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Lost wedding ring in the grass, Orlando, Florida….Found with a metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

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I received a text from Marcia wanting to know if I could possibly help her find her lost wedding ring in the grass in front of her business. I answered immediately with a few questions of my own…like what were you doing when you lost your ring? And when did this happen and did you actually feel it come off? Marcia responded saying she felt it come off and knows the exact area where she was standing when that happened and I assured her that it should be easy enough to find her lost ring? There are times when trying to locate a lost ring that it can be very difficult and the answers to all my questions help me determine the likely hood and possibilities of actually finding it. Marcia was thrilled to hear that I could come out the following day and conduct a thorough search.

After meeting Marcia and hearing the details of how she lost her ring I began my search. She said her ring was loose and on the small side…a size 5 to be exact and made of white gold. It took about 10 minutes to cover the small target area and I thought I had checked thoroughly every target that rang up in the small gold range but I was not able to find her lost ring. So I expanded the search area thinking that maybe it flew further than what we first calculated…and still I came up with no ring. This prompted me to grid search the same target area again only this time going perpendicular to my original search. I again checked every obvious and some « not so obvious » targets and then..BEEP, BEEP! A reading of « 44 » on my ATMax, Garrett metal detector in ZERO Mode indicated a good, shallow signal and there was Marcia’s lost wedding ring just hiding down in the grass. I wondered how I actually missed it the first time but the most important thing was…that we found it! I left it right there in the grass and had Marcia come and look where it had landed and we marveled at how easily it had vanished in the grass! After 27 years of married life she was able to wear her ring without that sinking feeling of having lost it. It truly is an honor to help those in need of theringfinders unique services and I thank God for leading me to Marcia’s lost ring and for the opportunity to be a blessing in her life.

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Lost Rings in the grass, Orlando, Florida….Found with Metal Detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Mike’s Emergency Metal Detecting Service just for you if you lost a ring or something precious to you. Don’t wait until tomorrow because time will work against you! Please call ASAP…Call Now…321-363-6029

Gabi called me to ask if I was available to help her find some lost rings. She and her fiancee had spent an evening enjoying some of the Orlando Florida attractions and as they were walking back to their car they had a disagreement and Gabi’s engagement ring and her fiancee’s ring ended up lost in the thick saint Augustine grass! They spent the rest of the evening and into the dark searching for their rings..and even went back the next day! Gabi decided to check into renting a metal detector and that is when she came across website and after reading a couple of my stories she gave me a call and we were able to meet up that afternoon. I was hoping Gabi could bring her fiancee as well because it is most always best to get two people’s opinions on the situation instead of just one. After meeting up and driving to the location I began my search along a long stretch of grass just to the side of a busy road and soon realized that there were allot of targets that sounded similar to a lady’s gold ring. I asked Gabi what her ring was made of and she said she thought it was either white gold or silver, she wasn’t real sure. So I decided to investigate every shallow signal reading in the mid to high range and I used my pin pointer allot day! It took a good hour and a half to thoroughly cover the whole area and I could see that Gabi was beginning to lose hope of me ever finding their lost rings and then…BOOM! I got a sweet, shallow, small silver reading and at first glance I could only see some sort of tape or paper and after a closer look I saw a flash of a diamond. I reached down and picked up Gabi’s lost engagement ring and held it up for her to see and I asked, « Is this your ring? » Gabi was overcome with emotion and knelt beside me and gave me a long hug and all I could say was, « Thank you God for helping me find this young lady’s ring!! » Ten minutes later I got another solid, shallow high tone and there was Gabi’s fiancee’s ring down in the thick grass. This time I let Gabi use my pin pointer to do a final location and what a thrill to see the sheer joy and relief and happiness in her face!

Have you lost a ring or phone or keys in the grass, in your car or in the sand and need help?

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Lost Wedding Ring, Ormond Beach, Florida….Found by Happy Owner!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Mike’s Emergency Metal Detecting Service just for you! If you have lost a ring or something precious to you…don’t wait until tomorrow because time will work against you! Please call ASAP…Call now 321-363-6029!

Elaine called me to ask for help finding her husbands wedding ring that was lost « somewhere » either in their home or outside of their house! (That sort of information usually indicates that a thorough search could take hours!) So we met Elaine and her husband Bill and asked lots of questions about the day his ring went missing. Bill had done a bunch of work in one of their rooms…like tearing up old carpeting and hauling it outside along with a big mattress and other items. One thing he did remember was when he was showering he recalled scrubbing his hands with a small scrub brush and while drying off he noticed that his ring was not on his finger. This is his wedding ring that he has worn for 46 years and he rarely takes it off. So we took up the drain cover in the shower thinking that just maybe it fell down the drain while scrubbing his hands and showering. But after running my endoscope down as far as possible and not seeing it we determined it must be somewhere else. We looked outside everywhere that Bill remembered going on that day and then we searched inside as much as possible. It is a large home…10,000 square feet to be exact so there was allot of area and after a few hours we called it quits.

I tried to encourage Bill and Elaine that there is always hope of finding it and not to give up hope. Reminding them to be sure to call me if and when they do find it! And….8 days later I get a call from Elaine saying they found it under a pile of old sheets and curtains that came out of the room that they are remodeling! It is always a pleasure to help folks find and locate their lost item whether I am able to find it myself or help them find it on their own.

Maybe you have lost something and need help….do not delay, call ASAP! 321-363-6029

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Lost Gold Wedding Ring Worn for Decades is Found by Ring Finder in Olney, Maryland

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Bruce’s 14 karat yellow gold braided style wedding band that professional ring finder Brian Rudolph is able to recover for his client!

Bruce could not have been happier as he held up his priceless and irreplaceable wedding band that had been lost for days until metal detectorist Brian Rudolph came to the rescue!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Bruce did not know where he lost his wedding band. He wasn’t sure if it fell off of his finger in the house or somewhere outside around his property. He could not even remember exactly the last time he noticed the special jewel before he realized it was gone from his hand.

Bruce looked everywhere for his irreplaceable, sentimental keepsake. When it was not found inside his home, he focused on the lawn and around places where he was weeding, pruning and cleaning up the garden pen.

Sadly, the gentleman was not able to find his priceless ring anywhere. At some point he looked online and found the elite international directory of metal detectorists called THE RING FINDERS. That’s when Bruce contacted me and we went over all of the details regarding the loss of his ring.

The next evening, I made my way over to Bruce and Debbie’s property with the hope that I would be able to solve this ring mystery. Bruce led me first over to the left side of the front of the house where he had been weeding. He had taken gloves off at different places around the property. He then took me to the backyard and showed me where he had pruned a tree that was covered by burlap to protect it from the present cold season.

Next, we walked around the center of the back lawn and he showed me where he chopped up sticks and debris in a wood chopper. We walked onto his back deck where he had been doing a few things and then finally he directed me over to the far corner of his backyard where he had his garden pen. He showed me what he worked on in that area and all of the places where he reorganized some of the garden hardware and other tools.

After I got all of the details down, I returned to my vehicle to retrieve all of the necessary metal detecting equipment that I would need to conduct this search. I first started in the front area along the side of his property. I laid down grid lines so that I would not miss a square inch. When I did not find the ring there, I went to the backyard and decided to focus first on the pruned tree that was covered in burlap.

Once I transferred my equipment over to the tree in the backyard, I turned up the sensitivity on the detector and began to metal detect all around the top portion of the branches where the burlap covered most of it. I wanted to see if maybe the ring got caught up in the top portion of the tree when Bruce had been cutting back some of the branches up on top. Unfortunately, no metal was found.

I then turned down the sensitivity on my machine and placed the detector coil underneath the burlap towards the ground. I wanted to see if there were any signals coming from below the tree trunk. This particular procedure was not easy because I was dealing with a metal fence surrounding the tree to protect it from animals and to keep the young creation from tipping over.

I slowly moved around the narrow tree and as I got about three fourths way around it, I got an interesting signal. The numbers that were showing up on my detector screen were just the numbers that I had been looking for. I wasn’t sure if I was picking up metal from the surrounding protective fence that was keeping the tree vertical, but I was determined to do a little more research on where that piece of metal was coming from.

I took out my handheld metal detector called a pinpointer and knelt down on the ground to further detect this one particular spot. I was extremely encouraged to discover that whatever this piece of metal was, it was isolated to the area at the edge of the trunk underneath the burlap.

After a couple of attempts to try to acquire the mysterious piece of metal that I had detected, I finally was able to grab a handful of dirt and leaves that did in fact contain the item in the midst of it all. And I am very excited to share that within my grasp, there it was…Bruce’s huge handsome 14 karat yellow gold braided style wedding ring! I found it!!!!! It was there at the bottom of the tree trunk the entire time!

What a moment! Bruce was beyond blown away by my findings! He couldn’t believe it and yet his eyes were beholding his beloved keepsake! He agreed that he didn’t think that he would have ever found his wedding band ever again! Having a professional ring finder on board for this particular search was indeed the final link that brought a very happy reunion between the man and his favorite piece of jewel!


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Lost diamond ring in the grass, Orlando, Florida….Found with a metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

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On Thanksgiving Day Tessa and her family were enjoying some fun and games in the backyard when her ring went flying! Here is the account in Tessa’s own words. « On Thanksgiving Day I lost my engagement ring in my aunt’s backyard while playing corn hole with my fiancee. Before I knew it my engagement ring flew off my finger. I originally thought it would be a matter of me looking around where we were playing and I would find it, but hours passed and even with the help of my family and neighbors we couldn’t find my ring. The sun was going down and we even borrowed a metal detector from a friend and scoured the backyard. After hours of searching, nothing but bottle caps had turned up. We decided to start again when the sun came up the next day. We were hopeless and devastated. A family member said to me that there are professionals who can help you find a lost ring. I wasn’t sure where to start but I knew it was worth a shot. First thing the next morning I did a Google search to try to find a solution. I searched « Metal detector service Orlando ». With it being the day after Thanksgiving I wasn’t sure if I would have much luck. I came across Mike McInroe of Theringfinders. Reading testimonials of other searches Mike completed made it seem to me that I had found the person who could help.

I called Mike’s cell and he made it to my aunts house within an hour and a half! He asked me to tell him exactly what I was doing and where I was when it happened. He scanned the area and found my ring IN FIVE MINUTES! My family looked on in disbelief! My lost ring had been found! I felt myself get emotional and asked Mike if I could hug him. Before I knew it my aunt and mom were both hugging him as well! Even my uncle started tearing up–we were just overwhelmed with so many emotions at once. But most of all, pure happiness! Mike was nothing short of heaven sent. Our family cannot thank him enough for his services. If you have lost something that means something to you don’t despair, give Mike a call ». Tessa.

What an honor and privilege it has been to help Tessa and her family. I thank God for allowing my the opportunity to help them and to give us all one more thing to be thankful for during this Thanksgiving season!

Lost something and need help? Call or text me ASAP @ 321-363-6029!

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Lost wedding ring in Lake Conway, Belle Isle, Florida…..Found with metal detector by Orlando Ring Finder.

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Josh and his family, along with some good friends, were enjoying a warm summer day on Lake Conway swimming and playing catch with the football when all of a sudden Josh noticed that his wedding ring was not on his finger. Their boat was anchored in waist deep water so they all tried walking and swimming back and forth trying desperately to feel or see Josh’s ring but after an hour of absolutely no success they gave up their search. Josh’s wife, Katrina, went on Google to see if there was possibly any type of metal detecting service that could help in this sort of situation and sure enough… website came up and she gave me a call. As we talked, my main concern was how do you mark an exact location on the water so that later on I would be able to conduct a thorough search in the right area? I then asked Katrina to drop me a pin and to bury in the sandy lake bottom an empty soda can right where their boat was anchored. (One can also drop a bunch of coins as well as either method would help mark the exact area.)

My first attempt to search for Josh’s lost wedding ring took me 5 and a half hours of grid searching back and forth in waist deep water trying to at least locate the buried can….but I was not able to find it. Two things entered my mind. The first being that maybe my calculations were off and I was not looking in the right area and the other thought was that maybe someone else had found the ring and the can.

My second attempt I was accompanied by my good friend and CEO/founder of and together we expanded the original search area! After two hours of meticulous grid searching my friend Chris hollers that he found a buried aluminum can and not just one but two new looking cans…filled with sand! I immediately began making my way towards where the cans were buried and not 20 feet away I got another pull tab like signal reading and dug a scoop full of sand and muck and as I shook out the sand I could hear the distinct clunk, clunk of something heavy and there in the bottom was Josh’s lost wedding ring…sparkling clean and shiny as the day it was lost!

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Kissimmee Florida lost wedding/engagement ring Found by Ring Finder Mike McInroe

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Angela had given her wedding/engagement ring to her husband to put in his pocket for safe keeping and while pacing back and forth in their yard while talking on his phone…somehow her precious ring just disappeared. Angela thought that maybe her ring dropped somewhere in the house and she looked everywhere and could not find it. Later they determined it very well could have come out of his pocket while walking in the yard. Determined to find her ring Angela purchased a metal detector and tried her best but it made way too much noise and proved unhelpful. Again she went online and searched for a metal detecting service and a story from website came up and she found my number. We talked and I set a time later that day to meet and do a proper search. Their yard was not very big and the grass was quite short so I began searching the area along the side of the house and made my way to the back yard. Twenty minutes later I got another pull tab signal and I could just barely see Angela’s ring hiding in the grass! I called her over to see what I had just found and she was stunned and speechless….for about 5 seconds! And her beautiful smile is what I was hoping to see and the joy of being reunited with her engagement ring and wedding ring was a site I will not soon forget! I am so very grateful to be able to help people find their lost rings! Have you lost something recently and need a ring finders help?

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Ring goes up in fireworks, Orlando, Florida….lost in the water and found with metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Here is the story in Nikolai’s own words. « It was the fourth of July and my wife and I were visiting her parents in Orlando, Florida after our honeymoon in Mexico. We were out tubing on Lake Conway and I had put my wedding band and Julianne’s wedding band and engagement ring on my necklace for safe keeping to not lose them in the water. Upon returning to Julianne’s parents lake house I took off my necklace and removed the rings and kept them in my hand while Julianne went up to the house to change. At the same time Julianne’s father was attempting to light the first firework of the night on the beach, which was a fountain with 7 individual small mortar shots. He couldn’t get the wick to light due to some minor wind so naturally I came over to help. I cupped my hands around the lighter to shield it from the wind. I noticed something shiny drop into one of the mortar holes but didn’t think much of it, thinking it was just some left over reflective paper from the firework. The wick lit and the firework went off. At that moment I realized I was only holding two rings (mine and Julianne’s wedding bands) and not 3 rings! Julianne’s engagement ring was missing! I frantically looked around in the sand and everywhere else I stood from the point I had taken the necklace off to when I noticed the ring was gone. Then I remembered the shiny thing that dropped into the firework and was mortified that I might’ve dropped my wife’s engagement ring into the firework and launched it somewhere! We did not find the ring that night. The next day I searched on the internet for ways to find lost rings. The search came up with mostly metal detector sales but also yielded a site called « » that facilitated a group of individuals all over the United States that help with finding lost items of value. I was able to type in the zip code and a profile appeared of someone local that could help find my wife’s lost engagement ring. His name was Mike McInroe. I was able to call him and set up a time for him to come by that same day. Upon arrival he explained the purpose of the ring finders and the organizations history. He brought along his metal detector and flags and proceeded with his investigation by placing them in the areas I remembered being prior to losing the ring. He then spent the next 3 hours with his metal detector meticulously searching the entire beach area for the ring, including 10 feet into the shallow waters of Lake Conway. He did not find the lost engagement ring: but unfortunately had to halt the search for the day due to bad weather conditions. That evening Mike called me and we continued to brainstorm on what else we could do to help with the search. I told him of my fear of having possibly dropped the ring into the firework and that the ring could be anywhere. We then came up with the idea of recreating the scene. I was able to find the exact same firework used that night and was able to purchase two the next morning. Mike came back and brought along some fake dummy rings which he attached red ribbons to. We then placed the firework in the same spot that it had fired off from and added multiple of the dummy rings into it so that we would be able to follow the possible trajectory of where they landed in order to give us a clue of where Julianne’s ring could have landed. We launched 3 rings and all landed around 4 feet apart from each other about 10 to 15 feet out into the water. We then repeated the same test with the second firework and those 3 rings also landed in the same general area. Mike threw on his wet suit and went out to that area in search of our missing engagement ring. 15 minutes went by and after about the 4th scoop from the lake floor, he looked over and gave us a thumbs up with a big smile. He found our lost ring! We are so thankful that we were able to recover our ring with Mike’s help as it had meant so much to both Julianne and myself. We highly recommend utilizing the service of The Ring Finders, it is an amazing organization and they do great work! Nikolai and Julianne »

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Lost diamond engagement ring in grass, Deland, Florida…..Found with metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Mike McInroe-Lost Item Recovery Specialist on Land, Water, Grass, Woods, Houses, Vehicles, Property Searches, etc. Call ASAP or test…321-363-6029!

Emily and her fiance Will, were just coming home from an evening out and Will was exhausted and he opted to call it a night. Where as Emily felt the need to take a bit of a stroll and check out the night sky. They had originally taken Will’s car so upon arriving home Emily went to her car and before taking her walk she removed her engagement ring and put it into her purse for safe keeping. She proceeded to walk through the yard sort of meandering here and there with the end result of ending up on the boat dock where she could get a clear view of the night sky.

The next morning Emily looked in her purse for her ring and it was no where to be found. They looked all over the yard, on the boat dock, in the car and even bought a metal detector which all it did was wound up making allot of noise! After exhausting all their efforts they went online and found one of my stories on website and gave me a call. Later that day I met Will and he walked me around the large yard and down to the boat dock. I set out my orange flags and started grid searching from where Emily got out of her car and I figured this may take ma a long time—as they did not indicate at any time that Emily had dropped her purse or had set it down anywhere, except on the dock over the water where she sat down for a while to enjoy the stars. There was allot of the usual yard trash like gum wrapper foil, pull tabs and the odd coin. After 35 minutes I got a strong quarter signal and sure enough a shiny new quarter was just in the grass…I retrieved it and got another signal about 14 inches away…this time it read as a pull tab but it was not a pull tab! It was Emily’s lost diamond engagement ring just setting there in the grass. (Come to find out later that Will had actually used a quarter to see if the metal detecting would work and little did he know that Emily’s ring would be so close to where he was looking!). Again I thank God for allowing me to find Emily and Will’s lost engagement ring and for the opportunity to help someone in need of services!

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Lost engagement ring in the sand at Flagler Beach, Florida….Found with a metal detector and returned to owner!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Lost a special ring or other sentimental piece of jewelry, cellphone, keys or other metal object? Call or Text Mike McInroe–ASAP at 321-363-6029!

John Jr. called me from Flagler Beach on Mothers Day to ask for my help! You see, his wife had wrapped her engagement ring in her shirt and left it on the beach towel as they swam and enjoyed the Florida sun, sand and ocean water. (This was their last day in Florida and they needed to return their rental car and catch a plane to Chicago later on in the day.). So when the time came to pack everything up they grabbed the beach chairs, umbrella, towels, coolers and their items of clothing like T-shirts, sandals and a certain shirt all neatly rolled up! Unfortunately they forgot that John’s wife’s engagement ring was tucked away inside and when they shook the sand out of the shirt, the ring went flying into the soft coquina sand! They frantically searched for some time by dragging their fingers through the sand hoping to catch a glimpse of the platinum ring and someone suggested looking online for some help and that is what led John Jr to give me a call. Here is what John’s father wrote… »I am so grateful for Mike McInroe and for his services today. He traveled more than 80 miles on Mothers Day to locate a precious engagement ring that my son and daughter in law misplaced in the sand at Flagler Beach. He quickly located the ring that we had desperately searched for, for over an hour. Mike is a master at his craft and is a true man of integrity. Thanks again Mike! John Davis »

How I thank God for allowing me the amazing opportunity and privilege to help John and many others like him!

Mike McInroe….blessed to be a member of