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Lost keys in the grass, Orlando, Florida…Found with a metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

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Randy called me about a set of keys that had been run over by a commercial lawn mower and the most important key was nowhere to be found. He and his son had walked the area numerous times hoping to find the keys but all they could see were bits and pieces of his truck fob/key. The lost keys were very important as they were the only keys he had that opened his storage shed/office and a master key to the apartment building that he owned and managed!

After a thorough search on the internet he finally came across website and gave me a call. Upon hearing Randy’s story I figured the keys were there hiding in the grass and they may be whole or in pieces as the mower all but destroyed the fob and one key there were able to find. So later that afternoon I met Randy and he showed me the area and as I grid searched back and forth I realized the ground was loaded with trashy signals of all kinds so I concentrated on the strongest and most shallow signals and that helped me locate–first two bent up keys and the metal ring and then just a few steps away, the most important key! Randy was thrilled and relieved to have his keys back and could not stop saying thank you!

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Lost wedding ring in the grass, Saint Cloud, Florida…Found and returned to happy owner!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

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Paul was doing some yard work, like pulling up weeds and putting new plugs of grass in, and after a few hours of sweating and working hard he noticed that his wedding ring was no longer on his finger. Paul had previously injured his middle two fingers on his right hand and was using his left hand to do most of the work and the obvious motion that caused his ring to come off was the pulling and throwing of the weeds into a pile. And thankfully he had saved all of the rubbish to be thrown out later. He and his wife tried searching the yard on their hands and knees thinking maybe, just maybe they could spot it but Paul’s ring had just seemed to disappear! That evening Paul’s wife went online and purchased a cheap metal detector and they spent the next day trying to figure out how to work it and decipher the strange sounds that it made. The next evening they came across and gave me a call.

After hearing Paul’s story I decided to do a thorough search of the area where he thought was the most likely place where he felt it could have been lost. I gave him four cones so he could mark out the general area and I set about doing a tight grid search going back and forth…being careful to overlap each pass. Paul stayed right there watching my every move and after 15 minutes I got a super clean gold signal reading very shallow and I told Paul to come over and check out what was hiding just under the grass! Paul was so, so thankful and immediately picked it up and put it back on his finger and smiled a big smile of relief!

I thank God for allowing me the opportunity to help Paul and his wife! How can I help you? Call or text me ASAP at 321-363-6029!

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Lost engagement ring in the water off of dock, Lake Maitland, Orlando, Florida…Found with a metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

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Lindsey texted me saying she had dropped her engagement ring off of a dock and into 7 feet of water and weeds and asked if there was any way I could help her and her husband! They had been sitting on the dock and enjoying the cool evening breeze and Lindsey said she was kind of fiddling with her 2 rings and all of a sudden they both slipped off and she happened to actually catch her wedding band but her engagement ring fell to the deck and then she heard it hit the water. Her dear husband Cole, spent a total of 6 hours diving and trying desperately to find her ring but to no avail. A search on line led them to one of my stories on web site and after talking with them I agreed to conduct a scuba dive search around the dock. Neither one of them had actually seen where the ring fell into the water so I figured to start right under where they were sitting. My wife and I arrived later that day with all my gear and as I suited up I said a short prayer to God Almighty and asked that He might help me find this special ring and be a blessing to this dear, young, newly wed couple! Normally there are lots of metal targets under docks but here it was super quiet as I swept my XP MI-6 pin pointer through the mud and slowly made my way across the back side of the dock. I had stuck a 10 foot PVC pole down into the water about where we were able to determine the most likely area where Lindsey’s ring could have rolled and landed…and we were right on target! Five minutes into the dive and the very first signal that sounded off was Lindsey’s lost engagement ring! I swam back to my starting point and stood up and took off my mask and said, « Anyone want to see what I just found? »

How I thank God for giving me the opportunity and the privilege to help Lindsey and Cole!

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Lost wedding ring found under dock, Cocoa Beach, Florida…and returned to grateful owner!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Doug and his wife had just returned from a beautiful day out on the water fishing and as they unloaded some personal items onto the dock a very special ring dropped from the small table and bounced and managed to fall directly through one of the cracks and into the water below. This was a super sentimental ring and meant the world to Doug’s dear wife. Doug got right at trying to find someone who could retrieve the ring and looked up « Ring Finder » on his phone. service came up and he noticed a number of members of this service were in the area but none of them were equipped to do an underwater search of this kind. Doug eventually found my number and gave me a call.

It was the middle of December and I attempted a recovery dive but the water was just way too cold and we decided to try again later on the following summer. So in May when the weather and water temperatures were much more bearable I showed up to give it another try. The oyster shells were strewn across the bottom and this made digging difficult and the visibility was only a foot or two…until I would start digging and then visibility went to 10 inches. Other members of have shared a wonderful idea that helps with grid searching in these types of conditions and that is a sinking pvc square that will sit on the bottom which allows me to methodically search an area even though I cannot actually see where I am going or where I have been but by following the grid with one hand and scanning the bottom with my small handheld metal detector with the other hand…I can cover an area very thoroughly and when finished I am able to move the pvc grid to another area and thoroughly search that area as well until I find what I am looking for. (Doug had also informed me that a few years back the dock was completely destroyed in a hurricane…so there was an awful lot of other signals to sift through before God allowed me to find Doug’s wife’s lost ring!)

What an honor it was to help find and return this precious lost ring to its rightful owner!!

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Lost wedding ring in ocean, Melbourne Beach, Florida….Found with a Metal Detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

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Nathanael texted me late one night to see if I could help him find his platinum wedding ring which he lost in the surf while videoing himself and a friend. (He actually had a video of the very moment that he lost his ring…which he did not even realize at the time!). I asked him a few questions and come to find out he had posted on Facebook that night about his loss and even had a few people respond…offering to help him. I normally ask people NOT to post online where and when they lost something as I want to be able to offer my service and actually attempt a search and recovery before a bunch of « people » show up and start randomly searching. Many times there are « good people » who offer to look for and try and help find a lost item with the good intention of returning the lost item if they happen to find it…which is GREAT and what we hope and pray happens…BUT there are those « other people » who will go out and if they find it they will NOT return it to the rightful owner! So in this case I told Nathanael that I would not be able to conduct a proper search with the high possibility of others showing up and searching as well and plus it would be an hour and a half drive one way. Nathanael understood and I wished him luck and said goodbye!

An hour later I received another call from a young lady who lost a diamond engagement ring in the grass and she was only 7 miles away from where Nathanael lost his ring in the surf…in the same town of Melbourne! Both individuals were leaving the very next day from Melbourne and I felt compelled to go real early and trust God to help me find the young lady’s lost engagement ring and then I could drive the 7 miles to the beach and get set up early and chase the tide out until I got over Nathanael’s ring. God gave me peace to attempt both searches in one day! I was able to find Jessica’s ring in about 20 minutes and actually got over to the Hilton by 9:30…which was 5 hours before low tide.

After talking to the Hotel Concierge and obtaining permission to park I gathered my equipment and walked out onto the beach expecting to see some people out there with metal detectors…but there were none! Nathanael had given me great photos and very accurate information as to where he was and that fact that he lost it close to high tide would allow me to search the wet sand as the tide receded! Three hours later I started digging some deeper targets close to some hard coral patches and my last target was Nathanael’s lost platinum wedding ring! In two days it had gone down at least 6 inches in the sand and I was so so thankful to God for allowing me to find this ring. Two in one day…what a thrill!!

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Lost Engagement Ring in the grass, Melbourne, Florida…Found with a metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Jessica called me to ask if there was any way to find a lost ring in a small grassy field! Come to find out her husband had put her ring in the pocket of his shorts as they headed out to walk their dog. Jessica went on to explain that two weeks ago they were married in the Florida Keys and afterwards had rented an apartment in Melbourne and would be heading back to Georgia the very next day at 11:00 am. So early the next morning, after I dropped my grandson off at school, I made the 90 minute drive to hopefully find her ring and get it back to them before they had to leave for the airport!

After meeting Jessica and setting out some markers I got to swinging my Garrett AT Max metal detector hoping and praying that her ring was somewhere within the marked of area. Jessica and her husband had spent hours looking the area over and even spent a good part of the night with flashlights trying desperately to catch a glimpse of her lost ring in the sparkling grass. Jessica was not exactly sure what her ring was made of…silver or white gold…but the two different metals sound similar but the numbers are very different. And since she was not able to confirm the type of metal I had to check every shallow target and thank goodness the area had very little trash.

Twenty minutes later I heard a beautiful shallow signal and as I parted the grass with my pinpointer…there was Jessica’s lost engagement ring! I said a silent prayer of thanksgiving as I took in the moment and then sent Jessica a text that said… »Come see what God has just helped me find! ». And what a thrill it was to watch Jessica’s face light up with JOY!

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Lost cell phone, Daytona Beach, Florida….Found and Returned to Happy Owner!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Jeff called me and explained that his daughter had left her purse and cell phone at a night club and when she returned just a short time later unfortunately no one had seen a thing. Of course her purse had her ID and some cash and cards and whatnot but her phone was one of those nice expensive ones and had allot of information and pictures that were irreplaceable. So I asked Jeff a few questions and come to find out the GPS on the cell phone was still giving a signal of being in the vicinity of the night club. So that was a great clue that the phone was hiding somewhere close. It took an hour or so to make the drive and being as it was in the middle of the day and the middle of the week it was not very busy so I was able to start a systematic and thorough search between the buildings and shops. I never did find Jeff’s daughter’s purse or the contents BUT…I was able to locate her cell phone in the long grass. It had a slight dent on one corner and it looked as if whoever took it that night tried to get into it but it was locked with a passcode so they apparently threw it across the parking lot and it just nicked the cement wall and fell into the grass….where if sat for 2 days waiting for me to come along! I was so thankful to be able to find Jeff’s daughter’s phone and the next day I mailed it off to where she was attending college.

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Lost ring in Big Sand Lake, Orlando, Florida….Found with a metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

I received a call from Jason asking if I could help him find his wife’s diamond engagement ring that was thrown into a 10 foot deep canal! Of course I had more than a few questions to help me determine the likelihood of actually finding her lost ring. Come to find out one of Jason’s sons got a hold of his mom’s ring and, for some strange reason, decided to run outside and give it a toss into the water! After hearing the story of what all happened I decided to take my kayak and check out what I was up against. Turns out the water was exactly 10 feet deep with lily pads on both sides of the canal and at least a foot of silt on the bottom with a whole lot of aquatic weeds of different kinds as well. Jason pointed to the « area » where he was fairly sure the ring landed and I dropped a weight and marker for the following days search.

Scuba was required and I opted to use my Blu3 Nemo Dive system and the hand held Pulse Dive scuba detector combined with a PVC grid layout that measured 6 foot by 10 foot. After clearing a path thru the lily pads I towed my PVC grid out over the target area and let it sink to the bottom. I spent the next two hours scouring the bottom and moving my grid to be sure I was covering, what I thought was the exact spot, where the ring hit the water. And as I was finishing up…Jason’s dear wife came out to see how it was going and she said, « I think it landed more to the right! » So with one last push I switched out my battery, moved my PVC grid and prayed to God that Mrs Jason was correct! I swept my hand held pin pointer all the way around my grid and as I was finishing up I got one last small signal. I grabbed down into the mud trying to feel the object that was causing the detector to beep and finally found a small circular object. At first I thought it might be just a washer or rusty nut but as I cleared the mud away I held it up close to my dive mask and I could just make out a shiny diamond…and not just one diamond but a whole bunch of diamonds! I literally started yelling and hollering… »I found it, I found it, thank you God, thank you God! » Jason and his wife were stunned and so, so thankful to have their ring back…especially since they were moving the next day to California!!

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Lost wedding ring in the grass, Orlando, Florida….Found with a metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

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I received a text from Marcia wanting to know if I could possibly help her find her lost wedding ring in the grass in front of her business. I answered immediately with a few questions of my own…like what were you doing when you lost your ring? And when did this happen and did you actually feel it come off? Marcia responded saying she felt it come off and knows the exact area where she was standing when that happened and I assured her that it should be easy enough to find her lost ring? There are times when trying to locate a lost ring that it can be very difficult and the answers to all my questions help me determine the likely hood and possibilities of actually finding it. Marcia was thrilled to hear that I could come out the following day and conduct a thorough search.

After meeting Marcia and hearing the details of how she lost her ring I began my search. She said her ring was loose and on the small side…a size 5 to be exact and made of white gold. It took about 10 minutes to cover the small target area and I thought I had checked thoroughly every target that rang up in the small gold range but I was not able to find her lost ring. So I expanded the search area thinking that maybe it flew further than what we first calculated…and still I came up with no ring. This prompted me to grid search the same target area again only this time going perpendicular to my original search. I again checked every obvious and some « not so obvious » targets and then..BEEP, BEEP! A reading of « 44 » on my ATMax, Garrett metal detector in ZERO Mode indicated a good, shallow signal and there was Marcia’s lost wedding ring just hiding down in the grass. I wondered how I actually missed it the first time but the most important thing was…that we found it! I left it right there in the grass and had Marcia come and look where it had landed and we marveled at how easily it had vanished in the grass! After 27 years of married life she was able to wear her ring without that sinking feeling of having lost it. It truly is an honor to help those in need of theringfinders unique services and I thank God for leading me to Marcia’s lost ring and for the opportunity to be a blessing in her life.

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Lost Rings in the grass, Orlando, Florida….Found with Metal Detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

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Gabi called me to ask if I was available to help her find some lost rings. She and her fiancee had spent an evening enjoying some of the Orlando Florida attractions and as they were walking back to their car they had a disagreement and Gabi’s engagement ring and her fiancee’s ring ended up lost in the thick saint Augustine grass! They spent the rest of the evening and into the dark searching for their rings..and even went back the next day! Gabi decided to check into renting a metal detector and that is when she came across website and after reading a couple of my stories she gave me a call and we were able to meet up that afternoon. I was hoping Gabi could bring her fiancee as well because it is most always best to get two people’s opinions on the situation instead of just one. After meeting up and driving to the location I began my search along a long stretch of grass just to the side of a busy road and soon realized that there were allot of targets that sounded similar to a lady’s gold ring. I asked Gabi what her ring was made of and she said she thought it was either white gold or silver, she wasn’t real sure. So I decided to investigate every shallow signal reading in the mid to high range and I used my pin pointer allot day! It took a good hour and a half to thoroughly cover the whole area and I could see that Gabi was beginning to lose hope of me ever finding their lost rings and then…BOOM! I got a sweet, shallow, small silver reading and at first glance I could only see some sort of tape or paper and after a closer look I saw a flash of a diamond. I reached down and picked up Gabi’s lost engagement ring and held it up for her to see and I asked, « Is this your ring? » Gabi was overcome with emotion and knelt beside me and gave me a long hug and all I could say was, « Thank you God for helping me find this young lady’s ring!! » Ten minutes later I got another solid, shallow high tone and there was Gabi’s fiancee’s ring down in the thick grass. This time I let Gabi use my pin pointer to do a final location and what a thrill to see the sheer joy and relief and happiness in her face!

Have you lost a ring or phone or keys in the grass, in your car or in the sand and need help?

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