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Lost wedding ring in ocean, Melbourne Beach, Florida….Found with a Metal Detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Mike McInroe…Lost Jewelry Recovery Specialist! Land, water, grass, woods, in cars, on the ground and under the ground! Call ASAP…321-363-6029

Nathanael texted me late one night to see if I could help him find his platinum wedding ring which he lost in the surf while videoing himself and a friend. (He actually had a video of the very moment that he lost his ring…which he did not even realize at the time!). I asked him a few questions and come to find out he had posted on Facebook that night about his loss and even had a few people respond…offering to help him. I normally ask people NOT to post online where and when they lost something as I want to be able to offer my service and actually attempt a search and recovery before a bunch of « people » show up and start randomly searching. Many times there are « good people » who offer to look for and try and help find a lost item with the good intention of returning the lost item if they happen to find it…which is GREAT and what we hope and pray happens…BUT there are those « other people » who will go out and if they find it they will NOT return it to the rightful owner! So in this case I told Nathanael that I would not be able to conduct a proper search with the high possibility of others showing up and searching as well and plus it would be an hour and a half drive one way. Nathanael understood and I wished him luck and said goodbye!

An hour later I received another call from a young lady who lost a diamond engagement ring in the grass and she was only 7 miles away from where Nathanael lost his ring in the surf…in the same town of Melbourne! Both individuals were leaving the very next day from Melbourne and I felt compelled to go real early and trust God to help me find the young lady’s lost engagement ring and then I could drive the 7 miles to the beach and get set up early and chase the tide out until I got over Nathanael’s ring. God gave me peace to attempt both searches in one day! I was able to find Jessica’s ring in about 20 minutes and actually got over to the Hilton by 9:30…which was 5 hours before low tide.

After talking to the Hotel Concierge and obtaining permission to park I gathered my equipment and walked out onto the beach expecting to see some people out there with metal detectors…but there were none! Nathanael had given me great photos and very accurate information as to where he was and that fact that he lost it close to high tide would allow me to search the wet sand as the tide receded! Three hours later I started digging some deeper targets close to some hard coral patches and my last target was Nathanael’s lost platinum wedding ring! In two days it had gone down at least 6 inches in the sand and I was so so thankful to God for allowing me to find this ring. Two in one day…what a thrill!!

Lost something and need help? Call or text me ASAP at 321-363-6029!

Mike McInroe…so thankful to be a member of theringfinders.com

Ring lost in the lagoon, Little Egg Harbor NJ, recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

I was at work when I received a call from George inquiring about possibly recovering his family heirloom ring from his lagoon. We went over the details of when and how the ring was lost, and knowing the area quite well, decided it would be best if I swung by prior to committing to do the recovery. A few days later I met George at his house and after going over exactly what he did when the ring flew off into the lagoon, we decided with the 5′ tide swing this had to be done at low tide. The following week worked perfect with our schedules. My first attempt didn’t work out so well, it was blazing hot, the greenhead flies were eating us alive, and the mud on the bottom was black and bottomless. After about 2 hours I threw in the towel but assured him I would be returning for another attempt. I believe at that point George had given up hope of ever seeing his ring again. Over the next week or so our schedules didn’t work with the tide, so he agreed for me to swing by when conditions were right, whether he was home or not. WELL, after some adjustments to my recovery approach, and taking my assistant wife LEE, and good luck charm, the ring was in my scoop within 15 min. I knew this would mean the world to him, so I decided to do a surprise return, and set the whole thing up with his wife and son. I arrived just as they were getting back from fishing, put the ring in my scoop, and headed down the driveway where we met. We all talked a bit, I asked how they did fishing, then told him I did really well, and put my scoop out. He was kinda puzzled, and I said look in the bottom, and when he did, he could not believe his eyes. Then we let him in on the whole plan. I have the video of the return, just need to edit it, stay tuned. That moment right there is what makes doing recoveries so rewarding.

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Lost Ring in the Waves! – Found!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Yesterday afternoon I was wrapping up a nice weekend when I got a call from Marcus. He was out at Pensacola Beach and had dropped his large, solid gold class ring out in the Gulf while throwing football with his friend. This is a problem anytime but it was made bigger because Marcus said that he was between 4.5-5.5 feet deep. This is about my limit without scuba diving because it is so hard to set the scoop in deep water when you keep floating off in the current and waves. Marcus had a really good mark where he was though and seemed like a very nice guy so I decided to give it a try. My wife decided to tag along and she is always good luck. When we got there and walked out to the west side of the pier where the surfers go, we met Marcus and recapped where he thought he had dropped it. He had counted seven pilings of the pier out and had marked about 200ft west with his chairs. I had a good starting point as I waded out. I noticed that the water was just gorgeous and it was so clear I could easily see the shells on the bottom. As I made my way to the 7th piling I started to worry a bit because I was taking quite a few large swells that were well over my head. I got set and started my grid trying my best to stay online. I tweaked my machine a bit for the conditions and as soon as I put it back to the sand I heard a screaming gold tone. I knew that had to be his big gold ring and tried to set my feet to scoop it. I started to panic as I kept getting pushed off the spot and I worried I would lose the mark. As soon as I heard it again I put my scoop down and tried to push down. That didn’t work as the next wave rolled me inshore. I made my way back out and heard it again and told myself to relax. Marcus had given me great directions and this ring was so large that I knew I would find it again so I took my time. I waited for a lull in the waves and then set the tip of the scoop where I knew I wouldn’t scratch the ring. I looked up to double check that I had time between the next incoming wave. I blew all the air out of my lungs to make myself as heavy as possible and jumped up to forcefully land on the scoop driving it into the sand. I fell backwards to lift up the scoop under where I hoped Marcus’ ring would be just as the next wave put me under water again. I held on for dear life and as I came up I didn’t even need to look down into the scoop. I could see that big gold ring shining through the holes in the side. 😃👍 I left the ring in the scoop and concentrated on keeping it out of the waves as I half body surfed and half tumbled my way to shore. It had been less than 10 minutes but I was worn out. My wife gave me the “did you find it shrug” but I was scared to let go of anything until I got to about knee deep water. I finally gave them all a thumbs up and a huge smile and Marcus came running in disbelief. He pulled his ring out of the scoop and said “that’s amazing, you are the man!”  That made it all worth it. Congratulations on getting your ring back Marcus. I’m so glad I could help!

Metal detecting service in Miami Beach

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

If you just lost a ring on the beach, in the water, or in the backyard, give me a call or text (24hrs). Louis 305-608-1870.  I have a metal detecting service and I can come out and find your lost item QUICK.  This family was very lucky, I was metal detecting in Miami Beach and they waved me down and asked if I could find their lost ring in the water.  They showed me the general area and within a few minutes I found it.  Please check out my other posts for other successful recovery stories.

Engagement & Wedding Ring Set Lost in the Water…FOUND by Ring Finder in Nashville, TN!

Christina McCree – Ring Finder/Metal Detectorist for northern Alabama and southern/middle Tennessee…call or text ASAP, anytime 24/7…610-504-6135

Sunday evening (June 18, 2023), I received a call from Sam and Jon.  Sam explained that the day prior she had lost her white gold wedding ring in a lake in Nashville, Tennessee.  This was actually 3 rings — the engagement ring soldered between 2 wedding bands.  Sam was trying to save her dog from drowning (dog is doing great) and the wedding ring set slipped off her finger in about 2 feet of water.  I was off from work the next day, so we arranged a search for Monday morning.

I met Sam and Jon at the lake around 10 am on Monday.  We were in-between rain showers, but the sky was clear at the moment.  I began searching with my Minelab Equinox 800 with the 10×5 Coiltek coil.  The lake bottom was very rocky (both large and small rocks), so the smaller coil allowed me to get into the tighter spaces.  I searched the main area where Sam thought she fell for about an hour.  I only found a fishing lure and some junk metal.

I asked Jon where he thought Sam fell at.  Both Jon and Sam walked over to the shoreline where he was standing when it happened.  I was detecting closer to the shoreline and caught a glimpse of something shiny.  I put my goggles on and dipped my face into the water.  Sure enough, it was Sam’s wedding ring set!  I picked it up and cupped it in my hand.  I stood up and Jon said, “I think Sam fell right where you’re standing at”.  I asked Sam if she thought this was the right area and she wasn’t sure.  I then said, “I think we need to call it a day and head home.”  Both Sam and Jon looked puzzled.  I then said, “because, I just found it!”  They said, “no way!”  I held up the ring for them to see and they were both so happy and relieved.  I really love this part of the search!  I walked over to them and handed Sam the ring.  She was so happy to have it back!  We all gave each other a high five and took some photos.  It had just started raining, so that was perfect timing.

Sam was standing much closer to the shoreline than she remembered, but she was also in a panic with her dog.  I’ve learned that our memories can be a bit off, but we just have to keep expanding our grid search area.  In the end, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, I’m just happy we found it and it’s back where it belongs.

We enjoyed a nice chat on our walk back to the parking lot.  They thanked me again for my efforts and we parted ways.  Another happy ending!  I thank God for another successful recovery and safe trip home.  Looking forward to the next adventure…


  • from Seal Beach (California, United States)

I was metal detecting one Saturday afternoon on a warm June day last month, down by the water in Huntington Beach. I was  finding a few coins here and there, when I got a loud signal and said to myself wouldn’t it be nice if it was a gold ring. Well, one scoop and there it was, a large man’s white gold ring. I was surprised and happy. I took a photo when I got to my car and sent it  to my friend Stan a fellow ring finder and said « first one of the year ». I hadn’t done a lot of detecting for over the year due to a car accident and an illness, so my day ended on A good note. I got an unexpected call on Tuesday morning on the way to play tennis, my friend Stan called me and let me know that a guy named Jeremy from Colorado was visiting California on the previous Saturday and lost his wedding ring, my friend said it sounded like the same  one I found. He gave me Jeremy’s phone number so I called him after tennis, We exchanged photos, and it turns out the ring was his. It really is  a small world. I sent his ring out that day, and he had it back on his finger by Friday. He was so happy to be reunited with his ring and I was glad to help a nice person. Just another example of how Ringfinders is a great website that brings joy to so many people.

Lost Ring in the Water, Pensacola Beach – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

I’m so glad that I could help out Holden and his wife Sellers this weekend. Holden called and told me that they had spent the day before playing in the water behind their condo and they had been anywhere from ankle deep to 10ft deep. He had recognized that he didn’t want to lose his ring so he took it off and put it in the zippered pocket of his swim trunks. When he went to reach for it later in the day, you guessed it, there was a large hole in the bottom of the pocket and no ring. Holden decided to put a quarter or two in the pocket and start walking from shore to see what happened. They quickly came out so he marked the area he thought his ring might be in and went inside to call me after an internet search. We talked and agreed that I would come out and search the water as deep as I could wade and then if needed I would come later with scuba gear.   When I got there Holden told me that I would probably have a curious audience because his entire extended family was watching from the condo balcony. Holden had paid such great attention to every detail that he really made my job easy. On about the 3rd pass or so out to deep water I got a great gold tone in about waist deep water. Everyone got to cheer and watch as Holden got his ring back. I’m very glad that I got to help y’all. Sew that pocket up and enjoy the rest of your time at the condo. 😃

Lost Gold & Diamond Bronx Community College Ring at Ko Olina Resort…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

I was on my last few minutes of a Monday 8 November morning hunt with only a Silver « ALOHA » ring and trash when this Bronx Beast jumped in my scoop. 16.5g of 14k. Mr. Castillo I’ll gladly return your ring just tell me your first name and middle initial, I posted on my Facebook Metal Detecting Oahu page.
This Oahu Island just got infinitely smaller. While at dinner last night I told my daughter, “You should see the chunky gold ring I found at Ko Olina this morning.” “As she was looking at the ring I said, “It probably belongs to a tourist from Bronx NY” I told her it had the name Jorge S Castillo engraved inside. She looked at me in disbelief and said, “Dad that guy works in my shop at the Shipyard.” I’m like, “No way!” Sure, enough she texts a few friends at work and they confirm his name spelling. Unfortunately, he’s on vacation. So, we are planning a surprise reunion of the ring back to the rightful owner. I’ll post a pic when that happens. How cool is that! Also thanks for all the advice Equinox 600 – 800 group.
Update 2!!!
11/20/2021 Jorge got his ring back today after returning from vacation. My daughter Asti and Jorge took a pic together! Much Aloha!

Lost wedding ring while playing in the pool, Altamonte Springs, Florida….Found with metal detector and returned to owner!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Eric and his son were relaxing in their pool and decided to hit a volleyball back and forth to each other. Eric’s heavy platinum wedding ring was a little loose on his finger but he figured he would be just fine. As they finished up Eric noticed his hand felt different and looking down he realized his wedding ring was gone! He thought more than likely it fell off into the pool so they proceeded to search the pool bottom but NO RING! Next was the thick grassy area alongside the pool and they looked that area over a few times, even trying to use an app that one can access on your phone, but NO RING! By this time it was getting later on into the evening and his next thought was to buy or rent a metal detector and then figure out how to set it up and decipher the sounds that it emits. Having shared his situation with his family it was his mother who found theringfinders.com web site and sent Eric my number.

I showed up early to search for Eric’s lost wedding ring and as I looked the search area over I hoped and prayed his ring did not land in the canal as it looked like prime snake and alligator habitat. I began with the thick grassy area and after 10 minutes or so it was obvious it had not landed there. I moved to a concrete planter that ran the length of the yard and came up empty there as well. Next was a small grassy strip on the back side of the planter that I needed to go over before going into the murky waters of the canal. About half way along the small strip I got a sharp signal, loud and promising, and there was Eric’s lost wedding ring laying in the grass! Eric was stunned and could not imagine how it landed there but as we looked it over it was quite obvious that it had flown through the flowers and landed softly on the other side of the planter.

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to help Eric and I am ready and waiting to help others who find themselves in the same predicament. Call or text, ASAP!

Mike McInroe…thankful to be a member of theringfinders.com

Priceless Ring Lost! – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

What an awesome ring recovery!  Bailey reached out to me this weekend and told me that he had dropped his wedding band as they were tying up their boat at his Grandfather’s home. It sounded pretty straightforward but we decided to wait until a bit later so the water could come down and the depth would be a bit shallower. I finally made it out to their home in Saraland, AL and as I walked down to the boat slip I got to meet some of the family. He pointed to where he lost the ring and I decided to put on my drysuit since this water was cold and we thought it was going to be about 5 ft deep. As soon as my feet hit the bottom I realized this was going to be tough. I was on my tiptoes and even though I am 6’3”, the water was up to my chin. It was a small area though so my hopes were high. The first two signals I got could have been gold rings but they also sounded like pull tabs off a Coke can. When the pull tabs came up we thought we had found the culprit as Bailey’s Grandfather stood holding a soda can with no pull tab. We all had a big laugh when his Grandad cracked a huge smile and explained that he never threw his in the water. 😃. The next signal I got was a high tone but I’ve learned over the years that a large men’s ring can sometimes sound high pitched. This one was a bit deeper so I just held my breath and went under for a few scoops. I came up with lots of mud and leaves in my scoop and started to try to sift out the debris. We all heard a little clink of metal so I decided to hand the scoop up to Bailey so that he could dump it out on the boat dock and sort through it. He didn’t even have to say a word, as soon as he saw the ring his smile lit up so much that I knew he had it. Before I was even out of the water, Bailey and his Grandfather were telling me the rest of the story. Bailey just got married this past October. The ring was actually three rings put together by the jeweler. One ring belonged to the Grandfather I was talking to, one ring belonged to Bailey’s Grandfather who had passed away and one ring belonged to Bailey’s Great Grandfather who had passed on as well. With Bailey wearing this ring to honor these men in his marriage, that would make 3 generations of rings at stake. Now you can see why this ring is priceless. Bailey I’m so glad you trusted me to help you recover such an amazing part of your family’s history. I hope the future for you is just as fantastic. God Bless!