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Wedding Band Lost in the Driveway, Found and Returned Holden Beach NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

About 9:30 p.m. on Friday night I got a text saying “Hi Jim. I found your number online at the Ring Finders. I lost my wedding band today somewhere on the driveway which is covered with gravel. I spent all day trying to find it and I couldn’t. Sadly, today is our last day. We only have until tomorrow before 11 a.m. to find it. We are staying on Holden Beach. I wonder if you would have time to help us find it.” I called the number attached to the text and talked with Angelica and asked for the details. She was right to the point, there was a little spat and she walked out on the balcony and heaved her Wedding and Engagement rings. She said she got sunburned from searching all day and found her engagement ring but couldn’t find the wedding band. I told her I could be there in 45 minutes. She sounded a little hesitate, but I told her with tomorrow being Saturday almost all the tourists are going to be leaving and traffic would be a mess. She agreed, so I grabbed my Equinox 800 and headed out.

I arrived at 10:15 and parked in the driveway of the house next to theirs, which luckily, was vacant. She met me in her driveway and showed me where she found the engagement ring. I tested her wedding band with the Equinox, so I knew what I was looking for. She showed me where she was standing on the balcony, and I started searching the driveway around where she found her engagement ring. After about 20 minutes of searching the driveway, the adjacent strip of grass and part of the next driveway, I wasn’t finding her ring. Then I thought maybe the ring hit either a railroad tie along the driveway or the sidewalk, so I expanded the search. I asked Angelica if she had checked the roadway during her search and she had. I started searching the small stretch of grass between the sidewalk and road and got the signal I was looking for. Angelica was using the flashlight on her cell phone and we both got down on the ground and saw her ring at the same time. BA-Boom!!! There it was, hiding under a clump of grass. Angelica snatched it up and was so happy it was found. Things were patched up with the spat, her rings were back on her fingers, and all was good!

Angelica – Thank you for trusting me and the ring finders to help find your lost treasure! Have a safe trip back home.



Father’s Yellow Gold Free Mason’s Ring Lost in the Ocean – Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Every call for help in finding a lost ring is just as important as the ones before it or the many coming after it. Each ring has its own story, whether it was passed down from a family member, something someone worked hard for to achieve, or the love of their life slipped it on their finger. Although, all of the rings are very important, once in a while you get the call for something very special that grabs at your heart strings. This was exactly the case for me on this call. Ron called me close to 11 pm on Thursday, June 30th clearly devastated that he had lost his father’s custom-made yellow gold Free Mason’s ring. He told me the ring was specially designed and made for his father by another Free Mason, who was both a friend and a jeweler. Ron’s father has since passed away and this special ring now belongs to Ron. I found out from Ron that he was wearing the ring while throwing a football in the ocean. My first question was if he was right or left-handed, he responded right-handed. My second question was which hand was the ring on. Again, his response was on his right hand. My next questions were what day, time, and how deep was he in the water. His response was that he lost it on Tuesday, around lunch time, and he was about thigh deep. During our text messages he changed the day to Monday. We exchanged other information and I could tell Ron was having a difficult time talking about losing the ring. I found out that he and his family was leaving the next morning. I closed our conversation by asking him to take pictures of the area and send them to me the next morning. After thinking about it, I texted him back and asked him if he could meet me on the beach the next morning at 9 am, he agreed. By meeting him, I could get a firsthand view without having to decipher some pictures.

The next morning, we met as scheduled and he pointed out the area. I don’t remember if it was during our texting the night before or he told me when we met that he actually lost it on Sunday, which was 5 days ago. As we’re talking about additional details, I asked him whether he was facing north or south when he was throwing the football and he responded he was facing east, meaning he was facing seaward. In my mind, I’m thinking this is going to be a tough, if not an impossible search. If he was facing seaward, throwing the ball with the same hand the ring was on and it was 5 days ago, it’s difficult to imagine where his ring ended up. But I love a good challenge, so I told him I’d be back around 2 pm to work the outgoing tide with low tide being at 3:48 pm.

As I’m loading up the car with my detector, the sky opened up and it started pouring rain. No problem, I’m going to get wet anyway, as long as there’s no lightening – I’m good. By the time I got to the beach and the search area, the rain had stopped. No rainbows, but I did get a report of a waterspout less than 5 miles up the beach. I swear, the Big Man upstairs was testing me that day! I started on the line Ron had given me earlier that morning. I started my grid line from the mid tide line and walked out to waist/chest deep water working my way to the south. I’m not sure how far south I went but I was sure I was outside of Ron’s area. I went back to my starting point and started working the grid search north. I did about 10 lines and got a solid hit on my White’s PI. The PI is a great machine, but it has no discrimination, nor does it show any target depth, it just signals there’s some sort of metal underneath the coil. I had already picked up a couple of pull tabs, a few bottle caps and 4 fishing weights, so I figured this was one more piece of junk. A couple of scoop and I had the target out of the hole. I took my foot and spread the sand out, I looked down and saw the Free Mason diamond symbol staring at me. Boom! I just stood there and stared; I couldn’t believe it. What a beautiful ring! I picked it up and walked back to the car to get my phone and take a couple of pictures. I sent a picture of me holding the ring and the ring sitting in the sand to Ron saying, “look familiar?” As I’m driving home, I called him and left a message when he didn’t answer saying “check your text messages and call me.” I figured he was still on the highway driving home. Within a few minutes he called me back and he was so excited he couldn’t talk. I wish I would have been able to hand his ring to him and see his expression, but I’m sure it was one of pure elation and surprise. I’ll get his ring in the mail Tuesday and wait for his picture to post this.

Ron – Thank you so much for trusting me to help find your lost treasure, I was so excited to find it for you. Best Wishes!!!



Yellow Gold Wedding and Engagement Set Lost in the Ocean, Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

This ring search started with a 10:53 pm text from Monica on Tuesday, June 28th. Her text read “Hello Jim, my mom lost her wedding and engagement ring in the ocean yesterday evening and we cannot find it. Can you help?” My son and daughter-in-law were in town, so, I responded back to her that I was on vacation. I also told her that I had a couple of guys filling in for me, and ask what beach. She gave me all the details I needed to pass along to Mike G., the guy handling North Myrtle Beach for me. I forwarded the info to him, knowing he was probably in bed, but I’d talk to him in the morning. Shortly after getting all the texting done, I found out the kids had plans and I could go ahead and do the search. I sent another text to Mike letting him know I could do the search and to let me know.

This morning, I woke up to a text from Mike saying that he would prefer me take the hunt. He had helped a neighbor look for a lost ring the day before and was hobbling around. I also had a text from Monica asking if Mike had replied. I told her, that instead of Mike, I was going to be doing the hunt. I’d be there at noon to work the outgoing tide. Everything was working itself out.

I showed up a little before noon and met Monica, Norman and Tina in the resort parking lot. Tina was the one who lost her precious treasure. What happened was, Tina had gotten into the incoming tide about 5:30 pm Monday evening and was hit and knocked down by a pretty rough wave. When the wave hit her, she fell forward and watched her ring set fly off her finger. The last two days have been horrible for her not having her rings. We walked out on the beach and Tina showed me the area she lost her rings. Knowing she lost her ring about an hour and a half before high tide and I was there a couple of hours before low tide, I figured the ring set would be accessible in the wet sand. I started a perpendicular grid search going out to about thigh deep and heading north. I knew I was going deeper than I needed to but I didn’t want to miss the low tide, just in case I miscalculated. I did about 10 grid lines and hadn’t had one target. I went back to my start line and started working the grid south. I glanced up to see Norman and Tina and their expressions looked like they were losing hope. I also noticed that some tourists were starting to move their chairs down closer to the surf, so I was losing search area. On my 5th or 6th line I got the loud and clear 15/16 on the Equinox 800 VDI (visual display indicator). This was in the range I was looking for. One scoop and I had the target out of the hole. I spread the sand out with my foot and saw the yellow gold shining in the sunlight. I picked the ring up and it was exactly as Norman had described it – BINGO! I looked up at Norman and Tina and Norman was watching so I did my little “found it shuffle.” He popped up out of his chair, said something to Tina who then joined him in a very fast pace in my direction. When Norman got close, I held out my fist holding the ring and dropped it in his hand. Tina was overwhelmed when she saw it but she was so happy.

Monica – Thank you for finding me on your Google search.

Tina/Norman – Thank you for trusting me and The Ring Finders to help find your lost treasure.  Now you can enjoy your last couple of days of vacation. Have a safe trip back home.



Teardrops Lost in the Tides Ocean Isle Beach NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

On Monday, May 30th I got an alert that I had been mentioned on the Ocean Isle NC FB page. When I looked at the site, I saw a posting that stated. “Hi everyone we lost my late husband’s wedding band in the surf 2 days ago between the ocean isle tower and the beach access, at water’s edge. If anyone has found it please let us know. We would greatly appreciate it.“ Knowing that this ring held a great deal of sentimental value, I immediately responded saying “Call me if I can help,” I also sent a link to my blog page on The Ring page. As a follow up I sent her a private message with the same information. I got a text message back from her saying, “I will message you in the morning.” This morning she texted me with a little more information and added, “My son handed it to me. I was almost at water’s edge and it dropped and sank immediately, around 2 pm on Sunday.” A follow up text added “We are in town till Sat morning. My Husband passed away unexpectedly in March, meant a lot to my son so I appreciate you helping us.” We did some more texting back and forth and agreed that I’d be there at 12:45 p.m. to work the outgoing tide. Teresa also stated I could park in her driveway which alleviated me having to find a parking spot, which during this time of the year is almost impossible.

When I got there, I met Teresa, her father Richard, and her oldest son Derek. We all hopped in their golf cart and Derek drove us down to the beach. Once on the beach, Teresa led me over to the spot that was directly in line with where the ring was lost. Once there, Teresa explained that when her middle son, Daniel got married he didn’t have a wedding band to wear. His father’s wedding band no longer fit his father, so he passed it down to Daniel. When the ring was lost, Daniel was wearing it and was afraid of losing it while swimming in the ocean. So, in the process of handing the ring to Teresa for safekeeping, the ring hit her hand and quickly disappeared in the wet sand with the incoming tide. It was definitely one of those shear panic moments. Teresa said she looked for the ring for about 2 hours before giving up and then had a gentleman with a detector look the next day for quite a while with no luck.

It was time to find the ring, or at least give it all I had. From Teresa’s explanation of her husband’s 14K Gold Wedding Band, I knew that I was looking for a VDI (visual display indicator) on the Equinox 800 between 13-18, depending on the size of the ring. I started a little outside of the area Teresa showed me with a grid search parallel to the surf line. On my 5th line I got a loud and solid 16 VDI, I was 99% sure I had the ring. Two scoops and I had the target out of the sand and on the beach. I spread out the sand a couple of times with my foot before I saw the little shimmer of the gold ring. BINGO! I washed the ring off and saw that Teresa and Richard were praying to the Big Man upstairs as they were watching me from up near the dunes. As I’m walking their way, I did a little dance and I heard Teresa yell “Did you find it?” I held the ring up and she was literally overwhelmed with emotions, which made my eyes water a little bit. There’s no way to express what it means to find and return someone’s very special treasure. Teresa and I decided we’d surprise Daniel, so she called him saying that I needed to get some information from him. It took at least an hour for Daniel, his wife Ana, older brother Derek, younger brother Kyle and his girlfriend, Raina to show up. When they did, I showed Daniel the area I had searched and asked him if he thought I was in the right spot and anything else he might remember. Meanwhile, Teresa was standing behind us holding the ring up for the “aha” moment. It worked perfectly and was priceless!

Teresa/Daniel – Thank you for trusting me and The Ring Finders to find your very special treasure. It was truly my pleasure to get to meet all of you. Best wishes and enjoy the rest of your vacation.


Lost College Ring on Crescent Beach in North Myrtle Beach, SC, Found and Returned

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)


It was 4pm on Wednesday, May 25, 2022, at Crescent Beach in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Our family had spent an overcast day on the beach together and had begun discussing dinner plans for the evening. The sun began to peek from the clouds, so my brother-in-law and his girlfriend decided to throw a football before we packed up for the day, so I joined.  They went out in the surf at least waist deep, and I stayed ankle-shin deep to throw back out to them. Never had an issue with my college ring coming off my hand, but after a few throws, using my right hand, the water had helped to loosen the ring. That’s when it happened, I threw the ball out, and as my arm came down from the throw, I felt the ring come off. I didn’t see or hear where it hit the water. That’s when instant panic set in. However, I stopped and looked at where I was in relation to stationary objects on the beach, anchored boats in front of us and storm water markers nearby. I yelled for help from my brother-in-law and then called my wife down from the umbrella. Four of us frantically searched in the shallow surf for at least 15 minutes, until I realized that the ring would have burrowed in the sand by now and it would be hopeless to keep searching. That is when my wife and I both felt “shell shocked” at the loss. Mainly because the ring was custom made, almost a decade after graduating college, and it was very pricey. I had only had it for a little over a month — hence the rookie mistake of forgetting to take it off in the first place.

By this time, it was 4:15pm, I stepped back up on the beach and thought to myself, check the tide chart. It was almost at peak high tide, and low tide would be after 11pm that night, in which I knew the area the ring was in, would be completely uncovered with water at that time. Do we come back then and dig around? That’s when I thought to search online for “professional metal detecting service, north myrtle beach”. The first result I clicked on took me to a “TheRingFinders” webpage with the first article showing a recovery of a woman’s wedding band set in North Myrtle Beach almost a year ago by a gentleman. I skimmed the article and realized that this was no novice just messing around, this guy must be a true professional given the circumstances of that recovery. That’s when I located his number and dialed it. On the third ring, I was greeted by Jim. Confirming he was in fact the “the ring finder man.” He proceeded to ask where I was, and I gave him details of what had just happened. It was 4:20pm, and he said stay put, I will be there in 20 minutes. He dropped his plans with his wife and immediately came to us to help.

Exactly 20 minutes later, Jim called me, and I watched as he walked out on the beach – “to the rescue.” He came up introduced himself and immediately my wife and I felt a sense of calm. He was super friendly, lighthearted about the situation so that we were able to laugh about it and at the same time. He obtained details and immediately set forth on his mission. Starting from a point we indicated, he worked in and out south. His grid patterning from the boundaries that we provided was evident that this was “not his first rodeo!” We anxiously watched and waited.

After close to a dozen in-and-out passes, from the beach to waist deep, out past where we told him I would have been standing. He came ashore, asked more questions from myself and my brother-in-law, and redirected his search north from where he started. On the second pass headed out, he stopped, right about where I would have been standing, now knee-deep. His waving motion of his detector had stopped. He was holding it still on something. Moving the detector aside, he took his scoop and made one dip into the water and up came a “scoop full of sand.”  He carefully washed away the sand from the scoop and reached inside it. Turning around to walk ashore, he looked at us and “did a little dance!” That’s when we knew, bingo!

Jim came ashore, walked up to me and held out his fisted hand, and dropped my ring in my hand. Mission accomplished recovery complete. Everyone seemed shocked that he found it, myself included – however, I really and truly had faith in Jim from the time I talked with him on the phone. I would have been more shocked if he wasn’t able to recover it, that’s how much I trusted his skill. I had not read his biography at this point, nothing other than the skimming of that one story online. Later, we learned that Jim served our wonderful country for many years in the United States Coast Guard and also working in the federal government.  He has continued his selfless service to people along the Grand Strand area for many years in his retirement – what a kind gesture to put his skills to work in such a way to help those in a panicked time of need.

“Thank you” was simply not enough to express my gratitude for his help. I went to shake his hand, and instead he leaned in and we exchanged a “bear hug!” A friendship was sparked. I gave Jim some cash that I hoped would be enough monetary compensation for his time, effort and ultimate success. He didn’t count it, but instead held it up and said “whatever this is, just know that ten percent of it will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in honor of you and your wife!” Such a kind gesture, once again.

In less than an hour and a half, a ring was “lost” by me and then recovered by a true professional and class act, Mr. Jim Wren. A one-of-a-kind college ring now really is a conversation piece, with a story to tell! Something that I will be able to pass down.

God Bless You Mr. Jim, you deserve all the best my friend!



Lost Gold Ring at Davis Bay on the Sunshine Coast…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call or Text ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463

My day job consists of mostly 13 hour days and it’s rare to get time off but luckily this week, I had two days off where I was able to recover two items for two very happy customers. The universe works in wonderful ways for this story because this couple were ending a beautiful 10 day vacation in the Sunshine Coast, unfortunately they lost a very special ring.

They went online and found TheRingFinders directory and gave me a call that evening, they told me they were returning back to Toronto the next day and luckily I was off work that day so we arranged to meet in at 12 noon at Davis Bay.

After a 3 hour wait at the ferry terminal, 40 minute ferry ride and a 40 minute drive, I arrived at Davis Bay, I heard the story about how the ring was lost and the couple showed me where they lost the ring on the beach, remember it’s a big beach and what seems to be a small area could always turn out to be an extremely large area and as you know it’s a game of inches and you have to go over the ring to find it. The difficulties of this search was that it wasn’t lost in the sand it was lost in fist size rocks, making it slippery and difficult to search the area properly.

After listening to their story and where they believe the ring came off I started my search, I knew I was under a bit of pressure because the sooner I could find this ring the sooner they can start getting ready to make their way back to Vancouver to fly out to Toronto that evening.

After approximately 40 minutes of searching I found his beautiful ring!  I was so relieved and happy to find it so quickly knowing that they could comfortably take a ferry back over to Vancouver and drive to the airport and catch their connecting flight to Toronto. Success!













Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463

I have the best job in the world, I love helping people more than anything I’ve ever done in my lifetime. I get to make people smile, I get to hear their stories of what their ring means to them, and how happy they are when I find it.

Lost White Gold Cartier Wedding Band at Four Seasons Ko Olina…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a text on my phone that read, « I need a ring finder ». I immediately called and Shelbie from Midland Texas, on her honeymoon and staying at the Four Seasons Ko Olina told me her husband Trey lost his White Gold Wedding Band in about three feet of water while returning back from swimming. I told her not to worry that I was in Waikiki and would retrieve my gear and head out to the resort. I assured her if the ring was in the three feet depth of water I would surely find it. I sensed quite a bit of stress in her voice and I wanted her to remain calm. Rush hour traffic hadn’t started yet so the 28 mile trip only took 35 minutes. When I arrived I called Shelbie and she said her and Trey were down on the beach so I grabbed my gear and headed down. Trey showed me the area and was sure the depth would have been about three feet deep. Since it was two hours earlier the tide was on an incline so I decided to detect out to high chest depth to account for the rise. Rey and Shelbie sat on the shoreline as I hunted. On about the 4th leg of the grid I got a screaming « 16 » on the Nox in chest deep water and on the third scoop there was the Cartier Love Ring shimmering in the scoop. I yelled to Trey « Got it! » We met in the water and I allowed Trey to remove his ring from the scoop. He immediately thanked me and put the ring back on his finger. Shelbie and Trey were so grateful and I hope they now can relax and enjoy the Aloha of our Islands.

Lady’s 14K White Gold Engagement Ring Lost in the Sand, Found and Returned Sunset Beach, NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

This adventure started with a Sunset Beach NC Face Book post saying in part, “on vacation and a friend had lost an important piece of jewelry, and we’re looking for someone that has a metal detector.” Someone responded to her post with my information. So, about 8:30 Friday night, I received a call from Victoria.  She started with telling me about the Face Book posts and was calling to see if I could help. I was ready! She also said the ring was lost in the dry sand, on the right side of the pier. She added that it was very unlikely the high tide would not reach the ring. I suggested we meet in about 30 minutes. I think Victoria was a little apprehensive about meeting a strange man, at night, on a dark beach, which I totally understood. She wanted to meet at noon the next day, which I had concerns with. Knowing that Sunset Beach is a big tourist destination in the summer, parking would be an issue. There would also be shoulder to shoulder people on the beach, at noon, on a Saturday. I also know that Sunset Beach is heavily detected by both locals and tourist. She understood, but noon it was.

I arrived about 10:30 a.m., figuring I’d be lucky to find a parking spot. Surprise, I got the last ‘free’ parking space on the Island, I think.  Since I had an hour and half to burn, I started detecting the beach. About 11:30 a.m. I text Victoria telling her ‘I was there,” and She immediately responded saying, “we are parking now.” We met up on the beach and Victoria introduced me to Jennifer, the young lady that lost her engagement ring. Victoria led the way across the top of the beach until we reached the area. Victoria had the presents of mine to tie one of her hair bows to a tiny bush growing up through the sand at the bottom of a sand dune. Jennifer wasn’t sure how far her ring may have flown off her finger when she had turned around while they were packing up to leave. I confirmed with Jennifer that I was looking for a white gold ring as I turned on my Equinox. On my second line, I got a solid 6 on my VDI, meaning ‘white gold.’ I looked over at Jennifer as I scooped up the sand. I gently shook the scoop to empty the sand out and saw some shells and Jennifer’s beautiful engagement ring at the bottom of the scoop. I walked over to Jennifer, held out the scoop, and let her remove her ring. She got a big smile on her face when she saw her ring.

Victoria – Thank you for contacting me.

Jennifer – Thank you for trusting me to help find your lost treasure. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.


Man’s Sterling Silver Bracelet Lost, Found and Returned on Ocean Isle Beach NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

About 11:20 a.m. on Wednesday, July 14th, I received a text from Sean saying in part, “Hi Jim, lost a sterling silver bracelet this morning at OIB (Ocean Isle Beach). Lost it just off public access at Monroe St.” I tried calling him and got an immediate text back saying “sorry, I am on a work call at the moment. I’m off around 1:30, but if you did want to come detect before then, my wife could meet you at the beach and show you where we were.” I responded back “Was it in the dry sand or water?” His response was, “Dry sand, I am pretty sure. I did sit on the edge of water with my daughter but I have a hard time believing it came out of pocket. I took it off near chairs to go for a run, then forgot to put it back on when I returned. Lost when packing up I expect.” I text him back that I could be there in 40 minutes and he sent me his wife, Olivia’s, number for coordination purposes. I called Olivia and told her I’d be there in 40 minutes, grabbed my detector and was on my way.

When I arrived at the access, Olivia was waiting on me. She led me out to the exact spot where Sean suspected he lost his bracelet. I thought I’d have to work around the people already on the beach enjoying the day. Instead, there was a small clear area surrounded by groups of people on all 4 sides. I’m not sure if it was luck or prearranged by Olivia or Sean to keep the spot open, but it worked. I turned my machine on, took 3 or 4 steps and hit a nice target. Dug the target up, lightly shook out the sand and there was Sean’s bracelet in the bottom of the scoop. Olivia was kind enough to stand in for Sean and let me take a couple of pictures of her holding the bracelet. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to meet Sean, but it all ended with a happy return. On my way home I got a text from Sean saying, “Thanks! Delighted you found it. I had already contacted the seller and they didn’t have them anymore. Much appreciated!”

Sean/Olivia – Thank you for trusting me and The Ring Finders to help find your lost treasure. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and have a safe trip home to Maine.


White and Rose Gold Wedding Band Lost, Found, and Returned in Myrtle Beach, SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Monday afternoon started with a message from Taylor saying in part “Hello Ring Finders I’m so so hoping you can help!!! I have lost my wedding ring!!!! We are staying at the sea mist oceanfront resort in Myrtle Beach.  I’m hoping you can help.” This ring call is in Matt Fry’s area, so I’m in the process of calling Matt when Taylor calls me. I ask Taylor a few questions that I could relay to Matt. She explained that her and her family had been there since around 8 a.m. She said she had taken her ring off to apply sun screen to the family and couldn’t remember if she put it back on or not. She also mentioned that she had gone in the ocean at some point but no deeper than knee deep. I explained to her that I’m trying to get a hold of Matt, who covers Myrtle Beach, for her ring search and that one of us would call her back shortly. When I got a hold of Matt, I started giving him the information. I then asked him if he wanted to take it,  I must have sounded pretty pathetic because he said “if you want to take it, go ahead. I’ve got work in the shop to do.”  I thanked him and called Taylor back saying I was on my way.

When I got to the beach, there was no place to park. I called Taylor and she met me in the resort’s parking lot and was able to get me a temporary parking pass. As we walked out to the beach, I learned they were on vacation from Virginia. She also mentioned that they had seen another detectionist earlier on the beach and had asked him if he could try and find her ring. He checked the area where they were sitting and then recommended they contact The Ring Finders, that’s how she found me. I know a lot of the guys detecting in Myrtle Beach and I know they’re good and thorough in their searches. But from the description that Taylor gave me, I couldn’t picture who it was. For my own piece of mind and to say I checked, I did a quick search around their umbrella and out in front a few feet. I then started a grid search from where they were sitting out to the low tide line. Probably 8 to 10 grid lines, I got a solid 13. On the equinox 800, a 13 VDI could be a pull tab, a man’s thin gold ring, a nickel, or a woman’s big white gold wedding band. After digging a scoop of sand and spreading it out on the beach, I didn’t see anything. I ran my coil over the area and got the 13 again. I didn’t see a thing so I’m thinking a pull tab.  I’m moving the sand with my foot and saw a very small silver looking “thing.” I reached down and plucked Taylor’s beautiful white and rose gold wedding ring out of the wet sand. I walked down to the water and washed the sand off the ring. I then made my way back up to where Taylor and Brandon were sitting, making it look like I was done. I stood in front of Taylor and ask her what her ring looks like. As she’s explaining her ring, I slowly hold it up next to my face so she can see it. She screamed “you found my ring” and exploded out of her chair. Big, Big Hug and some tears. This is why I love doing what I do!

Big shout out and thank you to Bill Judy, who was the detectionist that referred Taylor and Brandon to The Ring Finders and Matt Fry, who let me take this ring call.

Taylor and Brandon – Thank you for trusting me and The Ring Finders to help find your lost treasure. Have a great rest of your vacation and a safe trip back home!