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Lost Ring Found! Greer, SC

  • from Greenville (South Carolina, United States)

Greetings all,

My name is Chad Crowe and I am one of the newest members of The Ring Finders serving the Greenville and Upstate areas in South Carolina. If you have lost a precious item (phone, keys, jewelry, hearing aid, etc.) that you would like recovered please do not hesitate to contact me. During a recent exploration at East Riverside Park in Greer, South Carolina I discovered a wedding band. If this is your ring and you could tell me a little more info about it, I would be happy to return it to the owner at the cost of you being added to the « book of smiles ». I am sure it has more sentimental value than it’s worth value. Every ring has a story, please don’t let this one end with me.

Thanks for reading,

Chad C.


Ring Found in Loveland CO after 2 years

  • from Fort Collins (Colorado, United States)

I was contacted by Ric about his ring that was lost 2 year ago. He wondered if  it was still possible to locate the ring. He told me that it was lost on private property and I replied that it was very likely that it could be recovered.

Ric, along with his wife Mary and I met at the farm. They did not own the property any longer but had been granted permission to search by the new owner. They told me that they had matching rings and it would be wonderful if we could find Ric’s ring. The area was a garden when they owned the property but had not been used lately and was somewhat overgrown with weeds. Ric was cautiously optimistic but Mary didn’t think there was much of a chance of success.

I broke the old garden into quarters and began a grid search of each one. The day was warming up and we had been searching for well over an hour when I had started into the last quarter.  Ric’s optimism was beginning to wane but I assured them both that it wasn’t over yet. A short time later I got a strong hit from a target at 2 inches in depth. With my small spade I dug down and came up with Ric’s gold ring. It always amazes me how gold can be buried for years and still come out so shinny. Ric and Mary were overwhelmed with joy at the successful recovery.  We all smiled and hugged, took some pictures and walked back to the truck where we shared our success with the land owner.

We said our goodbyes and I left knowing  that I had helped to give them a good memory to share and had put a smile on their faces.


Found Lost Duplicate Wedding Ring in Windsor Colorado

  • from Fort Collins (Colorado, United States)

In the Spring of the year I received a call from Emily saying that she had lost her ring in the back yard of her house. Emily said she had been doing a Spring cleaning up of the yard and then noticed that her ring was missing. She stated that she and her husband had searched the yard, the trash bags and everywhere else that they could think to look. I agreed to come over to search too. I made 5 trips there to search  with different detectors and different coils but with no success. We all agreed that the ring probably was not there. Emily thanked me for my effort and we said our goodbyes.

Then on New Years Day Emily contacted me again. She said  » You are not going to believe this and I’m almost embarrassed to tell you but my husband had a duplicate ring made for me and I have lost it also. » She said that the ring was lost in the snow in the park adjacent to her house, The area was marked and would I mind coming over to try again.

When I arrived Emily, her two children, and I walked to the area that was marked with stakes and yellow caution tape. It was not a large area and I quickly covered it  but did not find the ring. So then I expanded my search area to outside the caution tape and quickly got a good signal. Emily, with the pin pointer, found the ring and stood up to hug me with tears in her eyes and the biggest smile on her face. We took pictures and said goodbye and I drove home knowing we all had a great day.

Found Wedding Ring in Terry Lake Ft. Collins CO

  • from Fort Collins (Colorado, United States)

I received a call from Laura saying that she had lost her wedding ring in about five feet of water. She had marked the spot and could I help. We set up a time to meet.

When I arrived I was met by Laura and her two children along with her mother and father. The house was situated on Terry Lake in North Ft. Collins, Colorado. We introduced one another and  talked about the beautiful view of the lake with the Rocky Mountains in the background. As we walked towards the lake shore Laura told me that she had been swimming with her children. She said that she had a mosquito bite on her ring finger and when she moved the ring to scratch the spot the ring came off. That is when she put one foot down on the lake bottom and did not move it again. Laura called to her mom to bring out a 6 foot long T post to drive in to mark the spot right in front of her toes. That quick thinking had saved the day.

We waded out to the T post to where the water was almost chest high to me. With my left hand on the T post and my detector in my right hand I began making a circle searching the bottom very slowly. About three quarters of the way around the post I hit a good signal. Laura had called to her son to bring out a paddle board and a net. As I brought up scoop after scoop of muddy lake bottom I would dump it into the net on the paddle board for Laura to search through. The bottom was obscured by the silt that I was stirring up so I was going by feel only. After about 20 minutes and many scoops the target was still on the bottom. Finally I took a scoop, dumped it in the net and before I could get the coil back down to the lake bottom Laura let out a scream. I turned to see her holding her beautiful ring. We hugged while she cried, so happy to have her ring back on her finger again. The entire family was amazed that we were able to recover the ring from the lake bottom in 5 feet of water. We walked back to the patio where we talked more and they thanked me while I cleaned my gear before I headed home.

The next day Laura asked me if she could come by my house because she had something for me. She brought over some delicious baked goods and a beautiful arrangement of flowers for my wife. Such a kind gesture from a grateful lady.

Found Lost Ring in Berthound Colorado

  • from Fort Collins (Colorado, United States)

I received a call from Margaret saying she had lost her husband’s ring somewhere on her property. In talking to her  on the phone I could hear in her voice that she was very distraught. We agreed to meet the next morning.

Upon arriving Margaret told me that she had been wearing her husband’s ring since his passing. She was visibly upset saying that she had spent the day working around the house, in the garden, fed the horses and been down by the dock at the lake but did not notice the ring was missing until evening.

I said that it was a very large area to search. I began in the garden which was adjacent to the haystack. Margaret began feeding the horses and as I was watching her I noticed how she took the flakes of hay from the bales in the haystack and threw them over the fence. Finding only one piece of old copper pipe in the garden I moved to the haystack. With the pin pointer I checked in and around all of the bales where the hay was being pulled from. No Luck. Next I went inside the horse pen where the horses were feeding. The ground was damp from the recent snow and mucky from the horses. As I slowly swept the ground the horses reluctantly moved away. My detector beeped with a #7 showing on the visual display and 2 inches in depth. Margaret and I looked at each other. I said « Not to get your hopes up but this is a good gold signal and it’s not very deep. » Using the shovel I moved a piece of mud aside and checked it. The detector beeped again so I split the mud in half and found the part that had the target. I reached down, picked up the piece and broke it in half which revealed a gold mans ring shining brightly in the sunshine. Margaret was overcome with emotion that swept over me also. We hugged with her on one side of the fence and me on the other. She thanked me many times saying she thought the ring was lost forever.

We walked back to the house. Margaret offered me a cup of coffee to warm up and we talked about our children, grandchildren, and life. I drove home knowing we both had a very happy day.



Found Lost Widows Ring in Loveland, Colorado

  • from Fort Collins (Colorado, United States)

I received a text in the evening from Jae asking « Is this Greg The Ring Finder »?  I responded « Yes it is, may I call you ». I did and Jae began by saying that she had lost her sliver widows ring in her back yard. She had been playing with her dog in the snow at the time and had slipped and fallen down. When she got up she shook the snow from her hands. That is when she noticed that the ring was not on her finger. Jae stated that she and some friends that were visiting had sifted through the snow in an attempt to locate the silver ring but that they were unsuccessful. She and I agreed to meet the next day.

Upon arriving I greeted Jae and she showed me to the area in the back yard that she was standing when she noticed the ring missing. Jae was concerned that the search by she and her friends would make the ring more difficult to find.   I assured her that would not be the case.  I explained that because the ring was warm when it left her hand it should have melted it’s way down to the top of the grass and probably stayed right there.

I turned on my Minelab Equinox 800 detector, tuned and set it to the Coins and Jewelry mode. After only about six swings the detector beeped and registered a 26 on the visual display. The depth indicated about 6 inches under the coil. With my foot I moved away four inches of soft snow to reveal a layer of ice two inches thick. I was able to kick the ice and move a large chunk onto the snow. Swinging the coil over that ice indicated that the target was indeed in that piece. With my foot I broke the larger chunk of ice into four smaller parts and swung the coil over each one. The detector again beeped over the target and Jae picked it up. The ring was clearly visible on the edge of the ice. Jae and I hugged and she began to tear up saying how much the ring meant to her. She said   » That’s amazing. I can’t believe that you found it so fast. We searched and searched and it was right there the entire time.  »

It was a great day having recovered and returned two rings to the owners!!!



Wedding Ring Found in snow at CSU in Ft. Collins, Colorado

  • from Fort Collins (Colorado, United States)

I received a call from Michael saying that he had lost his gold wedding ring the day before while walking through the Colorado State University Campus in Ft. Collins, Colorado and asked if I could help. We agreed to meet the following day at 10:00 am. When I arrived a few minutes early Michael was already on site. We said hello and began to discuss the circumstances surrounding the lost ring. The weather was very cold at about 20 degrees with a foot of snow and ice on the ground on the day the ring was lost. Michael said he walks with a spring in his step and swings his arms. He stated that he felt the ring slip to the tip of his finger on the forward swing but did not get his hand closed on the back swing in time to save the ring. He had marked the spot in the snow with his boot. On the CSU student blog Michael found someone who had a metal detector that came to help with no luck. He also had a few volunteers come out with strainers to sift through the snow with no success.

After a few minutes of talking I began by turning on my detector and tuning out all the surrounding electrical interference, most of which was coming from transformers about 25 feet to the South. We hit a few signals that turned out to be trash. Not surprising since we were searching along a sidewalk on a busy street. Then we hit a target with a strong repeatable signal. My detector visual display was reading a steady 17, a good gold number, and telling me that the target was not buried but was on the surface. Michael had the pin pointer so I asked him to begin to search a 5 inch round area. The pin pointer was sounding off but we could not see the ring so I told Michael to move some of the snow, ice and leaves. He did that and the pin pointer stopped beeping. I said « well you have moved the target and that’s a good sign that it’s on top ». I relocated the target with my detector and after checking again with the pin pointer Michael exclaimed  » There it is. there it is. I thought I would never see it again ». He jumped to his feet, stepped forward and hugged me and we high 5 ‘d each other smiling like a couple of kids. He took out his phone, took a picture and sent it to his wife. We walked to my truck to stow my gear. He thanked me many times telling me how much the ring meant to him. We parted ways both sure we had a great day.






Lost gold ring found in New Westminster.

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463

I received a text message from a young lady who said her husband lost his gold wedding band (only married three months) in the backyard.
She went on to say she posted it on a Facebook group and a local person came to help but couldn’t  find it. They found me online and reached out to see if I could help.

I showed up to the backyard and met he young man, heard the story of the ring, how it was gifted to him by his father on his wedding day. It was his father’s ring he could not wear it because he was allergic to the gold. You can imagine how sick he felt by losing it. He was a little freaked out that they were going to have Thanksgiving next weekend at his dad’s house.

I asked my typical questions, found out where the person did the searching and after no ring on my search I knew I had to start moving a pile of lumber that was stacked in a work area net to the patio.

After spending 20 minutes, moving some 2×4’s I saw the ring laying there in its glory!





I have the best job in the world, I love helping people more than anything I’ve ever done in my lifetime. I get to make people smile, I get to hear their stories of what their ring/lost items mean to them and how happy it makes them feel when I find it.



Gold ring found with metal detector in Huntington Beach

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)


Zhi was at the beach with her friends and when she removed her ring to go into the water she dropped it into the sand.

I arrived 15 minutes later and turned on my detector, my first pass with the coil I was able to find her ring.


Lost wedding ring in the sand, Lavallette NJ OB3, recovered by Edward Trapper NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call from Carol, asking if I would be able to find her sons wedding ring. We went over some of the pertinent details, and I told her I would be happy to help. The ring was in a safe location on the beach, otherwise I would have stopped what I was doing and head right to their location.  Taking that into consideration, and the fact they were staying at the beach for the day, we agreed to meet a bit later in the day. When I arrived , she showed me the general area, and just a few moments later the ring was in my scoop. The beach was packed, and the audience was amazed at how quickly the ring was found. Phil had walked back to the house, we ran into each other on the dune walkover, talked a bit, and continued on. Phil, again, thank you for your service.