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Lost Gold Wedding Ring Found and Returned in Meridian Idaho!

  • from Nampa (Idaho, United States)

Today I had the pleasure of helping Robert find his wedding ring!

Robert had managed to keep track of his gold wedding ring for over 40 years up until the ONE time he decided to do some yard work without wearing his gloves.

Thank you for getting in touch with me Robert, it was very nice to meet you and I’m so happy I was able to help!

From Sesuit Harbor to Corporation Beach Dennis MA Wedding Band Lost, Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

September 25, 2022

Just as I was putting the finishing touches to the previous posting, my phone rang and much to my surprise Sean was on the phone. We talked about last night’s ring return at his wedding reception. Then he dropped the news that he had his ring that had been on his finger just about a day before it slipped off and buried itself into the dry sand. Yes, of course I would be right there, how could I refuse such a bizarre set of circumstances.

How could this repeat? I got to the beach and did not see Sean. Just like the night before no one was there to greet me. I called and sure enough Sean had not yet arrived but did so in another minute. Then a short walk to two circles in the sand. The smaller one was Sean’s best bet but said it may be out as far as the second circle. On my second pass there was on iffy signal but was too deep. Continuing onto my third pass, there it was the wonderful sound in my ears of a ring. One scoop and a few shakes to rid the scoop of excess sand and I saw the glitter of a ring.

Sean, with doubt, looked into the scoop and retrieved the ring. After a bit of being unsure it was his as it was still covered with sand. Then when all the sand fell away and the Celtic Knots glittered in the flashlight’s beam the smile came. I wish I had my camera ready at that moment, but I did not so the picture of the smile will have to live in my memory, something I cannot share, sorry.

A brisk walk back to the parking lot a few pictures and Sean with his ring was off to his mother’s home and his new bride whom I am sure will have an equally wonderful smile tonight. What a story, what a beautiful, dark star lit sky, soft gentle breeze and swish of the incoming tide and another Happy Ending. I am sure that both Sean and I will remember the night for many years. I am also sure we both went home to our bride, and before going off to dream land we would reconcile any of the day’s tense feelings with our wife, say an “I Love You” and give a good night kiss. Bless.

Diamond Wedding Set lost underwater in Jacksonville, Little Talbot Island, FL. …Returned to grateful owner.

  • from Ponte Vedra Beach (Florida, United States)




TIMING IS IMPORTANT.. call or TEXT Adam ASAP.. 714-785-5111 .. With all the spam calls if I don’t answer please TEXT or leave voicemail I will get right back to you..

I received a call late in the afternoon of July 4th from a lady who informed me she was in about 4 feet of water when a wave smashed into her. She exited the water and realized her wedding ring set was missing from her finger. She said she searched not only in the water but also about 100 yards away where she was sitting. She believed her ring was lost in the water but not 100% sure. She was at a beach called Little Talbot Island which was about 40 miles from me. I determined the best time to search was the next day. I searched for about 4 hours both in the water and on the beach with no luck.  I called her up and let her know that I did not find the ring but not to give up hope as there would be some tide changes in a few days.  I think she gave up faith after hearing I did not find her rings. I returned 2 days later and found her wedding set in the water about 12″-14″ buried under the sand.  When I sent her a picture of her wedding set she called me crying and could not believe they were found…

If you lose something of value, I may be able to help you… Call or Text anytime…Adam 714-785-5111


Lost Diamond Ring Found and Returned in Baker City Oregon

  • from Nampa (Idaho, United States)

It was the last day of the school year when Rochelle lost her wedding ring while her students celebrated with a field day.  Students, staff and friends helped search, even with a metal detector, but had no luck.  When her husband Steve reached out to me, I was happy to help and drove to Oregon the following day.  It took hours of searching in the hot sun, but I’m happy to say that I was able to reunite Rochelle with her ring!

Lost Pair of Diamond Earrings, Both Found and Returned in Meridian Idaho.

  • from Nampa (Idaho, United States)

I was fortunate enough to be able to locate and return a pair of beautiful gold and diamond earrings that had been lost while on a walk in Meridian Idaho!

Lost Diamond Ring Found and Returned in Meridian Idaho

  • from Nampa (Idaho, United States)

Lost diamond wedding ring that had been in the family for over 100 years has been found in Meridian Idaho and returned to its owner!

Monica was visiting her son in Meridian Idaho when she lost her wedding ring and a pair of earrings she’d placed in a sunglasses case for safe keeping while taking her dog for a walk.  The ring had been in the family for over a hundred years, and her sister had even made the drive back to Idaho, rented a metal detector and tried to find it for her.   Fortunately after receiving her call, she was able to send me a map of the route she’d taken that day and I was able to start my search.  It took two days of searching in rain and snow to find her lost ring, which turned out to be only 20 feet from where I’d been parking.  Then as fate would have it, my wife and I had been planning a trip to Utah just a couple weeks later so I was able to deliver the lost ring and meet Monica personally.

So glad I could help Monica! It was so nice to meet you and your family!

Found, Wedding Band in the water near Pensacola Beach

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

The shorebreak was still pounding on the beach this past weekend. Brett was playing in the surf when his ring slipped off his finger and disappeared in the foamy surf in about knee deep water. There was a strong down the beach current from the surf and Brett was afraid his ring got caught in the current. It was a big heavy ring with lots of area for the water to push on. He and his friends searched for quite some time with no success. Brett lived out of town and had go home but called me the next day and I said I would do my best to help. I started a search a few hours later based on Brett’s best recollection only to discover that the beach had change shape which is common on Pensacola Beach. The landmarks he relied on no longer existed. There were lots of people on beach the day before and once I got started searching four different people told me about the ring being lost and where it was lost, with each location being different in a 300 foot area! I called Brett and explained we needed to do a bit of detective work to locate the area to search. Fortunately he is very good at estimating distances. Based on structures off the beach, calculating the tide and waiting for the tide to reach the same depth as the time the ring was lost, I started the search again. Within about 45 minutes I got a good repeatable signal. Brett’s ring Apparently sank rapidly in the soft sand that was being agitated by the surf and soon was about 8 or 10 inch deep. After three scoops his ring was recovered. I immediately took a picture of the ring and sent it to him. It was a beautiful ring and Brett’s smile says it all. I was happy I could make his day.

Lost Ring in Port St. Lucie,Fl………Found

  • from Sebastian (Florida, United States)


I received a call from George about his wife Martha’s ring. Martha got out of their car at the site of their soon to be new home and after a few minutes she realized her ring was gone. We agreed to meet the next morning, I was surprised to see much activity around the home including excavator tracks thru the supposed lost ring location. I thought this may be my most challenging recovery yet as there was lots of aluminum scrap and nails in the soft dirt. I tested the readings I would most likely get with one of my wife’s gold rings. After ground balancing my Nox 800 I started my grid search, there were many signals every few inches. On the second pass thru the area I got a strong repeatable 12 signal. My hand held pinpointer made it easy to locate. I asked « does this look like your ring? » Martha said « OMG you found it! » Martha and her friend kept saying « I can’t believe he found it, I can’t believe he found it! » There were smiles all around, I may have been happier than the ring owner. The feeling I get when I find someones lost items is almost addictive, this one made my week!

West Yarmouth, Cape Cod, MA Lost Wedding Band Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

September 5, 2021

The last of the beach cleanups were in progress and all went well. The docks were in, the boats as well. It was now time for a relaxing cool off in the lake. As it usually happened when one has weight changes their ring does not resize to echo the body’s change. Then it happens, the ring slips off and disappears underwater and down into the sand, not to be seen without help.

The three, Jim, Joe, and Jeff all knew they would need help in finding Jim’s wedding band. Several calls to friends for a detector that would not self-destruct when used underwater did not produce such a detector. A call to the local Metal Detector Dealer (Eleanor at J&E Enterprise) gave the threesome a lead. They should make a local call to Rick Browne – one of TheRingFinders and Jeff did. I answered the call and set a noon meeting time for the next day as it was almost dark. All was set yet, the night would have some anxious moments.

Leighton and I showed up a bit early as our earlier Ring Return only took a few minutes to complete.
A quick overview of the area were the loss occurred and we were into the water to search for the ring. A few coin and a bullet gave us hope. After about a minute and a half I had a very good sounding signal and yes a very large circular piece of gold was in the bottom of my scoop. I walked it in and let Jim remove his ring, untouched since it has slipped from his finger. Ring Return number two for the morning had been accomplished.

Many thanks, pictures, stories and a lot of history of the local private pond and resort area. The thrill, history, meeting new and now friends and helping others is the most wonderful part of our hobby. Leighton and I work well together, having the same ethics and desires to reunite a lost object with the owner. September 5th was another of those rewarding days we enjoy so much.

Harwich Port, Cape Cod, MA Lost Engagement Ring Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

September 5, 2021

The end of summer was approaching as was the ending of another family tradition, a clambake on the fluffy sand that laid between the house and Nantucket Sound. The fun in the sand, the bake and meal were complete and the enjoyment of the waning sunlight were at hand. But panic set in when an ill fated hand movement let Rachel’s engagement ring slip from its resting place in front of the wedding band. The band stayed from Rachel’s hand and a search for the diamond was initiated. Raking the sand in a circle did not bring the ring into the twilight or beam of the flashlight.

It was time to request help from TheRingFinders. I unfortunately did not check my texts until about 3:30AM. At that time I sent a reply saying 9AM or 5PM would be a good time to meet and search, considering the tide and previous ring finding appointment that had been made the night before. 9AM came back to me as the time to shoot for. After contacting Leighton and urging him to meet me earlier than we had planned to so we could search for Rachel’s ring before meeting our noon contact. All was set and we were ready to start searching just before 9AM.

It was our fortune that the rake circle was still visible in the sand. Leighton went left and I stayed right of the shovel that was left to mark the previous night’s search. I had found a bottle cap and Leighton a piece of scrap aluminum. It was time to enlarge the search area. Leighton stayed seaward and I toward the soft sand. About four feet from the edge of the circle a familiar sound was in my ears and a ring that had brought forth the sound was in my scoop. It was time to let Rachel remove her ring and replace it on her finger where it belonged. Maybe three minutes elapsed since the start of the search to the ring return’s completion. Leighton and I just are so grateful for the precise markings made while a loss is fresh in the minds of those that have first hand information about the loss

As we always do, gather some information for the blog, photos, stories and passing of congratulations and Thank Yous. Then it was off to lost ring number two for the day. We all had big smiles for the TheRingFinders Book of Smiles.