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Lost a Ring on the beach in North Wildwood NJ? I can find it!!

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Lost a ring north wildwood new jersey?

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Everyone’s jewelry has a story attached to it and that story ends when its lost in the sand or ocean… The Ring Finders service will help bring their story to life again and continue that story by finding what people thought was lost forever. Rings, wedding bands, diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, diamond tennis bracelets, watches, gold pendants… People who have given up the search now have a second chance!

The Ring Finders South Jersey

Lost ring in the sand? Lost ring in the ocean? Lost your keys? Even a cellphone!

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Ocean City NJ Lost Gold West Point Class Ring Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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I received a call on Wednesday night about Matt’s West Point class ring. His ring slipped off his finger while he was playing with his children in the ocean. I met him and his wife on the beach in Ocean City, NJ at low tide to start the search. I gridded the ocean, eventually gridding up to chest-deep water in an area with swimmers, Boogie Boarders and breaking waves. After almost an hour without a signal, I finally heard the tone I was waiting for…the tone of the gold ring. I dropped the scoop in the sand and was able to pull it up on the first attempt.

Thank you Matt for your service!

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Ring Finders South Jersey 

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Lost Wedding Band Found by Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano in Ocean City NJ

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Lost a ring?

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Daniel lost his wedding band on the beach in Ocean City, NJ. The ring flew out of the cup holder when he flipped his chair over while getting ready to leave. He contacted me and I met up with him shortly after to start the search. After a few swings of the metal detector, the ring was found!

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Ring Finders South Jersey 


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Metal Detecting Lost Gold Wedding Band in Burtonsville, Maryland…Found

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Kristina’s Austrian 14 Karat White Gold Wedding Band Found After Three Weeks by Metal Detectorist Brian Rudolph in Burtonsville, Maryland

Kristina Showing Off Her Wedding Band After Member of THE RING FINDERS, Brian Rudolph, Recovers the Lost Sentimental Keepsake!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

I received a call from a young lady named Kristina who lost her wedding band three weeks earlier. She told me that she was tending to her mums that were in planters out on her rear deck of her Burtonsville, Maryland home. There was snow and ice everywhere and she didn’t want the plants to be harmed by the outside conditions. Once Kristina finished her task of removing all of the frost from her winter white friends, she started to make her way back inside her place. Just as she opened the rear French door to escape the cold, the amateur botanist brushed off some excess snow that had gathered up on her right sleeve and then all of sudden Kristina felt her Austrian made 14 karat white gold wedding ring fly off of her left hand’s ring finger! The bewildered woman also heard a “ping” that quickly sounded following the release of the sentimental piece from her finger. As she recounted the story with me, Kristina went on to share that the ring was jettisoned towards the back of her house in the direction of the lawn that was a full level below her.

Kristina and her wife Kori believed that the ring had ricocheted off of the deck’s floor or from the top of the deck railing and fell on either the white pebbles and stones or somewhere on the grass below. Immediately the hunt took place but neither one of the ladies were able to find Kristina’s band. Over the course of the next 3 weeks, the two of them invested several hours of devoted searching, using two detectors: one that belonged them and one that belonged to their neighbor. Still, the couple was unsuccessful in recovering the jewel that seemed to disappear into thin air. They were so perplexed by the situation that they wondered if perhaps an animal came along and snatched it from their yard or that maybe somebody was walking their dog out back and just happened to eyeball it, failed to report it to the couple and simply walked off with the ring. During those several weeks, it caused Kristina to really scratch her head as the “mystery of the disappearing ring” could not be solved.

At some point during the conclusion of  the three week mark, Kristina went online and surfed the net for some additional help. She happened to come across a listing for THE RING FINDERS, an international directory of metal detectorists who are specialists in recovering lost items such as rings and other jewelry. That’s where I, Brian Rudolph, come into the story. The couple saw on the directory that I provided metal detecting services in Burtonsville, Maryland. I received the call from Kristina while I was at another search site and the very next day I was driving to my new client’s home.

As soon as I arrived, Kristina took me out back to see the “scene of the crime” so-to-speak. I met Kori and the two of them gave me all of the information that I needed to start the search. Because the couple owned matching rings, I metal detected Kori’s band to analyze the VDI (Visual Display Indicator) number that showed me how the machine would read Kristina’s white gold the moment that I would swing my detector over it. This was extremely helpful information to have during my search. I then returned to my vehicle, grabbed my necessary metal detecting equipment and returned to the back yard where I started the search on the second level deck.

Within minutes of scanning the rear deck (checking out each gap between the floor boards as well as all of the furniture to make sure the band didn’t end up around or between the cushions) I concluded that the precious metal did not remain on that level when it flew off of Kristina’s hand. It had to have landed below.

The next areas that I searched were the steps that led down to the ground level and a section of white rocks and stones that just cleared the deck area above. All of it appeared to be free of concealing my client’s keepsake. I didn’t need to detect underneath the deck because there was no way that the band could fit between any of the board, therefore, I could also rule out that particular spot on the property, as well. The ring had to have cleared the deck and landed somewhere along the parameter of the property that stretched farther away from the house. How far away? That question would soon be answered.

Knowing what Kristina heard immediately following the moment when she felt the loose “halo” slide off of her finger, and deducting the square footage that I had already searched, I took my investigation over to the grassy lawn just on the rear side of the property adjacent to the wooden stairway that led to the ground level. There were flagstone steps that led around the lawn over to the side of the house in the direction of where I had first entered from. That was the area that I would focus on and spread my search out from there if I still came up with nothing.

As I moved along the stretch of grass, scanning for metal with my detector in hand, I finally hit a great signal. Up to that point in time, I had little to get excited about. Yes, there were the occasional counterfeit hits on my detector screen that appeared to show similarities to Kristina’s ring, including pieces of metal that were settled on the surface and not buried below. However, they were all false alarms. Yet, this particular target that I was so intrigued about really resembled the VDI number that Kori’s band displayed on my detector screen during my earlier test. I eagerly knelt down on the ground to check out what my machine was registering on the screen, pulled out my handheld detector to help me zero-in on exactly where that piece of metal was hiding, and that’s when my face lit up with excitement! Just as I fingered my way through the blades of grass, there before my eyes, hidden below all of the brown and green plant life, I spotted the identical twin ring that I had been searching for all that time! It was located just a few feet from where the deck’s vertical support beams connected to the stairway that led to the second level above! In total, the ring traveled approximately 30 feet from where it initially flew off of Kristina’s finger as she was entering the house!

I was so happy to return the ring to its proper owner and witness the smiles that I had received following my surprise reveal! The couple couldn’t believe where I had found the gold piece because they had used their two metal detectors all around that section of the property and yet for three weeks they came away with nothing! I wrapped up the search in roughly 30 minutes or less! It just goes to show that having a metal detector or two doesn’t make you a successful detectorist! It takes many hours of learning, testing and experiencing the machine that you are working with in order to become proficient with it. I was so delighted that my ability to find rings for people everywhere in the Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia areas had also helped Kristina bring this “mystery of the ring fling” case to a complete close and thankfully with much success indeed!


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Ring Finders South Jersey featured on 6 ABC Nightly News Philadelphia

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)


Lost Wedding Band Found Ocean City NJ By Ring Finders South Jersey John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call from Abe after he lost his 14k white gold wedding band with diamonds on the first day of vacation in Ocean City NJ.  I met Abe at the beach and he said that the ring was in his pocket with his wallet.  When he went to meet the ice cream man he pulled out his wallet while walking and must have dropped the ring in the sand somewhere between where they were sitting and the ice cream man. Several people had been looking for the ring but there search was unsuccessful.  The search area was large and the ring was about 150 feet from where they were sitting. After a through grid and search of the area the ring came out of the sand! Abe came and gave me a huge hug and thanked me! Abe said the ring is very sentimental and was very happy that the ring was found!


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Gold wedding Ring Lost & Found in Dorchester Garden

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

John stood in his Dorchester garden when along came his pet Husky dog seeking attention. He gave the dog a firm pat and felt his ring leave his finger landing somewhere in the garden. After spending many hours searching high and low he called me at the Ring Finders.

I noticed straight away the the ring could not have traveled too far for the fact there was a wire fence bordering the garden. This was both a help and a hindrance as any detectorist knows metal fences and detectors dont mix!

After searching for an hour I resorted to tackling the undergrowth by the wire fence on my hands and knees using just my hand held probe. At the base of the fence, under leaves out of reach of any coil there it was.

John was very relieved to get it back and made a kind donation to the Margret Green Animal Charity.

Gold Signet Ring Lost & Found In Basingstoke Garden

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

David from a small village near Basingstoke, Hants was very upset upset when he discovered whilst gardening to have lost his ring. The ring dated back to the 1800’s & had been handed down by his Grandfather  & one day the same for HIS son too. The ring had obviously seen much history  & for it to have been lost so easily, was very sad.

When I received the call from David I asked the usual investigative questions ascertaining it couldn’t be far & was definitely one of the recoveries that would be extremely rewarding. The journey to his home took s nearly 2 hours & I got straight to work when I arrived. His newly laid lawn took half an hour to scan but revealed nothing but a small lead Victorian Cockerel! It looked as if the ring may have landed in the neighboring farmers field when he threw stones out from the lawn- the field was full of bushes & grass 6 inches tall.

After half an hour the CTX gave the reassuring hum of gold & there it was! The grass was so thick it almost held the ring up presenting it to me, resisting sinking, lost eventually to time. David was extremely relieved to have the ring back & has made a generous donation to the Margret Green Animal Charity.

Remote And Truck Keys Lost In N/E Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Danny called me this morning requesting my service to locate his keys and remote that he just lost while shoveling gravel in the basement of a new home and it was imperative that they where found before the cement truck came to pour the basement floor. I told Danny I would be there with in a half hour.

I met up with Danny at the house and he showed me the area that he was working in and that the keys could be six to eight inches down in the gravel. I told him no problem, I will find them after a few passes over the gravel.  I found his keys about four inches down. Danny was very happy that the keys where found as replacing them would have been very expensive,  along with a costly tow truck ride to the dealership.

Thank you Danny,  Another happy Client

Mens Wedding Ring Lost & Found On Studland Beach, Dorset

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Liam Russell & family from Frome, Somerset visited Studland Beach in June, attracted by the gentle sea & the almost white fine sand. The sand though, like many other ring losses proved yet again though – ‘drop it & its gone’!

In the past I have recovered rings whereby people have thoughtfully removed them, left them in a shoe or placed on a T Shirt only to be dropped later into the sand. This was such a case. These are easy recoveries as we know where they are but often sink deeper after people attempt to recover them themselves.

My worry was that it had been 24 hours since the loss & in an area often scoured by beach combers. Fortunately the ring had sunk sufficiently enough to lay undetected & recovered after about 10 minutes.

Liam was very eager to be reunited with the ring & drove all the way to my work to collect it. He was very grateful & kindly made a donation to Margret Green Animal Sanctuary.