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Ring Lost while Gardening found in Glove .. Newport Beach , CA ..

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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… John called me to help him find his gold wedding band. He is sure it was lost while gardening in the backyard the day before. My first question is where is he located. To my surprise he only lives three miles from my home. No need to ask too many questions, only when can he be there to meet me?

If the ring is in the backyard and not in a public area, it is not going anywhere. One exception, #1 .. “do not throw out any trash”. I like to take care of the search as soon as possible, that way I’m available for any other emergency ring searches.

We met that afternoon, John had showed me the trash cans with a few leaves. I would save that for later. He had a very good idea of where the loss occurred. There was an heavy metal fence with a small drainage ditch next to the fence. We had to pull out some loose dirt and pine needles far enough from the metal to detect without metal interference.

John was helping me when he stopped. He said, wait, I feel something as he grabbed his left glove. Right then, I knew that his ring was still in his glove.  I pulled out my cellphone and video taped him retrieving his ring from the glove. It had been in the glove from yesterday’s gardening  We were both on our hands and knees in the dirt of his garden when he discovered the ring in his glove.  Even though he thought he had checked his gloves the day before, he had not checked the gloves thoroughly. It happens all the time, always double check. John is 86 years old and has worn that wedding ring more than 58 years.


Many people don’t understand how a metal detector service works. Feel free to call so we can discuss the possibilities using a professional metal detectorist to help you find your important lost jewelry or any metal item. “I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ ..  Mobile Metal Detecting available to help you now … 949-500-2136