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Lost Ring Found Under the Starlight of South Dennis, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

October 2, 2023: While preparing for a monthly association meeting I just missed answering my cell phone. Luckily the caller followed the answering message and called my home line. My wife was near enough to get the phone to me before the caller hung up. The caller was Dennis and he had been cleaning off a swinging chair readying it for an hour or so of enjoying the morning sun and bright blue sky. Something that had not been seen for the previous few days of rain and heavy fog. As he brushed the leaves away, away went his wedding band.

In hours of searching he did not find the ring. At the local hardware store that rents a metal detector he was told that he would be very lucky to find the ring with their rental unit. With that said he was given information about the local guy (me) that has professional equipment for such a search and to contact him through And Dennis did.

As I said, I had a meeting to go to and the sun was setting about 6:30 with last light at 7PM. My luck and Dennis’s was that the meeting was very short and I could be detecting within 10 minutes, and I was. Twilight was replaced by moon light and flash lights so I could continue my searching.

I knew the ring would be somewhere within the area of the chair, fence, garden and grassy area. I covered the grassy area first as it was the easiest to detect over. No ring was to be found. Next I started between the chair and garden’s edge. I was going to leave the planted garden area for last. I had no need to, as the third swing between the chair and the garden’s edge I heard a very promising signal. A sweep with my pin-pointer and Dennis saw a glitter from his ring, even before I did. He was so fast in his motion of picking it up and putting the wedding band back where it belonged, on his finger. I never saw it happen.

Now it was time to do a bit of talking. Put retired Army and Navy men together and they can talk for hours. We cut it short and took a few pictures and said our Thank Yous and I was on my way back home knowing Dennis’s wife would have a bigger smile on her face than Dennis had on his, though it would be hard to do so.

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Mayflower Beach Cape Cod, Massachusetts platinum wedding band lost, found and returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Nicole’s call to her father was returned with a link to After a short conversation with Tim I was on my way to the bay side of Cape Cod. At the end of the road I tried to call Tim but due to No Cell Phone Service I could not contact him. He was somewhere out on the beach among the 100s of beach goers. One such beach goers was kind enough to let me use her phone to call Tim. When she heard me asking about the ring she was ready to tell me the story. It seams the loss was well known by many of the beach goers.

Tim showed up and off we went eager to start searching for his ring. After about 20 feet of searching to my surprise there were no signals. Oh, my mistake, I had left my detector set to a very specific setting to find a hearing aid. A quick change of a program setting and I was searching again. Quarter, soda bottle cap, 2 beer bottle caps and then the platinum wedding band was in my scoop. I left the ring in the scoop for Tim to remove and place on his finger. I wish I had my camera handy to catch the kiss between Tim and Nicole. As I didn’t and that they would not repeat it for a camera I will just have to settle on attached photos for the Book of Smiles.

In the short talk we had after finding the ring it was revealed that the ring went missing after re-applying sunscreen and not removing the ring from the beach chair’s pocket before moving the chair to a different location. The second bit of information was that Tim had proposed to Nicole on the same beach. Only fitting the wedding band was found and returned with enormous gratitude and smiles.

Surfing Haigis Beach Cape Cod, Lost Ring, Exhilarating Search, Book of Smiles

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

August 2, 2018 Justin Mello lost his wedding band while body surfing the incoming tide. By the time I was contacted it was just too late in the evening to start a search in a rough surf. The next morning Jim and I showed up at 7am and started to search a very angry sea bed. Three foot waves were a threat to our search. We were lucky the waves were calming as the tide was going out. However, our safety was our first objective, finding the ring the second. One set of waves came in and Jim disappeared, playing submarine, not by his choice. When he surfaced he was all in tack save for a bit of seaweed on top of his wet hat. Justin arrived about 8am and told Jim and myself we were in the correct area, but a bit too far out. Heck that was were the big waves were and we were (at least I was) having fun riding them. The tide had gone out for more than an hour, exposing more dry wet sand. We started to search the area that we could not the hour before because of the rough surf. Now in ankle deep water a strong signal said “Dig Me!” and I did. In my scoop was Justin’s white gold wedding band. The exhilarating hunt was over, time for coffee after pictures and a few detecting stories.

What a welcome to MBL Woods Hole, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Martin, a new student at MBL, (Marine Biological Laboratory), in Woods Hole, had one heck of an unforgettable first night. Nothing like this would happen in his motherland of Germany. It started with bright blue lights all around him, the kind he will never forget. The light was not in he rear view mirror but rather all around him as he wadded in the waist deep waters of Buzzards Bay. The bio-luminescence comb jellyfish were the source of this light. – see: for more on this unique sea creature.

However, while thoroughly enjoying the moment, a horrifying second moment occurred that left Martin distracted for the next 27 hours. These hours should have been filled with attention to finishing a cardboard boat for the afternoon’s race he was entered in. No the distraction was not a sting from the harmless jellies, but the loss of his wedding band to Neptune’s dark depths. Not the light from the luminescent jellies nor the light from several waterproof cell phone could expose the ring’s hiding place.

What to do next? What else but Google search for “How in H*** do I find my ring in the ocean?” lead Martin to the web site of An e-mail sent at 10:30pm was answered an hour later requesting a bit more information and a promise to call around 10am. At 11am I was in the water waving my magic wand. On the seventh target my scoop was filled with black rocks and a glittering gold ring. YES, it was Martin’s. The search was over. Martin removed the ring from the bed of rocks in my scoop and replaced it where it belonged, on his finger, not swimming around with a bunch of jellies.

Pictures, smiles and stories followed along with many congratulations from fellow beach goers.

PS…Martin’s team won the Cardboard Boat Compitition, all team members had a chance to ride the waves. One heck of a great day for Martin. May continued success continue, forever, in all of your endeavors.