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Lost Wedding Band at Bass River, South Yarmouth, MA Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

August 12, 2023 was one of the best beach days with bright sun, mild breeze and full parking lots. It was a definite beach day for Dennis and his family. It was also a must go detecting day for Leighton (another RingFinder) and myself. As we made our way around the seaweed patches we saw Dennis, whom we had met the previous weekend having fun in the surf. We stopped and chatted for a minute or two before continuing down the beach, never looking back. Our bad, because we were being hailed to go back as Dennis had just lost his wedding band to the surf.

About an hour later on our return homeward bound trip we were told why Dennis had not left the water in the past hour. He was standing were his ring had slipped off his finger. We did not need to be asked to help, we just went into the searching grid mode and within a couple of minutes the ring was found and returned to Dennis’s finger.

Dennis’s son, Peter, did an excellent job at taking pictures and recording information so I could contact his family to put this blog together and forward it’s link when published. Timing was perfect, otherwise the return would not have been so rapid. We hope to see the family our next time we have such a nice day at the beach. As an aside: Further down the beach I also met up with another couple who’s engagement ring I found and returned eight of years previously at the same area on the beach.

Family Ring Lost in South Yarmouth Yard, Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

June 4, 2023

Chris’s love is gardening and he spends most every day engaged with some aspect of his hobby. While finishing up the spring clean-up and some planting prior to mulching the garden beds his father’s wedding band slipped from his finger. More than likely it came off when his gardening gloves were removed to answer a phone call.

Over the next two days Chris spent hours looking for his ring. Some of the time he used a metal detector loaned to him. All his efforts were to no avail. At this point Heather, his daughter, contacted me for help. Of course I would help. I packed a few land detecting tools into my car and I was on my way. I parked in front of Chris’s home which was adorned with luscious green grass and many plants in the process of being set along walking paths and others into the many garden beds. I was glad I would not have to dig to retrieve the ring after finding its location. Locating the ring proved to be no easy task. The first two days of searching turned up one of three old pewter Christmas tree ornaments that went missing many years ago, a wheat cent and a few other odds and ends, but no ring.

With another day of searching in mind, I was getting ready when I received a phone call. A wedding band had been lost on a sandy ocean beach. There is always an urgency to recover a lost item from a public area, open to all. Not that Chris’s ring was not important, but his was on his own private property where it was very unlikely anyone else would find his ring apposed to a lost ring on a public beach. I made the decision to go to the beach where I was successful in finding and returning the beach band. I would go back to Chris’s another day.

The “another day” came and so did the bad beach weather, overcast sky, and light rain; nothing that would daunt my spirit to find Chris’s ring. I pulled up to the search area as Chris was on his way out to dinner. No problem, I knew where to search. The front yard was searched first, the leaf piles next, the cut off hydrangea followed. All proved they were not aiding in concealing the elusive ring. The brick and stone edging was last on my list before I would call an end to the day’s search.

Chris’s son and his wife stopped by to say hello before leaving to meet up with his family at a nearby restaurant. Another fifteen minutes passed with no signal from the ring. On my path from the far side of a tool shed I headed to a patio where Chris did transplanting of flowers. I went close by a brick paved area and at the very corner and I heard the sound I had been listening for. A close look at the ground and there was just a few glimmers of gold. I had found the ring. It was now time to capture the ring’s hiding place in my camera. My searching was over and it was time for the return.

Chris, I knew, was at the nearby restaurant and I had no problem gaining entrance and finding the family dining party. I normally would not interrupt a family gathering, but I knew everyone would enjoy being a party to the return of the ring. And so it was, a quick return one picture and several hand shakes and it was done. With the ring returned, my goal for the day was complete. I left knowing that the subject of dinner’s conversation would be of the ring and family, not the fabulous clam chowder. Unfortunately Heather was in Europe and was not present at the ring’s return. Had it not been for her effort, the ring may have stayed “lost” for many years.

I thank everyone for their part in making this happy ending to a lost family heirloom and more great memories of my hobby.


South Yarmouth, MA Crab Walk and a Lost Wedding Band – Found and Returned.

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

July 2019

Between 4th of July’s burgers the telephone rang and I was IT for a game of telephone tag. Yes, I was not IT…the one to find Scott’s lost wedding band. Calm, cool and in a great sense of mind for letting his wedding band slip off his finger at the water’s edge while enjoying the Fourths celebration and doing the Crab Walk. I was told his wife was even in great spirits despite the loss. It could not have been the loss, but the party going on.

It only took 25 minutes to get ready and show up at the town beach. But it took an hour to find the correct target. Scott thought I had given up as I left the water. I had told him not to worry about my digging and putting objects into my pouch. What he was to look for was me leaving the water carrying my scoop level with my waist. Well I left the water and he followed from about 30 feet away. His comment was “Is it time to give up?” My answer “Not until you look in my scoop!” It was hard for him to initially believe I had found the ring, but there it was. Another successful search, find and return. Number 216, but who’s counting. Happy 4th of July!

Hi Rick! Thanks again for your help finding my ring, we’re still in amazement that you were able to locate it. Brief write up and photo for your website below. Again, thanks so much!

My wedding ring slipped off my finger while swimming in South Yarmouth on the afternoon of July 3rd. I found Rick via and sent him an email the morning of July 4th. I figured as a long shot maybe Rick could come out over the next couple of days before we left the Cape. Well not only did Rick reply to my email but he immediately jumped into action and said he could help me right away, and on a holiday no less! Within hours he was in the water searching for it and in no time was able to locate my ring! My wife Kristine and I are so grateful for your help Rick! You’re a life saver!

What’s a Vacation Without Your MasterCard? Lost, Found, Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

October 15th Carlos was rushing to avoid the pending thunderstorm and lost his MasterCard in the Jamaican waters. I was also heading in, away from the afternoon’s lightening strikes. I was approached by Carlos with a request to help him find the missing credit card. I could not refuse, so back into the water. First I saw an electronic room key, that there had been no mention of. Just after picking the card up I saw the dark blue patch of the MasterCard. Item retrieved, I headed for Carlos. The sky had darkened and the rain began pelting us as we ran to my room for my camera. I took a few pictures, and gave Carlos three cards, room key, MasterCard and one of my TheRingFinders cards. Now with three cards in hand Carlos ran off to tell his wife the vacation could continue but with a tighter grip on the precious cards.