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Important Keys Lost In Cape Carteret Poppy Field Found With Metal Detector

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)


Char wrote… « On a pretty May day I sat out to take some pictures of my sweet bulldog who was turning 11. We went to the field of poppies in Cape Carteret. Unfortunately while getting all the cute shots, I dropped my keys somewhere in the field. Talk about needle and haystack, after looking for an hour and the help of a very kind Good Samaritan it became clear I wasn’t going to find them. I had car keys, house keys, storage keys — everything on that key chain. I knew all I needed was a metal detector. That’s where Crystal Coast Ring Finders came in. I called Steve and he came straight over. We began searching and within 10 minutes he found them. Yay!!


Gold Ring Lost Body Surfing At Surf City Found And Returned

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Jack sent me a text message early Saturday morning asking if I could help find his lost ring.  Jack explained to me he was body surfing Wednesday afternoon when the ring slid off of his finger.  He felt the tide was High during that time and the ring would be found in the wet sand.  Upon arrival, Jack led me to the beach and pointed out the boundaries he believed the ring was within and the search began parallel to the water from high to low.  After a few passes, only 1 dime was found.  I eventually made it to where the surf was rolling in over the beach.  This isn’t much of a problem, it just slows the search process.  Finally, I received a strong signal on my metal detector and my deep & wide scoop went to work and pulled out a large amount of sand containing Jack’s ring.  Jack was working on the other side of the home and didn’t understand why I returned so soon.  He and his family couldn’t believe his ring was found so quickly.

Lost Ring Kinston, NC

  • from Kinston (North Carolina, United States)

Hello my name is Robert, I joined Ring Finders to help people reunite with their lost rings & jewelry.

Please give me a call at 919.376.6661. I cover the surrounding areas as well.


North Myrtle Beach Ear Ring Find Leads To Lost Washington, NC Ring Being Found

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

John found out about his friend’s lost ear ring being found by Ring-Finder Jim Wren in the North Myrtle Beach sand.  It was that moment John discovered the great service The Ring Finders provide.

John had lost his gold wedding band two month prior.  John was spending the day at a family member’s house playing with the kids all over the yard.  This is when the ring fell off without John realizing it was gone.  This ring had very special meaning as it belonged to his Grandfather.  John messaged Crystal Coast Ring Finders and a day was planned to search the whole yard.  Communication was very important to try to pinpoint the location of activity but the yard was full of various debris making this search difficult.  Persistence paid off as the ring was found near a buried metallic item in the backyard.  The sun was hot and the bugs were hungry.  I was very happy the search was a success.

Wedding Band Lost On Jacksonville Road Found And Returned

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Friday, David was riding with his wife Brooke down a Jacksonville, NC backroad.  He went to point something out to Brooke and the motion of his left hand caused he wedding band to go flying onto the street at a high speed.  They searched day and night for the ring along the roadside grass and weeds.  Sunday, Brooke found out about my detecting service and sent me a message.  We agreed to meet during her lunch break.  A few sweeps along a very trashy road caused me to change my normal swing style and that was the ticket to locating surface and near surface targets.  Eventually, I made it up to where there ring was resting.  Brooke told me she was in tears thinking about the ring being lost forever.