Mike McInroe

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

My service is on a Reward basis, you only pay if the item is found.

If I have to drive more then a 1/2 hour to get to you, there will be a call out fee of $25. to cover my gas expenses if your ring is not found.

Search Types

Beaches, Parks, Yards...(Lakes--up to 4 feet deep)

Search Locations

Sanford Florida/Orlando/Daytona Beach- Central Florida...I am willing to travel up to 100 miles one way from Sanford Florida to help you find your lost item. (further distances please contact me by e-mail or phone)

Mike McInroe's Bio

Hi there! My name is Mike McInroe and I'm 53 years young! Married 29 years with 3 children.

I love God, my family, my country, metal detecting, soccer and the great outdoors!

I've been metal detecting for 22 years and have always loved the excitement of finding lost things.

Chris Turners Ring Finders is exactly the kind of thing I have been wanting to do in my own community--help others find their lost treasures!!

Mike McInroe from sunny Florida

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Mike McInroe - Testimonials

  • My wife and I are very thankful for your service (2021)


    Hi Mike I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping locate my ring. After playing in the swimming pool with my son, tossing the ball around and having Sun tan lotion on my hands it slipped right off my fingers when playing catch.. I spent 4 hours on my hands and knees crawling through my yard looking for it.

    I even downloaded a Metal Detector app on my cell phone to aid in my fruitless.

    It was worse than trying to find a needle in the haystack ;)

    My mother did some searching on Google and came up with the ring finders website.. I plugged in my zip code, texted you and you were here that very next morning and found it within half an hour.

    My wife and I are very thankful for your service and I'm so glad we got to connect.

    We appreciate everything you did thank you.

    Eric and Melissa Cotter

  • You are truly a blessing... (2020)


    I cannot put into words how awesome Mike is. I was totally devastated & convinced I lost this ring. I went online looking for help and I found Mr. Mike McInroe. He answered on the first call and came out immediately on a

    Sunday afternoon. Mike honestly went above and beyond for me digging through trash and looking through woods in the dark to ensure there was no spot left unsearched. After looking for about 3 hours he came to my door with the good news that he had located it. He didn’t give up and didn’t let the circumstances shy him away from doing an incredibly thorough & successful job. I can’t thank you enough, Mike. You are truly a blessing. If you or anyone you know have lost any type of jewelry whether it was today, last week, or last year; give Mike McInroe a call!!!!!!!!!

  • I highly recommend Mike for anyone who has lost something ... (2020)


    Loosing a ring can make your stomach turn especially when you watch it sink to the bottom of the ocean. Luckily a quick google search brought me to Mike McEnroe on theringfinders.com. After a quick phone call and a few hours Mike met me the same day at the New Smyrna Dunes Park where I lost me wedding band. Trying not to get my hopes up I anxiously waited as I watched Mike dive under in search of my ring. To my surprise he was able to locate the ring in less than 10 minutes. While the previous day my friend and I tried for two hours and had no luck! Mike exceeded my expectations by meeting me on such a short notice and on the weekend and finding my ring in a shorter time then it took to get all of his gear ready. I highly recommend Mike for anyone who has lost something metal. Nick

  • Your service was so pleasant and professional... (2020)


    I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!! Your service was so pleasant and professional. I can’t say how great it was to have you in my time of what I saw as a crisis. You seemed to make things fun and distract me from worrying. Your confidence was settling. The fact you drove over 2 hours one way for the chance to help me speaks true to your character. Mike I’ll always be thankful and will speak this story for many years to come. God bless.

  • Thank you Mike! I wholeheartedly recommend your services." (2020)

    "It is so nice to be able to text you from my miraculously working phone! Here is my review of your services. Mike is a Methodical Miracle Worker! I dropped my phone in a lake in a paddleboarding mishap. While I knew the approximate area where my phone was, the aquatic vegetation and algae were extremely thick, rendering visibility very difficult. After five days of searching to no avail, I knew that we needed to call in a professional--and that is exactly what Mike is! Upon his arrival, I was immediately impressed with his careful, intentional approach; he uses high-quality, specialized equipment and takes care to search the area deliberately. Despite this being an objectively difficult task--my phone was a "needle in a haystack," buried in a fairly large area with very thick vegetation and varying depths of water--Mike kept a positive, professional attitude in every moment. And the moment he pulled my lost phone from among the lake weeds was one of pure joy. Thank you Mike! I wholeheartedly recommend your services."

  • Anyone needing help finding lost items, Mike is a true professional and kind soul! May God bless you Mike... (2020)


    "On Monday, June 29th, my daughter and fiancee visited for a beach day with family. My daughter just recently three months ago became engaged.

    While swimming this past Monday, my daughter, unfortunately, lost her wedding ring in the ocean. We have been so saddened by this. Been very hard on my daughter and extremely hard for me to see my daughter so sad, disappointed, and feeling like she was irresponsible.

    I reached out to Ring Finders and located Mike McInroe in my area. Mike and I communicated and he offered to come over today at low tide to help find my daughters ring. Mike showed up on time and ready to help explore. We were able to pinpoint the area that they were sunbathing and Mike started his search.

    Miracles do happen! By the grace of god and Mike and I connecting, this miracle did happen. After about 30 minutes of Mike searching, he located the ring in about a foot deep in the exposed beach at low tide. Could not believe my eyes!

    Thank you so much, Mike! You offering to help and offering your time certainly has brought the tears back out but tears of joy! My daughter and fiancee are forever grateful and will undoubtedly have a great story to tell the rest of their lives.

    Anyone needing help finding lost items, Mike is a true professional and kind soul! May God bless you Mike and your family!

    Sincerely and best,


  • Thank you Mike, God Bless You!" (2020)


    I am still shocked that Mike found my diamond engagement ring. I lost it on February 14, 2020 in my front yard. 6 of us looked for it and we even used a metal detector. I was not ready to give up so I googled “lost ring” and found Mike. He came to our home within an hour. He is such a kind man. He was very confident he could find it and I believed him! Within 30 minutes he found it! Amazing. I highly recommend that if you lose something valuable in the Orlando area, don’t give up! Call Mike first. I am so glad that I did. Prayers were answered! Thank you Mike, God Bless You!"

  • he was able to save the day!!" (2020)


    “I was devastated about losing my favorite earring—a piece I have owned for 15 years. My son found Mike online and he came an hour after we called him. With his top of the line equipment and great attitude he was able to save the day!!"

  • I highly recommend Mike and theringfinders.com (2019)


    Hello, my name is Chris Gentry and I have been married to my beautiful wife, Aurelia for 13 years. We reached out to Mike McInroe thru theringfinders.com to find my wife’s lost wedding ring. We noticed her ring had gone missing while we were visiting the beach in Daytona. We had somewhat of an idea where the ring could have slipped off but we were not 100% sure. Our experience with Mike was wonderful. Mike was professional, kind and we could tell he was passionate about finding my wife’s lost diamond wedding ring. Mike set up his search gear and an hour and a half later my wife’s diamond wedding ring was found!! Mike even prayed with us before he started his search! I highly recommend Mike and theringfinders.com if you have a lost item. I have no doubt Mike will do everything possible to find it. God bless, Chris and Aurelia Gentry”

  • I knew that the Lord had sent the help I had asked for, He sent us you!! (2019)


    Hi Mike! Again I cannot thank you enough for finding my hubby’s ring! We appreciated your quick response to what was a terrible way to start our vacation! I will admit that I was very skeptical when theringfinders.com web site was recommended to me but you accomplished what I thought would surely be an impossible task. I know that everyone values their wedding rings, but his is extra special! Not only did we inherit our wedding ring set from my parents, it also survived my husbands’ near fatal car accident 14 months ago. This was our first vacation and his first time back to the ocean since then. We appreciate your prayers for him. And I want you to know that after we met in person and talked, I knew that the Lord had sent the help I had asked for, He sent us you!! Thank you again Mike and God bless!! Sincerely, Jennifer and Chandler from Georgia”

  • a true professional. .. (2019)


    Mike's services were timely, and he was courteous and optimistic, a true professional.

    On Wednesday the 26th of June 2019, it was a beautiful sunny day so my girlfriend and I decided to go and relax on the beach for a few hours. Afterward, we packed up all the beach equipment into my truck. What I didn't realize at that time was that my girlfriend had placed a ring, which had been given to her by her belated grandmother on her beach chair so that when I upended it, the ring fell into the sand and buried itself. It took us until we got home to realize that the ring was gone and what had happened to it. For the next two hours we were searching the beach where we thought that the ring fell. Unfortunately, the search ended when it got dark out.

    It was two days later when I decided to give searching for the ring another try. I called around to all the local hobby shops and rental stores trying to find a metal detector that would help me find the ring. By doing this I encountered a company named Kellyco Metal Detectors, who mentioned to me the theringfinders.com. This is the best advice I had been given all day because after that I was able to inquire with Mike Mclnroe about my problem.

    Mike dropped everything and drove an hour and a half to help me out, and despite me knowing only the very general location of the ring Mike was able to find it in under two hours. I couldn't thank Mike enough, and neither could my girlfriend who was overjoyed when she found out her grandmothers’ ring was going to be returned to her.

  • Huge thanks to Mike from The Ring Finders! (2019)


    Huge thanks to Mike from The Ring Finders! My wedding ring fell off while I was collecting debris from my yard at sunset. We searched everywhere for it and couldn’t find it in the grass. I was so frustrated and upset. After a quick Google search I read some great stories about Mike and how he has helped so many other families find their lost treasures so I decided to give him a call. He came to my house at 7am the next day and took less than 5 minutes to find my lost ring for me! Thank you Mike!!

  • thank you again for saving the day and God bless! (2019)


    Mike with theringfinders saved my vacation! While playing volleyball with my wife and two young sons, my college ring slipped off my finger and fell into the sand of the volleyball court. My heart immediately sank. As a proud graduate of Texas A&M University, our Aggie rings are sacred and my first thought was that I would never see my ring again. I searched for over an hour with no luck and after a brief Google search, my wife suggested calling The Ring Finders. After speaking with Mike, I was immediately put at ease. He was genuinely sympathetic and concerned and let me know he would be there as soon as he could. When he arrived he let me know that he felt good about finding my ring and more importantly told me that he and his family had been praying for the successful recovery of my ring! As a follower of Jesus Christ, this both gave me comfort and reiterated to me that I had made the right choice in calling Mike. After a brief search Mike recovered my lost ring and saved the day and our trip! The entire experience with Mike was fantastic. I can’t say it enough, thank you again for saving the day and God bless! Matt

  • My wife & I are so pleased & grateful . Thank you Mike (2018)


    My name is Rod. I, after bathing my dog in the yard , discovered that my wedding band was missing .

    Having been married for 43 years , I was very disappointed to lose it & searched frantically with the help of about 10 friends for 6 days without success.

    Fortunately, a kind neighbor knocked at our door & gave us Mike’s name & address. I called him. An appointment to initiate the search was made & at which time Mike arrived promptly.

    After marking off the area ,he was able to locate & retrieve the ring within approximately 5 min of initiating task at hand.

    My wife & I are so pleased & grateful .

    Thank you Mike

    Nice meeting you & Rochelle,

    Rod & Jean

  • if you ever loose a ring or jewelry, do not hesitate to call Mike (2018)


    Let me tell you, if you ever loose a ring or jewelry, do not hesitate to call Mike. Calm, cool, and collected, he answered my SOS call ASAP, set a time, and showed up with professional equipment to find the two rings. I am extremely grateful to him and the ring finder web site.

  • I deeply appreciate your kindness! (2018)


    Dear Mike,

    Thank you so much for the time and effort you spent locating and finding my wedding band. It's sentimental value after 44 years of marriage means allot to me! Enclosed is a token of my appreciation for costs and for mailing. Again, I deeply appreciate your kindness!

    Sincerely, Rich W."

  • So many people are amazed that this service is available (2017)


    Thank you for your help finding my ring. This without a doubt is a topic of conversation. So many people are amazed that this service is available. I may not have given you a testimony right away. However, between my wife and myself we have told many people. I am still amazed that you found my ring after our entire soccer team, parents included looked for several hours during the pool party between games. The entire team is having a difficult time believing that the ring flew as far as it did. You should post the picture of where you found it online.

    Thanks again! I can’t relay how much this means to have my original wedding ring.

    Scott Anderson

  • Thank you theringfinders and thank you Mike — you are amazing! (2017)



    I wanted to reach out to let you guys know how grateful I am for Mike McInroe! What a blessing he is. Our lost ring story begins 33 years ago when my mother was pregnant with me. Due to the swelling she wasn’t able to wear her wedding ring anymore and being from the poor midwest, she felt awful not having her ring on and being pregnant.

    Despite their financial situation my father came home one day with a new, larger ring so she would have something to wear while she was pregnant. It wasn’t much but it meant the world to my mother! She decided while she was pregnant with me that one day she would give it to me or my spouse to wear when we were expecting our own. 33 years later, that day finally came.

    While she was visiting us for our baby shower in Orlando from the cold of Minnesota she brought the ring to give to my wife and to share that story with her. Heartbreakingly she never got the chance. The day she decided to give it to my wife we were all fishing off our dock in the canal. My mother was wearing the ring on her pinky finger and when she went to cast the rod–she dropped her precious ring of 33 years into the muddy water.

    Needless to say my mother was heartbroken– as was I for her! I searched in the water for an hour or two, to no avail, bringing up bucket after bucket of mud in a hopeless search. Meanwhile my wife was laughing at me–having no idea why in the world I would be in the water and having no idea about the ring or the family story.

    We did not find the ring and my mother flew home to Minnesota heart broken. (A few weeks later she bought and mailed us a ring that looked similar, feeling it was all she could do.) I was determined to find that ring!

    In my search to figure out how to build a pump and dredge system to dredge and sift the mud, I found theringfinders.com while searching for “How to find a ring underwater.” I emailed Mike on a Friday morning and by that evening we had a time set for the following day.

    The next morning I explained to Mike how the ring had been lost 4 weeks prior and showed him the dock and where we thought it might be. He said a little prayer as he climbed down the ladder into the canal and began his search.

    About 20 minutes later we heard the wonderful buzzing of his metal detector, picking up a strong signal. A couple of muddy scoops later and with a huge grin on his face, he pulled the ring out of his muddy sifter.

    Mike was an amazing spirit and a blessing to come and find our lost ring. We had our baby just a few short days after finding the ring and I can’t wait to surprise my mother when she comes down to meet the baby and to find out we found her ring–the ring she had been holding for 33 years!

    Thank you theringfinders and thank you Mike — you are amazing! Sincerely, Jared”

    So glad to help you Jared and congratulations on the birth of your precious little one!

    Mike McInroe–willing and ready to help you find your lost item!! Call or e-mail me ASAP!

  • I am absolutely delighted by the service Mike McInroe/The Ring Finders offered! (2017)


    I am absolutely delighted by the service Mike McInroe/The Ring Finders offered! I lost my wedding ring whilst playing football (soccer) with my son on one of the beaches at the Disney Caribbean Resort.

    After spending hours looking for it on my own and getting nowhere, I did a web search to try to find someone with a metal detector who could help. Thankfully Mike McInroe was top of that search list. I sent him an email via his site and he got straight back to me and came over within a day. It quickly became clear that Mike was not leaving until that ring had been found, and sure enough after a couple of hours of methodical searching, there it was.

    The whole experience was rounded off with my kids, and then quite a few of the audience that had gathered, getting a free metal detector lesson and experience on the beach.

    An excellent service and a lovely person to do business with. Thanks again Mike.

    Iain Henderson and family --from Scotland!

  • I highly recommend Mike (2017)


    We called Mike after a disastrous experience with another ring finder person. He was super supportive and very professional. My wife and I lost her wedding and engagement ring in the middle of our ceremony at Lake Baldwin. After three weeks of waiting around for another guy, Mike finally was the one to help us find our ring. We contacted him after our first ring guy was rude and unhelpful. Mike kept in contact with us and letting us know that he’d was willing to go try and look for our ring if we’d like him. After not hearing from the first guy for 2 weeks, my wife and I decided to give Mike a try. He showed up to Lake Baldwin and my wife showed him where we lost our ring. My wife tried to pay Mike for his trip to meet us and he told her that she didn’t need to pay him until he found her ring. Two days later, he called and FOUND THE RING. We never thought we would see her ring again. He was so professional and helpful that night we went to pick up the ring. He told us how he got it and showed us the plans that he had drawn up to accomplish it. We told him about our experience with the first guy and he was apologetic for our experience. I highly recommend Mike, not only did he find the ring, he helped us turned our entire experience with ring finders around. Thank you Mike! - Cecil and Nicole

  • I cannot say enough how wonderful The Ring Finders and especially Mike McInroe are! (2015)


    Good afternoon. I really apologize for this taking so long to write. The days just get away from us!We talk about you all the time and how very special you are to us!! Here is our story....

    August, 2015 we were having a wonderful trip to Daytona Beach, Florida with the family. The weather was great. My 9 year old daughter has always wanted to learn to surf, so on Wednesday, August 5th I rented us a surf board to try out.

    She was doing really good and I decided to give it a go. I had fun. Only had one really big spill. I walked up on the beach to rest a bit and I noticed that engagement ring was missing. I was upset. We looked up and down the beach and in the water as best as we could. I knew I had it on at one point while surfing. We checked everyone's pictures of me surfing and saw it on my finger until that last wipeout.

    The rest of that day and well into the night we searched. My brother-in-law has a metal detector and we used that. We met a retired Marine on the beach who does a lot of metal detecting. He gave us tips and even came out the next morning to help. Some guys at our hotel mentioned that there were people who did this for a living. My fiancé researched some that night and found Ring Finders and 2 men who cover the Daytona area.

    The next morning we bought a metal detector and kept looking. For 2 more days we looked. On August 8th we had my brother-in-law, the retired Marine and us out on the beach looking. We were having no luck! My fiancé made the decision to call The Ring Finders and said everything said choose Mike McInroe! He was awesome on the phone and made us feel better. We couldn't believe that he only charged for gas money and a small reward IF he was successful!!

    He was at our hotel within 2 hours! He got suited up and told us not to get too excited every time he picked something up....we would know when he found the ring. He was so positive!

    We sat in the beach and watched. Within an hour he stood up and raised his hand!! Oh my!! I wish someone had had a video of me flying through the surf to get to him!! There were tears and hugs and laughter.

    I cannot say enough how wonderful The Ring Finders and especially Mike McInroe are! He gave me back something that is very precious to me!! I will never be able to truly repay him!

    Chante' Beyer

  • thank God and thank you for being God’s messenger that found our missing wedding band (2014)


    “Oh my GOD, I thought you ignored my e-mail. It is a Miracle! My hands are shaking while I write to you. There are no words I can say to thank you enough. You are the angel that God sent to find our ring. You would not believe how this past week was for my husband. I will tell everyone I know about theringfinders.com.”

    Two days later Mariam wrote: “I still cannot believe what happened! I read your e-mail 10 times a day and tell myself God is so good! What you do as a hobby (metal detecting) is really a very helpful thing. Especially when people like us lose a very valuable thing – that losing it really touches their hearts and finding it by an angel like you touches their hearts even more! As I said and I will be saying for the rest of my life, thank God and thank you for being God’s messenger that found our missing wedding band and delivered the GREAT NEWS to us when we so badly needed it!!”

  • Only two months left until my wedding day, I unfortunately dropped my engagement ring in the Atlantic Ocean... (2011)


    Only two months left until my wedding day, I unfortunately dropped my engagement ring in the Atlantic Ocean. As I saw it slip out of my hand, I thought it was gone forever. After a brief search on the internet, my fiancé found Mike McInroe, a wonderful kind hearted man. I felt that Mike was the last hope that I could hold on to in finding my engagement ring. Mike came to Jacksonville the very next day to search for my missing ring!

    After a long search that day and as the tide came back in that later afternoon for the last time in daylight I felt like the search was over, I had finally lost hope. I parted with my ring at that very moment as I thought Mike had finished his search. To my surprise, Mike came to me and said that he was going to continue his search that evening until the tide went back out again. Mike was my knight in shining armor! At that very instant I felt so overwhelmed with joy that this man brought back hope to me in the most unselfish way possible.

    My fiancénd I left the beach that evening around 10:30pm praying that Mike would find our ring. I felt so much at peace driving back home after speaking to Mike and having him reassure me that he was going to do everything he possibly could to find my ring. I did understand that my ring was a materialistic item, yet it had so much meaning behind it and was so special to me. Sure enough at 2:25am, I received a call that Mike had found my ring!! It was the most special indescribable moment I have ever felt. I personally want to say thank you to Mike for showing me that the Lord does work in such mysterious ways, bringing my fiancénd I closer together during such a loss and reuniting me with my engagement ring. Mike was such a great person to work with and he truly did such a great job! Thanks Mike! :)