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Lost wedding ring in ocean, Melbourne Beach, Florida….Found with a Metal Detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

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Nathanael texted me late one night to see if I could help him find his platinum wedding ring which he lost in the surf while videoing himself and a friend. (He actually had a video of the very moment that he lost his ring…which he did not even realize at the time!). I asked him a few questions and come to find out he had posted on Facebook that night about his loss and even had a few people respond…offering to help him. I normally ask people NOT to post online where and when they lost something as I want to be able to offer my service and actually attempt a search and recovery before a bunch of « people » show up and start randomly searching. Many times there are « good people » who offer to look for and try and help find a lost item with the good intention of returning the lost item if they happen to find it…which is GREAT and what we hope and pray happens…BUT there are those « other people » who will go out and if they find it they will NOT return it to the rightful owner! So in this case I told Nathanael that I would not be able to conduct a proper search with the high possibility of others showing up and searching as well and plus it would be an hour and a half drive one way. Nathanael understood and I wished him luck and said goodbye!

An hour later I received another call from a young lady who lost a diamond engagement ring in the grass and she was only 7 miles away from where Nathanael lost his ring in the surf…in the same town of Melbourne! Both individuals were leaving the very next day from Melbourne and I felt compelled to go real early and trust God to help me find the young lady’s lost engagement ring and then I could drive the 7 miles to the beach and get set up early and chase the tide out until I got over Nathanael’s ring. God gave me peace to attempt both searches in one day! I was able to find Jessica’s ring in about 20 minutes and actually got over to the Hilton by 9:30…which was 5 hours before low tide.

After talking to the Hotel Concierge and obtaining permission to park I gathered my equipment and walked out onto the beach expecting to see some people out there with metal detectors…but there were none! Nathanael had given me great photos and very accurate information as to where he was and that fact that he lost it close to high tide would allow me to search the wet sand as the tide receded! Three hours later I started digging some deeper targets close to some hard coral patches and my last target was Nathanael’s lost platinum wedding ring! In two days it had gone down at least 6 inches in the sand and I was so so thankful to God for allowing me to find this ring. Two in one day…what a thrill!!

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Mike McInroe…so thankful to be a member of theringfinders.com