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Wedding Ring Lost In The Leaves, Found With A Metal Detector, In Standish, Maine

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Saturday evening, November 11, I received a Facebook PM, from Steve. The message said

“I am David * ******** **** brother and I live in Standish. I lost my wedding ring in my driveway and unable to find it. can you help and how much would you charge”?

I immediately message Steve back and told him I had worked with his brother and would be willing to to help him but that I was unable to search, because of my knee replacement surgery, just 5 days earlier. I asked Steve if he or someone else could search, using my detector. I told him that I would get the Minelab CTX-3030 all charged up, programmed for what we were searching for and all someone would need to do is slowly swing the coil over the ground. I also asked Steve, where the ring was lost, and how?Steve messaged me right back and said he could do the actual search. He also said that he was moving some wood, from the side of his home, to just outback of his house and when he finished, he noticed his ring was missing. He said it would be along the driveway, to the pile of wood outback. Not very much of an area and the ring would definitely be in amongst all the fallen leaves, in or along the driveway.
We then made plans to meet at his home, in the morning, around 8:00am. My wife would drive me and I would just make sure Steve has a properly working metal detector and my guidance. My wife and I arrived at approximately 8:20am as the 40 minute drive was longer than I expected. Steve was there to greet us and the three of us exchange pleasantries and small talk for a few minutes. I then asked Steve to show me where the ring was lost and the route he was using between the wood piles. When Steve showed me the area, I knew it should be a fairly quick search, as the area was not very large. I then turned my detector on, got it ground balanced and gave Steve a quick tutorial. I also put my wedding ring amongst the leaves and Steve was able to hear the tone and see the screen.
As Steve stated the search, he almost immediately received a signal, which sounded good but the VDI screen was saying it was 5 inches deep. We did ou due diligence and checked the leaves and the top of the soil, with my pinpointer. It was not the ring and we did not dig the target to find out what it was. Steve stated swinging again and within 2 minutes had a very good target. My wife put the pinpointer into the leaves, found the target and pulled out Steve’s Gold Wedding Ring. The entire search lasted just 3-5 minutes. Steve was extremely happy and grateful to have his ring back. I just love finding people’s lost items and seeing the looks of happiness across their faces.

Lost Rind Found in Seaside Oregon

  • from Seaside (Oregon, United States)

On the Evening of Oct 21st I received a text from Leah and Tabbie about 8:30 in the evening. There engagement ring had been dropped in the sand and were very distraught. unfortunately I was at work and wouldn’t be off until midnight. I explained where I was and asked if I could go look in the morning or after I get off work. They agreed and said they wouldn’t be able to meet me until noon . As the night grew I kept thinking about the couple and knowing that she had just asked her partner to marry her and dropped the ring I knew that they would be too worried to get any rest. I knew what I had to do! I text them and told them I would go look after I got off work! I work about 45 minutes away from where they lost the ring and I still needed to go home and pick up my gear. I told them I would be there about 1 AM. They were very grateful and relieved I would go look that night.

Right after I clocked out I drove home picked up my medal detector and made my way to Seaside. They sent me the cords and off I went. I got to the beach at 12:58 and let them know I was there. They text me back and said they would be there I a minute. Showing me the approximate area of where they had dropped the ring. I set up and started looking, after ten minutes and a pull tab and bobby pin later I found the ring. Leah and Tabbie were very grateful and I was happy to have been able to help them so they could enjoy there engagement again. Good luck to you both it was such a pleasure to help such a great couple.

Lost ring in the sand, Mantoloking NJ, recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

It was late in the evening when I received a text from Connie asking if I would be able to assist in finding a beautiful ring they lost on the beach earlier that day. After texting back and fourth we decided to have her call as it was much easier. Mark and Connie were very anxious to recover the ring, so we decided to meet on the beach in about 30 min. due to the amount of beach traffic, and also the location of the ring possibly being pulled into the ocean, as the tide was coming in. We had one picture they had taken, which would assist in lining up the location, and a few holes their daughter had been digging that day. I arrived first and headed out to begin searching. It was very dark that night, so with the one picture Connie had sent I started to line up a spot with the landscape in the background. After doing a quick search of the first spot I noticed the flagpole I had used was not the correct one, then realized many houses had flagpoles. Moving down the beach a bit. I started another search in a spot that looked promising, by then Mark and Connie had arrived, and  the second spot turned up empty. We all got together to examine the picture one more time, and found a spot just a little further which looked very promising. If you have ever been on the beach on a dark night, you will realize that lining up a small location with a picture, while also figuring out the correct angle it was taken from is quite challenging!!! Well, needless to say, after a few short sweeps of the 3rd spot, bingo, I got the signal I was waiting patiently to hear. To Mark and Connie’s amazement, the ring was in my scoop.

Wedding Ring lost in the water (bay) Surf City NJ, LBI, Recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

    I received a message from Larry about his lost wedding ring. He lost it in about 5′ of water the week before in the bay, and was pretty anxious about possibly having it recovered. We arranged to meet on location about 2 hours later that day when some of the traffic cleared. After I arrived we discussed the details, in which he was adamant on the location where it came off his finger. which is always KEY with a successful water recovery that distance from the shore. Larry said the ring had writing on it which he could identify, and into the water I went. Once I was in the spot he gave me the thumbs up, and I started to search. Just a short while later I recovered a ring, which I didn’t think was his. This ring had writing around the outside, but he never mentioned that. After my arrival on shore, and with many swimmers relaxing in their chairs watching the ring return, I asked Larry more details about the ring. The next 5 min. or so were EXTREMELY comical, then Larry proceeded to recite the writing on the ring, which had never been discussed, and was in Hebrew. It read, « I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine » Well, I was in total shock at this point, due to the fact we had never really discussed these identifying features. Larry is prob the most comical person I have ever done a recovery for, as I was in a chop busting mood that day, and poor Larry got his share from me. Larry, It was a real pleasure, thank you again, so glad I was able to help.

Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in Sand at Newport Beach, CA .. Recovered by Stan the Metal Detector Man

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


If you’re looking for a lost piece of jewelry or other metal item, don’t rent or use a metal detector if you have never used one Call a metal detector expert. Call Stan the Metal Detector Man for help or advice..  Don’t wait, time is the enemy.. Stan 949-500-2136  Call or Text anytime.

*** While brushing sand off her shoulder, Deborah’s diamond engagement ring went flying into the sand.  Her husband, Alex had spent fours hours with a metal detector scanning the dry sand. While he was desperately trying to be her hero and find her ring. Deborah found my contact information on a google search. I wish I knew how many people walk away from their lost rings because they couldn’t find them with a beginner’s metal detector that had no idea of how to use.

I got the call from them at about 8pm. We met on a the sand in the dark near a lifeguard tower in Newport Beach. I could tell they were frustrated after so many hours of searching. Alex told me he had no confidence that a metal detector could find a small gold ring in the sand. I gave him a little explanation of how I do ring searches with the most up to date equipment and years of experience using them.

Twenty minutes of grid scanning produced the precious white gold engagement ring. They were ecstatic giving me big high fives. It’s always nice to see how grateful people are when we find their special keepsake. I know the ring probably would not be there if they waited till the next day before calling for help. Items lost in public need to be searched as soon as possible.  If you lost anything call me or any other member if TheRingFinders.

I am available to help you now.. Just Call or Text 949-500-2136 … I WILL TRY ANYWHERE 

Lost wedding band in the sand, Lavallette NJ, recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

    I received a call late one evening from Lisa. She had just arrived back home after a nice weekend at the beach with her family. She was entering the water holding hands with her daughter, and when she bent down to grab a shell, their hands slipped apart, and off the ring slid. With the waves washing up, it immediately disappeared, to who knows where. After looking for quite a bit with no luck, they had to pack up and head home. She knew all the right things to do to mark the location, which she conveyed to me on the phone, and we agreed to give it a shot on the next low tide. Its obvious now she had the spot marked perfectly, because I had the ring within 45 min of starting my search. It was to far for Lisa to travel, so we decided the best thing would be for me to mail them back, so I packed them up, and by the next morning they were back where they belong.

Lost ring in the water, Daytona Beach, Florida…found by Florida ring finder!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Rachel, from Alabama, was vacationing in Daytona Beach and one afternoon her and her family were in waist deep Atlantic ocean water hitting a volleyball back and forth and she felt her ring come off of her finger and watched as it disappeared in the waves. She was devastated and tried frantically to find it and after awhile someone spotted a man metal detecting along the beach. They approached the man, Wayne was his name, and asked if he could help them find Rachel’s lost silver and turquoise ring. Wayne tried his best but for some reason he could not locate it. Thoughtfully he asked Rachel for her contact number just in case he happened to find it at a later date and that gave Rachel some hope…but not much for she thought surely she would never see her ring again.

Ten days later I decided to hit the beach and do some metal detecting in the water and I often go to Daytona Beach and randomly pick a beach to hunt and on this day I chose the waters in front of the Hilton and the Club Wyndam Ocean Walk area. I usually like to detect in the water and on that particular day I found a couple of rings, coins and a few junk ear rings. During the day I spotted two other guys metal detecting and struck up a conversation with them and as is the custom we always ask one another… »Have you found anything good today? » So I pulled out my finds and when Wayne saw the silver and turquoise ring he said, « Hey, I think I know the lady who lost that ring! » And sure enough later that evening Wayne sent me the young lady’s phone number and she confirmed it was indeed her lost ring! How cool is that! So a few days later I boxed up Rachel’s ring and put it in the mail! She was thrilled to have her ring back and her beautiful smile says it all!

Lost something recently and need help? Call or text a ringfinder near you! 321-363-6029

Mike McInroe…delighted to be a member of

Lost Gold Signet Ring found in Long Lake in Mount Desert, Maine

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

I went to Long Pond in Mount Desert after receiving a call from Luke, who had been referred by fellow Ring Finder Bill McDougall who assessed this recovery would require diver search capabilities. Luke had lost this heirloom signet ring that had originally belonged to his dad and had been passed down to him. The ring was lost last summer in 4 feet of water while kayaking in front of the family camp, his Great Grandmother had purchased about 90 years ago. The bottom was particularly soft with 8 to 12 inches of mud and quite a collection of branches, leaves and lily pads. After a substantial search that yielded a slew of pull tabs, nails, and bottle caps, I was able to locate the ring which had settled down into about 6” of mud. The signet inscription “en tout fidele” means “in all faithfulness” and just as he and his family have been faithful in their stewardship and preservation of their camp for several generations, this ring has been saved and can someday pass to another generation as well. As always a portion of the generous rewards I receive will be directed toward a worthy cause, so I feel it is fitting to contribute to the badly needed roof restoration of the Conway Homestead & Cramer Museum in Rockport, ME so that this local treasure too may be saved and passed on to the future generations of our community and its visitors to enjoy.

Mattapoisett Harbor Beach Golden Band Rescue

As I was getting out of the water yesterday when I received  a text message from Chet. It said that he had lost his wedding band the day before while swimming his boat back to shore.  He also new the general area, and mentioned, at low tide it should be fairly low water. He wanted to know if I could help with locating it for him. I told him that I certainly will try.

We made plans to go around an hour before low tide. I met Chet, and asked a few more questions like, is it White, Yellow, Gold or Platinum? Any makings inside, the usual. Was the water mucky in that area? Hopefully no one had stepped on it, and sent it to deep to locate.

We walked down to the area, I had him go out and stand in the spot he had it last and stop. I made my way out to him, first signal was an old Penny, next signal was blasting , I knew I had it rite away. I looked in the scoop and said does that look familiar ? He couldn’t believe it. Less than five minutes, and with perfect timing, it was back on his finger. Congratulations Chet and Thanks for calling The Ring Finders… Leighton

Lost wedding ring in Lake Conway, Belle Isle, Florida…..Found with metal detector by Orlando Ring Finder.

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Josh and his family, along with some good friends, were enjoying a warm summer day on Lake Conway swimming and playing catch with the football when all of a sudden Josh noticed that his wedding ring was not on his finger. Their boat was anchored in waist deep water so they all tried walking and swimming back and forth trying desperately to feel or see Josh’s ring but after an hour of absolutely no success they gave up their search. Josh’s wife, Katrina, went on Google to see if there was possibly any type of metal detecting service that could help in this sort of situation and sure enough… website came up and she gave me a call. As we talked, my main concern was how do you mark an exact location on the water so that later on I would be able to conduct a thorough search in the right area? I then asked Katrina to drop me a pin and to bury in the sandy lake bottom an empty soda can right where their boat was anchored. (One can also drop a bunch of coins as well as either method would help mark the exact area.)

My first attempt to search for Josh’s lost wedding ring took me 5 and a half hours of grid searching back and forth in waist deep water trying to at least locate the buried can….but I was not able to find it. Two things entered my mind. The first being that maybe my calculations were off and I was not looking in the right area and the other thought was that maybe someone else had found the ring and the can.

My second attempt I was accompanied by my good friend and CEO/founder of and together we expanded the original search area! After two hours of meticulous grid searching my friend Chris hollers that he found a buried aluminum can and not just one but two new looking cans…filled with sand! I immediately began making my way towards where the cans were buried and not 20 feet away I got another pull tab like signal reading and dug a scoop full of sand and muck and as I shook out the sand I could hear the distinct clunk, clunk of something heavy and there in the bottom was Josh’s lost wedding ring…sparkling clean and shiny as the day it was lost!

Lost your valuable and need help? Call or text ASAP…321-363-6029

Mike McInroe….thankful to be a member of