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Ring Finder Specialist Recovers Lost Gold Wedding Band in Olney, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Stuart’s 14 karat yellow gold extra wide classic wedding band that metal detectorist Brian Rudolph found in a most unexpected place!

Stuart’s excitement is easily seen in his eyes as he shows off his gold wedding band that member of THE RING FINDERS Brian Rudolph had found after a couple of hours of metal detecting leaves!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Stuart contacted me because he lost his 14 karat yellow gold extra wide classic wedding band. This was his third wedding band that he had lost! He said to me, « Brian, this is my third one gone missing and I have to get this damn one back! »

My client was pretty certain that he had lost the gold ring in one of the fifteen recycling bags that were sitting at the bottom of the property waiting to be picked up.

The backstory goes something like this: Stuart’s father-in-law drove a lawn tractor and gathered up all of the leaves around Stuart’s property. Then, the contents were dumped in the grass at the bottom of the property near the mailbox. From there, all of the leaves were placed in recycling bags and set at the edge of the property for the recycling truck to pick up the fifteen brown bags that Monday.

It was when Stuart entered his house at the end of his productive outdoor work day that he noticed that his wedding band was no longer on his finger. He was extremely perplexed by the whole situation. Rather than empty all of the bags at the bottom of the driveway and search for the ring one at a time, Stuart went online and found me on THE RING FINDERS website. He immediately called me and we set up a time for me to come to the gentleman’s Olney, Maryland home.

When I arrived, I metal detected all fifteen recycling bags filled with leaves and debris. With the exception of one target signal, there was no other metal to be found. Stuart was completely perplexed as to what could have happened to his « symbol of love ».

Because I have experienced so many situations like this one where the client couldn’t figure out what had happened to the keepsake, I took matters into my own hands. I chose to start metal detecting along the edge of the driveway. Stuart said, « I don’t think it could be in the grass near the driveway because I would have heard the ring bounce on the asphalt. » I responded by sharing that he might not have heard the « ping » sound during the time that his father-in-law was operating the tractor. My client then agreed with my long shot theory.

Just as I neared two-thirds of the way up the lawn (along the edge of the driveway where the grass met the concrete), I picked up the perfect gold ring signal! Stuart was inside at the time when I knelt down towards the lawn to inspect the object that I had metal detected. I am very happy to share that that particular target signal that had registered on my machine was in fact Stuart’s missing wedding ring! I was beyond delighted at my discovery! I almost couldn’t believe it myself with what I had found! Talk about winning the ring finding game at the very last minute! The wedding band was there all long, lying just a few inches from the edge of the driveway about two thirds of the way up the hill!

My client was absolutely thrilled at what I displayed before his eyes just minutes after he returned outside! Frankly, Stuart was in a state of shock to see me holding his ring, knowing that there was little to no chance that the sentimental piece of jewelry would have ended up being found right beside the edge of the driveway in the grass! It truly was an incredible moment to return that very handsome chunk of gold back its rightful owner!


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How to Metal Detect a Lost Platinum Wedding Band in the Woods

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Robert’s platinum wedding band which metal detectorist Brian Rudolph successfully recovered out in the woods where Robert had been throwing sticks days earlier.

Robert and his family excitedly posing with the special platinum wedding band shortly after THE RING HERO Brian Rudolph found the highly treasured missing ring!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

On Veterans Day, Robert (who serves in the United States Navy) was in the backyard of his house throwing sticks into the woods when he lost his platinum wedding band. He wasn’t sure if it went missing exactly at the point of throwing the debris or if it may have slipped off while he was gathering some of the branches that were lying on his lawn.

After Robert had unsuccessfully looked for his lost ring for several hours, His wife Cara took him out for a nice dinner to celebrate Veterans Day. Sadly, all they could think about was the disappearance of Robert’s beloved wedding band. It turned out to be a very difficult evening for the couple.

The next day, Cara rented a metal detector from a local hardware store with the hope that it would be their answer to such a frustrating dilemma. Unfortunately, the metal detector turned out to be ineffective. All they got were endless chirps and beeps with no ring to be found.

Cara returned the useless metal detector rental back to the store and the couple immediately looked online for another solution. THE RING FINDERS metal detectorist directory became their new hope. Soon after they did their internet search, I was contacted by Cara and we went through all of the details regarding the loss of Robert’s ring.

That evening, I headed to the couple’s property and Robert showed me the area where he had been working on the lawn and the place where he threw the random branches and sticks towards the woods. I then gathered up my metal detecting gear from the car and began the search.

For the next few hours I laid down grid lines starting from the lawn all of the way into the woods. Eventually, my metal detecting skills paid off when my machine picked up a fantastic signal that was in the range of a men’s platinum wedding ring. To my greatest excitement, the object that I had investigated under a pile of leaves approximately 20 feet into the woods was in fact the missing ring that I had been searching for!

Robert, Cara and their young daughter were overjoyed at my successful recovery of the lost wedding band! We all thanked the Lord for helping me be a ring hero for the family and after a few photos were taken, we said our goodbyes and I headed off into the night to my next search that was awaiting me!


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Lost Buried Treasure Unearthed by Ring Finder in Woodbridge, Virginia

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Ali’s century old antique 18 karat gold ring with green agate stone – a jewel that traveled the middle east and eventually across the globe to the United States.

Ali holding the century old ring that everyone else thought could never be recovered until metal detectorist Brian Rudolph succeeded in solving the ten year old mystery.

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

20 years ago Ali had a neighbor (we will name her Asli for this story) in Woodbridge, Virginia. Asli gave Ali her family heirloom ring that had dated back over a hundred years earlier. She gifted the ring to Ali because Asli did not have any daughters or daughter-in-laws to hand it down to.

Here is the backstory about the ring: Asli’s family lived in Turkmenistan back in the early 1900’s. The 18 karat yellow gold ring with a large green agate stone in the center was originally acquired in that region possibly by Asli’s grandmother or grandfather. At some point, the family moved to Turkey. The ring was then passed down to Asli’s mother who kept it in her possession until immigrating to Saudi Arabia years later. When Asli got married in the Arab land, her mother gave the very special ring to the bride as a wedding gift. It was kept in Asli’s possession for nearly five decades right up to the time that she made her way to the United States. She hoped that one day she could gift the ring to a future daughter or daughter-in-law, but unfortunately that wasn’t possible. When Ali happily accepted the family heirloom from her thoughtful neighbor, Asli told Ali, « This ring will grow prosperity in your life ».

Eventually, Ali and her family moved away from her friend to another Woodbridge, Virginia community nearby. During the first couple of years of living in the new residence, a family member moved into the home for a season of time who sadly created a lot of strife for the rest of the household. On one particular day, while a very heated argument ensued between Ali’s son and that other family member who moved into the house, Ali was extremely disturbed by the whole situation and a thought came into her mind. She pondered, « Perhaps that ring I was given by Asli which was to bring growth of prosperity in my life, is actually a curse that is growing prosperity of dispair and conflict into my family’s house ». Immediately, she went upstairs to her jewelry box, retrieved the ring, went downstairs to her kitchen, wrapped the piece of jewelry in a Bounty paper towel, sealed it in a Ziplock bag, grabbed a trowel and buried the gold ring in a six inch hole beside a tree on the side of her house.

Unfortunately, the conflicts didn’t end with the burial of the ring. During one particular visit that Asli made to the couple’s new house, the old neighborhood friend inquired as to why Ali was not wearing the special ring. Ali shared what she did with the sentimental keepsake that once belonged to her friend and Asli was extremely upset about what she was told. Ali then realized that she was wrong for thinking that there was something evil attached to the piece of jewelry and the two of them decided to go outside and attempt to dig up the ring. Asli said to Ali, « You will dig, and I will pray ».

The ladies went to the spot where Ali thought that she had buried the baggie but they were not able to find the ring anywhere. She dug and dug even some more but all of Ali’s efforts led to no avail. Not even Asli’s prayers came to fruition. This only upset the old neighbor even more than before when she had first heard that her gift (which was thought to have been a curse) had been buried on the side of the yard. Once again, tears began to flow down Asli’s face as the two ladies headed back into the house empty-handed.

Over time, this whole ring ordeal weighed heavily upon Ali’s heart. Several years later, the guilt-ridden woman returned with her trowel to yet again search for her missing jewel. Still, Ali found nothing. Then, some time had passed yet again, and this time Ali’s husband and son joined in on the excavation. This time a metal detector would be utilized. Hours upon hours were spent looking for the lost treasure and even with three members of the family all teaming up to locate the secret hole in the ground, still no one could recover the piece of gold. Ali’s husband said to her, « Its gone. Its no longer there. You will no longer find the ring so forget about it ». Ali never could let it go.

Approximately ten years had gone by since Ali had first buried the ring, and once again, the woman felt an inner nudging to try to recover the lost jewelry that had been gifted to her by Asli twenty years earlier. Instead of attempting another dig, Ali decided to take to the internet and search for a solution. This is when she stumbled across the elite international directory of metal detectorists called THE RING FINDERS. After reading wonderful testimonials and viewing lots of smiles of other ring finder clients, hope arose again within Ali’s heart! Immediately she called me to see if I could help her solve the 10 year old mystery as to where the ring had ended up (if it was in fact still there). I was delighted to receive Ali’s phone call and I could not wait to visit her Woodbridge, Virginia estate a couple of days later!

When I arrived at Ali’s house, I was immediately greeted by the woman who then showed me where she believed she buried the ring in the ground. I was taken to a particular tree that was positioned right on the property line, located on the right side of the house (if you are facing the front of the estate).

When I observed the characteristics of the tree that I was shown, I noticed that there were at least four other trees that looked identical to this one. Already I could tell how easy it would have been for Ali to have forgotten exactly which tree she dug her hole next to when she buried the « cursed ring ». I started metal detecting around that one particular tree and I in fact did get a promising signal that registered the exact numbers that I was looking for on my detector. But upon digging the object up, it turned out to be a false alarm. I continued on to the next tree.

Even though Ali was pretty certain about which area she had dug her hole, the more searching I did, the more my client was less sure of herself since so many years had passed. Coincidentally, I ended up getting another great target signal coming from Tree #2. However, that potential object turned out to be another piece of uninteresting, non-precious metal. I could tell that Ali was slowly losing hope as she had previously experienced over the many years of searching for this mysterious jewel. Yet, I was only more intrigued by the challenge of finding the buried treasure.

While my client went up the hill and into her house to prepare some drinks for me (it was extremely hot outside that day), I returned back to Tree #1 just to double check my work to be certain that I didn’t miss anything. When I was done scanning that area once again, I was 100% confident that I did not miss the ring anywhere in that search site. I concluded that either: 1. The family heirloom ring that had previously belonged to Asli had been randomly dug up by landscapers when Ali’s neighbor laid down new mulch and more flowers during the past decade. Or 2., I was still looking in the wrong place. Perhaps all that time Ali had convinced herself that the tree that she buried the ring next to was further towards the front/side yard rather than closer to the back of the side yard. This would explain why every time the family searched for the gold, they came up empty-handed.

My next move was to consider the second scenario listed above. I theorized the idea that perhaps I had been looking in the wrong place all along. I chose to move my equipment further towards the backyard but still remaining on the side of the house and metal detect around Tree #3. At first, I did not pick up anything of interest on my metal detector screen. I figured this might end up being another failed attempt. However I kept analyzing the ground around this one particular tree. Eventually, I got a very promising target signal. It showed the same numbers that I picked up while at Tree #1. Coincidentally, when I dug up the object (which I cannot recall what it was at the time), it turned out to be the exact same item that I found at the other location! I thought to myself, ‘What are the odds of that?’

Though it didn’t look too promising after pulling up that bogus non-ferrous target, I still continued to check every square inch around that third tree. I had been using a 6-inch coil at the bottom of my detector in order to make it much easier for me to search between plant life and the tree. I was glad that I chose to use that piece of equipment because eventually I got another target signal that appeared to indicate that there were two pieces of metal buried close to one another. I would end up getting a number on my screen that was perfectly in the range of what the yellow gold ring would have rung up as. And then I was registering these other curious numbers that danced around that higher number. I thought to myself that I either detected another piece of trash, or there were two different objects – one of which could potentially be the of precious metal that I had been looking for. My depth readings on my detector screen did indicate that the metal was buried approximately 6 inches or so down in the ground.

With much anticipation, I began to dig up the object(s) with my shovel. Upon using my pinpointer to identify the exact location of my target, I pulled up what I hoped to be the missing ring. But unfortunately, I recognized that there was no plastic baggy wrapped around this particular item. It turned out to be another piece of miscellaneous metal. As a seasoned metal detectorist and ring finder, I did not immediately move passed that current hole after analyzing the object that I had just pulled out of the ground. I wanted to see if there was a second item that was very close to the one that I had just removed from the earth. I started to dig some more around that particular spot.

After removing some more dirt from within the hole, I once again used my pinpointer to scan for potential metal. Well, to my joyous surprise, the handheld detector once again began to beep! My heart began to race and my anticipation grew rapidly, hoping that the high number that showed up on my detector screen earlier on, would turn out to be the very treasure that I have been looking for. Again I picked up my main detector and scanned over the area where the object was still buried in the ground. To my greatest excitement, that high number still showed up on my screen! This meant that there was still a high probability chance of finding the precious metal that I had been searching for all along! I carefully dug some more inside the mysterious hole in the ground and eventually my eyes locked in on something that simply took my breath away! I stumbled upon a piece of plastic! I thought, ‘Could this be the plastic baggie that contained the ring?!’ I was so very excited at that moment! I dug a little bit more and then carefully pulled a little bit more of the plastic out from within the hard packed earth. I still couldn’t tell exactly what it was but with every second that passed, it sure looked more like a sandwich bag!

I decided to dig around the other side of the hole where the target was still mainly buried beneath the dirt just so that I didn’t damage the potential content(s) within the plastic. When I finally reached a depth inside the hole where the plastic could finally be fully recovered all in one piece, I carefully pulled the mystery object out into the sunlight…and there it was! I found it! I found the legendary Ziploc bag that contained the missing buried treasure! It had to be the one that we had been looking for all along! The very one that had been sought after for nearly ten years! I was so happy at that moment! It was such an exhilarating feeling to search and successfully recover something of such importance for Ali, and yes, for Asli as well, knowing that the ring had been buried in the ground for all that time! Just incredible!

I must say that there was nothing like the moment when I presented the baggie to Ali and she opened it up to reveal its contents! There inside the plastic was the Bounty paper towel, and wrapped up within it was the beloved 18 karat yellow gold ring with a very old and exquisite looking green agate stone in the middle! The jewel that had brought such unrest to Ali at one time, now caused a beautiful smile to appear across the relieved woman’s countenance as she held the family heirloom – antique ring once again in her hand!

Ali could not believe what I was able to successfully accomplish for her that afternoon, even though she was the one that possessed that initial glimmer of hope when she first contacted me. Over and over again, my client thanked me, and in turn we both gave thanked God above for helping me with the ability to bring an end to Ali and Asli’s ten year ordeal. She couldn’t wait to share the good news with her old neighborhood friend! The cherished century old jewel that had once traveled from country to country and then eventually taken across the world…was finally back where it belonged and where a new story could be added to its already fascinating origins.


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Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Lost on Sykesville, Maryland Estate…Found

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Thad’s handsome tungsten carbide wedding band found by member of THE RING FINDER’S, Brian Rudolph.

Thad shows off his most sentimental keepsake after professional metal detectorist Brian Rudolph recovered the wedding band in his client’s front yard.

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Thad called me up in the early evening hours hoping that I would be able to help him find his lost tungsten carbide wedding band. The young man found my information on the elite international metal detectorist directory called THE RING FINDERS. He had already tried searching for it for three hours with a metal detector but he still couldn’t recover the special keepsake.

My client had been married for 8 years and this ring meant the world to both he and his wife Jessica. When Thad first talked to me on the phone, he sounded like he was about to cry. Tears were welling up inside and the desperate man was literally crying out for help.

The ring was lost while Thad was hanging out in his front yard with his dog. At some point while making a certain « flicking » motion with his hand, the band presumably flew off and the rest of the story became a mystery for Thad and « Jess ».

Though I was exhausted after conducting a huge search on a soccer field in Urbana, Maryland and still knowing that I would have to pack my things and wake up early the next morning to drive to Washington DC to take a train bound for New York City, I promised Thad that I would do the search for him that night. He was so very grateful. I declared to the fellow, « I will find your ring, and you’ll be wearing it tonight ». Thad was beyond hopeful at that moment.

I arrived at Thad’s beautiful property sometime around 10:30pm at night. After gathering up my gear, Thad immediately took me over to the front yard where he showed me where he thought he lost his precious sentimental keepsake.

Once I acquired all of the necessary information about the ring and the approximate area where the wedding band most likely had been lost, I set up my grid lanes and began to detect. With my high lumens headlamp on, it took me no more than 2 minutes or so to pick up a decent target signal coming from around the third grid lane, I believe.

I knew that this had to be my client’s ring with what my detector was registering on its screen. Immediately, I knelt down, took out my pinpointer (a handheld detector) and narrowed in on the object that was hidden in the grass. Just as I used my fingers to track and identify the surface target, my eyes locked in on Thad’s tungsten carbide wedding band! It had been resting just beside a very small tree that had recently been planted by the couple. The rim of my detector’s coil barely made contact with the handsome jewel, but I was still able to successfully identify its whereabouts!

I could not have been happier for Thad and Jess! He couldn’t believe how fast I was able to recover the lost wedding ring and my client was extremely emotional filled with words of gratitude and praise!

Thad’s three hours of no success verses my successful results in ten to fifteen minutes was no competition indeed! Thad’s choice to call a professional metal detectorist to finally garner the results he was desperately looking for was certainly a no brainer!


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I Can’t Find My Ring

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Jared’s Fantastic 10 Karat White Gold Wedding Band Recovered by THE RING FINDER’S member, Brian Rudolph!

Jared Proudly Showing Off What Brian Rudolph Was Able to Accomplish in Recovering the Relieved Client’s Most Special Sentimental Keepsake!

How many people in the world do you think say this particular line: « I can’t find my ring »? It happens every minute, in every country around the world.

Call Item Recovery Specialist Brian Rudolph at (301) 466-8644! He Will Find Your Lost Keepsake in Any Environment: Land, Water, Sand, Cliffs, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles!

As sentimental, meaningful and lovely to look at, these little pieces of jewelry end up disappearing just about anywhere.

Most of the time, rings disappear outside during various types of physical activity. It also depends on the weather. If it’s very cold outside, there’s a strong possibility that the ring could slip off of a shrunken finger.

Maybe you lost a ring outside and you don’t know where it is. Check out this story and maybe it will help you with finding your lost precious keepsake.

Jared is another example of one who made that very famous statement mentioned above: « I can’t find my ring ». He looked everywhere for it and no matter how many times he went back to the places where he had been wearing his 10 karat white gold wedding band, all of his search efforts led to no avail.

Several weeks before I received a call from Jared requesting my help with finding is lost wedding band, the young man had been doing a lot of outdoor activities one weekend when he eventually noticed that his ring had disappeared off of his finger. He told me that he had been lawn mowing his Sterling, Virginia property, breaking up and bundling branches, weeding and attending to other gardening tasks.

At some point Jared went off mountain biking on a park trail not far from his residence. Little did he know that he would crash his bike as he was nearing a cable that was stretched across a trail entrance. There were no flags on the cable warning cyclists of the danger ahead and he just didn’t see what he was about to run right into.

Luckily, Jared was able to maneuver his two wheeler in such a way that he avoided hitting the cable and thankfully he only suffered minor injuries in the process. When my client realized that his wedding band was missing off of his finger sometime the next day, Jared wondered if his bike accident may have caused the special keepsake to jettison off of his finger during impact. He looked around the spot where he crashed in the park but he couldn’t find the ring anywhere. The disappointed young man took his search back to his house and checked out his entire lawn as best as he could and yet he still came up empty handed.

It was at the point when Jared said the words, « I CAN’T FIND MY RING », that he began to search online for another solution to his problem. Even though he couldn’t confirm or deny whether or not the ring was eyeballed by someone walking along the path where his bike crashed or whether or not the sentimental keepsake was lost inside his home or somewhere around the lawn, he felt that hiring a professional metal detectorist was the best chance he had to solving the mystery of the disappearing ring. Almost immediately, Jared found the elite international directory of metal detecting specialists called THE RING FINDERS and that’s about the time when I received the gentleman’s call for help.

When I arrived at Jared’s house, he showed me around his property where he had been doing lawn work. He oriented me to where he broke up sticks and piled them up on the right side of the house. Then, he took me over to where he cut the lawn in the front of the estate and then guided me around the back and pointed out where he pushed the mower. Jared even remembered a time or two during his outdoor endeavors when he picked up a couple of sticks in the grass and threw them to get them out of the way when cutting the lawn.

Next, I followed my client by car over to the park where he crashed his bike. Once I got the full story as to where the collision took place, I returned to my vehicle to gather up my gear, place it all in my wagon and shuttled everything back to the crash site. Jared returned home while I conducted the search.

I spent about an hour of time detecting around the bike path and into the woods on every side. If the wedding band had flown off at the time of the crash, there was a good chance it rocketed into the woods up to 25 feet or more. I see this kind of thing happen quite frequently with a type of collision such as this. My conclusion turned out to be that there was no sign of the ring anywhere in that area and either someone eyeballed the jewel soon after Jared walked away from the scene or it didn’t come off until later on when the young man was working outside on the lawn that rest of the weekend.

After I packed up all of my metal detecting gear, I returned back to Jared’s home to start the second leg of my search. First, I detected the front right side of the lawn and swung my coil back and forth parallel with Jared’s drive way. Nothing of interest was found.

Next, for my second leg of the search mission, I moved farther up the property towards the pile of sticks that my client had pointed out when I had initially arrived to inspect the yard. Visibly nothing grabbed my attention. However, just as I swung the detector over the mound of wood, I got a very promising tone! Immediately I moved a few sticks out of the way to gain better access to whatever object was resting beneath the pile of branches.

Just as I began to scan over the ground with my machine (but much closer this time to the object than during my first attempt), the target sounded loud and clear in my headphones. The signal came up in the digital number range that matched a men’s wedding band. I then knelt down to the ground to use my pinpointer to zero-in on the object and that’s when my eyes beheld a very handsome 10 karat white gold wedding band settled between some grass blades below a few random sticks that were resting on top of the very sentimental keepsake! I was so thrilled!

Knowing that Jared and Sarah had no idea where the ring could have been lost and knowing it was a much more likely that my client lost the band out in the park during his bike incident, there was less hope in my mind that the ring would be found on the couple’s yard! Yet, in the end, that truly wasn’t the case at all! Jared’s white gold ring was in fact hiding under those sticks the entire time!

I couldn’t wait to surprise Jared shortly after discovering the location of the lost treasure! My client was beyond excited when he saw his most sentimental keepsake being presented back to him! Jared was extremely happy that he contacted THE RING FINDER’S website and ultimately brought me on board to help search and successfully recover his beloved « symbol of love »!

If you are like Jared and you happened to say the same line, « I can’t find my ring » – be encouraged… there’s someone out there that can help find it for you!


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Lost Wedding Ring Found In The Snow In Martensville

  • from Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Moose Jaw Ring Finder Ben Griswold- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   306-630-3016

My son Dave  and his wife just bought a new house and was moving to Martensville, from Warman. He asked if I brought my detector because the previous own had lost his ring in the snow in the back yard.

when we arrived at the new home I grab the detector and one for my 4 yearly grandson and we headed to the back yard to look for the ring. After about 20 minutes of detecting I got a good signal in the snow was the shinny ring.

My son returned the ring to the owner.

Lost Bride’s Wedding Band During Wedding Ceremony in Severna Park, Maryland…Found by Ring Finder Who Remarries Couple with Ring

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Michaele’s Precious 14 Karat White Gold Wedding Band Lost Before the Wedding’s Exchange of Ring » Portion Took Place. Ring Finder Brian Rudolph Came to the Rescue and Successfully Recovered the Band Within the First 24 Hours of Michaele and George’s First Full Day of Marriage!

Michaele the Bride and George the Groom Cheerfully Displaying Michaele’s Diamond Wedding Band that was Finally Placed on the Princess’ finger After Ring Finder Brian Rudolph Discovered the Jewel Outside the Wedding Venue!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

As a professional ring finder, you never know where the next phone call will take you. This story certainly takes the « wedding cake »! I received a phone call from a young lady who had just gotten married approximately 18 hours before I was contacted. Michaele, the newlywed bride, shared with me that she sadly could not be married with her wedding band because it had gotten lost sometime around the time of the wedding ceremony. Here is the backstory as to what happened leading up to the moment when I received Michaele’s call for help:

The Wheel of Time Book Renaissance-Style Book Which Michaele Used to Secure the Two Wedding Rings Within for Her Beautiful Wedding Ceremony

Prior to leaving for the wedding, the bride placed both wedding bands (hers and his) inside a special hollowed out renaissance style book which folds together and then secured by leather twine. It mainly was hard material and very flat (like a book that folded together). There was space between the two bindings to place the two marital keepsakes inside of it. Michaele knew that her husband-to-be, George, loved the book series called The Wheel of Time. This particular « ring holder » that she picked out to use for the wedding was actually a Wheel of Time online product. She thought that George would really appreciate something like this for the ceremony. It was quite creative of her to incorporate George’s sentiment with the series during their special moment when they would exchange rings.

Once the two « circles of love » were placed inside the flat book and the two bindings enclosed the jewelry, the item was tied with the renaissance-style cord attached to it. Lastly, Michaele took the Wheel of Time novelty and packaged it up for safe keeping in its original box. Then, the excited bride gathered up all of the rest of her things needed for the ceremony and finished preparing to leave for her wedding – one of the most special moments in her entire life!

On the way to the wedding, Michaele gave the « book of rings » to her Maid of Honor who had it safely secured inside a bag with some other items that were also taken to Fairwinds on the Severn Beach Club where the wedding ceremony would soon take place.

As soon as the bride’s car arrived at the wedding venue, the person driving the vehicle parked it a little ways down a dead end path just about 200 feet from the front of the club house to keep the bride out of view from guests arriving. Michaele waited in her coach until it was time to make her appearance just prior to the time when the bridal party was to be assembled for the processional. Meanwhile, the Maid of Honor made sure that everything was in place and that the box with the rings inside were secured in the bag up until it was time for Michaele to personally hand the renaissance-style « flat book » to the ring bearer (who was waiting at the bottom of the steps of the lovely gazebo where the wedding ceremony was about to begin).

Eventually, the bride was brought to the front of the club house. She exited the vehicle and almost immediately greeted the young and handsome ring bearer who was excited to participate in the unforgettable event. Michaele took the Wheel of Time book from within its box and handed it to the nervous boy. At that point everything was ready to begin. Within minutes the bride would soon be walking up some steps to the top of the gazebo and then across the long wooden floor where she would be greeted with smiles from her future husband George!

This is now the part in the story when the unexpected drama ensued. The entire wedding party including the bride and groom were assembled inside the gazebo and the time had finally come for the ring bearer to present the renaissance-style book. Then, it was to be opened so that the wedding rings would be revealed. As soon as the ring bearer presented the book to be opened, the Maid of Honor and Best Man moved forward to take the rings out of the book. The plan was for the two of them to hand the « symbols of love » to the bride and groom for the ring exchange to take place. To everyone’s shock and dismay, the Maid of Honor was able to retrieve George’s wedding band from the Wheel of Time book, but the Best Man could not find Michaele’s wedding band anywhere! It was gone! The Best Man looked again and again and he finally confirmed for certain that the wedding band had not made it down to the altar! Panic amongst the bride and groom along with the rest of the wedding party immediately set in. I believe the Maid of Honor went off looking for the lost sacred wedding band (to see if maybe the ring fell out of the ring bearer’s book someplace along the route he traveled). Sadly, the ceremony came to a sudden halt. Not only did the groomsmen and bridesmaids begin looking about, but also many of the wedding guests took flight to see if they could rescue the poor young lad out of the doghouse for supposedly losing one of the most important elements in almost every wedding around the world.

I don’t know how much time had passed before it was concluded that the bride’s wedding band could not be recovered, but at some point the decision was made to continue the ceremony without the precious keepsake. The groom’s mother kindly volunteered to loan her very own band as a temporary replacement for the one that tragically went missing. She quickly slid her ring off of her finger and happily handed it to George’s Best Man who then in turn gave it to the groom. George eventually placed the family heirloom upon his beautiful bride’s finger and Michaele did the same with her sweetheart’s irreplaceable keepsake as well.

Michaele was extremely disappointed that she was not married with her actual wedding band which was specifically designed by the jeweler to nest itself into place with her lovely engagement ring. Nonetheless, the wedding was absolutely magical according to what the bride told me. Following the wedding, everyone was still hunting around for the lost diamond band that had sadly missed its special moment during the ceremony. The Maid of Honor was the most upset out of everyone next to the bride because she was the one that was designated to make certain that the rings made it to the wedding and that the ring bearer was prepared and ready to march them down to the altar. The young lady kept looking in the original empty box that the Wheel of Time book had originally been secured in until the time that the ring bearer was given it to hold for the ceremony. There were guests looking on the road and studying the wooden cracks of the gazebo’s flooring hoping to spot the lost keepsake. Also, people were scanning the grass with their eyes and searching between rocks that were spread apart down by the water. The poor ring bearer began to cry as he was being interrogated by some of the relatives while the wedding pictures were being taken.

Approximately 30 people or more took interest in the treasure hunt for the lost wedding band following the wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, none of the family and friends (who had such passion to recover such a priceless piece of jewelry) were able to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Michaele’s wedding band. At some point the wedding party and guests had to return to their cars and head for the reception. It was time for everyone to switch gears and begin to celebrate the covenant that had recently been made between Michaele and George.

It wasn’t until the next morning that the bride spent a little time looking online, searching for a metal detecting service in the Severna Park, Maryland area. She wanted to see if maybe a professional could find her lost keepsake (if it hadn’t already been found by someone walking around the clubhouse following the ceremony). THE RING FINDERS website popped up on her phone and immediately Michaele searched for a local metal detectorist who might be able to help her recover the special band. My contact information became available to the bride and within a few minutes (while she was getting ready for a special post-wedding luncheon with close family and friends) the young lady had me gripped while I listened to her very dramatic and most disappointing details regarding the disappearance of her beloved wedding band.

As soon as Michaele finished giving me all of the details regarding what took place during her special day, I was struck with such compassion for the young lady and I told her that I would do everything in my power to recover her lost wedding band – the « symbol of love » that never made it down the isle. I told her that I would adjust my schedule for the day so that I could focus just on this particular search which was extremely time sensitive. Though my client shared that there was not going to be another wedding or other special event at that particular venue that day, we didn’t know if people in the neighborhood or other visitors might end up eyeballing the ring if it was lying somewhere in plain sight. The odds of that were very slim simply because there were dozens of people looking on the ground, the front walkway, in the grass and all over the wood flooring of the clubhouse gazebo.

Michaele was so very grateful for my passion and excitement to attempt to redeem the situation as best as one could under the circumstances. I would give it all I had to try and find that which meant so very much to the new bride. As soon as we said goodbye, the newlywed couple began to host their post-wedding brunch while I started to prepare for my own visit to the very place where the couple « tied the knot » less than 24 hours earlier.

In getting ready for the search, I knew that this particular project was a very special and unique type of recovery operation. With a bit of creativity and color in my thoughts, I asked myself what would be appropriate to wear to the former wedding venue. Normally I would just have on some jeans or shorts depending on the weather outside. For this particular special circumstance I decided to dress formal for the occasion! I wore my full black tie tuxedo suit! This included a tuxedo shirt, studs, cufflinks, tuxedo pants, tuxedo patent leather shoes, a vest and of course my James Bond style tuxedo jacket! Because of how unique this particular story happened to be, I felt it would be fun to be festive and do the entire search in a tuxedo outfit! An absolute first for me to do this! I wasted no time in getting ready and within 45 minutes I was in the car driving to Severna Park, Maryland.

I arrived down by the water of this most serene environment within an hour of leaving my home. As I was pulling in to the private property of Fairwinds on the Severn Beach Club, I could see the clubhouse with its marvelous gazebo stretching over most of the building. I immediately could see why the couple wanted to get married in such a lovely environment with an absolutely stunning backdrop. The scene out on the water was beyond spectacular!

As I imagined the whole dramatic moment when people started looking everywhere for the missing ring, I took notice of the front drive where the bride was brought to the front of the walkway (which then takes one up a flight of steps to the gazebo). I observed the long grassy-like bushes on the left and much grass to the right of the short walkway which were potential spots where the ring bearer could have opened up the book and accidentally dropped the ring. That was one of the theories that the bride, groom and some of the wedding party had discussed.

After parking my vehicle in front of the clubhouse where Michaele was dropped off prior to walking towards the altar, I got out my metal detecting gear and began to look over the entire property. The first thing that I wanted to do was to check all of the gaps between the gazebo’s wooden flooring. I took note of where the ring could have slipped down below the planks. In my estimation there were just a couple of places where this was even possible and so I chose to put aside any additional investigating of that area unless it was necessary to take another look later on.

My next location to focus on was the grassy lawn. I metal detected the left side of the front walk and there was nothing found at all but little pieces of scrap metal. On the right side of the front walkway was a much larger strip of grass. Nobody knew whether or not the ring bearer had strolled around on the grass while waiting to be called for the processional walk. Therefore, it was essential that I carefully scan the lawn for the ring.

Slowly and methodically I grid searched for the very small and dainty wedding band that had never reached Michaele’s finger on the day of her wedding. Because the ring was so very petite, there was not a lot of white gold to detect. That is why I needed to go slow and carefully analyze every potential signal that I would come across as I moved in perfectly straight lines. Unfortunately, there was no jewelry to be found in that location. It was then time to move to the next search section.

I wasn’t looking forward to this next leg of the « investigation » but it had to be done. I began using my metal detector and my handheld pinpointer to search between the rocks and crevices located below the clubhouse steps and vestibule. I needed to be certain that the band did not fall between the gaps in the flooring and end up down below near the water. Luckily, gaps that were wide enough to accommodate a « halo » this small were pretty much non-existent in that area. There were only a couple of spots that I needed to check out. My conclusion was that the young boy did not lose the ring in that area while walking up the steps and turning left towards the gazebo to complete his march in the direction of where the bridal party stood.

When I was certain of one more place where I knew the ring wasn’t hidden, I moved on to yet another piece of the property. I metal detected over a section of white stones and rocks that were in a flower bed located to the left of the front walkway and adjacent to the front driveway. With the ring being made out of white gold, it would blend in perfectly with the stones and small rocks spread out in that particular piece of landscaping. I scanned everywhere and over everything in that region (including under all of the bushes and shrubs) and still I came up with nothing.

Truly I say that I was getting a bit perplexed by all of my strikeouts up to that point! In recounting what transpired with the loss of the ring approximately 21 hours earlier, it didn’t make sense as to why I didn’t find the ring or anyone else during the time of the big event. It wasn’t found in the obvious hiding places such as in the grass, between the rocks near the water under the clubhouse, or laying with the flower bed stones, pebbles or under the bushes. This meant that there were only 4 possibilities remaining on the table that would explain why I hadn’t found the jewel up to that point: One, I was negligent and happened to miss hitting the ring while searching. Two, the wedding bridal party and guests missed spotting the band in plain sight and then later on someone else came by and pocketed the keepsake. Three, the ring never made it out of the bride’s vehicle and somehow it came out of the box that the Wheel of Time book was placed inside and landed on the floor of the car (Note: the Maid of Honor did check the seats and floor of the vehicle and found nothing). And four, the ring was lost somewhere on the front driveway (which I hadn’t detected yet) before the book was presented to the ring bearer.

Well, in reviewing all of those possibilities, there were only two of them that I could follow-up with. Before detecting all of the areas that I had previously completed to see if I missed it the first go around, I took the most logical choice: scan the section of asphalt driveway in front of the clubhouse. Though I looked earlier with my eyes all around the concrete and found nothing when I first arrived, I knew very well that one’s vision can find it hard to adjust to parking lot surfaces, driveways and paved paths. I had to be certain that I didn’t miss the treasure anywhere out front. How the ring could have fallen out of the outer box that held the renaissance-style book and then slip out of the tied shut novelty item was beyond my comprehension. Yet, I’ve seen plenty of unexplainable situations take place during my years of ring finding!

Immediately I picked up my machine and started to detect the driveway path in front of my vehicle and behind it. No white gold was discovered. I then put my gear down, retrieved my car keys and reversed the vehicle back some distance away from where I still needed to scan the section that was previously under my car. Next, I returned to that space where the vehicle was in the way and I began hitting that very last area in front of the wedding venue.

Just like with the pavement that I detected minutes earlier, I systematically searched the small remaining patch of asphalt. Then, to my greatest surprise, my detector screen and headphones indicated that a potential target had been picked up on the surface of the driveway. The indicator number showing up on the machine was in the low range which sometimes points to the possibility that I have found a small gold item! I immediately looked down towards the pavement and there it was… Michaele’s lost wedding band that had never made it to the wedding altar! I actually found it! Truly I couldn’t believe it! I looked everywhere and to my utter amazement the little white gold diamond ring had been laying on the asphalt that entire time!

This moment that I was experiencing was beyond thrilling for me! As I went to pick up the precious band that nested perfectly with Michaele’s engagement ring, I was feeling so much excitement about being able to recover the lost jewel. But in addition to that, I was extremely satisfied to be able to solve the mystery as to how the ring had actually gotten lost in the first place and where it had been hiding (or actually laying) all along!

In the Middle of the Venue’s Front Driveway Beheld Michaele’s Lost Wedding Band the Entire Time!

Michaele’s « symbol of love » was found in the middle of the driveway, approximately 5 feet away from the beginning of the front walkway leading to the clubhouse! From where I had found the precious jewel, it was obvious what had happened to it just prior to the wedding processional. While still in the car, the bride had taken the Wheel of Time flat book (which held the two rings inside of it) out of its outer box. She held onto the renaissance-style novelty item as Michaele made her way out of her « coach » and over to where the ring bearer was standing. Just as the fairy princess exited the vehicle, at that very moment the ring must have then slipped out of one of the sides of the book and fell to the pavement! This meant that the ring bearer never had any involvement with the disappearance of the wedding band! It had been lost prior to the little man ever receiving the « book of rings »! And all that time, no one ever saw the white gold diamond ring just laying there in the middle of the driveway! The reason that I didn’t see the ring from the beginning of my search was because the entire time that I was at the site, my car was parked directly on top of the little jewel! I should have never parked so close to the crime scene!

Now that I had successfully recovered the lost band, it was time to surprise the bride with the amazing news! Of course, I found the ring while wearing my tuxedo, so I figured it was only appropriate to remarry the couple with my black tie outfit on as well! The groom finally had the opportunity of placing the bride’s wedding band on her finger and I wasn’t about to miss that moment for the world!

One Can Easily See How the Petite Piece of Gold Blended Well With the Asphalt Driveway Surrounding the Wedding Band!

After a few failed attempts to track the couple down on the phone and another failed attempt to surprise them with the ring in hand under another gazebo next to their house, I eventually was able to make contact with the bride and groom who were just about to leave a restaurant where they were at with family and friends. Michaele and George were completely in shock that I had found the ring! They just couldn’t believe it! They told some of their family who were nearby to them and they too were amazed at the outcome! George and Michaele were so grateful for my work and tears of joy rolled down the cheek of the newlywed bride!

Excitedly, I asked the couple if they would like to gather up whoever was available (including the Best Man and Maid of Honor) and meet me back at the Fairwinds on the Severn Beach Club for a Part 2 Re-take of the wedding ceremony! This go around however, the bride would be receiving her beloved wedding band for the first time – the very ring that her groom George was to have slipped onto her finger almost a day earlier!

Believe it or not, it was still less than 24 hours from the time the couple had gotten married! It was our goal to see if we could conduct a second wedding just before the bride and groom made it to their official first-full day-of-marriage mark! The couple rushed back to the clubhouse where we quickly assembled under the gazebo at the very place where the wedding had taken place just short of a day earlier! George’s father took the new role as the groom’s Best Man and Michaele’s new mother-in-law took on the role as Maid of Honor. I had the distinct honor to be the couple’s marriage officiant!

Metal Detectorist and Officiant Brian Rudolph Conducts a Second Wedding Ceremony with the Bridal Couple and Their Parents, Completing the « Exchange of Rings » Portion of the Service with the Very Wedding Band that Rudolph Himself was Able to Recover for Michaele the Bride!

What a very special moment it was for all of us to fill in that one missing moment that never took place just less than a day earlier! With processional music playing on my smartphone, the bride walked down the isle just as she did once before and again her handsome groom awaited her arrival as his proud father stood along side him and I to the right of George. Michaele’s new Maid of Honor stood to my right allowing just the right amount of space for the bride to take her very much anticipated position!

The Bride, Groom, Their Parents and Brian Rudolph Jointly Celebrate Not Only the Return of the Lost Ring but Also the Completion of Their Initial Wedding Ceremony Now That Michaele’s Beautiful Wedding Ring Was Finally Included in the « Exchange of Rings » Portion of the Wedding Service Officiated by Rudolph Himself!

I can’t express how amazing that moment was for me to be able to conduct a second ceremony for the newlywed couple, leading the bride and groom in the « Exchange of Rings » portion that was never fully completed the day before! For me personally it was an extremely powerful time to witness George placing that special wedding band on Michaele’s finger – yes, the very same one that I was called upon to search for and which I successfully recovered for George’s fairy tale bride! All of us that were there that afternoon agreed that we will always feel a certain special connection with one another through what we experienced together at George and Michaele’s wedding venue less than a day after their initial blissful wedding ceremony which they will no doubt cherish for a lifetime…and then some!


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Lost and Found Platinum Ring in Mclean, Virginia

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

John’s Tiffany & Company Platinum Wedding Band

John’s Tiffany & Company Platinum Wedding Band Finally Above Ground!

A Happy Smile Returned to John’s Face as He Holds His Handsome Wedding Band!


I received an email from John who shared these words:

“I lost my wedding ring doing yard work Sunday afternoon and would greatly appreciate some help finding it. I’ve been trying to find it myself and last night I realized that I need more help. Losing the ring came after a particularly depressing weekend for I had to travel for a funeral and the weekend was topped off with me losing the ring. So I feel particularly distraught. Would you be able to help me with the search? Your help would be greatly appreciated.”


As you can see, John finally gave up searching for his missing Tiffany and Company platinum wedding band that he lost somewhere in his backyard. He had been working on some outdoor projects such as: raking leaves, weeding, and putting miscellaneous throwaway items including old leaves inside a tumbler composter. All of this was taking place on approximately 2 1/2 acres of land and the missing ring could have come off just about anywhere on his McLean, Virginia estate. When I called John to go over the details of the disappearance of his beloved keepsake, he said that he acquired a metal detector and searched for hours on end, but he could not recover his ring. He went all over his property detecting various target signals, but nothing turned up in regards to what he was looking for. That’s when he looked online and discovered, THE RING FINDERS. He asked when I could come out to help recover his missing ring and I told him that I had a couple of hours open later in the day to help with the search.


Later that afternoon I arrived at John’s lovely McLean, Virginia estate. He took me to the backyard and it was as large as I pictured it when we spoke on the phone. The surroundings were absolutely breathtaking. He had a large open area of grassy lawn and then there was additional acreage that extended into the woods. He took me around to all of the places that he had been working on the yard, which was pretty much everywhere because he was raking and hauling leaves and weeds over to the woods throughout his weekend of outdoor projects He showed me his compost tumbler and we knew that it was a possibility that he could have lost the ring inside of it. John recalled throwing some of the walnuts that had come down from one of the trees out into the woods. We both agreed that the loose wedding band could have slipped off his ringer at that moment.


John showed me some of the locations where he predominantly metal detected, but where he came up empty-handed. I have to admit that it was a very large stretch of territory, and there could have been all kinds of possibilities as to where that loose ring could have fallen off. Yet, I was not moved by the amount of work that was ahead of me. I have experienced too many stories where such large properties give up the jewelry sooner or later. John was not an experienced metal detectorist and he was not using a machine that was the kind of quality necessary to get this job done. Nor did he have the kind of hours working with his machine that would have helped him interpret and assist him effectively in guiding him to the correct target. We must have gone from one side of the property all the way to the other side, and he even took me back into the woods maybe 15 or 20 yards to point out places where he dragged all kinds of brush and leaves.

After finishing the tour of all of the locations where John had been doing lawn work, I returned to my car to retrieve my metal detecting equipment. John left me and went back inside the house. I started my search closer to the woods. There were several hotspots where we thought he may have lost his platinum ring, so I covered those areas first. For sections where the brush was highly dense, I used my 6 inch equinox coil on my Minelab Equinox 800 detector. In the more open areas, I used my 15 inch coil which conquers a lot of territory in a very small amount of time. When I couldn’t find the ring in one section of the woods, I moved my way over to the next, and so on. No ring turned up.


I began detecting a pathway that led from one side of the lawn to the other side through some wooded areas. I detected both sides of the pathway, but there still was no ring to be found. Because I was limited on time that particular day, I focused more on ruling out the possibility that the ring was lost in the woods. Unless he actually flicked the ring farther into areas that were just too full of brush and tree limbs, I was starting to conclude that the ring was probably lost on the main grassy lawn rather than where all of the trees were located. There would be no way that I could search all of that territory in the two or so hours that I had on that particular day. However, if I couldn’t find the ring in a matter of minutes before having to pack up my gear, I would return in the morning to continue the search. It turned out that I did not pull the ring that afternoon. By the time I had to leave to go to my next appointment, I would postpone checking the compost container until the next morning, as well as a couple of other small sections that were full of leaf piles. I did start a grid search on the main lawn in the backyard and did as much area as I could make time for, yet I was not able to find the ring. I saw plenty of places where John had dug up the ground hoping to find his lost wedding band, but there were no fresh surface finds anywhere. I would have to pack up my gear and return early the next morning. I let John know that I was heading off after I searched for a few hours. I would have to wait until the next morning to resume my search. I couldn’t wait.

I got up around 5 AM and left my house sometime around 5:30 that morning. I wanted to get back to the search site as early as I could before having to leave for my regular job. I gave myself three hours to search. It was still dark out by the time I started traveling from Maryland into Virginia. I couldn’t wait to get to John’s estate to resume the search and recovery project. He gave me permission to start detecting as soon as I arrived, so the moment that I pulled up to the property, I gathered my gear and walked back to the rear of the house and set up my detecting equipment.

My main focus at this point was to start a grid search from one section of the lawn over to the other side. I used my Equinox 800 detector with a 15 inch coil. I was able to conquer quite a bit of real estate using this “snowshoe” of a coil! Before starting the grid, I emptied out the compost unit where John had been piling leaves and miscellaneous items inside to use as fertilizer for the property. There was a possibility that the ring slipped off his finger and ended up inside the rotator, so I pulled out the contents and detected over the pile that I had made. The ring was not found in the device. Next, I started the grid search going from the farthest point of the grass line straight up towards the house and then back towards the woods again, and so on. Also, to help keep straight and consistent moves with the detector, I brought cones to mark my grid lines, so I was very methodical about how to attack the search site that morning. As I was detecting, I started seeing more and more places where John had metal detected but found nothing. I knew that he had been searching in certain places because I would get a tone indicating that there was metal in the ground and that spot would be cleared away, so I knew that it was searched very recently. John said he covered quite a bit of the property and was frustrated by the time he put the detector down and contacted me. I didn’t blame him at all for his frustration because it was a very large property. Unless he was familiar with his detector and he used a machine that was set up for this type of recovery operation, he most likely would have gone right over the ring and completely miss it.


As it turned out, after I reached my sixth or seventh grid line, I checked a particular signal that resembled a target that could very likely be a ring. The target appeared to be close to the surface, if not on top of the dirt hidden in the grass. In addition to those signs, the tone was exactly what I was looking for! There’s a certain “skipping” sound that you’re looking for when searching for recently lost items. That “bounce” in the sound gives you a good idea that that particular metal is settled above ground, or at least near to. I immediately knelt down and took out my pinpointer to examine the target site. Once I zeroed in on the piece of metal, my eyes beheld the very object that I had been searching for since yesterday! I found John’s beloved platinum wedding band! What a delight it was to be able to find it within 45 minutes of my second visit to this beautiful McLean property! I could not have been more thrilled at that very moment!


John’s platinum ring was discovered close to the center point between the house and where the wooded area began. If you are looking at the back of the house from the lawn, the ring was lined up with the left side of the rear of the house, half way down towards the forest. I couldn’t wait to share the happy news with the owner of this very handsome wedding band! I marked the spot where I found the ring and then I planned out how I was going to reveal the ring discovery to John. That was a fantastic morning for all of us! John was extremely happy with my performance in being able to find the missing wedding band and return it to him. When I showed him the location of where I found the ring, he was perplexed because he knew that he had searched that entire section. I knew he had because I saw all of his dig marks. But, I explained to him that without the proper training and utilizing a quality detector, it’s like trying to find a one inch sized object with your eyes blindfolded and your ears muted! It’s nearly impossible! I was so happy to help him! What a wonderful way to start off my day! I left McLean, Virginia so very satisfied and thrilled that I could help John with getting his ring back!


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Lost Gold Wedding Band in Springfield, Virginia…Found

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

John’s 14 Karat Gold Wedding Band

John’s Missing Wedding Band Shining its Handsome Gold Once Again!

Rachel and John Smiling with Great Relief that the Irreplaceable Gold Wedding Band was Safely Returned to the Hand of its Owner!


I received an email from a woman named Rachel who was contacting me on behalf of her husband, John, who lost his gold wedding band in the backyard of their home in Springfield, Virginia. He, his father and brother were all working on a construction project on the day of the disappearance of the ring. At the end of one of their project days, John was putting away some of his tools and upon taking off his gloves, he noticed that his ring was no longer on his finger. He was pretty certain that the wedding band was somewhere in the yard or near the rear entrance to his house. There was a small chance that the band fell off of his finger inside the home, but less likely. With much confidence he recalled seeing the ring on his finger at the beginning of the day when his family members assisted him in building a garage towards the back of his property. By the end of their hard labor, towards evening time, John noticed that the wedding band was gone. He searched and searched but John could not find his beloved keepsake anywhere. He and his wife Rachel raked up plenty of leaves and threw them into a fire pit, hoping to capture the little guy. Yet, their clever attempt eventually failed, as well. I believe the family even tried to locate the ring using a metal detector, but that too lead to no avail.


When all other options were exhausted, and hours upon hours of searching ended up in wasted time, Rachel looked online for further help. This is when THE RING FINDERS would come to the rescue! Rachel found me on the directory and immediately sent me an email sharing what had happened with the loss of her husband’s wedding band. I immediately responded back and eventually we had a conversation on the phone, reviewing all of the details. It was soon after that that we scheduled a time for me to come out later that evening to attempt to recover the missing wedding band for John.


By the time I arrived at John and Rachel’s property, night had fallen. I would not be hindered at all by the late hour that I was starting the search because I always carry all of the necessary night gear to work at any hour of night. I met Rachel at her front door and eventually she introduced me to John, his father and also his brother who were all working diligently on the construction project in the backyard. They had special floodlights fastened to the 2 x 4 support beams, along with all kinds of table saws and power tools that were spread out over their large work environment.


John showed me all of the places that he had been doing construction work and yard clean-up. He would take pieces of wood that were no longer needed for the project and toss the scraps to one side of the lawn. He also bundled up bags of weeds and leaves and tossed them to one of the corners of the property. He showed me the various places where he was walking to and from the house, along with the areas where he was working with power tools near the construction site. When he realized that he had lost the ring, he started raking leaves and then tossing them into the fire pit which had a metal grid base at the bottom so that the ring, if found, would be discovered somewhere on the grid. However, as shared earlier, the ring was never found. He took me to the pit and showed me where all of the leaves were thrown into the center of his clever invention.


I would say the backyard was about 35 yards by 25 yards. Pretty much every corner and side of the yard could be a possibility as to where the ring ended up. The one positive bit of information that I acquired was that the family never had the weeds or leaves picked up by the recycling truck! I asked them to make sure that no throwaway items ended up in front of the house (which included trash, as well) until the recovery efforts were completed.


Once we finished the backyard tour, John returned to working on his construction project with his family members while I geared up and started my search. First, I started a grid line on the far right side of the backyard and continued moving in straight lines in a 10 by 25 foot area. I was picking up all kinds of signals, but nothing came up on the surface as being a men’s classic wedding band. I looked through various places that John had taken me to but the ring still did not turn up.


During the three hour search, I checked out all of the possible spots where John’s ring could have fallen off of his finger and it still could not be found. At that point, I knew that I needed to start searching in sections that John had not introduced me to when we took the stroll around the property. I chose new areas close by to where he had discarded various items that he had no longer needed for his project. I then searched a debris pile of leaves and weeds that were taken from one area to another. As I covered those leftover possibilities around the backyard, I could hear and view the three gentlemen working very hard in hammering nails into the partially finished garage. We all had a purpose back there in the yard that evening, and my mission was to get that ring back onto John’s finger which I was determined to do so!


In those few hours that I had been detecting, I had meticulously covered almost every section of the real estate, checking and rechecking every possible target signal that was made available to me. At that point, I had only one more spot to check out before I had to make a decision as to whether I should start new grids and re-cover all of the territory that I had previously searched earlier or call it a night and return to the property in the next day or two to resume the search.

I can’t tell you how many times I find the client’s ring in the very last possible area that is left for me to check. I hear this from other detectorists all the time. At the very last movement on the clock, before time runs out, all of a sudden, the item turns up! That’s exactly what happened in this case! My last spot to go over was located adjacent to the construction project but farthest away from the main house. I started a very small grid search between the neighbor’s fence and where the concrete edge of the newly constructed garage was located. It probably was a section no more than 10 feet by 20 feet. By the time I resolved to search that final uncharted spot, the men had already turned in for the night. So, I was now all alone out there, hoping to pull this ring in my final search spot.

Just as I was completing my final pass of the grid, I got an excellent signal that was extremely shallow and it had a bit of a bounce to the tone that I was hearing in my headphones. The Minelab Equinox 800 that I was using gave me a solid number on the screen (I will post the VDI number after reviewing the video), which was in the range of numbers that I was looking for for this yellow 14 karat gold wedding band. I got down on my knees and lowered the detector and placed it to one side. Then, I pulled out my pinpointer and examined the target area.

Immediately, as my fingers moved through the blades of grass and leaves, I saw the yellow gold wedding band peeping out from below! I found it at last! It was a few feet away from the edge of the newly constructed concrete foundation that the men had laid in the last month or so. John must have taken off his gloves nearby and the ring bounced on to the concrete floor, and then rolled off into the grass. I was so excited! This was the very last section that I could check before I needed to start all over again and re-cover my steps. I couldn’t be happier for John and for Rachel, as well!

After metal detecting for several hours and then finally the hidden treasure is discovered, it’s all worth the diligent efforts and countless potential targets that were investigated over all of that time! I was wearing a very happy smile on my face as I took some pictures and packed up my gear before revealing the good news to John and Rachel! Believe me, the couple was beyond excited to learn that John would be

wearing his wedding band soon enough… as soon as it was resized to fit his ring finger again!


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Lost Wedding Ring of 50+ years in Pearland, Texas (found) by John Volek

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Wedding Ring of 50+ years lost while trimming scrubs and pulling weeds.

Jim reported he had been working in his yard yesterday trimming scrubs and pulling weeds from the flower beds.  Jim said when he awoke this morning he realized that his wedding ring of 58 years was no longer on his finger. Jim assumed, he had lost it while working in the backyard. Jim said he had been wearing gloves and had pulled them off numerous times while working in the yard. Jim said he was pretty sure it must have come of his finger at some point when removing his gloves.

Check out the video to see the recovery of Jim’s Wedding Ring.




























Equipment Used:

CTX 3030 Metal Detector

Go Pro Camera



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