Lost Wedding Band at Bass River, South Yarmouth, MA Found and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

August 12, 2023 was one of the best beach days with bright sun, mild breeze and full parking lots. It was a definite beach day for Dennis and his family. It was also a must go detecting day for Leighton (another RingFinder) and myself. As we made our way around the seaweed patches we saw Dennis, whom we had met the previous weekend having fun in the surf. We stopped and chatted for a minute or two before continuing down the beach, never looking back. Our bad, because we were being hailed to go back as Dennis had just lost his wedding band to the surf.

About an hour later on our return homeward bound trip we were told why Dennis had not left the water in the past hour. He was standing were his ring had slipped off his finger. We did not need to be asked to help, we just went into the searching grid mode and within a couple of minutes the ring was found and returned to Dennis’s finger.

Dennis’s son, Peter, did an excellent job at taking pictures and recording information so I could contact his family to put this blog together and forward it’s link when published. Timing was perfect, otherwise the return would not have been so rapid. We hope to see the family our next time we have such a nice day at the beach. As an aside: Further down the beach I also met up with another couple who’s engagement ring I found and returned eight of years previously at the same area on the beach.


4 Replies to “Lost Wedding Band at Bass River, South Yarmouth, MA Found and Returned”

  1. Linda and Dennis dit :

    Rick and Leighton were amazing!! I truly believe god sent them our way ! Our first meeting was to set the stage for the wonderful end result ! We will never forget them and hope to see them again and again as we frequent the beach upon which we met as that is also the beach Dennis and I were married at !! Can’t thank you guys enough !!

    1. Leighton dit :

      It was our pleasure to re locate the ring that belongs to Dennis. See in the water soon again. Leighton

  2. Linda Willis-Behr dit :

    Thank you so much ! You made a stressful time a happy time !
    I truly believe that our first encounter was fate! The good lord knew we would need you soon ! Thank you ! Hope to see you again at that beach !!

  3. Leighton dit :

    Well perfect timing for a lost wedding band, and perfect timing for a superb return. Dennis, Linda, and Pete are some of the nicest folks we have met this year. New friends were made with this return, hopefully we run into them again next year.

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