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Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis. This means that you set the fee amount based on what the item is worth to you and what you can afford to have me find your lost item.

I have a call-out fee of $30. This covers my travel expenses such as: fuel, tolls, parking fees and maintenance.

Payment Methods Accepted:


· CREDIT CARDS - MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover



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As an Item Recovery Specialist, I search and recover every kind of lost property virtually everywhere:

LAND - grass, snow, lawns, fields, leaf piles, woods, cliffs, gardens, parks, playgrounds, fairgrounds, golf courses, streets, and parking lots.

WATER - scuba diving and sand scoop searches on beaches, in harbors, marinas, docks, bays, rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, and swimming pools.

I own and operate all of my own personal dive gear and underwater metal detecting equipment. I am experienced at performing underwater recoveries of rings, phones, sunglasses, and other valuables lost in the depths below.

SAND - beaches, sports arenas, playgrounds, and golf courses.

HOUSE - rooms, furniture, clothes, garages, outside structures, trash and recycling receptacles, real estate property and insurance property claim searches for buried or hidden treasure caches.

VEHICLE - dashboards, compartments, seats, carpets, hidden flooring under carpets, and trunks.

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Maryland (incl. all beaches), Virginia (incl. all beaches), Washington DC, Delaware (incl. all beaches), Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Contact me if you are outside my area to discuss travel details. I will go anywhere to help you find your lost item!

Brian Rudolph's Bio

As a member of THE RING FINDERS since 2018, I have been metal detecting almost on a daily basis, both with search and recovery projects as well as with personal treasure hunting. My detecting gear possesses state-of-the-art technology which allows me to find items that other detectorists and novices simply cannot recover.

I have a strong faith in God which is reflected by my high moral and ethical standards along with having experienced countless miracle stories!

I love finding lost treasures for people! There's nothing else that brings me more happiness and fulfillment than what I have been successfully doing for countless people over the past several years...returning that which has been lost back to their rightful owners!

You will discover that I am beyond ruthless and relentless in my efforts to recover your lost property! I stop at nothing to solve your mystery case! I work like a detective - not just a detectorist! I ask the right questions, search the right places, operate the finest equipment and passionately follow the clues to complete the challenging puzzle!

Read many of my successful Search and Recovery ARTICLES below!

Check out my YOUTUBE CHANNEL to view many of my successful Search and Recovery VIDEOS at... THE RING RETURNER

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall - it doesn't matter the season or even the weather outside! CALL or TEXT today at (301) 466-8644 and let's recover your lost ring, earring, chain, pendant, bracelet, phone, keys, glasses, hearing aid, and even gold and silver coins! Whatever it is, I will help you find your sentimental keepsake!

“Every keepsake has a story, and every happy story should never have an ending!”

CALL or TEXT immediately at (301) 466-8644 to allow me to help you continue your special story today!

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  • I am so grateful that there are people like Brian that are passionate about helping others. Thanks and many blessings!” (2021)


    “I almost gave up hope after losing my deceased grandmother's ring, but thankfully I stumbled across Brian's profile on Brian was warm and energetic which immediately gave me a sense of hope. I am so grateful that there are people like Brian that are passionate about helping others. Thanks and many blessings!”


    Randallstown, Maryland

  • If anyone can find it, Brian would be the guy... (2021)


    “I recommend Brian to find any lost jewelry. From the outset, he was very easy to deal with. He knew exactly what he was doing and had a clear plan on how to go about finding the missing jewelry. If anyone can find it, Brian would be the guy.”

    Donn and Beth

    Vienna, Virginia

  • I highly recommend contacting him if you have lost something precious. Thanks again Brian." (2021)


    "After several days of searching and increasing hopelessness that we would ever find Kelly’s wedding ring, it dawned on me that perhaps there is someone out there with the equipment, training and most importantly patience and passion to search for this ring.

    I found Ring Finders while conducting an internet search, and we were skeptical that anyone would even answer our on-line request to search for this ring, but someone did—he did so quickly, and it was clear with all of the caring in the world to find this significant part of our family history.

    After my initial conversation on the phone with our ring finder Brian, I felt confident we found the right person. He arrived with a smile, and yes all of the ghostbuster gear to assist him in finding our ring.

    We explained to him what happened, where we thought it might be, and he began his search. Under the deck, around the bushes, in the landscaping…and after an hour or so nothing but some of our kids lost toys and a bottle cap or two.

    He kept us calm, kept us laughing about all kinds of trials and tribulations of life with kids (yes, they played a hand at losing the ring!) ….by the way our kids adored him and helped him (hmmm, maybe not) with the search.

    He responded to all of their questions, and ours, about how he conducts his searches and what he is looking for on his equipment. When we started giving up again thinking maybe this ring is indeed forever lost, I began thinking it is irreplaceable, so what now? Then, Brian disappeared back to his vehicle….and was asking where our dog Milo was.

    My wife and I kind of thought he really must like Milo and our neighbor’s dog Blu who was playing with Milo…after a few minutes Blu and Milo came marching back from his vehicle with Brian, of course smiling, walking along side of them. A cute scene, but it took us a minute or two to notice Kelly’s ring was on Blu’s collar—BRIAN HAD FOUND IT!

    Kelly screamed, we all hugged and high fived, and the entire experience became one of the most memorable of our lives. He explained where he found it and how his equipment and our explanation of what happened gave him the clues to eventually locate it.

    Suffice it to say we would never have found it, but Brian’s passion, perhaps fittingly, guided him to find it lying beneath our rose bushes. In the end, the process to request our ring search and find someone passionate about locating lost treasure, was easy.

    There was no standard charge for his services, rather a donation for how much we thought his time was worth. Even if we had not found the ring, we had so much fun searching and getting to know our ring finder Brian that the experience was well worth the while—I highly recommend contacting him if you have lost something precious. Thanks again Brian."

    James and Kelly

    Germantown, Maryland

  • We were so glad to learn about the The Ring Finders... (2021)


    "We are so grateful that Brian Rudolph who was able to come to our home with his metal detecting equipment to search for a lost ring. He meticulously searched through our lawn and gardens using various devices.He was careful in the gardens not to hurt the flowers. After less than 2 hours, Brian found the wedding ring which had fallen off my husband's finger while playing basketball in the driveway. The whole experience was delightful. We were so glad to learn about the The Ring Finders - it was a much better option than renting a metal detector ourselves!”

    - Craig and Betsy Slack

    Takoma Park, Maryland

  • Thank you so much for the safe return of a family heirloom! (2021)


    “Brian, thank you so much for all of your help! My mother was extremely happy when I told her this morning that you found the earring, and I am so relieved that it is safe! Thank you so much, I truly appreciate your service! Thank you so much for the safe return of a family heirloom! When it was discovered that I had lost my mother’s gold hoop earring during graduation pictures, I was, needless to say, quite panicked. I knew that searching all of the grassy sites would be pointless, and was beginning to lose hope. I felt extraordinarily guilty when she told me that it was a precious gift from her sister in her youth. Sentimentally, those earrings were priceless to her. I knew I had to get it back, but didn’t know how. I mulled over my options, but none seemed plausible. Searching on foot proved fruitless. But then I found you - “The Ring Returner” after reading about you on the THE RING FINDER’S website! You were very proactive and had excellent timing. You went to the search for the earring the day I called you! You were meticulous and detailed in your search, as well as being extremely thorough and communicative and eventually…you found it! My mother was extremely joyful at its return, and now all is well…thanks to you! I am extremely grateful for someone who does an act so kind for complete strangers, and one can be sure to trust Brian for the safe return of their valuables. Thank you Brian so much!”

    - Katheryne

    Arnold, Maryland

  • "By far one of the most professional people that I've ever come across... (2021)


    "By far one of the most professional people that I've ever come across. Took my worry and made it his

    worry, in turn, he found my wife's ring. I'm beyond words, when describing the happiness that I feel. I am grateful, appreciative and thankful for finding you Brian. Thank you and I pray for the best in any and all of your endeavors!"

    - Niesh and Peter

    Bel Air, Maryland

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!" (2021)


    "Thanks so much to Brian for finding my husband's wedding band just about 24 hours after it was lost! We are so thankful for his skill, passion and commitment to this amazing calling, and feel so lucky to have received the recommendation from a friend to contact him! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

    - Kyle and Shayna

    Germantown, Maryland

  • you've lost something precious, call Brian! (2021)


    "One evening I was hustling to the gym in downtown DC, running late for a workout class. I took off my engagement ring and tucked it into my bag, but when I got home it was nowhere to be found. The ring has huge sentimental value - the band was custom designed for me, and the diamond originally belonged to my mother in law, who recently passed away. My spouse and I were heartbroken. I searched the gym - nothing. We were terrified that it had slipped out of my bag on the street... what would be the odds of recovering it then? After filing a police report, calling local pawn shops, checking eBay, and printing "LOST" signs, I thought if there was any chance of finding the ring on the street, a metal detector would be necessary. I stumbled across in a Google search and found Brian's profile. When I called Brian, I was expecting a polite "please schedule an appointment" response. Instead, he spent over an hour on the phone with me, talking me through every step I had taken since the last time I saw the ring. He was extremely considerate, reassuring, and positive while digging for details to narrow down where the ring might be. He offered to come out that night, but after I got off the phone I decided to take one more look around our apartment. Brian had said that night time is actually a good time to look for a ring because it will reflect bright light. So even though I had already scoured our place, I turned on my phone's flashlight and looked again. Lo and behold the ring had fallen out of my gym bag, behind a piece of furniture and slipped down inside another container - but it was peeking out just enough to catch the light from my phone. If not for Brian, it would have been weeks, if not months, before I recovered my ring - time I would have spent grieving my most cherished possession. Brian's thoughtful and thorough consultation put me at ease that I had an expert on the case, and gave me the clue that led me to find it. He has clearly seen it all and cares a ton about the people he is helping as much as solving the mystery of each misplaced item. If you're in Maryland/DC/VA and you've lost something precious, call Brian! You won't find a better partner to help locate it. Thank you, Brian!"


    Washington DC

  • If you are missing something of great value or importance to you please reach out to Brian - he is wonderful... (2020)


    “I contacted Brian late on a Friday evening after I had lost my family heirloom diamond engagement ring earlier that afternoon. After searching and searching where I thought it slipped off my finger I put up signs and realized I needed a professional. Brian got back to me the next morning and was extremely kind and responsive. We spoke over the phone and he gathered additional information and then (since I had put up signs and searched already) we made a plan to meet the very next evening (Sunday).

    I met Brian in the first spot where I thought I had lost it. He searched the parking lot as well as my car, bag, jacket - basically anywhere it could have gone missing. I was pretty certain it slipped off my finger and I knew the approximate timeframe, I just didn't know where it happened. Once again, Brian was so kind and incredibly thorough during the whole process. He went with me to two more locations where I thought it could have been. He kept talking me through everything and was so positive as we looked for the ring.

    By the end of the search, we still did not find it. I was pretty sad but Brian was as well. It was clear that he cares very much and really wants to help people find their missing items. We had a good talk and he again helped me think through all my steps that day. As we did I mentioned that I had put away some laundry in a bag that day before I went out. He instructed me to thoroughly search the laundry and my luggage (I was away that weekend) and he told me that he believed in his heart I would still find it. I wasn't sure myself but his optimism was infectious.

    Soon after I got home I let my husband know that I didn't find the ring but I had to search the laundry. An hour later I searched the bag item by item very carefully just like I saw Brian do as he searched my coat and bag. I got to the very middle of the pile and SURPRISE - there was my ring sitting right there!!! It had slipped off while I was gathering laundry and I had not realize for about two hours while I ran errands. I called Brian and he was so happy. I absolutely credit Brian with playing a major role in finding the ring and believe that if i had not reached out to him I may not have found it. Most likely the laundry would have been thrown in the machine and who knows what may have happened to the ring from there. Thank you so much Brian for all your help!

    If you are missing something of great value or importance to you please reach out to Brian - he is wonderful and he will help you to the best of his abilities to get it back!”

    - Debra and Russell

    Rockville, Maryland

  • It meant so much to me that you were able to set my mind at ease and come find the ring (2020)


    "Thank you so much Brian! I was so upset when I first lost the ring and had no idea how I'd go about finding it. It meant so much to me that you were able to set my mind at ease and come find the ring so quickly despite your busy schedule."

    - Katie

    Rockville, Maryland.

  • On behalf of my entire family, thank you, God Bless, and Merry Christmas Brian!" (2020)


    "One beautiful August day, my granddaughter, Journey, and I shared a very special moment as I handed down to her a delicate ring that had been shared by three generations, including myself, and my mother and daughter. Moments after receiving this most special gift, the sunshine on the lawn called to her and she found her five-year-old feet dancing with joy. That's when it happened. Horror struck her happy little face as she realized her prized ring was gone. Vanished. She desperately clung to her mother in silent sadness not sure how to tell me what had happened. Quickly, my son and his wife started scrambling on their hands and knees for what seemed like an eternity....but as the afternoon turned to dusk, the search was called off. My husband borrowed a metal detector and searched for days for the irreplaceable ring, still nothing. And that seemed to be that.

    Until four long months later...

    It was coming up on Christmas and Journey's mom had an idea. I received a phone call from Brian Rudolph with The Ring Finders. I assumed there was a slim shot of him finding anything, but his inspiring personality told me story after stories of glorious findings and said that there was more than just a good chance that the ring would be found. He didn't think four months was long at all and proceeded to describe a ring he found thirteen years later!

    That very night he came with his gear to search for the ring. It was dark and cold and pouring down rain, and yet he searched. A couple of hours into the operation, he told me it was time to call it a night. I knew better than to have gotten my hopes up. But on his way out, Brian informed me that someone had just dropped a package in my mailbox. And there it was. Against all odds in my mind, a gift from Santa: the ring! Brian had found it! And not just found it, but made it a magical Christmas gift to be remembered and cherished for all time to come!

    On behalf of my entire family, thank you, God Bless, and Merry Christmas Brian!"

    - Janet

    Springfield, Virginia

  • Thank you again Brian, you're the best!" (2020)


    "I highly recommend Brian to anyone who has lost something of value to them! He will definitely find what you have lost as he found my special heart pendant that had gone missing for two days. If he doesn't find it with his detector, he will definitely find it with his eyes! Thank you again Brian, you're the best!"

    - Yasmina

    Montgomery Village, Maryland

  • I would totally recommend you to anyone... (2020)


    You were awesome and I would totally recommend you to anyone. I can’t describe how happy I am that you actually found my ring in the Atlantic Ocean, which is a special asset in my life. Thank you so much, Brian! You are the best!

    - Rachel of Baltimore, Maryland

  • It means more than you can know. It’s priceless to me and a piece of my father that is now able to remain with me... (2020)


    "Brian, Thank you very much for finding my ring! It means more than you can know. It’s priceless to me and a piece of my father that is now able to remain with me and my family for generations to come! Again, thank you for your hard work and skills used to be able to return something so important to us as this ring!"

    - Ross

    Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia

  • "I have nothing but great things to say about our ring finder, Brian! (2020)


    "I have nothing but great things to say about our ring finder, Brian! I emailed him while practically in tears at work a few days after I had lost my beloved engagement ring. He promptly responded and we spoke on the phone on my way home from work. He was so energetic and confident that he would find my ring despite the fact that we had already had 2 other people (in addition to my husband) metal detect our property and had multiple family members on their hands and knees sifting through leaves and dirt to find my ring. To be honest, I didn't think Brian would find it but I wanted someone with more experience with searching for engagement rings to give it a try before I completely lost hope. I wasn't eating or sleeping and I was in tears every day over losing my ring. Brian assured me that he wouldn't leave until the ring was found and to my surprise he found it after 12 hours of searching! It is apparent that Brian is passionate and determined in finding lost rings for people. Because of his determination, skills and optimism I get to continue to wear the gorgeous ring that my fiancé proposed to me at the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany! Thank you Brian, you're truly a good person for devoting your time and energy to finding rings for others!"

  • I would highly recommend you to anyone who would be in need of the services... (2020)


    “Thank you again Brian for everything! I can’t thank you enough for finding the ring for us. My heart is just pounding with enjoyment. Thank you again!!!! Clay and I are very grateful to have found a guy like you to come out in the night looking for my engagement ring. Brian you have a positive outlook especially bringing some positivity and commitment on finding my ring. I would highly recommend you to anyone who would be in need of the services that you do. Thank you for everything!”

    - Toni and Clay of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

  • Thank you so much Brian! I’ll definitely be recommending you to anyone... (2020)


    “So grateful to Brian for being such a good sport. He drove all the way out to Ocean City in the pouring rain and had nothing but a positive attitude the whole time. He found my ring in no time at all, took a couple photos, had a quick chat and was on his way. A (hopefully) once in a lifetime experience with an amazing guy. Thanks again Brian! It means the world to me!”

    – Taine of New Zealand

    “Thank you so much Brian! I’ll definitely be recommending you to anyone who needs their ring found! We really do appreciate everything you did for us!”

    – Emily of Baltimore, Maryland

  • Thank you, Brian! You're the best! (2019)


    Brian took time off time from his vacation to help me find my wife's wedding ring that I had dropped on the way back from the pool. I was carrying it to our apartment so that it wouldn’t get lost at the pool and I still lost it on my walk back to the apartment. We found The Ring Finders online. He called me back within minutes of emailing him with my situation and he said that he could come out the next morning and help me. He did exactly that and found my ring in under 10 minutes. We had 4 people looking for it in the same places but couldn't find it! With Brian's metal detector and expertise it was found! It means so much to both of us that Brian was able to retrieve our original wedding ring. The experience was fun, easy, and efficient. Thank you, Brian! You're the best! It's hard to believe that there is such a nice, honest, kind, self-less person in the world that was able to help me with this problem.

    - James and Peyton of Columbia, Maryland

  • If you ever need someone to find a lost item, Brian is your guy... (2019)


    I contacted Brian to help me find my platinum wedding band that I lost in about 2 feet of water at a private beach in Anne Arundel County. I came upon Brian after googling tips for finding a lost wedding ring at the beach. Brian was very enthusiastic, courteous, kind, and his optimism about the situation was contagious. Even after not having success the first day he looked for it, he was still very positive, determined, and certain that he could find it. Brian went out of his way to help me by squeezing in a second search on his way to his vacation! The man loves what he does! He found the ring on the second search before I could even get to the beach to see how it was going, and I only live 5 minutes away! If you ever need someone to find a lost item, Brian is your guy. Super nice, friendly, optimistic, honest, and talented. People say I was lucky to find the ring. I tell them it was not luck, it was Brian’s skill and attitude. Lastly, based on my interaction with Brian, he’s not in this for the money. He’s truly looking to help people find their invaluable items and gets a huge thrill from helping them. Thank you, Brian!

    - The Rangel Family of Annapolis, Maryland

  • I'm so glad that you were trustworthy ... (2019)


    Thank you so much for helping me find my ring!! It was so amazing to me that a stranger actually wanted to help me find my ring, and not scam me like other strangers had tried to do. I'm so glad that you were trustworthy and took a genuine interest in helping me. Thank you so very much!

    - Liberty of Allentown, Pennsylvania

  • I hope you are treated as well as you treat others.” (2019)

    "Brian..You didn't restore the ring, but you did restore our faith in humanity. I know that sounds silly, but your kindness gives me hope that there are genuine, kind, honest people in the world who would help me if I were in trouble. You came to my home and gave me something without expecting something back- I've never experienced that before. You deserve more than money. I hope you are treated as well as you treat others.”

    Susan of Gainesville Virginia

  • You are truly our miracle man... (2019)


    I thank God that He brought you into our lives when he did and you will forever be a part of our lives now, whether you want to be or not. You are truly our miracle man and "Ring Finder" and you will forever be in our hearts and minds. Thank you for having such a big heart!

    - Tammy of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

    You have no idea how thankful we all are for what you have done. You have a heart of GOLD and are one of the most thoughtful people I will ever meet. Thank you so much!! Bless you, Brian.

    - Morgan of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

  • He's an angel, inspirational, positive and a life saver! There's not enough words to best describe Brian! (2019)


    "As any young married man would do, I made a mistake. I went fishing and during a botched fishing rod cast, my wedding ring came off my finger. I jumped in the pond to try and save it but it was a failed attempt. After numerous hours of searching, I had the idea of searching for people that could maybe help me find my precious ring. I googled "ring finders". It led me to THE RING FINDERS and Mr. Brian Rudolph. I sent a text not thinking that I would get a reply and no more than 20 minutes later, I received a phone call. I stated my name and told him what happened and before I could finish, he said these words which I will never forget!

    “Your ring will be back on your finger tonight."

    I immediately broke down into tears on the phone. I never thought I was ever going to see my wedding band again. A few hours later and after a couple of phone calls back and forth, I met the man that I spoked to on the phone. An angel.

    He got set up as my small family watched. He got right to work and 10 minutes later he found my ring! It was unbelievable! This man saved my soul!

    There's so many more things that I could say about Brian but there wouldn't be enough lines on the paper. How can you describe someone that does what he does for others? He's an angel, inspirational, positive and a life saver! There's not enough words to best describe Brian!

    I could never ever thank him enough!"

    - Lazar W Cooper

    Taneytown, Maryland

  • We cannot thank Brian enough for finding my engagement ring (2019)


    I feel terrible that it has taken me this long to leave a review for Brian. I am Meg (the girl who lost her ring) and we cannot thank Brian enough. After multiple days in the terribly cold, snowy weather, Brian found my ring when I did not think it was possible. He never gave up, even when I had. He was not only amazing at his job, but he was seriously one of the nicest men I have ever met. We cannot thank Brian enough for finding my engagement ring and making my finger feel complete again! I cannot recommend him enough!!