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Lost Ring Found Under the Starlight of South Dennis, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

October 2, 2023: While preparing for a monthly association meeting I just missed answering my cell phone. Luckily the caller followed the answering message and called my home line. My wife was near enough to get the phone to me before the caller hung up. The caller was Dennis and he had been cleaning off a swinging chair readying it for an hour or so of enjoying the morning sun and bright blue sky. Something that had not been seen for the previous few days of rain and heavy fog. As he brushed the leaves away, away went his wedding band.

In hours of searching he did not find the ring. At the local hardware store that rents a metal detector he was told that he would be very lucky to find the ring with their rental unit. With that said he was given information about the local guy (me) that has professional equipment for such a search and to contact him through And Dennis did.

As I said, I had a meeting to go to and the sun was setting about 6:30 with last light at 7PM. My luck and Dennis’s was that the meeting was very short and I could be detecting within 10 minutes, and I was. Twilight was replaced by moon light and flash lights so I could continue my searching.

I knew the ring would be somewhere within the area of the chair, fence, garden and grassy area. I covered the grassy area first as it was the easiest to detect over. No ring was to be found. Next I started between the chair and garden’s edge. I was going to leave the planted garden area for last. I had no need to, as the third swing between the chair and the garden’s edge I heard a very promising signal. A sweep with my pin-pointer and Dennis saw a glitter from his ring, even before I did. He was so fast in his motion of picking it up and putting the wedding band back where it belonged, on his finger. I never saw it happen.

Now it was time to do a bit of talking. Put retired Army and Navy men together and they can talk for hours. We cut it short and took a few pictures and said our Thank Yous and I was on my way back home knowing Dennis’s wife would have a bigger smile on her face than Dennis had on his, though it would be hard to do so.

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First Encounter Beach Wellfleet, MA Lost Wedding Band Lost, Found, and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

September 3, 2023: Not all returns can be accomplished within minutes. The one bit of information that has the most effect on the length of time it takes one to find the target is when the person that suffered the loss tells us were the loss took place. For example “I was in waist deep water, right here!” Well the loss took place three hours ago and the tide has risen or fallen. That being so, the “right here” could be 10 or more feet away. Likewise the time the loss happened. Also what the person was doing when the loss happened, i.e. throwing a football, riding on a lawn mower, swimming laps etc. As with losses in water can also be applied to losses on the land or sand of a beach.

Well whatever kept Luke from finding a man’s wedding band in salt water, he did not find the ring in 6 hours of searching. Sunburned, exhausted and prior engagements ended the search prematurely. Before leaving the beach he called me for a bit of assistance. I had just left from a ring return in which I was successful in finding the ring in under 5 minutes. That is another story. With the approval from my wife after promising a Fish and Chips dinner she said “Lets go get number 2 for the day”.

I was fortunate that the tide had gone out and the believed area of loss was on the set sand area of the beach. I started searching were I thought Waist Deep Water would have been 6 hours previously. I gridded the area in ever lengthening passes as I progressed toward the water and closer to were I was told was the likely area of loss. Some 90 minutes went by with only three other targets being retrieved I found the ring under an inch of sand.

The story of how the ring was “lost” was relayed to me and I have quoted here.

“We were enjoying our first visit to First Encounter(Beach) with a family-friends. We were passing the football with their son, Maximo.

Michael had no clue his ring fell off his finger until I passed (the football) to him and he looked down at his hand when he caught the ball and said “Uh oh…” That was at about 1 o’clock. At 1:08, I texted Luke asking for his help. Michael (and Luke) searched through the high tide for 6 hours, only getting out once. At 6:44, Slick Rick finally found (the ring) right around the area where Michael and I were playing catch!”

The sun was setting in a half an hour, just time for the tents to be taken down, packed into the car, watch the sunset and finally rinsing sand covered feet before driving out of the parking lot.

What would have helped would have been someone dropping a few coins, pull tabs, burring a couple of soda cans, anything metal so when a detectorist arrives they would be able to locate the correct area faster.

With all that happened on this day, nothing is more important than a lost sentimental belonging being found and returned to its owner. Stephanie and Michael had very kind words not only for me but Luke as well. Very big smiles were not only on their face but everyone’s face I passed on the way back to my car. And yes, my very patient wife did get the Fish and Chips dinner. This was a day I will remember forever.


Covell Beach, Centerville, MA Engagement Ring Lost, Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

September 3, 2023: Labor Day weekend was one of the best beach going days of the year and many were taking advantage of the calm seas and warm weather. So temping was the gentle water that Stephanie could not refuse a swim at high tide. OOPS…her engagement ring just slipped from her finger into the waters of Nantucket sound. As it always happens, several beach goers helped in the search to no avail. It was then time to call in TheRingFindrers.

I received the cal and within the hour I was suited up and ready for the search. A quick talk with Stephanie about the time of loss. I now knew what she was doing, were she was, how deep etc. About two hours had passed since the loss when Stephanie went to the spot she lost her ring. OK, I told her to stay there and I would search my way out to her. On the second pass in front of the beach full of onlookers I got a perfect signal from my detector, took one quick scoop and shook out the sand. There in the bucket was a brilliant sparkle, I had the ring.

Steve, Stephanie’s fiancee, was there looking into the scoop. I did not let him remove it as Stephanie was the one that “Lost” the ring, Steve had given it her once, so it was Stephanie’s responsibility to retrieve it from the scoop. A few shells hid the ring form Stephanie’s view. That did not last long and before the ring was pulled out of the scoop and put back on the waiting hand.

Lots of congratulations, Thank Yous, and big smiles were waiting our return to the dry sand. Pictures, stories all followed not only in the immediate area but along my way to the parking until I left the ever so happy couple, their family and friend to their fleeting summer time hours on the soft sandy beach.

South Cape Beach, Mashpee, MA Lost I-phone Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

September 1, 2023: As Jamo’s daughter said “It was a great weekend on the Cape” at least until her father rushed into the water and lost his cell phone. The party of three searched for the phone but did not find it. Photos, contacts and other information was to spend three days buried in chest deep water. After viewing a 1851 Large Cent that Leighton (another RingFinder) had just found and abut 10 feet away that I heard a strong signal. It took two tries to get the target into my scoop and pull it from the bottom of the beach. Amazingly it was an I-phone11 in good looking condition.

At home I did not see any ingress of water into the phone, I pulled the SIM card and there was no sign of water there either. With all the power cords I had, none fit the Apple. I called Leighton and asked him to bring me one the next day.

The next day the phone was put on charge. A half an hour later it turned on with a photo splash screen which was locked. We tried a few common pass-codes and none worked. I did not know how the Emergency Number functioned and being hesitant about it dialing 911. I did not want to activate a 911 call. I spent some time researching and found Medical ID might yield some usable information. My luck, it only gave the owner’s name and age. There was no emergency contact name or number. However the first name was unique – Jamo.

I searched Facebook and found two matching names and with the age deleted one. I messaged the other and had no answer. I was able to deduce Jamo’s daughter’s name and from her Facebook page her husband’s name and his Facebook page. I messaged each of them and waited… A few hours later I received a text from Susie. I called her number and YES, the phone was her father’s. We held a short conversation which was interrupted by a call on my home phone from Jamo.

I told Susie I would call her back and answered My other phone. I talked with Jamo and related the story of finding the phone and search for the owner. As fate had it, Jamo was returning to Cape Cod the next day and we made arrangements to meet and make the return. The “Next Day” turned into another two days before the phone exchanged hands. At the exchange…shat an outstanding note Jamo had written and then read to me. This is one gift that is at the top of my most memorable returns the list.

The moral that we all can learn form this return it to put a contact phone number into your Medical ID if you have a cell phone. I have entered two contacts and my home phone number in mine, not that I plan to loose my phone, but one never knows what will happen. Lets all keep on smiling along with Jamo.


Truro, MA Lost Car Key, Found, and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

August 30, 2023: Luke Berube was overloaded with work and called me to help him out by taking on a search/recovery of a lost car key. As RingFinders do, I answered the call setup a time for a search. Also as usual my detecting partner, Leighton Harrington, was contacted to go on the search as two detectors can make for a faster and more complete search for a lost object. His company also makes for a more enjoyable ride to and from the detecting site. The weather forecast for rain and wind did not deter our effort.

It seams Cal had a great time on the beach and his enthusiasm did not stop until he reached his car at the end of the day. He was lucky enough to have a spare key but his mother was adamant about finding the key that was lost somewhere between the beach and car, more than likely in the sandy path going over the dune.

Several family and friends searched for the key even using a rake over the entire path. The key was not found. What was found was a link to and a call was made. Now two days after the loss, the detecting search was on. The path was nice clean, soft sand, a pleasure to walk on and dig in. After two trash targets I had a large signal and it was deep according to my detector’s ID screen. After four scoops, I was about to give up but instead I took another slow sweep and then a pinpoint reading. With that information I placed my scoop and stood on it to get to a depth of 8 inches. Lifting the scoop in a sweeping arc, I saw a little blue flash. It was the quick disconnect and attached to it was the missing key.

It was difficult to comprehend how the key got so deep in the sand. Best theory is that the foot traffic, raking action, along with blowing sand over the past two days caused the key to be so deep in the sand.

It was a pleasure meeting Cal’s father and relating a few stories. Cal was at the terminal waiting on the arrival of his girl friend. As we ended up with thanks and good-byes a drizzle started to fall and then the rain came. Perfect timing to a perfect return.


Lost Wedding Band at Bass River, South Yarmouth, MA Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

August 12, 2023 was one of the best beach days with bright sun, mild breeze and full parking lots. It was a definite beach day for Dennis and his family. It was also a must go detecting day for Leighton (another RingFinder) and myself. As we made our way around the seaweed patches we saw Dennis, whom we had met the previous weekend having fun in the surf. We stopped and chatted for a minute or two before continuing down the beach, never looking back. Our bad, because we were being hailed to go back as Dennis had just lost his wedding band to the surf.

About an hour later on our return homeward bound trip we were told why Dennis had not left the water in the past hour. He was standing were his ring had slipped off his finger. We did not need to be asked to help, we just went into the searching grid mode and within a couple of minutes the ring was found and returned to Dennis’s finger.

Dennis’s son, Peter, did an excellent job at taking pictures and recording information so I could contact his family to put this blog together and forward it’s link when published. Timing was perfect, otherwise the return would not have been so rapid. We hope to see the family our next time we have such a nice day at the beach. As an aside: Further down the beach I also met up with another couple who’s engagement ring I found and returned eight of years previously at the same area on the beach.

Barnstable, MA: Cape Cod Beach, Wedding Band Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

August 6, 2023 was what began as a great afternoon of boating on Cape Cod Bay turned into a fretful time of searching for a wedding band that had slipped from Zach’s finger after only 2 months of being worn. Zach tried diving in 9 feet of water to find the ring but lacked the ability to hold his breath long enough to do much searching under water. When the tide went out and the area was void of water he and others tried using a metal detector and “eye-ball” searching with no success.

One of Zach’s friends suggested he call J&E Enterprise, a metal detector dealer for suggestions. Eleanor offered up my name and number. Zach then called me. The tide was about ¾ full and I knew I could not detect in the 9 foot deep water and made arrangements for an early morning meeting when the tide would be down to only waist deep.

The morning came with storm alerts on the NOAA radio. High winds, heavy rain and possible tornadoes were on the horizon for Cape Cod area. The sky was a bit overcast at 7:30AM but otherwise it looked like the beginning of a wonderful day. I took a chance and left the safety of my home and was off to meet up with Zach, After the introduction and being shown were the over-size ring slipped from his finger I was in the water searching in a grid pattern. About 45 minutes of searching with only one other signal I located the wedding band.

I left the ring in my detecting scoop and headed out of the water, back to where Zach had been standing. He thought I had given up searching and I said yes, there is no need to search any further. I then put the scoop in front of him so he could see the ring in the scoop and retrieve it for himself. I love the emotions people show when their lost item has been found and is being returned. Even bystanders are amazed and become elated as they watch and add congratulations.

Zach’s wife was home and had offered up a bit of advice when she was told of the “loss”. That was “do not tell your mother until after TheRingFinder does his search.” While Zach was talking to Kelly I texted her a picture of the return. Yes, it was a wonderful feeling to be part of this story that ended with smiles that spread between Zach on Cape Cod and his wife several states away.

OH, I must add that the weatherman was correct. Two hours after I arrived back home the NOAA alerts started coming in every few minutes, Then the wind, rain, and lightening engulfed our area. There were two tornadoes in our area. One EF1 touched down about 30 miles and the other an EF0 was only 5 miles away. There was physical damage to homes and property but no human injuries. Both Zach and I were among the lucky ones this morning.

Centerville, MA 3 Lost Rings Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

August 1, 2023 was to be Brian’ third lucky charm day. He had lost his ring two years ago and I found and returned it. About two weeks ago he call to ask for help in finding his daughters ring. As I was leaving for the beach the phone rang again. This time to tell me not to bother, the group had found the ring in the sand. Today another call from Brian was to tell me his friend Patrick had just lost his ring in the surf.

Ten minutes later I was on my way as was Leighton. What a team member. He was on the way from the west and I from the east of the point of ring loss. On the way, while stopped at a stop sign I saw Leighton coming down the road. He passed and I followed him. We stopped, set up a plan. and were off to a private club. We were greeted at the front door of the club and were escorted to the beach boardwalk. On the beach we met up with Brian and Patrick, covered the usual questions and headed for the water. Detector and scoop at the ready I headed down the slope, heard a target, stopped to dig the target, some 30 feet from where Patrick was standing acting as a point of reference for the lost ring.

One scoop in the soft sand and I had a wedding band in my scoop. I walked out to were Patrick was standing. After giving the ring to him I saw a puzzled look on his face. He was a bit unsure thatt it was “the ring” lost. The lost ring had been his great-great-great-grandfather’s and at first Patrick did not see two identifying dents on the ring’s edge. The ring had been removed from the deceased by cutting and the repair left the two small marks. Thinking it might not be “the Ring” Leighton and I continued to search the area. While searching I thought about time and tide. The ring had been lost for almost two hours and the tide was going out. That was the reason for the difference in distance from where I found the ring and where Patrick was standing. Further inspection of the ring the indents were visible and there was no karat marking, an indication of the ring’s age and lastly, there was no inscription on the ring. Yes it was Patrick’s ring.

Another Lost ring had been found, returned and it’s story entered into the “Book of Smiles”.


Earle Beach in Harwich, on Cape Cod MA: Sentimental Items Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

July 23, 2023 was Christine’s last vacation day at Earle Beach in Harwich, on Cape Cod, and she lost a very sentimental necklace, and two charms. She knew that a metal detector was the correct tool to find the “lost” items. In search of a rental detector Christine contacted J&E Enterprise and talked with Eleanor. Due to the time restraints and objects needed to be searched for, Eleanor suggested calling Rick Browne of He would bet he best way of “finding” the items before leaving Cape Cod in the morning.

I answered the call and assured Christine it should be no problem finding and returning the 3 items before she left for home the next morning.

My wife and I headed out to the beach right away. At the beach I went straight to the location Christine described to me. Within 5 minutes I had found the three items, still connected together. I called Christine and told her of the search results. The family was out at dinner and would not be home for an hour or two. Then, per Christine’s instructions, I placed her items in a plastic bag and then under the wiper blade of her sister’s car.

A couple of days later we exchanged a few text messages. Christine concluded with a few words I have copied int the Comment Section below. It is what my hobby is all about; the return of a sentimental item that can not be replace, but only found and returned thus ensuring everlasting smiles.

Hardings Beach, Chatham, MA Held a Lost Ring Overnight. Ring Found and Returned.

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

On July 21, 2023 a wide wedding band was lost at Hardings Beach. Ethan, a town lifeguard knew of TheRingFinders and had fellow lifeguard Jamieson call me and relay information about Ethan’s great-grandmother’s wedding band being lost the previous evening by great-granddaughter Katie. I was later told by Katie that “My great-grandmother, Margarita, wore the ring since the 1970s until her passing when it was passed down to my mother who was gracious enough to let me wear it. Of course I was careless one time and the one time it slipped right off my finger into the ocean. Thankfully Jamieson got in touch with you.”

Forty-five minutes after receiving the call I was at the beach getting ready for a quick search. First the slope to the water’s edge was covered until a signal was heard, dug and a ring was retrieved. Unfortunately it was a gold plated ring with a fake diamond. Ethan called Katie’s mother and it was confirmed the ring was not the one I was searching for. Back to the search…

I finished detecting over the slope with no other targets and proceeded into the water. Again no results. I increased the search areas both along the face of the slope, down into the water a bit further from the shore. Again no results. Another conversation with Ethan revealed that he and Katie had swam to the buoy and back. That was a bit of bad news as the tide was coming in and I could not wade too much further away from the beach. But I did manage to get out to shoulder depth and worked the tide back in. On the third pass I had a good signal, dang, a screw off bottle cap. About another five feet and another great signal. This one gave me a bit of challenge getting it into my scoop. I had to prevail over the cloudy water and increasing wave action which I did before seeing what had to be the object of my search. This time it was the ring of my search!

Back on the beach it was decided that I would follow Ethan to Katie’s home. What a beautiful facade awaited us. At the entrance way I met Katie. her mother and father. What a story going back 3 generations. Not sure if I would get all the facts correct I turned on a new cell phone app to record the story. I gave it a go and I think it all went well. The smiles, pictures and thanks made for a perfect ending to this return.