Richard Browne

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a Gift Basis. This means that I will accept a Gift for an item returned that you feel is fair and can afford.

If the search area is “On-Cape” and I am unsuccessful in locating your item I do not expect any compensation.

If the search area is “Off-Cape” please contact me to discuss my gas expense (typically .15/mile round trip) if I am unsuccessful in finding your lost object.


Search Types

My search area of expertise is shallow water to a depth of 5 feet both fresh and salt year round; I do not scuba dive. I also search sandy beaches, fields, lawns and snow piles. If the search area is not a public area without restrictions on metal detecting a signed permission is required from the owner or proper authority of the property typically obtained by you and assigned to me.

Search Locations

I primarily search the waters of Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts. I am also available to search other areas of Southern New England. If I am not able to search your area immediately, I probably know someone that can help if the search area is in Connecticut, Massachusetts or Rhode Island.

Richard Browne's Bio

I'm recently retired and now live on Cape Cod. I have been detecting since 1982. I have returned hundreds of lost and found objects to their rightful owner while detecting around the world from the Pacific to the Mediterranean and the North Sea to the Caribbean. Over the past 20 years I have averaged 300 plus hours detecting per year. I am usually available year round and on short notice – the sooner I start a search the better the odds of success are.

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Richard Browne - Testimonials

  • Rick and Leighton were amazing!! I truly believe god sent them our way ! (2023)


    Rick and Leighton were amazing!! I truly believe god sent them our way ! Our first meeting was to set the stage for the wonderful end result ! We will never forget them and hope to see them again and again as we frequent the beach upon which we met as that is also the beach Dennis and I were married at !! Can’t thank you guys enough !!

  • I’m glad he got in touch with you! (2023)


    Thank you so much for helping my husband! He was so happy to get his ring back. I’m glad he got in touch with you!

  • This ring means the world to me and I am so so so happy that I got it back... (2022)


    “The ring belonged to my grandfather (my father’s parents). It was his engagement ring. Both of my grandparents died years ago. This ring means the world to me and I am so so so happy that I got it back because it is the last thing that I have from them. It is A dream comming true.” … “I can give it to my children one day. It is something I will never forget. It is A beautyfull story to tell. My boyfriend wears the ring now. And hè will give it back to me when hè is comming home. Its A love story not only from my grandfather but also for me and Jordan.”

  • Finding my ring was truly an act of persistence and passion. Thank you so much! (2022)


    Thank you Rick.

    Your dedication to finding lost items is incredible. Your stories of the things you’ve found, both for others and as part of your passion for “hunting” for objects both lost and left behind could easily fill a book.

    Finding my ring was truly an act of persistence and passion. Thank you so much!

    But watch out… I’ve told many people (already) about my experience. Everyone makes the same comment, “I had no idea there was a service such as “”… if only I’d know when I lost my…

    See you at Hathaway’s!

  • I can’t thank you enough for providing such a wonderful service... (2021)


    Dear Rick

    After spending over 2 hours on my hands and knees in the dirt and leave, I was so glad I found your name on TheRingFinders. our responded quickly to my call and saved me endless hours of searching and worry. I was shocked how quickly you were able to find my diamond earring. I can’t thank you enough for providing such a wonderful service.

    Best Wishes


  • I wish to express my joy and Thanks to Richard and Leighton... (2021)


    I wish to express my joy and Thanks to Richard and Leighton. The potential loss of the ring that my Fiance Joanne and I had traveled to Galway City to procure was devastating. The ring originates in the small fishing village of the Claddagh, just outside the ancient walls of Galway City. It is the ancestral home of my Paternal Grandparents. I grew up hearing my Grandmother, Delia, describing the beautiful rings in the window of Fallers on Shop Street. I felt that the emotional bond of my history and my future marriage required matching, His and Hers, Claddagh rings from the source. The ring acquired even more power when at a Christmas Eve wedding, performed by my Father, the rings were placed on our fingers.

    Richard’s story of the search and the find just needs one addendum., as I went into the water for that Birthday swim there was a pervading thought in my head. ” I lost the ring in the ocean, the only way it can find me is if I am in the ocean” I swam back in, passing Richard, pretty deep in the water, no sooner was I ashore that I turned to see the smiling faces of Richard and Leighton. “Is this your ring” Richard said as he held out his scoop and among the beach rocks I spied a most wonderful sight. Thank You!



    Its, truly a great miracle to have found about Richard Brown. I was on a family ???? vacation at the Cape. My children were playing in the ocean on the most incredibly gorgeous day in Yarmouth along the beach ?. My kids and I were throwing seaweeds at one another my hands were slimmie and in out came my Grandmother’s vintage rings ???? into the ocean. I learned about Richard by word of mouth. This is why it is important to know that it’s a miracle. Richard Brown is extremely talented and unique. He’s extraordinarily experience in his work took him about a good 30 to 45 minutes. He brought up my rings from out of the ocean into my hands I was so appreciative and grateful I offered him 120 dollars ???? and he didn’t want it but I told him what heart aches ???? he saved me and to take it what he did for me I was speechless and in awe! He really saved my mind and heart from being mentally destroyed forever!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP!! RICHARD BROWN GOD BLESS! YOU AND MAY YOUR BUSINESS GROWS MORE SUCCESSFUL ????.

  • You are the absolute best. (2020)



    We CANNOT thank you enough for returning my ring. I still can’t stop telling friends and family about our experience with you and you’re wonderful wife. Everyone was so touched to hear that there people like Rick Browne and the Ring Finders Society. You are the absolute best.



  • I simply could not believe it was found! You brought smiles to all of our faces... (2020)


    Rick, while we always plan adventures while on vacation, this wasn’t on the list, but it has certainly given us something we will never forget! The response time from when I submitted my e-mail on Monday night to the 1st phone call was amazing, and I lucked out that you were close by and available. My hopes were somewhat high as I had a very good idea where the ring was lost, but I was thinking that I should have reached out on Sunday instead of Monday. After an extremely thorough search, it had appeared that you had exhausted all options and had done all that you could do when you very casually displayed the contents of the sifting scoop, and I simply could not believe it was found! You brought smiles to all of our faces, especially mine, and this being the 6th time my ring has been lost and found (second time in the Cape), it’s time to either have it re-sized and/or leave it home when we head to the beach!

    Many thanks, once again, for locating the missing ring!

    Have a great summer!

    ~ Joe

  • You are true miracle workers! (2020)


    I highly recommend reaching out to these men if you ever lose anything precious! I cannot thank you and Luke enough! As soon as I was given the information about your site, I knew we had a chance. As soon as I saw that you had found the same ring once before, I knew it would be found.

    You were both extremely professional, quick in responding, helpful and kind to us through the whole experience. You both will hold a special place in our hearts and marriage. Thank you for finding not only his ring, but the piece of his grandmother’s ring it was made with. You are true miracle workers!

  • My sincerest thanks to Rich and the TheRingFinders organization. (2019)


    It was so kind of you and your organization to help me.

    I purchased this ring on Maui for my sweetheart (ku’uipo). Some years later, it had to be cut off her finger, so the sizing had changed. At one point, it had been lost in the garden in Kahului, Maui but we found it a few months later.

    As my spouse hadn’t been wearing it for some time, she offered it back to me and I was thrilled to get it. I wore the ring with no issues for many years until that fateful day when I went swimming with it on.

    I felt it fall off my finger and tried to retrieve it without success. I posted on Craigslist and was directed to TheRingFinders. They said they’d do what they could–although I thought by that time, the ring would have migrated far away from where I had lost it.

    I received a call some months after and Rich said that he had found it. I trekked down to Cape Cod where I was reunited with my ring.

    My sincerest thanks to Rich and the TheRingFinders organization. After a year in the surf, I never thought that I’d get this very sentimental piece back.

    Mahaloa nui loa (thank you very much) for your kokua (help) in my quest.

  • Rick and Luke were my vacation heroes! (2019)


    Rick and Luke were my vacation heroes! I am so grateful that my sister was able to locate these two guys. I still am in awe that they found my ring. I gave them the best guess I had on where I was in the ocean and they were able to locate my ring after 3 days. I was told by a lot of people on the beach that they would’ve given up after the first day of searching but I knew the universe had put these two guys in my life for a reason. They would not give up and searched for HOURS. I knew after talking to these gentlemen, they would find my ring. I never lost hope after meeting them. I read reviews on the site after first losing the ring and stayed hopeful though trying to accept that I might never find the ring again. Rick and Luke delivered in the best way possible. I am so incredibly grateful to have had these guys in my corner searching for me and I hope others can have the same sense of hope when you are in such a state of despair. I was once that person and these guys did the unthinkable!

  • there are still good, honest people on this earth! Thank you once again, Richard, for saving our ring… (2019)


    My wife and I could not be more thankful for Richard Browne and The Ring Finders!! My wedding band fell off while swimming at the beach, and on a whim we Google searched “will a ring lost in the ocean wash up shore?” The very first hit we received was for The Ring Finders. We emailed Richard late in the evening, and we were shocked to see a quick reply in the middle of the night! He met us the next morning (he was even early!), and he stopped at nothing until the ring was found, despite the high quantities of sea weed and the 90-plus degree summer heat! Even after all of Richard’s hard work, we had to twist his arm to accept a generous thank you tip! He really does this because he enjoys helping others – there are still good, honest people on this earth! Thank you once again, Richard, for saving our ring… and our vacation! ????

    David & Jessica

  • Thank you so much Richard! You are the best! (2018)


    Thank you so much Richard! You are the best! The ring was actually missing for 5 days so it was amazing you found it so quickly. I can’t thank you enough for coming so quickly and for finding my ring! Thank you!!!

  • We cannot thank Rick and Jim enough for their efforts (2018)


    My wife and I are so grateful to Rick and Jim to finding my wedding band. I lost it while body surfing in rough water in Dennis Port, and it put a serious damper on our vacation immediately. We searched ourselves, even renting a metal detector and could not find it. We started thinking about replacing it, which would have been feasible, but just wouldn’t have the same sentimental value. Rick and Jim started looking early the next day and after an hour and a half of enduring a wet search in rough water, Jim found my ring while I was there on the beach. I couldn’t believe it, and my wife was ecstatic. We cannot thank Rick and Jim enough for their efforts and for getting our vacation mindset back on track. Thank you both!


  • Thanks Again Real Happy... (2018)

    July at the beach is always so fun with taking our Grandson and the Joys of the ocean on this Beautiful day the 10th of July enjoying the sun and watching the endless play swimming and all 10yr old boys do at the beach .We were getting packed up and headed to the truck loaded all in for our nextdays journey.Unpacking the need be things food wet cloths and such to this we found someone went swimming with his CELLPHONE My heart sank alittle knowing how much the cost let alone the chances of ever finding again .By chance went back to beach searched the section we were at told bath house attendant and couple of LifeGuards present Informed James thats was a bust looking for it but ya never know a lil prayer and alot of Luck just maybe some nice person will find it and return it for you Knowing that telling Dad he lost his phone was the concern on his face i always tell ya James Popa hasnt giving up yet . stewing myself that night didnt want to tell Dad just yet Went to bed and selfishley asked the Good Man for somehelp with my little buddys delema. Next day July 11th started out overcast and hopes of clearing Wife and I haveing coffee on the pourch our morniing treasures something tolld me to call James phone as I did when we found it 1st lost went emediatelley to voice mail figuired Id get the same Being persistant I tried It started to Ring I was SHOCKED then it picked up and disconnected Puzzled Excited but apprehensive i sat and just looked at the phone THEN it RANG back Rick says POPA i say Yes rick did you loose a phone Well we no the rest Rick as i said to you before what a Beautiful Hobby Thats Has rewards as great as the People you help great meeting you and im telling MY World of People All About you brother Thanks Again Real Happy POPA

  • we are eternally gratefully to Rick (2017)

    My wife’s family has been spending summer’s in Chatham since she was a little girl and now I look forward to the annual trip…but last year turned into quite the adventure. We were at Hardings Beach and I was in the water throwing a football with my father-in-law and brother-in-law. All of sudden, I looked down and noticed my wedding band was gone. Mallory and I have been married a little over a year and my wedding band was custom made by a local jeweler in the small town where we met. It was incredibly special to me and I was devastated to have lost it.

    Once I realized the ring was lost, the whole family was in the water feeling around with hands and feet to find the ring. A whole bunch of crab bites later, we gave up and I emailed the jeweler letting them know I was going to need a replacement. As I was searching online to see if I could find a place to post about the lost ring in case someone found it one day, I came across Rick’s website. Within 5 minutes of sending him an email, he called me and said he would be at Hardings Beach that night. I called Mallory to tell her about Rick and let’s say she was skeptical!

    Even just in our phone conversations, I was blown away by Rick’s generosity and good will. The fact that he would spend the night walking the beach in low tide looking for my ring was incredible. His selflessness and desire to help others is truly overwhelming.

    Rick didn’t find the ring that first night out, but told me he’d be back at the beach that afternoon for low tide. Mallory and I needed to head home, but my father-in-law and brother-in-law met him at the beach that afternoon and they had the ring in their hands within 30 minutes. My brother-in-law called me while I was driving home and I couldn’t believe the news.

    While having my wedding band spend a night in the Atlantic Ocean is quite the story, we are eternally gratefully to Rick for delivering the happy ending!

  • ​I am lucky to have been aided by TheRingfinders. Richard Browne. (2015)


    “​I am lucky to have been aided by TheRingfinders. Richard Browne. My wife, Mary Langton, lost her engagement ring in rough surf when we were swimming in South Yarmouth, MA. We were devastated, and spent the rest of the day and night searching for it.

    We went back the following day when the water was more clear and less rough and searched again. Others along the beach caught word of our plight and attempted to assist us. Our searching was ultimately unsuccessful.

    ​After two days we figured that there was no hope in finding the ring. That was until Mary came across the website for TheRingfinders. We called the number and were fortunate enough to speak with Richard Browne. He was courteous, prompt and professional.

    He met us at the beach in less than fifteen minutes.

    ​Richard used his thorough technique and was able to locate the ring in an inch of sand, very close to where the ring was originally lost. Richard even let Mary take the ring out of the sand grate after he found it.

    He brought Mary to tears when he gave her the ring back. This took him no longer than five minutes.

    ​It was an amazing experience and Richard truly made the best of what was originally a sad and frustrating situation. We are forever grateful to Richard for his professionalism, his skill and his compassion. I can’t speak well enough about the way he was able to help us. Thank you Richard!”

    – Peter F. Cavanagh

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart. (2015)


    Hi Rick,

    As I sit and look at my wedding ring you found, rest assured we are extremely appreciative that you took the time for us. After losing my wedding band on Saturday and my wife loosing her diamond stone from her setting on Sunday, believe me it was a weekend filled with heartache and emotional lows. When we met on Tuesday, I was hopeful to restore a glimmer of promise that we would be successful. For I had felt naked since Saturday. A deep sinking feeling was at the pit of my stomach each time I peered at my stripped finger.

    After getting in the water and bringing you to the last spot I believed it was, you took less than 3 minutes and under 3 feet from the mark to bring my emotions to an elevated state. We can’t thank you enough for your successful attempt to recover my ring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • The work you do through your hobby is much greater than simply finding lost items. (2015)


    Dear Jane, Rick and Dakota,

    It was quite a morning for me thanks to your generous spirits, time and expertise. I did not realize how emotional it was for me until I returned home and held my hand up so my wife could see the ring. She started crying which prompted me to tear up as well.

    Rick, I thought that the possibility of you finding the ring in the harbor over 3 years after I lost it was such a long shot that I took several weeks to call you after I saw the article in the Cape Cod Times. Boy am I glad that I clipped that article and connected with you.

    The work you do through your hobby is much greater than simply finding lost items. It is reconnecting people to something very precious to them, beyond the intrinsic value of the item.

    I felt awful for weeks after I lost my father’s ring. I loved the ring because it was a constant reminder to me of him. You noticed how it shines beautifully in the sun. The star sapphire is special.

    My father was a special guy and taught me a great deal by example. He was an incredibly hard worker, loving and devoted husband and father. He was very well respected in his industry, precious metal casting and had one of the finest casting shops in the world.

    He did museum reproductions for the Museum of Fine Arts and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He was a subcontractor for Stueben Glass the specialty division of Corning Glass making limited edition castings for their glass pieces.

    He did not have an easy life since he emigrated to the USA in the late 1930s as a teenager to escape Hitler’s Germany. His education was cut short and his parents went from being middle class to working menial jobs to survive in their new homeland. His family was so grateful to their adopted country that they spoke little of the hardships.

    As I told you his years of service during WWII were in the Army Corp of Engineers on Adak Island. He helped establish that base which blocked the Japanese advance through the Aleutians. It is interesting that during your years in the Navy you were familiar with this Island too.

    Dakota it was great meeting you and thanks for helping your grandfather help people find missing rings. Follow his example and you too will have a fulfilling life.

    My heartfelt thanks for your assistance.

    Jeff O

  • I cannot thank Rick and the The Ring Finders enough for finding my wedding ring! (2014)


    It was Tuesday, July 22 and I was spending the day with my family at Glendon Beach (Dennis Port, MA). My friend Brian and I were throwing the football around in shallow waters when I noticed that I nearly lost my wedding ring after making a diving catch into the ocean. At this point, the normal person would have walked up to his belongings and taken the ring off but I, of course, didn’t do that!! Sure enough 3 minutes later I noticed that my ring had slipped off.

    I spent nearly an hour looking for the ring and assumed it was lost forever. Later that week I ran into a lady with a metal detector and asked her if she had found a ring but no luck. Nearly two weeks later, and a day after we left the Cape, my friend Arty ran into a guy who also had a metal detector. He asked about my ring and this guy hadn’t found it either but he said it sounded ‘familiar’ to a ring his friend Rick had found at this same beach. He gave Arty a business card for the “The Ring Finders” which had Rick Browne’s contact info on it.

    Shortly after Arty texted me Rick’s info I sent an email to The Ring Finders. Only 13 minutes after I hit send on that email Rick was calling my cell phone. Amazingly he had found my ring!! I thought for sure this ring was long gone and my wife and I were already considering replacement options. I cannot thank Rick and the The Ring Finders enough for finding my wedding ring!

    You guys are awesome!!




  • Thanks again to TheRingFinders and Rick (2012)


    My wife and I traveled to Cape Cod on Sunday July 8 for a quick over-night with her niece and family. Mid afternoon, her nieces husband Brian lost his wedding ring in a small tidal pool they were playing in. He did not move from where the ring fell off and found it after a good 20 minutes of searching.

    Having seen this, when it was my time to go for a swim, I took off my ring and watch and put them in a beach bag. Went for a swim and returned to the house and when I checked the bag, the watch was there but no ring. Thought perhaps it got caught in one of our towels which had been shook out. I searched the back yard and all around the area with no luck.

    Next I went back to the beach with no luck after another 1/2 hour.

    Monday July 9 went back to the beach and using a child's crab net I sifted a 20x20 square foot area of sand, again with no luck.

    While doing this Brain approached me and said the life guards knew someone who would come down free of charge and search. I said sure, why not? (I had actually checked Craigslist that morning about buying a used metal detector)

    Rick Browne showed up about 30 minutes later and after showing him where we were sitting, he went to work.

    5 minutes? That's about how long he took to find my ring. It's not terribly expensive but the sentimental value is of course irreplaceable. I couldn't be more thankful and appreciative of Ricks service.

    Thanks again to TheRingFinders and Rick, if you're ever in Sopers Hole in Tortola, I'll tell you where to look for my FIRST wedding ring!!!!

    Jeff Milne

    Manchester MA.

  • lo and behold he found it! We were elated. (2011)


    My husband was cleaning our driveway when he threw some leaves down a gulley on the side of the house. Not only did the leaves get hurled, but also his wedding band. He's lost 30 lbs in the last few years. All summer, we talked about how loose the ring was on his finger and his potential to lose it. We felt like fortune tellers when it happened and then panicked. I remembered reading an article about a gentleman on the Cape who used metal detection equipment to help you find a lost treasure. Did a quick Google and found Richard. He came over a number of hours later, had my husband recreate his steps and then down the gulley they went. And, lo and behold he found it! We were elated.

    Thank you, thank you, Richard.

    Don & Jan

    PS: Thanks to your family who patiently waited in your vehicle.