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Wedding Band recovered in Long Beach Island

This one started with Heather posting a lost and found ad on a local FB page for husband’s Erwin’s lost wedding band. People on there referred her to RingFinders where she contacted Ed Cropski but he was on vacation so he got hold of Matty St Germain but he was working which lead them to me. I took on the recovery and drove the hour to meet up with her on the beach. Heather said her husband was in the ocean playing with his daughter Krystina when he felt his ring slip off his finger. The water was clear that day but looking for it they just couldn’t see it. I went out to the area where she thought he was but with no luck. Going back talking to her Krystina said they weren’t out as far, so I moved in closer to shore and sure enough about 10 minutes later I found Erwin’s ring. Heather couldn’t believe it. Another happy ending for all.

Lost Gold Cross Pendant on Beach in Long Beach Island,New Jersey Recovered by NJ Lost Ring Finder Ed Cropski

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call from a woman  last night looking for my help to recover a gold cross that was lost on the beach yesterday by her son while throwing a football. The necklace had broken which they had found but the sentimental cross pendant had disappeared into the sand.
I arrived at the location at sunrise this morning to meet with her so she could show me the area they felt it was lost in and I began my grid search with my metal detector. After about a half hour and a targets I got a nice solid low tone and vdi number from my machine and scooped the sand and seen the cross in my scoop! I called her over as she was collecting shells to show her my find. She was so happy and said it had made her morning explaining that the cross was given to her son during confirmation and they were now celebrating his graduation and he was really upset about the loss.

Another happy customer!

Recovery #141

Gold Rosary Lost on Beach in Long Beach Island New Jersey Recovered by NJ Lost Ring Finder!

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

Found it! White gold rosary lost on the
beach yesterday in LBI (Beach Haven).
Funny thing is I found his wife’s
wedding ring last year when they were
on vacation! So they made the call and
I got it done!
Recovery #135

Lost wedding ring set in Seaside Park NJ Found by: Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)
Recovery #4 for 2021
Today I was referred to Anna by Fellow Ringfinders Ed Cropski and Dennis Burlingame. After speaking with her I made my way to Seaside Park to meet her and her Fiancée’ along with their friend. At some point she took off her rings and placed them on the arm of the beach chair and forgot to put them back on. It wasn’t until 2hrs after leaving the beach she realized they were gone so they went back to try and find them with no luck. Once I arrived and spoke to them a bit I began my search. Within about 5 mins I found all three of them! They were very happy and relieved since they just started their vacation. Another great ending!

Lost Platinum Diamond Wedding Rings in Beach Haven LBI,New Jersey Recovered By Ed Cropski of TheRingFinders!!!

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

I just got back home from recovering 2 beautiful Platinum diamond rings that were lost on the beach yesterday in Beach Haven LBI,NJ. I received a Facebook message from Joe DeMarco of DeMarco Detector sales in Millville,NJ that a woman was in need of help and I gave him my information and she called me right away. Although I had other plans for today I could tell the urgency as she was crying on the phone so I responded to her that I was on my way! Upon arriving at the site on the beach where she was laying out with the kids yesterday and set up at again today. We went through what may have happened to the rings if in fact they were there at all as she was not positive but she may have taken them off to put lotion on the kids and put them on her lap and forgot about them . We moved her beach chairs,towels  from the area for me to search.With the whole beach now watching 3 passes into the 20×20 area I heard the mid tone I was hoping for and scooped up the first ring which was her beautiful platinum diamond wedding band. The look on Mary’s face was priceless when I told her I got one and handed it to her. With that I proceeded 3 steps forward and heard another mid tone and recovered ring #2 which was a stunning platinum diamond engagement ring which she later informed me was a whooping 3 carats! She immediately started crying and hugging me on the beach and everyone who was watching was clapping and cheering as we both announced Ring!! What an awesome feeling it was to see her smiling again on her vacation as you can see in the picture below with me. I love it! I got gotta say it was something to see those 2 beautiful pieces of jewelry come up in my scoop and the look on her face!  Another Great Recovery,Another Great day!                                                                                   1012454_10151603627254748_1684853053_nIMG_2276IMG_2282