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Spider Web Causes Ring Loss…Found by Ring Finder in Berlin, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Bianca’s lovely diamond engagement ring successfully returned to her finger following the help of a member of THE RING FINDERS directory, Brian Rudolph.

Nick and Bianca celebrating the recovery of one of their most beloved material possessions…Bianca’s irreplaceable 14 karat white gold diamond engagement ring!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

I received a call from a distressed young couple in Berlin, Maryland (located on the eastern shore, not far from Ocean City, Maryland). Bianca lost her beautiful new 14 karat white gold .75 carat diamond engagement ring somewhere outside near the front of their house. She had only been engaged for a very short while and already the precious symbol of love went missing!

Bianca and Nick were coming home from a night out when all of a sudden Bianca walked into a huge spider web on their front porch near the entrance to their home! She screamed and with the quick jerking of the young lady’s hand, instantly her loose diamond ring went flying off of her finger!

The couple looked for the missing ring in the middle of the night for more than an hour. With no happy results, Bianca and Nick turned in for the night and decided to continue the search the following day. Unfortunately, while Bianca was at work, Nick spent much of the day hunting for the sentimental keepsake and yet…still… nothing turned up.

During that afternoon, the landscaping crew came by to cut the grass and Nick was so hoping that the ring had not been either chopped up by the mower or picked up by the workers.

When Bianca returned home from work all to find out that her « runaway » ring was still at large, the couple took to the internet and that’s when they found THE RING FINDERS – an elite international directory of metal detectorists that specialize in finding lost rings and just about everything else made of metal! I was contacted shortly thereafter.

After the couple explained the situation to me over the phone, I immediately packed up my vehicle as I concluded another search and headed 3 hours eastward towards the Atlantic coast, to Berlin, Maryland.

When I arrived at the couple’s property later that night, they were so very grateful that I made that long journey to help them solve this mystery. Bianca reenacted the whole spider web encounter and how she reacted and then I immediately got to work.

I first metal detected the left side of the couple’s front steps, scanning parallel with the flower beds that were in front of the long porch. When I found nothing, I detected the right side of the steps and within a minute or so, there hidden in the shallow grass and clover, I picked up the perfect signal! My detector indicated that I may have found a piece of white gold…and it was! I did it! I had successfully recovered Bianca’s beautiful lost diamond engagement ring! It was only a few feet away from the right side of the front porch steps! What the human eye was unable to see, my reliable machine was capable of detecting the very special « MIA » piece of jewelry that Bianca and Nick so desperately wanted to reclaim!

I was so happy for the engaged couple! The two of them were beyond grateful that this ring finder that they found online was willing to drive all that distance and time in order to solve the mystery of the disappearing ring and to put both of their hearts to rest after a very stressful 24 hours!


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Lost Engagement Ring in Chesapeake Bay Three Days After Proposal…Found by Ring Finder Brian Rudolph

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Recovered from the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay by ring finder, Brian Rudolph: Madeleine’s exquisite 14 karat white gold engagement ring with a triple diamond set accompanied by additional accent diamonds mounted on either side of the band. And secondly, a sterling silver ring with multiple stones embedded around the band which temporarily held Madeleine’s « betrothal » jewel in place.

Madeleine and Matt were beyond excited that their nightmare was finally over now that THE RING FINDERS’ member, Brian Rudolph was able to successfully recover the amazing diamond ring from the Chesapeake Bay! The newly engaged young lady of only three days (when the ring was first lost) could not have been more grateful to God and for Brian’s expertise.

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Madeleine was proposed to by her college sweetheart Matt up in the Boston, Massachusetts area. He tried to make the proposal really special by taking his girl to a Boston Red Socks game where he had originally planned to pop the question while sitting in the well sought after « Green Monster » seating section in the ball field.

Note: The Green Monster offers a view that very few people ever experience and an electrifying connection with history. The famed left field wall is the perfect spot for socializing, networking and especially for proposals!

Unfortunately, the Socks didn’t do so well on the field that day and Matt decided to keep the special jewel box in his pocket just a little bit longer. He figured that he had already spent 2 years searching for the perfect ring for his beloved, so he wasn’t about to get down on one knee under such sad circumstances at the ball park. Instead, the young man who was deeply in love decided to wait for another opportune time to ask his princess the big question. Eventually, after a night out with friends, Matt made the monumental move and asked Madeleine the golden question in the couple’s kitchen. Happiness filled the air that evening and the young lady was awe struck by the triple diamond spread on the bridge of the engagement ring along with additional diamonds mounted on either side of the band! It was absolutely exquisite!

The timing of the proposal could not have been more perfect as it coincided with a large family trip down to Queen Anne, Maryland, located right on the Chesapeake Bay. I believe there were about 16 people who stayed on the beautiful estate overlooking the gorgeous view of the water. It was a perfect vacation planned for much fun and partying – not only for the relatives and friends of both Matt and Madeleine, but also an appropriate time for everyone to celebrate the newly engaged couple!

Unfortunately, soon after the couple started having their fun out on Maryland’s lovely Chesapeake Bay, something terribly wrong happened…Madeleine lost her irreplaceable diamond engagement ring out in the water, along with another ring that was suppose to keep the engagement ring on Madeline’s finger (the couple did not have enough time to resize the band before their trip to Maryland).

It turned out that while Madeleine, Matt and a bunch of others were playing volleyball in the water, the sterling silver « security » ring slipped off of the newly engaged young lady’s finger, which caused the gorgeous diamond ring that Matt proposed to Madeleine with 3 days earlier to slide off as well and disappear down into the water and silt below. At some point, Madeleine looked at her hand and with great remorse, she saw no jewelry on her finger! She couldn’t believe what had happened! The poor young lady had only wore the band for 3 days prior to it being lost in the Chesapeake Bay! Madeleine was devastated and she felt horrible for what had just happened. Though Matt was very disappointed, he kept a very positive and calm frame of mind during the whole dramatic ordeal.

That afternoon, for several hours, many family members searched for the lost engagement ring but sadly there was no recovery to be had. The next day, more people joined in the hunt, including a couple of very young family members (one of which owned a toy metal detector that was utilized to try to find the ring in the water). That too turned out to be a failed attempt. Later on, the couple was able to rent a metal detector from a shop in the area, however, it wasn’t waterproof and the machine was giving off all kinds of erratic signals that made no sense to the users. Dozens of hours of searching were expended by all of the vacationers and yet with all of their valiant efforts to find the lost ring, nothing turned up in the end.

It was so sad for the family and friends to watch poor Madeleine continue to enter the water, always trying something new to see if she could recover her one-and-only engagement ring from the bay. The young lady would take a strainer out into the bay and with great innocence she tried her best to scoop up pockets of silt with the hope of finding Matt’s very special betrothal gift to her. Unfortunately, there were no happy results.

With all of the many recovery attempts made over the next several days by all sixteen guests, no one could find the lost jewelry. Yet, in the midst of great dispair, a new light of hope would soon appear onto the scene! Madeleine stayed calm and poised during the whole ordeal and she decided to look online to see if she could locate an expert metal detectorist that might be able to help her. It turned out that she did find such a great source of assistance…THE RING FINDERS!

As soon as the desperate newly engaged young lady searched for a ring finder on the detectorist directory who deals with special recoveries in water on the Maryland Eastern Shore, Madeleine found my profile information and immediately contacted me.

I was excited to take the 3 hour trip to Queen Anne, Maryland to help Madeleine and Matt recover the lost jewelry. I vividly remember my client on the phone sounding as if she had a new sense of hope and relief just by what I told her that I could add to the search efforts. I couldn’t wait to get there!

When I arrived in the area, it was evening time and the sky was filled with strikes of lightning. Madeleine and I talked on the phone and we both agreed that it was best to wait until morning when the weather would be safer. I stayed overnight in the local town and prepared to arrive out on the water the next morning.

I met up with the newly engaged couple early in the day. The property where they were staying was simply beautiful! The calm water and long private dock out back made the entire scene absolutely picture perfect! They showed me where Madeleine moved about in the water during that one afternoon when the two rings were lost. I asked many questions just to be certain that I had all of the facts before I formed my plan of action.

As soon as I was updated with all of the details, I knew I had to focus on two main areas. One, I needed to search over by the boat lift area where Madeleine retrieved the ball once or twice. Two, the second section was the largest area of water to metal detect which was a 50 foot by 40 foot square section that was parallel to the wooden pier. It was where Madeleine and the others were predominantly playing when my client noticed that her precious keepsake along with the other ring had vanished from her finger.

I made no promises to the couple that I would recover the rings, but I did share that with God’s help all things are possible. The reason I said this was because I didn’t know how much metal content was down in the water. That would determine whether I was looking for the very small treasure in the midst of very large metal « haystack ».

After checking the conditions of the water (which were absolutely perfect) and praying to God with the couple for much success, I returned to my car to gather up all of my gear to bring down to the water’s edge.

I believe the search lasted about an hour and a half. I metal detected all around the boat lift area and there was nothing but miscellaneous metal to be discovered. I then set up a water grid search pattern and scanned section by section, lane by lane, pulling up out of the water every potential target to be identified. At the bottom of the bay I found various non ferrous objects such as: coins, pull tabs, bottle caps and other random pieces of metal. Then, at some point, as I was half way across a particular grid lane, I picked up a very encouraging signal. I was almost certain that I had found Madeleine’s one-of-a-kind engagement ring. As it turned out…it in fact was the very special piece of jewelry that I had been searching for! I was simply elated for the couple! That special betrothal piece was exquisite in design! Matt did an awesome job searching for his future bride’s perfect ring!

Not far from where I scooped up the engagement ring, I recovered the sterling silver ring as well! I couldn’t have been happier for Madeleine and Matt now that all of the jewelry had been accounted for! It was only a matter of minutes before I experienced the excitement of revealing the wonderful news with my clients! They were simply overjoyed! We celebrated together out on the back porch and also gave thanks to God for favoring me with the search efforts!

Prior to the loss of the diamond ring, Madeleine only had three days to wear and stare at that precious keepsake! But now, the happy fiance was reunited with her princess piece which was properly placed back on Madeleine’s finger where it would be celebrated and enjoyed for a lifetime ahead!

I am very happy to share that that irreplaceable jewel that I was able to recover for the couple would soon be greeted by yet another band that would forever keep it company…yes, the wedding ring!


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Lost Wedding Band While Playing Church Youth Volleyball…Found in Fairfax, Virginia

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Kristo’s priceless 14 karat yellow gold classic wedding band that went missing somewhere on his church’s property…found on the grassy volleyball court by ring finder and proud member of THE RING FINDERS, Brian Rudolph.

Kristo shows off his wedding band that professional metal detectorist Brian Rudolph had successfully recovered on the Redeeming Grace Church’s outdoor volleyball court!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Kristo is a full time youth pastor at Redeeming Grace Church in Fairfax, Virginia. He was playing a game of volleyball with his church’s youth group when he realized his 14 karat yellow gold classic wedding band was missing from his finger. In the 4 years that he had been married, Kristo had never taken the band off. However, because his fingers were sweaty and he had recently lost a little weight, the very special « symbol of his marriage covenant » apparently went MIA.

The teenagers that were there that afternoon all pitched in and tried to find the missing ring. Twelve of them linked arms together (like a search and rescue team) and sifted across each of the sides of the volleyball court. However, sadly, there was no ring to be found.

At some point the next day, Kristo was told by a colleague about the THE RING FINDERS website – an international directory of metal detectorists who are experts in finding lost rings. He called me on the phone and we immediately set up a time for me to come to his church and help recover Kristo’s lost wedding band.

Once I arrived, my client showed me where he had been playing volleyball and also another area where Kristo had been having some fun with his youth group. Next, we said a prayer to the Lord, asking the Almighty to help me with recovering this very important « symbol of love » for my client. I then got out my metal detecting equipment and immediately got started with the search over by the outdoor volleyball court.

After laying down grid lanes in order to help me not miss an inch, I started to detect one side of the court. I am happy to share that I eventually discovered Kristo’s very handsome 14 karat yellow gold classic wedding band! If one were to face the net from the left side of the court, the jewel was hidden below the grass over by the far left end of the court, almost where the net was tied to the pole!

I could not have been happier for Kristo and that youth pastor could not have been happier for himself as well because he called my metal detecting service in Fairfax, Virginia once he found THE RING FINDERS website! The rest was all praises to God and glorifying the King of Kings and Lord of Lords for guiding me to help Kristo that day!


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Unique Two Gold Wedding Ring! Lost Bonaventure Industrial Park, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Ashley called this morning requesting my service to locate her husband’s wedding ring which he lost yesterday while at work.  Ashley gave me Nick, her husband’s cell phone so I called Nick and asked him a few questions.  I agreed to search and told him I would be there within a ½ hour.

Nick showed me where the ring could be.  He was opening a gate and felt the ring slip of his finger and ended up in the snow. The temperature yesterday was -28 Celsius.  This morning Temperature was a cool -32 with a windshield of -40 Celsius.

Nick had searched the area but could not find his ring.  It was apparent that a truck had driven over the ring and buried it.  I had a hard time to dig the ring out of the frozen packed snow.

Nick was very happy to have the ring back on his finger and he told me the ring was very sentimental to him as the ring belonged to his late father and his wife’s late Stepfather.  They had been welded together.

Thank you Ashley and Nick for allowing me to locate your Unique ring.

Lost wedding ring in grass, Palm Coast, Florida…..Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful time to get together with your family and celebrate all the things we have to be thankful for! Tanner and his wife were enjoying a relaxing afternoon at his sisters home and decided to play a little baseball in the backyard with the nephews. They got out the baseball gloves and right away Tanner noticed that his glove fit sort of tight on his hand. After an hour or so it was time to eat and it was then that he realized his wedding ring was not on his finger. So the first place he looked was in the glove he had been wearing–and no ring! Part of the time they had used the glove as a base so they searched around the area where it was on the ground—and no ring there either! They tried raking the grass to see if they could spot it using that method and after a while they realized how hard it was going to be to find such a small item! Someone even brought out a cheaper model metal detector and it just seemed to beep all the time and left them even more frustrated.

Two days later Tanner’s sister, Hilary, went online and found « » and decided to give me a call. I met Tanner and some of the family members there at Hilary’s home and they showed me the area in the back yard where they played and where most of the action took place. I set up my small flags and started doing my usual grid search, slowly going back and forth trying to cover every inch of the yard so as not to miss Tanner’s lost ring. Right away I detected various targets, mostly deeper items that were lost months or possibly years ago. I was looking for a recent drop which should be just below the blades of grass or maybe pressed into the dirt ever so slightly. Ten minutes into my search I got a choppy signal, reading 4 to 6 inches deep that really did not sound like what I was looking for. Still I had to be sure and as I parted the grass with the toe of my boot….I caught a glimpse of something black and round! Bingo!! I motioned to Tanner to come over and check out what I had found and he was super surprised and very relieved to see his lost wedding ring hiding in the grass and so close to where they all had spent so much time looking!

What an honor and privilege it was to be able to help find and return his lost ring!
Lost something recently and need my help?
Call ASAP or text…321-363-6029

How to find a lost ring with a metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Central Florida Ringfinder…Mike McInroe…Ring recovery Specialist and Metal detecting Service! Call ASAP, Anytime. 321-363-6029

What is the first thing you do when you lose a ring? You mark the exact spot where you lost it or as close as possible, then you contact myself or one of the ring finders in your area!

Ken was working in his yard, doing yard work and cleaning out his swimming pool, and covered quite an area while doing so. When he came into the house and while washing his hands he realized his wedding ring was missing. He told me he has worn his ring for the last 7 years and he was desperately wanting to find it!

When I arrived at his home I was met by Ken and his dear wife and their little son. He showed me around his back yard indicating where he had done certain jobs, like draining the large hose for his pool, picking up debris here and there and where he had worked on his pool filter system. I began by systematically working my way around the yard trying to thoroughly cover each area! Earlier Ken had indicated where he unrolled and rerolled a large flat hose and that grassy area was where Ken’s lost wedding ring was hiding! Ken and his wife were thrilled to have their token of love back on Ken’s finger where it belonged and I was privileged to be involved in that awesome reunion! Again I said a prayer to my heavenly Father for helping me find Ken’s lost wedding ring!

Give me a call or text me ASAP and let me help you find what you have lost!

Mike McInroe….delighted to be a member of

Lost gold ring at Daytona Beach, Florida….Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Central Florida ring finder…Mike McInroe…Ring recovery specialist/Metal detecting service, call ASAP, anytime…321-363-6029

Brandon was enjoying the hot sun and warm waters with his family and everything was going great until the chain around his neck broke and a very special ring that was attached fell into the churning Atlantic surf! This special gold wedding ring was a gift that belonged to his deceased grandmother and something that Brandon cherished very, very much! He was heart broken and extremely upset with himself for not remembering to take the chain off before going into the water. (The best thing would have been to leave it at home or in his vehicle!). Allot of people think they will not lose their ring or chain because it has never just come off before and say to themselves, « What could possibly happen? ».

Thankfully Brandon was quite sure of the area where he was standing when he lost his precious ring! The following day I arrived just before low tide and marked out an area with my flags and began my grid search. Brandon and his wife watched for a while as I made my way in and out of the surf and I am sure they were anxious to see if I would uncover his ring. I dug a few targets here and there, the usual coin or two and a pull tab. Brandon was getting ready to leave in his vehicle to get their kids when I motioned for him to check out what I had just dug! Overjoyed and with tears in his eyes he confirmed that my last target was indeed his grandmothers lost gold wedding ring! With tears in my own eyes I said a silent prayer to thank my heavenly Father for helping me find and return Brandon’s lost ring!

Mike McInroe…Blessed to be a member of

Lost wedding ring in grass, Longwood, Florida….found with a metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Marybeth was playing with her children in the back yard throwing water balloons and as she raised her hand to catch one that was thrown in her direction it hit her in the left palm just right and knocked her precious wedding ring right off of her finger. She actually felt her ring come off and immediately she began to look in the grass around her. Unfortunately the type of grass was our famous St. Augustine grass that is super thick and is known to swallow up rings and the like!
She spent a few hours on her hands and knees looking and feeling through the grass desperately hoping to find her lost ring. Realizing the futility of trying to spot it with her eyes she began thinking that maybe a metal detector would be the proper tool for the job. Her first thought was to see if there was somewhere that would rent her a metal detector for the day and after typing « Metal Detector Rental » on her phone….up popped « » website and one of my stories!
Later that day I met Marybeth and she showed me the exact spot where she was standing and it only took a few swings of my Garrett AT Max metal detector and Bingo!!! What a privilege it was to help Marybeth find her lost ring!

Have you lost something and need my help? Call or text me ASAP….I am only a call away!

Mike McInroe….so thankful to be a member of

Man’s Yellow Gold Wedding Band Lost in the Sand, Found and Returned Ocean Isle, NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

This ring search started with a phone call from Brock saying he lost his wedding band in the sand on Ocean Isle Beach. He wanted to know if I could help find it. I told him I could be there in 30 minutes. Since it was Sunday, I knew the beach would be crowded with no place to park. I asked him if I could park in his driveway, and he responded yes. I then asked him to text me the address and I was on my way.

When I got to his house, I called him, and he came out to meet me. We walked down to the beach, and he showed me the area where he lost his ring. He had been playing Spikeball and when he reached for the ball, he felt his ring fly off his finger. This is one of those searches you dream about. I turned my Deus II on, literally took 2 steps and got a loud and clear 70 on the VDI (visual display indicator). I took a small scoop of sand, had the target in the scoop and shook the excess sand out and saw his gold ring. I held out the scoop for Brock to retrieve his ring. It took him a couple of seconds to see it amongst some shells but when he did see it, his face lit up.

Brock and Payton – Thank you for trusting me and The Ring Finders to help find your lost treasure. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.



Lost class ring, Found 22 years later, Sanford, Florida….and returned to owner!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

A friend of ours told me about her lost diamond engagement ring and said it could have been dropped some where around the house that they used to live in, 20 some years ago! She had a sneaking suspicion that maybe one of her boys had gotten a hold of it and miss placed it either inside the house or maybe dropped it some where outside of the house in the yard…possibly! And since they only moved just across the street it has been easy access to the house and yard for the occasional metal detecting. I had started around the front of the house checking every signal that sounded off in the small gold ring range and I dug plenty of foil, pull tabs and pieces of construction aluminum from when the house was built. Next I went along a small grassy area between the houses and got a strong signal that just begged to be dug up! Four inches down I uncovered a large class ring of someone who graduated in the year 2000. The school name indicated a small Christian school that is no longer functioning but my own children attended that very school back in the day! So I asked around and found the parents of the young man who lost his ring and sure enough….while living in that house he had lost his ring shortly after graduating! I always get a thrill when I find a ring in the ground but it brings special joy when that ring has information on it that helps me return it to the rightful owner. In this case I called one of the parents and asked them about their son and his lost class ring and sure enough, he had lost it shortly after his graduation.

Have you lost something recently or maybe years ago and need help? Try calling or texting myself or one of the many members of! Go to the website directory and find someone close to you! You’ll be glad you did!

Mike McInroe….honored to be a member of