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Lost Gold Cross Pendant 1000 Steps Beach in the City of Laguna Beach

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Jorge called Stan the Metal Detector Man member of TheRingFinders.. He needed help to find a very sentimental gold pendant lost in the sand.. if you need help call or text Stan ..949-500-2136


*** Jorge lost a gold cross pendant in the sand at 1000 Steps Beach which is in the city of Laguna Beach. Someone on the beach suggested that he contact me using TheRingfinders website. He called me telling me what happened. 

I told him, I could be at the location in less than an hour. Our chances were good if he stayed there to get me in the general area of the loss.Traffic was not bad which was a good thing. 

After descending a couple hundred steps, I met Jorge at the volleyball court. He showed me where his neckless had broken. After a few swings of my detector I got a faint signal. Put the sand scoop to retrieve the signal. BOOM! There was Jorge’s very sentimental gold cross, that had been given to him many years before by his mother.

It was a quick recovery and I was happy to be able to help him. It was a bit tough to climb those 222 steps to the top of the cliff.

If you’ve lost something important to you call a metal detecting specialist.. Stan the Metal Detector Man ready to help you now.. 949-500-2136 … I WILL TRY ANYWHERE 

Lost Three Pieces of Jewelry in the Surf at a Orange County Beach, CA. Recovered with Metal Detector.

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I can help you if you lost a ring or any jewelry in a place where a metal detector can be used.. Call or text ..Stan the Metal Detector Man … 949-500-2136

… Margret was kneeling in the surf near the Balboa Pier when a rouge wave hit her. After recovering from that wave she realized her gold chain with two pendants and a small gold ring were missing. These had been given to her by her father and very sentimental to her.

John, a family friend reached out to call me for help. We met on the beach as the tide was rising a half hour after the loss. Normally our best chance for a recovery is the next low tide. I like to meet as soon as possible to get the best shot at the location before the people leave the beach.

I did pull out my detector to search the incoming tide because there is always a chance the waves may push the items up the sandy slope. After a half hour working to waist deep water I was able to find the small gold ring. Margret was happy to have this ring as it was inscribed. I was able to tell her the lightweight pendants may be difficult to find as the backwash of the waves on this steep sloping beach can take it out of range for my equipment. 

I returned for the next two low tides and could not find the two pendants. Actually Margret told me the ring was the most important of the three pieces of jewelry. She had thought it was so small that a metal detector couldn’t find it. 

Sorry for the poor photos, I don’t carry a cellphone when I’m searching the surf. I stopped carrying my cellphone after dropping it in the surf while doing a search. ( I couldn’t recover my phone even though I realized it was missing a minute after dropping it) It happen a couple years ago  and it was an expensive search for me.

Irreplaceable Gold Pendant Found and Returned at 1000 Steps, Laguna Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)












If You need help call or text .. Stan the Metal Detector Man .. 949-500-2136

**  Roman had been surfing at 1000 Steps Beach in Laguna Beach, CA.. He had taken his gold chain and pendant off before surfing. When he returned to his towel on the beach, he went to put his necklace on. The chain slipped from his fingers and the pendant dropped in the sand. 

Unable to find the small gold pendant, Roman called me for help. When I arrived he told me this was a gift from his parents that they purchased in Italy. It was very important to him and irreplaceable. 

We had a small search area which helped to make it a quick recovery. It was a pleasure to help Roman find this very sentimental keepsake.. On to the next !

I am available to take a call now.. If you need to find out how this service works call me now.. I will try anywhere… Stan .. 949-500-2136

Avalon NJ Lost Rings Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)
Late one night, I received a call from Kim seeking assistance in locating two lost rings that held great sentimental value for Maddie. One of these rings was a gold piece gifted to Maddie by her mother, purchased during a trip to Italy. The other was a silver ring Maddie had bought recently. She had placed both rings on a beach chair in Avalon, New Jersey, but lost track of them afterward. We arranged to meet early the next morning.
With a general idea of where the beach chair might have been located, I began my search. Within just a few minutes, I successfully found one ring; a few moments later, the second ring emerged! This incredible start to the day in Avalon, NJ, brought Maddie immense joy as she was reunited with her cherished rings.
Click the link for more information and testimonials from other happy people who lost rings!

Wedding Ring Lost in sand while throwing football at Balboa Beach, CA.

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Newport Beach Ring Finder Stan Ross .. Mobile Metal Detecting Service .. Call or Text Now .. 949-500-2136

… Kristy and Ron spent the afternoon at Balboa Beach watching their son play flag football on the beach. After the game Ron’s son passed the football to him. Of course Ron passed it back to his son. At the same moment Ron’s wedding ring went flying into the sand disappearing immediately.

They spent quite awhile trying to find the ring with no success. They gave up as they had to drive home before dark. They were a few miles from the beach when Kristy found my contact information and called me. When I heard that they actually knew when and where the ring was lost, I told them it should be a short search if they could meet me . 

I told them I was 15 minutes from the location. They decided to turn around to meet me at the beach. After we met it took longer to walk across 150 yards of sand than it did to locate his wedding ring. They were very grateful to have their original wedding band back. It was a ring he has worn for decades.

If you have lost something that is important to you. Call or text me at 949-500-2136 … I can answer any questions you may have about my recovery service. Available to help you 24/7 .. Stan the Metal Detector Man

Lost Wedding Ring in Car Recovered Using Endoscope Camera by Member of TheRingFinders

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I find lost jewelry, if you need help call as soon as possible.. Stan Ross .. 949-500-2136
… Monique called asking if I could help her find her wedding ring lost in her Toyota Tacoma truck. She told me that her wedding ring set was put on the dash of her vehicle, while applying hand lotion. She was in the driver’s seat and parked in the driveway of her residence. Both rings slid towards the windshield. The wedding ring disappeared, but she was able to recover the engagement ring. 

She believed it must have dropped into the heater / defrost vents in the dashboard. Monique works where they have mechanics that had tried to help her locate the ring. They removed some trim but were unsuccessful locating the small diamond ring. 

After discussing what had happened, I felt that my endoscope cameras may help me to locate her ring. We set up a time and day that was convenient for her for me to search her vehicle. Some of the trim that the mechanic had removed gave me access under the speaker and into defrost/ heater vents. I don’t normally remove seats or trim. There are so many little hiding places in cars.

After a hour of probing the 5mm camera head into the dash. Boom! .. the ring showed up. It was 3” or 4” down in a small hole at the left corner up against the windshield. Very difficult to access for attempting a retrieval. Finding an ring in a car is one thing, but recovering it without dismantling the dash, etc. can take forever. 

After several car searches I have many special tools for retrieving items in cars. I used a medical grasping device that is flexible. I could only use the camera to see the ring and guide the grasping device latch onto the ring. Successful recovery of Monique’s original wedding ring. She was very happy to have her ring back where it belongs.

Metal Detector Man available to help you now.. Member of TheRingFinders .. I WILL TRY ANYWHERE .. Call ASAP … Stan  949-500-2136

Successful Car Search for Diamond Engagement Ring Using a Endoscope Camera.. Ontario, California

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If you need help call or text Stan the Metal Detector Man.. 949-500-2136

*** Eniola was desperate to find her diamond engagement ring , lost in her car a week before celebrating the first year anniversary since her fiancé proposed. She was very emotional when she contacted me. I took the time to find out that she had put it in a sunglass holder attached to the rear view mirror. 

When she reached up to get her ring, it fell from the rear view mirror into the front seat area. She definitely heard it hit something solid. After telling her the metal detectors do not work inside cars but I have endoscope cameras to search inside cars. These small rings can find many nooks and crannies to hide. They also move around as the car is driven. Searching with a endoscope camera is tedious and I can’t alway feel that I didn’t miss the lost ring.  Having a mechanic to remove seats, etc. can be an alternative but could be expensive. 

She agreed to meet me that afternoon to do a search. The car was a 2014 Dodge Charger. I began a quick search of the passenger side as Eniola believed that where the ring fell. Some of the carpets and trim had been pulled up during her search of the interior. After the first 30 minutes I moved over to the driver’s side for another quick scan. Not successful, it was a general scan. Eniola was had a look of doubt on her face. I told her I was about to get serious. I went back to the passenger side telling her I was starting this as a new search.

It only took 15 minutes into the new search to see the ring deep into the seat cover. The ring found its way trough the safety belt latch hole into the upholstery. It never reached the floor of the car.

I called her over to look at the picture of my endoscope and she broke out into tears of joy. Later Eniola told me she never cries. We were both overwhelmed. It took another 15 minutes to retrieve the ring without tearing into the upholstery. A special search for sure. These searches are not as easy as metal detecting a yard, beach or park..  

I Will Try Anywhere… Call or Text ASAP  .. 949-500-2136

Man Loses Wedding Band in Washington DC Park While Playing Ball with Dog…Found

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Charlie’s 18 karat white gold wedding band which professional ring finder, Brian Rudolph, recovered for his client after 4 hours of metal detecting in Washington DC park.

Charlie excitedly holds up his irreplaceable wedding band that was lost while throwing an oversized tennis ball to his dog. Hope came his way when he called member of THE RING FINDERS, Brian Rudolph!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Charlie threw an oversized tennis ball to his dog at a park in Washington DC. During one of his throws, he lost his 18 karat white gold wedding band which slipped off of his finger as Charlie’s hand moved forward. The proud canine owner searched for the missing keepsake for hours along with the help of 15 other people who were walking their dogs in the same vicinity at the time of the band’s disappearance.

Later on that same night, Charlie returned to the park with a flashlight and searched for his wedding band for another couple of hours. Sadly, all of his efforts still led to no avail.

The next day, during daylight, again the distraught young man continued his attempts to recover the irreplaceable jewel by raking leaves all over the park to try to locate the ring. Still, there was no ring to be found. Charlie began thinking that maybe somebody had already picked it up, so he started posting signs around the area.

When Charlie got back to his place late that night, he contacted me after somebody in the park recommended THE RING FINDERS – an elite international directory of metal detectorists. That individual had utilized the service of a professional ring finder somewhere else in the world. We set up the appointment to come out the very next day.

At 7:30 a.m. the next morning, I wheeled all of my equipment over to the section of the park where I would be meeting up with Charlie. As soon as my client arrived, he showed me where he was standing and how he threw the tennis ball over to his beloved four-legged friend at the moment when Charlie’s band flew off of his finger. Then, I led us in a prayer to the Lord to help me become a ring hero for my client. Soon after I got right to work.

Charlie thought that he saw his ring move forward and to the right. I told him that people’s recollections can be quite different than where these « little guys » actually end up. I shared that many times the the ring ends up behind the person rather than it propelling forward.

During my four hour metal detecting search, I laid down grid line tapes and covered an area that was 100 feet by 65 feet. People walking in the park probably thought there was some crime investigation going on! Indeed I take my work very seriously! Diligently, I metal detected the entire area of that section of the park.

As the hours progressed, I could tell that my client was giving up hope by the minute. He was certain that I would have found it by that time period. However, I explained to him that doing a search like this could take many hours and that doing a detailed grid search like this one will absolutely not miss an inch of territory. He was worried that someone had eyeballed his special little treasure and carried away forevermore. I told him to remain hopeful.

Towards the end of the four hour mark, I am happy to share that I did in fact recover Charlie’s very handsome 18 karat white gold wedding band! My metal detector picked up the ring’s precious metal signal out in the grass, under some leaves exactly 35 feet on a diagonal right angular path behind where Charlie threw the tennis ball! So not only did the left hand go back and release the ring behind Charlie, but it went over 10 yards to the right of the very perplexed dog owner! Just like I said to him before I started the search, sometimes these rings end up behind the client and not in front or to the sides of where they were standing.

I could not have been more excited when I saw that nice sized silver looking halo just sitting under the leaves and grass waiting to be discovered and returned to its rightful owner!

Charlie couldn’t believe where I found his sentimental keepsake! The two of us gave thanks to the Lord for helping me become a ring hero for my client! Charlie was so grateful that my faith, my unrelenting attitude to find missing jewelry and my years of expertise with finding lost rings led me to the unraveling of this very curious ring loss mystery!


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Woman Loses Four Diamond Rings…Found a Week Later With Help from Ring Finder in Frederick, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Megan’s four diamond rings found in her Patagonia fleece jacket after ring finder Brian Rudolph guided the distraught young lady to search other specific places in our house, including her walk-in closet and checking all coat and jacket pockets.

Megan extremely happy and relieved that her four precious diamond rings were back where they had once belonged shortly after member of THE RING FINDERS, Brian Rudolph, shared his advice and wisdom as to where the couple should continue searching for the rings.

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

I received a call from a fellow named Josh who was very concerned about the loss of his wife’s four diamond rings: There was an engagement ring consisting of an 18 karat yellow gold band with diamonds inset down both sides of the band and a 1.25 carat diamond with a halo of diamonds encircling the center solitaire stone of the ring. Secondly, a wedding ring consisting of an 18 karat yellow gold band with multiple medium size diamonds encircling half way around. Thirdly, an anniversary ring consisting of an 18 karat yellow gold band with multiple petite size diamonds. And lastly, an accent love ring consisting of an 18 karat yellow gold band with 7 baguette diamonds encircling the ring.

The couple was completely crushed over the loss of these rings because the jewelry meant everything to them. Like all special rings, they represent the love between two people and the irreplaceable moments in time when perfect love is expressed in the giving of these « symbols of love ».

After a week went by without being able to find the four rings anywhere in the couple’s SUV, on their lawn, in the garbage, and in their house, they really started to worry. Josh and Megan were selling their house and they hoped that the real estate agent or the house stager didn’t have anything to do with the disappearance of the jewelry. There was no way of telling and because of that it was a tremendous preoccupation especially for Megan who felt so guilty about losing the rings.

At some point, Josh went online and searched for help. He found THE RING FINDERS website, an international directory of metal detectorists who specialize in finding lost rings and other items of value. The desperate man called me immediately to discuss the disappearance of the four rings and how I might be able to help the couple in recovering the lost items.

I was so happy to talk with the couple that was obviously distressed and desperate to find the diamond rings. During the hour and a half conversation, as always, I asked every question imaginable in order to get a perfect understanding of all of the places that Megan had been and all of her actions leading up to the disappearance of the jewelry. I was conducting an investigation and there wasn’t a single question that I held back. In dealing with situations like this one, a professional ring finder like me tries to climb into that couple’s world and then attempts to hypothesize what might have happened to the missing items.

When I received all of the answers to my inquiries, I gave Megan some suggestions as to where she should search based on the information that she had given me. Two highlighted areas that I strongly recommended Megan to check and double check were her walk-in closet and any jackets and coats that she may have missed looking in or that she forgot that she had been wearing the day that the rings went missing. Even though the young lady was very confident of what she was wearing and what she had already searched, Megan was still willing to do what I suggested just to make certain that she hadn’t missed anything.

Even while we were on the phone all that time talking, my potential client was already looking through the house and checking various places that I had suggested that she should carefully examine. I was extremely proud of her willingness to be guided by my experience and wisdom when it comes to conducting in-house searches. We all agreed that if the couple had no success finding the rings in the next few days (after focusing on the areas that I suggested for them to investigate), I would then come out to their place that Friday and conduct my own in-house search, lawn scan and vehicle check.

Before we got off the phone, I asked if the couple would join me in a prayer, asking the Lord to guide the two of them in their hunt for their very special keepsakes. I generally invite such prayers because I believe that God delights in objects that represent the covenant of marriage and symbols of betrothal. Why is this? Because it was God Himself who designed and instituted marriage and the betrothal step towards marriage. So why shouldn’t I believe that God will show favor to those who are faithful to uphold such covenants and promises and who desire to want to find such important irreplaceable symbols?!

After we finished praying over the phone, I told Megan, « I look forward to you calling me back with many tears of joy the moment that you find your beloved rings! I hope that I don’t even have to come out on Friday so that your nightmare will end much sooner than that! » Both Megan and Josh we’re quite encouraged by my words and our prayer time together. However, they admittedly expressed their continual skepticism based on the fact that the rings had not turned up for nearly a week after diligently searching everywhere. I just told them to remain in faith and to check the places that I recommended them to focus on.

To my delight, no more than 15 minutes after we all got off the phone, I received a call from the elated couple! The kind of excitement and joy that I witnessed hearing on the other end of the line was beyond measure! Megan was crying uncontrollably and Josh could not believe what had transpired! There is no accurate way to describe what had happened other than it being a true miracle of God!

This is what took place fifteen minutes before I had initially gotten off the phone with my clients: Megan went into her walk-in closet as I instructed her earlier to do. I told her to « doubt her doubts » as to where she thought the rings could “not” have ended up and to then check those very places – especially jackets and coats. So, with that advice, Megan went through boxes of winter clothes that she had packed up in the last week which would soon be transported to their new house in Pennsylvania. Those containers would not have been reopened until the following winter a year later. When the young lady inspected the clothing, one of the cold weather belongings happened to be her Patagonia fleece jacket. Immediately, Megan realized that she had worn that particular garment sometime during the previous week. Next, in following my advice to check and recheck all coat and jacket pockets, Megan placed one of her hands inside the left pocket and lo and behold…there they were! All four diamond rings could be felt by all five elated fingers of the desperate young lady! At that moment she was in complete disbelief! Apparently, Megan had forgotten that that particular jacket was quickly thrown on to wear as she went down the stairs while running late for daycare drop off. The ring would have taken a few seconds to put on, so the hurried mother thought to save time by planning to slip the rings on while walking the children out to her vehicle. Of course, that never happened… Megan completely forgot to put her rings back on and they remained in the pocket of the fleece jacket until that night when the couple contacted me. It was all so surreal! The tears began to flow from Megan’s eyes the moment that she realized that she wasn’t dreaming. Then the couple would soon embrace with much happiness and with a tremendous flow of emotional relief!

I couldn’t have been happier for the couple! Megan and Josh could not stop thanking me and telling me how unbelievable the whole experience was for them! They said that they wouldn’t have discovered the rings until a year later when Megan would once again wear her Patagonia jacket during the following winter up in Pennsylvania! The two expressed endless words of gratitude for my assistance and I could only humbly give the glory back to God! All of us rejoiced together on the phone as we gave thanks to the Lord for answering our joint prayer! I was so happy that I could be helpful to the couple in bringing such a dramatic and horrifying week to a conclusion through offering some of my best in-house ring finding advice and wisdom to Megan and Josh! It really was a very special moment for me that I will truly never forget!


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How to Find My Ring at a Volleyball Court .. Irvine, California

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)














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… Raghu and his friends meet once a week to play volleyball at Deerfield Park in Irvine, CA. He has never had any problem with his wedding ring being lose or slipping off his finger. 

The day before contacting me he had been playing volleyball with his friends and he felt his gold wedding ring slip off his finger disappearing in the sand. He and his friends searched for it without success. He went home that evening discouraged about the loss. It bothered so much that he got in his car at 10pm that night and drove 25 miles to search again. It was frustrating because he knew it was in a 10ft.x 10ft. area. That search was unsuccessful.

The next morning he contacted me giving me the details. He was not able to meet me at the location but after hearing how the loss occurred, I felt it wasn’t necessary for him to leave his work place. 

He did send me a couple photos of the location which helped me get to the exact volleyball court. When I arrived the group that just finished their game session told me of the loss. I told them, I had already talked to Raghu. A few minutes later I was able to find the ring while the group of volleyball players witnessed the recovery. 

Raghu and his wife met me that evening at a public location. They were very appreciative asking me to share stories of other recoveries. We had a very enjoyable visit. It was my pleasure to help such a nice couple find their very special wedding ring. Words don’t explain the feelings that happen when you help someone find a ring.


If you need help or advice on how to find your sentimental keepsake, feel free to call or text me anytime… Stan the Metal Detector Man … Available Now … 949-500-2136