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Longport NJ Lost Cartier LOVE Bracelet Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)
Lost a ring? Don’t wait to call!
I received a call from Donna after she lost an extremely sentimental piece of jewelry that was given to her by her husband. It was a bracelet that she wore regularly. She had it on earlier in the day when she walked her dog in Longport, NJ. Later that afternoon, she spent time on the beach with some friends. It wasn’t until later that evening that she realized her Cartier LOVE bracelet was out on the beach somewhere since she couldn’t find it in the house. Donna saw that I found another lost ring in Longport, NJ, and gave me a call. We met at the beach and I started a search. Shortly after combing the areas, the metal detector gave a sweet tone. I reached down, brushed some sand away and saw something shimmer. I reached down and pulled out the beautiful Cartier LOVE bracelet. Donna was ecstatic, yet surprised, the bracelet was found!
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Minnesota Gold heirloom ring lost Metal detecting scuba dive search

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Austin was up north Minnesota at an area lake enjoying the day with family. They were out on their pontoon enjoying a hot day swimming in a bay when Austin’s gold/diamond ring slipped off his finger and sank down into the weeds, approx. 10 feet deep. This ring was an heirloom from his dad who passed a few years earlier. He searched the internet and found and called me. We knew it was no hurry as the ring would stay exactly where it was lost, and we were struggling to commit to a day as the weather and our schedules were not cooperating. After about a week, we finally set the day and met up at the lake. These searches are very tough going as the weeds are so thick and the muck can be very deep. The search area must be very small when scuba diving at depth in weeds as we cannot cover a lot of real-estate with these obstacles, also the harder you work the faster you use your air. I told Austin it was up to him to remember and put me as close to the spot as possible, even a 20-yard deviation would make the search impossible. We pulled up in the pontoon and anchored, I gave him a junk ring and said toss it in where you believe your ring is. I started my search and found a couple old beer cans and 3 old lures. After approximately an hour of search I got a nice tone hit on my metal detector, sifted through the muck and out popped his ring. I looked up before ascending and I was right below the pontoon. Great job by Austin getting us to the exact point in the middle of a bay!!!

Pics of Austin and his Mother with the ring.

Congrats Austin, glad I could help out :O)


How To Find A Lost Pendant In Your Yard…FOUND IT Post Falls Idaho!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Like all good home owners Sarah was tending to the needs of her lawn. With her weed wacker in hand, Sarah had the forethought to stash her phone and 14k necklace in her brazier. After doing a bit of trimming by the fence Sarah walked over by a row of bushes. Her phone was needing her attention so she removed it from where it was stashed. Upon pulling the phone out the necklace that was wrapped around it got caught. With a quick tug the necklace broke. Freezing from the sudden snap, Sarah knew she shouldn’t move a muscle. Sarah called for her hubby Matt and he came over to give Sarah a pat down. After shaking her clothes, looking in and around her wardrobe, only left Sarah puzzled about where her pendant went. Both of the neighbors to the left and right came over to help, one with a metal detector and one with flood lights. Four hours went by with no luck finding the pendant. The neighbors to the left of Sarah’s house suggested she find someone to hire who had a metal detector. On the Google machine Sarah typed metal detecting services. My name and number popped up to the top of the list. A text, a phone call and the next morning, I made my way to Idaho. Arriving to Sarah’s house I met Matt and he showed me where the chain broke. Sarah had step out for a bit so I quickly got to work scanning the ground. The worst thing happened when I turned on my machine, the uncoordinated sound of EMI came through my head phones. Quickly I turned down the sensitivity, ground balanced, and ran the noise calculation. All of these adjustments proved useless. I put on a smaller coil to mitigate the EMI. Nope, the sounds of the interference still rang out. So on my hands and knees I went. With my Garret carrot I made sweeps left and right, top to bottom. This also failed to locate her pendant.  Thinking maybe her pendant was flung I expanded the search while still fighting the EMI. With hopes fading I asked if she had another piece of gold that I could scan. To my surprise this test showed my detector was not able to pick up that small piece of gold. I know for a fact that the Eqinox can detect small gold so it had to be the large EMI presence killing its ability.  Flipping through the frequencies didn’t help out the detector. The only remedy was to put the detector in prospecting one mode. I finally was able to get a hit on her other piece of gold. However researching the area didn’t reveal her pendant. I knew the EMI was still killing my detectors ability. So I asked if we could turn off the power to the house to cool off the underground power lines. After doing that I switched my detector to prospecting two and adjusted the sensitivity up until I got a good repeatable single on Sarah’s other piece of gold. One last search of the area where the chain broke gave me a new signal. One without EMI blocking it. With my pinpointer out I saw the unique shape of Sarah’s pendant sticking slightly out of the mud. Completely relieved I smiled and gave a fist pump at the porch where Sarah and my wife were sitting. Shocked Sarah made her way over to hold the pendant that was right under our feet. Luckily my 21 years of metal detecting experience gave me the wisdom to push past the EMI and find what was lost.

Lost wedding ring found Minnesota Metal Detecting

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Lost platinum wedding band found by the ring finders.


Congrats Chad!!!


Second time around – Aggie Ring recovered from the Guadalupe River again!

  • from Kerrville (Texas, United States)

Almost two years ago my son, Shane,  and I recovered an Aggie ring from the Guadalupe River for Rick. Well, Rick called today and said he lost his ring again in the Guadalupe, different place this time. Rick said he marked about where he lost it and it was in shoulder deep water.  Uh, Huh! Shane and I had to swim across to the buoy and stand tip toe on rocks. My mouth was subsurface and my nose was just in the air! About 15 minutes of searching and I heard the tone in my AT Pro, Shane dove down and came up with the ring on this finger. Rick was really glad and lucky to have his ring back on his finger again!

Metal Detecting Service in The Bay Area…Happy Client!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

Bay Area Ring Finders Brendon Chapman… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP     925-580-2590

A few nights back, I had the opportunity to teach a client a little bit about metal detectors, metal detecting, and even provided this individual with metal detecting equipment while assisting with cleaning up debris from a recently demolished old shed!  Although there was not too much to find, I believe the individual really enjoyed their experience as well as the services I was able to provide.


My typical services include searching for your lost valuables (jewelry, cell phone, car keys, etc.), but I can also assist with other tasks such as the one mentioned above.  Additionally, If you are interested in the hobby, I can also provide equipment, tools, and entry level instruction for your very own metal detecting adventure!  I utilize high end equipment and search techniques to help…MAKE THE RECOVERY!!!


  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

Hello, my name is Brendon . I joined the Ring Finders to help reunite folks with their lost jewelry & items. If you’ve lost something where a metal detector might be helpful (parks, yards, worksite, beach, etc…) & need help, contact me. I will do my best to help you recover what was lost. I love any excuse to get out and hunt.


Gold Ring Found Va Beach

  • from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)

I received a message from Stephanie about a lost gold wedding band with diamonds. I contacted her  and she told me the approximate location of where she lost it. It makes it a little more difficult when you are not able to meet the person and get a little better location. On my first attempt I was not able to locate it mainly due to the amount of people on top of the spot. I decided to hunt the beach and check later. It worked! When I returned the area was clear of people and I was able to grid the entire area off. It ended up being in a different spot that I first grid off. I was able to meet her and surprise her with the find. Gigmaster on youtube!

Va Beach Gold Ring Found

  • from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)

Many times people come up to me on the beach to say they lost an item. This case is no different. This man lost his ring while moving from one site to another. Unfortunately it was not where he thought. A quick grid of the area produced the ring!

Beautiful 1 carat diamond ring returned!

  • from Virginia Beach (Virginia, United States)

This beach was private and I asked to owner to check on getting me permission to detect. She was able to obtain permission and off we went. This was in some pretty soft sand and it had been a couple days. After searching for an hour I was about to give up and as I was coming out of the deeper water I got a very scratchy light hit but it was in the proper range for the ring. It was basically my LAST target and BAM! I was very happy to be able to return this beautiful 1 carat diamond ring!