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Ring Lost in Backyard in Owasso Oklahoma found

  • from Broken Arrow (Oklahoma, United States)

I received a call from Jenna this past Saturday. She had stated she lost her wedding ring playing with her dog.. She saw which way the ring went, but just could not find it…. I asked her to stand exactly were she thought she was… She did and I saw her hand go towards her daughter’s playhouse…. They looked for hours… she said she lost it the night before… I watched her again and guess what happened I didn’t even turn on my detector… I looked on the other side of the playhouse and there it was peeking out from the dirt… ANOTHER SMILE FOR THE BOOKS THANK YOU JENNA !!!!!!

Lost White Gold Engagement Ring-Found!

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

I received a text from Leslie on Monday afternoon concerning a lost engagement ring.  She had found me with an internet search.  As it was late in the day I told her I could come the next day, becase it was about a two hour drive from where I’m located.  I got to the site at around 11:00 AM Central Time.   The couple had been pulling a boat and pulled off into the parking lot of an old convience store that had been converted into another use.  As they got out to adjust the boat straps, (the ring had been placed in the shallow tray under the door handle), the ring somehow went flying.  They looked on the pavement and didn’t see it, but there was a grass strip between the pavement and a shallow ditch, then more grass just beyond the ditch.  I started my search in the grass strip, then the ditch, then just beyond the ditch.  Being this had been a convience store at one time I expected a lot of metal trash in the ground, and I was right.  She did have a metal detector that had been her grandfather’s, but was overwhelmed by the abundance of metal trash.  I searched slowly and methodically while listening for the white gold tone and looking for the target ID I typically get for white gold rings.  After searching the entire area, no ring.  Of course I found several pieces of foil.  I turned off my CTX detector, and was explaing the process, where I search the most likely area first, then expand the search area if the ring is not found, (a visual scan of the pavement was next).  At that time someone from the building, I’ll call him « Tom », came out and we explained what we were doing, and that a visual scan of the pavement was next.  He struck out towards the highway, and in around ten seconds I heard him call out, « is this it? »  He had found it around 10-12 feet from the edge of a busy highway!  The ring was intact, but had some minor damage where it looked as though it had been run over and stuck in the tire treads before dropping off just before the highway.  In a visual search, the more eyes the better.  All in all, another successful search!



Mattapoisett Harbor Beach Golden Band Rescue

As I was getting out of the water yesterday when I received  a text message from Chet. It said that he had lost his wedding band the day before while swimming his boat back to shore.  He also new the general area, and mentioned, at low tide it should be fairly low water. He wanted to know if I could help with locating it for him. I told him that I certainly will try.

We made plans to go around an hour before low tide. I met Chet, and asked a few more questions like, is it White, Yellow, Gold or Platinum? Any makings inside, the usual. Was the water mucky in that area? Hopefully no one had stepped on it, and sent it to deep to locate.

We walked down to the area, I had him go out and stand in the spot he had it last and stop. I made my way out to him, first signal was an old Penny, next signal was blasting , I knew I had it rite away. I looked in the scoop and said does that look familiar ? He couldn’t believe it. Less than five minutes, and with perfect timing, it was back on his finger. Congratulations Chet and Thanks for calling The Ring Finders… Leighton

Ladies Ring Lost in the Sand Cedar Beach Brookhaven

  • from Jones Beach (New York, United States)

Received a text message that a young lady lost her ring on the beach at Cedar beach in Brookhaven.  I got the address on Harbor Beach Road and off I when.

When I got there the young ladies father showed me the area that he things the ring might be lost.  Move some of the chairs and started my search.  It was within 3 feet of the spot where the chair was sitting.  The young lady and her father were very happy. Another successful search

Men’s Wedding Band Lost Flying Point Beach Southamton

  • from Jones Beach (New York, United States)

I received a call late Sunday afternoon from Henry,  He told me he lost his wedding ring in the sand at Flying Point Beach.  I said I would meet him at 5 o’clock at the beach.  When I got there he took me to the spot that the ring when missing.

i started a grid search, with no results. increase the grid size and after a while I hear the sound of a ring in the sand.  using my beach scoop, there it was.  Henry was so glad that I found it as he was only married for about 6 months


  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

I received a call from a lady, that a lady at the Lake Norman Yacht Club had a young lady loss a silver ring that meant a lot to her. She lost it during a water balloons fight. I met the 2nd lady at the gate, parked, unloaded my detector. We made our way to the back of the event area where the lady proceeded to tell me where the young lady had lost it. Two targets later and it was found!

The young lady wasn’t there at the time, she had jumped on a boat ride. I met her dad, and he texted the photo of the ring to her, and she confirmed it was her lost ring.

Dad posed for the photo!



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Wedding Ring lost Indian Wells Beach

  • from Jones Beach (New York, United States)

I received a call from Stephen that he just lost his wedding ring at the beach.  This was 5 o’clock on Sunday evening.  I asked which beach and he said Indian Wells Beach in Amaganansett in East Hampton. I said to my wife that I was going out to help someone find their wedding ring, got her blessing.

Sunday night in the Hampton’s is just one big traffic jam.  It took about and hour and a half to get there.  Stephen was very harry to see me  he told me that he marked the area where the ring was lost.

Stephen tells me this the second wedding ring he lost. He live in California near Sonoma. He was river rafting and his ring came off. He said there was no way to find it in the river.  His wife has some gold jewelry from her Grandmother, They took this melded it down and made a new ring.  This ring was very  meaningful to her.

I started a search in the area that he lost the ring, he put the ring in his hat before going into the water forgetting it was there he put the hat on and then remembered the ring was in it.  The area wasn’t big so it didn’t take long to find his wedding ring.

I got back to my car and called my wife to let her know that I found the ring and I would be home as soon as I can, with Hampton traffic it took almost two hours


White Gold Wedding/Engagement Band Set-Found!

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

Ryan contacted me several weeks ago about his wife’s white gold wedding/engagement band set she had lost in a grassy area of the apartments where they lived in Chattanooga.  Because of his busy work schedule he had a difficult time getting the search arranged.  I think he had actually purchased an off-the-shelf metal detector at a local store, but was apparently overwhelmed with the large amounts of metallic trash in the ground.  We finally managed to arrange a search on June 9th.  I arrived at the location at 7:15 PM on June 9th.  I started my search as soon as I got the story from him, because we didn’t have much daylight left.  Around 35 minutes later I found the engagement band portion totally hidden below the grass around four feet from the base of a large tree.  It took me right at an hour more to find the wedding band portion, and it was about twenty feet from where I found the other half.  It ended up being in an area outside of the original search zone.  The grass had been cut, so maybe that’s how it ended up being over there.  This portion of the ring was in full view of anyone walikg by, so it’s amazing nobody had seen it.


North Wildwood NJ, 2 Gold Rings found!

  • from Cape May (New Jersey, United States)
I received a call from Lindsay who explained that she had lost both of her rings in the sand this afternoon. Lindsay had taken her rings off and placed the rings on her lap to apply sunscreen. She then stood up and moved about the beach before she realized what had happened. I took the short ride over to North Wildwood and met up with Lindsay. After a brief search she had both rings back on her fingers. One of which had extreme sentimental value as is it was her late mothers ring. Lindsay was referred to me by a previous client that I had recovered an engagement ring for back in 2016 on the very same beach!
Another happy client!

Lost Silver Pendant Found

  • from Oregon City (Oregon, United States)

I received a call from a young lady asking if I would be willing to come help her find a pendant she had lost a few months ago while mowing the yard. She described it as sterling silver with diamonds, « about the size of a penny. » Being Oregon, there had been inches of rain since it had been lost, followed by a good length of hot, dry weather.

She had found my listing on Ring Finders and knew it was more than a 500 mile round trip, but hoped I would be willing to make the trip if she covered the fuel cost. I told her I would head down the next morning and got my gear loaded-up for an early start. I took the Equinox 700 and Pro-find 35 pinpointer, along with my AT Gold as a backup.

After my 4 hour drive down, I met Abigail, and she showed me the area of the yard she was certain the pendant had been lost. She told me she had used an older metal detector that was in her family to search the area, and I could see she had also dug out a section of the grass by hand. I pulled out the Nox 700 with a 11″ coil and began going over the area. I quickly discovered this area was littered with metal. Abigail watched as I pulled out a few nails and couple of screws.

After about 30 minutes, I realized I needed a new approach. I switched over to my 5″ coil and started agian. Right away, I handed Abigail a penny, followed quickly by a second one. Just a few feet away, I heard a good tone, but it was faint and the VDI showed it to be several inches deep. I had to check, so I hit it with the pinpointer and pulled-up a clump of dried grass and saw the faint edge of something shiny, A bit of scraping with my finger and out popped the missing pendant! (I’m guessing the erroneous depth reading was due to the size of the item and how it was laying)

I palmed it and swept the pinpointer around a few times. I stood up and asked Abigail if she could tell me again what the item looked like. She said she had a picture of it on her phone and started scrolling. I asked, « Does it look like this? » and dropped the pendant in her hand.  I think all of us love to see that suprised, happy look.

Oh, and I did point out that it was smaller than a penny.