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Lost Wedding Band Found Margate NJ Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)
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Patrick was spending the week in Margate, NJ, with his family when he placed his wedding band on the seat of his chair. Without knowing, one of his children sat on the chair, causing the ring to fall somewhere in the sand. Despite his efforts to find it, Patrick wasn’t successful. Looking for help, he reached out to me, Ring Finders South Jersey.
Upon receiving the call, I quickly arrived at the scene. Gathering more details, I began my search. Using my metal detector, I was able to pick up the signal I was looking for, and ultimately found the ring in my scoop. Patrick was overjoyed to have his wedding band back on his finger. Now, he and his family can enjoy the remainder of their stay in Margate, New Jersey.

Engagement Ring Lost In Beaufort, NC Ditch Found By Crystal Coast Ring Finders

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Leina called to report her ring was somewhere along a dirt road but she knew the general area.  Her concern was there were heavy rains the day she called and was thinking it would be more difficult to locate her treasured ring.

I met Leina the next morning and she had said she bought a metal detector and tried to locate it herself but was finding way too many pieces of trash and numerous unknown signals.  She had given me a search area and I was also pulling out various metal items.  We continued along a wet ditch which had a tall metal fence on the opposite side.  The fence was causing my machine to sound off when I swung too close.  Leina was upset and I tried to calm her down with conversation.  We seemed to have a lot in common when it came to living through our years.  While I continued to search the roadside and ditch beyond her marked area, I was pulling more trash and then I finally hit the right spot.  Leina didn’t even noticed I had found her ring in the weeds and water.  I stood there to take a break and listen to what she was talking about (her upcoming wedding).  She was so stressed.  I held out may hand with her ring and said « Maybe this will help ».  She melted with tears and joy


Ring lost at Mission Beach found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Alison and her family were visiting  other family here in San Diego. They had dinner at a local restaurant near the beach and walked to the boardwalk afterward. Here’s her story….

This is Alison, you helped me a couple weeks ago and here’s the story behind the ring:
My husband, myself and our two young daughters were in San Diego visiting my husbands’ uncle and grandmother. Our 5 year old daughter’s middle name is her great-grandmother’s first name; during this visit her great-grandmother (who we call Neemah) gave her a very special ring. This ring was HER baby ring, gifted to her 87 years ago. She has since worn it on her pinkie finger. This ring is a teeny tiny, thin gold band with a flush set diamond.
My daughter was so excited to wear it, we checked to make sure it would stay securely in her finger and we ventured out for some fresh seafood and sunset at the beach. As we were taking photos, my daughter exclaimed “Oh no! My very special ring. It’s gone!” She had been playing in the sand along the boardwalk and trickling it over the concrete wall. We’re from Colorado, so sand everywhere (no sandbox needed) is an exciting concept for little kids!
We frantically started looking everywhere. Keeping in mind, this is a tiny ring and we are rapidly losing sunlight. I am beyond myself, I could not believe I thought it would be a good idea to let my daughter wear such a sentimental piece of jewelry because it seemed to be securely on her finger. We searched for over an hour, frantically sifting sand inch by inch on the boardwalk side of the wall. So many kind people stopped to help, holding up cell phone flashlights. We then determined it must have fallen as my daughter was trickling sand over the wall. The ring was somewhere ON THE BEACH. We were all devastated. One passerby said her boss reached out to Mark when they lost a ring in the beach. She was even so kind as to pull up The Ring Finders website and Mark’s profile. By this point, it was 8pm. I was desperate but in no way expected Mark to answer his phone AND come immediately to our location.
Within 20 minutes of searching, Mark had successfully located Neemah’s baby ring! Even more impressive is the fact that the boardwalk at this particular beach is concrete – meaning it’s full of rebar. Finding a tiny ring, in the sand, at night, when equipment is picking up signals from rebar is a true testament to Mark’s skill and expertise. He was kind, courteous, prompt and most importantly, helped us recover an invaluable family heirloom. We cannot thank Mark enough!
Yes, it was right up against the steel reinforced sea wall and was found with my pin pointer after using the full size detector failed to find it due to all the interference.
A pleasure to meet you Alison and thank you for the reward.

Ring lost at Mission Beach found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Emily was brushing sand off her hands when a special ring, given to her by her mother, slip right off and was instantly swallowed by the fluffy dry sand. She searched for it, but, couldn’t find it in the dark using her phone light. She was advised to contact TheRingFinders.com. I received the plea for help the next afternoon. Emily wasn’t able to meet at the site until the next day, but, being a Saturday evening, the ring might get found by someone else if we waited that long, so, I got the description of the search area and hurried down there to hopefully find it before some other lucky detectorist did. Super busy beach required me to park and hike about a mile to the search area. Not knowing the exact limits of the search area, I picked what I thought would be the extreme edge of one side of the square and began my grid search. First target was a promising 25 on my Equinox 900, but, ended up being a pull tab. Second target was a solid 19 and a beautiful Tiffany ring was inside my scoop. Emily and I met the next day for the reunion of ring and finger. A pleasure meeting you Emily and thank you for the reward.

Ring lost in Chula Vista found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Dania tossed a handful of items toward some bushes, which accidentally included her diamond ring. It should have been in a very small area, but, try as she and Jeff tried, it couldn’t be found. An online search found TheRingFinders.com and my contact info. Jeff called asking for help and we arranged to meet at the site the next afternoon. I arrived on time with my wife and a friend who also detects. A quick search with my large coil over and around the suspected thorny bush reveal nothing. Pin pointer time! My friend and I armed with a couple of pin pointers started poking inside the bush and as close to the ground as we could without getting totally impaled on the thorns. Only some scrap metal was being found when Jeff offered to go get a broom handle to tape to one of our pin pointers so we could probe further inside the bushes and reduce the number of our battle scars. I asked him to move his truck from in front of where we were working so we could expand the search area without interference from all that metal close by. Soon after moving his truck, Dania spotted the ring sitting right on top  of the asphalt in the parking spot next to where their truck had been parked! The ring must have hit something and ricocheted 90 degrees over to that spot. Doesn’t matter how the ring was found, just that it was found. Everyone happy now! A pleasure to meet you folks and thank you for the reward!

Ring lost in San Diego Bay found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Scott was kayaking back in August, and while paddling close to shore, his dog decided to jump out of his kayak and into the water. In the process of getting his dog back inside, Scott’s wedding ring came off and into the drink. He tried to find it, but, with a mucky bottom and poor visibility, we know how that ended. He and his wife Caitlin found me online and asked for help. We met at the site during a minus low tide at 11:30pm. Even though it was a small area to search, there was tons of metal junk and some deep silt/mud at that spot in the bay. Try as I might, I couldn’t come up with it after an extensive search. They thanked me for trying and I told them that I would keep it on my list and would try again whenever I was in the area. My next opportunity came about a month later at another minus low tide at night. Again, I found all sorts of junk, but, no ring. I was thinking it might be in deeper water, but, in walking out deeper, you would sink up to your knees in mud. Not going to be possible to search out there. Fast forward to November and another opportunity to hit the area during a daytime low tide. Went back over the same area and found tons more junk targets, but, after a half hour or so, success!, Scott’s wedding ring came up from a foot deep and into my scoop. A text later to an incredulous Scott and Caitlin where I found that they would be visiting again in town around Christmas. They asked me to hold on to it until then which I gladly agreed to. They came by the day after Christmas and picked up the ring. A pleasure to meet you both and thank you for the reward.

Lost Wedding Ring In Auburn, Ala. (Found)

  • from Auburn (Alabama, United States)

Received a text from Damon, 11/28, stating that he had lost his ring the day before while doing yard work.  I made arraignments to meet him the next day at his house. He wasn’t home when I got there so I decided to start the search since I already knew where to start. I hadn’t been searching for more than 2 minutes when I got the signal I was looking for. A few minutes later he arrived home and was surprised that I had already found it. Another happy story continues.

Lost Sentimental Gold Ring Glassboro NJ Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)




Elijah had an unfortunate incident while playing basketball in his driveway in Glassboro, NJ. He lost his grandfather’s sentimental ring, which landed somewhere in the grass. Despite several days of searching and even using a metal detector, he couldn’t find it. His mother contacted me for assistance in locating the lost ring. We arranged a convenient time to meet up, and I started the search process. Within just 10 minutes I was able to retrieve the gold ring!

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The Tale of Three Missing Rings! Parkland County, Alberta Canada.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Debbi called me yesterday to see if I could come out to her acreage and help her find her Engagement/Wedding/Anniversary rings which where solder together. They were lost about 30 days ago while she was pulling her plants and cleaning up her flower beds around her house, so she thought!.

After asking Debbie my usual questions in regards to her lost Rings I agreed to meet her at her home around 2 pm. She showed me where her rings could be and the area she traveled to her compost pile with her wheelbarrow.

Firstly I search the flower beds and immediate area, no rings. I then headed to the compost pile, still no rings.  I asked Debbi more questions to try and trigger her memory as to where she had been that day. When she realized her rings where lost she told me she was all over the place and the rings could be anywhere?

After exhausting all possible search areas I told Debbi her rings where not in the area she told me they could be.  I told her the rings could be in the house and to look there.   I also asked if she had looked in her car but she said she had looked so I asked her to take another look. While I was picking up my markers I heard a loud scream, “I FOUND THEM”!  Her rings were in the spare tire wheel well, in the trunk of her Honda. They were in a safe place and who knows how long they would have remained there if I had not insisted that she checked her car.  Debbi was over the moon to have her rings back on her finger.

The moral of this tale is never give up! Thank you Debbi for entrusting me to help you locate your rings.

Pendant lost in Palm City found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Tyler was playing ball at his schools soccer/football field when his necklace was snagged, broken, and his gold pendant fell into the turf. A search ensued, but, it wasn’t found. His mom Michelle talked with the groundskeeper who claimed to have a metal detector and would help them. This delayed a search for 3 weeks while the groundskeeper looked for his detector without success. Michelle then found TheRingFinders.com online and contacted me for help. We met early the next morning at the school and they escorted me to the proper field and probably loss location. I expected lots of misc junk on this decades old school, but, the field was pleasantly free of it for the most part. I started with a large coil to try and cover the fairly large search area more quickly. I’d use a smaller coil if necessary as the pendant was smaller than a dime and was probably not going to give much of a signal. There had been dozens of games played on that field since the loss, so, the pendant might have been stepped on and pushed down into the turf a bit, or, it could have even been spotted and picked up by someone. We kept our hopes up however, and after a half hour or so and a few junk targets acting like small gold, I got an even lower target I.D, number of 8 on my Equinox 900 that I was doubtful of, but, I decided early on I would check every target that was close to what I guessed would be the number. It wasn’t right on top of the ground, but, after peeling back a small trap door plug, Tyler’s pendant was staring up at me. I called them over to let them see and retrieve it. A happy Tyler had his precious pendant, given to him by his father, back again. A pleasure meeting you and thank you for the reward.