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Ring Lost In Broken Arrow Found in Ashes

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

I Received  a call from Bob’s wife saying he lost his wedding ring in the yard.  I talked to Bob’s wife and she said he lost it in the yard working last Friday….. When I get there Bob comes outside and said he was blowing leaves in the front yard.  So I looked in the front flower beds and nothing. Now the front yard still nothing…. Off to the back yard and searched were he said he was but searched outside outside the area he said still nothing…. I move towards the burn pile in the picture…. I heard a told that I didn’t hear before, turned on the trusty pinpointer and guess what was just below the dirt line…. I picked up,his ring didn’t say anything and when he turned around he couldn’t believe it was in the burn pile….  Bob was really happy to have his ring back on his finger…

Lost Ring in Norman, Oklahoma

  • from Norman (Oklahoma, United States)

From lost rings & jewelry, keys, phones, family heirlooms, and even hidden caches left by grandparents or other family members.  I can help you locate your lost items in Oklahoma or anywhere in the nation.

My name is Derik Keith and hunting for lost items is one of my favorite activities.  As a Real estate investor by trade, treasure hunting is in my blood.  I’ll employ my detective skills, years of experience, and modern high-end metal detecting and treasure-hunting equipment and tools to help you locate your lost jewelry or other family heirlooms.

Find yourself searching for a metal detector rental in Oklahoma.  Do you have experience in operating and understanding how to efficiently use a metal detector to find your lost items?  I wish it were as easy as just waiving the metal detector over the area, waiting for a beep, and “Presto” your item is found.  Unfortunately, metal detecting isn’t quite so simple.  For example, how was your very first experience attempting to play a musical instrument?  I think you get the point.  Like any specialized instrument, it takes thousands of hours to develop the skills to become proficient in the use of a metal detector.

Save yourself time, energy, headache, and frustration.  Contact me for your metal detecting service and I’ll use my years of experience to assist you in the recovery of your lost ring or other items.  405-255-2274.

Lost Gold Engagement Ring Recovered In Gambrills Maryland!

  • from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)

I was initially contacted by Shenna well over a month ago. She left me a voicemail stating that she was certain she lost her ring in her back yard a few weeks prior and after visually searching for it several times, she was unable to locate it.  Unfortunately, I was in the hospital at the time recovering from an appendectomy with some complications. I replied to Shenna and informed her of my situation and long story short, she was willing to wait until I was fully recovered to make arrangements to locate her ring.

I’m happy to inform you that today was the day that we agreed upon for me to come out and attempt to locate her lost ring. Shenna showed me where she thought she might have lost it while working in her beautiful garden. Once our conversation was over, I quickly got to work and within less than 5 minutes! Can you see it there hiding in the grass/straw???

Needless to say, Shenna was both amazed and grateful that her engagement was finally back where it belongs! Look at that great smile! A perfect ending to the weekend before Thanksgiving.





Ring Lost In Broken Arrow Found

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

Received a message from Derrick about a lost ring over the edge of a hill….  Derick had stated he was throwing leaves over the side of a hill right next to his driveway……. I asked him wat he was doing again and he said he was tossing leaves over the side…… I said ok let’s get started…….  Derrick showed me two areas were it mite have come off, then he told me he was afraid it mite have rolled down the hill a ways………  So I started and second hit was a sweet signal……. I reached down to pick the ring up and Derricks daughter was watching and I swiped it off he ground…. She didn’t see me do it and so I asked him if he’s 100% it came off right here he said it was……. So I checked just under the leaves and their it was,,,,,,, thanks for getting ahold of me Derrick……..

Massive gold signet ring lost, recovered and returned in Wallingford, PA

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

John reached out to me after finding me in the Ring Finder directory. He was looking for help in finding his 60 year old gold signet ring that came up  missing at his Wallingford, PA home after a day raking leaves. After considering buying or renting a detector himself he decided to hire a pro instead. I met John at his home the next day and he shared the details of where he was working in his yard. After a quick demonstration of my machine to prove to him I would not miss his ring if I scan over it…I went to work. He thought the ring most likely fell off in the front yard…so I started my search there…no luck. Off to the back yard we went…still no luck. Ok…time to step up my game! Back to the front yard with an expanded search…BOOM! I got that glorious gold surface tone in my headphones…I look down and there was his beautiful, massive gold ring! I called out to John who was sitting nearby…I was so happy to see the big smile on his face when he saw his ring in my hand!


Lost Wedding Ring Found in Lancaster PA

  • from Lancaster (Pennsylvania, United States)

Over the weekend, I was contacted to help a gentleman find his lost wedding ring. When I arrived at the home I was told the story how how the ring came to be missing.

« I was raking and bagging leaves, it wasn’t until hours later I realized it was GONE »

the gentleman explained. I asked him to recreate the event having him kneel down where he was bagging the leaves even having him take me to the bagged leaves themselves to really narrow down the search area.

He pointed out a 20×20 foot area that he thought it was as he stated that he thought he saw something fall into the pile when he was bagging but did not think twice about it. I began a formal grid search of the area after about an hour of searching I expanded it to about 40x40foot. Another hour went by, no ring to be found.

Starting to get frustrated, I decided that I was going to find that ring so I started to search out the entire front yard. As I made my way down the yard I reached the end of the drive. DING DING DING a solid signal! I bent down and in the grass a beautiful 14k white gold ring. This was at least 50′ from where the suspected search area was.

I played it cool and continued to « search » for the ring until I got to the house. I had the homeowner come out asking him if there was any area around the garden that it could have been lost. As he was looking away I pulled it out.

There it was, that amazing startled/disbelief/happy/excited look that we love to see.

I was so happy to be able to be a part of this rings story and return to its owner.

Be sure to check out the video of this find coming soon to my YouTube channel.



Lost engagement ring in Antioch, CA…FOUND!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

Bay Area Ring Finders Brendon Chapman… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP     925-580-2590

On Tuesday the 11th of October, Matthew text me with a request for my services.  His fiance had accidentally flung her engagement ring into some thick brush in their yard in Antioch, CA.  The two searched the brush and were 100% sure of the location in which it was lost.

Being on another search when I received the call and knowing that the location was secure and therefor the engagement ring was safe, I agreed to a search on Thursday afternoon.  Matthew was great about giving me all the information he could in advanced.  He, nor his fiance, would be available the day of the search.  His father was to be home at the location and would be my point of contact.  The father and I had a nice conversation while I pulled my equipment from the vehicle and got set up.  I turned on my metal detector while we were speaking, I had not performed a noise cancel, nor had I even turned on/put on my headset.  While talking I swung my detector back and forth over the ground near the brush.  I noted the unmistakable tone I new I’d be looking for and looked at the screen to confirm the 7-10 VDI.  I bent down, and Bob’s Your Uncle there was the ring very near where Matthew said it would be.  The whole search took 30 seconds and…We Made The Recovery!!! The ring now has a renewed life and great story for the happy couple.  I wish them great luck with their future!




Bay Area Ring Finders Brendon Chapman… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP     925-580-2590

Metal detectors Clemson SC

  • from Clemson (South Carolina, United States)

Clemson SC metal detectorist Allen Carter,  cell # (864)535-4347 call or text anytime.

If you’ve lost something valuable and your looking for help to recover it give me a call or text let’s discuss the options. As long as it’s metallic in some way I can find it.  I have 5yrs experience and a great machine to help me quickly locate your lost item.  Whether it be a ring, knife, set of keys, or wallet,  if you can point me in a general location I’ll track it down.


Lost Wedding Band Spring City PA Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Mike lost his white gold wedding band while taking out the trash at his home in Spring City, PA. He immediately realized the ring slipped off his finger but couldn’t find it on the ground. I met him a little while after we spoke and started to search at the location of the trash cans. Thankfully, the ring was quickly found under some boxes next to the cans!

Check out my website or Facebook page for more stories and information.


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Ring Finder Ocean City NJ

Avalon NJ Lost Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Lydia was getting ready to return home to Virginia after visiting her grandmother Mary Jane and other family and friends in Avalon, NJ when she realized her engagement ring and wedding band weren’t on her finger. She was on the beach earlier in the day and forgot to put them back on before packing up. Mary Jane was referred to me by her friend Jen and called me shortly after they realized the rings were lost in the sand. I met them approximately 20 minutes later and started to search the area where they thought the rings might be. I had to expand the search out a little farther and found both a few minutes later! It was a emotional ending and great feeling to recover the sentimental rings.



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