Meanwhile, the two of us remained out by my car and we ended up talking for over three hours about a recent tragedy that changed Bob and Brenda’s life forever. He shared with me that a year earlier he had lost his forty-eight year old son when he was tragically killed by an oncoming car as his son was jogging across an intersection. Bob said that nothing in the world could bring back his happiness or normality ever since this happened. Not even the gold that he was trying to uncover could bring him any sense of thrill to help fill in all of the empty spaces in his heart due to the loss of his son. Because we shared the same faith in the Lord, I spent those three hours listening to him, encouraging him with Bible Scriptures and sharing similar stories that others told me about in regards to how they were able to cope with life after enduring such devastation in their families. We truly had a heart-to-heart moment that lasted those several hours and it seemed that the whole idea of digging up treasure, (though romantic in its story), clearly became secondary and less important to the reality that no kind of suffering on this level could ever be healed with possessing silver or gold, and that no one could ever buy back another man’s son. Bob’s precious child was his true gold; he was the treasure that Bob wanted back and he expressed that he could care less about what was presumed to be in the ground, that which his father had left for him and his family. By the time we wrapped up our talk with a prayer for my newfound friend, Brenda called Bob inside for some lunch. They invited me to join them, but instead I used that time to prepare my equipment and organize my gear.


When Bob and Brenda finished eating their meal, the two of them were ready for me to begin metal detecting. They led me to the right side of their home and showed me all of the possible locations as to where their father may have buried the gold. I could see where Bob and his son had broken up the earth in search of the gold because there were piles of dirt in different places in the yard. He showed me the large area that was dug up with his backhoe located towards the rear of the right side of the house. Along the side of the house were bushes that were probably about 4.5 to 5 feet tall. According to Bob and Brenda, 35 years ago those bushes were just little plants. It would have been unlikely that their father would have hidden the coins so close to the bushes based on the root system below the surface. Also, Bob’s sisters did not make any mention that the treasure was buried near the bushes. Another clue was the fact that his father said he buried the coins approximately a shovel distance from the house. That would mean that the treasure was buried beyond the line of bushes. It was possible that it was buried close to the bushes but not so close up to the house because the bushes would have been in the way of one trying to dig a hole.


It didn’t take long before I started metal detecting the property, gridding back and forth along the side of the house. There were quite a few signals that were coming from the ground and it was difficult to discern which ones were more likely to be the cache of gold and which ones were not. Every time there was a legitimate target to search, Bob took his shovel and started digging. I would help him at times with a secondary digger and the two of us partnered in breaking open the earth to see if that was the spot that we were looking for. One target after another, we searched the ground and kept coming up empty-handed. Various types of scrap metal was pulled up along with bullet shells and a coin or two here and there. The biggest obstacle that I encountered was the interference that I was picking up along the line of bushes and around the corner, parallel with the back of the house. The aluminum siding made it impossible for me to discriminate between legitimate targets and ones that were just part of the house itself. Most of the areas that we concentrated on were just beyond the line of bushes on the side of the house extending out to around 15 feet or so. This was clearly beyond the measurement of one shovel’s distance, but Bob started to second-guess whether his dad ever said that or not, though he was pretty certain he did say that quote 35 years ago. I told him that this kind of search can take hours and possibly days to uncover the treasure if it in fact existed. There were so many possibilities that needed to be explored one by one, which meant that each legitimate target would have to be dug up to make sure that we covered every possibility in his yard. While we searched for the gold, Bob admitted to me that he didn’t think it would take long at all for me to find the treasure, even though I told him on the phone that it could take a very long time, especially if we were dealing with a lot of signals coming from the house or around the property. He added by saying that he thought it would only take 15 minutes to uncover the treasure and then he could get on with his life. I laughed and put my hand on his shoulder as we checked out another potential signal.


We must have dug up around 30 or more targets that afternoon and into the evening. We started at around 3:30 p.m. and ended the search at around 8:30 p.m. with no gold to account for. I felt bad for the man because I could tell that he was a bit perplexed as to why I was not able to pull the treasure from the ground. By the time we wrapped things up for the night, we had moved the search completely towards the backside of the house and then over to the left side of the property. Bob started thinking that perhaps he recounted the story incorrectly regarding where his father actually planted the gold, so we looked beyond his sisters’ recollections. I kept detecting one target after another, placing markers and orange colored cones in spots where there were potential signals for us to dig up. Many of those possible hits would have to be checked out during my next search attempt.


I know how disappointed Bob was that I was not able to find the gold that day, but thankfully he had a certain amount of resilience which I could hear in his voice. Bob truly believed that his father did in fact bury the gold coins and that he saw no reason to suspect that anyone with knowledge of the gold would have made their way over to their property and pull the treasure from the ground. By the time we wrapped up the final minutes of metal detecting, the headlamp that I had been using in the dark began to grow dim, perhaps it was an indirect sign for us that it was time to wrap things up and resume the hunt on another day. I packed up all of my equipment and said goodbye to Bob and Brenda there out by my car. Brenda was so sweet to pack up some baked goodies for me to take home and share with my family. I must admit that I didn’t promise her that even a crumb would make it safely all of the way home! My last words to them before leaving was that I assured them that if the treasure was in fact buried on the property and that the coins remained hidden in the earth ever since Bob’s father placed them in the ground, I would indeed find the gold without fail. There was no lack of confidence in me and Bob seemed very sure of my abilities to bring his search to a happy conclusion. The stars were brightly shining above me as I headed down the long and winding driveway and then making my way back to my house.


The next day, Bob and I touched base on the phone and we set up our next scheduled search time, which would end up being two weeks later. He and his wife would be heading out of town so we would have to wait for the following week for me to return to their property. I couldn’t wait to get back to the search site and continue my efforts in revealing the hidden treasure. Of course, those wretched thoughts of doubt kept coming into my mind and then exiting out at some point regarding whether or not the treasure really was there and if it had it ever been removed. This was completely normal to have such counter thoughts drifting in my mind, but I also knew better to not let those doubts stay at the forefront of my determination to complete this search successfully. Focusing on preparing for a positive end result was my main objective. Like I shared before, so many stories had been told to me about hunts like this that ended up being unsuccessful, but I believed that this one was handed to me to bring about complete success for this couple.


I used the next two weeks to prepare myself for the second search attempt. Being a part of The Ring Finders directory allows for all of our metal detectorists to connect with one another and get feedback from other experts to help with current searches. I talked to people like our directory CEO, Chris Turner, and metal detectorist Stan Ross, and both of them encouraged me in various ways, suggesting fabulous tips that would prove to be important in renewing my confidence about what methods I had already tried and what techniques that I still needed to implement in pulling the treasure from the earth. I did some tests with tin and aluminum lids along with silver dollars to see how those signals might react to my detector just to see how the test targets would ring out if they were a foot or so below the ground. I knew that it didn’t mean that I would necessarily come up with those similar signals, but I still wanted to know how my detectors would react to those scenarios.


As the search date was approaching closer and closer, I grew more impatient, waiting for the day when I could try again and hopefully bring the search to a close. For Bob and family, it had been months of searching and scratching their heads, wondering why they couldn’t find the treasure. I was greatly looking forward to my return to their property. Every night in bed, before drifting off to sleep, I reviewed in my head all of the facts regarding the search and I couldn’t have been more prepared to give it my all on the second go-around.


My return date finally arrived. I woke up early that morning ahead of my clock alarm because I couldn’t contain my excitement to get on the road. My mind was racing with thoughts and much anticipation to resume the treasure hunt later that morning. Just like the first time that I traveled to the search site, I gave myself the entire day to drive up into the mountains to Bob and Brenda’s lovely estate and give myself another 8 to 10 hours of searching, if need be. I had in my mind all of the strategies that I would be implementing in order to find the buried treasure. I headed off to Bob and Brenda’s sometime after ten in the morning and arrived at the couple’s house sometime after noon. Once I parked the car, I didn’t waste any time getting my gear set up for the search. Bob came out of the house reminded me that he needed to go to a doctor’s appointment just a few miles in town and that he would only be gone for a short while. Brenda would stick around with me and watch my search while Bob was away. As he headed for his car, I shook his hand and I looked into his eyes and I said to him, “Bob, if I should find the gold while you are gone, I promise you that I will not pull anything from the ground. I will let you do the honors. Your father would have wanted it that way. You can trust me.” I could tell how moved he was when I initiated that promise to him. He answered, “Brian, thank you so very much. This is why I sought after you to do this search because I knew I could trust you. Thank you so much for this. Good luck.” I prayed with Bob for my success in finding the gold coins and then he got into his car and headed into town.


Brenda and I walked to the right side of the house and I began asking her for any more clues about where Bob’s dad may have hidden the treasure. She responded by saying that she remembered her father-in-law say that he buried the gold in a 2 liter grape juice container. She also thought that he hid the treasure somewhere near the right corner of the house towards the rear. She couldn’t confirm that fact one hundred percent, but she always seemed to remember that bit of information. I thought it was extremely helpful because I had been thinking that it was quite probable that Bob’s dad may have hid the gold towards the back side of the property as opposed to the side of the house where the two sisters believed they saw him dig a hole in the ground. Now, Bob had already dug a large trench from the corner of the house extending outward, about 15 feet, so there wasn’t much left to dig in that region. However, there were other places closer to that corner on the backside of the house that still needed to be searched. I had already detected those potential spots the last time I was there at their home, but it was hard to make any sense of what could be a legitimate signal because the metal coming from the house itself produced one solid wall of signals in my detector. This made it nearly impossible to discriminate out the types of metal that I was not interested in digging. This was the same problem with the wall of signals that I was getting along the line of bushes on the right side of the house. At the rear, there was another line of bushes and a fairly large space that was created when a tree and a couple of bushes were removed from the ground sometime in the past year or so. I could not make any sense out of the signals heard in those areas that were up against the house leading outward 3 feet or so because there was just sheets of metal that were masking any potential targets if they so existed. I determined in advance of arriving at their property that I would search out all of that space closer to the house, even though the signals could not easily be identified due to the probable masking that was taking place from the metal coming from the siding and reinforcement metal of the house.


Brenda kept me company for a few minutes while I was setting up my detector. She then needed to go into the house to tend to her shoofly pie and banana bread that she was making for the three of us. I thought that was so sweet of her. Meanwhile, I began to detect several feet from the right rear corner of the house, but closer to the back of the house and not where Bob had been previously using the backhoe. This area was reviewed the last time I was at the house, but because of the interference from the siding, it would have taken up most of my time trying to decipher the massive signals coming from the house versus what might be buried feet away from the actual building. As a result, my metal detecting of this section was less of a priority the last time I was at the house. This time around I would give this location more of my attention just in case the treasure was being masked by the metal of the house. Everything sounded the same, and there was no differentiation between a particular signal that the house was giving off and what a potential gold target in a container would be giving off. I would have to spend more time moving the coil slowly across the areas near the house and see if there was any separation of signals that would give me a clue as to whether or not I should start a dig.


Just before placing the metal detector coil on the ground to start searching for the gold, I prayed to the Lord and asked for favor and guidance as to where I should start looking. I was not going to focus on what failed the last time I was at Bob and Brenda’s house. I was only aiming at target areas that could potentially take me to the gold. I laid the detector coil on the surface of the earth and began to move it just about three feet or more from the edge of the house and I immediately got that wall of sound coming from the metal of the house. I anticipated this to happen because of what I encountered during my last search attempt. This time around I would study the signals more carefully. While making sure that the gold was not being masked by the amount of metal coming from the house, I kept moving my 15 inch coil back and forth slowly over the area, hoping to find some kind of cut or difference in the overall signal. I looked for various VDI numbers on my detector screen that might alert me to the possibility that there were more than just one kind of metal near or in the ground where I was detecting. There would most likely be rust on the lid of the glass jar where the gold was placed within. However, I did study different types of grape juice jars that were made in the mid 1980’s by various companies and aluminum was also used to seal grape juice at that time, as well. Because we did not know the exact type of jar lid used to cover the gold, I could not be certain whether the lid would be infested with rust or not. Even so, I was still looking for target signals that would point me in the direction of either a rusted top or an aluminum one, just in case. I kept my eyes on the Minelab 800 detector screen to see if there were any numbers that would jump up and down between iron and aluminum which might be an indication that two different types of metal were being picked up on my machine. As it turned out, I did pick up some peculiar changes in the numbers as I studied that first spot that I was detecting. Unless a detectorist is very familiar with their equipment and extremely comfortable with reading the various VDI numbers on the display, what I was reading on the screen would not have impacted or influenced a detectorist to stop and investigate those signals. I came back to the house this day very prepared in my mind as to what VDI numbers could appear on the detector and I was determined to take my time and analyze the most difficult of places to search due to all of the interference I was picking up. If the house was masking the iron signals coming from the jar lid and the gold coins themselves, then I had to move slowly and test everything.


I moved my coil away from the first signal that I was detecting in order to observe what consistent signals were coming from a long side the back of the house as I moved the coil parallel with the building. Once I finished taking note of the consistent numbers on my VDI screen, I went back to that original target signal that I started with and I analyzed what numbers were coming from that first location. I discovered that the signals were very similar to what I was getting a long side the house except for the fact that there were also additional numbers that were occasionally coming up on the screen. This told me that while I was picking up the house metal, there was also the potential for additional iron and possibly precious metal buried beneath the ground very close to the house itself. I immediately switched metal detectors and set up my other Equinox 800 which had a 6 inch coil attached to it. I wanted to do further testing with a smaller coil so that I could confirm what I observed moments earlier with my other machine. Having a smaller coil gave me the flexibility to move the detector over parts of the targeted area to find clear separation between signals that potentially existed. Everything that I took note of prior to switching machines matched up perfectly with the current results. This convinced me that the targeted area was worth investigating further by starting my first dig of the day.



I didn’t waste a moment of time as I went and picked up Bob’s shovel that was leaning up against something nearby. I made up my mind that I would start the first dig with that first target area where I was getting those mixed signals. This was my very first attempt of the day to recover the gold. Though I had a good reason to start the dig, I really thought I was most likely going to discover that the signals were simply groups of interference from the house or I would find some scrap metal lodged deep below the surface. If I told you that I thought I would find the hoard of gold upon digging up the first target that I was searching for, I would have had to confess my dishonesty with you. I planned to spend all day searching for the gold if necessary and I thought that this would be the first of many attempts in searching for the treasure. Regardless of what was going through my mind at the time, I brought the shovel down and kicked it into the earth with my right foot and began displacing the dirt over and over again. I shoveling until I hoped to at least find some object that was giving off that unique signal in addition to what I was consistently hearing when I moved the detector parallel with the house.

A Shovel’s Distance Just As Bob’s Father Hinted!

After digging about a foot deep, I looked once again into the hole and this time I saw something black coming out of the side of the plug. It did not look like a solid object, but rather something plastic like a piece of a garbage bag. My immediate thought was that it was material left over from a landscaping company when they once lowered the young bushes into the ground many years back. Then, another thought occurred to me, ‘Could it be the buried treasure? Could the jar have been buried in something plastic to protect it from the elements?’ I continued to dig a little closer to the material that I had discovered, and the more that I dug around that area, the more I was growing convinced that I had found a garbage bag that was purposely buried in the ground for some other purpose than to plant bushes or small trees! I was more confident of this when all of a sudden I felt the shovel hit something hard which was located deeper in the dirt where the black plastic still laid mostly hidden. I started getting more curious and a bit more excited within me!

The Black Trash Bag Emerges from the Earth

I was all alone in the backyard. Brenda was still in the kitchen and she had only left perhaps 10 minutes before I put the shovel to the ground. Bob had not returned home from his appointment and I was not about to continue any further with my recovery efforts without having Bob and Brenda present for the unveiling of whatever this was that was stuck in the earth. Without ripping the bag wide open or pulling it too far out of the earth, I pressed my finger up against the material and it was then that I was quite convinced that I may have indeed found what we had all been searching for! I touched several objects in the plastic that matched what felt like shards of glass! I further concluded that I may have discovered the very pieces of glass from the jar that contained the gold coins! I dropped the shovel and began talking into my GoPro video camera, analyzing the situation and having fun daydreaming around the idea that I may have just hit the right spot on my very first attempt of the day! It was just too good to be true, but I was still hoping that what I had just dug up was in fact the buried treasure!

Bob Had Been Searching on the Wrong Side of the Same Corner of the House

Though Bob had not requested me to wait for him to bring up any potential targets that might be the gold coins, I was the one that gave him my word that I would wait for him to return home if I should find the gold. I wanted him to see the cache unveiled before his very eyes. I was certain that Bob’s father would have wanted this for his son when he supposedly buried the contents 35 years ago. The kind man trusted me with this dig and I was going to make sure he knew that there was not even a question that all of his property was safe with me, if in fact I had found the gold. What I do in private is always seen by my Heavenly Father and so I was only going to show the highest level of integrity and honesty before the Lord and towards these very kind people who entrusted me with their possessions.

I was just getting so giddy and excited as I thought more about what I may have just discovered! I took off my gear and headed to the front of the house where I knocked on the door hoping that Brenda would come out and see what I was looking at in the ground. I don’t think she expected that I would potentially find the buried gold this soon after just starting the search, especially with how many hours I was searching the last time I was at the premises. I will never forget the expression on Brenda’s face when she came to the door and I told her that I may have found what they had been looking for all these months! I encouraged her to come out immediately and take a look at what I had found in the hole! Brenda walked out of the house so excited that she forgot that she was still carrying the broken egg shells and banana peels from her banana bread recipe and she quickly threw the rubbish in the woods to fertilize the ground before walking with me to the hole that I had dug.

Bob Reaches Into the Mysterious Plastic Bag for the First Time

I pointed to the plastic bag and shared why I thought that I had found the gold coins. I explained to her t

Bob Confirms that Brian Did In Fact Find the Lost Gold Treasure!

The Hoard of Gold Revealed!

hat I hit a bag and there appeared to be broken glass inside of it. This would line up with the account that Brenda remembered from 35 years earlier regarding the 2 liter grape juice container that her father-in-law used to bury the gold in! She didn’t want to wait for Bob to return to reveal what was inside, but I reminded her that I gave Bob my word. So instead of pulling the bag farther out of the ground, Brenda reached inside the plastic material and carefully pulled out a piece of broken glass. It was that moment when she brought the shard closer up to our eyes to study, that we grew almost completely certain that the gold that the family had been searching for was indeed finally found beneath the earth! The very piece that she pulled out of the bag was the bottom part of a 2 liter glass container! This is what convinced both of us that I had found the lost gold! We were beyond excited and in a way I was still in disbelief that I may have found the gold on my first try that day! Incredible! Absolutely fantastic!

Just as we were about to call Bob on the phone to let him know that I may have discovered the gold, he appeared on the side of the house, walking towards us without a clue in the world of the news that he was about ready to have reported to him! The man was so very encouraged when I told him that the very first target that I was focusing on did in fact match up with the description of the glass container that we were seeking after! He had such a happy grin on his face upon hearing the search update! Bob was trying to keep himself reserved just in case it was a false alarm. However, he also seemed to be pretty convinced that I did in fact find what they were looking for all this time based on the location of where the broken glass was uncovered and the type of vessel that was discovered in the plastic. I just cannot describe with words just how excited I was at this entire experience! I couldn’t wait to see if I had struck gold! I thought to myself, ‘This would be absolutely thrilling if my very first hit of the day ended up being the gold hoard that we were looking for!’ It just seemed too easy this second go-around, and yet, everything seemed to line up perfectly thus far!

Bob Touches His Father’s Gift of Gold for the First Time in 35 Years!

It was time for the unveiling! The three of us walked a few feet over to the hole that I had dug earlier. At first, Bob got down on one knee to take a first peek at the old black plastic bag that was sticking out of the ground. Again, he expressed how appreciative he was of me waiting for him to return before the contents were removed from the earth. Could this be the very bag that Bob’s father selected with his own hands thirty-five years earlier to cover up the glass jar of gold coins? If so, it would be his son that would fully bring the treasure out into the open, seeing the light of day for the first time in three-and-a-half decades!


The Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice Gold Label

A Beautiful Sight!

I stood off to the side where Brenda was and gave room for Bob to unveil what was buried in the ground. He took a hold of the plastic and pulled it farther and farther out into the open until it was completely exposed before our eyes. Apparently, the plastic was exactly what I thought it was. It was in fact a trash bag. As the black material was moved farther out into the open, we could hear the broken glass moving around inside of the bag. All three of us were pretty certain that I had found the cache! My heart raced, and the anticipation was just unbearable! The excited son proceeded to rip the bag open with his two hands until we all saw it! That beautiful sight! The color of orange and yellow was shining in the midst of the dirt and glass! There it was! I had found the buried treasure! With our very eyes we were looking at what had been buried in the ground all of those years earlier by Bob’s father! I had done it! I truly did strike gold! It was one of the most exciting moments in my life! One after another, gold coins that had been hiding amongst the glass shards and clumps of dirt, began to appear all over the inside of the black plastic! We concluded later on that I most likely broke the glass container that held the coins when the shovel reached a certain depth where the jar had been buried. It was an amazing sight to behold! Most of the coins were still resting inside the white coin holders which kept the gold coins stacked one on top of the other. I looked at the first gold coin that Bob took in his hand and it was clearly marked as a South African Krugerrand! I looked at another one and another one and another one and they all were South African, 1 ounce, 22 karat gold coins! The whole experience was absolutely fantastic! Bob’s face could easily be read at that moment! He was filled with extreme elation and full of relief! Brenda was so happy for her man! Dad’s gift to his loved ones was finally unearthed and revealed for the surviving family to receive!

For me, it was like I had been transported back to 1976, back to being that seven year old child again in Virginia Beach when I had found that other treasure full of silver! I remembered my mother, brother and I studying the contents in that old beat up suitcase and learning that the silver had been stolen from a nearby hotel located near the beach. There was nothing like returning the property to the manager of that hotel and seeing the look on his face! There was nothing like it…until now! After all of those years, again I was able to help recover and return treasure to its rightful owner! This time it was a hoard of precious gold coins! Another dream came true! Something like this is so very rare and extremely special to experience! I felt humbled and honored to be a part of such a hunt and to be the one to find the gold treasure!

The 2 Liter Glass Container Lid Which Brian Detected Which Led Him to Discover the Gold

Holding a Beautiful Gift Left Behind By a Caring Father!

All of the Gold Coins Returned to Their Original Holders

Bob’s Father’s Fingerprints Still Remained on Some of the Coin Holders!

As Bob pulled the coins out of the ground, he placed each one of them back in their original coin holders, the very white plastic rolls that his father had slowly filled up during the time that he had been purchasing the coins in the 1970’s through the mid 1980’s. Those containers still had Bob’s father’s fingerprints marked on them! At some point during the recovery, Bob found in the ground the piece of glass that had a gold colored grape juice label on it and it was clearly marked “Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice”! Also, by reading the label, we were able to verify once again that the container was in fact a 2 liter container – just as Brenda had remembered after all of those years! All of the details checked out perfectly!


Before long, Bob had recovered all of the coins that were buried in the ground. The search and recovery of the beloved gold treasure was complete! The embraces that I received from both of them at that moment truly meant the world to me! The mission that they embarked on several months ago had finally come to a close. The couple was so very grateful for my help in recovering the lost gold which they had spent so much time searching for! I told Bob and Brenda that I was just as grateful for being a part of such an exciting hunt!


An Amazing Treasure Hunt Brings Golden Results! Brian is Beyond Thrilled at His Discovery!

That moment that the three of us were experiencing was so very surreal. It really was a fairytale moment that I will never forget! It may sound strange to read this, but in a special way, I felt very connected to Bob’s father even though I had never met him. By discovering the gold, it was like I was helping his father bring that treasure back to the very ones that he wanted it disbursed to so many decades earlier. I was also showing the deceased gentleman my greatest respect by having Bob do the honors of pulling the contents out of the ground. Nothing could prepare me for such elation and thrill that I was feeling and experiencing at that moment! I saw that countenance of relief upon Bob’s face.


A Dream Comes True for This Treasure Hunter and Recovery Specialist!

After a while of celebrating this marvelous discovery, Bob began to ask me questions as to how I found the treasure so quickly after so many hours of not finding it during the last visit. I explained to him how difficult it was to follow the signal that we were looking for based on how the house metal was masking the signal that was needed to lead us to the buried treasure. I did a reenactment for him so that he could see what I was trying to decipher on my detector. I also pulled out my handheld metal detector (a pinpointer) and demonstrated how all of the metal that was coming from the house was being picked up on the handheld detector and a long with the Equinox 800 metal detector as far away as three to four feet from the house siding. This made it almost impossible to determine if there was any treasure buried in the spot that I decided to investigate.


The next preoccupation that Bob was dealing with was the fact that I found the gold just feet from where he had been digging in the past couple of months. He was so close, but he was looking in the wrong place. He was focusing on one side of the right corner of the house when he needed to be looking at the other side of that same corner! He just couldn’t believe how close he was! The couple also realized upon seeing where the gold was buried that there was a strong chance that their father’s treasure could have been stolen right from underneath their noses within the past year! This was concluded because they had hired workers to come out and pull a tree out of the ground, which was literally a foot or two from where the gold coins were buried. There were also bushes that were pulled out of the ground alongside that area in recent years, and any of those hired hands could have stumbled upon a piece of that plastic and eventually pull the treasure right out of the ground and into their pockets! Bob shook his head and realized that my conclusions were quite accurate, and it was quite possible that someone could have stolen his family treasure without him ever knowing about it.


The Buried Gold Treasure Returns to Family Hands After 35 Years!

What a special moment! I indeed found the lost gold treasure! In total, I had unearthed 60 South African, 1 ounce, 22 karat gold Kruggerands, worth an estimated $100,000. The dates that were on the coins ranged from the 1970s up through the early 1980s. It was an extraordinary find! After I made sure that there were no more coins left in the hiding place, Bob called their son to inform him of the exciting news! He was just as happy and relieved as his parents and I so greatly appreciated his kind words of encouragement for successfully completing the mission!


A Beautiful Sight! A Fantastic Search! A Treasure of 60 Gold Coins Worth Over $100,000 Uncovered from the Earth after Three-And-A-Half Decades in the Ground!

Next, the three of us went inside the house and had a time of celebration. As Brenda prepared to cut her homemade shoofly pie and banana bread for all of us to indulge in, Bob placed all of the coins onto a plate and set it on the stove for the meantime. I had the time of my life sitting at their kitchen table and eating the best baked goodies along with recounting the whole search story from two weeks ago up until the present hour! It was simply fantastic for all of us! I was still pinching myself within, almost not believing that I had really found the gold and that it was in fact my very first target that afternoon! Incredible! I felt so honored to be a part of this story, and I kept thanking the couple for calling me and entrusting me with this search!


When we finished eating the pie and bread that tasted so heavenly, it was time to pack up the rest of my gear and head down the mountain towards home. I took a look at the pile of gold there on that plate one last time and I wondered if I would ever have such an amazing search and recovery ever again. Many have tried to recover lost gold for family members and it’s rare that the story concludes the way this one did. Therefore, I was beyond grateful for what I was able to be a part of that day! The three of us held each other, praying for my safe trip home, giving many thanks to the Lord for allowing for such a successful day and for giving us the privilege of intersecting our lives in the way that we had. I also prayed for the healing of their hearts regarding the endless suffering that they were experiencing with the loss of their beloved son.


We would probably never see one another again until our reunion in Heaven, so we expressed our warm feelings for each other with several hugs and handshakes before I got inside my vehicle. Just as I was about to put the key into the car ignition, Brenda extended her hand towards me and gave me several pieces of paper that contained her shoofly pie and banana bread recipes! She wrote them down for me inside the house. I was so touched by Brenda’s kind gesture of taking all of that time to gift me some of her family food secrets! She hoped that my wife would find a chance to bake these scrumptious recipes at some point. I couldn’t thank her enough! Along with the recipes came a bag of dessert that was left over from earlier that afternoon! I was truly in « sweets » heaven! Lastly, I couldn’t have been more grateful for the very kind and generous reward that the couple blessed me with just prior to me leaving their beloved estate. Over and over again I expressed my sincere appreciation for their thoughtfulness. Into the night I traveled down their long driveway until I could no longer see the precious couple that had been standing in the same yard that had finally given up the hoard of gold earlier that day. Once again, down the mountain I went, but this time…I was leaving with “golden” memories that I would cherish for the rest of my life.


I will never forget this amazing adventure in helping this family recover their lost gold treasure. I am so grateful to THE RING FINDERS and the directory’s CEO, Chris Turner, who started this incredible directory over a decade ago to provide a way for people like Bob and Brenda to make contact with metal detectorists like myself who could help them find what they could not. If it wasn’t for Mr. Turner, there may have never been stories like this one and the many thousands of other recovery stories that are documented by other detectorists on the directory website! My gratitude is greatly extended to Mr. Turner for providing such an incredible service for people like Bob and Brenda and also for making dreams come true for recovery experts like myself who waited all my life to experience something as awesome as this gold treasure recovery! Furthermore, I give God all of the praise and thanks for allowing me to bring this story to a successful and happy ending! The experience that I was afforded was truly as fantastic as the gold coins themselves that I helped to recover. I will never forget this story, nor will I ever stop sharing just how amazing it was to help the sweet, elderly couple in need and the electricity of excitement that was felt the moment that I saw the lost gold bullion rise once again from the forgotten earth!



As the reader finishes the account above, I hope that one comes away with the same feelings and observations that I experienced throughout the amazing search. It is clear from the many past events that led up to the recovery of the gold treasure that this was all about a family love story. The patriarch (Bob’s father) spent almost a decade-and-a-half of his life purchasing gold coins for the single purpose of providing for the needs of his children. He loved his family so much that he thought ahead, looking into the future, way past those current moments of time back in the early 1970’s through the mid 1980’s in order to preserve an investment that would one day flourish in the hands of his children and grandchildren. His love was so pure that in his spending, savings and burying of the gold, the man knew from the very beginning that he would not be alive to witness the unforgettable elation and gratitude felt by the beneficiaries. There was nothing in it for him other than the reassurance that the ones he loved the most would be cared for with these coins if they in fact encountered difficult seasons in their lives. Reflecting back, something made me feel that Bob’s loving father was watching over us happily as his beloved son pulled out the bag of gold from the ground! The man who left his loving investment behind for the well-being of his children, truly showed himself to be the most beautiful treasure of all!



Do you have any idea what Bob’s father paid for a 1 ounce gold coin back in 1970?

Ready for this?… $35.00 per coin!

Then, by 1980, Bob’s father was spending an average of $650.00 per coin!

In 1984, when the 60 gold coins were buried in the earth, each coin dropped its worth to $400.00, making the grand total worth of the cache at $24,000.00.


Now, jump 35 years into the future! At the end of 2019, each gold coin sold between $1600.00 and $1700.00, establishing the grand total worth of Bob’s treasure at an amazing amount of $102,000.00!


If you would like to view the gold charts showing the changes in the gold market over the past many decades, feel free to click on this link:


What a “love-filled » return on Bob’s father’s investment!



If you would like to watch the SEARCH VIDEO and THE GOLD TREASURE OF COINS REVEAL pertaining to this story, the YOUTUBE link will be provided shortly. To receive the notification letting you know when the video is uploaded to YOUTUBE, feel free to SUBSCRIBE to BRIAN’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL by typing: THE RING RETURNER.













Metal Detecting Lost Engagement Ring In Ashburn, Virginia…Found

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Amie’s 14 karat White Gold Engagement Ring


Sometimes, we conclude the very worst about a situation, when in reality, it may not be as bad as we thought things were after all! In this search account, you will see illustrated exactly what I am talking about!

I was in touch with a woman named Amie who had lost her engagement ring about a week prior to us talking on the phone. She did everything to try to retrieve her ring that had gone missing over the previous weekend. Amie and her husband took all of the right steps to attempt to find or get back her beloved keepsake.

The story goes like this. One Saturday afternoon, Amie left her house in Ashburn, Virginia, to take her daughters out to the soccer game that they would be competing in. As the girls left the house, one of them asked mom about her beautiful diamond engagement ring that she was wearing. It sparkled brilliantly in the light and the daughter to notice of it. She asked, « Mom, why do you wear that ring? » Amie shared the significance of the ring and what it meant to her. I’m sure she even cherished it more as she reflected on the sentimentality of how she received it. They talked all the way to the car and then headed for the game. Ironically, without knowing it, the ring would be the subject of many more discussions in the next few hours and to into the next week

Like a good soccer mom, Amie hung out on the sidelines, cheering on her daughters’ team. Little did she know or imagine that there would come a real trial upon returning home from the match.

After the game, the daughters were driven home by their mother. It was not until Amie arrived back at the house that she realized that her engagement ring was missing! She looked everywhere for it. She knew that she took it with her to the game because Amie remembered talking about the ring as they headed for the car. But what happened to it? It had disappeared! She concluded that it must have fallen off sometime during the soccer game. She checked the car thoroughly but nothing showed up. That’s when the big search began. Amie drove back to the soccer field and checked all of the places where she walked and stood. Still nothing was found. She checked with the other coaches who were playing their teams on the field when she traveled back to the school where the games were played. No ring was turned in. You can only imagine how upset and frustrated she was for having no explanation as to how the ring fell off of her finger.

Amie and her husband Tim continued searching, including acquiring a metal detector to search the field more thoroughly. But still there were no happy findings. They exhausted all of their means for searching and so they let the soccer association and the school building know about the disappearance of the ring, just in case somebody turned it in. Amie also put an ad out in Craigslist, hoping somebody found the ring and would respond to the online appeal.

Amie’s Gorgeous Diamond Engagement Ring Found After A Week Gone Missing!

Well, almost a week would pass, and still the ring did not surface. Amie and Tim were perplexed and saddened, thinking that she may never see the ring again since days had already passed.

Finally, after reviewing my credentials online, Amie reached out to me for help. She shared everything that had happened and everything she did to get word out about the ring’s disappearance. After listening carefully to her story, I asked her a whole list of questions to make sure that I had all of the details down. I also wanted to make sure that she had exhausted all of the search possibilities, including looking in her house more carefully. She and Tim did a careful search and she concluded that there was no way the ring was in the house, especially because she left the house with the ring and when she returned shortly thereafter, she realized that the ring was not on her finger.

I agreed to drive to Ashburn, Virginia and to first search the soccer field and surrounding areas where Amie walked on the day that the engagement ring disappeared. Tim met me out there during the last hour of daylight and he guided me to the places that I needed to detect. It took 3 hours or so to finish my search on all of the grassy areas. Most of the detecting was done in the dark with my headlamp on high beam. The 14 karat gold ring was nowhere to be found. I then resolved to check Tim’s vehicle in the parking lot of the school that we were at, which was the SUV driven on the day that the ring was lost. We talked a little about golf as I thoroughly searched it from top to bottom (Tim is a professional golf instructor! He has met, worked with and / or instructed some notables such as President Obama, Tiger Woods and a young Naomi Watts and more!). I was hoping to have a fun discovery for Tim and Amie by the time I finished looking over the vehicle, but there were no encouraging reports to share.

There were only two more places for me to check after I finished with the field and with the SUV. First, was to search the grass areas along the walkway leading from their resident’s parking lot right up to the front door of their house. Secondly, the other location was to search the inside of the house. I started with the outside areas and worked my way to their front door. I wasn’t shaken or placed in a state of doubt regarding the continued search efforts. I knew that this beautiful piece of jewelry could have fallen off Amie’s finger as she walked back to the house following the soccer match, or that she lost it upon entering her home just prior to her realizing that it had gone missing. In fact, I was so confident that we still had a chance to find the ring and that it may not have disappeared on the field all along, that I specifically requested that Tim return inside the house and begin to search the first floor of the home. He was totally up for the challenge! I told him that in my experience, many times the missing ring ends up being discovered in the house and was never left on the ground outside somewhere. In many situations, it’s waiting for someone to find it inside the house! I also told him that I hoped that he would find the ring because “us husbands” need all of the points that we can earn and this would greatly score him some big numbers if he ended up finding the wedding band! Tim agreed wholeheartedly and he headed inside to conduct a more thorough search based on my encouragement and instructions as to where to carefully look.

Tim and Amie, Happily Ever After Now That Her Lost Ring Was Found!

As I was metal detecting the grass sections, slowly walking closer and closer down the walkway to the front entrance of Tim and Amie’s house, Amie approached me in tears because Tim had just shared that our search efforts at the school came up empty handed. Honestly, she had lost hope at this point. I talked to her and encouraged her by sharing that we still had plenty of areas to check: all of the footage remaining outside for me to detect, and all of the first floor of her home! I expressed my confidence by stating that I sent her husband inside to search and that he could find the ring somewhere in the house and I still had room to discover the ring in the grassy areas along the sides of the walkway. She appreciated my positive stance but she also reminded me that she couldn’t imagine the ring being inside because when she re-entered the house with the girls that afternoon, she wasn’t wearing her ring as she did when she left the house to go to the soccer field earlier in the day. I proposed the idea that perhaps the ring fell off her finger just soon after she arrived back home. It would be improbable but still possible in that small window of time to have lost it on the first floor!

Well, the improbable became possible! Moments after I attempted to infuse some fresh hope into Amie, Tim came strutting out of the house and down the walkway where we were conversing, and he had some terrific news! He got his wife’s attention to look and see what was in his hand! He found the ring! Yes! The diamonds were sparkling everywhere in his palm as I brought the headlamp light near to them! He listened to my instructions to search the floors more carefully and to not leave a spot unchecked! And boy did it pay off! Remember, the engagement ring had gone missing for nearly a week! Well, it was finally found and it was spotted by Tim under the computer table where all of the power cords and power strips were located! At first, I observed that Amie was in such disbelief that Tim had found the ring because she was acting kind of passive and not understanding to what Tim had discovered. I think she thought it was some other ring! So Tim made it a whole lot more clearly by showing her the gorgeous white gold band covered with diamonds on top as he opened his hand some more! Then, it was if the sun had come out in the middle of the night and her countenance started to greatly change! A huge smile overtook the previous dim look of sadness and reality began to set in! The ring was found! She was going to wear it again! It was back in her possession! Amie almost couldn’t believe it, although she began to slowly get convinced that she wasn’t living a dream! She cried many tears of joy and hugged her beloved husband over and over again! It was such an amazing sight to see! I couldn’t be happier for her! Then, I was able to properly gloat a little by reminding her that I did say that the ring could be just feet away from where I was searching, and Tim was the hero to set his eyes on the prize! I high-fived Tim and we all rejoiced with hugs at the discovery!

So, in conclusion, it turned out that the ring did return home from the soccer match. Here is the explanation as to what had happened: When Amie entered the house upon returning from the soccer game with the girls, she took both of their string backpacks and placed them on their designated hooks in the coat closet. Apparently, the ring must have been pulled off her finger by one of the strings of one of the backpacks, it slipped off her finger when she placed the backpacks on the hooks and it hit the hardwood floors and rolled under the computer table where it remained until Tim conducted a more aggressive search! I couldn’t have been happier for the couple! The search was over! The ring was back on Amie’s finger again, and she was one relieved young lady!

That night, the three of us celebrated for a while longer before I packed up my gear and headed back to my car to prepare for the journey home. It was a wonderful search and a very successful ending to my day! Tim and Amie were relieved and overjoyed! The mystery of the lost engagement ring was finally solved once and for all!












Metal Detecting Lost Engagement Ring Of Bride-To-Be In Atlantic Ocean…Found

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Hannah’s 14 Karat White Gold, 1 Carat Diamond With Surrounding Diamonds Engagement Ring

Hannah and Her Bridesmaids Excitedly Show Off Her 1 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring After Found in the Atlantic Ocean in Ocean City, Maryland!

After a Day in the Atlantic Ocean, Hannah’s Engagement Ring Returns to the Shore With the Help of The Ring Finder, Brian Rudolph!

It was Hannah’s bachelorette party weekend with the girls in Ocean City, Maryland! Her wedding day was two weeks to the day of that unforgettable summer afternoon! With such fun and celebration in the air, also came a time of heartache and despair. While Hannah was out in the Atlantic Ocean with some of her entourage, the bride-to-be was hit by a wave, causing Hannah to fall over into the water. As a result of the wave striking her and with her having to push herself off the sand, the bride’s beautiful fairytale-like engagement ring slid off her finger and landed somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, forty yards away from the shore.

Hannah was in a panic. She called Derek, her fiancé’, and told him everything. He kept it calm, went online to see if he could find a metal detecting service, and that’s when he found THE RING FINDERS and Brian Rudolph. Hannah was given all of the contact information and then she called me. I was just coming into Ocean City to do a search on 101st Street for an iWatch that had gone missing in the Ocean. As I was entering into the city limits, Hannah gave me the story of what happened. I explained to her that she had a great chance of getting the ring back because she was calling me just 45 minutes after the Ring settled to the bottom of the ocean. Rings can be found days later but she had the best chance because of how quickly I received the call and her group’s clear recollection of where the ring came off.

We talked about what she needed to do in order to remember approximately where she was when the ring slipped off her finger. I asked her to count how many feet out into the ocean where she was in relationship to where the lifeguard chair was at the time. I asked her to walk down the beach from the lifeguard chair and count how many feet over and then to count how many feet out into the ocean. Thanks to Hannah, her mother, and the other bachelorette party girls, they all agreed on a particular area for me to do the search.

After I finished the search for the iWatch, I headed over to the beach side of 47th Street, in front of the Gateway Grand condominium building where I met Hannah, her mother and all of the bachelorette crew. She took me through each step of what happened and so did the other girls. Then, Hannah walked me from the lifeguard chair area out into the water where she was accompanied by her friends to show me where they believed the ring may have come off. When the loss happened, her mother had been sitting on the shore watching the ladies out in the ocean when the ring came off and so she gave a very good idea as to the hot zone where I should start my search.

Once I got all of the information down while we were standing in the ocean looking out to the area where Hannah’s ring may have come off, I felt confident as to where I needed to begin and the yardage from left to right where I needed to search. It was looking like it would be a 40 yard area from left to right and 30 to 40 yards out in the Atlantic.

We all came up on shore and that’s when I got my gear and did a two-hour search even though it was during high tide. I thought maybe I would get lucky, but there was no way to get that far out because the waves were just way too aggressive. I would have to wait until the middle of the night when low tide would arrive again.

Everybody on the shore in the bachelorette party, including two guy friends that were in town at the time of the unfortunate incident, all took off to get ready for the evening fun. I knew that Hannah would be extremely preoccupied with the loss of her ring and I tried to comfort her and encourage her to go out and have a good time and that if anybody could find this ring, with the help of God, it would be me that could recover it for her. I told her later, that I never do tell people how difficult this kind of thing is to find a 1-inch piece of jewelry out in the roaring Atlantic Ocean. But, I knew that if I used my skills correctly and if I was divinely-guided, it was a good chance I could get it back for Hannah, just in time for her wedding that was two weeks to the day!

The two hour search that ensued that evening was very difficult and I didn’t even find a single target to scoop up. I resolved to leave the beach and return at 4:15 a.m. at low tide. I left the beach knowing that Hannah’s ring was left behind, buried far out in the water and sand, way out in the dark, needing to be recovered, as I headed to my car.

I think God woke me up in the middle of the night because both of my alarms failed to go off on my phone. I happened to wake up at 3:45 a.m. and I was so glad that I did not oversleep the low tide hour. I quickly got my wet suit on, geared up and headed for the sand in total darkness. I prayed for God’s help and guidance as I did the night before, to take me to the spot where the ring rested below. Throughout my search, I prayed and asked God over and over to bless Hannah with the recovery of the ring. I prayed to Him out of compassion for Hannah and Derek because of the disappointment that this loss weighed upon them. I fully identified with them regarding the feeling of losing something so precious and wondering if it could ever be returned. It’s a helpless feeling and all of the « what ifs » attack you over and over again.

Not a soul was on that beach. It was just me, the ocean, and Hannah’s ring which was somewhere out there. Pardon the pun but looking for a ring in the ocean is like looking for a needle in a haystack when doing a search of this magnitude. When you’re out there in the water, with the waves coming at you in the dark and all you have is a headlamp on, it’s a weird lonely feeling. A metal detectorist just has to get over it and focus on what the mission is and not think about the loneliness and the improbability of finding such a small target out in the middle of so much territory.

You are not only battling the darkness, but you are facing so many different factors at one time. You’re dealing with the waves, the current, the noise of the ocean while trying to listen to your detector, the pounding pressure from the water that is constantly going against your coil as you’re trying to swing to the left and to the right. You have to hear and read signals correctly. You’re fighting against the tide and the clock, because you have a small window of time to search farther out in the deep. You constantly deal with doubt and wondering what actually happened to the ring when it fell to the sand below. You are hoping the estimations of where the ring disappeared are somewhat accurate. You’re hoping that the ring stays in one place and that it did not get carried some distance away by chance. You are wondering how much sand may have gotten piled on top of it and if the metal detector will even be able to reach the depth where the ring rests below the sand. You fight your own pressure of knowing that you are the only one that can bring this ring back with the help of God. If I failed, that bride won’t be wearing her engagement ring for the upcoming wedding in 2 weeks. Love and compassion must be your drive to get you past all of the adversity that you face out there in the dark.

So I searched that morning from 4:15 a.m. until 7:45 a.m., detecting the ocean as the sun came up and I only got a few targets to search, and none of them were Hannah’s ring. After all that time I was physically worn out, as well as disappointed that I had not pulled the ring out of the Atlantic…but I didn’t give up. Once again, I resolved to return in the late afternoon during the next low tide to give it my all and see if I could get the ring back.

Once it was later that morning, I would call the bride-to-be and let her know that I was unsuccessful at my second attempt in finding her ring. I could hear her disappointment on the phone. We agreed that I would do another hour and then she would tell me what she wanted me to do next – to keep searching or to let it go.

That afternoon, I got back out onto the beach after resting up for a few hours that late morning and early afternoon. I was mentally strong and ready to attack the water once again. Just seeing all of the people on the beach and in the water made for a completely different scene from the night search. The beach was alive again, teaming with people everywhere. That made me happy.

I got my detector ready, geared up and once again headed for the same water that I got to know quite well in the middle of the night. I was not going to rest easy and allow the water to keep what rightfully belonged to Hannah. I would give it all I had and hoped that I could find her beloved engagement ring.

The tide was helpful to me, as was the tide in the middle of the night. However, the waves really battered me like a rag doll every time I was getting as far out in the deep as I needed to be. There was one thing I didn’t have to deal with which I dealt with in the middle of the night, and that were a few small sand sharks that were bumping into my leg as I metal detected through the night. It’s kind of eerie because you can’t see them but you can feel them every so often pumping and brushing up against your wetsuit.

Each target that I came in touch with ended up being a disappointment, one after the other. I would get hit by a wave, my headphones would go flying off, and my hat would go swinging to the back of me because it was tethered to a cord around my neck. Between the waves being aggressive when I was up where they broke, and the depth of many of the signals, it took quite a while to be able to get to each of the targets that were buried below the sand.

Finally, just before I reached the end of the first hour of searching that afternoon (my sixth hour in total), I got my 7th target signal. This signal was very weak and almost unrecognizable. It was the kind of signal that you could just walk right by if you weren’t listening extremely carefully because you’re dealing with the noises of the waves, and the headphones can only give you so much volume. Also, those low tones that you are looking for to detect white gold, are masked by false signals that sound the same when your detector coil is brushing up against moving sand in the water. So, you almost can’t tell the signals apart unless you stop and test whether or not there is something deep below that is made of metal.

Though I wanted to pass this signal up because it really didn’t sound like it was anything important, I decided not to compromise the search by giving up something that I just didn’t know what it was unless I scooped it up and found out. I attempted to pull the target out several times and it was probably the most difficult time getting to the target because of its depth and the waves were just pounding me. Every time I laid the scoop down into the water, another wave would take me by surprise. I kept going and going, scooping over and over again, until the detector did not read any signal i

n the hole any longer. I didn’t even think that the object was in the scoop because I had been digging so much that I didn’t believe anything was even in there. But once the detector did not sound off any signal any longer, I took a look in the scoop. I brought it down to the water to get some more sand out of it and then brought it up again. I believe it took a couple of times to do this and then when I got my focus back on the scoop and looked down for maybe the second or third time, I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was there! It came into focus! This beautiful princess-like object that was given to Hannah at the proposal by Derek himself was finally caught, cradled by my stainless steel net! It had been raised from the dead and it would be given life again above the waters that concealed it for 24 hours! It appeared from the dark! It was like living a dream because I knew I was looking for the ring but I didn’t know exactly what it looked like. One thing I knew and that was if I found it, I would know it was Hannah’s! After searching so many hours and finding nothing, the reality of finding that which I was searching for, for so long, became very emotional and almost to the point of being overwhelming!

There was victory, at last! I defeated the elements! I know that it was God’s hand and His immense favor that led me to that target and it was my determination to not reject that which was handed to me! I truly believe it was divine intervention. God loves marriage and loves symbols. Like the rainbow, which God told Noah it would always be a reminder of the covenant between man and God. I believe the ring is similar. It’s a representation of the covenant between two people.

And it was there in the Atlantic Ocean, 40 yards out, that I was introduced to the ring and the ring was introduced to me as my eyes laid ahold of it. Soon my fingers would greet the priceless keepsake as I grasped it out of the scoop! I will never forget how the diamonds and gold treated me so warmly as they reflected millions of brilliant colors back at my face!

I couldn’t hold back the excitement after what I finally found from the depths of the ocean! The impossible had happened and now I let it all out for everyone to hear on the beach! I started running to the shore and sharing my overwhelming joy to find that which had been lost 24 hours prior! People started clapping and some gathered over to see what emerged out of the waters of the Atlantic! This was one of the best « show and tells » that I had ever had! It really takes your breath away when something like this can be recovered! Many people on the beach rejoiced with me, knowing that Hannah was going to get her ring back soon enough! There were even people on the beach the day before who witnessed seeing the bride-to-be’s sadness and how all of her friends and mother reacted to the loss. Now, the same people witnessed redemption, a second chance, a new unbelievable fairytale of how the storybook ring would reappear and be carried back to the princess just before the wedding day!

I gave God the glory and credit for what had taken place. I just felt like I was the servant who He sent to the ocean to pluck that ring out and return it to the one who cried out for help! Apparently, on social media, a prayer group was assembled and requests to God were made known. Yes, the power of prayer! I do believe that God is not all about material things but most importantly, that which comes from the heart. But from my personal experience, I see how God gets involved when love and compassion are made the center points, and not idolatry of an object. This was one of those examples where I believe He divinely intervened. I know my skills and I know what I am capable of. But, in this search, I needed something more than what I was knowledgeable about, and more than the detector that I held in my hand 40 yards out in the ocean. I was thanking God the whole time for what He did to guide me to the jewel!

So, what did I do next? I took a survey from everybody on the beach and it was clear that I needed to do a fake out and make this a surprise worth keeping forever! So, I called her up and I told Hannah that I did everything I could to recover the ring and I just asked her if she would like me to continue beyond the one hour search that I had done so far. We had agreed that I would stop after the first hour and she would reevaluate everything with Derek about moving forward or not. Hannah decided to not continue the search. Had I not found the ring during that hour, it would have stayed out there in the Atlantic possibly indefinitely because the couple decided to let it go rather than to continue. I couldn’t wait to do the reveal!

This was an amazing story that I will never forget. Please watch the video for what happened next! It’s worth watching!

As much as it was a fairytale come true for Derek and Hannah to fall in love and to recover the lost engagement ring from the ocean just two weeks prior to their wedding, it was also a fairy tale story for me, as well.  Just a few days after I returned the ring to Hannah, my wife and I received an invitation from the couple to join them in their celebration at their wedding! I was beyond honored and touched by their hearts of kindness! I was able to attend this most amazing wedding and celebration! It’s so hard to describe the emotions that were running through me when I saw the bride and groom exchanging vows and wedding bands! Also, to view Hannah, dressed as the fairytale bride, wearing the engagement ring and now accompanying the matching wedding band, it was simply magical! The set was complete, and so was this beautiful love between the newly crowned husband and wife!

This story was a fairytale come true twice over! I will never forget it as long as I live!


If you would like to watch the SEARCH VIDEO and how I surprised Hannah with the return of her ring, click below:















Metal Detecting Ex-Husband’s Lost Gold Wedding Band…Found In Bethesda Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Claudia’s Ex-Husband’s Enormous Gold Wedding Band!

Claudia Couldn’t Be Happier to Wear the Old Gold Ring Again!

I received a phone call coming from a  woman named Claudia who found my contact information online by clicking on The Ring Finders link somewhere at the bottom of a web page. Like me, she grew up in Bethesda, Maryland area and she went to the same high school that I went to but just a different time period.

It turned out that Claudia’s childhood Bethesda house would be put up for sale soon because her mother (who still lived in the Bethesda home) would be moving into a retirement community nearby. So, it was Claudia that had to tie together all of the loose ends and make sure that everything was taken care of inside and outside of the house before the house sale would be soon finalized.

One of the To-Do’s on her checklist was to search and dig up her ex-husband’s wedding band that was buried somewhere in the front lawn of the house! Yes, you read it correctly! Her former husband’s wedding band! Initially I was taken back by that, but it wasn’t as strange as it seemed. According to Claudia’s account, even though she had been divorced from the man for over twenty plus years, (and by the way, she was the one that ended the marriage), Claudia liked wearing her ex’s big-old-hunk-of-gold wedding band! She kept wearing it and it just became a part of her hand over time.

Claudia described to me on the phone  what happened to the ring a year earlier. She shared that she was parked along side the front of her mother’s house, on the street, and she opened up her minivan to bring out some groceries. At some point she saw the ring fly off her finger and onto the lawn near the street.

She wasted no time in searching for the ring. However, what she thought would be so simple in finding the ring ended up being an unsuccessful recovery. Time marched on and Claudia had always meant to go look for the ring again but other priorities came in the way of this from happening and so it wasn’t until her mother had to move from Claudia’s childhood house that she needed to make the ring reappear from the lawn.

I was so happy to help Claudia when she called me to ask if I could come out sooner than later to help recover her ex-husband’s yellow gold wedding ring from the earth. We set up the appointment for the following day and that’s where the fun began!

When I met up with Claudia and her brother who happened to be at the house at the same time, she took me to the spot that she believed was the general area where the ring went flying to the ground. I got my gear out and began the search. I was looking for a pretty hot signal because the ring was said to be a real « chunker »! In no time, I got a couple of signals that matched up with what I wanted to see on my detector! One of them ended up being a penny. I was almost certain that the next target was worth digging up, and I proceeded to do so. About 4 inches down, after clearing a good amount of dirt with my trowel, it was then that I caught a glimpse of some yellow gold peeping through the earth! I hit gold! I was delighted that nobody had picked up the ring when it was on the surface over a year ago! The grass must have effectively camouflaged the treasure piece and I was delighted to conclude that now that the ring had been exposed for the first time in a year!

I called Claudia over to where I had been working and eventually her brother joined us as well. I got to share the exciting news of my find! Claudia was thrilled to say the least! I went ahead and carefully removed the gold ring from the rest of the surrounding dirt and proudly handed it to its owner. Moments later, the ring was back on the finger of the woman who had accidentally dropped it just over a year earlier!

It was such a satisfying feeling to be able to get this keepsake back to Claudia before the land would become someone else’s property. Both Claudia and her brother were quite pleased by the whole experience and the return of the ring truly made their day and mine completely thrilling!

If you, a friend, or a loved one has lost something special to them, please remember to pass the word around about The Ring Finders directory. Let’s get back to you and to others what has been thought to be lost forever!

If you would like to watch this SEARCH VIDEO feel free to click on: