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Gold Wedding Ring Lost in Ice Plant in Long Beach…Found and Happily Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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Olga contacted me explaining that she had lost her wedding ring in ice plant outside her beach front home. It seemed like a search that should be done right away, so we made arrangements to do the search that day.

When I arrived Olga took me to the back of the house, and showed me where the ring had gone; the ice plant was thick. She then showed me how she believed the ring got there, and where she believed it probably was. I proceeded to search in the area she showed me with no luck. I expanded out in the direction she had shown, and continued in that direction; nothing. I was going to go in a different direction, but she insisted I continue looking where she thought it had gone. I have found over the years that sometimes our spacial view of things can be a bit skewed when we see things, and especially when all things look the same, as in a very large mat of ice plant. After finishing the requested area search, I convinced her to allow me to search in the other direction, and within minutes I found her ring. We know as Ringfinders, that searching « out of the box » can result, in many occasions, in a successful recovery. Olga ended up pleased with my request.

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Lost in Beach Sand .. Cartier Love Bracelet at Newport Beach .. Recovered by RingFinder

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


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*** Laura was on her vacation with her family visiting Newport Beach. She called me the day after closing her white gold Cartier Love Bracelet. Her call came about noon which concerned me as this beach gets a daily sifting by the beach cleaning crew. Objects as large as a bangle type bracelet can be picked up by the sifting machine or moved a distances from the loss zone.

Like many people, Laura had no idea of how a metal detector works, so I took a few minutes to demonstrate. We discussed where she had been the day she realized her precious bracelet went missing. I told her I would be removing all metal signals as I did the grid search and this is a tedious process that may take a couple hours. It is not something that she has to stand by to help. She could go about her day on the beach and I would let her know when and if I found the bracelet.

About an hour into the rather large search area, I got the perfect signal. I was almost positive that this was the treasure I had been searching for. One scoop with my sand scoop prove this was Laura’s White Gold Cartier Love Bracelet. I walked over to where she had set up her beach chair at the waters edge to present her with the bracelet. Always a very emotional moment and definitely hard to express the reaction we get when we can return an item that they believed was lost forever.. 

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Laguna Hills, CA. .. Equestrian Lost Diamond Ring in Horse Stall .. Recovered by Stan the Metal Detector Man

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*** Daniel called me asking for help to find a white gold diamond engagement ring lost in a horse stall. He was actually calling for his neighbor, where he also has horses boarded. The stables are located in Laguna Hills, CA. which is just about a 30 minute drive. He told me that he could meet me at the stables after he purchases a tarp that we could spread the wood shavings. They had gathered 16 large trash bags of wood chips from the tack room floor where the ring had dropped. 

Daniel had sifted through 3 of the bags before realizing that it was going to be impossible to search without some type of metal detector. I drove to the stables, arriving before Daniel. Aji, who had lost the ring was there with Daniel’s wife. Aji told me she had put her ring on a self in the tack room and dropped it into the wood shavings when she went to put on.

The ladies showed me the bags of wood shavings and I chose to run my metal detector over the unopened bags before going to the trouble of spreading them on a tarp. Besides Daniel had not returned with the tarp. After scanning a half dozen of the bags, I had one promising signal. I tore a small access hole in the trash bag and probed with my pinpointer. Boom !!! It was Ali’s precious gold and diamond ring. 

Both Ali and Daniel’s wife were amazed at how quick the recovery took. Just as I was taking photos of the ring, Daniel showed up with the tarp. He is the real hero because he had the foresight to realize he couldn’t find the ring with his sifting method. He took time to call an experienced metal detectorist. I love a challenge and it took a bit of luck to start at the right set of bags. I thought I’d be looking at a few hours to dump 15 bags of wood shavings on to a tarp to detect over them. A happy dat for all, especially Ali .

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Lost Platinum Wedding Ring in Brush Filled Hillside .. Laguna Niguel, CA. Private Home .. Found

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*** Steve called me from his parents home in Laguna Niguel, CA. He had lost his platinum wedding ring in deep bushes while trying to retrieve his son’s ball. It was dark and I told him I could be there soon assuming it might be a problem for him to miss work the next day.

He said that he lived close and felt it would be best to meet the next morning. After meeting him at the location I could see it was going to be a challenge as the bushes were waist high and very close together. To top it off, the hillside was a very steep angle.

Before setting up my detector Steve and I waded into the bushes and  he pointed out where he had retrieved the ball. As we were walking out to get my detector we spotted the ring deep in an opening as we were looking for a place to step through the thick foliage.

Another example of why not to get overwhelmed when you see a difficult search situation. To be truthful, I thought this was going to be a hand and knee search with my pinpointer through dusty thick foliage with bugs, spiders and other critters. 

They had spent several hours searching the day of the loss figuring that it was impossible to find with out a metal detector. Steve and his parents were amazed and happy that the ring was recovered so quickly. It was a pleasure to meet them and help find the ring.

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How to Find a Ring Lost While Throwing a Frisbee .. Dana Point, CA.

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*** Greg had lost his gold wedding ring a Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, CA., while throwing a frisbee on the beach. He called asking for help and we discussed what happened and what area of the beach the loss occurred. 

It was a weekend day with many people on the dry sand. We were lucky that he was on the backside of the beach where we wouldn’t be hampered with people laying in the zone. He also had put a marker on the sand where he felt the ring come off his finger. I love this type of call our odds of finding the ring are really good.

Parking was not a problem this time, sometimes it takes longer to find parking than to drive to the beach. We met on the beach shortly after his call. It could have been a quick recovery if I started at the right side of the search area. The ring did show up at the edge of their other side location Greg laid out for me.. Metal Detector is the right tool to find a ring if it’s not a used by an experienced metal detector expert. It does help if the person who lost the ring knows that the ring actually came off in the general location.

It was another great moment to see how happy and grateful Greg was when we found the ring. I say we, because Greg was a big part of this being a successful recovery. He marked the location, he called TheRingFinders directory, and was able to stay to help give me get near the spot. 

“I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “  call or text now.. 949-500-2136

Lost Platinum Wedding Band .. In Sand .. San Clemente Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Saturday 8-8-15

I was checking my emails early Saturday morning when I found that Louis had sent me an email at 11:30pm Friday night. He had lost a ring at the beach and wanted to know if I could help him find it.
I immediately sent him a reply asking him to call me as soon as possible, it was going to be a big day for beach goers. I still had no idea of what beach or when and how it was lost. I waited for his call curious about which beach the lost ring could be. If I could get on the road before 9am., I could get to most the beaches before people started laying out their beach towels and umbrellas.
Just about 8am Louis called giving me the information I needed to get on the road. He had been at San Clemente beach pier surfing with some friends Friday about 7pm. He had wrapped his wedding band in his shirt leaving it on the beach with his towel.. When they came in his friend picked up the shirt and the ring disappeared in the sand. Louis verbally gave me the location so I took off to claim the search area.
Louis was across town on the west side of Los Angeles. He said he would be driving to meet me but it was maybe an hour and a half drive. I arrived San Clemente Pier and started gridding in front of the landmarks that Louis gave me. It wasn’t long before the ring showed up in my sand scoop. I took a picture of it sending it to Louis in a text message.
When Louis showed up he praised me telling me that I may have save his marriage. I know he was joking but I’m sure it makes life better not to have to tell your spouse that your ring is lost forever. It was another good day for all. « TheRingFinders Rule ».