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Cost For My Service

It is almost impossible to set a fee for my service, there are so many variables. I will accept a gratuity if offered. Based on what it's worth to you and what you can afford when I find your valuable.. If the item is not found I would like reimbursement for my commuting expenses. That is also up to you and what you can afford.

Search Types

Beaches, Parks, Yards and Water to 30ft.... I will try anywhere. If item is lost in a public place call ASAP.. 24/7

Search Locations

Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Long Beach, Balboa Beach, Costa Mesa, Corona Del Mar, Crystal Cove, Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, San Clemente, San Jaun Capistrano, Venice Beach,Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, Malibu, Los Angeles, Anahiem, Garden Grove, Irvine, and anywhere you need help.

Stan Ross's Bio

I started this hobby in 1971. I have kept up with the latest technology and have the state of the art metal detecting equipment. Each search is unique and has its own challenges. Timing is so important please call ASAP day or night. I will also offer you some suggestions to help you find your lost item. It's so rewarding to see how happy people are when I find a piece of jewelry that they thought was lost forever. I am retired and this is a service not a business. I'm looking forward to help you find your lost valuable.

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Stan Ross - Testimonials

  • I am so grateful for Stan. Thank You!! (2022)


    The stars aligned for me at Newport Beach today. I dropped my wedding rings in the sand. I though I knew the area where they’d fallen but didn’t want to disturb the sand. While I was figuring what to do the family next to me told us about the “Metal Detector Man” who found their missing ring. I contacted him Stan and he quickly came. He found my rings in less than a minute. I am so grateful for Stan. Thank You!!

    MK J.

  • I kid you not, he found it in about 45 seconds!!! We were absolutely blown away and are thankful (2022)


    I lost my ring at the beach on Wednesday and looked for a couple hours and had to leave and were so discouraged. We reached out to Stan on Saturday (4 days later) and met him out on the sand. He assured us he was the best and if it was out there he would find it. Sure enough he started looking and I kid you not, he found it in about 45 seconds!!! We were absolutely blown away and are thankful that we got in touch with Stan. If you’ve lost any sort of jewelry it is definitely worth it to give him a call!


  • He was very kind and patient. We found the ring in less than an hour! (2022)


    My wife lost her wedding ring in the sand at Newport Beach.. she posted on one of Facebook s mothers’ and many ladies recommended Stan for her.

    We contacted him right away and he strongly advised us to start searching for it right away even though it was almost midnight.. I met him there on the beach at 11:30pm!

    He was very kind and patient. We found the ring in less than an hour!

    Mohamed S.

  • He is a master of his craft and even a better citizen... (2022)


    STAN - the literal METAL MAN! My Fiancé’s engagement ring fell off at Santa Monica Beach as we were leaving late in the evening. We, along with friends, immediately searched in the dark to no avail.

    We decided to secretly mark the spot, leave, and get up early the following day to the beach by 5:30am to look again (and beat the tractors from covering the lost ring area). We considered renting a metal detector (or buying one and returning it) but the models the stores offered seemed cheap and unstable. So we sifted sand …unsurprisingly- still no luck.

    BUT, we found Stan and called him before the sun even rose. He answered immediately and said he was on his way! He must have left, literally right away, because he showed up in less time than we even thought. Fully geared on arrival, he told us “he’d do his best.”

    Well…he did, and the ring was found in less than 5 minutes. Seeing him work, and his equipment- I wouldn’t even consider renting my own detector or sift sand again. He is a master of his craft and even a better citizen (you can tell he does it just for the enjoyment).

    As he sifted some sand from a spot, he ask us to describe the ring in detail - so we did- and then he pulls out a ring from the sifter and goes”is this it”?” OF COURSE IT WAS (and I could tell he knew it was too).

    Seriously, if you lose anything like jewelry, or other metals in the beach: mark out the spot, stay there ( stay calm) - and call Stan. You are in amazing hands and couldn’t have met a nicer guy.

  • I would recommend Stan to anyone who lost something... (2022)


    My husband lost his wedding ring at the beach and the two of us searched for hours with no luck. We were both ready to cut our losses and I found Stan online. He was very responsive and helped us right away. We met him in the area and he found the ring in 3 minutes! We were in complete disbelief. I would recommend Stan to anyone who lost something. He took a very sad moment and made it amazing!

  • Stan is definitely the man! I’m so happy he found my ring and would recommend his services to anyone!! (2022)


    Stan is amazing!! I lost my wedding ring while playing football with my husband. The ball hit my finger and the ring flew off. We spent hours search for it; random strangers kept helping; a lady prayed for us; my husband even went to the store and bought a metal detectorNothing worked! The lifeguard suggested we google metal detector services. We found Stan. I called him that night after we have given up looking as it was dark now, thinking all was lost. He answered immediately and was super friendly and assured me he would do his best to find my ring. I texted him a picture of roughly the area we think we lost it on the beach. Stan went the very next morning (as it was dark when I called him) and found my ring within an hour of searching! He then met me right away and returned the ring to me. Stan is definitely the man! I’m so happy he found my ring and would recommend his services to anyone!! Thank you. Stan! :)

    Stephanie M.

  • Stan is a lifesaver! (2022)


    Highly recommended! My wife lost her wedding ring in the sand on Balboa Penesula. Feeling helpless, we found the Metal Detector Man online, and Stan arrived in a jiffy! He found the ring within minutes, and we couldn’t be more grateful! Stan is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, and a true asset to the OC beach community.

  • I googled searched while walking on the beach and Stan the ring finder came up. I called him and he was amazing! (2022)


    An incredible story….

    My husband lost his watch in Emerald Bay. The watch was very special to him as he bought it for himself as a reward for selling his first company. We walked the beach for hours looking for the watch, along with employees of emerald bay. I googled searched while walking on the beach and Stan the ring finder came up. I called him and he was amazing! He came right away and met me in the beach and found it in 5 minutes. He was kind and brilliant at what he does! So happy. Thank you so much.

  • We highly recommend him to anyone who loses something valuable. Thank you Stanley! (2020)


    My fiance had just finished his proposal to me and we were beginning to take pictures with my new ring. We were attempting to take a picture with the ring in the sand and as our photographer was focusing-in on the ring, a wave came and swept the ring away. Our photographer frantically began to dig around the area to look for the ring, and my fiance immediately jumped into the water. I followed him and we were both waist deep in the water, grabbing at anything that felt like it could be my ring but would only turn out to be shells and debri every time. 30 minutes passed and we still couldn't find the ring, my worst nightmare was becoming a reality and as the sun began to set, I started to believe that my ring was gone forever.

    I called my brother and asked him what we should do and he googled The Ring Finders and Stanley was the closest to our location. My brother contacted him and before he could hang up the phone, Stanley was already on his way to us. Stanley arrived quickly with all of his equipment and began searching the area. We watched as Stanley scanned over the area where we lost the ring. Within a minute he scooped up the sand, and nodded his head with a smile. My fiance jumped up and shouted "No way!" Stanley found our ring! We were overjoyed and both embraced Stanley.

    Stanley truly has a talent for locating valuables and allowed us to have our happy ending. He was very kind, professional and helpful. We will always remember how he helped us during one of the most stressful situations in our life. We highly recommend him to anyone who loses something valuable. Thank you Stanley!

  • thank you X 1,000,000. We appreciate you... (2020)


    Hi Stan, you have no idea how happy my wife got yesterday she said to thank you a million times so here we go ..... thank you thank you thank you X 1,000,000. We appreciate you and know that God has blessed you tremendously with many good people in your life. You can add us to that list of people my friend.

  • Stan the Man!! (2020)


    Stan is the man! My girlfriend her ring while we were at the beach. Called Stan & 20 minutes later he was at the beach looking for the ring (came from Newport Beach to San Clemente!) when he got there he did an extensive search, later to find it in an area neither my girlfriend and I would have never looked... that’s why he’s the professional .... doesn’t have prices, that’s up to you but it’s best to give a good amount, the guy really cares about finding your your jewelry that means a lot to you !

    Stan the Man!!

  • what a Saint!! (2020)


    After driving home, I realized I dropped my Apple Watch on the beach at Doheny State Beach after camping there for weekend. The park staff was not overly helpful, but one of my friends recommended that I Google metal detecting services in that area - SUCH a great idea, that I would have never thought of!

    I am SO grateful that Stan answered at the first place I called ... because within the hour, he Found IT! He traveled to Doheny, searched the location I thought I lost it, and let me know as soon as he found it -I really appreciated his communication (ETA, plan, status, etc.) throughout as well!!

    It didn’t stop there....

    I live in San Diego (a little over an hour on a good day), so I offered to pay for his time and shipping for he would be kind enough to mail the watch to me. He let me know he needed to come to San Diego for something else anyway and he would arrange to meet up with me when it was convenient and return it in person! And he did exactly that, the NEXT DAY - what a Saint!!

  • Stan is the best! (2019)


    Thanks so much to those of you who so quickly reached out to me. Fortunately I came upon

    “Stan Ross / The Ring Finders”. I found him online but was hesitant to call since he’s based in Newport Beach. As desperate as I was, I gave it a shot.

    Let me tell you, as it turned out, I was the one who found the treasure in Stan!

    I called at 4pm. The sweetest man EVER answered and after telling him about my situation he said “No problem, I’m not busy, I can head right over now.” An hour and a half later he pulled up in his super cool (very shiny) fire engine red Mini Cooper loaded with every detector and gadget you could imagine.

    While crawling around my hillside garden in the DARK, the ring was found.

    Stan is the best! And as an added bonus, he comes packed with some really fantastic stories of others and their recovered treasures.

    Oh, did I mention he only accepts donations/tips?!

    I can’t wait to stupidly lose something else just so we can have him over again.

  • Enter Stan, The Ring Finders angel... (2019)


    Here’s our Frogge family miracle vacation story: We are visiting my father and brother, Mark, in California and spent a fun day in Malibu yesterday at the beach. While we were there, Patrick realized his ring had slipped off his finger into the ocean. It was an engraved signet ring that his father had given him for high school graduation, and Patrick’s father passed in 2000. So it was pretty irreplaceable. We searched in vain for the ring and gave it up for lost.

    Enter Stan, The Ring Finders angel: Online, I ran across a local business that searches for lost rings using metal detectors. Stan Ross of Ring Finders offered to look for the ring if we agreed to pay his travel costs (parking and gas). He told us that if he found the ring, we could pay him whatever we felt his services were worth. This sounded too good to be true, but we decided to try it. We looked at beach photos from yesterday to try to determine exactly where Patrick lost the ring and gave Stan our best estimation.

    Last night I dreamed we found the ring, and this morning, Stan pulled up to my brother’s house, ring in hand! Patrick Frogge Mark

  • Stan is the man who can find the needle in the haystack! Absolutely an answer to my prayers. (2018)


    Stan is the man who can find the needle in the haystack! Absolutely an answer to my prayers.

    My wife and I were taking an overnight vacation before picking up our daughter from college at the end of her spring semester. We love the Newport Beach area and after a walk on the beach I had decided to take a quick swim in the surf not far off of the beach. It was a wonderful day with our daughter and her boyfriend until until at dinner time my wife noticed that my wedding ring was missing from my hand. After getting back to the hotel room and doing a thorough and a bit frantic search through the room and even our car I was unable to locate the ring. I was upset and felt foolish for not taking it off prior to my swim as I had other co-workers who had lost their wedding rings the same way. We assumed that it was a lost cause to find my wedding ring of 26 years of marriage.

    I woke early the next morning still thinking about my ring and praying that there had to be a way to find it. I decided to do a Google search for “lost ring sand Newport Beach”. The website for The Ring Finders came up on the top of the list. After looking through local people I found Stan's blog and noticed that the vast majority of his finds were in the Newport Beach area with a significant number of great testimonials to his acumen and skill. I contacted him at 5:30 in the morning not sure if he would even answer his phone due to the time of day. However, to my great surprise he did! After explaining to him where I was swimming due to the location of our hotel, he was fairly confident that given the low morning tides for the day he would be able to find my ring. By 6:30am he texted me that he was starting his search at the beach in the area I had indicated. I met him at the beach just before 7 a.m. and his gracious and focused demeanor along with knowledge of the area gave me confidence and hope that my ring could be found..

    After about 30 minutes after I got there, he found my ring! I was so excited and so ecstatic to once again have my unique wedding ring of 26 years of marriage. A hand crafted gold band not of much value but of huge sentimental value. Thank you so much Stan - you made our day! We now have a story with you in our family history. To all others, I highly recommend Stan and his skills should you have a need.

    Anwaar & Irma Bhatti.

  • We are so beyond thankful for Stan's passion, talents and commitment to helping others! (2018)


    We are so beyond thankful for Stan's passion, talents and commitment to helping others!

    My brother-in-law suffered a medical emergency on the side of the 73 freeway. After numerous falls and being taken by ambulance it wasn't until later he realized the heirloom ring he was wearing was gone. Days passed before my husband and I were notified the ring was missing. Sure we would never see the ring again, I started frantically searching the internet for help! Cue Stan. Absolutely sent from heaven to help us! What seemed like an impossible situation, Stan was our only hope. Stan met us on the side of the freeway to help try and narrow the search area. A normal person would had said no way! Too much time had passed, too difficult of a search area, not enough information, not dealing with cal trans/ highway patrol etc etc. Not Stan, he said yes!! Due to the difficult conditions, we had to hold off the search. Stan took time to plan out the search, set up his car with a note for cal trans/highway patrol and wore safety gear. He found the ring!!!! We are forever thankful for Stan!


    Christine and Justin Dohrman

  • I will highly recommend Stan Ross’s services to anyone that loses their jewelry (2018)


    Stan, I am grateful to you, beyond what words can express! You are obviously amazing at what you do. I was heartsick (and sick to my stomach) when I realized that I lost my rings on Santa Monica Beach.

    It was especially awful, as it happened while on vacation. I’m from the east coast (Boston/Plymouth, MA) & this was my first time on the west coast. I had no idea what to do, except go back to the beach in the dark & try to look for my rings, before someone else found them.

    Then my mom mentioned how we had seen people with metal detectors on the beach. I then thought that maybe we could rent one & have a better chance at finding my rings. So, I did a Google search & found The Ring Finders website & Stan.

    It was almost 10:30pm, but it said to call anytime & I gave it a shot. I explained my situation to Stan & he said he would meet me at the beach, even though he was an hour drive away. He even continued to search for my rings after midnight, when we had to go back to our hotel.

    It was just after 1am, when I got the call from Stan saying that he found my rings. I was in disbelief at first & asked if he could send me a picture of them to be sure they were actually mine.

    As soon as I saw the picture I was flooded with emotion. Stan had found my rings, in the dark, almost 8 hours after they had fallen off the beach blanket into the sand. My eyes filled with happy tears, knowing that I would have my engagement/wedding rings back soon.

    The sentimental value of my rings is far greater than the monetary value to me. Especially since the center diamond of my engagement ring was my husband’s Grammy’s ring. When Stan offered to drive to our hotel the next morning to return my rings, I thought “Where did this man come from?”

    Stan, you are truly a genuine, nice person. Stan turned my vacation from the worst to the best. I will highly recommend Stan Ross’s services to anyone that loses their jewelry or other small valuables, in Southern California! Now I just need to find someone here on the east coast that is a kind and dependable as Stan.

    Thank you Stan!

  • Stan is nothing short of a hero (2018)


    Stan is nothing short of a hero , after calling him he was on site within 10 mins , he decided to come back the next day at low water to have the best

    chance of recovering my wedding ring , which was only 3 days old (married Sat evening lost Tues aft) .

    The wind was off the sea so it was really quite cold but he turned up right on time and was waist deep in the surf for around 1hr 45 mins working in a grid before he found my ring . Needless to say Barbara and I were VERY pleased .

    Thanks again Stan

  • Stan is an angel! (2018)


    I will never ever forget how ecstatic I was when my ring was finally back on my finger! Stan is an angel! He came right over and immediately his presence was comforting and he gave us a hopeful energy. I had no idea there was even a but I prayed to God for a sign and he had me get online look them up. It was a miraculous day. Stan you are amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Stan is an amazing finder! (2018)


    Stan is an amazing finder! All of my jewelry had been misplaced in my parents' large home for more than two years. I called Stan in the middle of the holiday season and asked if he could come look in the house. He initially said he really didn't use his metal detector in houses because there is too much interference. But he was very kind and I begged him to give it some thought. I called him back about two weeks later and he agreed to come to the house. He found ALL of our missing jewelry within two hours. It was truly amazing. He is very patient and very thorough. I highly recommend him if you need to find your jewelry, on the beach OR in your home. I will always be grateful for his help and willingness to try. Thank you so much - I am literally sleeping better at night knowing my jewelry is not at the bottom of a landfill in LA County.

    He is the best!

  • He’s the Sherlock Holmes of metal detecting.Call him if you lose anything precious ... (2017)


    Stan did the impossible.

    Two days before thanksgiving, I drove with my wife and 4-year old from LA to Grass Valley. On the way, I lost my palladium wedding ring. Random exit stop to help my daughter potty. Ring fell off, drove on without it, didn’t realize it until after about an hour of driving. I was pretty sure I was never going to see it again.

    My wife didn’t give up and found Stan on the Ring Finders. (I had no idea a service like this exists.) We worked together to pinpoint the location, and Stan went to find the ring. Dude

  • I can never thank you enough Stan!!!! Thank God that I found you!!! (2017)


    I don't even know what to write! Stan is one of the most amazing people I have ever met!!! I am so thankful for finding him. I lost my diamond rings that meant so much to me ! There is a long emotional story behind the rings; when I lost them about 4 in the afternoon at the beach I was devastated!!! Devastated does not even describe my feelings. I googled "lose ring beach@ and the "ring finder website" shows up. I call Stan 8 in the morning of the next day and he could not be more kind, considerate and helpful! We met around 12:30 and by 2:30 I have my both rings back!!!! Literally speechless from joy and happiness! I can never thank you enough Stan!!!! Thank God that I found you!!!

    Farimah G.

  • Many thanks for your kindness, encouragement and helping me believe in miracles. (2017)

    Dear Stan,

    I can’t express my thanks to you for your assistance in helping find my wedding ring. I have had it (and my husband) for over 35 years and was devastated to lose it. You came to Seal Beach right away and began your search. Although you did not find it with your skillful eye and metal detector, you helped me in not losing faith that it may show up somewhere. I searched the neighborhood, trash (uck) and my house up and down for two days. This morning, my eye glanced to an open cubby in our bathroom and it was sitting there on the second shelf smiling at me. That is a space where it would have not reason to be either by purpose or accident. Stan, you said you believe in miracles - I am now one of those believers.

    Many thanks for your kindness, encouragement and helping me believe in miracles. Although the ring is just a “thing”, it made me reflect on the meaning of possessions and the true gift is the spirit with which we receive.

    Thank you again!

    Best regards,


  • Now here's a guy who knows how to find lost jewelry. With over 170 found items... (2017)


    Now here's a guy who knows how to find lost jewelry. With over 170 found items I knew he was the guy I wanted to get into contact with after I unfortunately lost my wedding ring on the beach. This ring was also my grandfathers wedding ring so it was irreplaceable to my family and I.

    A few hours had passed before I realized that the ring was missing. I had taken the ring off before going out into the water and placed it into a pocket of our beach chair. As we were leaving I closed up the beach chair and went home, not realizing I had just dropped the ring in the sand. When I figured out what I had done several hours later I got onto the internet and found Stan Ross.

    He was on the ring finders website and had over 170 successful finds. When I contacted Stan he was very enthusiastic about helping me. He dropped what he was doing and went straight to the beach where I had lost the ring. I sent Stan a picture of my wife and I at the beach that day and a google map pin point of the location to give him an idea of where we were.

    I met Stan at the beach 30 minutes later around 7:00pm. As I walked down the steps to the beach I was wondering why Stan was so far away from the location i had described my wife and I as being that day. It was simply because Stan had already found the ring and was looking around the beach before I had arrived. Stan found the ring in less than the time in took me to get the beach that evening.

    And for his assistance and service he quoted his price as," I just enjoy doing this for people". I gave Stan a tip for his work and he walked off into the night. As he left he stated he was glad he could help and was glad I had my ring back.

    So to Stan I say thank you! From my wife and I, my family thank you!

    You were the right man to call and I will keep your number in my phone to use in the future and give to anyone needing help in finding a lost item that he may be able to help.

    - Jeff Z.

  • I can't put my appreciation for you into words - Stan, you're the man!!! (2016)


    Hi Stan!

    This is Jasleen - you found my ring in the Venice canals over the weekend. Now that all the craziness is over I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did. I had no idea you found it on Sunday , he came to propose (again) that night and I was at such a loss for words.

    Thank you for being so wonderful and genuine. I can't put my appreciation for you into words - Stan, you're the man!!!

  • We are so grateful for Stanley and for The Ring Finders! (2016)


    I just wanted to pass this along and let people know that a service like this exists. The people of the ring finders will go search for your lost article of jewelry with a medal detector and get it back to you if it's there where you describe.

    My fiancé and I had lost a gold ring at the beach and thought it was a gonner. We were both so upset because it has such sentimental value being his grandmothers ring.

    We waited two weeks to call because we didn't know about it and when we did we didn't believe it would be possible to find it even with a medal detector.

    We couldn't believe that when we finally did call, Stanley found it within an hour!

    He went out just as it was about to get dark and lightly rain and found it for us! We asked how much his services are and he said that they do it for gratuity and only want to help people out because at The Ring Finders they understand that rings have so much more value then what the gold is worth.

    We are so grateful for Stanley and for The Ring Finders!

  • My friends are amazed by this story and think Stan is a hero. And so do I. (2016)


    It’s ironic that I live close to the beach but never actually go and sit on the beach for pleasure… So the one time I actually did go and sit on the beach with visiting family members was the time I managed to lose my wedding ring.

    I walked down to the beach to join my sister and her family to be social for a couple of hours and we sat there enjoying ourselves in the sun. I took my two rings off to apply sunscreen, put them in the side pocket of my beach chair and forgot all about them.

    I later walked home with my sister, leaving my brother in law to pack up the chairs and supplies and walk to the road where we could pick them up with the car. An hour later, I realised my rings were missing and knew exactly what had happened to them.

    We all raced back to the beach in a terrible panic. The rings were valuable and meaningful and I had worn them both for many years. My daughter managed to find one ring in the sand, right where we had been sitting, so I was hopeful my wedding ring couldn’t be too far away. Despite several of us searching we could not find it.

    Strangers helped us, a passer by with a metal detector tried for two hours to find my ring, but as darkness fell I knew it was lost in the sand and we had run out of time and chances to find it. I went home terribly upset.

    That’s what I got for going to the beach for fun. I had lost my wedding ring of 21 years and had no-one to blame but myself. I loved wearing it and looking it and knowing what it represented and I knew it was my own fault for losing it. It had been custom made for me and was valuable, but its sentimental value was priceless.

    Now I had to go home and tell husband I had lost 21 years of history because I had been careless. As I sat at my computer late that night trying to come to terms with the loss, I googled how to find lost jewelry on the beach and up popped several results for theringfinders website. I never knew it existed. A few mouse clicks led me to Stan, and his page encouraged people like me to call day or night and gave me one last bit of hope that maybe all was not as lost as it seemed.

    I wasn’t ready to give up and accept it was gone forever without one last try, and testimonials on Stan’s page convinced me that maybe it could be found. Stan was calm and nonjudgmental, didn’t mind me calling him so late and only concerned about getting to the beach as soon as possible in the morning.

    I emailed him a picture of my ring and as much detail about where I lost it as I could. He drove out to Malibu and was on the beach in total darkness with his headlamp on, gridding and searching for my ring by 6AM. I was stunned that a total stranger would invest himself in searching for my lost ring before dawn. I was down with him at 6.20 AM. Stan failed to find the ring anywhere near the other one and I was in despair, yet he was positive and determined and refused to give up. My brother in law helped show him the route he had taken towards the road with the chairs and they widened their search.

    At 7.15AM, I saw them huddled over something Stan had found with his detector and sensors and as I walked over to them Stan turned around and held up my ring. I was almost in tears, I was so happy. I couldn’t believe it…

    I threw my arms around Stan, a complete stranger to me, and hugged him as hard as I could on the beach, as the tractor came towards us raking the beach, right where my ring was located. Stan found it, and in the nick of time.

    I guess the moral of the story is to leave your rings at home when you go to the beach, but this saga also taught me never to give up until all hope is lost, and that there are some decent, caring people out there in the world.

    I am so grateful for Stan and his willingness to drive 70 miles in the dead of night to come to my rescue. He is an exceptional, kind human being and I will never forget how he helped reunite me with my beautiful ring. We took him home for coffee and breakfast and he’s a legend now on my FaceBook page. My friends are amazed by this story and think Stan is a hero. And so do I. Stan, I will remember you as long as I live and will always be grateful to you. THANK YOU!!!

  • This man went above and beyond and is my hero! We need more people like Stanley Ross! (2016)


    Cool story! On the 10th I went to the beach and while there I took off my chain with my grandfather’s WWII dog tags. These tags are priceless to me and most prized possession.

    Well, l lost them! After searching until the sun went down I went back the following morning, dug up at least 20 sq ft of sand in the same area with no luck.

    On the 12th I hired a local man with a metal detection business to come out and after searching the entire cove for several hours we reluctantly gave up. I’ve been so sad and depressed and had given up hope until I received this message earlier today.

    He had gone back on his own accord with a detector that would search deeper since they were possibly buried by me and/or the tide. He had no luck again but as he left walking along the cliffs he looks up to see a shiny object which turned out to be my grandfather’s tags. A bird had taken them and after deciding they were useless left them on the cliff. This man went above and beyond and is my hero! We need more people like Stanley Ross!

  • 5 minutes both were found. UNBELIEVABLE!!! (2016)


    Laguna Bch.. Megan and Brad's 17yr. Wedding ring set. Authored by Megan

    Yesterday, at the beach, our vacation took a downturn. I took off my wedding rings to apply sunscreen .... They were not seen again. Our site looked like an archeological dig to no avail.

    Today Brad googled "metal detector Laguna Beach" (we were thinking about renting one) and found a group called The Ring Finders - metal detecting specialists. We called one of them and he came out this afternoon.

    We showed him the area we had been and within 5 minutes both were found. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Vacation saved. So I have to give a shoutout to our guy- Stan Ross! They didn't charge a fee, so while I gave him a huge hug, Brad gave him a wad of cash.

  • You truly provide a wonderful service and will recommend you to any of our friends who find themselves missing something and in need of help. (2015)


    Hi Stan,

    You may remember me, my name is Kurt and I met you on the Balboa Pier beach in Newport Beach on June 22, 2015. My wife had lost her engagement ring in the sand on Father's Day after talking it off to apply sunscreen on our boys, and I came back the following day with a "Mickey-Mouse" metal detector in hopes of trying to find it. You found the ring not long before I got there and graciously offered it to me to return to my wife.

    It was pretty amazing that our paths crossed that day, as the chances of meeting on that beach, at that time, at that location, and at that time seemed improbable. She was very happy to have her ring back, not because of any monetary value but for sentimental reasons. That was the ring we used for our ceremony and was inscribed for her, "My (heart), my Life, My Shannon". In addition, my wife's parents both passed away a few years ago and she was having a hard time learning to forgive her father. In a way it almost seemed that our meeting was Devine intervention; a Father's Day apology if you will.

    Anyhow, as a token of our appreciation we would like to give you a small gift (herein). I wish we could give more, although raising toddlers is proving to be more demanding than we thought (mentally and financially)! You truly provide a wonderful service and will recommend you to any of our friends who find themselves missing something and in need of help. Once again, thanks.

    Kurt and Shannon

  • We’re very grateful for Stan’s services, and we give him our absolute highest recommendations. (2015)



    Thanks again for finding my ring. I was attending my daughter’s beach volleyball tournament at Huntington Beach. During the game, an errant volleyball headed into the crowd towards me.

    I instinctively shot my left hand up into the air in an attempt to deflect the ball, and as I did, I felt my wedding ring fly off my finger. My wife and I looked around for it frantically, knowing that with each person walking by and kicking up sand, our chances of finding it were dwindling.

    After searching for about a half an hour, and seeing person after person kicking up sand and surely burying my ring, we resigned ourselves to having lost it for good.

    Later that day, upon returning to our hotel and preparing to leave Los Angeles, I got on the internet and conducted a Google search for folks with metal detectors in the Huntington Beach area.

    I found Stan Ross on and I called him from the airport as I was awaiting my flight.

    Stan was on the case in no time, and he kept me apprised of his status as he scanned the beach and I got ready to get on my flight.

    Then, just before departing, Stan texted me with a triumphant pic of my ring. He had found it! My wife and I were ecstatic! Luckily, my wife and kids had already planned to stay an extra day at the beach, so they were able to meet Stan and get my ring back.

    We’re very grateful for Stan’s services, and we give him our absolute highest recommendations. Thanks again Stan.

  • I am so beyond grateful! I jumped up and hugged him with tears down my face (2015)


    So, Drew and I decided we would take a night to go watch the sunset at Calafia state beach in San Clemente (about 5 min drive from our house ) as a way to celebrate our engagement and get some time for just the two of us -kid-free woo hoo!

    Like always though, we are scrambling to gather a few items to bring (champagne, blanket, etc.) and rushing out the door to make it before the sun goes down while trying to say bye to the kids etc.

    We make it out the door and I even remembered my camera! When we get there I decided to put the self-timer on my camera, lay out the blanket and snap a few pics of us. I notice their is a lot of seaweed obnoxiously photo bombing us and to avoid having to Photoshop it later, I quickly start to brush it away with my hands far from our blanket where we are sitting.

    I continuously run to and from the camera to try to get a good shot with the self-timer. As we are taking pictures, I suddenly notice the engagement ring is no longer on my finger!!

    Drew and I both panicked, retracing our steps frantically everywhere . Here we are, 15 minutes before the sun goes down , crowds of people on the beach, and we are searching for my ring. I start thinking hard , “Did I have it on before we left the house?

    Did it fall off in the sand? Did it fall off when I took off my sandals in the sand? “ etc. I start hearing my mother-in-laws nagging voice in my head “you should have worn it on your middle finger until you got it re-sized!”

    The ring was loose and too big and we hadn’t had a chance to get it resized yet.

    Anyways, we search the car, the camera bag , go back to the house , retrace all steps in the sand- NOTHING.

    At this point its pitch black outside and we are freezing our butts off losing all hope that we will find it , the tide is starting to roll in and any sign of society has vanished, ha. Drew and I are both wearing helmets with lights on our heads , we rush to Big 5 to purchase a $140 metal detector , go back and pace back n forth with this little machine we have no idea how to use. Still- NOTHING

    OKAY- Well, the look on Drews face- I mean seriously -I lost the ring - I also knew this was practically the same chances of finding a needle in a haystack. It is starting to set in and we are sitting in an empty beach parking lot losing hope, thinking we are just going to have to accept this as a loss .

    I start to Google on my phone and discover that their are literally professional ring finders, I mean what? yes! I start to think “What are the chances they will even find it though? And how much are they going to charge, practically the price of the ring I bet . . “ It’s worth a shot though , I think to myself.

    I give a call to the one we found in our area, this sweet man is willing to drive 1.5 hours to us from his 'Riverside Metal Detecting Contest.' Ha. Yes, apparently there is such thing.

    He arrives, this sweet man, with his $3,000 metal detecting equipment. Drew is looking at me like “ c’mon really? You think this guy is going to find it? “

    All odds are against us at this point because its past beach curfew, hitting 11pm, the tide is rolling in strong and we are pooped. An officer comes and tells us we will need to leave shortly but that he can give us a little bit of time to look , he chuckles “Good luck!” while walking away.

    Moments later, I hear his detector, my heart sinks, “Oh just tinfoil” he says . Still no luck. Suddenly, out of nowhere- he starts skimming an area and HE FINDS MY RING!!!!

    I swear- I never in a million years -thought it was possible AND if we had waited till morning to go back again and look- it would have washed away with the tide !

    I am so beyond grateful! I jumped up and hugged him with tears down my face asking him over and over “HOW DID YOU FIND IT?!! I CANT BELIEVE YOU FOUND IT! OH. MY .GOSH!”

    So I say to him , “OK- we now owe you big time! What do you charge for something like this?“ (Yes, you would think we would have asked him before but I guess it didn’t cross our minds because 1. We were frantic and desperate for any help 2. We couldn’t put a price on something this sentimental to us -not just materialistic)

    He replies, “Well, I work on a reward system. You pay me what you can afford to give and what its worth to you for me to find it. And I give 15% of the proceeds to the children’s hospital”.

    I mean seriously? Is this real? Drew and I look at each other – wow this is definitely a pay-it-forward experience.

    And yes, we compensated him well for his incredible gift and generosity We are FOREVER grateful . ;)

  • The level of dignity I received was excellent I will call you guys if I ever loose something. (2015)

    Called up Stan.

    He volunteered to make the drive up to Carpinteria to find my girlfriend's necklace. Fortunately they found it before he made the long drive for nothing but the level of dignity I received was excellent I will call you guys if I ever loose something.

  • I thought my beautiful diamond engagement ring was lost forever, but Stan came to the rescue (2015)


    Where to begin…

    I thought my beautiful diamond engagement ring was lost forever, but Stan came to the rescue.

    Saturday afternoon, I took my ring off at the beach and carelessly placed it in a shirt pocket on my towel while I got in the water to surf. I completely forgot the ring was in there when I went to gather my belongings and leave.

    We had walked about 100 yards in the sand from where we were set up on the beach to get back to the car, when I realized I had left the ring in that shirt pocket.

    I check the pocket, and of course it wasn’t there. After combing the sand for 2 hours, my fiancé, brother, and I were ready to cut our losses. We left the beach and I couldn’t help thinking that we had given up too soon.

    I googled metal detectors with no luck of anything in the area, and then I googled “ring finder” just on a complete whim. I ran across Ring Finders, specifically Stan, and called. Stan was an hour away, but got in his car to come meet me within 2 minutes of the phone call.

    He came to the beach we were at and after looking for about 20 minutes, the ring was found. I cannot thank him enough for his services.

    He came to meet me from far away, on a Saturday evening, not knowing whether or not he would find the ring, though his confidence was amazing and well warranted. Words cannot describe how grateful I am and what kind of lessoned I learned. If you have a lost ring, please call Stan.

  • Unbelievable. Still in shock. Stan Ross with The Ring Finders you are the man (2014)


    So my gold chain/jesus piece that was passed down to me when my father passed at 16 was broken off from my chest into the ocean when I was playing with my dog at the dog beach yesterday, around 3pm. 7 years I've had it on my chest. We searched frantically for 2 hours for it to no avail. Soo as I was just going to give up and let mother nature have it we got in contact with someone online who does treasure hunting. He met up with us and went into the ocean with his metal detectors and had no luck. Told me he was going to come back (all the way from newport) at 6 am and take another look when it's low tide. At 6:45 Am I get a call from this man saying he found the pendent and the chain as well... I asked him how much I owed him and he didn't even want any money, he just said he's glad he could help... Unbelievable. Still in shock. Stan Ross with The Ring Finders you are the man and I can't thank you enough. You will be receiving a check in the mail. Cheers and happy Saturday!!

  • Stan is the MAN! Thank you for finding my ring! (2014)


    Nicole’s Story

    My son and I decided to take a spontaneous and quick (Thurs-Sun) road trip, just the 2 of us, to Southern California from the SF Bay Area. The plan was to spend 2 days at Disneyland and then make a stop in Manhattan Beach to see family on Sunday. Before noon on Saturday(day #2 at Disney), we were both wanting to go to the beach.

    So, we said goodbye to Mickey and headed for Newport. After a relaxing Saturday afternoon filled with a picnic lunch, boogey boarding, playing catch (lacrosse & baseball), we headed back to our hotel in Anaheim.

    It was there that I realized I did not have my wedding ring on my finger. I vaguely remember taking it off to apply sunscreen like I so often do, surely I’d remember to put it back on. Oops! So after shuffling through the multiple bags I had with me that day and stripping down the car I realized I must’ve lost it at the beach. Gone forever, or so I thought.

    Monday, back home in the Bay Area, I had a hairbrain idea to go online and check out Orange County Craigslist. On it, I posted an ad in the “lost & found” section stating: “Platinum Wedding Band lost at Newport Beach on Saturday.” Talk about a shot in the dark, a hail Mary!

    I never thought anything would come of it and had already begun looking online at new wedding bands but on Monday night, I had an e-mail from Stan with asking me for more detail. I was able to narrow it down for him, I knew what block I parked in and about how far down the beach we were. I still thought it would be like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s a BIG beach!

    Tuesday morning (3 days after losing my ring at the beach!) at 7:30am I got an email saying simply “I found your ring. Call me.” I called him right away. He read me the inscription, sure enough it was my ring! My ring was back on my finger on Thursday. I am still in shock. My husband Patrick and I have been married 13 years this summer, lucky #13! Stan is the MAN! Thank you for finding my ring!

  • I was SO thrilled and kept laughing and praising Stan for his amazing skills. (2014)


    This week in my personal scripture study I read Luke chapter 15. When I got to these verses, I had to smile :

    8 Either what woman having ten pieces of silver, if she lose one piece, doth not light a candle, and sweep the house, and seek diligently till she find it?

    9 And when she hath found it, she calleth her friends and her neighbours together, saying, Rejoice with me; for I have found the piece which I had lost.

    I smiled because I had a recent occasion when I had reason to rejoice over something I had lost.

    Last week I lost my keyfob in the sand at the beach--actually, I will admit, I slightly BURIED my keyfob in the sand and then put my flip flops on top while I was paddleboarding at sunset. Never once did I think someone might steal my flip flops, thus making it difficult to know exactly where the key was buried. (I did, however, have a little voice inside me that asked if it was a good idea, which I thought was possibly my husband's voice in my head, and I dismissed it. Sorry, Jon!)

    ANYWAY, we paddled until the full moon was shining across the bay, and sat on our boards trying to decide which view was better--the side with the lingering golden glow of sunset or the side with the bright full moon light dancing on the water.

    Eventually we got back to shore just as dark was setting in and, to our dismay, my flip flops were long gone. A nice man, Mark Carlisle, came in on his paddleboard after us, and seeing my friend and I searching in the sand, offered to help. The three of us "sought diligently"and "swept" the sand for quite some time but we could not find the key. Finally we used Mark's cellphone to call Jon to bring us the spare key. While waiting for my husband to leave work, pick up the spare key and drive to the beach (nearly 45 minutes), Susie and I continued to search and search, systematically raking the sand on our hands and knees over and over again. But we could not find that key!

    Even though both of us had been praying silently the entire time to find the key, we eventually decided to kneel and pray out loud together. During the prayer, I had a warm feeling come over me and felt a strong spiritual confirmation that we would indeed find the key. (Those silly keyfobs cost over $200...that's why I really wanted to find it!)

    But when Jon finally got to us, we still hadn't found it. So we loaded our boards and drove home. I wasn't all that worried because I knew from the impression I had had while praying that we would somehow recover the key. On the way home Susie googled "metal detectors OC" and found a local man named Stan Ross of, and I decided I would call him in the morning.

    Susie, Stan Ross and Me with the key!

    Early the next morning I met Stan back at the beach, and lo and behold, he had already found the key before I got there. I was SO thrilled and kept laughing and praising Stan for his amazing skills. (Not only was Stan a skilled finder with the best metal detecting equipment, he was also the nicest man!) The key was right were we had been searching. We had combed that exact spot by hand a half a dozen times. I was overjoyed! I called my friends and family: "Rejoice with me, for I have found the piece which I had lost!"

    Now, the story in Luke does not end with the rejoicing woman who had found her lost coin. In verse 10 the Savior says:

    10 Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.

    The joy I felt when the key was found was real and big and exciting. So I can only imagine the EXQUISITE joy in heaven when a lost lamb is recovered--when one of God's beloved children turns his/her life around and returns to the path of our Father in Heaven. I can truly imagine the shouts of joy in heaven when someone on earth who had lost faith recovers it; when someone on earth who had wandered into darkness turns back to God's light. I have seen it happen in my own family in the last few years, and it is continuing right now in ways I could only have DREAMED of in the past. That is heaven-on-earth joy. That is when angels and men rejoice together. That is why two of my children are serving missions right now--one in Russia and one in Malaysia. They are out there searching to find our Father's lost sheep and bring them into His fold. What joy!

    Rejoice with me!

    (If you are in Southern California and ever need a metal detector, I highly recommend Stan Ross . He blogged here about our experience together.)

  • I am so happy to be reunited with my ring of such great significance! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH STAN!!! (2013)


    I lost a ring with great sentimental value on Friday evening. I had the ring custom made in Jerusalem where "Revelation 21:1-7" was inscribed on it in Hebrew along with a Messianic symbol. As I was wading in the water at Bolsa Chica state beach in high tide. I didn't even feel the ring slip off of my finger. Minutes later as I started walking back to the fire pit I realized that it was gone. I frantically searched for about an hour until the beach was closed. I had just about given up when on Monday I decided to post an ad in the lost and found section of Craigslist. As I was looking through ads, I found a posting that mentioned I read about Stan and thought that it wouldn't hurt to give him a call. Stan explained about the tides as he was looking up information. It just so happened that the tide was going to be quite low that evening and Stan said that he would start searching right away. in approximately two hours, Stan sent me a text with a photo of my freshly excavated ring! I was shocked and ecstatic. I raced down to meet him and was there in less than 30 minutes. I am so happy to be reunited with my ring of such great significance! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH STAN!!!

    WIth deepest gratitude,


  • When I got home I was so sad crying and upset. I looked up what to do when you lose your ring in sand and the Ring Finder website came up. (2013)


    Dear Stan,

    I can’t thank you enough for finding my mother’s ring. This ring means so much to me as my mom passed away on December 17, 2012. This ring was her favorite ring as she designed it her self from different rings she had and my dad who passed away on February 12, 2013 was the one who had it made for her.

    My kids and I had spend the day at the beach. My mom would always tell me to remove my rings when I put on cream, wash dishes or take a shower. She said it would get dirty and my rings wouldn’t shine. So, when she passed away I wanted to make sure I honored her wishes and I always take off her ring when I do any of these things. I took off the ring to put on sun block and put it on my lap. I must have got up for something and it must have fell. We were at the beach for about 4 hours when I remembered it was in my lap. When I looked down it was gone. My kids and I looked for over an hour. We asked the life guard if he had a metal detector and he said no, but let us know people come with metal detectorsin the morning. When I called my husband he said we had to go right away and wait for someone with a detector. I gave up hope figured it was gone and I would never see it again. I was so sad and mad. I prayed at the beach it would be found and on the way home.

    When I got home I was so sad crying and upset. I looked up what to do when you lose your ring in sand and the Ring Finder website came up. I wasn’t sure about it, but figured what do I have to lose the ring is already gone. I called Stan and explained where I was at and he said he would get over there right away before anyone else worked the beach and before it was combed.

    Not even an hour went by and Stan called me to let me know he had found the ring. I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked. How was that even possible. My husband and I met with Stan and he returned the ring.

    Thank you Stan for your honesty. I am so glad that there are people like you in this world. You are one of a kind.



  • The is a great resource. (2013)


    Dear Stan,

    We are so grateful to you for finding our father’s lost wedding band in the sand at Crystal Cove State Park this afternoon. The is a great resource. Through the site we found you, and that you were able to come to us within the hour was truly fantastic. Then, when you found the ring within five minutes, we were so relieved. Thank you again. I hope the rest of your day was as successful!