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Lost Wedding Ring In North Spokane, Found !!!

de Spokane (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-509-263-8995

As I pulled into my last window cleaning job for the day, Steve a caring husband called me about his wife’s lost silver wedding ring. A month ago Steve and his wife were raking the backyard. After the work was done Steve’s wife’s ring was long gone, until today. After I arrived Steve showed me the pile of grass that was raked up and the small yard where they were working. I searched the pile of grass and found a dime which gave a very similar reading to his wife’s ring. So then I started my grid around the outside of the yard. As I got close to an old tree stump my coil passed over two signals. One of the signals was a penny and the other, the wedding ring Steve’s wife lost. At this point I didn’t know where Steve had gone off too. So I put the ring in my hand with the few coins and pull tabs that I found in my short search. I walked over to the stairs where I saw Steve last and set the handful of finds down on the rail. Just as I stood up I heard Steve say, “find anything”? With a hidden smile I pointed to the pile and said “yeah this stuff right here”. Steve walked over and started looking really hard at the pile of stuff when he noticed the ring under a freshly dug pull tab. Wow, OMG, Where did you find it, OMG. All this being said, I gathered he was happy the search for his wife’s ring was over. Later after I left he called and said his wife was crying on the phone after he sent her a picture of her lost ring. This is what makes a successful hunt magical, the opportunity to give a lost item back to the owner and the “thank you’s” that stream down their face. Thanks for trusting me Steve and believing in the Ring finders.

Cincinnati, Ohio – Lost CASE knife, family heirloom of sentimental value – recovered!

de Cincinnati (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 513-312-0341

I was contacted by a friend who knew I did some metal detecting and ring recoveries and he asked if I would search for a special knife he lost while baling hay. My friend had been working with a knife his Grandfather had given him and he had searched the hay field for several days trying to locate it himself when we connected by telephone and I promised to start searching that evening as darkness would not pose a problem. However, my understanding of the baler’s operation and of the search areas was not quite correct and so as I searched in the dark I was finding old farm vehicle parts and aluminum as I should have, but no knife. Giving up when my flashlight batteries all died, I returned the next morning and searched again in daylight but I still had no luck.

Frustrated, I met my friend at his barn on my way out for lunch and he demonstrated how the baler operated and we both noted my search areas had been off by at least 10 to 15 foot at each site and so I promised to try again that afternoon.

There were 22 bale spots I needed to search and my friend took the time to mark each of the spots for me with sticks and wooden blocks to help define the search areas for me. After meeting and reviewing the search areas with him again and getting a better description of the knife, I headed to the field to start my third search in a cool and drizzling rain.

As I approached the filed this third time I had mounted the large 17″ coil on my CTX 3030 and I was searching using a wide open pattern with no discrimination and so I was confident. The first thing I saw was that my friend had done a thorough job of marking each of the 22 spots I needed to search and I remembered he had said he felt the knife was in the western side of the field and so I began my search within the north western most bale location he had marked. After turning on the CTX 3030 and tuning it, I circled the site twice and within two minutes I received the signal I was hoping for! The knife had been lost at very the last bale’s location.

Returning to the barn within twenty minutes my friend asked me what I had found as I had already turned up some interesting rusted pieces of farm equipment during my searches but I think he was hesitant to believe I might have found his knife.

He was surprised and happy to have his grandfather’s knife back in hand and I was happy to have helped.

His smile says it all!

Lost Platinum Wedding Ring Found! Oconomowoc, WI Yard-Waste Center

de Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

It was like searching for a proverbial needle in a haystack. But instead of a needle, it was an engraved platinum wedding ring belonging to Oconomowoc, WI resident Steve Nichols. And instead of a haystack, it was a colossal mound of clippings at The Town Yard and Waste Recycling Center.

The ring flew off Steve’s hand and vanished into the mound late Saturday afternoon as he was emptying his pickup truck of yard waste. Despite 5 hours of sifting through all manner of vegetative debris, Steve, his wife, Anne, and friends were unable to locate the missing love token. Even with the use of a rented metal detector it could not be found. The detector emitted a cacophony of indistinguishable chirping sounds, which only added to the Nichols’ frustration.

The following morning, Steve and Anne returned to the mound and resumed their search; three discouraging hours later, no ring. That’s when Anne contacted a Wisconsin member of The Ring Finders Directory, Dan Roekle, who in turn pointed her to me since I lived closer.

I made arrangements to meet with Steve and Anne on location. After showing me the sequence of events that led up to the ring’s loss, I began a search of the perimeter and surface area of the formidable mound. As I began to cover the area where the truck had been parked, a faint signal was heard which invited careful excavation of material. With each pass the audible signal increased and data, now visible on my XP Deus screen, was consistent with the denseness of platinum. Finally, the source of the signal proved to be none other than Steve’s ring!

The search took all of 15 minutes!

Thanks Steve and Anne, for the joy and privilege of finding and returning your precious wedding ring. May its story (which now includes being buried and lost in a humongous pile of yard clippings and then beyond all odds found), continue for many, many happy years to come.

Lost Philadelphia Textile Institute Ring Found by Dave Milsted in Adelphia NJ

de South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1- 856-433-0719

I received an email from Joe last night. His 81-year-old father lost his 1959 Philadelphia Textiles Class Ring while attending an outside event last night. A few texts back & forth and we decided we would meet today around lunchtime.

The loss was in Adelphia NJ, I never heard of it, it is near Freehold. I met Joe at the location and he showed me what they did yesterday.

They had eaten dinner in one area and then walked back to the car where it was parked about 200-300 feet away in the grass. The entire event was in the thick grass. All of the tables and other landmarks were gone. We were going by where the grass and been beaten down.

I grabbed my gear and started where they sat in the grass for dinner. I did a very tight grid pattern. Found coins, small paint brushes, lots of bottle caps and other assorted junk. A little over 2 hours in, we were getting near where the tempory parking area was. When I hear “Oh my God”, from Joe. He was about 5 feet away from me and now on his knees. He saw a glimmer of gold in the grass & mud. With his hands, he dug out his dad’s ring. It had been pushed into the soft ground by being walked on or driven over.

He had walked over that spot probably 20 times between last night with a flashlight and today, just trying to find the ring. He was elated. He couldn’t stop laughing and smiling. He is the recovery story from Joe:

My 81 year old father and I attended a family picnic for a group we support that took place on the grounds of the Adelphia, NJ firehouse yesterday. We knew he had the ring as of about 4:30 pm, but when we got home at 6 pm it was not on his finger. He has lost some weight recently and knew it was loose, but still wanted to wear the college ring he has worn now for almost 60 years. We went back immediately and searched the area with flashlights since it was now after dark, to no avail. I came home and found Dave on TheRingFinders.com, went to his website and inquired. We texted back and forth and met up at the firehouse this afternoon. I went this morning myself and walked the area again in daylight for over an hour – nothing. Dave then arrived and meticulously searched everywhere my dad could have possibly dropped it, in a grid pattern over a grassy area of what I’d say was more than 1/4 of an acre – maybe 1/2 – no small feat. I walked a few feet in front of him still looking myself, and after about 2 hours, out of pure dumb luck, I saw it there, buried in the dirt where a tire or foot had apparently pushed it into the ground. Another 5 minutes and Dave would have been right over the spot himself. I could have so easily missed it – there was just a sliver showing. Had it not been for Dave’s meticulous searching, I would have given up hours earlier. He did a fantastic job and I really appreciate him coming out immediately to help me and my dad – who is ecstatic to have his sentimental ring back (which I will get resized before he wears it out again).

Lost white gold and diamond engagement ring, Hamburg, New Jersey

de Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Mason and his family were at a bar-b-cue at a friend’s house in Hamburg,NJ.His Wife’s engagement ring was lost on the front lawn. At that point is was all hands on deck and he and his friends searched without finding the ring.
His friend had an entry level metal detector and they looked for the ring the next day without finding it again.
After locating me on the Ringfinders website we arranged to meet at the site.
They had a good idea of the area the Ring was lost in. I began my grid search of the lawn and found the ring after 45 minutes. His wife was certain she would never see the ring again, so you could imagine the joy its’ recovery caused the whole family. It is so satisfying to return a precious lost item to someone who has lost hope in ever seeing the item again. Like I told Mason at the start, “If the ring is here, I will find it !”

14 k ring found in Virginia Beach Virginia

de Newport News (Virginia, United States)
Contact: 1-757-899-0118

I got a call from Ted in Virginia Beach, Virginia that he had lost his 14 k gold wedding band in his back yard.  We set up a time to come over and do a search.  This time I brought my wife armed with her own detector.  Ted told us he had been working on his boat’s motor in the back yard and got his hands oily and was walking to his boat house while wiping his hands off on a rag.  While he was walking he noticed that his ring was gone.  He searched on his own but the grass was really thick. He showed the spot in the yard where he was working.  Nice brown grass from the oil.  He also showed the spot he noticed the ring was gone.  After about a 30 minute hunt we found the ring just past the spot he noticed it was not on his finger. Ted was so happy he got his ring back.  My wife and I were also happy to have a successful return of a lost ring.


Newlywed’s Honeymoon Happily Continues at Sunset Beach, NC

de North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-843-655-5889

Howard called me around 11 a.m. saying he had lost his wedding band, and asked if I could help find it. He continued by saying he had lost it in a big clump of grass and hadn’t been able to locate it. He further told me he was at the Sandpiper Bay Golf and Country Club at Sunset Beach, NC. I told him I’d be there in about 30 minutes.

On my drive up there, I’m thinking he may have lost it on the golf course and was hoping he had a good idea of exactly where it came off his finger. I ended up at the community club house instead of the golf course club house and asked a lady where the course club house was. She asked if I was the ring guy, after replying in the affirmative, she said that her husband was the one that lost his ring. Luckily, he had lost his ring in the landscaping Saw grass around the pool area in about a 5 ft square area. Rachelle and I introduced ourselves, and as we’re walking to the area she said that they had gotten married 2 weeks ago and that he’s had his ring for 2 days. We met up with Howard and he said that the ring was a little tight. He also said that he’s not use to wearing jewelry, so he had the ring about half way on his finger when it fell off. He heard the ring hit the cement, saw it bounce, and then disappear in the grass. I grabbed my AT PRO and started running it over the top of the grass where he thought it was. He told me it was a 14K gold wedding band, so I knew I’d be looking for a VDI (visual display indicator) number in the high 50s. After going over his suspected area a couple of times, I moved down the sidewalk, and about a yard or so I got a solid 57 on the detector. Visually, I couldn’t see anything so I used my pin pointer and BANG, found it buried deep in the grass. I pulled it out, wiped it off, and stuck it up for him to grab. He was flabbergasted that he had it back, he told me he had just about given up on finding it. Rachelle gave out a woo hoo shout. Honeymoon was saved.

Howard and Rachelle, thank you for trusting in me to help find your lost treasure. Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon and have a safe trip back home to Denver, CO.


Lost Gold Wedding Band in Surf at Newport Beach, CA. .. Found Deep in Sand

de Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136






Mobile Metal Detecting Service by Stan Ross member of TheRingFinders .. Call Now 949-500-2136 .. Available.. 24/7 >>  

Todd was bodysurfing while on a vacation. As he was coming out of the water he shook his hand and his gold wedding ring went directly into water. It was high tide and he was in about a foot of water. 

Todd gave up hope of finding his ring feeling it was lost forever. He and his wife had taken a walk. He was upset about loosing the ring. As they past a local jewelry store his wife suggested they look for a replacement. They decided to buy a new ring but they didn’t have a size 11. After telling the story about losing the ring in the surf, the person that was helping them gave Todd my contact information.

I met Todd at 7pm as the tide was receding. He put me in the general area. I could not locate the ring and it was not worth risking searching in the rough surf. I decided to wait for the lower tide. Returning three hours later with a Pulse Induction Metal Detector that has the ability to get targets deeper in the soft sand.

After an hour of grid searching the ring had not showed. My next plan was to cross grid swinging very slow. I got the faintest of sound in my earphones. It was more like a break in the threshold. After digging a deep hole in the damp sand, Todd’s gold ring showed up in my sand scoop. It’s difficult to understand how deep this ring was after only 6 hours. We have many miles of beach in Southern California with all types of sand conditions. I have recovered many rings only a few inches deep after several days. Sand conditions can be a problem but there is always a better chance to find a ring that was lost at a higher tide. Finding a ring in a lake or bay can be easier if there isn’t too much metal trash and if it was lost in water less than shoulder deep. 

Todd and his wife were flying home to Idaho the next morning. I was able to meet them to return the ring just before they left for the airport. It’s always nice to see the happiness and smiles when returning a ring that is so sentimental to someone that has worn it daily for more than 20 years.

Lost Ring Calgary

de Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403-801-9112

Great to be here.

I started metal detecting when I was a teen 35 years ago. To date I have found over 60 gold rings, many silver pieces, relics, old and valuable coins. My entire life I have been looking for treasure from the earth. From for dinosaur bones, minerals, fossils and artifacts to 28 years in the oil patch as a Geological Technologist looking for oil and gas. I now want to use my skills and experience to help people recover valuables and highly sentimental items. Looking forward to adding to Ring Finders success by returning lost treasure!



Hearing Aid Found and Returned in Brewster, Cape Cod, MA

de Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-860-309-3307

It was not my grandmother’s hearing aid. It was super small, no wires, Bluetooth enabled and lost.

It took two detectorists from TheRingFinders to locate a “lost” hearing aid, one that others had no luck in locating. Denis, Ann, neighbors, friends and even the sales person of the hearing aid did not eyeball the lost left hearing aid. Denis with his Bluetooth enabled hearing aid on had been out listening to The Beatles Here Comes The Sun while leaf blowing his front yard. After finishing up an early leaf fall and back in his house he noticed the left aid was missing. The noise from the leaf blower masked the missing music. With the aid of a new detector with a visual indication of the type of metals along with an audio sound, it took me about a half an hour to be fortune enough to hear the signal response of the aid’s battery among all the not so possible signal returns. With a bit of help from a flash light the hearing aid came into view among a bit of tall grass under which it had been hiding from other prying eyes. I surmised that a tree’s branch had brushed the hearing aid from Denis’s left ear which lead to the search. The initial request for help in finding the lost hearing aid came to me from J&E Metal Detectors. I was in the middle of having roof work done on my house and being unsure if I would be able to do a search before darkness fell, I called on Luke for a bit of assistance. As it turned out Luke and I showed up about two minutes apart. Many magnificent people all came together to help in the search and return. My hobby allows me to meet such wonderful people, and friendships I and others can count on in time of need.