Norm Peters

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis so what that means you pay me what it’s worth to you, to have me find your lost ring or valuable item.

My call out fee within the city of Edmonton is $50.00 regardless of whether or not I find your lost item, as this covers my fuel and vehicle expenses.

Additional mileage charges will apply if I have to travel outside of Edmonton city limits. We can discuss this when you call.

Search Types

Parks, Playgrounds, Yards, Soccer fields, Lakes, Acreages with written permission.

Search Locations

Edmonton, St Albert, Morinville, Sherwood Park, Leduc and surrounding Area.

Norm Peters's Bio

What once started as a hobby has now turned into a rewarding service that I now provide to everyone.

Not only am I passionate about metal detecting, I am determined to recover peoples lost valuables.

For me it becomes a personal challenge and I do not give up without exhausting every possible option. Achieving a positive outcome for my customers is my goal.

I will search for you whether you lost your article today or years ago if you know approximately the location it was lost.

I would love to put your picture in the “Book of Smiles”. Please give me a call 780-497-2118.

Norm Peters - Recent Blog Post

Norm Peters - Testimonials

  • You are a Legend , indeed a lifesaver!! (2022)


    Norm , Thank you for helping me find my lost key fob . I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have it back. You are a Legend , indeed a lifesaver!!

    Thank you Norm!

  • Norm was prompt, professional and courteous. I have my ring back in my hand and I can’t thank him enough... (2021)


    I figured there was a good chance that I had scooped up the ring in the snow I brought to the basement. I had made a lot of trips and scooped up a lot of snow (I was wrong). I started to get nervous as I heard the parking lot was going to be plowed that night…and that’s where Norm comes in. If it wasn’t for Norm my ring would have ended up in a giant snow pile and would have had no chance of finding it until the spring. Even if I did find it in the spring (slim chance) there would have been a very good chance it would have been mangled by the plow. Norm was prompt, professional and courteous. I have my ring back in my hand and I can’t thank him enough. Keep up the good work Norm!


  • I would recommend him 12/10! (2021)


    I will be honest, I didn’t have high expectations when I contacted Norm but was pleasantly surprised! I have very little free time but Norm was super accommodating meeting me late on a Friday evening. To my surprise he found the ring in under 30minutes! I would recommend him 12/10!

  • My wife and I are very happy with Norm’s service! (2021)


    Norm was an awesome guy to work with! He was very professional and really went above and beyond to find my wedding ring. His determination and ingenuity in this search resulted in returning this very sentimental item to me by my second wedding anniversary! Would absolutely hire again and trust him with any search. My wife and I are very happy with Norm’s service!

  • He really saved the day, and I would recommend his services to anyone... (2019)


    We lost my fiancé’s engagement ring in Hawrelak park today while getting some photos taken, so we called Norm, and he was there within the hour. He showed up with all his gear, and he found her ring in no time! We never would have found a white gold ring buried in the snow on our own. Norm was very friendly, helpful, and is a real professional at what he does. He really saved the day, and I would recommend his services to anyone who needs help finding something they’ve lost. Thanks again Norm!

  • I would recommend you to any and all who find themselves in a similar situation (2019)


    Thanks Norm,

    It was a real pleasure meeting you and watching you work. Very professional. The ring had little monetary but huge emotional value. Strange to say but 40 years of marriage was invested in that ring. Speaking with Norm after the find truly highlighted how dedicated, professional and empathetic you are in your work to help people. Loved your stories. I would recommend you to any and all who find themselves in a similar situation. Thanks again.

  • Thank you so much for helping Norm! (2017)


    When I realized I lost my wedding band, I knew the general area, but no luck in finding it. When I contacted Norm, he was friendly, and more than happy to assist. He was very thorough and methodical on his search, and found it within 30 mins or less. You can tell Norm loves what he does, and loves helping people. If anyone else finds themselves in a similar situation, I could not recommend Norm enough. Don’t hesitate, just give him a call or email!

    Thank you so much for helping Norm!

  • so much Norm! (2017)



    I called Norm to see if he could come.out to help find my two rings and he arrived about an hour later! And found them both. He found the larger ring within the first half hour, but the second ring was a bigger challenge.

    The band is no thicker than a paper clip so to find it in the yard was truly finding a needle in a haystack! Norm scoured the yard. After about two hours I was ready to concede that maybe it was somewhere else but Norm persisted.

    He was determined to find it for me! I went in the house to warm as it was a cold, windy day and Norm continued searchimg areas for a second time, when he heard the faint little sound from my dainty, thin ring.

    There it was! so much Norm! The slogan is “You lost it, we’ll find it” and Norm did not stop until he found both rings.

    Call Norm because he WILL find it. So happy to have rings back!

  • Thank you so much Norm!!!!!! (2017)


    Thank you so much Norm!!!!!! Nothing can express how happy I am with my ring on my finger! Also your such an amazing person that has a positive personality haha! I’m so thankful that you helped me!

  • Your tenacity is amazing! (2017)


    Thanks Norm! I must say when Stan called you, I was not very hopeful. The article he had read in the Gazette a few months ago convinced him to give it a try. Knowing what I do now, I would recommend you to anyone.

    Your tenacity is amazing! Despite the rainy windy weather, you continued to search long after I went inside, becoming more and more convinced that my ear ring had probably gone down the drain. I’m glad you decided to give it another try the next day. Thank you so much.

  • You are an amazing human being and an angel (2016)


    Thank you so much Norm. You are an amazing human being and an angel to come out so late at night and helping find the impossible. If it weren’t for you I would have had to have the car taken apart. Thank you again so much!!! Words cannot express how grateful and relieved I feel. Thank you again!!

  • Norm was amazing! (2016)


    Norm was amazing! I called at 2pm we met at 4pm. He was very professional and polite! He was patient and thorough with his exploration of the site. He kept searching after I had given up hope. He definitely made my day, I would recommend him to anyone who lost an object!