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Texas A&M Class Ring Recovered at Navarre Beach

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Loren and his family from Philadelphia, Virginia, Atlanta, Texas and Louisiana had traveled to Navarre Beach for a family reunion. Everyone was having a wonderful time, Loren was throwing the football around with his brothers while cooling off in the water and He felt the ring slide off his finger and disappear in the sand. This ring was special to Loren, his Texas A&M Class Ring that meant a lot to him and he wanted the original back! His wife called a friend who knew the Pensacola area and recommended Pensacola Ring Finders. I was contacted and told them I would help. The ring was lost in chest deep water and the area rather large. It took three and a half hours to find. The family had just about lost faith that it would be found so when found everyone was ecstatic. That’s when Loren’s wife shared with me why it was of the upmost importance that his original ring be recovered. Tradition! Having a worn A&M class ring meant it is always on his finger, a symbols of honor and loyalty to the school, class mates, his education and chosen profession as a Engineer. I’ve a grand daughter going to engineering school at A&M now so we instantly bonded. Loren and his family are the nicest people you ever want to meet. I am glad I met them, could help and wish them the best. Hook Em’ Loren!

Lost Ring Found Orange Beach

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

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Ring Found at Pensacola Beach

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Alex and Cali contacted me asking if I could find Alex wedding ring that he lost in the water at Pensacola Beach. They were afraid of losing it and wanted me to come that night, I said I couldn’t come that night but would meet them at first light the next morning. Both Alex and Cali are Internet Tech Remote workers who do their work where ever they and their computer are. They had recently moved to Pensacola from San Diego. Alex pointed out about where he lost his ring and I started a search. It turned out to be a fairly easy search. After about 4 passes and digging several pop tops and a nickel I found his ring. They were both extremely grateful and I could tell that their worry was relieved. They are really nice people and I am glad I could help.

Lost Ring Found…. AGAIN!!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

My first ring recovery of 2023 is also another kind of first. This is the first time I have been called on to find the same ring for a second time. A little over two years ago Brenda and Henry called me to come out and find Henry’s 1968 University of Alabama class ring that had come off while putting out pine straw at their home in Gulf Shores. Henry had saved my number in his Rolodex so when it happened again in the exact same scenario, he knew who to call. Henry and I were talking to each other and he looked on as I set my machine to the area he was pretty sure that it had come off in. The first tone I got I explained was an iron tone and told him that I was pretty sure I remembered his ring was a 12-36 on my machine. Not thirty seconds later I got a strong 12-32. As I reached down and uncovered his ring, I told him that I wasn’t far off on the number and I would take it after 2 years. 😃. Henry was ecstatic as I gave him his ring back. I told him to keep a close eye on his ring this time but if he lost it again just give me a call and I’d be right there for the next time. It was a pleasure seeing you again Henry, give Brenda my best!

Lost Ring in the yard – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

This was one of my favorite recoveries. Not just because of the unique story but because of the great people involved. I got a call from Marilynn and I could hear her husband David talking in the background. Marilynn began to explain their story and David quickly took the phone. I knew it was going to be an interesting one when David said, “Man, I’m just embarrassed to tell you this”. It turns out that David has been metal detecting for years and the day before he was trying to pass on the love for the hobby. He was having a friend over to check out a detector and David decided to go out in the yard before his buddy got there and plant his very large, solid gold antique wedding band in front of the trash can so he’d know right where it was. Shortly thereafter his friend was finding some pennies and some other bits of metal but he never found David’s ring. Finally David had to spoil the surprise and he told his friend to go over by the trash can and see what he could find. When he still didn’t find it, David took his detector back to find it himself. You can imagine his surprise when he couldn’t find it either and he now had lost his own planted wedding band in the yard. 😳. They ended up trying a second detector and then ultimately spent the rest of the day completely digging up the grass and dirt from about a 5×5’ section of the yard. The next morning, David remembered a friend of his that also detected and thought that maybe he would have some higher grade detectors and got him to come over. Well he did bring two very good machines over but you guessed it, they weren’t able to find it. That’s when they searched the internet and found me. I was intrigued with the story and ended up actually knowing the guy who had gone that morning. I got some info about his settings, etc. from him and told him that now I wanted to find it just so I could good naturedly give him a hard time if I was able to find it. 😃 When I got there, the yard was exactly as described and there was a 5×5’ section in the grass that was torn to pieces down into the dirt. David and Marilynn obviously wanted this ring back. I won’t bore you with too many details but I used a very advanced machine with 2 different coils and we dug up some very deep bits of copper pipe but no ring. All the while, David was adamant that he had placed it right there. I completely believed him but my wife always has a saying that “if they knew where it was, they wouldn’t need me.”  Wise woman!  So I started telling David stories about all the crazy places I had recovered rings for people. We hit it off as we continued to very slowly search that small area. Finally I told David that I totally believed that he had planted the ring there but would he please trust me and let me walk down the yard a bit. He told me I could and I didn’t go another 5 feet before I got a buried tone a few inches deep. He dropped down and popped it out and it was an old penny. I told him that with the size of his ring, that was the sound I wanted to hear. As I stood up I rescanned the spot and right beside it was another tone but only about 2 inches down. David said that we might as well pop out the other penny just to get it out of the way. When his beautiful antique ring came out of the ground he was absolutely thrilled while at the same time perplexed how it got over there. I told him that sometimes it just takes another perspective and that I thought he may have accidentally thrown it over there with a shovel the previous day and that either himself, his wife or the two other metal detectorists could have pressed it into the ground with a boot while they were focused on the other area. Either way, David and Marilynn were beyond thrilled to get it back. David said that my reputation had been on the line but that he was amazed. 😃 Im so glad I was able to help y’all out. No more planting family heirlooms in the yard!  LOL

Lost Platinum Wedding Band in Cottonwood Heights: Found

This was a fun one! Ryan reached out me while he was in Georgia on a trip. Right before he left, he was in a hurry to clear the recent snow from his driveway and sidewalks. He was at the end of the driveway when the snow blower got clogged and he went to clear the snow that was stuck inside. After cleaning out the clog, he heard the snow blower throw something that sounded unusual. After finishing up, he went back inside and noticed his platinum wedding band was missing. Thinking that the unusual sound from the snow blower was his ring, he went back to search around the mailbox area but nothing.

I went over to Ryan’s house while he was away in Georgia and got all the details via facetime. It was late but after searching the area in question, I didn’t find the ring. I started to expand the search area making sure to cover all areas where snow had been piled up from the snow blower. I was literally on my last few feet of the area when I finally got that unmistakable signal. His ring was was down almost a foot in the snow. I quickly sent Ryan a video and he could not believe where I had found it. He either had lost it earlier or the snow blower threw it about 35 feet from where he thought he lost it. I left the ring with his neighbor so Ryan could get it back as soon as he got home! All in all was a great recovery!

Lost 14k Rose Gold Ring in West Jordan: Found

Kiley reached out to me after realizing she just lost her 14k rose gold wedding ring. She came home and went to bring in the trash cans off the street. The trash can lid was open so she flipped it closed which upon doing, she got some snow on her hands. She went to flick off the snow and heard her ring hit the snow. It was dark and she was unable to see where it landed. It was a beautiful 14k rose gold ring with an Opal and two small diamonds. After searching in the snow, she turned to finding a metal detector and found this page.  I went over that evening in the dark and search for nearly two hours along the tree strip where the trash can had been. I expanded the search area but unfortunately did not find the ring that night. I went home, tested a few small rings my wife has making sure my detector was picking up the signal. It was working great! I also came up with a theory that the ring didn’t actually come off her hand after closing the lid to the trash can but that the lid of the trash can caught her ring and threw it up in the air directly into the street or to the tree strip across the street. I went back the next day and continued to search the area she thought she lost it but after an hour or so, still no ring. I decided to put my theory to action and after just a few minutes directly across the street, I found her ring laying in the tree street about 40 feet away! It just so happened to be Kiley’s birthday so it was a nice birthday surprise getting the ring back to her!

Engagement ring found… Christmas Miracle

  • from Napa (California, United States)

Paola got in contact with me to let me know she was devastated to have lost recently her white gold and diamond engagement ring, but after 30 minutes of searching, we found the ring! It was an early Christmas miracle packaged with a smile!

Lost Platinum Ring Found in Goose Creek, Middleburg Virginia

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

Call Ray at MyGoldFinder for lost items 571.258.7217


I recently received a call from a customer, Chris from Arlington Virginia. He provided a brief description of his situation and asked if it was something I could assist him with, I said « absolutely I can help ».  Chris had taken a short Saturday trip to Northern Virginia to do some fly fishing with a friend. They had picked a beautiful area in Loudoun County, specially Middleburg, Virginia. As Chris was fishing and moving through the creek he had stumbled hands first into the water. He had hit with such force that his left hand was in a lot of pain which caused him to start shaking his hand vigorously to alleviate some of the pain. After returning to his vehicle a short while later is when he realized the ring was gone. As with most of us these days with teleworking we arranged to meet on the following Saturday. With no rain in the forecast we both agreed the water levels should more than likely stay low and calm, that was the hope.

Chris was fishing in a small section of Goose Creek, which is a 53.9-mile-long tributary of the Potomac River, somewhat adjacent to the Goodstone Inn. After a very scenic drive through large sections of horse ranch country, even had to stop once for a few horses and several dozen hounds on the road,  we met on along the roadside of the creek. As we had to trek the path to the spot where he had been fishing Chris donned his waders and I slipped on my wetsuit, a little overkill on my part for a creek, but you never know when you’ll hit a drop off.

Once we reached the area Chris identified where he had fallen I did a quick scan in the running water portion first, then more specifically where he indicated. Within less than 5 minutes the ring came up easily out of the mud and leaves. Chris was astonished it was found so quickly and extremely excited to see his ring again. Jokingly, Chris’ friend had believed the ring was gone forever and that we wouldn’t find it. Always keep hope!!


Chris, glad I could help return your wedding ring!

God Bless



Lost Meteorite Gold Wedding Band in Nanticoke River…Found Near Salisbury, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Brandon’s Extraordinary Meteorite Gold Wedding Band Recovered from the Nanticoke River

Brandon, Jessica and Family Celebrate with the Meteorite Gold Wedding Band in Hand Once Again!


I received a call from a young lady named Jessica who was calling on behalf of her husband Brandon. She found my information on THE RING FINDERS website, the largest directory of metal detecting specialists in the world!

Brandon was playing water volleyball with family and friends in the Nanticoke River (a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay) when his wedding band went missing. He was certain that the rare and most handsome custom designed meteorite and gold ring slipped off his finger in the salt water.

Jessica had read and viewed some of my work online and had high hopes that perhaps I could help recover this special keepsake from the Nanticoke. We talked for a good while, gathering all the facts necessary to determine whether I could take on the challenge. At the end of our conversation, I accepted the mission!

Two days later, I met up with Brandon and Jessica. I slept overnight close to the river’s shoreline where I would be personally picked up by the couple in their awesome boat. They would then shuttle me from the beach nearest to where I parked my car over to the search site where I would begin my recovery efforts.

It was a beautiful day outside and I couldn’t wait to get in the water! When we arrived at the area where the ring went missing, Brandon and Jessica spent some time showing me all of the landmarks that they took note of before leaving that spot on the day when the ring disappeared into the river. There were three trees that were grouped together in a certain way that was a reminder as to where the volleyball net was set up in the water. There were also some plants and pieces of wood that additionally assisted me so that I had a clear bearing as to where I should concentrate on the search.

Before the couple took me to the area, Brandon put markers in the river which gave me boundaries as to where he thought the ring may have ended up. He was quite clever in constructing poles with golf balls attached to the top of the markers. Each of these poles was 6 feet tall which worked perfectly in the 5 foot depth of water that we were dealing with.

The volleyball net that was played with several days earlier was attached between Brandon’s boat and another family member’s vessel. Brandon, who is an engineer, constructed special anchors for their boats so that they stayed in one place throughout their game time. The net never fell or got stretched too much while playing in the river. Because of this fantastic creation, the couple knew exactly where the boats were tied up and was able to narrow the search parameter quite a bit.

Once we completed all of the intel necessary to begin the search, I gathered up all of my gear: my harness, metal detector, headphones and Xtreme sand scoop and then made my way from the shore out into the water. I was really excited about this challenge. My search zone was about 35 yards (105 feet) by 25 yards (75 feet). We had to deal with this amount of width because the ring could have flown outside of the general area where everybody was playing. One thing that us ring finders experience quite often is that rings can fly pretty far!

I planned this particular early morning time frame based on the tide chart readings for that area that we would be searching. The water level was at its lowest point at the time when I began looking for the ring. Conditions were very good out there with the water only slightly choppy and the temperature was quite warm.

Brandon’s parents arrived at our beach spot sometime around the time that I was entering the water. They hung out and kept their children company. They too were there on the day of the loss of the ring.

My detecting began from the far left side of the rectangle that Brandon and Jessica created for me with the poles. I went from the shore straight out to the end of the parameter and then back again repetitively. I found some coins, many bottle caps, pull tabs and other miscellaneous items at the bottom of the saltwater.

Each time that a target came in range of my detector, I analyzed the item before scooping it up from the sand below. Since this was my first meteorite ring that I was looking for, I wasn’t sure exactly what numbers would appear on my screen, but I kept an open mind to the fact that there could be some iron signals that the sentimental piece of jewelry would give off (meteorite contains iron in it).

After the first couple of hours of my search, I took a break on shore and ate a snack and hydrated myself. I encouraged everyone present that a successful operation was completely obtainable and to not give up hope. With that said, I returned back to the beautiful river to resume my search.

I continued to pull up similar items as I did before the intermission, including an occasional beer can or two. The positive thing was that there was little trash in the midst of the pull tabs, coins and bottle caps. This allowed me to move swiftly through the water and not be preoccupied with examining bogus targets.

As time marched on, I noticed that Brandon was getting concerned that his beloved wedding band would never be seen again. Later that day, he would share those very thoughts with me. I knew that we had a great chance of finding the ring. However, it was a matter of having patience, determination and perseverance. Some had concerns that the ring could have been pushed out with the tide. I squashed that theory and only spoke hope and encouragement into the situation.

Perhaps another hour and a half went by when I finished the entire parameter that we were working with. After Brandon finished throwing a fishing net off of his boat to see if he could catch some small bait (minnows) for his own fishing ventures, I gave my latest update to everyone. I told the family that it was time to look passed the area that they thought the ring may have sunk to the bottom and extend the search frame by another 10 yards or so. It was a good thing that I strategized that because Brandon’s father agreed to the plan because he thought that perhaps the volleyball net was set up a bit farther down than where the end markers were placed.

Approximately 15 minutes or so into the extended portion of the search zone, after getting multiple target signals and only coming up with trash and random coins, I got another potential signal that was coming in the number range that I had been hoping for. There was also a “scratchy” tone that I was listening to in my headphones. It appeared that there was some iron connected with this non-ferrous target. I didn’t give it much thought or added anticipation that it could be the ring, only because there were so many targets that were in that range and they mostly came out as bottle caps. I placed the scoop down below and after a few attempts to bring up the item, my eyes did a double take! At the bottom of the scoop, as the sand fell through the Xtreme Scoop’s titanium holes, I was left with seeing an extremely handsome piece of yellow gold which surrounded some type of rock inlay around the middle of the entire band! I did it! I found Brandon’s ring! It was his lost ring! I hardly could contain myself! It was such a grand moment for me! I couldn’t wait to surprise Brandon, Jessica and their parents! The couple was definitely sinking in despair (though they tried to hold on tight with whatever hope they could conjure up during those agonizing hours leading up to my discovery)! The search was over! I pulled the unique and rare wedding band from the bottom of the river and a very special story connected with this ring would be preserved for generations to come!

Ring Finder, Brian Rudolph and Brandon Celebrate the Amazing Recovery Results!

A Rainbow Appears in the Sky Following the Amazing Search and Recovery Efforts as Brandon and Jessica Return to the Docks. A Sign of Peace and Relief!

It would be impossible with words to share how very surprised and happy Brandon was when I shocked him out in the water that afternoon! The rest of his family was blown away, as well! It was an incredible experience for all of us and I couldn’t have been more happy for the couple! Brandon went straight for their cooler that was on board their boat and distributed beverages so we could make a toast to my fantastic finish! Then, we said our goodbyes to the parents, climbed aboard Brandon and Jessica’s sea vessel and headed back to the section of beach where I was originally picked up.
The celebration did not end back at the search site! After I packed up the car with all of the detector equipment, I was invited to meet up with the couple and their parents over by a local restaurant where we continued our party over food and drinks!

Brian and the Gang Partying Over the Successful Return of Brandon’s Incredible Custom Meteorite Gold Ring!

I will never forget how much fun that was from the moment that I boarded the couple’s boat along the beach shore until I said my final goodbyes to Brandon and Jessica! After treating me to a scrumptious lunch and fine company, they even went to the farthest extent of blessing me with a parting gift just to say thank you in one more way. With a big smile on his face, Brandon brought over to my car the four poles that were used to keep my grid lines within the parameter that I was working with! « Here, these are for you. Perhaps one day they’ll help you find someone else’s ring that might get lost in the water! » I gladly accepted the gift, thanked him several times over and then we parted ways. Since that day, those four poles have assisted me in successfully finding other lost rings for people that have had to deal with water searches just as Brandon hoped they would be helpful in assisting others with similar predicaments! I always think of that very sweet couple every time I utilize them! Thank you Brandon and Jessica for finding me through THE RING FINDERS website! I am so grateful to have been a part of such a happy story!

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