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Lost Key Fob Strathearn Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • de Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Received a call late last evening from Andria requesting my service to locate her! One and only key fob that Lawrence lost in the back yard on Thursday while walking form the garage to the house, I agreed told her I would be there at 10 am today.
Meet Andria and Lawrence they showed me the area where the key fob could possibly be I did a thorough search of the area with no luck!
Asked Lawrence to show me again exactly what he was doing and he said he closed and locked the garage door and walked along the side walk that’s when he noticed the fob was missing off his key ring both of them looked everywhere possible for that key fob no Luck.
After about an hour we found the key fob right next to the garage in the snow pile Andria was ecstatic to have her only one key fob back!  her smile says it all.
Thank you Andria and Lawrence for interesting me to locate your key fob.

Ring lost at South Mission Beach found

  • de La Jolla (California, United States)

Robyn was going to play some volleyball, so, she took off her wedding band and engagement ring and tied them to her pants. After the game, she discovered the tie had come loose and the rings missing. The search was on! She, and her husband of 6 months, Alex, and others combed through the sand of the volleyball court, but, all in vain. It just so happened that a former client of mine was walking by while they were searching, and recommended that they call me for help. Alex gave me a call about 5pm, explained the situation, and we made arrangements to meet right away. I arrived about 5 :45, met everyone, and they showed me the likely search area…..mainly the volleyball court, the area around it, and also the path they took to and from their nearby beachfront rental. After several passes on my grid search of one half of the volleyball court, I was just about at the far edge of that area, when I got a nice solid 6 on my Equinox. I stuck the pinpointer into the sand, found the target, and scooped up a handful of sand. Robyn came over to see what my first target was, and she was happy to see one ring in my hand. we then looked down to see the engagement ring sticking up out of the sand. 6pm and all is well! A pleasure to meet you, I hope you had a pleasant visit here in San Diego, and thank you for the reward.

Lost Platinum & Diamonds Ring at Waikiki Beach…FOUND!!!

  • de O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I received a call from Cherie who was on vacation from San Francisco and staying in Waikiki. Her boyfriend had just bought her earlier that day a Platinum and Diamonds Ring. While sitting on the beach, a sudden movement of her hand and the ring fell into the sand and disappeared. With her friends, the four of them combed the sand with no luck. Cherie’s friend Frank agreed to meet me at the Waikiki Police Station so he could show me where they were on the beach. It was dark already. When I arrived Cherie drew a box in the sand where she thought the ring would be and I started my hunt. After ten seconds I got my first target a loud “7” on the Nox. One scoop and after sifting all the sand the tiny Platinum & Diamonds Ring was lying in the bottom of the scoop. I reached in and retrieved the ring and handed it to Cherie. I heard a sigh of relief from all her friends and sincere “Thank you so much” from Cherie. Some pics and hugs followed and Cherie can enjoy the rest of her vacation. Off to Maui tomorrow. Aloha to Cherie and her friends!

Lost Silver heirloom earring…Found in Hillyard Wa.

  • de Spokane (Washington, United States)

I think no matter what, when a Ring Finder hears of a lost piece of jewelry they receive an overwhelming feeling to jump in and help. Now place yourself in front of your mother and imagine she’s lost an inherited silver earring. In my mind mountains will move to recover what my mom lost. Luckily no mountains were involved just a really old house and the heater vent. After taking her earrings over to the hutch they have in their bathroom, a place she admitted she has never used to put on her jewelry. One of the blue opal silver earrings fell off the hutch and slipped effortlessly through the grates of the heater vent. So that’s where I began my search. I used my borescope to investigate the 90 degree bends of the duct work. When I spotted the earring I tried multiple attempts at grabbing it, sticking it with tape on a string and tape on a wire. All attempts failed at retrieving the earring but I did manage to collect a lot of lint and debris. I did not want to give up so Dad and I headed to the basement. I crawled into the crawl space and began to decipher the maze of ducting. Matching the orientation of the heater vent on the top side I disassembled the duct work to reveal mom’s earring. Now back to using the long grabbing tool I was playing the claw machine game in my parents basement. This time I didn’t need any quarters just a steady hand and a bright flash light. ” I got it” I shouted and handed the earring up through the hole in the floor to my mom. Usually strangers are calling us for a last ditch attempt to recover a lost item. But this Ring Finder’s call was close to my heart and my home.

Brush Pile Wedding Ring Found! – Franklin, WI.

  • de Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

Franklin, Wisconsin resident, Dallas Schurg, was clearing trees and brush along his backyard fence line when he suddenly realized his wedding ring was missing. He had clipped the ring to a carabiner on his belt loop for safety while cutting and moving the brush. He had heard horror stories of rings catching and causing serious injury. And so, he was being cautious.

But his efforts to stay safe himself somehow failed to keep his ring safe. Now it was missing, presumably lost amongst the huge pile of brush alongside his fence line. Or was it lost in the house somewhere? Dallas wasn’t entirely sure.

I received a text message from Dallas explaining his situation saying, “I have a very good idea of where it ‘should’ be as a starting point.” The “should” be, left room for the unknown. This is typical of many ring searches. But one has to start somewhere and after speaking with Dallas, I felt his presumption was a reasonable one.

Arriving on location, Dallas led me to the back of his house where a huge pile of brush bore testimony to his long hours spent cutting and dragging the baseball-bat-sized diameter trees away from his property line. We agreed to search the areas around the piles of brush and eliminate those locations first of all. If the ring was underneath the brush, it would have to wait until Spring.

The fence line bore evidence of decades of discarded metallic debris. Old gardening and farming implements, cans, bottles, wire, foil and nails seemed to join forces to hide Dallas’s ring. Such large targets can mask the presence of smaller non-ferrous targets. But 20 minutes into the search, the lost ring appeared beneath a clump of leaves and sawdust! It was pressed deeply into the mud, barely visible.

Dallas shared how he and wife had been praying about the ring, asking God for wisdom and for grace to accept the outcome. I too am a man of faith. I work as a Hospice Chaplain, journeying with people at end of life. I love God, the Creator-Owner of the universe, the One who sent His son to die in our place. I don’t pretend to understand just how God works behind the scenes in life but I truly believe He cares about the things we care about and He delights in answering prayers. He is keenly interested, even in a lost ring!

Thanks, Dallas, for the opportunity to search for and find your wedding ring. Your smile, and that of your wife, speak volumes. Praise God!

Zipline Bracelet Found! – Lake Geneva, WI

  • de Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

March 20, 2021 was destined to be a fun-filled day for Brenda Teela and Jim Nachreiner at the popular Lake Geneva Ziplines & Adventures near Lake Geneva, WI. Ziplining was a new experience for Brenda, one she will never forget. The sheer thrill of riding the tree tops was unlike anything she had experienced. But the day took a sudden and heart-wrenching turn when her highly-sentimental bracelet vanished from her wrist. The silver bracelet was a Christmas gift from Jim.

Fast forward 8 months.

I received a phone call from Brenda asking if I might help find her cherished keepsake. Initially, the prospects of trying to locate such a small target in 100-acres of Wisconsin woodlands was daunting—a long shot. But after cross-examining Brenda’s account of her activities in a forensic manner, it was Brenda’s own careful analysis and detective work that made the search a viable one, even after all those months. A photo clearly showed the bracelet on her wrist at one of the zipline staging points. Then another, taken a short while later, revealed it missing. The bracelet had to have been lost somewhere in between. This photo evidence gave a reasonable glimmer of hope.

We arranged to meet on location November 21, a gorgeous fall-day. Stephanie and Dana, the managers working at Lake Geneva Ziplines & Adventures, together with their helpful staff, were most cooperative. Their kindness spoke highly of the company’s care for its clients.

We began probing the forest floor near one of the staging points. Jim worked ahead of me, carefully moving fallen branches. The remains of several sunglasses, camera lens caps, a company camera, some small change and other metallic debris quickly filled my pouch, evidence of zipliner traffic over many years. A couple hours into the search found us beneath a long swinging bridge, one of the amazing features of the Lake Geneva Ziplines & Adventures property. It was there that a promising signal from my search coil invited investigation. It was Brenda’s bracelet! It lay in a clump where it had fallen from the bridge some 25’ above. A broken link bore evidence of what happened, answering so many questions in Brenda’s mind.

The smiles tell the rest of the story! It was a tearful and emotional reunion to say the least.

Thank you, Brenda & Jim, for the privilege of searching for and finding your precious bracelet.

And our heartfelt thanks to the wonderful people at Lake Geneva Ziplines & Adventures whose cooperation and kindness made it possible.

You can check them out at:


Lost Gold & Diamonds Engagement Ring at Royal-Moana Beach Waikiki…FOUND!!!

  • de O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when my fellow ring finder Don referred me to Pratibha from Reading, Pennsylvania. While enjoying a Monday morning at Royal-Moana Beach in Waikiki Pratibha took her ring off and put it in her purse so she could go for a swim. She told me her purse fell down into the sand and her husband unaware the ring was inside cleaned off the purse. They went back to their hotel room and then realized that the ring was missing. She placed a police report and informed the shop owner nearby where they rented a chair from. Fearing the amount of time that went by and how much that beach gets detected I told her the odds would be slim that the ring would still be there. I agreed to meet Pratibha at the Waikiki Police Station during my lunch break and do a quick search to see if we would be blessed. When I arrived the beach was packed with tourists but I did the best I could hunting around them and many were so nice to move their chairs and help. I found six pull tabs and a nickel that made me think we just might find the ring. Then one gentlemen in an area we needed to search refused to move and was just a knucklehead about it. Thankfully the lady next to him said here let me move my stuff and let you search here. Right where she removed her slippers from I got a loud #13 on the Nox and in one scoop there was Pratibha’s beautiful ring in my scoop. I showed the ring to her husband as he was helping me on the beach and he shouted, “Oh my gosh that’s the Ring!” It was getting hot and I was much relieved that we got blessed and the knucklehead didn’t have to be bothered. Vacation saved. Much Aloha to Pratibha and her Family!

Lost Stunning 7 Carat Diamond and White Gold Ring at Nai’a Lagoon…FOUND!!!

  • de O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began while I was driving home from work when Brandon from California said his Mom, Miriam, just lost her ring on the Nai’a Lagoon Beach and they couldn’t find it. He wasn’t sure if it was in the dry sand or the water but he assured me they knew the exact areas I would need to look. I told Brandon I’d grab my gear and come down to search but rush hour traffic was just starting and it could take a hour. I told him to have everyone just relax on the beach and if the ring was there I would find it. When I arrived I headed down to the beach and was greeted by Miriam’s wonderful family. I gathered some details. Miriam explained she was playing with her grandchildren in the sand and the water but wasn’t sure exactly when the ring came off. We moved the beach chairs out of the search grid and I fired up the Nox. I immediately found a nickel and a cent. Then on the fourth leg of the grid I got a nice #7 on the Nox and amazingly it took two scoops to reach the target. When I looked in the scoop I could not believe my eyes…that was the biggest Diamond I had ever seen. I showed Miriam and she screamed with joy. The whole family was rejoicing and that was certainly a moment I will never forget. I Love this Hobby! Much Aloha to Miriam and her beautiful family!

Lost Family Heirloom Ring on Summers Farm in Frederick, Maryland…Found by Ring Finder

  • de Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Kristen’s Beautiful Family Heirloom Topaz Diamond Ring Recovered by The Ring Finder’s Detectorist Brian Rudolph

Kristen and Nygel Smile Brilliantly as Grandma Dorothy’s Ring is Held Once Again by Her Beloved Granddaughter!


Kristen and Nygel drove from Baltimore to Frederick Maryland looking forward to celebrating Oktoberfest out on a farm. In the six years that the couple had been dating, neither one of them encountered a situation quite like this one. Just moments after Nygel parked the vehicle on Summers Farm’s grass field, Kristen lost her very special yellow gold ring with a large blue topaz and two diamonds (one on each side of the center stone). The young lady inherited it from her late grandma Dorothy who passed away the previous year.

Luckily, Kristen knew the very moment when the ring slipped off of her index finger. Just after she got out of the vehicle and began adjusting her pants, Kristen felt the ring come off. However, when she looked down on the ground to recover the jewel, it was nowhere to be found. It was if the family heirloom disappeared into thin air.

Nygel came around the car to assist his girlfriend and for the next hour, the two of them searched for the missing ring. Unfortunately, none of their efforts proved to be successful. The couple decided to leave the grassy parking lot for the time being in order to make the most of their visit to Summers Farm and they decided to deal with any further search attempts following their special autumn excursion.

During Kristen and Nygel’s time out on the farm, they played in the cornfields, shot apples from the pumpkin canon and enjoyed eating all of the fun fall foods provided at the refreshment stands. Though the couple was quite entertained by all of the autumn festivities, the loss of Grandma Dorothy’s ring weighed heavily upon Kristen’s heart and mind.

Once Kristen and Nygel got back to their vehicle, the two of them searched for another hour with no happy results. They realized that they would have to return to the farm the following day with a metal detector in hand in order to try again to recover the gold topaz diamond ring. It made Kristen sick to her stomach to have to leave her precious keepsake behind until the next day. She couldn’t even be so confident that the ring was still there in the grass. It could have already been spotted and picked up by someone else. Nonetheless, the two hoped for the best and planned to return the next morning.

Later that night, Kristen and her boyfriend searched online with the purpose in mind to find a metal detector rental service. Instead of locating a rental shop, THE RING FINDERS website popped up on the screen. They had never heard of the international directory of metal detectorists who specialize in finding lost rings and other precious keepsakes. They figured instead of trying to learn a detecting device that they knew nothing about (and with no guarantee that the detector would even help them find what was lost), they decided to seek out the professional help of one of the directory’s ring finder in the local Frederick, Maryland area. This is where I come into the story.

Kristen contacted me immediately and I asked the distraught young lady every question regarding her particular situation. She did a great job of painting a clear picture as to what happened and what the environment was like where the ring was lost. Because I am familiar with Summers Farm, I knew that it was essential for us to meet at the farm as early as possible before the grass and dirt-covered parking lot would start to fill up with cars and trucks. I received the initial text from Kristen sometime around eight in the morning and by 9:30 a.m. I was already pulling into the farm’s entrance and meeting up with my new clients.

The day was quite lovely outside and I remember encountering special feelings that rushed through my mind as I reminisced about the days of old when my family and I visited Summers during the Oktoberfest time of year. It brought me so much happiness to experience such a sentimental journey in returning once again to the same farm in order to help Kristen with this very important search.

Just as I was driving up the hill to the parking lot section where the couple directed me to meet them, I began to light up with the greatest smile ever due to what I witnessed in front of me. The couple was sitting in two chairs that were facing each other, separated by approximately 30 feet of grass between the two of them. They were guarding the search site, making certain that nobody would be able to park in the area where they believed the ring was lost the day before! I was very impressed! Also, I learned that Kristen and Nygel were sharp enough to think of tying some markers around the place where their vehicle was parked the day before so that they would know exactly where to resume the search the following day! That was brilliant thinking on their part! I commended both of them for taking that step to bring clarity as to where the ring was originally lost. The couple told me that they were doubly convinced that there was no way that they would find the ring after they searched for another 30 minutes while waiting for my arrival. They were so happy that I was willing to come to their rescue!

Once I got all of the details regarding where the couple believed they were parked and approximately where Kristen was standing when the ring fell off her finger, I returned to my vehicle to retrieve my metal detector and other gear to help me with this particular search. Methodically and consistently, I swung my detector’s coil from left to right as I moved straight ahead towards the end of the first grid lane before turning around and beginning with the second grid line. I knew exactly the type of numbers and sounds that I was looking for on my machine and I had all the confidence in the world that if the ring was still there, I would eventually find it!

After I completed searching several more grid passes, I eventually hit a target signal that I was quite certain that it would end up being Kristen’s ring. To my excitement and joy, the target that I knelt down to investigate with my handheld detector did in fact turn out to be Kristen’s grandmother’s ring! My eyes beheld an exquisite yellow gold band with a beautiful blue topaz and two diamonds flanking the large stone! The pretty jewel was hiding under some blades of grass that were bundled together and camouflaged amongst the dirt and wild plant life! I was so relieved that not only was the ring still there and that nobody found it, but also I was thrilled to discover that there was no damage to the family heirloom had a couple of radial tires trampled over it!

What a fun moment it was for me to recover such a priceless “symbol of love” that was handed down to Dorothy’s beloved granddaughter a year earlier! I will never forget the tears that began to flow from the young lady’s eyes and the smile that I could see on Nygel’s face (even though his countenance was mostly covered by a face-mask) as I presented the keepsake back to its rightful owner! It’s precious moments like these that constantly remind me why I love serving people in this way…recovering “lost stories” and returning smiles to people’s faces like Kristen’s!

Before I left the farm, the three of us thanked the Lord for answering our prayer that we jointly offered up to God prior to starting the search! Kristen and Nygel thanked me several more times for helping them recover the ring. In addition, we all agreed that though this problem occurred (which was quite stressful for the two of them to go through), at least it brought us all together and also we were at least surrounded by God’s beautiful creation out on Summers Farm’s property while conducting the search that morning! Lastly, with a giant smile on my face, I told Kristen and Nygel that I hoped that their next ring story would be a happy one – perhaps something to do with Nygel placing an additional band (engagement ring) on Kristen’s finger sometime in the near future! I can’t wait to hear that special news one day!


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Wedding & Engagement Ring Set FOUND Wailea Maui

  • de Maui (Hawaii, United States)

White Gold Wedding Ring Set

Very Happy Client

Received a call about a white gold wedding and engagement ring set lost in 3 feet of water @Palauea Beach in Wailea Maui Hawaii. I said I could be there just before sunset. My clients couldn’t meet me so I asked them to send me a screenshot of the beach highlighting where the rings are thought to be lost also a picture of the Rings Lost. I got all the info I needed and headed to the beach. I arrived about 1 hour before sunset and searched until dark. No Luck!! I messaged my client and they agreed to meet me there in the morning. We met around 8am at the beach the next morning. Clients told me story about how she was in 2-3 feet deep playing catch with a football. They also told me they hired another metal detector to find the rings and referred me. Anyway about 1.5 hours into the search both rings RECOVERED!!