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Cost For My Service

I provide my service on a reward basis, meaning you determine the value of my service and the reward, and a $25.00 call out fee to defray my costs if you are within 50 miles from Waverly. Additional fees if farther or there are Unique Search Conditions. These fees will be agreed upon prior to search.

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Metallic items, such as jewelry, coins, watches, keys, tools, family heirlooms, historic items, shut off valves, property markers, septic tank covers, etc Ground or shallow water.

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Waverly, IA, Waterloo, IA, Cedar Falls IA, NE Iowa, Cedar Valley.

Jason Scanlan's Bio

I am a volunteer Fire and EMS and it give me great pleasure to help people. My Teenage son and I would like to help you. We have instilled in our son the need to help people. Any Money beyond gas money will go to him if he is with me and we find your item.

Jason Scanlan - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost New GoPro in Iowa Marsh (2019)

    The following story is from a local Nature Photographer who contacted me because he lost his GoPro This picture says it all. I was paddling my kayak in about 30-degree temperatures when a spindly little branch knocked my 2-month old GoPro camera into moving water that was deep. In fact, the water was deeper than […]

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  • Lost Ring in Iowa again (2019)

    Received a message from a guy that I helped last year. His Fiancée lost her ring again in the same yard as last time. It is only about 15 miles away so I went right down there. She was raking leaves and caught the rake tines on her ring and away it went. They tried […]

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  • Lost Wedding Band in an Iowa Lake – Recovered (2018)

    Monday I had an Email from Michelle who resides in North Carolina. Seems a couple weeks prior, her and her family were visiting family here in Iowa and were staying at an uncles cabin on a lake. The story you have heard many time on this site, she removed her ring to put sunscreen on […]

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  • Lost Engagement Ring in Iowa – Found (2018)

    I received a text over the weekend saying they needed my services to find a silver engagement ring in the back yard. I was not available at that time so I met up with Blake late Monday afternoon. He said him and his fiancé were chipping sticks when a stick caught the ring and pulled […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring in Iowa snow – Found (2018)

    I bought a metal detector a few years back and my son and I would use it to find coins and other objects.  Well, a couple years ago, one of my fellow Firefighters texted me about 2 months after his wedding and asked if I had a metal detector. My response was, yes, where did […]

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Jason Scanlan - Témoignages

  • Thank you Jason Scanlan/The Ringfinders! (2019)

    I contacted Jason Scanlan at “TheRingFinders” to discuss running a metal detector in the cold, moving water. Within ten-minutes of searching there was a “beep” in the headphones and I knew where to scoop with a long-handled net. Another minute or so later and I had my GoPro camera and equipment back in my hands. I pressed the power button and was able to watch the recorded journey my camera took after being knocked off of my kayak.

    Thank you Jason Scanlan/The Ringfinders!