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Ring Lost While Paddleboarding, Found by SCUBA Diver in James River, Richmond, Virginia

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

Rob Ellis: Underwater Ring Recovery Specialist. Call or text 703-598-1435

June 7th, 2020 James River, Midlothian (Richmond), Virginia

Jake was paddle boarding off of his neighborhood dock when his gold wedding band slipped off. He called me and we set a date to search. My wife, son, and I met Jake and he took us to the dock. As you can see from the photos, it was a beautiful day for a search.

Trail to Dock

Beautiful Day








The depth was about 10 feet with visibility from zero to five feet. After discussing the variables with my shore crew, I decided to use a circle search reel of my own design. There were some sunken logs and debris entangled with fishing line and hooks. This complicated the search. After about 45 minutes, I got a signal on my safety line to surface from my dive master. After some more discussions with Jake, she recommended I shift my search area about 40 feet upriver. It’s a good thing since that is where I found the ring!


Flag to Keep Boats Away

Entry/Exit Area

Underwater View








Uncovering 1

Uncovering 2










James River Ring

Some of the trash found & removed.



Lost Wedding Band in Lafayette Louisiana – Found

  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

photo 5photo 3photo 1

We received a call from Kevin on January 3, 2016, Sunday evening. He had lost his wedding ring while taking Christmas lights down. The ring was very large and has 5 diamonds in it. Kevin was upset about the loss, but even more so because the diamonds were from him Mom. Kevin lives only about 6 miles away, but it was late so we made plans for Monday morning. Sid and Kevin both had to work, but Carrie met up with Kevin’s wife Kathryn to start the hunt. Kathryn showed me where the lights had been and the area where Kevin had rolled up and boxed the lights. Kevin had also blown the leaves in the yard and around the sidewalk and driveway area. The search area may need to be expanded. Our son James was off work so he said he would help. James has never used a metal detector before. After talking with Kathryn, I set James up with Sid’s detector and pin pointer to work around the driveway area. I went hunt in the front yard. I was checking the flower bed around where the lights had been in the bushes, but decided to check the yard area where he rolled up the lights first. Then would come back to the flower beds. Well, I turned around, took about one step and there I heard it, the sound of gold! I looked down and there it was laying on top of the grass, in plain sight. Only took a couple of minutes to end the search. I knocked on the door, and needless to say Kathryn was shocked that it was found so quickly!

Thanks to Kathryn and Kevin for the nice reward.

PS: James found his first pull tab!

Lost Diamond ring in Chuluota lake, Florida….Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Sunday morning I received an e-mail from Sonya asking if there was any possible way I could help her find her Diamond Pave wedding ring.  Apparently on Saturday she was helping put the boats into the dock area when all of a sudden her ring slipped off of her finger and dropped straight down into the murky water.  Without  hesitation Sonya jumped right in and immediately started to feel around for her ring. The bottom was full of small one inch size clam shells and sticks and such making it impossible to find her ring.  She tried using a mask and underwater lights but still could not locate her precious ring.

I assured Sonya that her ring was there and that the chances of finding it were very, very good!  So after church with my family and a quick lunch I drove out to meet Sonya and her family.  As she showed me the exact area where the ring fell into the water I slipped my scuba boots on and with my scoop and Tiger Shark in hand I lowered myself into the water.  The first couple of targets were elusive as the bottom was very uneven and loaded with small clam shells and debris.  My Tesoro Tiger Shark sounded off on a wrench, some assorted nuts and bolts and the occasional nail.  At this point I figured it was a matter of simply eliminating all the targets in the 6 foot area and sooner or later I would find her ring.  And sure enough after 15 minutes of cleaning the area out–there in the scoop was Sonya’s ring!  The joy mixed with relief was obvious on Sonya’s face as she immediately slid the ring back on her finger where it belonged.

It truly was my honor and my privilege to help you Sonya and thank you so much for your generous reward.

Do you know where you lost something and want to try and have it found?  Give me a call or send me an e-mail!blue camera pictures 229blue camera pictures 225

Mike McInroe, thankful member of

Lost Ring – Never Give Up Hope, Ring Found 3 Years Later

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)


Recently, we were featured in an article by Doug Moe, a local reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal. The story was about our Ring Finding activities ( After the article ran, I was contacted by about a dozen people who had lost their wedding ring between 1 and 8 years ago. This was awesome, because a lot of time people just give up looking for their ring. If you have a good idea on where and how you lost your ring, there is probably a pretty good chance it is still there. One of the couples who contacted me was Heather and Ron and this is their ring story.

Three years ago, Heather was preparing for an Easter Egg hunt in her backyard. The weather was just starting to warm up, so she decided it would be nice to have the hunt outside. She first wanted to clean up the dead leaves that were around her shrubs and in her planting beds from the past fall. Heather’s lot backed up to a wooded area, which was a convenient place to throw leaves and other yard waste. It was here that Heather tossed the leaves from her yard.

The next day, she was busy preparing for Easter dinner, when suddenly she realized that her wedding ring of 19 years was missing. She had been so busy getting ready for company that she didn’t focus on the fact that her ring was not on her finger. She felt absolutely sick, but hoped that it would show up. Days passed, but still not ring. She wondered if she had lost it in the house or maybe it fell down the drain? Ron, Heather’s husband, inspected all the traps under the sinks in the house. No ring. Time went on, but still no ring.

Heather thought back to the day she lost it and remembered that the day prior, she was in the backyard raking and cleaning the leaves. She also remembered that she was not wearing any gloves while working in the backyard, and there was a chance the ring could have fallen off while scooping up or tossing the leaves in the woods. They searched the areas she was working, but did not find anything. It’s amazing how a ring can quickly disappear from sight. After about a year of searching and wondering, Heather gave up – accepting the fact that she’d never see her ring again. They went to the jewelry store and picked out a new ring to replace the one missing from her finger.

Fast forward 3 years, and Ron was reading the Sunday paper one winter day. He showed Heather an article about some local “Ring Finders” who had helped others find their lost rings in the area. Ron called me the next day and told me their story. I said we could help, but needed to wait till Spring when the snow had melted and the ground thawed. This past weekend, I happened to be visiting an old family friend on the same side of Madison that Heather and Ron lived. I called Ron and setup a time to come out and take a look.

When we pulled up, we were greeted by Ellie, the family dog. Kylie, my daughter, enjoyed playing with Ellie … and I think Ellie enjoyed playing with Kylie too. Carter, my son, and I immediately started the search. We first scanned the planting area where Heather was working in 3 years ago. Amazingly, we found nothing. Typically around the perimeter of the house, we find a fair amount of junk left over from building projects or a recent roofing job – but there was nothing (which is awesome). So, we moved to the area where Heather had tossed the leaves. Almost immediately, we got a good strong and consistent signal. Carter scratched away the soil and we could quickly see the edge of a ring start to appear. The ring had been lost for 3 years, and after only about 5 mins we had found it!

I called Heather back out and distracted her with a “question”, when she turned around, she saw me holding up her ring.  She was shocked.  I don’t think she would ever had guessed that we would find her ring that quickly. After a couple of seconds, she let out a loud scream and jumped up and down with joy. This is my favorite part of Ring Hunting … the reveal. I love the reaction and expressions on people’s faces when we pull something out of the ground, that just seconds earlier, had been lost forever.

Thank you Ron and Heather for the generous reward. We will donate a portion of the reward to Carter and Kylie’s school, as we do with all rewards. We will then use the remainder to purchase some additional “test rings”. We have a couple of rings that we’ve found and have not been able to return. These prove very valuable when first starting a hunt. If we can get a similar ring and drop it in the same environment, it helps us tune our machines and focus on what signals to look for.

Remember, even if it’s been years – there is still hope that your ring can be found.

Every ring has a story, what’s yours?





Engagement Ring Lost in Sand .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

March 26, 2015 … Thursday

I had a ring search earlier in the day at a park. When I got home to rest up I got a call from the same people telling me that they found the 2 platinum and diamond rings in their sofa. Five minutes later I got a call from Jessica who was at Newport Beach which is 4 miles away from my location. Jessica sounded very distressed that her rose gold engagement ring was lost in the sand. She had placed it in her beach bag for safe keeping. When she went to take towel out of the bag the ring went into the super soft fine sand.
Traffic and parking was a bit of a problem but I was able to meet her within a half hour. I asked them to stay in the area they lost the ring. They had the whole area staked out with towels and other beach items. I asked her what type of metal it was and if it was small or large. It took a few minutes to find it. I was surprised that it was such a broken signal. Rose Gold is an alloy and it was very petite which made it harder to detect. I know that this part of the beach will be sifted first thing every morning by the dreaded beach cleaning machines. If she waited a day to call me the ring would have been lost forever.
The smile on Jessica’s face and her two girl friend made it another beautiful day.imageimage

Metal Detecting East Matunuck State Beach for Lost Engagement Ring & Wedding Band

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
Found Platinum Engagement Ring with Diamond & Platinum Wedding Band with Multiple Diamonds

Found Platinum Engagement Ring with Diamond & Platinum Wedding Band with Multiple Diamonds

After a day at the beach, I got home to realize I had lost my engagement and wedding ring. I rushed back the next morning in hopes of finding someone metal detecting and eventually found one in the area to rent.  I searched for 4 hours to no avail.  My husband and I went back a few days later, renting the metal detector and searching for 4-5 hours again.  And again, coming home empty-handed.

Losing jewelry is a horrible feeling, and that feeling is amplified by 1000 when they are wedding rings. No amount of insurance money would bring back MY rings.

I had seen advertisements online for the Ring Finders, but I was hesitant to contact them. I had my doubts about identifying the location of my ring for them to find.  But after two unsuccessful trips, I figured there was a 50/50 shot they would return them, and I took the odds.

I emailed Keith around 6:30 on a Saturday night and had an email back within an hour that he would be calling in the morning. He called as promised and agreed to meet my husband back at the beach in around an hour.  My hesitation was beginning to ease!

We showed him the area where we believed the rings had been lost – the place we searched over and over with our rented detector – and he found them in less than 20 minutes.

The successful result speaks for itself! We could not be happier with our decision to reach out to Keith and are beyond thrilled that he could locate the lost rings.  In talking with Keith afterward, I found out that he does survival and search/rescue training for his career. He certainly takes that professionalism and determination over into this field.  I highly recommend Keith searching for anything of significant importance.



Lost your rings in the sand? Contact me now:

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photo 2


Lost Ring in Garden, Don’t Waste your Time Renting a Metal Dectector – Call a Ring Finder! – Madison, WI

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)


I took a day off from work to take care of several errands around town that had piled up, so I was driving a lot, stopping in several businesses, and crossing many parking lots.  Later in the day, I worked in my yard, weeding and cutting back branches with my pruners.  I usually wear gloves when I’m gardening, but I didn’t think I’d be out for very long that afternoon, so I skipped the gloves.  (Never again!)

Among other things, I inherited crooked little fingers and big knuckles from my father.  I’m also left-handed, and my sister had given me some left-handed pruners.  The big knuckles mean that my wedding ring has had several modifications to make it fit my finger right, with the last being hinges on the sides and a clasp on the palm side of the ring.

After I had done more gardening than I planned, I had another errand to run, and when I looked at my left hand on the steering wheel, my stomach dropped about a foot when I realized my wedding ring was gone and I had no idea when – or where – I had lost it.  Because I’m usually pretty aware of it, I thought I must have lost it in the garden – but where?  I was all over the yard and it could be anywhere – in the mulch, in the dirt, in the grass, in the overcrowded hostas, in the birdfeed bin – anywhere.

When I got home, my husband and I started to search, but it was getting dark, so we decided to try again later.  On my next day off, I checked with the places that I had visited on the Thursday that I lost the ring, but no one had seen it.  I still suspected it was in the yard, but I still didn’t know specifically where.

My husband kept up the search over the next several days, and I borrowed a metal detector from someone who answered my plea on our neighborhood message board.  But I quickly realized that I did not have the skill (or the time to learn the skill) to use it effectively.  Dan later told me that this is common when people rent a metal detector.  Feeling more and more discouraged, I checked the Lost and Found listing on Craigslist, where a title jumped out at me: “Lost Ring?”

That listing led me to the website and to Dan Roekle, who I contacted. After coordinating our busy schedules, he and his son Carter came over on a Saturday afternoon.  I showed them the two specific places in the yard that I thought were the most likely places where my ring was likely to be.  Dan commented on the large number of pieces of metal that he was getting hits on, mostly from the roof replacement that we had a few years back.  He showed me one of the pieces and then he continued his search.  A few minutes later, he came back to where I was and with a totally straight face, said “Sometimes we find other things, too” and opened his hand.  There was my ring!  He had found it in the middle of the leaves of a hosta plant – the perfect place to hide.  The grin on my face still hasn’t gone away!

And there’s one more thing my father gave me – he was a clergyman who married my husband and me, so part of the service was blessing our rings.  He died seven years ago, and knowing that I have back the ring that he blessed, means more to me than I had ever thought it would.  Thank you so much, Dan and Carter!





Newspaper Article – All’s Well that Ends Well – Webb Lake Lost Ring Search

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)

Another publication in a local paper, the Burnett County Sentinel.  They wrote up a nice article about our Webb Lake lost ring find.  Click on the link below for the complete article.


Burnett County Sentinel Article Thumbnail


Double Ring Find – Webb Lake, WI

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)


We have a cabin on Webb Lake in northwestern Wisconsin.  On August 3rd I was in shallow  (about 4 ft deep) water, throwing toys around between my sons and a friend.  After returning to the cabin, I discovered that my wedding ring was not on my finger.  I was gripped with an awful feeling of loss.  Beside the fact that it was a symbol of love and marriage for 27 years, it was unique… could never be duplicated.  That ring was designed by my wife, Peggy, and was hand crafted by an elderly Latvian artist friend (no longer alive), Mike Geistauts.  Mike, a sculptor artist, used the ancient “lost wax” investment casting method to create our gold wedding rings according to Peg’s design.

Family and friends hunted for many hours without success that weekend.  Then a co-worker alerted us to website and I got in touch with Dan Roekle.  Dan and his son, Carter, loaded up their search equipment and made the very long drive  from their home near Madison to Webb Lake (a 5+ hour drive).  They arrived on the morning of August 16th.  By lunchtime, they had searched the entire identified area and had pulled up a lot of odd metal objects including, incredibly, someone else’s wedding ring.  For a moment, my wife thought they had found my lost ring, but quickly determined it was not it.  Dan said he had never been so disappointed to find a ring before in his life.   They resumed the search after lunch and Carter, swimming with goggles spotted my ring and retrieved it.  Dan and Carter think that it was probably next to another piece of junk that they dug up earlier in the day … which stirred up the sand and uncovered it.

Peg and I were elated and so very grateful.  It was so amazing to get that precious ring back on my finger.  At this time, the ring is off my finger again for resizing.  Thank you so very much, Dan and Carter, for being willing to come so far and search until you succeeded.


Marty and Peg C.


TwoRings_Small        junk

Marty’s lost ring, along with Peg’s matching ring                                              Junk that was dug up before the ring

Newlywed Finds Lost Ring in Castle Rock Lake

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)


I am a Newlywed of last August, so my husband and I have been married roughly 11 months. We have been together for over seven years and are best friends. We relocated to the New Lisbon, WI area three years ago and are lucky to live on beautiful Castle Rock Lake. Over The Fourth of July weekend, we had our family visiting from out of town and went over to a little island in the middle of the lake; better known as « Alcatraz ». We were having a blast and hanging out in the water near the north side of the island. We were playing catch and I threw the ball to my sister. Little did I know that I had just flung my diamond ring into the water filled with tons of people and boats! A friend had said,  » I think you just lost your ring » and we all wondered who he was speaking to; until I realized it was me. I went from laughing to frantic as we all searched around the area. Fortunately, he had seen me do it and we knew the area to look around, but to my despair we came up with nothing after an hour. I felt so horrible that I had lost my ring that my husband worked hard for and that we didn’t have insurance. We talked about insuring it for a while and never seemed to get around to it. We ended up packing it up and heading to dinner. I felt like a part of me was missing! It wasn’t the materialism of the ring, but the symbol and thought behind the ring. My husband, Rich, also lost his ring at work a couple weeks before. I just keep thinking, now neither one of us has the ring we were actually married with.  The next day I decided I was going to rent a metal detector and go back out there to see if I could retrieve it. As I searched the sites, I saw that it was roughly $40 a day to rent or around $600 for a decent one, but then it hit me…I had no idea what to do even if I did get one.

I then thought…well Google, you basically have everything I ever would need to know; so maybe you  can tell me if I can hire someone. Bingo. After I plugged in the question a website popped up called; It gave me different people I could contact to help me find my ring and narrow it down by region of the world! Since I am basically an hour from any large city; I figured I would need to look for someone far from me. But, when I looked up areas in Wisconsin; there was a man in the Dells. I clicked on the link and came to Dan Roekle. He had other great success stories and also seemed like a very genuine guy. He also had found a ring in Baraboo with pretty much the same scenario. I was looking for pricing for him to come out; but he only wanted $25 for his expenses and reward if I could spare anything. I was ecstatic. I contacted Dan and within hours had responded and was asking lots of beneficial and professional questions. We went back and forth pretty much all day when he then said I can come out tomorrow if you are available. I couldn’t believe this kind man was giving me his Sunday, willing to drive from the Madison area and seemed so confident we could find it. He basically stated, we do it for the adventure and love helping others out!

The next morning Dan drove up to our lake house with his son Carter, 11, who is his right hand man during these « treasure hunts ». Not only were they very nice, I felt like I had known them for years. We all got on the boat and headed out to the island. My brother in-law met us out there and had the coordinates from his boat GPS that was so helpful to narrow down the area of where we were. It still was an area roughly 100 ft by 70 ft of water that was 3ft to 4 ft in depth. Carter would shift through the sand when Dan would let him now that the metal detector had detected something. They also switched and took turns listening and retrieving during the search which was awesome to see their teamwork. While they searched; Dan taught me about metal detecting as well. Things I would have never known! 1. You need a permit from the DNR in Wisconsin to search any bodies of water and need to let them know specifically what you are looking for. 2. The metal detector has different sensitivity levels that can search for things that are a few inches deep to 6 ft. depending on the setting. 3. Also that as soon as my ring had fallen off, it probably sunk 2 inches right away.

I am glad I didn’t spend money on a metal detector!  It wasn’t the sunniest day and the lake was kind of choppy. I felt so bad and asked if there was something I could do besides narrowing down the search area. Dan just replied no and kept looking. A little more time had passed and I was starting to think I wouldn’t see it again. Then Dan came walking back to me on the boat. I just thought to myself that he was coming to say he was cold and it was a lost cause. He said, « are you sure this is the area »? I said, yes and then he asked what it looked like again. As I started describing the ring…he said you mean like this? I saw my ring was on the tip of his pinky (I have tiny hands) and hugged him and smiled the largest I had in a long while! My husband, family and I were in complete awe! I had not only my ring back, but my faith in people and lost causes. I knew right then and there, this would be a story I tell for the rest of my life.

Dan and Carter were a God send to me. I still shake my head in disbelief at the miracle that they performed that day. They found a ring the size of a nickel in 14,000 acres of water, buried along with 20+ rusty bottle caps and pop tops!  I am so glad that I found him on website and that people like him, even exist! So, if you have ever lost something that has been as important to you, put your faith in Dan to find it and you will be amazed as well.

Laura H.


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